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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  May 28, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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a golden moment goes out with a huge bang, the golden gate bridge has a is it has never been seen before. i'm alan wang. we begin with developing news, two people were stabbed shortly after the fireworks display. two people were stabbed with an ice pick. it happened near fisherman's wharf. both victims were men underground a underground their 30s. they are looking for at least one suspect. so far this has been the only serious problem reported during tonight's festivities. hundreds of thousands of people came out for the 75th
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anniversary of the golden gate golden gate bridge. first. tomas ramon is live in the marina district with a look at massing exodus taking place rigt now. >> reporter: there is a mass exodus waoef789 seen hundreds people pass us by and sings the fireworks ended at 10:00. lombard has been looking like light to moderate traffic so it looks like thousands of people took alternate forms of transportation and they are heading home. >> immediately after the fireworks tonight, people were around fisherman's wharf. these are fraction of people that viewed the fireworks tonight. you can see mrp countythat coult that couldn't get across the bridge and clogging the highway . up above you can see the cars filling the streets of sausalito. traffic was an issue getting
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near the bridge tonight. this was the approach that was closed. traffic was backed up to geary boulevard. the people are not too happy. >> i've been sitting out here for an hour. >> he says he has been crawling in traffic in 19th avenue. >> we continued for 20 minutes moving two miles an hour. at 8:45 they closed presidio drive. we were the last vehicle allowed through the tunnel toward the bridge. traffic was diverted back on lombard until the bridge reopened. >> the bridge is open and traffic is flowing freely. we spoke to people earlier that braved to get to the fireworks display and they had no trouble coming in from hayward or marin county. the only real problems was on
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park presidio, lombard and bay street. we talked to taxi drivers who said this has been the busiest day they ever had. >> dylan kim was in the crowd what turned out to be a fantastic fireworks show. what a way to end the celebration. >> reporter: what a way. thousands of people got here early to stake their positions. they were happy they did. the fireworks show was enough to take your breath away. >> golden gate bridge celebrated her 75th birthday in fantastic fashion, it was the second time that fireworks were set off the bridge itself and accompanied by a light show. people were in awe. >> it's the best i've seen in years. it was gorgeous.
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>> 75th anniversary celebration begin hours earlier. live music and exhibits were set up from the marina green to crissy field. organizers say it was done on purpose to avoid what happened during the 50th anniversary when bigger than expected crowds packed the bridge. >> we have given everybody an opportunity to not have that elbow to elbow moment. >> pedro and miss wife moved here three years ago and he was impressed. >> you think it's insane on celebrate a bridge? >> i guess the golden gate bridge, it's not a bridge, it's more than a bridge. >> reporter: for many people it was educational. they showcased several items collected over the years. the wd equipment and uniforms used back in the day we on display. >> you are learning about a good friend.
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>> the this only sons are longtime residents and found it emotional. here living here as long as we lived here and it's always been a part. to be here today is quite moving. >> to everyone that waited for the finale they seem to be just as moved as well, it's more than just a bridge. >> it's connecting us to a city that has been here a long time and people love their city. >> reporter: today's festivities do not mean an end to the celebration. there will be other related events throughout the remainder of the year. a late edition to the golden gate 75th anniversary was the u.s.s. the nimitz. it made a dramatic entrance to the san francisco bay today. for one woman was extra special because her son served on the nimitz. >> what a manmade beautiful
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bridge and the nimitz coming in and how we are so protected by our navy. it's awesome to me and very emotional we have that in this country. >> the men and women of the nimitz were dressed in white joined by family and friends. there is a dark side to the golden gate's history. in the corner of crissy field, approximately 1558 pairs of shoes were displayed. they represent the official number of suicides on the bridge since 1937. that number could be far higher. >> in fact if you take into account the number of people who are pulled off that bridge and add to that the number of people who have died in suicide, it works out to a person every three days to take their lives. >> the bridge rail foundation
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they are actively trying to get a safety net installed. it still needs funding. >> questions are being asked about the structural safety of another bay area icon. the bay bridge. sacramento bee is reporting that caltrans records shows that builder did not report that a section in the concrete failed to harden before it was tested. that means no examination was done. records show two of the piles built to hold up the main tower were not tested properly.ltranss caltrans insists the bridge is just fine. meanwhile, a major caltrans project that closed the dumbarton bridge is running on time. the span should reopen just in time for the morning commute on tuesday. crews have spent the weekend installing a new expansion joint on the western part of the bridge's main span. that joint will help bend but
