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tv   Nightline  ABC  May 29, 2012 11:35pm-12:00am PDT

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tonight on "nightline," royals revealed. a rare abc news exclusive. prince william and prince harry open up on camera as their grandmother celebrates 60 years on the throne. they talk about the royal wedding, having kids, and their secret heart ache on a very special day. a cry for help. mothers with no way to feed their children. millions at rifb of starvation, a developing cat strofy and a desperate plea for help. we travel to africa where the youngest victims are fighting. plus they've been extinct for millions of years, but at this park, they move and breathe. we take you to meet the real
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dynos of new jersey. good evening, i'm terry moran. well, this weekend queen elizabeth ii celebrates her diamond jubilee. as buckingham palace prepares for a party of rile proportions, katie couric sat down with two people who know her majesty best, the princes who call her granny. katie met with prince harry in brazil and later with prince william back in london. in these rare interviews, the princes let down their royal guard, talked about their jitters and, the wedding, and the women on their minds on that famous day. >> reporter: prince william's marriage to a commoner was dubbed a modern-day fairy tale.
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from the bride's arrival by car and not carriage, to her vowing to love, not obey, to their impulse to kiss not once but twice on the palace balcony. >> it was one of those days where you feel elated, also completely terrified. the prospect of two billion people watching was quite daunting. >> i heard there was a small wedding at westminster abbey last year. you said you were as nervous as your brother at the time. >> i was massively nervous. it was a bit of a blur. there were millions and billions of eyes focused on us. luckily, mainly those two. >> reporter: apparently william not the only one hoping to carry on the family name. >> i've longed for kids since i was very, very young. i'm just waiting to find the right person, someone who who's willing to take on the job. >> it must have been wonderful to see them so happy, but hard not to have your mother there.
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>> no, of course it was. i think she had the best seat in the house, probably. she would have loved to be there, she would have loved kate. >> when i spoke with your brother, she said even though your mom wasn't able to attend your wedding, that she had the best seat in the house. >> definitely. >> you must have missed her so much that day? >> it was very difficult. i prepared myself beforehand, so that i was mentally prepared. i didn't want any wobbling lips or anything going on. it's the one time since she's died where i've thought to myself, it would be fantastic if she was here and just how sad, really for her, her not being able to see it. because i think she would have loved the day and be very proud of us both on the day and just very sad that she's never going to get a chance to meet kate. >> reporter: since last year's wedding, the media have followed the newlyweds every move, but
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now the duchess of cambridge can take notes from someone who knows something about how to be incredibly public while remaining intensely private. >> the queen has never done what we're doing now. she's never sat down for an interview with a journalist. why do you think that's the case? >> because you ask lots of questions. >> meeting the queen at 86, it's hard to remember how young she was when her reign began in 1952. in fact, he may be the only person who can truly relate to what it was like for the queen to take the throne in her 20s. because he's in his 20s himself. at least for three more weeks. >> reporter: it seems as if it would have been so overwhelming. i guess you're pleased that you have a lot more prep time. >> yeah, definitely, got a lot more practice time under my belt because of it. the biggest thing i've noticed is that age 25 when she became queen and me being 29 and a few months left before i'm 30, but
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it is the fact that at the time she was a woman in a man's world, stepping into what everyone thought was only a man could do. i think she produced an incredible amount of courage to do the job and step up to the plate. and she's not let herself or anyone down in the process. and there's such scrutiny on the job, that i think you have to be very careful how you carve a path, but she's done it brilliantly. >> you need to maintain an air of mystery in some ways too. >> yeah, i'm not doing a very good job at the moment. >> when it comes to talking about his grandmother, the prince is only too willing to gush. do you remember that moment when you thought, oh, my gosh, my grandmother is kind of a big deal? >> she's really just my grandmother. i'm probably just a bit cheeky. but i remember always having a healthy respect for my grandmother. >> to prince harry, she's just
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granny. and now even he's seen his most famous relative in a whole new light. when you look back on her 60 years, what most impresses you about your grandmother? >> when we were young, it was easy to take her for granted. she was just a grandmother to us. and it's only sort of really been over the last sort of five, eight, ten years that i've actually really learned to understand and accept that the huge deal that she is around the world, but especially in the uk. >> do you think the queen's ability to change with the times has helped the monarchy endure? >> yes, without a doubt. she's managed to get the family to move with the times. and i think that's incredibly important. you can't get stuck in an old-age situation when everything else around you is changing. >> and now she has a youtube page. she hasn't friended you on facebook? >> no, she hasn't.
