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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 28, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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more than 100 people stuck. some forced to climb up a 12 story building. stay with us. story building. stay with us. 7 news begins in 60 seconds.
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>> it's very dangerous. we feel trapped. >> more than 100 people some in wheelchairs are feeling trapped tonight. stuck in their own homes after a fire knocked out their elevators three days ago. good evening. carolyn has the night off. it is a 12 story building we are talking about filled with seniors and the disabled. both elevators have been out since friday. people there say they just can't get in and out. 7 news reporter lillian kim is live in campbell tonight with the story. lillian? >> dan it all started when small fire broke out on the sixth floor. nobody was hurt in the incident but the damage from that fire has made living in this apartment building difficult to say the least. to
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the people who live in campbell wesley manor the 2 elevators are the life line especially for twin sisters joy and jacki jackie. they can only get around in their wheelchairs. >> we have been trapped here on the third floor that we are here. we can't get take the stairs. we can't take the elevator. >>reporter: elevator have been out of order since friday when a fire tliing erred the sprinklers and knocked out the elevator electrical system. most of the tenant of the 12 story building have been relying on the stairs. but even that has been difficult for them. wesley manor is section 8 housing tenant either senior or physically disabled. >> i can make it up and down the stairs. however, i am very tired. i'm exhausted. my back and my legs are killing me. but i have to get my seeing eye dog out 5 times day. >>reporter: building manager says fixing the elevator is top priority. she says the elevator company has been by three times since friday but won't be able to make repair until everything dries out.
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until then tenant lake ann are doing what they can to help. she is 73 years old. climbing up and down the stairs isn't easy for her either but many people don't have family near by to help. >> i'm taking up foot food if they need. i went up to the 11th floor today. the other lady who has ms i went up to help her. >> unclear how soon those elevators can be fixed but the elevator company will be back to reassess the situation tomorrow morning. live in campbell, abc 7 news. >> all right thanks very much. >> man on motorcycle took police on high speed chase tonight on highway 101w3 and it nearly killed him. chp says it began near candlestick park when patrol car tried to stop a speeding motorcyclist. chase didn't last long. it crashed near the 101-80 smrichlt he flew off the bike over the side of the ramp and landed on south bound 101 below. he was as you can imagine seriously hurt.
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officers say he was going more than 100 miles an hour. firefighters say they found evidence of a pot growing operation tonight in a house in vallejo. home on monica place was gutted by a 1 alarm fire that broke out at about 7 this evening. during mop up firefighters say they discovered a fully equipped grow room complete with lights and hydroponic equipment and undisclosed amount of marijuana. police are now investigating. >> we hope you enjoyed the holiday. this is the day we taws to honor the men and women who gave their lives to 0our country. memorial day tribute around the bay area today and allen is here with a number of them. >> they were all remembered today. right up to the most recent bay area casualty that took place on saturday. in this country relatively short history 1.3 million american soldiers have died at war. last of america oldest and fastest fading generation of
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veterans came out to honor their fallen comrades of world war ii. captain les williams the honored guest at today memorial day ceremony at san bruno golden gate national cemetery. he was one of the first air man to pilot a bombe bomber. >> men who just had to be very, very patriotic. we had to put aside the way things actually were with prejudice and discrimination. and fight because it's our country. >>reporter: every generation represented at this memorial day ceremony in the presidio and across america has known war. >> we trade to make this world a better place 40. >> this world war ii veteran to his grandson sebastian car pool. >> he controlled a team in world war ii. >>reporter: 21-year-old was
