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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  May 25, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc good morning i'm katie marzullo. sheryl is off. >> and i'm kristen sze a twist in a fatal police shooting this morning vallejo officers shot a man holding a gun. investigators are asking if he really had a death wish? terry mcsweeney joins us live from the vallejo police department. >> reporter: police say this man had a gun he pointed it at a man then a woman and when he pointed at two vallejo police officers, they opened fire and killed him. they had no way of knowing it
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was a bb gun this is where it ended just about midnight at sonoma and carolina street a man shot to death by two vallejo police officers. it began when a white man in a long black coat paid his fare then pulled a gun on the cab driver then pointed at a pedestrian. when officers arrived they told him to stop. >> pulled a handgun out of his pocket, turned on the officers, pointed at the officers, both officers discharge their weapon to stop the >> reporter: the diseased was well-known to police what he was known for has investigators wondering perhaps if the end result was what he wanted what some call suicide by cop. >> has a history with us, suicidal threats in the past and threats to others. some weapons stuff that he had going on in the past and a lot of alcohol-related stuff. >> reporter: you can see the weapon carried by the suspect on the sidewalk in this video. officers say it was identical
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to the weapon here a practically never lethal bb gun made to lack at a barrett look at the real thing. can youthe -- tell the difference? from 30 feet in the middle of the night officers couldn't either. >> you have to expect it before you can tell. if you are carrying one and get contacted by the police you need to be careful. >> reporter: that's the story from vallejo pd. they've not released the name of the diseased -- deceased until relatives are notified. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. in a few hours autopsy results are expected on the body that was discovered in a trash can yesterday in pleasanton. investigators believe the victim is a woman. the body was discovered on dublin canyon road near laurel creek drive. the contra costa times reports authorities do not believe it is missing sierra lamar based
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on come circumstance -- decomposition and patient age. police need your help ing a robber. the man was armed when he -- when he walked into the subway restaurant last night on arnold drive and demand money. no one was injured. if you recognize him call martinez police. another setback for suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. a judge has refused to modify a stay away order issued after murangira's domestic violence violence incident with his -- violence incident with his wife eliana lopez. he asked to skype with his wife. dan noyes went to venezuela. >> to talk with lopez during his visit he saw mirkarimi skyping with his son which is allowed. in order for the order to be modified eliana must return to the u.s. and declare she feels
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safe with mirkarimi. investigators trying to determine what caused early morning fire in a commercial building in vallejo 6:00 this morning. crews found heavy smoke in the attic they cut holes in the roof to ventilate then attack the fire from above that strategy pose some danger to firefighters. >> this building is a newer building, has roof construction that has a tendancy to fail prematurely they are exceptionally dangerous. >> officials don't think the fire is suspicious and the building was empty and no one was injured. golden gate bridge will turn 75 this sunday. today political and community leaders gathered to dedicated the new features that had just been added to the iconic landmark. amy hollyfield is live from the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: good morning. the celebration is still going on. take a look, there's a stage full of dignataries here. a large crowd, including some
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ancestors of the chief engineer all proudly saluting our golden gate bridge. international orange fingertips and pant suits illustrate the fact that golden gate bridge pride is at an all-time high. >> we've arrived, 75th anniversary weekend starting is a huge relief for those of us working on it for a white ♪ ♪ ♪ >> reporter: the bridge's 75th anniversary will be very public with events planned all weekend. for some, this is personal. some of the relatives of chief engineer joseph straus are here. >> the bridge is really special, it is world renowned. and i'm very proud of what he did. >> reporter: if you plan to participate sunday, no parking will be allowed around the bridge or the crissy field area and the bridge will be closed sunday night from 9 to 10 p.m. for the fireworks. >> you can imagine with one
