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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 29, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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wondering about the priorities. >> and mark zuckerberg enjoys his honeymoon, the slide in the stock price is suggesting the society network should be working on a business plan, not expansion plan. >> there is a problem when a company, at $100 billion loses market cap in order of $40 billion. in a week or so. that is a problem. i think something is very wrong with the company and how it's perceived itself. >> facebook and the city of menlo park are moving ahead with a planned expansion of a four fold increase. besides expanding the camp yuts, facebook wants to fell 22 acre as cross the street to be linked by a tunnel. the city already has a plan to address traffic congestion. >> instead of looking at the number of people there is a trip cap amount. it's 15,000 trips per day.
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there is a specific from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. then 15,000 for the day. >> residents don't seem too alarmed by number autos there is 101 that is a zaftser, hard to imagine it's getting worse. >> so this is not a concern. >> the neighboring town of atherton supports the project and is worried about addition of a second left turn lane. and there is the daily erosion of the stock price seems to reflect concerns and perhaps about the need for a had you campus, immediately. >> we haven't seen earnings or performance so, a lot of people are making their trades based on trying to guess what the future is going to be. >> the city clerk says there is no limit to the number of speakers.
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>> facebook co-founder is breaking his silence about the fractured relationship with mark zuckerberg. he told a brazilian news magazine there are no hard feelings towards the former college roommate. he was contractally barred from speaking about zuckerberg and facebook. the relationship between the two was a key part of the movie "the social network" especially the efforts to dilute ownership of the company. also in the article addressing a decision to renounce his u.s. citizenship, reiterated plans to play whatever taxes he ows while he was a citizenship. >> police and federal agents have taken nearly 100 guns off the streets and arrested dozens of people part of a four-month long operation. and there is laura anthony live with more on the story. >> there is an operation, police and atf say they took
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violent offenders off of the streets. >> this is just some of the guns seized. there is a collaboration between federal atf ask police, one top official believe is already made the city safer. >> this is operation giddeon that resulted in a removeal of over 90 firearms from the streets. >> this group has given this neighborhood a breather. the community continues to work with us. >> there are 90 arrests in all. there are 30 state charges and these brothers are charged with selling guns out of their east oakland body shop. police seized 16 of them. >> with this amount of guns being sold on the streets, you can kind of connect the dots is why we have the number of
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firearms that we do. >> three suspects were arrested in richmond including otis mobely allegedly trying to sell a grenade launcher to an under cover agent but according to prosecutors they pulled a gun and tried to rob him. and there are shot fired. once going to trial they were nabbed on federal charges face long prison jents autos in a federal prison there is 86% of the time. >> there are residents in oakland deserve safe and liveable neighborhoods and we're watching. we'll find you. we'll prosecute you and you will be removed from the community. >> and if convicted in federal court, many of the offenders could end up serving prison time out of the bay area and california. if sent po-to-a federal prison
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they'd serve time there, then be paroled to that community. they'd have to stay there for a number of years after their release. in oakland abc 7 news. >> there is homicide investigators trying to determine if a man discovered floating in a pond died accidentally or foul play. divers found the man's body in the pond this morning. it appears to be the same man who friends reported missing last night. police hope the friend will previd insight into how this man died. >> it will be part of the investigation. we'll try to determine if there is any foul plaichl we don't know what happened to him. >> the pond is on private property and close to the public, police say people have been known to trespass. >> in san francisco today there is an attempt to tackle the drug and gang problem head on. a considers section of people from cops to former gang members came together to look
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for solutions. >> there is ale bill now pending before the state legislature reducing drug possession from a felony to misdemeanor. >> i have seen the war on drugs from the ground, up. >> the only district attorney in the state supports the measure. >> and i don't think economically we can continue to inkarg rate people who are simply being prosecuted for the possession of drugs. >> he argued his point as a panelist. in opposition, the california district attorney association. >> this measure while purportedly to help individuals get treatment we feel it's misdemeanor offenses there is no incentive for the individuals to engage. >> this man served a long time