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about his age when america was attacked on 9/11. the indicate his parents left home in saline as to get his body. >> he was very proud of serving this great country. doing what he loved. >>reporter: tonight his death was remembered on a hillside in lafayette. memorial marking the number of americans killed in iraq and afghanistan. but the mother of soldier killed in iraq reminded the crowd to remember the hundreds of solders who have come home and taken their own lives. >> we need to love them >> not just the name. they are the soul of the country. >>reporter: meanwhile concern that fewer americans are actually paying attention to memorial day. that's because the few research intersays less than 1% of the u.s. population is in uniform today compared to about 9 percent of the population during world war ii. >> we should remember always. allen thanks very much. >> we have developing news on
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haight street where muni service disrupted by downed tree. fell at 7 block haight street at pierce. tree pulled down power lines and hate parked car. haight street is closed between pierce and scott while crew remove the tree and clean up the damage. muni is providing shuttle bus service around the detour. no injuries are reported. work is expected to be finished overnight. investigation is under way into the second deadly shooting by vallejo police officer in 4 days. police say an officer shot and killed 41-year-old barrett senior after he appeared to pull a gun. he was actually a medal card holder. police say barrett was driving a car early this morning with its lights off at high rate of speed and took police on a chase before running from the car. officers say they rae pete he hadly told barrett to put up his hands and instead he reached into his pocket. barrett family admits had he previous dui convictions but they believe the officer used excessive force. >> for him to not have had a gun on him and for them to
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shoot him down like that, i think that was brutal and wrong and i just want justice to be served. >>reporter: last friday vallejo police shot and killed a robbery suspect. police say that man had threatened officers with a beebee gun that looked like a real weapon. >> in canada tonight resident of suburban ontario neighborhood are literally picking up the pieces after debris from a boeing jet started falling from the sky. take a look at this. metal part smashed through windshield of parked cars leaving their owner just stunned. air canada boeing triple 7 tack off from toronto bound for japan. shortly after take off one of the engines suddenly shut down. pilot declared emergency and returned safely to the airport. on the ground a different story. >> we heard the big nice bump. boom then our governor of can't even touch the windshield. you can not touch it because so ho hot. >> thankfully nobody on the
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ground was hurt. air canada spokesman couldn't confirm what exactly fell from the plane but told abc news that the engine did not fall off it broke. >> national guard has rescued northern california family whose small plane crashed on the steep snowing mountain side in idaho. firefighters brian brown his wife and their daughter heather were on their way from sacramento to mountain home idaho when the cessna went down saturday night. after the crash the girl was able to call 911. listen. >> hi. i'm in an airplane and i crashed. i need you to send a search party, please. >>reporter: polite and calm. rescuers tracked the 6 foot snow drift and on 60 degree slopes in order to reach the crash site. so it was quite rugged terrain. family spent 15 hours in white out conditions building a fire ceiling off the cabin to keep warm. military helicopter hoisted them tout safety. now
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recovering from various injuries but they should all be okay. unmostly clear what caused the cessna to go down. >> cal-trans says it will reopen the bridge at 3:00 o'clock this morning. 2 hours ahead of schedule. bridge closed friday for seismic retrofitting as we reported. crew have been installing flexible joints that will act as shack absorbers when the next quake hits. 60 million dollar retrofit project started 2 years ago. cal-trans expects to finish it next year. again the bridge is supposed to open at 3:00 o'clock tonight or this morning issued say. we have updates on the opening on abc 7 morning news starting at 4:30. about an hour half after the bridge is scheduled to reopen. more to get to this monday. promising development for woman fighting flesh eating disease. first word since being hospitalized. how fukushima could show up in the sushi. what researchers found in tuna on the california coast. l. >> and 2 world war ii veterans
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discover an astonishing connection after being neighbo neighbors for years. it's a powerful memorial day story. all of that coming up for you then later on "nightline". >> coming up next on "nightline". on this memorial day how an iraq vet is helping disabled soldiers get their lives back one house at a time. >> plus she's one of the hottest and funniest actress in hollywood. up close and personal with sophia vergara. >> thanks very much. 7 news at 11:00 continues right after 11:00 continues right after this.
