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tv   ABC7 News 700AM  ABC  May 27, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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san francisco gets ready to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge but this morning on the spot where thousands of people will gather a body is found. i'm john alston. i'll have a live report coming up. >> and crews continued their nonstop work to retrofit the dumbarton bridge. >> carolyn: good morning. thanks for joining us. let's start out with a quick first look at the weather from lisa argen. >> lisa: good morning. from roof camera you can see the flag is blowing and we will have gusty west winds later on this afternoon. right now they are breezy at about 15-20 miles an hour. we have the coastal clouds that
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will clear by 10:00, 11:00. starting out with plenty of 50s. a few 40s by santa rosa and napa. when we do see the sunshine we will manage temperatures near 60 by midday around san jose, campbell and also dublin. then by the afternoon temperatures stay in the 50s. mid-70s should warm us up in the warmest inland valleys and warmer temperatures are coming up. >> carolyn: the big birthday bash for the golden gate bridge is expected to draw half a million people. the festivities for the 75th anniversary kick off at 11:00 this morning and last until 11:00 tonight. john alston joins us live from crissy field. before the celebrations get underway, a sat discovery there. >> reporter: behind me you can see police activity not what we
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expected whether we got here this morning, a u.s. park police keeping speck at a timers from this section of the beach near crissy field. a man who was walking on the beach discovered a man's body in the sand partially clad wearing only jeans, unknown how the person got there, but, of course u.s. park police are looking into that. it happened shortly after 6:00 this morning and it is still a police scene here on the beach near crissy field. now on to the sell which you say about half million people are expected to enjoy it. the traffic is expected to be a mess. it's expected to be tied up much worse than yesterday. one-way traffic at marin headlands and look over the bridge. you have to approach from the back like the normal way. presidio is going to be closed to cars that don't have special passes.
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this morning we found one gentleman who walked along here just about every day and he has a family connection to the golden gate bridge. >> i was born and raised in the bay area. so the bridge has been part of my life. my wife's grandfather worked on it. its beautiful landmark. >> reporter: pedestrians will still be able to walk along the sidewalk on the golden gate bridge, not on the actual road surface as was during the case of the 50th anniversary. it will shut down for an hour for the fireworks show which will begin at 9:30. also there will be a special shuttle service beginning at 9:00 this morning and also just a terrible traffic mess. no parking at crissy field. very little parking around this area. you will have to walk or bike your best bet to enjoy the big
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fireworks show at 9:30 tonight. >> carolyn: thank you, john. >> a major part of an out of town visitors is going to be part of the festival. u.s.s. nimitz and crew of 3,000 sailors are expected to sale through the golden gate at 1:00 this afternoon. that aircraft carrier is one of the largest naval ships. golden gate bridge celebration from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. with the main event as john said. fireworks show that begins at 9:30 tonight. here is where it will all happen. the prime spot to see the fireworks is along the waterfront, from fort point to east marina green and golden gate around the marin headlands. everyone is urged to use public transportation, driving could be a nightmare.
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>> larkspur ferry service resumes this morning following a one-day strike. they say there will be ferry service with extended hours from 11:00 this morning until 11:00 tonight for the celebration. the union says yesterday job action was triggered when contract talks broke down friday night over working conditions. >> the work environment on some of these ferries is really bad. they are working around sewage issues and also -- the company has been very nonresponsive to us. >> carolyn: about 35 union members have been working without a contract for about a year now. both sides say they will resume talks on tuesday. >> carolyn: let's talk about road closures and the south bay this weekend including the dumbarton bridge project. tomas ramon showing us a few
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more obstacles that could slow your journey to the golden gate today. >> the work on the dumbarton has been going on nonstop over the three-day closure. crews will install a larger expansion joint as part of retrofit work. >> some of the work includes raising the bridge five inches. we are in the process of replacing the seismic joint, a steel joint that runs across the entire deck and allows the bridge to move during a seismic event safely. >> the bridge is used by commuters 61,000 a day. it will be closed until 5:00 a.m. tuesday. also going into downtown san francisco, first street is closed between mission and howard streets. crews are installing a bridge across first street. then there is karna any val.
