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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 27, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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marking a moment in bay area history, 75 years since the golden gate bridge opened and the city is gearing up an enormous celebration. >> ama: tomorrow's golden gate bridge celebration might be really frustrating if you bring your car. parking lots and roadse bridge the bridge are going to be closed. >> you remember back in the 50th anniversary, 300,000 people showed up to celebrate the anniversary of the golden gate bridge. now for the 75th never i had one park ranger tell me half a million people may be coming tomorrow to celebrate. best advice, expect a crush of
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traffic. here's what we found out. in the north bay and working south. >> golden gate bridge district. >> parking attendances shut down the larkspur ferry over a labor dispute but tomorrow they'll be running overtime, every half ov, hour,, and then returning from from 10:00 to midnight. >> we'll be rung service as long as it takes to get everyone back. >> if you're watching from the malin headlands, check out the traffic jam today. tomorrow it will be worse and one-way only. >> people won't be able to drive up. only be able to drive down. >> that means to access the headlands you have to take the bullet road, turn left, and drive up the hill on the back side, then down on the bridge side, and parking? ranger larson said get here before noon. >> rain jury told me this section of alexander is going to be closed starting at
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6:00 tomorrow night. >> traffic will be backed up into sausolito and very likely the same for the point. unless you're walking or on a bike. >> the golden gate bridge itself will remain open until 9:00 p.m. and then shut down for an hour for the fireworks. no pedestrians will be allowed on the bridge after 6:00 in the evening. the parking lot on the northeast side will be closed at 5:00 p.m. and re-open after the fireworks. parking lots on the south side of the bridge will be closed all day, and the presed you -- presidio well be closed to cars without superb passes, and crissy field and marina green, closed all day. and residents are getting ready. >> we're parked up here and ain't moving. >> okay, but here's the good news. the organizers are preparing for a lot of people. the pre presidio will be running
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with extra service, and bike parking? they got it. >> if you didn't get all of that down, don't worry. we have it for you at go to the "see it on tv" link and click on the 75th 75th anniversary site. reporting from crissy field, abc-7 news. >> ama: the golden gate bridge celebration i all day from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. with the main event, fireworks, beginning at 9:30 tomorrow night. here's where it will happen. the prime spot is along the waterfront and across the golden gate on the malin head leans. activities will be held at crissy field, ghirardelli square and pier 39. everybody is urged to use public transportation. >> to make things more difficult there are a number of road closures in san distance the south bay, including the done bart top bridge project. that's where tomas roman is
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there to show us the driving obstacles. >> the closure of the done bart -- dumb bart -- dumbarton bridge affects thousands of drivers and people are being asked to walk public take public transportation. >> no place to park. >> the work on the dumb bart top bridge has been going on nonstop since caltrans closed is last night. over the three-day closure crews will be installing a larger expansion joint as part of an earthquake retroinch. >> some of the work includes raising the bridge five inches at the site of the seismic joins and we're in the process ofplacl replacing a steel joint that runs across the entire deck and allows the bridge to move during safely.safely. >> the bridge, w an used by an estimated 61,000 vehicles a day that travel between men low park and newark, will be closed until 5:00 a.m. tuesday.
