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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  May 26, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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welcome to "world news." tonight, extreme weather, from coast to coast on this holiday weekend. a heat wave that could make the indy 500 even trickier for the drivers. tropical storm warnings triggering deadly rip currents. even snow. the butler did it. tonight, the pope is said to be, quote, pained by the betrayal of one of his closest aides. a man who allegedly leaked vatican secrets about money, power, even a plot to kill the pope himself. leap of terror. the 80-year-old woman on her first sky dive clinging to the open door of the airplane appearing to have second thoughts, and then it gets worse. what she is saying tonight. and the proposal going viral this weekend. it is one of the most elaborate and emotional we've ever seen. mom, dad, friends, even a
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marching band in on the act. so what was her answer? ♪ don't say no no no no and good evening. the unofficial start to summer is turning out to be a messy one. huge swath of this country dealing with extreme weather on this memorial day weekend. let's go right to the map. we've got wildfires in the western part of the country. a heat wave in the heartland. and a big storm by the name of beryl barreling towards the southeast as we speak. here's what it looks like on the ground. firefighters on the front line from new mexico to utah. while in the center of the country, the heat could set records for the month of may. those are some kids being hosed down by the fire company. along the east coast, dangerous rip currents are already closing beaches as they brace for that big storm. abc news meteorologist ginger zee is on the story tonight.
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>> reporter: it's the sticky, sweaty, "got to get to water weather" that sent millions to the beach today. but lurking off the east coast, the swirling mass of thunderstorms. tropical storm beryl is still more than 300 miles from jacksonville, florida, but the rip current danger has forced dozens of rescues. including this one at daytona beach. >> i couldn't move. i felt like i was in concrete. i was trying to swim and trying to ride the waves back in and it wasn't happening. >> reporter: with near record heat bubbling north, the sweat factor is high for almost 40 million americans. from the upper 80s in d.c. to near 100 in st. louis. sunday will be even hotter. and muggier. on the weekend that used to mark the transition to "it's okay to wear white," it's more than a foot of white in the northern rockies. in billings, montana, they measured the latest one inch of snow ever. head south and hot dry and windy conditions are still fueling
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fires in new mexico and california. look at this map. you can see how far the hazy smoky skies reach. and in far northern michigan, lack of snow pack and lightning sparked wildfires that scorched more than 21,000 acres. evacuations are ongoing this evening. >> there's glowing stunts. there's hot spots all along that flank. the conditions are so volatile, so dangerous that the firefighters themselves are in jeopardy. >> back now with ginger. we've got a map showing beryl off the coast. what is the storm track tonight? >> storm warnings in effect from carolina to florida. it's still an area that's been in drought so it could cause some flooding. also, 40, 45-mile-per-hour wind gusts. that thing does a u-turngs heads over north carolina again, and then back out into the atlantic. >> these things sometimes hard to predict. ginger zee, thank you.
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picking up on that heat wave ginger mentioned, tomorrow, the indy 500. spectacle in racing, is likely to be the hottest ever. and it's not just tough on the drivers. a little while ago, i spoke to 11-time indy 500 qualifier scott goodyear who is covering the race for espn. scott, it's going to be 97 degrees according to the forecast tomorrow. it gets really hot inside the cockpit on a good day. what is the impact on the drivers when it's 97? >> very difficult on the drivers inside the car and also the crew members working on the car along pit lane. but most importantly for these drivers, it's probably going to be about 130 degrees inside the cockpit. now, they do have a hydration system that they use but i will tell you from experience that after you run about 20 or 30 laps around here, that cold water that you took on board becomes very warm very quickly. >> what about the pit crews? they're wearing these uniforms, these suits, that are pretty well insulated. how is it for them when it's 97? >> well, dan, they're wearing the same type of suits that the drivers are wearing so they've
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got a three-layer suit. so when they go over the wall, they do have the fire protection just like the drivers do. sometimes, from my vantage point, when i was driving, i think it's tougher on the individuals along pit lane, because they're standing there in the sweltering heat with these suits and they have to go over and perform expert service in a short amount of time in about 12 seconds to change all four tires and add some fuel. >> making an already challenging event even more so. scott goodyear, always so great to have your expertise, we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> and coverage of the greatest spectacle in racing starts right here on abc tomorrow at 11:00 eastern. overseas now to the scandal brewing at the vatican involving the pope's own butler. the man who serves the pope dinner and holds his umbrella was formally charged today with leaking secret documents, confidential letters that have exposed some distinctly unchristian behavior. here's abc's jeffrey kofman.