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it's closed between 16th and 24th street. the parade will also close mission street from 24th to 17th. with all these closures, gina will walk this weekend. >> everything says don't drive. we're at third and folsom. >> walking works unless you are 20,000 people that use the n-judah lines. this construction and track replacement has closed the lines for nine days. buses are going to the caltrain station, a time inconvenience to certain passengers. >> they will resume operations june 4th. with the dumbarton closed, alternate is highway 237 to the south and san mateo bridge to the north. dumbarton bridge will reopen
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tuesday at 5:00 a.m. >> carolyn: so here is a good idea, our waze smart phone app can help you avoid any traffic trouble spots. get the app through itunes or android market. for details go to >> police are out in force this memorial day weekend keeping an eye out foreimpaired drivers. police department says staffing d.u.i. checkpoints all over the bay area. redwood city has four checkpoints. they have roving points patrolling the bay bridge. chp says they saw a significant increase last year and number of people killed in collisions, 24 deaths statewide. that is 41% increase from the previous year. >> a deadly attack in syria as an anti-government up rising
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escalates. also, girls night out, michelle obama and her daughters join thousands of fans watching beyonce perform in one of singer's first concerts since having a baby in january.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> janelle: u.n. envoy kofi annan is headed to sear yar after an attack there. 90 civilians, more than 30 of them children were killed on friday's shelling of two villages. assad forces used killing tanks and machine guns on civilians. they found spent artillery
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shells but the ministry denied that the syrian government were involved. observers say neither side is honoring the cease-fire. >> syrian situation is likely to be discussed on abc's this week which will be seen at a different time today, 4:00 as our programming schedule changes to bring you coverage of the indy 500. that begins at 8:00 this morning leon panetta speaks with abc news correspondent jake taper, it's 4:00 this afternoon here on abc7. tonight at 6:00, prayer vigil in mount eden park will mark one year since sierra lamar disappeared. le. she -- prosecutors say gloria
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estefan killed le because she was jealous of her relationship. esteban has pleaded not guilty and scheduled to go on trial in september. >> in san jose a baby hawk is back home this morning. after high winds blew it into someone's backyard. this is video of the red tailed hawk. volunteers with the wild rescue project were called friday after three baby hawks were found on the ground. one was so badly injured to it be put down. another is in critical care. third check was placed back in the tree after volunteers made an art feshl nest from a laundry basket. we're told one of the parents of the parent hawks have returned to the nest. we hope all will be well. and our meteorologists lisa argen has a preview of what promises to be a rather chilly forecast. compared to much of the nation and what most people
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probably want. here is a look at the gray sky and of course the golden gate bridge that will see a little bit of sunshine but more sunshine and warmer elsewhere. >> carolyn: also next, top ranked cal women are a step away from the college world series. mike shumann has the highlights of game one over the washington huskies as the te
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>> carolyn: it's no secret the first lady is a huge fan of beyonce. michelle obama if she could be anyone else she would choose beyonce. she and her girls went to see the first show since she became a mom. david curly shows us how much mutual respect they have. ♪ >> beyonce sings about girls running the world and there is a bit of a girl clash between two well known women of the world, the singer and first lady who revealed. >> i love beyonce. >> but it has gone beyond
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admiration for their work. >> beyonce in addition to in addition beautiful young woman she has been a powerful presence for young girls and women all around the world. >> last night the first lady took the girls to beyonce concert. not surprising, recently asked who would she be if she would be someone else, gosh if i had to be someone else i would be beyonce. and pop superstar had earlier written a fan letter, i'm so proud to have my daughter grow up in a world where she has people to look up to. michelle tweeted thank you for being a role model that kids can look up to. ♪ ♪ >> maybe looking back it's fitting that the inauguration ball beyonce was singing to the
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first couple. but it didn't stop there. beyonce has embraced her efforts to fight childhood obesity. to move your body video and as you can see, the first lady clearly enjoys beyonce and her music. >> carolyn: this morning, nearly 113,000 graves are decorated with american flags at golden gate cemetery in san bruno. boy scouts and other volunteers placed the flags at the graves of thousands of fallen veterans. several of the volunteers have family members buried there. >> yes, i have my brother walton served in the navy back in the '50s. he is buried at the top of the mountain near the main flagpole. it makes me sad our young men and women and other adults come
