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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 28, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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monterey soldiers killed in vietnam. and now, there is one more. >> these pictures from his facebook page. his smile suggests he proudly served his country. >> there is. >> he was proud of serving this great country, doing what he love he'd graduated from high school in 2008. the 21-year-old soldier died on saturday and department of defense says enemy forces attacked his unit with an ied. his remain arrived at dover air force base. the mayor heard about the tragedy after attending a memorial day service today. the death marks the 8th service member to have died in iraq or afghanistan. >> purpose of the ceremony is
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to remind us, for it to be that living, that real, that present is is a painful reminder. >> the door and windows expressed pride. inside, their walls are covered with photos and achievements of their children. there are plaques for perfect attendance for he and his sister. today the family was out of town to receive the body of their eldest child. >> his family is having a hard time believing he's gone. he was a very loved son. >> a spokesperson told me they weren't prepared to release additional information about his service or if, or how many
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fellow soldiers were hurt or killed in that enemy attack. >> on memorial day, a mum o of -- number of contribute united states saluting american who's gave their lives serving our country. a kc 10 from travis air force base flew over 300 people in the oldest military cemetery on the west coast. >> and i'm lucky. i have felt that i was fully supported. my dad served years ago and returned from his deployment, he had a harder time coming in. >> and in vallejo a moving tribute drew veterans and families to where three honor
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of medal are buried. >> members were honored at golden gate national cemetery. and there is a 40 years ago, vietnam veterans were being shunned by other communities. and also included a member of the tuskeegee airmen. >> a promise for mechl's vets. >> we'll make sure you and your loved ones received benefits you've earned and respect you deserve. >> words many hope he will deliver on. there is a story of a sug frel -- struggle for services and how the government delivered. >> this 93-year-old was at the meeting last monday with hundreds of other veterans. and this is to help them get
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their claims. he bought in world war ii, a decorated soldier. this family trend accompanied him to the meeting and have been trying to get the office to raise disability to 100% and waged a frustrating battle for a year and a half. and found they're waiting 320 day autos nobody knows anything and can give you answers. >> she told a va official how frustrating this has been. >> i'm here to tell you we're going to fix it friday, congress woman spier's office called to give him good news. >> that this claim had been granted for everything asked for. so it's great. >> this memorial day party
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turned into a celebration as well. still, he and his wife worry about young vets tran was long-pending claims. >> this is not fair to leave them behind. >> take a look at the people coming back from iraq and afghanistan. what is their outlook? it just has to be fixed thee say it's unfair for veterans to have to fight two wars. >> and the city reached out to vets today with a free health care right after this accessment, brought 4045 foot long mobile eye clinic to town to help vets detect and prevent diabetes. and the va considers them to be linked to agent orange and
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service related. and breaking news now in southern california. a southwest plane just made an emergency landing. this is happening at burbank airport. it had just taken off for las vegas. flames were reported coming from the engine. the plane turned around and landed and no one was hurt. >> police shot and killed an unarmed man after a car chase this morning the second time in three days police killed a suspect after an officer thought he was being threatened with a gun. the 41-year-old died after being rushed to john muir medical center. this chase ended in an apartment complex. investigators say an officer chasing barett saw him take something from his pocket and thought the medal wamit was a
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gun. another officer daysed him. >> i can understand they're doing their job but come on now. have you to shoot a man that many times? then days him? >> you're talking about fractions of seconds there is not a lot of time to assess. they have to react or put themselves in harm by not reacting. >> they arrested barett's 18-year-old son and this shooting follows another on friday where police killed a robbery suspect. >> police say they made an arrest in the hit and run crash that left a 14-year-old girl seriously hurt. this teen was using the crosswalk when she was hit after 8:30 last night. today officers tracked down a white mitsubishi mirage and say the driver confessed to steling the car, hitting the
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girl and sleeving the scene. >> a scary moment for a firefighter battling a blaze that gutted two homes. investigators looking into what caused this fire that started around 5:20 this morning. a firefighter fell through the roof of one of the homes. >> this troof collapsed and he went through the roof and his fellow crew members pulled him out. >> the firefighter suffered a minor burn on his hand. and the fire has displaced two families and red cross is helping them find a place to stay. >> and there is tourism, number one dins story in san francisco, generating $8 billion a year and there are
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projections that are very, very good. >> there is memorial day it's not a special event but it's crazy down here. u.s. open golf tournament coming in june is a nearly guaranteed event z there is a either way will be a action packed tourist summer. >> there are 7 to eight million people visit san francisco this, summer kicking off with the 75th anniversary yesterday. >> this is amazing. and ended up watching fire works for a while. works for a while. >> u.s. this broadcast captioned in realtime by adrena ordubegian. golf tournament coming up june 11 -- to 17th.