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for second degree murder, now troubling troubled teen autos there is a different kind of youth now. a lot of the youth are a product of the drug culture. >> and this summit hosted by a public defender. the goal bring law enforcement and community-based organizations together to work on solutions. there is a wider division on how to fight the war on drugs there appears to be more of a consensus on how to reduce gang violence. a ucla study has been tracking 300 gang members for almost four years. and this professor lists important ways to reduce gang violence. >> two important forces are the families and schools. >> all panelists discussing gangs agreed that everyone has to be on the same page to prevent violence. >> the message drummed into us. we need to with working
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together with a common goal. i think that is where communication and trust is huge. >> in other words it takes the hood to save a hood. >> a group of california judges hailing a report that finds rampant mismanagement by the state that overseas the court system looking at the office of the courts which is charged with implementing the policies. and this finds examples of 8,000ses today remove gum from the sacramento court house entrance. among the recommendations, shut down regional aoc offices, cut 200 positions to reduce overstaffing and move the aoc office from san francisco to sacramento. there is a bill aims to reduce powers of the counsel. >> a lot more to get to tonight. there is anger in state college officials are spending
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millions to renovate the homes of campus presidents, yeechb as they keep raising tuition. >> there is a pipeline plan that he says could save customers millions of dollars. >> i'm sandhya patel. there is a mid week warm up coming up, especially inland with the look, and feel, of summer, i'll have temperatures coming up. >> a planned parenthood sting. a video released just as the house is set to take up the issue of abortion. stay with us. abc 7 news at 6:00 continues.
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california state university system spent $2 million remodeling homes for top executives and continues to raise tuition nearly every year. and there is abc 7 news jonathan bloom. >> this six-bedroom, 7300 square foot house is home to the president of csu, fresno, owned by the state which spent $76,000 public money remodeling it. it's one of eight presidential homes cal state system owns and renovated to the tune of $2 million. >> it's just an affirmation of the misplaced priorities. time and time again, it's always about top executives, not students. >> the state senator think that's money belongs in classrooms. big banners urge support for public ed nx the middle of a crisis. students are feeling the pinch. >> the classes i wanted to take, i can't take anymore.
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>> m music student heard about the house in fresno. >> unnecessary. a house that works is all he needs, it doesn't need a mansion. >> sf state president has this three-bedroom home on a hill overlooking the campus. it's not state property but the university does pay for it with $60,000 a year on top of his salary. and shows it was bought in 1997 meaning sf state will have paid for all of it by the time he retires. a spokesman says it's no more than any other university would spend and they need to it stay competitive. presidents in university-owned homes he says they host dozens of fund-raisers there. and this business student sees no problem with that. >> i think that is one of the perks of being a president of a university is having a nice place to stay. >> and csu adds some homes other than this were remodeled
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with private donations but senator yee says it's a slap in the face. >> we don't need extravagance now. we need to take care of students and give them an education and that is what we should be focusing on. >> and there is no relieve yesterday for dozens of senior citizens trapped since a fire on friday damaged the building elevators. residents have had to walk up ask down stairs for the last four days. many of the 160 residents just can't handle the stairs meaning they've been stuck in their apartments. >> we don't need excuses, there are people that cannot move up, or down. >> it's sad. you're trapped in a box. >> there is a crew in the building to try to fix the damaged electrical panel. no word yet on when it will be
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operating again. >> the legislature might hold best hope yet for saving ratepayers from having to pay for upgrades. pg&e wants them to cover costs of upgrades going forward and two bills just introduced could put a big dent in the cost. abc 7 news explains. >> houses are still going up in the neighborhood and retirees bill and nellie bishop were home that september evening when pg&e's natural gas pipeline rup zpurd erupted into a giant torch. >> that was not my plan was dodging burning asphalt. my life has never been the same. and it's been kind of -- a dark time. that whole sh you know, hopefully goitsing to get better. >> pg&e has been ordered to make the system better but the utility says that will cost about $5 billion over 50 years
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in phase one alone. and assemblyman jerry hill has another idea. take fines levied against pg&e, paid for by shareholders and put those millions towards the cost of upgrades. >> this minimum fine would save about $660 million. >> without the bill the money would be destined for the state's general fund. hill wants to it benefit ratepayer autos if it 2004 go into general fund it would benefit everyone in the state of california. i feel people that live in the should be the one that's benefit from that fine. beach been victimized by their system. >> there is no position on the bill but we're supportive of the concept. >> i hope it goes through.