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out here. >> we come out here to honor them. we have 30,000 people out here. >> this is memorial day weekend tradition that dates back more than 50 years. yes, that is the true purpose of memorial day, but many of us also enjoy gathering with family and friends to celebrate as you said the unofficial start of summer. >> lisa: which is not like summer like around here. >> carolyn: that is true. >> lisa: we are looking at low clouds and feeling the chill with a breeze on the coast. air mass will dry out and degree or two tomorrow and warm up and hold off on the warming trend until the middle of the week. sun is setting at 8:23. here is a look at the golden gate bridge. yesterday we had a lot of sunshine but today we will be just a little bit warmer away from the water. that is due to a transitioning
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air mass from our area of low pressure and high pressure building on. 54 one of the warmer locations in concord and san jose. 51 in san francisco with 49 in napa and 52 in redwood city and low clouds this morning. warmer with the coastal fog hanging around the san mateo coast with more significant warmup not until wednesday and thursday. so here is a look what to expect if you are coming to the golden gate bridge tonight. we are looking right now numbers in the 50s with the clouds turning partly cloudy. we'll call it partly sunny and then by the evening hours, dropping back into the 50s. so by 8:00, 9:00, pretty cool and those winds will definitely subside. strongest winds will be in the afternoon but still a cool afternoon in the evening there. temperatures just in the 60s and 70s. 50s with the low overcast and parts of our coastline here, but some of those temperatures will
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definitely feel warmer than yesterday. only 63 in morgan hill yesterday. barely 60 in redwood city, one spot with sonoma county at 75. what to expect across the nation mid 90s in chicago, st. louis, 96 and upper 80s along the eastern seaboard and that will be changing in the next couple of days. big cooldown for much of the midwest and we will warm up a little bit. satellite and radar composite what looks like a pretty dry and clear start to the day but you can see the twist in the atmosphere. that low pressure center taking the rain with it. it was a rough day in the sierra nevada with the snow and rain, as the low departs we get into a clockwise circulation and that brings high pressure, slightly warmer conditions away from the water. we won't do away with the low clouds and fog. the sea breeze will be with us.
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gusty west winds, upper 60s. 80 if you are heading towards fresno and sacramento. more sunshine for the a's, hopefully a better outcome with low 60s. temperatures in the low 60s for richmond. 65 in oakland, with 70 in san jose. air show in hollister today with numbers warming 68 and morgan hill and we got the mushroom festival with temperatures around 70s there. more significant warming coming thursday and friday and then it feels like summer but we're back down temperature-wise friday and saturday. >> carolyn: thank you. let's check in sports, 90 minutes the green flag will wave signaling the start of the 96th indianapolis 500 which tha you can see right here. pre-race coverage starts at 8:00. a's may be waving a white flag
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after losing to the a's for the eighth straight time. highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, yankees came to love oakland. they on own the a's winning their eighth straight against the green and cold. mark jackson taking a break from the hoops, second inning he crushes one off of bartolo. ties it at 1. to the third, see ya! ninth this month, this ties it at 2. didn't stay that way long. second zbrait straight game with a homer. makes it 3-2. coming through in the fifth, a single and second and third mri to make it 6:00 2. this one is 2-1 blast.
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9-2 is the final. >> madison bumgarner looking for win in miami. scoreless in the second. he shoots one into center. one scores from second and 1-0 marlins. getting it back in the third. just beats the throw and we're tied at one. the errors continue to kill him and this should have been an inning double play but two runs score. 4-1 and giants 50th error of season. they end it. miami wins the second straight 5-3 the final. >> cal women hoses financing a super regional reasonably best two out of three moving on to the series. cal goes to work. valerie crushes one over the bleachers. that makes it 2-0. two batters how about another, williams, this one finds the
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bleachers. all bears, they win it 5-0. game two today at 4:00 p.m. >> stanford 1987 championship reunion, cardinals facing stanford. here crushes one to the left. winds up on second. cal would score four times in the frame. danny singles into the hole and throw home, all bears, 15-5. >> boston is on the way to the eastern conference finals to play miami. they wanted to keep the ride going. andre iguodala. heed one in the third but fourth quarter belonged to them. kevin garnet, the jumper, 13 boards. he stole the show, a huge 3 and rondo a triple double, ten boards and ten assists. they take the series 4-3.