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not break during a major earthquake. $60 million project started two years ago and it should be done by next year. >> the family and friends of nursing student michelle le marked the first anniversary of her disappearance with a vigil. they gathered in hayward. they released balloons. she vanished when she took a break at kaiser permanent then at this medical center. the family of sierra lamar wanted tow show support that les family has given to them. >> it's very unfortunate one of the greatt have come out of this the kinds of friends we have made and friends for life. >> searchers found le's remains in pleasanton back in september. a former classmate gloria estefan faces murder charges. prosecutors say dna evidence
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linked her to le's death. one of the most well known women in the nation is beyonce's biggest fan. what is between the first lady and beyonce. >> also a 81 breaks for everyone. we'll take you to carnivale, san francisco style. >> i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. yes, we had some clear sky above the golden gate bridge. you can see from the live shot from high definition camera of the bridge that low clouds starting to move in. what that l that mean for the holiday forecast? we'll take a look. >> golden gate bridge is a movie star and a monument to american might. that story behind the span ahead
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lady gaga cancelled her sold out show in indonesia after violence was threatened. they believe her sexy clothes will corrupt their young people. police refused to issue a permit for the concerted and fans are getting a refund but many are accusing the police of caving in the extremists. now to the love fest between the first lady and beyonce. michelle has joked she wants to be beyonce. they went to the first show that beyonce became a mom.
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>> beyonce sings about girls running a world and there is a bit of a girl fest fest betweene singer and first lady. >> i've got some beyonce. i love beyonce. >> but it's gone beyond admiration. >> beyonce in addition to being a beautiful young women she has been a role model but a powerful presence for women all around the world. >> she took her girls to beyonce concert. not surprising, recently asked who she would be if she could be someone else, mrs. obama, if i had to be someone else i would be beyonce. and the pop superstar had earlier written a fan letter, i'm so proud to have my daughter grow up in this a world that she
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has people to look up to. >> she tweeted back, thank you for being a role model that kids can look up to. >> maybe looking back, it's fitting that the inauguration ball it was beyonce singing to the first couple, a magical performance but it didn't stop there. beyonce has embraced the first lady's role in childhood obesity to move your body video and as you can see, the first lady clearly enjoys beyonce and her music. there was another festivity in san francisco todnds packed e district to enjoy a yearlyon spring ritual, carnavale. 34th year in the mission was this year's theme was spanning
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borders and bridging cultures. some people look forward to it year after year. >> what does it mean to you guys? >> it's a day you can be 16 all day long. [ laughter ] >> you can be ag as silly as you like. >> never too old. today's festival featured plenty to eat and drink and sampling from all over latin america. >> looks like they had decent weather after the fog burned off. >> by 2:00, most locations reporting sunshine. we made it a few degrees across the bay area. we will warm a few degrees tomorrow and big warm up will take place latter part of the workweek. nice shot from the high definition east bay cam looking out over the emeryville and bay there. a little bit of lowgathering ths
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gathering there. look at current readings, mile in antioch, 55 in concord. 52 in san francisco, san jose clear skies, 55 degrees. here is a look at some highlights to take you through at least the next few days. low clouds to spread inland overnight. we'll go with some patchy low clouds to start tomorrow morning and tomorrow we'll go up a few degrees warmer than today, temperatures on the whole still below normal for this time of year. it looks like we'll tart to improve on those readings as we head into thursday and friday. temperatures will start to rebound quite nicely. here is a look at fog, 11:00 tonight. mainly clear skies. it was perfect for the fireworks tonight. fog will move in. tomorrow afternoon it peels back to the coast so we'll see a little more sunshine a little
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sooner and temperatures will come up a few more degrees. overnight lows, upper 40s in the north bay locations, even at the coast. elsewhere we'll look for mid-50s. 52 for concord. 51 expected overnight low for san francisco. next two days high pressure will continue to nose in. that is not real strong now but we will look for more sunshine but temperatures still remain a little below our normal for this time of year as we head into the wednesday, thursday time period. this high will start to strengthen and that will allow temperatures especially inland to rebound into the upper 80s to low 90s. so get ready for a mini heat wave. highs tomorrow, enjoy san jose, 70 degrees, 72 for los gatos. campbell is 68. half moon bay with 7757 degrees. 56 for redwood city.
