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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 25, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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let's turn to spencer christian for the latest. >> there is a live picture, you can see pockets of widely scattered showers in the bay area now z in just the last few minutes we've had thunderstorms developing near hollister and there is a that significant area, it seems to be shifting eastward into higher terrain and away from populated areas. into the north bay, scattered patches of light shourts. a patch near novato and moving farther north near santa rosa. and over towards st. helena there is widely scattered. it's shifting south. we have seen a pattern of activity tapering off and redeveloping and tape yefring off. will be us throughout evening hours, into sierra, there is light snow hours and that looks like action there
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is diminishing. into memorial day weekend an active winter like pattern. >> thank you. a frightening day for a boy in san francisco who had to be rescued from a precarious situation. it happened along east beach. and abc 7 news is live to explain what happened. wayne? >> this is dicey, but okay. let me begin to show you where it happened here, up west there, crissy field. he was on a field trip with friends. he got in this cold water in san francisco bay. got caught in the current. there is very good photographs shot by two witness who's were here as it happened. there is a helicopter coordinating first to find the young man. he was hard to find at the time. the chopper hovered.
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there is a two witnesses. this is eddie burke first. >> looked like he's just lying there. he was pretty tired and cold. >> right time. right moment, right place. >> how did he look? he looks tired. they put him down. he looked a little dazed. and being questioned or nothing was happening. looked like he's on the side. >> and we're told there is a life guard who brought him n we're -- we can say this is a lucky young man. we're told he's cold and shaken up, but okay. and that tide had pulled him roughly 300 yards from the beach. and into the middle of the bay. and there is witnesses saying
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it was taking him away from shore. >> that is a swift response that saved him. a 13-year-old boy rock climbing near china beach is safe tonight after getting stuck on the side of a cliff. crews used ropes to lower them selfs and brought the boy up to safety. he was rock climbing when they realized they'd better get help. >> they started to climb the cliffs, one saw he was stuck and went back down and called 911. >> the 13-year-old was taken to the hospital and he is expected to be okay. >> and pleasanton police have new details tonight about the body of a woman nound a trash can near stoneridge mall. and there are details they hope will lead to her identity. laura?
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>> well this body found not far off the roadway here in pleasanton. late yesterday by a resident it was just off the roadway inside of a plastic 45 gallon trash can in a grove of trees. today, investigators released details from this morning's autopsy they hope leads to an identification. the body is described as that of a female with dark hair, she was dressed in pajama bottoms, old navy tee shirt and finger nails painted blue. given attention this week to seera lamar there is thought the body might be her. but investigators do not think so at this point. >> the coroner was not able to make a determination and our detectives were plent prent and investigators believe based on characteristics that this is not likely sierra lamar. >> this area where the trash
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can was found is on a busy roadway. it's next to a residential area and there are plea sais there is some decomposition to the body. anyone with information is asked to contact police. >> thank you and 75 years ago sunday the golden gate bridge opens to traffic. may 27th. as you look live there is a span, the final reparations being made for a huge bash on sunday. today a preparty event kind of fun as well. there is we're live with the story. >> there is 10 million people visit every year, today, some of the powerful stopped fwoi celebrate improvements to the
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viewing area but importantly to gush about the bridge loved around the world. >> this golden gate bridge is an icon of human achievement, engineering and art. >> in 1937 this bridge was national symbol for innovation. >> at the time it was the world's longest suspension bridge built in high winds. the governor took the opportunity to argue we should not shrink from bold projects now and this is built during the depression. >> don't shrink because you have a few little budget cuts. or taxes. suck it in. >> the driving force behind the bridge was engineer joseph stroud. she never knew her great
