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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 29, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> this is -- imagine it being your child. >> the school district confirmed the girl who attacked williams was suspended and reprimanded. still the 11-year-old says she doesn't feel safe returning to school. >> the principal probably said -- finally said we can't know everything that is going on at all times with these kids. we're not expected to know. i said, yes. you are. >> no one from the district owe would talk on ka ra. the director of partnerships and community engagement said positive behavior measures have been implemented, the problem has been resolved and no further action has been taken. williams mom she doesn't feel like hates been resolved and posted the video on a web site called to bring awareness of the problem of bullying in schools. >> i realize this happened to
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my daughter this is happening in schools throughout our nation. >> and williams says she would like to see bully as rested after an attack and says that parents of bullies should be identified. we never got a call back from the d.a.'s office. >> and thank you. guns, drugs and violent crime suspects taken in during an under cover operation in oakland. today, local and federal agents announced a result of operation giddeon an effort to rid oakland of the violent criminals. these are just some of the guns recovered you're about to see there are also 60 arrests that include three suspects who allegedly tried to sell a grenade haumpblger to an under cover algt. officers seized more than 17 pounds of meth, marijuana, heroin, and crack cocaine. u.s. attorney says they're not done and issued a warning
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today. >> we're watching and will find you and prosecute you. you will be removed from the community. >> and believing the operation's impact in taking criminals and weapons off streets led to a drp in violent crimes. >> and police tonight released name of a man officers shot and killed last week. he is a 53-year-old peelter messler. investigators say officers confronted him after receiving a report he pull aid gun on a cab driver. officers say they shot him when he pulled out what appeared to be a handgun. it turned out to be a pellet gun. authorities say he was despondent over a pending divorce which may have led him to do what he did. and homicide detectives are investigating the death of a man found flooting in a pond. divers made the discovery this morning. police say it appears to be the same man reported missing
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yesterday by friends. they plan to interview the friends again to determine if the death was an accidental drowning. that pond is usually closed to the public. >> a man accused of raping three women in the mission district pleaded not guilty today. and is charged with 24 felony counts and this took place between june and december of last year. police spotted him on surveillance video. and say he attacked women from behind and then, beat them. investigators say dna evidence matched his. >> dna collected that showed a match whether it's true or not, we're analyzing that now. >> and the trial is expected to begin in september. he was employed at nutrition service worker at the san francisco school district.
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>> a search is underway for a 69-year-old man reported missing. he suffers from dementia. his cell phone has been located about eight miles from where he was last seen. he live was family, and police are asking the public to be on the lookout for this man. take a look if you see him, call 911 right away. >> a-year-old boy severely injured in a drunken driving crash this month has died. police announced he died on friday. the boy clung to life since a may 18th crash. his mother was killed in the crash. she was due to graduate from uc berkeley in august with a degree in social welfare. the driver, her boyfriend was critically injured. police say his blood alcohol level at the time was more than twice the legal limit. >> pg&e says it supports using
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fines levied against the company to pay for pipeline upgrades. and they have both come up with bills that would use the p fw. and e fines for the 2010 explosion to cover costs of the upgrade work. right now that money would go into the general fund and leaving pg&e with option of passing costs to summer autos -- customer autos minimum expected fine to customers if applied towards he pipe replacement would save about $660 million. >> and we zront a position on the bill specifically but are supportive of the concept. we have registered support for a similar bill that senator leno introduced. >> regulators requiring pg&e to upgrade the pipeline system at estimated cost of $5 billion. >> ross mirk yeemy will be
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center stage at city hall in just minutes. the ethics commission holds a second hearing in the case. as you know the mayor suspended him after he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge in a domestic violence case. abc 7 news is live at city hall where they're set to decide some critical evidence issues. >> that is right. the commission gets set to meet in just a knew moments there is a last-ditch effort to try to prevent a key piece of evidence. the video of a bruised, and tearful lopez that is under wraps. her attorney saying that quote, the tape would be prejudicial not only to ross mirk yeemy but her client, illyana lopez and their 3-year-old son. the ethics commission has met once before on this case. now, after reviewing briefs from both sides, the panel is expected to decide the
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procedure to follow. will there be live witnesses or written testimony? what about that video made by ross mirkarimi's neighbor? these pictures showing his crying wife pointing to a bruise he made grabbing her arm during an argument new year's eve. and the mayor said everyone is behind closed doors should be allowed to see it. >> this is i think the public will demand and i think there is no constrictions on it. they'll demand to see it as well. >> they traveled to venezuela this month to interview lopez who wants to keep the video out of the public eye. >> this is right to release the video? don't you think of my son? my career? my life?