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>> like i said it was a struggle. playing well as a team. ray made some big shots, no one played great but we found a way to get a win. >> the one man has run both races in the same year, ben hogan. that had johnson, 2010 channel on for a birdie. then on nine another birdie. to share the lead, johnson shoots a 31 but generation on answers on the back nine. this is the first of three straight birdies. it would take a three-stroke lead. the approach on 17. how is this for a statement. they will head in today's final round. >> we'll have all highlights tonight at 5:00. i'm mike shumann and have a great day. >> up next, we have much more on
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the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge. meet a woman who was at the opening celebration and how it seals her place in history. >> i remember being really exciting. >> and we'll have a look back at some of the other major mile stones of the iconic bridge.
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>> carolyn: welcome back. 75th anniversary celebration of the golden gate bridge gets underway in just a few hours at 11:00. but already people are starting to arrive to get the best spot. meantime, there has been a grim discovery near crissy field this morning, a body has been found. john alston joins us live from crissy field. >> the morning begin with
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disruption that none of us expected to fine. there is police activity behind me and they have blocked off a section of the beach near crissy field. a man that normally comes out for a walk in the morning found a body on the beach. security people seem to indicate it had washed ashore. no idea of an i.d. or how it got here. that is something park police are investigating and medical examiner has shown up to handle the situation. we'll keep an eye on that. now to the festivities. 75th anniversary and all the traffic disruptions, about half million people are expected here. traffic is expected to be tied up much worse than it was yesterday. here you see video from saturday. if you want to watch from the marin headlands, go around the back way, also the presidio will be closed to parking along with marin green. there will be -- marina green. we budged into one guy a run
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hero is not from here, he is from chicago and relishes the chance to be able to run on the golden gate bridge. >> i come from chicago all the way here running on golden gate bridge. now i do it almost every day. it's beautiful. i enjoy it. this is one of the best certainly in the world actually. this is it. this is it. >> reporter: and he will be here tonight for the festivities. fireworks the bridge will be closed at 9:00 the fireworks will start at 9:30, we'll get pedestrians off around 6:00 but 'f will you have all day to do it. a number of stages along here, marina green and crissy field and music and food trucks are starting to show up, people are running their dogs and festivities and it will begin to kick off this morning.
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>> thank you, john. >> today the bay area is celebrating the 75th anniversary but it is back side of the history that cannot be ignored. today san francisco examiner calls attention to 58 people who died in suicide leaps from the span. no other place comes close to that figure. today pairings of shoes represented the lost lives calling for a suicide barrier on the bridge. plans to add a net were approved four years ago but that project still needs funding. the opening date of the golden gate bridge 75 years ago was a happy memory for castro valley woman. mary ann was the youngest person to cross the bridge back in 1937. she was pushed across by her mom and dad that nowadays we call a
7:34 am
stroller. other memorabilia from that day when she was a subject of interested. >> they asked me what i thought about the bridge, i said i thought it was. i was only two and a half. >> she says in her travels to other countries the golden gate bridge is recognized as a magnificent symbol of progress and achievement. she will always be proud to her contribution to the history of the bridge. lyanne melendez talked with other people about the celebrations over the years including a woman that got lost on the bridge when it opened 75 years ago. >> she took this video 25 years ago. she remembers getting on the bridge at 5:00 in the morning
7:35 am
for the 50th anniversary celebration. there was so many people on the golden gate it flat and and the crowd was order off the bridge. >> i remember being really excited. i don't remember it being scary but the only thing i robe is people saying it's moving. >> there were people with crazy hats and a man trying to crosses a bridge on a pogo stick. he was only four years old. >> walking on the sidewalk is one thing but walking across the bridge with marching bands going by, i'm glad they it was awesome. >> there will be no bridge walk. >> the bridge opened in 1937, barbara was only 7 years old, little did she know she would make news that day day. >> got lost.
7:36 am
[ laughter ] >> that is in the local newspaper, fourth from the left. along with few other kids that got lost in the crowd that day. campbell is 82 years old and living in burlingame. she recalls everyone dress can up in western outfits. it was the theme back then. she says her parents were both working so a neighbor offered to take her. chp officers later found her and fed her. >> they took us down to the embarcadero police station and that night my father picked us up. my mother must have been shocked when i wasn't home. >> despite the incident, those were good times. lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> straight ahead, a cop that could have retired years ago finally calls it quits. we'll tell you about his dirty harry connection. >> also take a live look from high definition roof cam showing
7:37 am
you the bridge there, the bay bridge, not the one we're celebrating today. lisa argen will 6 your forecast in ju is a few minutes. [ female announcer ] today is the day... ♪ make a change with best foods. ♪ make parmesan-crusted chicken. ♪ surprisingly crispier... juicier... mmm. yummier. made with real simple ingredients. find this and other recipes at best foods. make it real. make it different.