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traveling into downtown san francisco may turn into a chore. the first street approach the bay bridge is closed between mission and howard stre stalline across first street for the new transit center. then there's carnival. harrison street is closed between 16th and 24th 24th streets. the carnival parade is 90:00 a.m. sunday, and close mission street from the 4th to 17th. with all these closures, gina will walk. >> everything i read says, don't drive. and we're at third and folsom work we're going to walk everywhere. >> walking works unless you're one of the more than 20,000 people who use the busy municipal nye line. this construction and track replacement closed the line for nine days. buses are ferrying passengers from ocean beach to the cal trains station, time consuming inconvenience. >> it's not like it's easy to figure out when it's coming when
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it's not listed on the web site for schedules and stuff. >> the line will resume operation june 4th. >> now, a little while ago a drive stopped here and asked me how to get to newark since the bridge is closed. the alternate riewtz are highway 237 to the south and the sap ma dayow bridge to the north. this bridge is expected to be open 59:00 a.m. on tuesday in men low park, abc-7 news. >> alan: thank you. our exclusive smart phone app can help you avoid any traffic trouble spots. get the app through itunes on the android market. go to >> police are out in full force this memorial day weekend, keeping an eye out for impaired drivers. police departments are staffing dui check points across the bay area. redwood cityg four operating for mobile checkpoints, the california highway patrol has roving units patrolling the bay bridge. chp says the state saw a
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significant imcreeps last year in the number of people killed in collisions with 24 deaths statewide, 41% increase from the previous year. >> alan: in the east bay, woman is offing after she drove her car into the oakland estuary. this is new video of the wool being treated on the scene. her car is submentalled and won't be pulled out until low tide tomorrow. the woman lost control of her vehicle right behind the oakland aviation museum. >> our guess right now she may have been trying to take the turn too fast and overcompensated when she realized she was going over the double yellow line. >> the woman cleaned up out of her car on her own and some go d samaritans helped her ashore. >> today's delayed a planned wade out in honor of a man who committed suicide while police and firefighters stood by. raymond zack waded into the water at crown beach, report lived in an attempt to kill himself. firefighters claimed they were unable to help him because they
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weren't certified to conduct water rescues. after the incident the budget was restored for the training program. >> i have no confidence. being restored for water rescues. and. [inaudible] >> zack was eventually pull out by a civilian but died at a hospital. organizers wanted to wade into the water but weather conditions cancelled the even. >> a bit of american history passed under the golden gate bridge. the uss iowa battleship. sergio begin tan na wafd as it made what is likely its last voyage out of san francisco bay. >> reporter: with a few cheers the last rope was released. it's size just as awesome now as
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in tokyo anyway -- tokyo in 1945. >> made the davison look like a canoe. >> he was serving on a destroyer and got to go onboard. >> they announced church services will commence on the iowa, knock off all card playing and the smoke lamp is out. >> the iowa was one of the last built for the u.s. navy fleet. it's clear why iowa was would show-stopper of military might in world war 2. >> iowa carried roosevelt in all of his top military to casa blanca and then to tehran to meet with stalin and churchill. >> an accident in turret 2 caused an explosion that killed 47 soorls and then it became part of the mothball fleet. a crew of volunteers have brought the battleship back to
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showcase condition. crowd gathered to watch the massive ship as it made its way out of san francisco bay. >> as the uss iowa makes its way under the golden gate bridge for probably the last time, some sailors who tell me they're sad to see it go but they appreciate its knew mission at the port of los angeles. >> i'm kind of glad to see it go down there. it's going to be a museum and a memorial to the 47 men we turret in turret 2. >> in san francisco, abc-7 news. insure. >> ama: a question of stacy. new revelations about the sky-di sky-diving company where a woman nearly fell out of her harness. >> alan: a spooked horse gets stuck. the challenges rescue crews face. >> ama: the pope's right-hand man accused of betrayal. facing charges of leaking classified documents. >> leigh: i'm leigh glaser. low clouds and fog already starting to move in o the bay
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right now. what will that mean for the big celebration tomorrow night? she fireworks? we'll take a look at the seven-day forecast coming ♪ ♪ if loving you is wrong
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>> a woman celebrating her 80th birthday with tandem sky dive almost fell thousands of feet to her death. the incident caught on video launched a federal investigation. here's more. >> what's your name? >> her 80-inch birthday was
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almost her last. >> are you excited. >> i'm real excited. >> whose idea was this? >> mind. >> last may she celebrated by jumping out of an airplane in sacramento, his indicating before her instructor pries her hands free. then a major problem. her harness is too lows and dangles. her instructor desperately hanging on as they plummet at 125-miles-an-hour. finally the instructor manages to deploy the chute. >> they touched down. >> mo, my gosh. >> shaken but up hurt. >> this video posted on line is going viral. in a statement the sky diving company owner says this happened a long time ago and everything worked as advertised. no one got hurt or injured. the faa isn't so sure. and investigator went to question the parachute center on friday. it's not thcompany has been company has been in trouble. wracking up nearly $1 million in faa penalties because of shoddy
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maintenance. high diving experts say this is very rare, at for laverne, this hasn't slowed her. she says her nexted a adventure will be driving a racecar. >> wow. another rescue not quite as dramatic, but just as heart-warming, happened in southern california. a horse got three legs stuck in mud. 35 firefighters working from the ground and air were careful when extracting the horse named diewfnlg -- duke. he was tranquilized, hitched to a basket, and then lifted by a helicopter to safety. >> in other animal news this san jose a baby hawk is back in the nest after high winds blew it into someone's backyard. volunteers were called yesterday after three baby hawks were found on the group.