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> today memorial day observance in walnut creek featured 2 american service men who have been neighbors for years. they share a powerful bond that impose all the way back to world war ii but as jonathan bloom explains, it took more than half a century for them to realize it. >> the army. please stand to be recognized. >>reporter: many of the veterans gather in walnut creek civic park joined the army to fight in the second world war. not bob. >> i wanted to get into the air
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force because i didn't want to walk. >>reporter: things didn't quite work out that way when his bomber went down and parachuted into the german countryside. >> unfortunately i had landed one quarter of a mile from the hitler youth camp. >>reporter: he was taken prisoner and spent the next three months being forced to walk from one prison camp to another. until his captors accidentally came face-to-face with the american 104th infantry. >> dick's outfit. dick, get up here. >> happy to liberate you. >>reporter: independently both men moved to walnut creek. >> it was years later that i first ran into bob at st. paul's church up here. >>reporter: in addition to the medal they earned through the service their story earned them a standing ovation. each of the men hope to teachxd somethig by sharing the stories this memorial day. to dick it's about the little bit of laughter get you through the toughest of times.
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>> there are humorous moments in combat. not very many but there are some. >>reporter: for bob it's about not taking freedom for granted. >> we the older generation, you know, gave them that freedom. and they have got to pass it on to their next generation. [ taps]. >>reporter: in walnut creek, abc 7 news. >> good day to remember. >> triumph of the human spirit tonight in georgia where a woman fighting a flesh eating disease has spoken for the first time in 3 weeks. 24-year-old amy copeland first words were hello. whoa. wow! my mine is blowing. on may 1st amy cut her leg in a fall. happens all the time, right. disease set in and she lost her left leg, right foot and both hands to the disease. however despite that tragedy she remains in good spirits and she's certainly not giving up. >> we are learning tonight that
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radiation from last year nuclear disaster made its way to the california coast line in fish. pacific blue fin tuna swam 6000 miles from japan. first time such a big migrating fish has been shown to carry radio activity that far. now the tuna were found to have had radiation levels 10 times higher than before the disaste disaster. nonetheless we are told the blue fin is still safe to eat. well today is the official start of wildfire season in california. but for state firefighters it really startedr much earlier. because of our dry winter cal fire crew responded to 800 plus wildfires between january and last month. like this one in february which happened in napa. last year there were only 300 brush fires through april. so 500 more so far this year. near record heat wave mean time sparked major forest fires across 8 states including this one in new mexico national
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forest. other major brush fires are burning in colonel republican and democrat 0and arizona. 34 square mile wildfire in michigan upper peninsula destroyed more than 100 cab i hopes and other structures. all right. let's talk about the weather forecast. sandy is here. it is official start of wildfire season sandy but stit still quite cool. wind is a problem. >> absolutely. the wind has been a problem and if you suffer from allergies, you know what i'm talking's the forecast for tomorrow. wind will continue to remain on the gusty side so trees and grasses running high. all is fine with tremendous pollen. weed running low and i know the feeling especially with the wind blowing the pollen around. wind will begin to relax as we head into wednesday thursday that's when we expect some of our warmer weather. in the men time westerly winds gust to 24 miles an hour at sfo. the wind speed actually dropped off from early in the afternoon most of the bay area under 20 miles an hour but they pick back up
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again tomorrow. temperatures rate now in the 50's and we have some low clouds forming along the coast and right over towards the bay around oakland and hayward becoming wide spread over tonight turning sunny tomorrow afternoon and much warmer forecast for your wednesday and your thursday. so here's the deal as you look at the satellite and radarçó. e have had this alignment of higher pressure over the pacific and it's the cool wind that comes off the ocean and blows towards the land. but what will happen is this ridge of high pressure will actually shift closer to the california coast line wednesday and thursday and as it builds in, warmer days are coming. it's going to be noticeably warmer. especially in our inland community. tomorrow morning though we are expecting a low clouds to fill in across most of the bay area so as you head back to work mate want to add an extra layer on. it will be cool in spots. 46 in santa rosa. 49 for half moon bay. san rafael. vallejo. out towards life more. cloudy 48
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degrees. 47 in santa cruz and low 50's expected right around the bay. tomorrow afternoon it's a little bit warmer. away from the coast line and this of course includes san jose. so 72 degrees. breezy mostly sunny sunny in sun vail. 68 in palo alto. 65 for new san mateo up to 70 in los altos on the peninsula. upper 50's coast side so still need a sweater or jacket with the breeze going. downtown san francisco 62 degrees. daly city 56. sunset district 58. cloud lingering into the afternoon so some of you may not see a lot of sun. a along the coast line. 76 in the north bay and santa rosa. 72 for san rafael. blue sky in napa mid 70's there. east bay community breezy and mostly sunny the afternoon. 65 oakland san leandro. temperatures running still cooler than average for this time of year. livermore low 80's but only 74 degrees tomorrow upward trend believe it or not. 77 antioch.