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hour of traffic shutdown, it going to take a couple of hours to flush that all out and get everybody moving and home. bring your backpack with lots of layers, water, flashlights be prepared to settle in and enjoy the date. >> reporter: dignataries point out celebrating the bridge is worth the effort. >> we are the result of those who came before us. and we are connected to those who come after us. that's what a bridge is, it connects one side to the other that we're connected today to our past and to our future. >> reporter: in addition to the parties sunday and the big fireworks show, the bridge is now worth another visit. they've now going to have guided tours, they have a visitor center. the golden gate bridge did get a makeover for its birthday. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. you can expect other closures as well throughout the bay area this weekend. starting at 7 p.m. tonight
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muni is shutting the entire n judah and parts of the j church light rail lines for 10 days so it can work on the intersection and along carl avenue. then an hour later first street between mission and howard will be closed until tuesday morning and starting at 10:00 tonight the entire dumbarton bridge will be closed until tuesday morning for seismic retrofiting. for a full list, go to and click under see it on tv and with our exclusive waze traffic app it can help you navigate the traffic download waze from the itunes app store or the android market. go to still ahead, was your bike recently stolen in san francisco? if so, take a look at what police have recovered. first ever in space. historic mission underway now at the international space station. david beckham appears to
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be getting the last laugh after president obama made a joke about
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. this morning san francisco police posting pictures of stolen bikes recovered from a ring of thieves posted on the website for the mission police station you can scroll through to see if your bike is on there. so far police have recovered 118 bikes and 80 rims and wheels. go to
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history unfolded in outer space this morning for the first time a privately owned spacecraft docked with the international space station. the docking was impressive, let's take a look back at how the morning evolved. >> announcer: this is mission alchohol houston. >> watch as the spacex dragon transforms to the outline of a spacecraft to a fully formed image as it approaches the international space station. >> docking delayed almost two hours as crews could not risk mid atmosphere mistakes. >> even though some of these maneuvers look like they are going in slow-motion one would ask why can't dragon go to the station this is a test flight. >> 6:56 a.m. success, 250 one miles up. >> capture is confirmed -- >> astronaut used the 58 foot
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robotic arm to snag the dragon at a speed of more than 17,000 miles an hour. >> capture you've made a lot of folks happy, great job guys. >> the manned capsule was launched from florida tuesday. it brings 1,000 pounds of supplies for the crew of the space station. jive to say that as a country we -- >> i've got to say that as a country we should be very proud. [ applause ] >> the man behind the mission is elon musk he owns tesla in palo alto. he says he can have astronauts onboard the dragon in three or four more years. until then astronaut pettitte gets last word. >> looks like we got us a dragon by the tail. >> famous last words. astronauts open the capsule tomorrow and send it back to earth next thursday oakland police say they are making a dent in crime fighting showing off weapons they've taken often streets recently through technology
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and hard work. sergio quintana is live at the police department. >> reporter: according to a technology there is an average 20 gunshots in the city of oakland within any given day. through improvements in technology officers are able to track those gunshots way more accurately. this is a shotgun that was confiscated recently by oakland police using the technology. officers state gun was being shot in the air in the middle of the day recently. the oakland police had been using shot spotter technology since 2005 and over the years, they've collected impressive cache of serious firepower with technology, oakland police are working with community groups to help get guns off the streets mayor quan mentioned an event held by a group call 100 mothers against violence they plan on buying back guns at an event next saturday. >> last night, i was in
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fruitvale where 100 mothers are basically launching a peace march june 2nd, where they want to buy back 100 guns and asking people to donate $100 because they promise to give young people at least $100. >> reporter: now this is an organization that is putting -- putting the event together they have to work with oakland police to collect those guns. the mayor says through a combination of efforts they've managed to confiscate 340 weapons off oakland streets within the last several months. sergio quintana abc7 news. meteorologist mike nicco with a look at his forecast. it looked calm where sergio was. winds are going to kick up a few thunderstorms. we'll tell you how long those are going to last.