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one was so badly injured it was put down, while another is in critical care. the third chick was placed back into the tree after volunteers made him an artificial nest from a laundry basket and one of the parent hawks has returned to the nest. >> those some big babies there. >> leigh: some strong winds. no telling what's been flying out of the trees. winds kind of died down a little bit today. we did have some breezy conditions in some spots, especially near the cost. we actually saw a little more sunshine today. of course didn't feel that warm out there as the cool air mass still settled of the bay year. this is from the high definition ruthtop cam. look at the embarcadero, and you can get a sense of the low clouds and fog making its way inland, and reports of mist and drizzle, especially the golden gate bridge and near ocean
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beach. live doppler 7 hd, we had isolated thunderstorms and storms napa, over towards vacaville. that started to move on out of here so we're looking dry right now. the exception, of course, a little mist and drizzle right near the coast. highs tonight, well below where we should be for this time ofon. only 59 in san parens and half moon bay today. san carlos, 57 degrees. thanks to the dense overcast that hung over your city all day long. 69 was the high in antioch. 71 in fairfield, and santa rosa, 70. we're going to warm things up more so tomorrow. right now, 52 in san francisco. 53, concord. livermore, 54. 55 in san jose. low clouds and also pockets of dense fog near the coast. drizzle overnight. a tomorroway tomorrow with coastal clouds sitting right there, and then a warming trend will begin as we head into wednesday, thursday, and friday.
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lows tonight, widespread, mid-to-low 50s across the bay area, and the north bay locations, upper 40s. low pressure, yes, centered to the east of us, brought us the wrap-around showers and it's moving off towards the east. high pressure is starting to built in. the rest of the holiday weekend, get ready for temperat temperatures, slightly warmer tomorrow. probably kick back into the mid-to-upper 70s. inland locations, looks like it will be mid-week when the high gets centered all across the pacific northwest, and definitely going t temperat warmer temperatures for us. here's a look at the animation. you can see the fog bank moving in overnight. this is 7:00 a.m. pretty overcast. mississippi and -- mist and drizzle as well, and then burn back to the coast by tomorrow afternoon. forecast model going to bring it back tomorrow evening, and we could possibly have fog concerns for the golden gate bridge celebration tomorrow morning.
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54 degrees. 60 by noontime. and then as the sun goes down, temperatures drops, look for a a chance of some low 10:00. cloudiness. it's going to be a cool evening 0. prepare for that. here's a look at the highs tomorrow. 75, antioch. 60, san francisco. 70, san jose. watsonville, 67. after the next couple of days, chilly days, then warm up nicely. near 90 degrees wednesday, thursday, friday. inland. with some mid-60s at the coast. >> ama: thank you, leigh. >> alan: not such a good day for the asy giants. >> mike: no worries as the top ranked cal women knock off the huskies in game one of the
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>> mike: the yankees seem to love oakland. they open the as at the coliseum. mark jackson taking a break from
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hoops. robinson cano crushes one off colon. gone to right. solo shot. ties it at 1. to the third. reddick dos the same off sabathia. see ya. 13th of the year. ninth this month. tied at 2. didn't stay that way long. fourth. teixeira, no-doubter, a solo shot. now 3-2. teixeira comes through again in the fifth. two outs, two runs, single. 6-2. not done. to the ninth. teixeira going deep again. this one a two-run blast. a's drop one to the yankees and four straight, 9-2 the final. >> madison bumgarner looking for win six in miami. 1-0 marlins. giants get a run the third. burress, playing prey at the plate. in there. bottom half. the error continues to kill the
1:25 am
giants. should be an inning-ending double play. the relay to bumgarner offline. giant's major-league leading 50th error. miami wins their second straight over the g-men 5-3 the final. >> top ranked cal women hosting the super-regional. playing opponent washington, winner moving on to the college world series. cal band in the house. alow to crushes one over the bleach efforts. 23rd homer of the season. 2-0. two batters later, another. williams. findsthis one finds t. all bears. win if 5-0. game two sunday at 4:00 p.m. >> standard's 1987 team gathered for a reunion.