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i hope they're not gooding to charge us for something that you should have been doing all along. this should have never happened. >> pg&e emphasizes it's only sks asking ratepayers to pay for meeting new regulations not catching up with past lapses. >> there is sandhya patel here. >> and a check on weather, which is going to be warming up. >> there is turning up the heat a bill bit. we'll go with a warmer forecast. and if you've been waiting for warmth you won't have to wait longer. here is a live picture from our camera. we're looking towards golden gate bridge. you can see fog patches coming in and out of the shot over san francisco. fog is going to be around. we head into to. so -- tomorrow, so we're not getting rid of the fog completely that. will hold temperatures along the coastline. and in an upward trend as far as numbers are concerned.
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high temperatures half moon bay, 58 degrees, last to clear. as far as fog is concerned there is 61 in san francisco. most inland areas came up. 80 degrees in antioch and fairfield. 75 in napa and santa rosa. nice-looking day towards morgan hill area. 80 degrees, temperatures now falling where breeze is blowing and fog cupping in. there are mid to upper. >>s along the coast, inland areas into 70s, highlights, low clouds, fog tonight. warmer weather next two days. and then, it's going to get cooler, breezier. just as you make your weekend plans. there is a look at satellite and radar. there is an area of high pressure building this, is what is going to provide us with warmer weather for your wednesday and thursday. this is especially into inland areas. someplaces coming up a good 10 degrees you'll feel the difference. and this is especially thursday. tomorrow morning you'll have
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to bundle up, there are areas of low clouds and fog. 45 in napa. 44 in santa rosa. 48 in san rafael. low 50s around san francisco. oakland and half moon bay. cloud cover in fremont and livermore. there is morning gray, then watch what happens. clouds just clear away. fog is gone. breezy after the foon. -- afternoon. inland areas going up a few more degrees into mid-80s range. here are the temperatures for south bay. 79 degrees in cupertino. 80 degrees in san jose. pin anyone la into mid-70s for redwood city. mountain view, 77 degrees and breezy, still. 62 in half moon bay. not much warmer as far as coastal areas are concerned. we'll have a sea breeze tomorrow, 61 into sunset district. 64 downtown san francisco. north bay communities, 60s coast side. we're going to see mainly 80 as cross the area, 82 in santa
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rosa. east bay. we're heading up 69 in oakland. 72 in san leandro. inland areas into warm range. 84 in livermore and monterey bay. 61 degrees in monterey. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. it's a warmer forecast the next few days and we'll call it warm for thursday. mid-60s coast, low 90s inland. temperatures into a similar range friday. trending down as we head into weekend. cooling off considerably, more cloud cover and breezier for your weekend plans. >> a lot of change. >> yes. >> absolutely. and it's been up down, up down, quite a bit. >> thank you. >> and what if you bought a car, and it turned out to be a lemon? >> 7 on your side helps one man who said that is what happened to him. stay with us.
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you can see
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consumer advocates say california has one of the strongest lemon laws in the nation. >> and there is no one expects
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to have problems with a shiny, new car, but if it does happen, hopefully, you'll be protected by lemon law. >> a lot of times we had to bring the car into ford. a paper work, a big stack. >> mel goes through pile of repair orders he's accumulated since purchasing a ford flex like this one in november, 2010. a few weeks after driving it off the lot he began noticing problems. >> there was a suddener in braking and a rattle in the roof it was a problem noted by nord a service bulletin sent two months earlier. ford 2010 all wheel drive vehicles may have a shudder vibration noise while driving in low speeds. mel said ford barely fix that had when another developed. >> there was a chrome panel on the rear hatch starting to lift off from the body of the car.