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uncle. >> and i guess the thing that came through, came down through the family is to persue your dreams. and to keep an artistic element in your life in everything you do. >> he could not have built the bridge without the work of charles alton ellis saying he work was strauss nine years before being fired in 1931. he went on to teach. >> when students would ask ellis about efforts on the golden gate bridge woe tell students i designed every stick of steel on that bridge. >> today a plaque was unveiled at the bridge. his righthand man always felt ellis's name should be on the bridge. his descendents helped make it happen. >> that is one of my father's deepest, life long dreams. today has more meaning for our
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family. >> and in this celebration, plans for sunday, a crowd of 300,000 is expected. thank you and a major out of town visitor added to the golden gate bridge guest list today. uss nimitz was rsvped for the party. this is the crew of 3,000 sailors will sail through at 1:00 sunday. bart will be running trains to san francisco on sunday just to get off after civic center station and to walk a block to 7th street. >> and getting to the bay bridge from san francisco may be challenging this weekend because a major feeder street will be shut down. first street is closing and
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workers will begin tearing up streets placing a steel bridge on top to continue excavating underneath. the roadway is expected to open, again, tuesday at 5:00 in the morning. >> and there is other closures planned for the weekend. muni will be shutting down the entire light rail lines for 10 dpirz construction work. and there is caltrans closing down dunbarton bridge for work expected to take until 5:00 a.m. on tuesday. it might be a good time to down load the waze traffic app to help you navigate throughout traffic. >> still to come here at 6:00 developing news on the san bruno pipeline explosion. there is a report that tags pg&e with millions of pipeline safety violation autos also a
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remarkable story from stan stored. one surgeon pulled off a triple transplant. >> your cell phone may reach out and touch you. i'm michael finney. ahead... tattoos that let you know when an e mail arrived. >> and there is a
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juicy johnsonville sausage. made with only premium cuts of pork since 1945. johnsonville. sausage is all we do.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. pg&e put millions of people at risk by allowing pipelines to run at the wrong pressure levels. the report sedz pressure
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levels may have contributed to the deadly san bruno explosion and the p.u.c. claims the utility failed to monitor them. multiplied by the number of days comes to 16 million violations. in a letter to the national transportation safety board, pg&e said, quote, public safety remains highest priority in the operation of our natural gas system. >> there is a judge turning down a request by ross mirkarimi to modify a restraining order against him for him to be allowed to call his wife who is now back in her native convenient swaila. dan noyes spoke with illian. traveling last weekend to interview her about the abuse case that turned into a public scandal. and mirkarimi has not spoken with her for more than four
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months because of the restraining order. >> i was suspended without pay, or due process, made unable to provide for my family. so that we're just trying to survive. >> prosecutor says if there is any change lopez would have to appear in court under oath and requesting it be lifted. now to see the abc 7 news interviews with mirkarimi and his wife go to abc 7 >> three heart transplants in three days in packyard childrens hospital. a place that normally performs about 15 a year. young people have been given a new chance at life at almost exactly the same life its a sound this 17-year-old will never take for granted again. hospitalized since april with
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a failing heart he got a sudden news he was getting a transplant. >> i was jumped. out of it. >> after 12 hours, he now has a new heart that beats on its own. >> sounds different. and works different. >> what he didn't realize when he came here is that he would be one of three young people in three days to receive a new heart at this same hospital. and all three were monumental successes. >> i thought i was in a dream. >> amanda was asleem sleep when a nurse called at 4:00 in the morning. she received a heart and liver. >> you look uncontrol bli happen yeechl are you? >> yeah. this is -- i'm on a rollercoaster but finally. i feel like the rollercoaster is coming to an end. >> she shed a tear when asked about the person who donated those organ autos i feel horrible for the family who lost that person. that was close to them.