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>> reporter: it is the papal punch line that is rocking the vatican -- "the butler did it." his name, paolo gabriele. that's him pouring wine for benedict xvi. and that's him sitting in the front seat of the pope mobile. literally at the pope's right hand, where he always is. he dresses the pope. travels everywhere with the pope. and now he is accused of betraying the pope. >> that he could be involved in what most people would see as one of the most significant acts of betrayal in recent vatican history obviously is going to be a source of particular concern for the pope and for the vatican. >> reporter: vatican investigators say they found a stash of stolen papal correspondence in gabriele's home. that, they believe, proves he is the source of a flood of leaks to italian newspapers that have embarrassed the pope and exposed a poisonous atmosphere behind the ancient walls of the vatican. they include searing allegations
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of corruption and cronyism at the vatican bank. a bizarre plot to kill the pope allegedly by a cardinal hoping to succeed him. and a nasty power struggle between vatican reformers and those who want nothing to change. >> well, these documents, first of all, are highly diverse among themselves. which on the face of it would create doubt they could come from any one single source. >> reporter: the pope is not in the habit of commenting on scandal but he did today in his own way. defiantly quoting the bible in italian. about the wise man who built his house on a rock. the rain and winds came, said the pope, yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. now, the butler is not in jail, there actually isn't a jail inside the vatican. instead, he is being confined to a room within its walls. if convicted, though, he could serve up to 30 years in an italian prison. dan. >> jeffrey kofman, thank you.
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back here in new york, police are working straight through the holiday to make their case against the man who has confessed in that very cold case, the murder of 6-year-old etan patz. even though charges have been filed, now the hard work begins. finding enough evidence after 33 years to make the charges stick. here's abc's t.j. winick. >> reporter: like pieces of a puzzle, new york city police must now gather evidence. strong enough to stand up in court against pedro hernandez, seen in this photo obtained by "inside edition." >> you've got him living in the neighborhood. you've got relatives who say he's been confessing or making comments to suggest he did it over the years. and then, finally, the 3 1/2 hour videotaped confession. >> reporter: in the 33-year-old disappearance of etan patz, physical evidence will likely be nonexistent. so a confession is just the beginning. >> see if you can develop a relationship between etan and pedro at the bodega predictably.
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did etan go there alone or with his parents? >> reporter: his arraignment at bellevue hospital in new york city where he's been placed on suicide watch. at the hearing, his attorney said the now 51-year-old is bipolar, schizophrenic, and suffers from hallucinations. >> is he delusional and someone who has more or less placed themselves into this crime when he really isn't guilty of it? or, b, that he can no longer live with the guilt, the remorse. >> reporter: hernandez reportedly told investigators he had no motive. or perhaps he acted because etan reminded him of his least favorite nephew. police may not care about a motive but a jury will. >> jurors and, in particular, judges, definitely want to know why a crime was committed. whether the motive is driven by voices or some sort of psychotic break, it's still important to know that obviously. >> reporter: now, under the law, prosecutors must bring this case
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before a grand jury within six days of the arrest and present enough evidence to convince them to vote for an indictment. dan. >> so the clock is ticking. >> that's right. >> t.j., thank you. later in the broadcast, a closer look at how police go about solving the very coldest of cases. the murder of one child is horrible but the murder of 32 is truly horrific. and that is the news breaking out of syria tonight. they're calling it perhaps the most vicious attack in that country's 15 month long uprising. abc's alex marquard is on the story. >> reporter: it's being called a massacre. amateur video showing long rows of the dead wrapped in traditional white sheets for a mass burial. a third of the more than 90 killed were children under 10. filmed here by opposition activists but too graphic to show. many more were injured in the assault. easily one of the deadliest of this long and bloody uprising. activists said regime forces shelled the town of hawla and then moved in on foot. the regime blamed armed
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terrorist groups. today the u.n. went to investigate and confirm the dead were killed by machine guns, artillery and tanks. this woman said she fled during the bombing and begged the u.n. to stop the killings. but the just 250 monitors in syria haven't been able to do that and the cease-fire that is technically still in place continues to be ignored by all sides. alex marquard, abc news. on this memorial day weekend, we remember the men and women who fought and died for this country. the flags have now been placed at every headstone at arlington national cemetery. there, and in countless places across the country, there will be moments of reflection and thanks. tomorrow morning on "this week" jake tapper speaks exclusively with defense secretary leon panetta about ending the long war in afghanistan. and, of course, the powerhouse roundtable will weigh in on the week in politics. and now to the 80-year-old
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woman and the sky dive that has provoked a federal investigation. it started with the highest of expectation but then something went very wrong. abc's clayton sandell has more. >> reporter: laverne everett's 80th birthday was almost her last. >> are you excited to go skydiving? >> i'm real excited. >> whose idea was all this? >> mine! >> reporter: last may, she celebrated by jumping out of an airplane near sacramento, california. hesitating before her instructor pries her hands free. but then a major problem. laverne's harness is too loose. she dangles precariously. her instructor desperately hanging on as they plummet at 125 miles per hour. she spoke to tv station kovr. >> i just held on. you do what you gotta do, you know. >> reporter: finally, the instructor manages to deploy the chute. >> help them, john. help them. >> reporter: they touch down. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: shaken but unhurt. this video posted online this week is going viral.