1:26 am
cal would store four times in the frame. els into the hole. beats the throw homes. bears win 15-5. the second straight victory of the cardinal. down to final four in the nba playoffs, rondo let the celtics
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>> mike: the celtics are on their way to the eastern conference finals to face miami. celtics trying to keep the ride going. the sixers didn't make it easy. the big dunk, philly within one. but the fourth blocked to the celtics. rondo, stole the show. a huge three. rondo a trip trip triple-double. celtics win, take the series
1:30 am
4-#. >> like i said it wag a struggle for the entire team but we played together well as a team. ray made big shots. no one played great it be one. >> only one man has won the byron nelson and the colonial in the same year and that was beg -- ben hogan. jack johnson came out firing. chipping in on two for birdie. then on nine, putting for another bird. share of the lead. got it. shoots a 31 on the front nine to catch dufner but jason answers on the back. first of three straight. in. dufner takes a three-stroke lead but johnson wouldn't let him get too far in front. making a statement right next to dufner's ball. both guys birdie the wall. dufner leads johnson by one shot heading into the final round on sunday. >> coming up later, charles
1:31 am
jenkins answered a tweet and gave away some prices. >> i thought he was tweeting you. but that was another guy. >> ama: tales of power struggles. political intrigue and corruption at the vatican. the man accused of leaking top secret documents and what the pope is saying. >> the spacex capsule's successful launch makes a dying wish come true for hubs -- hundreds of people. medicare. it doesn't cover everything.
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>> good evening. i'm alan wang. >> ama: i'm ama daetz. everything is ready for the 75th anniversary celebration of the golden gate bridge. but a word of caution. there's extremely limited
1:35 am
parking. in fact some cars are already being towed. the bring will be closed at 9:00 p.m. for the fireworks show. festivities begin in the morning but you're urged to get there without a car. >> this woman has to wait dollar before her car is pulled out of the oakland estuary. she lost control and went into the water. she managed to get out hourss' some good samaritans helped her ashore. >> the uss iowa is in southern california tonight. she passed under the golden gate bridge for the last time. the last battleship to ever leave san francisco bay. on its way south the warship will become a museum in san speed day.>> a man wanted for st san bruno police is on the run. police answered a call about a group of people. officers arrived to see a car full of people leaving the scene. they stopped the car but three people took off running.
1:36 am
one of them turned and fired at ofired returned fire. a third person got away. >> the latest on the scandal brewing at the vatican involving the pope's own butler. he was formally charged with leaking secret documents, confidential lefts that exposed some unchristian behavior. >> it is the papal punchline, the butler did it. his name, palo, that's him pouring wine for benedict xvi and him in the front of the pope mobile, at the pope's right handwhere he always is. he dresses the pope. travels everywhere with the pope, and now he is a betraying the pope. >> that he could be involved in what most people would see as one of the most significant acts of betrayal in recent vatican history, obviously is going to be a particular concern for the
1:37 am
pope and the vatican. >> vatican investigators say they found a stash of stolen papal correspondence in his home. that they believe proofs he is the source of a flood of leaks to italian newspapers that have embarrassed the pope and exposed a poisonous atmosphere behind the ancient walls of the vatican. the including searing allegations of corruption and croakyism, bizarre plot to kill the pope by a cardinal hoping to succeed him, and a nasty power struggle between vatican reformers and those who want nothing to change. >> these documents first of all are highly diverse, which on the face of it would create doubt they could come from any one single source. >> the pope is not in the habit of commenting on scandals, but he did today in his own way. defiantly quoting the bible in italian about the weissman who built his house on a rock. the rain and winds came, said
1:38 am
the pope, yet i did not fall because it had its foundation on the rock. >> the butler is in vatican detention, being confined to a room there. if convicted he could serve up to 30 years in an italian prison. >> being call the most vicious attack in syria's 15-month uprising, an attack that killed 90 people, more than 306 them children, activists say the president's forces shelled villages with machine guns, are temperaturery and tanks, both sides continued to ignore a cease fire that is tick technically still in place. >> boy scouts and other volunteers spent the day placing american flags at the graves of thousands of fallen veterans. the group decorate herely 113,000 graves. >> also have my brother walt who
1:39 am
served in the navy in the 50s, buried right at the top of the mountain near the main flag pole. makes my proud to see our young men and women, and the other adults, come out here. >> we come out here to honor all the troops and i think this year weple out have 30,000 people ou, and it's great to honor the troops. >> this is a memorial day weekend tradition that dates back more than 50 years. >> alan: a change in the weather in san diego county is gig firefighters the upperhand on a wildfire that's been burning two days. more than 900 state and federal firefighters are battling the flames burning near the town of julian. the higher humidity and lighter winds today, the fire is now more than 30% con feigned. so far, 4100 acres burned. it started in the same area where a wildfire last year torch e scorched more than 2,000 acres. >> ama: astronauts in the international space station are busy unloading groceries after the opened up the spacex dragon
1:40 am
capsule. >> officially hatch-opening time, 4:53 a.m. central time. >> the dragon capsule is the world's first commercial supply ship. one of the astronauts said the capsule smelled like new car. the capsule built by spacex was loaded with gear. it's also been revealed the cap actual carried the remains of 300 people into space, including those of james doohan, who played scotty on "star trek". wow. >> beam me up, scotty. >> imagine being one of the first people to ever get on the golden gate bridge. meet a woman who was. construction of the golden gate bridge sealed her a place in history. >> i remember it being really exciting. >> we have a look back at the other major mile estops of our bridge. >> snow in parts of the sierra but it's a wet mess trying to get there.