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and gad bless the doctor autos doctors who by sheer chance found a heart for young athlete james spencer, first request is to meet the family. >> i feel so grateful. i really hope down the road next several months that they'd like to be able to talk to me. >> james wants to go to be a baseball coach, amanda looking forward to getting on a snow board. william wants to be a rocket scientist. they're making plans for a few tour. >> check that box. speak to your family. it saves lives. >> and that is a powerful message. >> we're expecting a cool memorial day weekend. >> and there is weekend will be cooler but we'll see it getting warmer and milder into the weekend. looking at that sig nif sent
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structure that will be celebrating it's 75th defrs there is and most locations are experiencing calm weather conditions at the moment. and there is pockets of showers scattered about and this is around yu kaia. there is rainfall along highway 101. and down to our south, we have an impressive cell there just a moment ago weakening at just a moment. still showers in that area. there is snow showers around lake ta he z the winter weather advisory for the central sierra has been extended. expected to expire at 6:00 and there is one to three inches of new snow that may
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complicate the area. winds gusting and 31 miles per hour gusts now at sf 0. there is winds beginning to moderate just a bit. temperatures into 60s inland. highlights, scattered showers and there is a a warmer pattern settles in. there is an upper level low dropping south ward that is what picked up showers and there is remainder of the evening and overnight there is a chance of pockets of showers tapering off into the morning, then noorks afternoon hours, becoming more unstable there is a chance of showers that
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are developing east of morgan hill. into night time hours it will fizzle out giving way to milder conditions sunday and monday and that is milder conditions leading to warmer weather mid week. overnight tonight there is some clouds around, breezy near the coast. low temperatures from upper 40s, breezy near the coast and a chance of showers into higher elevations of the north bay. high temperatures ranging from oh, upper 60s to around 70s inland. and there is 50s on the coast. 60s near the bay. and there is the accu-weather forecast. sunday, monday, inland highs
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upper 50s on the coast. mid week, mid to upper 80s inreasoned. and so we're getting slowly towards spring like weather. >> a big send off for one police inspector. >> and abc 7 news follow up on a man who earned his stripes. stay with us.
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a san jose activist who disguised himself as a woman and sprayed a vaem vaems -- vietnamese pop singer with an irstant now facing jail time. the jury found him guilty of misdemeanor assault and felony use of tear gas. prosecutors say that he used pepper spray but tong says he used fish sauce and perfume. he faces up to three years and eight months in jail when sentenced. >> there is a hunt goes open
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for pieces of a meteorite. it is rare and now a geologist is asking for help in tracking down more fragment that's will look like this. there is a black and grayish rock. fragments collect have had attracted high prices and some have gone out of state. >> there is a oldest and most-senior cop on the san francisco police force had his retirement party today. the 7-year-old arrived in a vintage police car just like those in use when he joined the force back in 1956. and there is a former colleague needled him. >> he's still a race horse. he was a good plow horse. he got the job done. and he was very sureo and
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dedicated. >> and he served under 18 police chiefs says it was time to retire before he began working with colleague's great grandkids. to see the story on him last night go to abc 7 look under see it on tv. >> that is fabulous. >> tonight there is a holiday weekend campout at one of the state parks spared from closure. >> a united states airmen missing more than 60 years gets a proper burial he deserves tonight at the press rid yido. >> technology allowing your cell phone to be embedded in your skin. michael finney shows us how. c
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a celebration in the south bay today on word it has been spared from closure this summer. efforts to keep dozens of state parks open is far from over. david louie is live at the park for us right now. david? >> there is some dangers
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having cake here. to celebrate their campaign to keep the park open. but as you said there are still several major parks still in jeopardy. 17 doomed parks have been saved from closure because of grass roots fund raising efforts we've seen a lot of really exciting moves by nonprofit organizations and foundations based in san francisco. and they've celebrating contributions to individuals as well as, cities and county autos cuts put 70 parks on the hit list. and there is a successful campaign keeping the park largest in northern california out of danger for three years. and dan mccraney was a principle ben factor. >> you're donating and granting to the state. and there is where i think
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everybody feelslike fine with that. >> the check handed over to state parks will cover salary and benefits for two rangers and two seasonal aids. more than 70,000 visitors use it in its trail autos it's beautiful. how many times can you go a half hour perfect work and be here backpacking? mountain biking. >> there are 18 parks still scrambling with a month to go. and there is about half still in dangered. >> i think the problem is the parks which may have value to california. and this may not have that
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groundful of support. >> and part of the deal with the state the $8 kale daily fee will now be channeled to operations here rather than in sacramento for the general fund. >> there is if you're heading highways you're going to find highest prices ever for a memorial day weekend. you'll be paying $4:32 a gallon in los angeles. sacramento, it's $4.22. >> there is a u.s. navy serviceman from california died in operation enduring freedom. and is the 3,000th coalition fatality. the 26-year-old died of medical competitions on sunday in bahrain. >> an air force gunner went missing in action on valentine's day in 1950 given
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a proper military burial today. he was aboard a b 36 bomber and remains were not identified until last year saying there is sadness she's associated with memories of her father. >> i have one memory of being in the ocean with him. and... i say... being taught how to swim. he was probably just holding and rocking me in the water. >> this bomber did a fly over. he flew 13 missions during world war ii. he was a german prisoner of war 13 month autos moving on to money matters standard and poor's down grades credit ratings of five banks in spain saying the country is headed now for a double tip recession.