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the rear lefthand door, driver's door didn't close completely flush with the car. >> once again, the car went back to the shop. >> this experience was stressful. >> that is jessica, mel's wife and the primary driver of the flex. the collectibles dealer used it to drive her daughter and business. >> i'm not a car enthusist. i like my cars to be safe, practical, reliable and that is why we got this car. it turned out not to be the case. >> biggest problem is with the transmission. >> when i noticed the first problem, which is to me is when it would stall as i'm making a turn. other things were irritating but that scared me. i felt unsafe driving. >> that is the same problem noted in a ford they can cal bulletin in january, 2011. there have been 13 such bulletins issued since 2010. mark anderson is a lemon law
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attorney. >> consumers describe some substantial defects that affect use and safety. there is no doubt about that. transmission is pretty essential. >> he says in california, a new car is presumed to be a lemon if it been in the shop 30 days within an 18-month period. records kept by mel show his flex was quickly approaching that fresh hold. he contacted 7 on your sichld it agreed to give them a brand new flex. >> i want to thank the staff that made it possible for us to get this car that we finally had been wanting for month autos and no one from ford was available for comment. but mel tells us this is his 8th ford owned and he's pleased with the way the car maker handles this problem. >> that is good. >> thank you. >> still to come at 6:00 the hidden video pro-choice
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activists say proves planned parenthood encourages selective abortion of girls. >> hearing going on now that could determine ross mirkarimi's future as a sheriff of san francisco. plus... >> beating of an 11-year-old girl at her school. why her family wants everyone to see this video. stay with us. another half hour of news begins in just a moment.
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plan planned parenthood has been caught in a video sting. >> a group of pro-life activists say they have proof the organization encourages selective abortion of girls. >> this video released today was made by the group live action. they're a group founded in san jose z run by san jose native and pro-life media darling, lila rose. the hidden camera video records an encounter with a staffer in a clinic in austin, texas. a pregnant woman posing as a patient tells staffers she
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wants to abort the baby if it is a girl. she's told an ultrasound will determine the sex. >> so then i'd want to schedule, try to schedule an ultrasound with an ob around then, then i'd still be able to come back here for a termination if it's a girl? okay. the staffer never objects to what the pregnant woman is proposing. but does warn her to keep it quiet. >> there are people that will comment. >> and concludes with a cheery i hope you do get your boy. the video repeats three times and live action lila rose who moved to washington, d.c. appeared this afternoon on fox news with bill o'reilly. >> groups like planned parenthood which claim to be pro women which is absurd, they're fighting against every abortion restriction or
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regulation. they want abortion anywhere, any time, for any reason. >> p planned parenthood said the staffer did not follow proper protocol kol and within three days the member's employment was ended. and a public relations firm says there will be more videos out this week and timing couldn't be better because the house of representatives is due to vote thursday on a bill banning sex selection abortions. the house democratic leader doesn't know anything that. >> this is a specific issue about something i haven't seen. >> she did say republicans have done a great deal to push women into the democratic camp. >> they have given us more than we'd have to make ourselves. >> she's referring to the republican-led hearings on contraception. the famous all male panel and
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rush limbaugh's famous comments about a woman who testified in a separate hearing. >> thank you. >> there is california taking a step towards extending religious freedom further, making it illegal for employers to discriminate against employees because of religious clothing or hair style. following complaints from muslim who's say they're prevented from taking customer service jobs. >> it's a historic night for mitt romney, surpassing number of delegates needed to secure the republican nomination for president. he won texas primary and it putt him over the number needed. his nomination is not official until the convention. >> and ethics commission hearing for ross mirkarimi taking place right now.
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and some critical decisions could be made tonight. >> there is a jam-packed house. the ethics commission is meeting on the same floor where ross mirkarimi reported to work every day. and he arrived to found a room of supporters. the sheriff told us he once believed woe get a fair shake but now calls this process undemocratic. >> this is taking twists and turns. now, without denying it it's political. and this used as a vendetta and then, implicating my family in the way they have is not something that should be allowed in any city. >> and this is the final positions in the city and deserves respect of the process. and the sheriff office in
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charge of programs that would suggest the need to rehabilitate. i think we need to pay attention to it as we made the decision about who can occupy that office. >> when we left the commission was debating whether will be will be live witnesses or written testimony or if the chairman proposed a hybrid system. they're also debating what should be the standard of proof beyond a reasonable doubt which is what mirkarimi is proposing and then, there is the question of that video. that emotional video that a neighbor took that shows mirkarimi's wife, bruised and crying. her attorney filed a motion just this afternoon with the ethics commission saying that while the commissioners could look at it behind closed doors, she does not want it going public. the hearing is expected to go late into the night.