1:41 am
>> leigh: most ohere. snow has moved out. tomorrow some sunshine. we'll look at the state forecast, and what you can expect the next seven days here.
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>> alan: a sweet display of the golden gate bridge was unveiled ahead of the celebrationle the chef at the fairmont hotel spent 340urs making this replica of
1:44 am
the bridge. more than half of the bridge pieceses were chiseled from solid chocolate. >> none of the hollow bunny stuff. >> the opening of the golden gate bridge is a sweet memory for a castro valley woman. she was the youngest person to cross the bridge in 1937. she was pushed across in a stroller. mary saved newspaper articles and memorials. >> when they asked me without i thought about the bridge issue thought it was awful tippy but i wanted to peek at the water. i can't pronounce my water soyuz said pretty and i they quoted that. >> she has a document dated and note rised of her employs -- place in history. she says in the travels to other countries the golden gate is a magnificent symbol ofachievemen
1:45 am
achievement. she says she will always be proud of her contribution to the history of the bridge. >> and we spoke to some people who remember the other anniversary celebration held over the years, including a woman who got the on the bridge when it opened 75 years ago. >> took thisears video 25 years. remembers getting on the bridge at 5:00 in the morning for the 50th anniversary celebration. there were so many people on the golden gate it flattened and the crowd was ordered off the bridge. >> i don't remember it being scary and the only memory i have of the bridge moving is my niece and me few saying, it's moving! >> there were people with crazy hats and a man trying to cross the bridge on his pogo stick. green's son was four years old. he is now an adult in graduate school in ucla. >> walking on the sidewalk is one thing. walking across the brim with marching bands going by, it was
1:46 am
awesome. a shame they're not doing that this year. >> unlike 25 years ago, this time there will be no bridge walk. perhaps even more exciting was the day the bridge opened in 1937. barbara campbell hix was only 7 years old, little did she know she would make news that day. >> got lost. l.-o-s-t-lost '. >> that's her in the local newspaper. fourth from the left. along with a few other kids who also got lost in the crowd that day. campbell is 82 years old and lives in burlingame. she recalls everyone dressing up in western outfits. it was the theme back then. she says her parents were both working so a neighbor offered to take her. chp officers later found her and fed her. >> they took us down to the embarcadero police station and my father picked us up. my mother must have been shock when she came home and i one home. >> despite that incident, she
1:47 am
says those were good times. >> lyanne, abc-7 news. >> ama: a little fresh snow in the sierra right now but getting there is tricky. a storm system hit lower elevations with rain and hail. the slick roads caught some drivermet's kohler than what many people expect for late may. >> we drove from the bay up here. >> coming to the rain. >> not expecting this. >> no. >> look at this, man. >> not just rain but also hail. >> yeah. >> this view from our camera at heavenly ski resort shows a light dusting of snow, and expected to be sunny in tahoe. have to pay attention to leigh's forecast. >> alan: what is this about? what's going on. >> leigh: most of the moisture moved out of the state. we're actually seeing clear sky right now in tahoe. but here's a live look from the high definition golden gate bridge camera. you can see that light is fuzzy
1:48 am
as the low cloudiness and fog starting to move in a little wet pavement as well as mist and drizzle, and that could be the same scenario tomorrow night for traveling traveling around the state, tahoe will see more sunshine. warmer day there 59. 80 sacramento. fresno, 86. san diego, 67. palm springs, 89. talk about being cold. 38 in and snow in great falls. back east, the heat is on. 96 chicago. 95 st. louis. atlanta tomorrow, 93 degrees. they're baking, and we'll look for isolated thunderstorms throughout the panhandle of florida. i here's a look at the next seven days. coastal clouds,y for breezy dayr sunday. tomorrow night, golden gate bridge is going to be breezy, cool, temperatures in the mid-50s. so bundle up.