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san francisco tomorrow, 60 degrees. in the north bay, we we'll look for 70s to break out with santa rosa, 73. 72 for napa. san rafael, 68 degrees. a little breezy east bay locations, oakland 65. union city 65. interior east bay quite mild with mid-70s for brentwood and antioch. concord, 72. 73 for livermore. 68 degrees boardwalk santa cruz tomorrow and watsonville. -- 70 for watsonville. >> check out wednesday and thursday and friday, high will move in. it's going to bring that sinking air and temperatures will warm up by thur inland locations near 90s and 80s around the bay. >> thanks. let's talk to shu the n.b.a.
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playoffs are starting to heat up. >> down to the final four and western conference finals tipped off in san
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san antonio gave a walkup call. admirals, david robinson. here is the follow. by led by 1 at the half. another strong showing from kevin durant. 27 points and five in the third. but the spurs exploded. tied the top of the game with, u 18-5 run, manu ginobili puts it away and kept alive in the start of>> marlins and start ow melky cabrer cain is on a
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two-game slide. melky says i got this. here is his fourth of year, 1-0 giants. cabrera singles and 73 hits on the season. he stole two bases and scored all three runss thisaf a posey double. that was enough forn. his fourth straight win and split a split in miami with 3-2 victory. >> alex rodriguez continue to pound the a's. he crushes one. yankees 1-0 and stays that way until the 7th until an r.b.i. double. 2-0 yankees and a's drop their ninth straight 2-0 the final. >> cal women trying to advance
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at college world series. bases loaded for washington, but reid, great way to end it. here is a two run out homer. jolene gets the ground out. bears advance to the college world series with a 2-0 victory. >> bears take two out of three in that series. >> indy 500 had plenty of drama at the brickyard. there was a lot of chaos including a crash. a familiar face in
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atest spectacle indy 500, a ofber of changes among the drivers. last year's champion who got in
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a fatal accident. mike conway, dan hits the right wing and conway hits the wall as a result taking out powers who had won the previous three races. a wild day. scott dixon passes dario franchitti, the indy 500 record with 30 tanks, he retakes the lead and sato tries to pass him and dario franchitti wins it under caution. they counted him down in victory lane. dan wheldon and fond memories of 2011. >> just to make it is more important. >> nascar longest race longest , coca-cola 600 where jimmie
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johnson was too eager to pull out of the pit. he takes the lead and he will go on to win the checkered flag and fourth. >> coming up later, french open is under way in phoenix and unexpected drama in golf. stick around much more come. co. >> coming up our golden gate bridge isn't just california icon. its symbol recognized around the world. ahead, the made that made that e it possible and those who tried to stop it from being built. a memorial day saluted to the screaming eagles from the only city to say thank you. michael finney shares a website to specifically help women.
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good evening, i'mwang. alan. family and friends held a prayer vigil marking the one-year anniversary of the disappearance of michelle le. she was later found murdered. a high school acquaintance has been charged in her death. >> two people were stabbed in the fisherman's wharf area. wounds are not to be considered life-threatening. celebration of the bridge was violent free. there were parades honoringnatii national icon. it was capped by a fireworks show and everybody high tailed it home. >> anniversary of the golden gate bridge isn't just big news in the bay area, its national
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icon. david muir takes us back with historical pictures and film. >> it's been the backdrop for so many hollywood favorites, vertigo and jimmy stewart but it has story of its own. in the 1930, an american feat it was about to get underway. in the middle of the great depression, nothing could match the american might. >> it was a bridge that was dubbed by many it could not be built. >> it shows them walking cross 75 years later that fell and went back to work weeks later is being remembered by his son. hid 10% no how. >> the only training is what you
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got on the job. finally came time for the first meeting in the middle. >> two bridge men to take a trip out along the bridge cable. bridge men call it swimming the cable. >> workers with their own nerves of steel. >> did they make it? well, here they are first men to cross the golden gate bridge. >> so many of us have followed in our cars.more than vehicles s have crossed the bridge. openeds ago. >> the bridge that people said could not be built has has been built. not only did skeptics think the bridge could be built but they didn't want it to be built.