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they try to set the procedure and the protocols moving forward. live in san francisco city hall, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> and the family of a vallejo student going pub wlik a videotape of a school beating in an effort to bring awareness to the problem of bullying. this video taken by a student shows the 11-year-old6th grader being punched repeetdly by an 8th grader. her mother says her daughter didn't even know her afaker. she posted the tape on the internote bring light to a problem she says the school didn't deal with effectively. >> the principal finally you know said, we can't know everything that is going on at all times with these kids. we're not expected to know. i said yes, you are. >> i felt a hand on my shoulder. i turned and like, i'm being
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punched. >> no one from the district would talk on camera. one official told us that positive behavior measures have been implemented and no further action will be taken. >> just ahead, a california company's new history making plan. >> it's on the heels of this mission to the international space station. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios >> the california company that launched this draggon capsule
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two weeks ago says it's building the world's most powerful rocket and says the rocket will be used to launch a satellite fr a european company next year. it will be the second most powerful rocket in history only to the saturn side rocket that launched at polio missions to the moon. a 16 foot long space rock skipped past planet earth today. the asteroid passed by this morning about 9,000 miles from the earth's surface. the second asteroid this week on monday, another asteroid came within 32,000 miles of either which is close. >> a woman once beaten by san francisco police during a protest has been given the nation's highest civilian honor this, morning the president handed out the president yil medal of freedom to 13 honorees during a special ceremony at the white house. one was a a san francisco
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police officer who broke her ribs with a baton during a protest against then president george hw bush. >> she helped lead a boycott forcing growers to agree to some of the country's first farm worker contracts. since, she's fought to give more people a seat at the table. >> also honored were rock legend bob dylan, and astronaut john glenn. >> and don't you mate it -- hate it when you have $1 billion in the bank ask can't get cash out of the atm? that is what happened to mark zuckerberg and his wife spotted in itally, on the island of capri. he came up empty trying to get cash out of an atm. it was out of order. >> tough. >> not out of cash, just out of order. >> one of our colleagues reach aid very impressive milestone. >> that is right. david louie is celebrating his
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40th anniversary here at kgo-tv. we'll take a look at his achievements, next. lñ @aaaaaaaaaaaapttttawaw
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this is a very big day here at abc 7 news, david louie is celebrating his 40th anniversary at our station. and we want to take a moment to recognize what he's done for us, and for you. >> this is within 72 hours, david louie reported on a big rig accident, a school bullying incident, the search for missing sierra lamar and the facebook ipo. this is no wonder he can handle whatever the news throws at him. he started at age five, spent eight years appearing in a program in ohio. he joined abc 7 news in 1972. it was called news scene. he had more hair.
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one of his earlier stories is about an elderly barber. >> 40 years ago things were this dark ages. we're still shooting film and had to wait for it to be processed. >> that means it took hours to get picture on the air, videotape sped up the pace and live feeds allowed instant courage of stories. >> this is shut off to people. we better watch out. >> over the years david reported on many of the bay area's biggest stories. the kidnapping of patty hearst, loma prieta earthquake. here is he in san mateo in 1982 during a moment he might like to forget. slogging through one of the biggest floods. >> who in the heck got mother nature so riled up. >> david about the first interview with san jose's norm mineta. then secretary of transportation. >> that is unprecedented.