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>> why, has she friended you? >> no, not yet. hopefully she will after this interview. >> do you have to make an appointment to see her? >> they never seem to be in the same place. if she's there, it's nice to pop around. >> but if you wanted to, could you say, could i come over for a cup of tea? >> i'm sure if i rang her up and asked, she would say, yes, please do. >> the princes on their granny. just ahead we'll go to a different story. we take our cameras inside a growing crisis you should know about, millions of families living in danger of starvation. ♪ mom, mr. and mrs. bradley got netflix! [ mom ] netflix? it's this cool service that lets you watch as many tv episodes and movies as you want instantly. yeah, you can watch netflix on your pc
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we now bring you to a little known corner of africa on the brink of a catastrophe. a country where a devastating
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food crisis is threatening millions of lives and all too often it's the children who suffer the most. it's a situation that's growing increasingly desperate. we took our cameras inside the hunger zone, where the acts of assistance come too few and far between. here's bazi kanani who we welcome to "nightline" in a cry for help, disaster in the desert. >> it's a place so remote that to get here, it takes nearly two days of flying and then driving over roads that are really nothing more than just treks in the sand. this is the country of niger. this is what we came to see. the humanitarian workers who brought us here say there may be the first time of a catastrophe. children are weighed in buckets and measured for a diagnosis,
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but the problem is obvious. >> these babies, just to look at them, you can see they're not getting enough to eat when their hair is very light. doctors say it's a tell-tale sign they're mal nourished. >> reporter: west africa is in the midst of a drought and footage shortage. millions could starve. >> this is a year old, really? >> reporter: little nafisa, a year old weighs barely more than a newborn. >> she's so tiny for a year. >> naf easea gets a color-coded arm band. red is the result they see more and more each day. >> this one is malnourished. >> reporter: she'll be moved into another tent with these children getting a meal, a supplement of peanuts and vitamins. on another morning, we come upon a school, not far from a town called nurody. this bowl of porridge is the
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only meal the children will get today, but the vast majority of children here don't even go to school. the region is so undeveloped and so vast, 18 million people across nine countries, including as many as three million children, that to really make a difference, it will take a humanitarian effort on a much bigger scale. for them to do that, they say the nations of the world need to send more help. >> 45 kilometers up, basically through the sand to get to this village, which is very hard to find. >> we meet up with denise brown of the world food program who takes us to see how other families are coping with the crisis. when we reach the village of gubiday, it's quiet, too quiet. >> african villages, there's noise, people, animals. there's children running around. when the car motor stopped, it was dead silent. >> and that bothered you? >> it bothers me because it means there's a lack of
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movement, there's a lack of life in the village. >> lack of life because of the lack of rain. the crops around here have failed. where grain is lushlly stored, we find no reason for the lock. it's empty. >> this is all sort of the leftover, unused part of grain. with at least four months still to go before the next possible havest. until then, mothers like mariama have to find something to put in the cooking pot. >> is this all you have cooked for your family today? >> the leaves mariama goes out to pick from trees are all the food she has. another woman shows us her only meal, wild berries, so bitter, she has to cook them for three days to make them edible. >> i don't think any of us can accept that this mother has to go out and pick wild food for her children to eat, and if she
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doesn't go and do it every day, then they don't have anything to eat. >> in villages like this, there's no e-mail or phone to tell the world there's no food her. so what's a desperate mother to do? >> you're worried already that he's not getting enough to eat? >> mariama has already lost one young child. like most mothers in niger, she's worried it could happen again. so she hangs traditional charms around her youngest son hoping good luck will help save his life. >> these mothers are like you, like me. there's no difference. they have a child. they love that child. they will do what they can to protect that child. >> they need immediate help to do that. in this distant, quiet places, where too many kettles have gone cold. >> these people, women, and children deserve our attention and our time. >> bazi kanani, abc news, niger. >> they deserve our attention.
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thanks to bazi kanani in the hunger zone, and if you feel like you want to help. visit to learn how you can help. up next, this is a real life jurassic park, complete with a moving, breathing t rex. you're at the age r ] where you don't get thrown by curveballs. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to get things done. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action.
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>> when you think new jersey, maybe you think the sop ran os, atlantic city and the shoreline that gave us snooki. you probably don't think hyper sensitive animalistic dinosaurs, but that's exactly what we've found. we'll go inside a prehistoric park. >> reporter: if jurassic park invaded the largest city, it would look like this. a rip-roaring dinosaur park, right across the river from manhattan. the state that has the jersey shore. >> this is "the situation" right here. my abs are so ripped up, we call it "the situation." if this is what happened when the real housewives get angry -- just imagine what this guy would
11:57 pm
do. dinosaurs have been his childhood dream. the park features over 30 anma tronic dinosaurs. so realistic, they move, blink and breathe. >> we've taken over control of their brain and made them a lot smarter. so they follow your motion and they sense when the crowd gets big. >> okay, maybe they're a little too realistic who were scared. >>. [ screaming ] >> it's okay, buddy. while tony soprano's stomping ground might not seem like a dinosaur's natural habitat, the first complete dinosaur skeleton was discovered here in 1800. this is the typical new jersey family 65 million years ago. this is the hatcha saurus, the state dinosaur of new jersey. >> looks different from the sop ran os. >> a little bit. but the same attitude.
11:58 pm
>> he put his own money into the park, and while he wouldn't tell us how much the dinosaurs cost, they were expensive. >> i have maxed out every credit card i have. i have told every asset that i have, everything except my kids' college fund, i've put into this park. >> the dinosaurs were designed by a chinese company and shipped halfway across the world in crates, a whole lot of them. how big is he? >> he's 90 feet long. the largest one that ever walked. >> the park tried to recreate the dinosaurs' natural habitat, that is, if you can block out the new jersey turn pike. >> is that a baby or is that his dinner? >> that's his dinner. this guy dug himself a hole trying to keep himself safe from the predator. >> overall, what kind of experience are you hoping for people to get out of this? >> we are hoping that kids learn some stuff, that they learn how exciting science can be and that they become scientists, maybe
11:59 pm
not professional scientists, but the spirit of inquiry and solving mysteries and exploring the world. >> reporter: jurassic park, it's fot nothing on jersey. >> that looks so cool, but i'm not sure her son will ever forgive her for that. a final note this evening, mitt romney clinge clinched the republican nomination tonight with a win that finally secured the delegates he needs for the nomination. while it won't be official until the republican national convention this summer, tonight mitt romney said he's honored and humbled to be the gop nominee. so bring on the general election. thanks for watching abc news. we hope you check in for "good morning america." sam champion will have the latest on the severe storms causing power outages, tornado warnings up in the northeast. we're always online, jimmy kimmel and up next.


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