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according to a historian there was decade opposition after the first was first proposed. ferry owners didn't want to learn business, want t want to pay the taxes and military didn't want to block the harbor if somebody bombed it international orange was selected to contrast the water and blend in with the hills. >> they retraced steps when they walked 75 years ago. betty went along the just sidewalk today just as she did as a nine-year-old back in 1937. three generations of the family of san francisco joined hands as they walked the span. she remembers the day it open. >> i remember the cars going through. there were the big cars and show at the beginning. everything else was the same. i was with my father. i was a young kid like this guy.
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it was fabulous. >> it's one of the milestones in san francisco native history where we going where my dad and now my two kids and experience this. >> this woman diana brought the ticket that allowed they are her to walk on the bridge 75 years ago. >> fire crews in san francisco are trying to determine how a fire started inside a house at the sunset district. firefighters were working on the roof at home. nobody was hurt zblflt in san jose they are searching for a suspect in the murder after 16-year-old boy. it happened in the 1600 block of virginia avenue just before midnight last night. officers found a 16-year-old san jose boy dead. a second victim, a man was taken 23-year-old man was taken to the hospital. police believe the shooting is gang-related. it's the city's 16th homicide of year. >> in oakland police are
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investigating a murder near downtown. a man was found shot near the 17700 block of market street. he died later in the hospital. they aren't releasing any information about the man or the possible motive. >> northeast florida has been hit by tropical storm beryl. it made landfall shortly after 9:00 p.m. our time with winds of 70 miles per hour. it's bringing drenching rain. weather system is expected to continue dump rain over parts of florida and georgia. it's expected to weaken as it moves inland. >> n bad weather cut short a memorial day weekend tradition at the capital. a concert was cancelled tonight halfway into the event. a line of thunderstorms approached. they told the audience there was a severe weather warning and
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advised everyone to leave and seek shelter. >> for the 40th consecutive year the city of san mateo they honored the 101 airborne division. it dates back to the vietnam war and held the only home coming honoring returning veterans. one woman who has seen many of parades say the celebration could make young people appreciate those that serve. >> i hope it does. whatever our country is doing, we may not agree with everything but we need to support ouriceme. >> david louie was the emcee and speaking of 40th anniversary, on tuesday will celebrate the 40th year as a reporter right here at abc7. >> coming up, financial guidance at your fingertips. the. ahead on "7 on your side," women looking to gain financial
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independence. free assistance is straight ahead. >> and city in alaska slapping the president with a bill after a fund-raising stopeigh >> leigh glaser here, we have a look out at mount tamalpais camera. you can do look down richardson bay and see some of the traffic exiting the bridge there heading north on 101. we have clear skies with a look at holiday forecast coming up. medicare. it doesn't cover everything.
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the city of newport beach wants president obama to pay for his visit there. they are charging mr. obama and his reelection campaign more than $35,000 for the city's costs to cover a fund-raising stop there. the city's mayor says that is the tab for the extra police officers and overtime pay. president's fund-raiser was held in february and new port beachms and security issues. building a nest egg in the expensive bay area can be a quite a challenge. women can face unique challenges. michael finney says there is n resource to help. >> reporter: sara just graduated with a master's degree from the california college of the arts supporting herself as an artist straight out of school and earning enough to pay the bills has been difficult. >> it's been pretty challenging.