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>> janelle: oldest and missenior cop is finally called it quits. he has earned it with half a century on the job. a headline decorated veteran says it's harder to chase down the bad guys at his age. vic lee last the story. >> reporter: fellow cops can't believe he is retiring, after all, inspector marty is only 79 years ago. >> he came in two years before i was born. >> he has been a cop for 56 years. he would have qualified for a pension 25 years ago. he served under 18 police
7:40 am
chiefs. >> i was looking for the phone call looking to be chief but i figured i would stay where i was at. >> this is him in the sex crimes detail. he spent four decades in that unit. he says the toughest part was being with the victims. >> you see how they have been injured and what affect it has on them. not only on the victim but also the families that they have. >> inspector has two silver and two bronze medals. he has had close calls when he aimed a shot at shotgun at them. >> i said this is loaded, too. he had two shotguns waiting for us. >> no wonder this is one of his favorites. a stage hand gave him this chair when they shot dirty harry at the hall of justice. why is he retiring of a all
7:41 am
these years? it's all because of the day he bumped into a young cop. >> i think it was with my father. i figured i better not stick around working with the great grandkids. >> don't be surprised if he does come back. >> carolyn: lisa argen is here now with a preview of what is going on with our microclimates over the bay. >> we are starting to see the clouds scatter around but from crissy field, folks are getting out and enjoying nice start with temperatures in the 50s. airport delays of 43 minutes and look for a little more sun here and lot more sun with warmer temperatures across the bay. i'll detail that for you next. >> also ahead, with summer just around the corner, 7 on your side's michael finney shows best deals on gas grills. also the plenty of action
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and plenty of effects and aliens but is that enough to fill don's
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>> carolyn: as we settle briat the heritage of the golden gate bridge, a large piece of history sailed beneath it. the u.s.s. iowa was from the port of richmond on the way to the port of los angeles where it's going to back floating museum. in many ways it's already a floating museum after serving a half century of u.s. naval history until it's retirement in
7:45 am
1990. they watched the massive warship head out. it was in tokyo bay when japan surrendered to the u.s. ending world war ii. some navy vets that served aboard were there to see her off knowing that fellow sailors that died during the 1980's won't be forgotten. >> i'm glad to see it because it's going to be a museum and memorial to the 47 men we lost in turret 2. >> san francisco had the opportunity to keep iowa as a museum but in 2005 the board of endeavors decided against it due to anti-war sentiments at the time. a lot of the folks are grilling this weekend. you can burn up big bucks on a new gas grill. beyond the price tag it's hard
7:46 am
to tell the difference between the models when you are in the store. here is michael finney with the lowdown just in time for memorial day. >> reporter: everybody loves a barbecue, that is the slogan for gina's catering company. >> it reminds you of childhood and fun. >> they cook on gas grills. they have tested hundred gas grills by consumer reports, they range from $100 up to $2500, some you can factor in plenty of space. this $1200 grill is also seven feet long. they grill a number of foods to see how well they performed. steaks to cook to see if flare-ups are a problem. >> to see how evenly it cooks, salmon and chicken breasts are
7:47 am
also tried. >> then there are tests that involve no food at all. these measure how evenly it distributes heat across the surface. a thermal image like this shows heating across the grill, even heating, but this one not so much. several high-priced grirls were top performers. they found plenty to recommend that cost a lot less. this $200 charbroil classic from home depot. >> it rated excellent and grilled up a great steak. >> it can handle whatever menu you have planned. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> at 9:30, beach blanket babylon will serve as grand marshal leaving the karcarnavale parade. it it's the largest
7:48 am
multicultural event. it has food and dancing and art industry you would expect. it runs until 6:00 on harrison street between 16th and 23rd street. it's always a great time no matter what the weather. >> lisa: we have low cloudiness enough to cause airport delays but we are looking at roof camera that shows the flags and west wind at about 12-15 right now. if you are going to be near the bay the winds are getting a bit gusty later on. we'll also have a sunny day in the next couple of hours because emeryville already beginning to scatter out and golden gate bridge, temperatures are a little bit warmer this morning due to uniform deck of stratus. 52 in redwood city. good morning, san jose, 54 for you. and 48-49 in napa sand santa rosa. we have clouds this morning and a little warmer away from the