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think about this one, what does actor george clooney have in common with former republican presidential candidate jon huntsman? the answer just ahead. x
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parts of the bay area continue to get hit with blustery winds that's the case along the coast in san francisco high winds pushed beach sand up and over the great highway that roadway remains closed in both directions from lincoln to sloot southbound to skyline also closed due to high winds and sand. the winds may have knocked down this tree in redwood city it is lying across part of the sidewalk on brewsster avenue. outside of sequoia children's center across from the high school no reports of anyone being hurt h >> a lot of crews out there clearing away branches. >> the weak ones are going to get knocked over and the tree limbs will come out if they haven't already because of the winds one of the stories this holiday weekend. up in tahoe we had snow
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earlier it was sticking now that the sun is up, it is melting you can see a few flakes flying around more snow on the way. here at home to the northeast from our camera on mount tamalpais you can see clouds, doppler picking up showers moving through solano county near vacaville, fairfield, vallejo, about to cross over the delta into the northern second shbs of -- section of contra costa county, antioch, pittsburg towards martinez, concord down to sara money valley could get wet over the next hour. here's the low responsible kicking up the snow showers along the sierra we have a winter weather advisory for the area in purple until 6:00, some of the passes will have snow on 'em going to be at least wet if you are heading up that way. winds gusting to 38
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miles per hour at sfo most of news the 15 to 25 mile per hour range we could get up any time during the afternoon into the early evening. clouds dotting the landscape 50s in the green 60s in the north bay and east bay valleys around the monterey bay mid to upper 50s 61 santa cruz watsonville and gilroy, gil broadway to get a light shower thunderstorms possible inside these showers today the snow will stick in the sierra isolated storm possible north bay tomorrow afternoon. today mid to upper 50s along the coast the rest of us in the 60s with a partly sunny sky around the monterey bait same type of temperature regime. let's talk about at the game tonight yankees in town big friday game a fireworks game 7:05 first pitch(&j shower possible 58 dropping to 53 don't let that keep you from going showers are going to be
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short-lived. through the afternoon the north bay into the east bay valleys east bay hills north bay you can see waves of light showers possibly embedded thunderstorm with small hail moving through those areas overnight everything calms as we head towards tomorrow afternoon another stray shower possible in the north bay looks like that may rotate into the central valley keeping everybody else clear for saturday evening. sunday golden gate festival 11 a.m. 54 top out at 58 back down to 54 for those fireworks sunday evening at the golden gate festival. heading to the sierra snow possible today light shower tomorrow temperatures in the upper 70s by the time you get to monday. we make a slow warming trend through the holiday weekend, dry sunday and monday the real warm comes tuesday to thursday 70s and 80s away from the coast even mid 60s other than the showers today and possibly
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north bay tomorrow the rest of the weekend is going to be nice. mike maybe you will be in this group in a few years. men who make 50 look good. the aarp has unveiled its list among the leading men george clooney, colin firth anne amalie sam chosen for -- also on the list former secretary of state colin powell. also former gop presidential candidate jon huntsman and yo-yo ma. good looking group. >> very. >> soccer star david beckham says he plans to send president obama a big box of underwear after he was teased about having his own line of underwear last week. he was at the white house as the president congratulated the l.a. galaxy on is championship. beckham says the best endorsement would be for the
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commander in chief to wear his product. >> no need to ask boxers or briefs. >> no. next, friday's perfect pet. >> mike is going to introduce us to larry.
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injections without a needle, the new device that can make getting a flu shot as painless as a mosquito bike. and the bike law that would change the way you drive. these stories and more on abc7 news at 4 and 5. time for friday's perfect pet. i have a couple of friends with us. lynn from the humane society brought the loveable larry.
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>> that's what he is. he loves everybody. he loves the ladies particularly, men and kids and other dogs. he's a happy dog. >> he's adorable. >> pure bred pug, 3 1/2-years-old. is a good boy. >> good with kids. >> he wants to play all the time a lot of energy. >> he needs to be walked often. >> sure. we still have our no fee for most chihuahuas. >> you still have a lot? >> a lot. they are wonderful. we have something for everybody. beautiful golden retriever, lots of wonderful dogs. >> who does larry hang out with? >> larry has a dorm mate, we call them dorms now.
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>> you have a new building. >> we have a new state-of-the-art shelter and the kitties have condos, no more cages, wire fences it is wonderful. come down and see us. >> go on down there. the peninsula humane society that's loveable larry there. >> totally appropriate name. >> thank you mike. >> i used to pug sit for which friend that dog kept me up snoring. they are so cute though. >> thank you for joining us today on abc news. >> who wants to be a millionaire is next. millionaire is next. >> have a great weekend. closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc
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