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he had to shut down the u.s. air traffic system. >> david is one of the first asian american tv reporters in the bay area. he's been on the air the long yef. he got a lifetime achievement award from asian-american journalist association and traveled to asia many times nchl 1986 went to the philippines during the people power revolution. >> we're warn that had people had guns in the ready z they might be turning against us. >> in 1979 david is one of the first american reporters allowed into china. >> we got to see what this country was. it had been closed to the outside world 40 years. >> that tlip was just months after china and the united states normalized relation autos behind me, one of the busiest waterways in china trade increases and much cargo will leave here for shanghai. >> and trade with pacific room took off, he became abc 7 news business reporter, then, with
6:48 pm
the growth of silicon valley, he added high tech. >> the economic engine creating many jobs is true back then, 20 years ago, and still, today. >> but he is not all business all the time. long before the food channel, david was doing a feature called friday feast. >> and he judged a song contest. when david started at kgo, the station advertised him as an outsider. but after 40 years he's now the ultimate bay area insider. and is not ready to quit. >> i want to be like that ever ready battery bunny. i want to go on and on, and on. >> and you can. david. so congratulations to david lieu eye, we're hoping he'll join us for a celebration, today he was busy with our lead story on facebook.
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that is the way he likes it. great reporter and a great guy. >> that is awesome. >> 40 year autos let's get to sandhya. she's been checking the accu-weather forecast today. >> there is beautiful weather here in the bay area, this afternoon, from our sutro camera. still, some hints of fog out there. just a few patches. and there is fog cleared away. we've enjoyed sunshine with warmer weather, you'll notice heating up. 92 degrees in fresno tomorrow afternoon. 92 in sacramento. hot weather down into the deserts. 101 degrees in palm springs. there is 58 in you're yeeka. nice-looking weather headed our way. tomorrow afternoon will be warmer than today. so most of the inland areas are into low owe-to-mid-80s. 71 in san mateo. 77, san rafael.
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there is 60s and breezy conditions continue. accu-weather forecast is thursday, warmest day. temperatures begin to come down friday. and this much cooler by weekend. especially sunday. temperatures into upper 70s. >> thank you. >> and coming up in sportsing aony of defeat for serena williams. >> what happened today at the french open. stay with us. edçkçkçk
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join me tonight at 9:00, coming up then, as the weather heats up and you lather on sun screen, you might want to think about taking an aspirin as well. >> then at 11:00 here on abc 7 news the marriage proposal almost didn't happen. how a man's fool proof plan went very wrong. that is on abc 7 news at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and now on to sports. tough news today. >> yes. and there is tennis, but there is a death, you'd be stunned and sad. stunning news from san jose sabre cats. johnny keirton found dead today in a hotel room. he scored three touchdowns saturday night, the star of the game. one touchdown was the game winner. he had just been traded to san
6:54 pm
jose. and the 290 pound full back played college ball at university of washington. the cause of death has not been released. police have said they do not believe any crime was involved. might have been a seizure. he was just 26 years old. sabre cats head coach and co-owner leased a statement saying he was such a great kid and a valued member of our organization. the team will honor him at their next game on saturday. and hon tennis, serena williams a perfect 46-0 in first round grand slam patches and just fell apart at the finish. overcome with emotion. that mash wore on. her opponent 111th ranked from france. you're going to watch her miss shots here all over the place. there is a six points and then,
6:55 pm
just out to a lead, serena in the ball all over the court. tried to battle back. 47 unforced errors that is out and in on match point. bresano with the upset of the five seed. >> i felt like i couldn't get a ball in play. when i did, i just felt like i was hitting late. i mean how can you hit late on a clay court? it was just odd. so... yeah. >> and a's struggling and will manny ramez get called up this week to help out? >> coco chris left eight man stranded and josh redic is the only player on the roster hitting over 250. and brandon return frtd dl
6:56 pm
monday. he doesn't seem concerned. >> this is contagious. and there is a out to have fun. >> it looks like they may both join the team friday. and there is ramirez ends his 50 game suspension wednesday and has been tuning his spin with the river cats. >> we'd like to see him drive balls. we targeted the date for a reason. >> and his injured hand seems to be healed. >> he maxes effort with a swing. >> this team needs power at the plate. both will bring that, swagger to the line up and into the club house. >> he's going to make us more
6:57 pm
intimidating. you know? >> hopefully his quirkiness will loosen up the club house and fats baths. abc 7 sports. >> there is jared parker helped minnesota and some great defensive plays. there is two great plays and there is cliff pennington. they're scoreless. there is. >> thank you very much. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> and thank you so much for joining us. >> from all of us here, we appreciate your time. see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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