7:49 am
water. that would be the east bay valleys, even in the north bay, sonoma county and parts of marin county and then couple degrees of warming when we hit wednesday and thursday and a building ridge allows temperatures in the 80s, maybe a few 90s down by the monterey area. numbers in the 50s, about 60 with partly cloudy conditions and sea breezes will be blowing throughout the day and evening hours it comes back a little bit. cool in the 50s. fireworks will, of course, happen nonetheless and we will look for the clouds to thin out throughout the afternoon pretty much everywhere except around ocean beach and half moon bay. still with the sea breeze and late clearing, it's only going to be in the 50s here. not much change in the city in terms of temperatures but see a few more 70s and that orange, well, you have to go pretty far
7:50 am
into the valley to see 80s. 80s along the eastern seaboard. lots of heat from minneapolis on down to new orleans. east of the mississippi is where we have the scorching heat where we stay cool out west for the next couple of days. departing ridge will be player in our warmup but the high pressure ridge that builds in. we'll go from the cooler air mass with the clouds and all the moisture we're holding on to the warmer air mass and it will allow for drying and warming of the atmosphere. even though it's going to be a couple degrees warmer and still below average, so we'll get into the 70s and 50s and 60s we had yesterday. 80 in sacramento. that is cool. upper 60s in yosemite. big improvement in the mountains it's in the 30s for truckee and tahoe. we want the a's to win today. giants are out of town and low
7:51 am
60s. san mateo got a memorial day parade with mid 60s for the afternoon high with low 70s in concord and livermore. plenty of festivities down around morgan hill and hollister air show, 68 and 61 in monterey. look ahead numbers still cool at our beaches, warmup around the bay and inland and then we'll look for wednesday and thursday to be warmest days and cooling back friday and saturday. >> carolyn: a lot of stuff going on today and tomorrow. >> in theaters this memorial day weekend, another episode of the men in black series. men in black 3 goes back in time here is don sanchez on the aisle >> it's the time my life. >> will smith is jay and tommy
7:52 am
lee jones is facing aliens, treading familiar to your before a twist. >> oh, oh, tommy lee jones leads them and have to go back in time to prevent his demise. it involves a leap of faith. >> all you have to do is jump. you have 24 hours and after that there is no coming back. >> we have about 19 hours so we need to go right now! all right. >> its party at the factory, the factory. >> there is new element but after seeing the film it's being
7:53 am
hit with that neuralizer. >> look right here. >> you know, forgettable. it seems a little bit tired, although there are funny moments but the story jumps all over the place. but josh rollin is great good. money saving tip, don't bother to see the 3-d version. i'll have to give half a bucket. we'll see you on the aisle. >> carolyn: up next an expensive discovery for a landmark los angeles restaurant, a light that was left on before the golden gate bridge was even
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>> janelle: here are the winning numbers from last night's super lotto plus. mega number 23, no one won the big money but a ticket sold in sunnyvale matches five numbers is worth almost $32,000. it was sold on hockey food market on mary avenue in sunnyvale. >> an enlightening discovery has been made during the renovation of a los angeles downtown restaurant. workers tearing out partitions hidden neon light that has been glowing in the wall for 77 years. when the original room was partitioned in 1945, workers just left the light burning as they covered it up with plywood. it was rediscovered recently when they caught a glimpse of
7:57 am
light. they estimated that it racked up $17,000 in electric bills. can you say ouch! >> that is crazy. >> lisa argen is here with a last look at the forecast. >> we are featuring not only the golden gate bridge, of course, but the clouds this morning. so we will hang on to the moisture for the next couple of hours. we're going to start out and see sunshine with partly cloudy skies. numbers around 60 later on with gusty winds. by tonight, mid 50s, elsewhere around the bay a little bit of warmup, east bay and south bay for some 70s and modest warmup for the middle of the week. >> that will do it for us. thank you for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. we are off early because of coverage of indy 500. have a great sunday.
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