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in a statement, the skydiving's owner said, "this happened a long time ago and everything worked as advertised. no one got hurt or injured." the faa isn't so sure. an investigator went to question the parachute center on friday and it's not the first time the company has been in trouble. racking up nearly $1 million in faa penalties because of shoddy maintenance. meanwhile, sky diving experts say this is extremely rare. >> the vast majority of tandem jumps in the u.s. are done safely by expert sky diving instructors. >> reporter: as for laverne, this near disaster birthday skydive hasn't slowed the octogenarian adrenaline junky. she says her next adventure is driving a race car. abc news, clayton sendal, los angeles. >> she's tough. coming up on "world news" this saturday, how did a picture of this suitcase help crack an old case? and how did this long forgotten roll of film help solve an infamous murder? the little details that can crack a cold case. and we're going to show you
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the 33-year-old abduction of etan patz got us thinking about cold cases. more than a third of all murders in america go unsolved. in recent years, cold cases have become a much higher priority for local police departments. tonight, we learn what it is that often breaks them wide open. while etan patz is dominating the news tonight, if you go on yahoo! and type in the words "cold case," something extraordinary. story after story of cases across america going from cold to hot in just the past few days. san antonio, texas. a 13-year-old murder, solved. in glendora, california, a 17-year-old kidnapping and sexual assault case, solved. in hollywood, dna is so often the star. but what might surprise you is often the evidence cracking the old case open is something like a suitcase. like the one that an eagle-eyed investigator spotted after going
3:48 pm
back and combing through surveillance video from 15 cameras. that suitcase looked way too heavy. turned out, there was an unconscious woman inside it. in texas, police dug up an entire boat. buried by a man who had used it to hide his involvement in a fatal accident on the water nearly a decade ago. then there was that little roll of film never developed. that helped crack one of america's most famous crimes. the murder of 6-year-old adam walsh, whose father went on to host "america's most wanted." john and reve walsh told me how they hired a retired cop, joe matthews, who combed through the 10,000 page case file and found that roll of film. how long did it take for you to realize what you had here? >> within seconds, when i was going through the photos. >> reporter: they were pictures of the car belonging to the prime suspect, a convicted killer named ottis toole. imprinted on the rear floorboard, the outline of a face in blood. >> to me, it was the one thing that a mother knows, is that this is their child.
3:49 pm
this picture is their child. >> reporter: shortly thereafter, the police closed the case. so etan patz parents can take comfort in the knowledge that even the coldest of cases can be suddenly solved with a fresh eye for that key detail. coming up next, the revolution in space. and the astronaut raving about that new car smell. and later, the proposal so elaborate, so emotional, that hundreds of thousands of people are watching tonight. you wouldn't want your doctor doing your job. so why are you doing hers? only your doctor can determine if your persistent heartburn is actually something more serious... like acid reflux disease. over time, stomach acid can damage the lining of your esophagus. for many, prescription nexium not only provides 24-hour heartburn relief, but can also help heal acid related erosions in the lining of your esophagus. talk to your doctor about the risk for osteoporosis-related bone fractures and low magnesium levels
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we learned today what may have contributed to the controversial 30-day jail sentence given to dharun ravi. he's the rutgers university student who videotaped his roommate having sex with another man. the judge, criticized for being too lenient by some, released more than 100 letters he received before the sentencing. many from gay rights groups and hate crime victims. almost all of them argued against prison time for ravi. a giant step forward in space today for the private sector. as astronauts from the international space station entered the draggen. the world's first commercial cargo spaceship. astronaut donald pettitte said the dragon smells like a brand-new car.
3:53 pm
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visit to learn more. in the age of youtube, i think we've all seen some pretty elaborate wedding proposals. but you would be hard pressed to top the one that is going viral tonight. the video starts with a man sneaking into the front seat of a car and somebody with a video camera climbing into the back seat. the woman with the headphones there, that's amy. the guy talking to her, that is the brother of her boyfriend, isaac.
3:57 pm
he's just turned on a camera so you can watch amy's expression as an extraordinary surprise unfolds. ♪ we can go ♪ no one will know ♪ oh come on girl >> reporter: at first it's just a couple of people lip-synching to the bruno mars' song "marry you." ♪ shots of petron ♪ and it's on girl >> reporter: but look at it build. look at the choreography. ♪ don't say no no no no no no ♪ say yeah yeah yeah yeah ♪ and we'll go go go go >> reporter: and look at amy pretty much losing her mind, especially when a marching band files in. ♪ you and i ♪ we're looking for something >> reporter: and then three computers with friends dancing along on the screen. ♪ i think i want to marry you >> reporter: and it all pulled back to reveal a man.
3:58 pm
♪ who cares baby ♪ i think i want to marry you >> reporter: isaac. >> will you marry me? [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: pretty smooth. ♪ fancy free >> she'll be hard pressed to say no. isaac lamb and his future bride amy frankel are both actors from portland, oregon. isaac says he and his friends only practiced once for that performance. the wedding will be in a year. that's going to do it for "world news" on this saturday. we are always online at i will see you tomorrow morning on "gma." till then, thanks for watching and good night.
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