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>> amanda is further along in her career, ceo and mother of two put the challenge to other women. >> what i think is important to be interested in saving money but also understanding the long term picture of how you are going to build wealth for yourself. >> that is why she started the daily worth, a website. online website. she considers it one of the few financial sights set up specifically to speak to women. >> i started this company because i'm someone who said i'm making a lot of money but i'm not making the right decisions with my money. so i invite you to be on this journey. >> reducing credit card debt and how to figure how to pay back $100,000 in student loans. >> it's more about getting a job right now and emergency savings. i know they recommend that, have like three or four months of
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income. >> she considers herself an avid reader of daily worth. there is information on how to budget for gifts and trips and features she finds inspiring. >> someone who is maybe starting their business or maybe trying to change career paths. it's all really helpful its role model. >> amanda, she has her own financial challenges. she is going through a divorce and trying to figure out her financial security. her three biggest suggestions set a budget and understand where your money is going. set aside at least $500 for unexpected expenses and finally open up a brokerage account and trade in index funds. >> they have adjusted my overhead. i have opened all these investment accounts. honestly i've never been better in terms of my own financial
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situation and future prospects. >> two bay area towns make the list of nine top nine most expensive cities in the nation. number one is manhattan where the cost of living is 128% higher than the national average. san francisco is number three, 67% higher, san jose is number 5 at 54% and number 8 is orange county at 48%. they released the list and says housing drives the cost of living up. looks like we have a decent week ahead of you. leigh glaser is here to tell you more about it. >> we certainly, do heading down to southern california tomorrow, 77 degrees expected high for los angeles, clouds will heat it up to 97. fresno 85 and tahoe, 65 degrees. 60 in seattle. denver, 76.
2:48 am
93 in new orleans. tropical storm beryl will continue rain into portions have georgia and the carolinas. 84 in new york city, look at highs tomorrow, temperatures will come up a few degrees. 58 for san rafael. 72 for napa. antioch, 75. livermore with 73. 70, san jose. santa cruz, 68 degrees and 74 for gilroy. next couple of days temperatures will slow to warm but wednesday, thursday and friday, big warmup is in store. temperatures inland near 90 and 60s at the coast.ou. >> t >> thank you. >> the a's could use a little help. >> funny you mention that. [ laughter ] >> they could use a little reinfo brandon inge can't wait to
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get back in the saddle.
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a's have a season high five game losing streak but reinforcements are here. brandon lit up the plate, hitting five home runs in the first 20 games.. brandon told us tonight it's good to be back. >> actually it's having fun and you back them up. as long as you know you played hard as you could you can live with yourself at the end of the
2:53 am
day. i know they play hard. it's contagious. couple guys start hitting and whole team will start going. keep the attitude right now. win or lose, we're going to play hard. >> yankees pounded the a's. he crushes one off. yanks are up by 1 and here a r.b.i. his eighth r.b.i. of the series, 2-0 and that is all melky needed a's dropped their fifth over all 2-0 the final. >> matt cain but melky cabrera's day. here a solo shot. 1-0 giants. to the sixth, cabrera singles. 73 hits on the season, most in 48 games since willie mays did
2:54 am
it. he scored all three runs, third came off this bus fer posey. that was enough for cain, four strikeouts, giants split with miami with a 3-2 victory. >> cal women, based loaded, here is an incredible sliding catch to end the inning. they brick her break her in fifth fifth of here a two-run homer. here the ground out to close a second straight shutout. cal bears advance to the world jeers sears with 2-1 victory. >> and they dropped the first two sets but takes backhand winner down the line. but the momentum, roddick has his serve broken for sevent theh time in the match. and his opponent advances in
2:55 am
the. >> venus first set, here a forehand winner. venus rebounds, take that! third match point, massive chita venus goes on to win the third set. >> to the pga tour, back-to-back events in texas, that gave him the title despite after a three-stroke lead. 18th green, johnson is up. moves out of the line. now dufner with the birdie putt. he misses. johnson forgets to move his ball back to the original mark, that is two stroke penalty but despite that he still wins by a stroke at colonial. for those of you that don't play golf, his ball is here, he
2:56 am
dropped his line, you mark it there and move it to the back of the putter to take it out of the line. but when you remark you have to move it back. johnson forgot and thus the two stroke penalty. that could have been $1.1 million gaffe but luckily he had a three-stroke lead. >> and pga senior, it in was incredible approach on 14. a tournament record 62 that put hit him five shots back. roger capped the biggest win of his career and a little champagne. fly over in kansas for the earthquakes in kansas city, great play and fantastic finish. score again in the 38th minute before the quakes finally strike here a terrific ss all that is all the quakes could muster.
2:57 am
san jose falls 2-1. and giants 11:00 giants face the d'backs. 2:00 p.m. a little golf knowledge and a lot of sports. the demonstration. >> weather should be good for the giants game. >> that concludes another broadcast for abc news. we continue at 4:30 a.m. we're on facebook and
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