1:49 am
be prepared for that. monday, a little warmer. temperatures inland in the upper 70s, and would you look at wednesday, thursday, friday. near 90 degrees in the east bay, and even some mid-60s at the coast. so things will start to moderate at bit. >> alan: shu is here. a little social media being used. >> mike: after the game, charles jenkins in the house, took some tweets and gave away some
1:50 am
1:51 am
1:52 am
>> mike: tonight on "after the game", rookie charles jenkin took some tweets. >> the winning question was submitted by b wantsizzle wantso know. >> he wanted to no who is he thousandy is teammate. >> hands down nate robinson. >> the most energetic, guy i ever met and definitely one of the best teammates. >> he has one thing he does that drives you crazy. right? >> yeah. i tell you about it. we had a road trip, and i remember getting off the plane, i was getting a lot of tex messages, peek say, l.o.l., i had no@what they were speaking
1:53 am
about. i happened to go on twitter and saw a pick tower of my sleeping on the pd and nate tweeted and everybody got a chance to see it. >> tweets can be dangerous. the celtics are on the way to the eastern conference to face miami. the celtics looking to keep the ride going in game los angeles . ing da los angeles the sixers did not make it easy. big dunks brought philly within one in the third in the fourth, all celtics. kevin garnett, the jumper. rajon ron don stole the show. a huge three. a triple-double. celtics win 85-75, he series. >> they're a tough basketball team. i don't think people gave them their respect all year. i think people forgot, after 25 games, they may have been the best team in the league for a whale, and they hit hard times, and doug gathered the team back.
1:54 am
>> a struggle for the entire team but no one played great but we found a way to get the win. >> mike: what about the yankees in oakland? they open the a's at the coliseum, winning their eighth straight. mark jackson decided to go to the a's game. canoo crushes one off colon. that's gone. solo shot. second in as many days. tied at one. to the third, reddick, a little of the same thing. off cc sabathia. 13th of the year. ninth this month. tied at two didn't day that way long. teche , the no-doubter. solo shot. teixeira comes through again in the fifth. two outs, two run single. three rbi. now 6-2. not done. ninth inning, teixeira going deep again. two-run blast. five rub on the day, a's drop their eighth so the evenings at the coliseum.
1:55 am
892-the final. >> giants in miami. bumgarner looking for win number six. solano took care of that. the hanger into center. marlins up 1-0. giants get it back in the third. blanco. the play at the plate. burris petes it out. errors continue to kill the giants should be an inning ending double. the giants major league leading 50th error of the season, and randy choate, fanning. miami wins, 5-# the final. >> top ranked cal women hosting the super-regional pack 12 opponent washington. winner moving on to the college world series. cal get to right to work. look at this crush. over the bleachers. 23rd year. 2-0 bears. two batters later.
1:56 am
williams, home run of their own, bears win 5-0. they can seal the deal tomorrow at 4:00 in game two. >> stanford's 1987 championship team today for a reunion as the cardinals face cal. in the second, bunting, winds up at second. cal scores four times in the frame. can't beat home. all bears. they went 15-5. second straight victory over the cardinal. saber cats and chicago. the heave to whittaker. tied at 77. to overtime. check out, just refusing to go down. finds the end zone. chicago gets a chance to answer. but it's picked off in the end zone to seal the deal. saber cats win the marathon 84-77. the third round of the southeastern pga championship.
1:57 am
ties a town record set by sam snead. a busy day in sports. lan. >> ama: thank you for joining us. >> alan: abc-7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. and we're always on at and facebook as well as twitter at bay area. >> tanks for
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