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my family? >> as her husband fights to get his job back, he's standing -- finding some support in an online petition. but a recent poll shows that public opinion is not on his side. the survey found 76% of those polled support the mayor's decision to suspend the sheriff. 4% disagree. 10% don't know. what the edgics commission thinks and the board of supervisors is what matters. so this is not the big event in terms of a trial like session. we may find out if it will go public. mirkarimi's attorneys have thrown everything they have at this in court proceedings. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> and to presidential politics, voter turnout in the
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texas primary said to be low. the state has delegates to give mitt rom neat republican nomination. there is a 152 delegates at stake in tonight's primary so he should sew it up tonight making him the prumpive nominee. romney skipped the loen star state and is in las vegas holding a fund-raiser with donald trump. he will be raising cash and there is a victory for air travel and michael finney explains how airlines are helping you get around that. >> the device could make our roads safer by stopping texters in their tracks. >> and the governor brown orders an immediate audit after the september 11th plate delivers a lot of empty promises. abc 7 news continues in one
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a bill to improve breast cancer detection in women with dense breast tissue passed out at the state senate today requiring women who fall into that category but be informed they have dense breast tissue and that it can obscure cancer on a mammogram and they may wish to discuss the potential value with their doctors. the bill now heads to the assembly. >> if you paid extra for a special california license plate to help victims of september 11th this may make your blood boil. millions generated created in california has not gone to help the people it was supposed to. abc 7 news is live at sacramento and there is some serious explaining to do. >> this state has taken in $15 million for the special
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september 11th license plates being offered in california. now we're finding out that money is being spent -- not all of the money is being spent appropriately. when californians pay extra to get a special interest license plate they expect the money to go to the cause. >> i expect that money to go and fund whatever programs that is stated for it to go to. there is a special plate for september 11th with the words "we will never forget". for $50, the first year and a $40 renewal, part of the money is supposed to go towards scholarships for the spouses and children of the three dozen california residents killed during the terrorist attacks. most of it to help fund antiterrorism efforts. but a investigation found former governor schwartzeneggar raided $2 million from the fund in 2008 and governor brown borrowed another $1 million last year
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to balance the state budget. none has been repaid. >> many people don't think that that is right. >> administration had to make tough choices today fund much-needed program autos the state stopped funding the scholarship program seven years ago. but plates continued to take in $1.5 million per year. the state says every child is getting or will get their money. and there is a ap review calls into question whether money is being spent on direct threats of terrorism. and there sl there are some funds aloe indicated to food safety and gang activity. he says their money should pay for what it's supposed to pay for. >> there is keeping my loved ones and someone else's family and friends. me just now hearing this apalled about the whole thing. it's shocking.
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>> and there is governor brownish yued an order all specialty license plates be audited to see how money is being spent. >> and to consumer news tonight. more passengers are bringing carry ons on to the plane to avoid fee autos and often there is not enough room for it on the cabin. and air lines giving us relief. >> they're not even charging us. good news for passengers there are more room for carry on bags and there is the bigger, the better they figure. with most, restricting he carry ons to 22 inch business 14 inches by nine inches is how people are carrying it. they're allowed many times they won't fit in the bin wheels in. so the bags are turned sideways taking up space of
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two bags. and that is bin that's can hold bigger bags wheels in. and larger racks and doors making it possible. as a warning most international flights don't allow bag that's big. >> there is a mother whose son was kill while texting and driving is trying to stop more tragedies like that one. and now, she's speaking about efforts to enforce the law. you can guarantee your kids are not going to be doing this while driving. >> that device is called cell control. and it plugs into the car and turns off a teenager's cell phone when the car is in motion. we reported early kbrer a similar concept and that turns off a phone when a car is moving. state legislature closer to passing a law to prohibit