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and that is at the end of a slow day on wall street. and a big set back tonight for citi group. saying they lost $20 million in the facebook ipo last week. other big investors lost more. and university of michigan's consumer sentiment index has risen to its highest level in more than three years. and apple ceo tim cook turned down a $75 million bonus, saying no thoompkz a special dividend for apple employee stockholders. >> and from smart phones many of us are tached to our electronic device autos now there is a way to let your body receive signals from the cell phone. >> and that is michael finney
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is here to show how it works. >> this is a tax. being called innovative. also scary and there is a major manufacture developing a tattoo that could let you become a part of your phone. this gives a frightening notion of humans turning into robots. now, maybe its not so far fetched. >> this is the beginning of a convergence of human beings and technology. there is a few tourist talking about a new technology by nokia. the company applied for a patent some say is part of our emerging future, others see as plain creepy. >> and being able to.
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>> the invention is a tattoo attached to your skin that would vibrate when receiving calls. and alerts on the phone. the diea gram show how a signal would be magnetic field to the tattoo on the skin. the document says that this may athird musers to a launch of an application. >> we will be living in a blundered reality. information and biology merge. >> saying this isn't that extreme. and after all, we're already plugged into our devices. >> and why not touch us too,. >> what if you can reach across the world and hug your husband or wife? >> that is a researcher at stanford university's virtual human interaction laboratory working on device that's can
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transmit touch through computers. you can tickle a baby at the other end. he says that this is is the next step. >> the obsessive texting we know people like this digital connectedness. this is inevidentable we enhance this by giving a sense of touch. >> most didn't like the idea of being at that time yood to their cell phone. >> i think that is pretty terrifying. >> too close to my body. >> and so there is a place where tattoos or popular, what if they can receive calls too,? >> it would irritate me having a buzz in the skin. >> she suffers for a tattoo but won't want to start vibrating with every alert wi feel like a robot every one had a phone and fat tath yoo. no one wanted to connect them.
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>> this is sounding just horrible. >> there is a dark side. >> futurists thinking about how hackers and telemarketers might abuse this technology. >> there will be people that will figure out how to mine information inside of our bodies to try to control it that. can happen. i'll forecast it. >> we asked nokia and the company says it's against policies to discuss its inventions. and this is for now just an idea. >> and a bad one. >> thank you. >> and men in black are back. >> is that enough to fill the pop corn bucket? join us on the aisle next.
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now playing another episode of the "men in black" series in 3 d. sit worth extra cost? there is don sanchez on the aisle. >> this is a cop fusing time. >> will smith and tommy lee jones are back trading turf with a twist. >> okay. jay? >> there is no day. he's been dead over 40 years.
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>> what? >> tochl tommy lee jones leaves fisher and will has to go back in time to prevent his demise. i involving a leap of faith. >> all you've got to do is juch. you've got 24 hours after that, there is no coming back. >> and he's in 1959 meeting a young day. >> we had 19 hours to catch him and kill him. we need to go right now. >> all right. >> a funny moment at a party. the factory. >> could we have a minute? >> k, are you trying to blow my cover? >> andy warhol is one of us? >> it's like being hit with that neweralize year look right here. >> look. you know, sort of forgettable. i don't know if they should have made a "men in black 3".
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it seems tired. the story jumps around, one part tugs at your emotions. josh brolin is quite good. there is a money saving tip. don't bother to see the 3 d version, it's 2 d that has been converted and doesn't add. i'll have to give it a handful more than half a bucket. >> and there you have it. >> stay with us. coming up next getting to know one of the true pioneers of the golden gate bridge. >> the family could now carryñ
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you know there are only a handful of people in the golden gate bridge and say their grandfather worked on it. >> or say their grandfather fell from it and survived. and just such a man, the first of four generations. >> and allen was a seasoned iron worker in 1935.