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and a year in advance of next year's the family is here for a family wedding but they're playing tourists first. >> we're headed to alcatras and go dog a wine tour. we're going to hit golden gate park tomorrow to see that. >> and speaking of a fleece or two? >> yes. or three, or four. >> the san francisco travel association says hotel occupancy numbers won't be in for a couple months but expected to skyrocket beginning this this weekend. businesses should reap benefits. >> now, this is starting to pick up. and this is slow like before. the summer about to start. more people are looking. >>. >> tournament officials expect 220,000 at the u.s. open. last year attendees spent nearly $7 kblinl on recreation,
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including golf. and there is go dates almost sold out. with corporate events. the rest of the week filling up with smaller groups. and any time u.s. open is in town it's great. nice to have. >> there is stern grove free summer music series celebrating this year. that begins june 24th. it's also expected to draw more than a standard 100,000 or so. >> and thank you, heather. coming up next from michael finney, the family friendly policy one lawmaker wants airlines to adopt. >> and hear how a northern california fireman put his skills to use when his plane crashed with his family inn.snowy conditions.
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>> and there is a radio active fish problem spreading to the california coast. >> i'm sandhya patel, temperatures on the rise this week. i'll show when you 90s will come up. abc 7 news continues in one minute.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. national guard rescued a northern california family whose small plane crashed on a snowy mountainside in idaho. the fire fighter, brian brown, his wife and daughter on the way from sacramento to their mountain home, to mountain home, in idaho. their cessna went down saturday night. the girl was able to call 911. >> what is your emergency?
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>> i'm in an airplane and i crashed. i need to you send a search party. >> rescuers treked through six-foot snow drifts to reach the crash site. the family spent 15 hours in below freezing conditions and a military helicopter hoisted them out. they're now recovering from injuries and it's unclear what caused it to go down. >> that is researchers reporting blue fin tuna swimming from japan to california loaded with radio active contamination. the first time such a big my greating fish has been known to carry radio activity 6,000 miles. the level of the element was found in 10 times higher amounts than p years past. it is leaked from japan's nuclear reactors and the
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levels are far below safety limits for blue fin. interesting. >> and there is a new pricing strategy getting a lot of attention from lawmakers in washington. >> they're not happy about what they're hearing. >> no uncertain terms they've been told to knock it off or face regulations when it comes to family travel. i reported new policies are forcing families to pay more just to sit together. and there are additional fees meaning families must pay more or allow children to sit with strangers. reports prompted senator assumer from new york to ask the airlines to rethink any policy that's separate families. u.s. consumer confidence is up and now in its highest level in four and a half years. why? there is a ceos of the cop
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companies feeling good, too. the head of a typical public company made $9.6 million last year and that is up more than 6% from the year before that. the highest since tracking in 2006. good news at new car dealers showrooms this weekend. there are traffic jams there. sales expected to be up 30%. and many buyers looking at cars because deals are there to with had. >> there are a lot of apr finance deals for zero%ent financing. >> new car sales have been improving for more than a year now. and they're back. >> that is encouraging. >> yes. it is. >> thank you. >> sure. >> and people in florida and georgia spent part of the day cleaning up the damage left by