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exemployers from asking you for a facebook pass word. some ask to enable companies to view profiles and pictures as part of a background check in california when this came out, there is a huge uproar. now, the state approved a bill that is barring companies from asking for the pass word. it now heads over to the assembly. i'll report back when we figure out what is going to happen. i think this is going to go through. >> let's focus on the weather forecast. nice. >> i think it's going to warm up. right? >> that is right. there is most of the bay area enjoying sunshine and patches of clouds lingering. here are the current readings. 70s across inland areas. there are 60s and 50s along the coast and near the bay. today as highs up into low 80s
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around places like fairfield. we're going to take numbers up more tomorrow. some low clouds, fog tonight. warmer weather next two days and we're going with a cooler, breezier forecast for the upcoming weekend. if you have plans just be aware of the fact it's a short lived warming trend. there is high pressure building in. warmer days inland. for wednesday, and thursday. there is some nice looking weather, tomorrow morning cool and you'll want to grab a sweater or jacket heading out of the door. temperatures falling into mid-40s and low 50s around bait. there is a lot of low clouds and fog. and we do expect that some clouds and fog will pull away and we'll see clearing quickly. nice, sunny day on tap. temperatures coming up more. sea breeze will hold you into 60s. there are temperatures 86
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degrees up in clear lake tomorrow. 87 in cue kia. low 80s in santa rosa. there is half moon bay, 62 degrees, we're getting into warmer pkt for san jose. there is antioch, 86. 84 degrees in livermore, 67 in salinas, low to mid-80s in morgan yil. there is accu-weather forecast as a sea breeze begins to drop off we're going to see temperatures rise more. so there is thursday, low 90s inland. there is a summer like range for you. friday, low 60s coast side. so there is a slight drop off in temperatures. but still warm and there is a breezy weekend. mid-50s coast side. temperatures bottoming out on monday as you'll notice.
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there is a rollercoaster ride. hang on tight. we'll go up, then down. fast. >> and wind is back. >> oh, yes. >> just ahead a new approach to keeping foreclosed homes from being trashed. >> that is coming up. then at 6:00 there is a couple that flexed their muscles when it came to their van. how they put the lemon law to the test. that is at 6:00. we'll be right back here. 8t8t8tp
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san francisco police are making it easier for people to recover stolen bikes, posting new pictures of 116 bicycles recovered by officers at the home and storage locker of an
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18-year-old suspect. the new pictures show better detail of the frames so the public can have an easier time identifying the bikes. if you're curious to see the bike goes to abc 7 click on see it on tv link. >> dozens of senior citizens are virtual prisoners in a campbell high rise. both elevators have been out of order in the 12 story was will he manor since friday night. water knocked out the electric panel. that leaves a lot of residents on higher floors really owl but stranded. >> i don't know how much longer i can do this. and people are running out of medicine and food. we can't cart groceries up. >> and building management says it's trying to make certain everyone is getting food and medicine and campbell building inspectors said the city is watching what's happening. >> there is a new business
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called vacant home managers paying people to live in vacant properties until a new owner is found. much business coming from real realtor who's want to avoid the homes from getting cleaned out by thieves or ruined by vandal autos i'm here to trim the yard, water the yard and be their eyes and ears. >> there are temporary care takers get a big discount on rent. >> there is a celebration in the fruit veil district. they broke ground on a renovation of cesar chavez park. it has been in the planning stages for more than 10 years and a lack of funding put the project on hold until now. there is money coming from a bond she me sure passed in 2006. it's underway up next, a winning welcome home for a fremont student. >> how he put the school on
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the map. stay with us. c
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coming up at 6:00 for you, new anger at state officials spending millions to renovate homes of campus presidents. and also, the hidden camera video antiabortion activists say prove that's planned parenthood encourages the selective abortion of girls. >> and san francisco district attorney's position on the war on drug that's is putting him at odds with every other district attorney in california. those story pz more coming up at 6:00. >> and this is the east bay teenager who finished third in the national geography bee last week receiving a rousing welcome back back to school today. >> and he was the center after tension at his school in fremont today. >> that is right he won
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$10,000 for the hard work ask received all sorts of attention. >> i don't feel proud, exactly. or embarrassed. i feel in the middle. not too proud. like boastful but content. >> he studied six to eight hours per day if weeks leading up to the contest he says he plans to use the money for college, harvard, he's hoping. he has not decided on a career but would like to go on "jeopardy" some day. >> and i think he has a good future for that. >> world news is coming up next. and for cheryl jennings and all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. our next newscast at 6:00 p.m. >> good night.


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