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he cut his teeth on the original character caneus bridge. >> that is one of the first spans in bait area. >> from there, he worked as dizzying heights, hanging steel and driving rivets. >> dad would say that let's have a drink or two. and 90% guts, 10% know how. >> from the bay bridge he spotted his next job. >> they can see tower goesing up. and said these bridgemen want tibl to say i worked on that job. you know? later becoming monuments. a safety net broke his fall. he spent 12 weeks in the hospital then went back to work. a founding member of the
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halfway to hell club made up of those who survived falls from the golden gate he said he'd been halfway to hell and heaven. neither place wanted him. he just kept working. >> his son was one year old when al fell. against his mother's wishes he became an iron worker. then, so did his sons. and there is in our a fourth generation. >> every job site i'm told i've got big boots to fill. >> al's 20-year-old great grandson is working on the new san francisco general hospital project. and this apprentice ship lasts four years, in great grandpa's day there was no training. >> training evolved. the wages and benefits have increased dramatically. it's still hard-ass work.
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>> the golden gate bridge was the first all union bridge project. now, grandson don is a union leader. >> in the day they felt this golden gate there were probably thousands of workers. now building of the new bay bridge, it's maybe 10% of the amount. >> and later in life he was representative of the iron work qlorz helped shape the bay area. in 2003 just around the corner from where he spent his life, a new bridge replaced the original that started his career, he died just weeks before it was named after him. >> gramps was the best. there is no replacing that man. >> his family is the living leg legacy. >> and for a run down go to abc 7 >> there is all weekend street
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and highway closure there's for you. and to help you navigate around the traffic be sure to down load the waze app. >> so there is a big weekend. >> it is. >> 75 years. the question is what will weather be like? >> spencer christian is here now. >> there is a pleasant weekend. light showers up north of clover dale. there is a stretch of active weather interest. -- there. and north of yontville there is an area of light showers. and there is some pockets have shown life then fizzelled out. there is still a chance, you can see this pattern of drifting areas of more showers developing touring late night hours, tomorrow, there is
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clouds around, north bay mountains there is a chance of showers and most of the bay area will have dry weather tomorrow, and there are high temperatures starting to climb up. we'll see upper 60s to low 70s, and then, temperatures continuing to rise on sunday and monday, monday memorial day. highs inland upper 70s and 70s around the bay. upper 50s on the coast. there is mid to upper 80s inland. >> alex smith in hot water tonight. >> larry
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join me tonight at 9:00, coming up a jump goes wrong. the faa now investigating after one woman nearly falls out of the sky. >> and then at 11:00 there is a landmark california bar taking a stand by banning bacheloretts. >> now on to sports and interesting news from 49ers today. >> you know what happens is that guys give bland interviews then, saying something honest we criticize them for saying something honest.
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alex smith trying to make a point wins are more important than stats and he's going to have more weapons this season and said person numbers are not a concern, then mentioned rookie of the year with three, 300 plus yard games. only six wins all year. >> this is the truth. could care less on yards per game. i think that overblown stat f you're losing games guess what? you're going no huddle second half. and you're not winning though. >> and that little jab caught attention of the panthers. and linebacker john beeson. alex smith don't hate on cam because your stats would have gotten you cut. and that is after a 13-3 year,
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smith would have been fine if just not mentioned him by name. today is the one-year anniversary of buster posey's ankle injury against the marlins. and timmy taking the hill with a 2-4 record in the third. there is a rbi single, it's 2-0 giants. timmy allows one hit then a bomb into that juke box, i don't know what this is. there is a-2 game. there is a bang off the foul pole. 3-1 giants. there is a 3-run homer tagged for six runs. there is manny ramirez
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eligible to join a's wednesday. this evening in sacramento playing his first home game for the river cats. there is no guarantee he's going to get called up. he says he's okay, but a's only going bring him up if he shows he can still hit. >> this is timing and getting into the game. you know? you're still in spring training. >> new york is the big apple. new jersey is, well, you can see it from new york. it's a big iflry in jersey. they love to stick to it new york. there is a 2-0 lead. take a look at the passing here there is rangers strike back two goals.
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there is a test they're 2-2 heading to the third. and we've got nba playoff action for you tomorrow night. game seven followed by after the game with our guests warriors guard charles jenkins. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> from the abc 7 news team, thanks for joining us. >> appreciate your time hope to see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. juicy johnsonville sausage.
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made with only premium cuts of pork since 1945. johnsonville. sausage is all we do.
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