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tropical storm beryl and winds caused trees to topple, and churning surf kept many out of the water, jacksonville mayor says it knocked out power to 18,000 people in his city. >> there is that time of the year. >> unfortunately. >> we're watching that here, too. of course. >> there is sandhya pat el with the accu-weather forecast. >> let's start with tropical depression beryl first, you can see there are heavy bands of rain here, there are thunderstorms from florida into georgia. threat of heavy rain is into the forecast. and could see isolated higher amount was this tropical depression. and in the bay area, clear skies and we'll take a look outside from our high
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definition camera there is a few patches of low clouds remain there. it's breezy out there. you're going to see a lot more cloud cover heading into morning so there is what is going on with a wind pattern here, there are wind speetsdz up to 30 miles per hour in mountain view at this hour. and 22 in napa. temperatures now mid to upper 50s near the coast. there are numbers into low 70s around antioch and so wide spread low clouds expected tonight, turning sunny into the afternoon and warmer weather headed in wednesday and thursday. you'll feel the difference by middle to latter part of the week. there is high pressure beginning to take over and this starts to build in, we'll
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see warmer days for both wednesday and thursday. there is a marine layer becoming more shallow z warmer weather coming up. overnight readings into mid-40s and a cool start. you can see cloud cover. 47 degrees in nappa. low 50s fremont z san francisco, san jose, i would just take a sweater or jacket. it's going to be a cool, cloudy start. clouds hanging around well into afternoon. breezy as well. 59 in half moon bay. there is a nice-looking day. warmer into another bay. there is 65 oakland, inland areas 77, 74 in livermore, palo alto, 68 degrees and in san jose, a mild 72 degree day.
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mostly sunny skies expected there for afternoon. and for monterey bay, 65 in watt onville. 63 in salinas. 72 inland. accu-weather forecast, warmer days and just a minor warm up from the coast. mid-80s into warmest loks we're going low 90s there is low 60s to low 90s for friday. clouds rolling in and cools off a little bit. and this is pretty chilly. >> ahe'd one of the youngest people ever to swim from alcatras. scariest moment came into the water. >> and then at 6:00 a banned chemical use bid dry cleaners ending up in too many places it shouldn't be.
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cal transsays the hardest part is done. dunbarton bridge is right on track to reopen and there westbound the past hour, crew as announced they've completed the installation of a new joint on the western part of the bridge. that joint will help absorb shock of an earthquake. next steps include building barriers, striping and cleaning up. the project started two years ago and it should be done next year. >> and many of us are sleeching in this memorial day, some hearty souls woke up before dawn to take a dip in waters of san francisco bay. there is 400 swimmers with water and swells that is a one
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fafl mile water trek. now among the group was a 9-year-old jordan freer. she could be the youngest female to ever swim from alcatras. >> one told us we're where we should be and we just kept aiming for the gold dome. >> wow. jordan says scariest part is jumping off the boat. and she made that swim at about 45 minutes faster than many adults. go jordzan! >> that is great. >> i would not do it. >> and it's cold. >> and as we continue tonight there is an auction giving elvis fans all shook up and it may have the king rolling over in his grave. what is going on the block, ahead. k
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coming up at 6:00 unlikely bond between two world war ii
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veterans one just learned about after attending the same church fofr years. >> a bay area man learned buying service is easy and this is wounded veterans beginning a journey for a special reason. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> you know for the right price, you, or a loved one can rest in peace in the tomb of the king. >> the original crypt said to be auctioned off next month. >> that is located at forest hills cemetery and he was entered there in 1977 two months later reburied in grace land. >> the ridge fal crypt remains empty since. >> ghoulish. >> it is. >> and world news is diane sawyer is coming up fe.. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. we'll see you at 6:00.


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