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monterey bay and 57 for carmel. days coming. a little bit tomorrow. much warmer for your wednesday and thursday. the summer like spread thursday friday low 90's inland. low to mid 60's coast side. breezy and a little bit cooler for your weekend with few more clouds in the picture. dan. >> first thing tomorrow morning of course our own mike here starting at 4:30 and give you any weather updates as you go back to work. >> weather is always changing. >> that's right is that thanks very much coming up next. facebook hiring spree and it helps if you know something about smart phones. stay with us. more to come. dump barto us. more to come. dump barto barton.
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>> there is a buzz tonight in silicon valley that space book wants to get into the smart phone market. theory cutting engineers who worked on the i-phone. the own phone could help them become a maim mobile advertising platform and allow face back to have its own app like apple and android. some industry experts say facebook hopes to launch the phone next year. in the mean time the social hand it of facebook ceo
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sucker berg on honor mine target of tabloid overseas. show you photo. pardon me. they show his bride having dinner in rome. witness say the couple are just blending i in. well the tabloid are running stories saying the couple look miserable. sucker berg and chan got married may 19 the day after facebook big i p o. >> not beaming exactly. >> maybe they are miserable because they have a bunch of photographers chasing them around china. is that will spoil your dinner. excuse me mr. sucker berg. smile. >> smile. >> barry bonds says a thing or two about the paparrazi and guess where he was today? at the giants game. talking about his next career perhaps. about his next career perhaps. sports is next.
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>> good evening. visiting from the past dropped in on the giants today. barry bonds doing charity event at the ballpark. talked with the media and revealed would he like to work for the giants perhaps as a coach. he describes himself as convicted felon that he's looking forward to the next chapter of his life. he's appealing the conviction on the one obstruction of justice charge. this was barry first stroyvt at&t park this season and he's still very much at home there. >> love being out here. look at this. look at this stadium. special place. you miss it. >> i love it here. this is where i performed. this is why we all perform. come out and give our fans the greatest show we can put on. you know. every single day day in and day out what you come here for. >> today show. d-backs giants former a on the mound. capped off by this triple. hector sanchez scores. it's the league leading triple of the season for the giants so far. then the second blanco double.
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4 nothing. went 6 innings allowed 4 runs. barry zito with fourth win of the year. 7 innings allowed 2 runs. top 9 d-backs threaten roberts. deep drive off santiago castillo. have no fear blanco here for the final out giants win 4-2. a's and twins in minnesota and whatever josh is eating i want some. 1st inning. gone. off scott diamond. reddick 10 thvt month. 14th of the year. then it's hawaiian he has the power. solo homer 2 nothing a's. fast forward to the eighth. hadn't allowed rawn this season but gave up 2 today. ryan fly scores. 5-4 twins. bases loaded forth a achlts gets him swinging. 5-4 final. a's drop snix a row. celtics came off a grueling 7 game series with philliesçó saturday night. ran
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into rested ready miami heat. james ready from the outset. he had 13 points in the first quarter. boston had 11 total for the period. third quarter heat up 3. duane wade down to lebron not a lot of defense. double double for james. that points. 13 rebound. wade cross-over and then off glachlts are you sear us? miami never trailed in this contest. wade to the hoop. 22 points. 7 assist for flash. and then back the other way. boston the other way. rhondo. get it out of here. denied by wade as the heat take game 1 the 93-79. so even without chris bosch miami proving to be very difficult in the east. >> they are. they are playing very good. >> thanks very much. >> "nightline"is up next. for all of us, i'm dan. thanks for watching. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning starting at
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4:30 am. we are always available at 7 and on facebook and twitter at 7 news
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