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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 30, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning i'm amy hollyfield. you heard about the company's stock going down that is not the only problem facebook is facing. now one of is neighbors is upset and talking about taking facebook to court. details coming up. [ inaudible ]
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good wednesday morning. i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. in oakland a house fire sending flames shoot into the air. katie marzullo joins live from martin luther king way. how is the firefighting effort going? >> reporter: pretty dramatic. i'm going to get out of way so you can watch for yourself. looks like they are getting a handle on it compared to when we got on the scene not more than five minutes ago flames were bright orange shooting out of the second story of this home. now they have enough water on it much more smoke than flame from our advantage point. crews on the scene fighting the fire. you can see from a hose on the ladder truck there are firefighters on the ground shooting water up at the house and firefighters on the roof next door keeping an eye over there i believe i saw them with hoses at one point.
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frances mentioned the area 29th and martin luther king as we drove in the smoke was heavy over the 980 freeway. not a lot of cars on the road at this hour, which is good. you will notice the smoke. the spokesperson for the fire department too busy to talk . i did learn a few things from neighbors. a neighbor hose 16-year-old son woke her -- whose 16-year-old son woke her to alert her to the fire and they called 911. she claims the house is abandoned that is a bit of good news. as far as we can tell from what neighbors are telling us, nobody lived inside the home. firefighters putting up the good fight trying to get out this fire which appears to be if not started, concentrated in the secretary of an old
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victorian in oakland -- in the second story after old victorian in oakland. facebook is taking a beating on wall street expansion plans are doing well in menlo park. city officials are green-lighting the expansion plans which is opposed by neighbors. amy hollyfield is live at facebook headquarters. >> reporter: it was a bittersweet meeting last night for facebook. you could consider it a victory for facebook here in machine low -- here in menlo park. but it appears the fight is not over. the city council did decide to allow facebook to triple its workforce and add buildings to its new campus the mayor saying menlo park is lucky to have facebook. atherton city officials showed up at the meeting they are concerned about increases in traffic and having it back-up
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into their streets. city leaders there are considering taking the issue to court. >> i have to say that we have to do what we think is right for atherton. just as you think you have to do what is right for men low park. >> reporter: some investors are questioning whether facebook should be expanding with the stock price now below $30 for the first time, $38.84, down 24% since its debut some shareholders have filed a lawsuit against the company. all of this while mark zuckerberg and his wife are trying to enjoy their honeymoon in italy. a lot of people have seen them there, people have been tweeting about their whereabouts. you can't help but wonder if the news here has put a damper on their trip. when the stock went public we were allowed to park our van and do our reports on their campus in a parking lot in a safe area where we all had room to do our work.
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today we went over there, security told us, we had to leave. we are not welcome there. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 5:05. in a few hours from now, demonstrators are planning to protest outside chevron headquarters in san ramon. the oil giant is holding a shareholders' meeting this morning. later this afternoon a environmentalist is expected to protest outside the officials in the financial district in solidarity with the protest in san ramon. during previous protests demonstrators called on chevron to cleanup waste left by oil drilling in the amazon in south america. the san francisco ethics commission has decided on rules and format for suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi's hearing on official misconduct charges the meeting lasted six hours and not end until before midnight for the city and mirkarimi spent the bulk of the time haggling over what type of testimony would be
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submitted and by whom. the next meeting is june 19th. >> we have hope we can have it concluded by june. the mayor filed charges before he was ready to prove them. indeed we done think he can prove them at all. at least -- we don't think he can prove them at all. it appears arrangements are being made to have mirkarimi's wife testify by video from venezuela. i-team reporter dan noyes traveled there to interview her. she wants to keep private video taken by a neighbor that shows her crying and pointing to a bruise her husband guy her, by grabbing her arm, during an argument. the commission did not address what it intended to do about that video. a vallejo mother start add online campaign to crackdown on bullying after a student attacked her daughter at school. this video tan by a student
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shows 11-year-old being punched repeatedly last machine by. williams' mother posted the video online and started a petition to create tough new anti-bullying measures. she wants bullies arrested and parents' names released. she is not satisfied with the way the student handled her daughter's case. >> principal said we can't know everything that is going on at all times with these kids. we're not expected to know. i said, yes you are. >> i felt a hand on my shoulder and turned afternoon and i'm being punched. >> bully has been suspended. district official says positive behavior measures have been implemented and no further action will be taken. williams says her daughter didn't know at er. sunnyvale ranks 7th on the list of 10 great cities to
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raise your kids. business and financial magazine credits the low crime rate and metro area's education spending averaging more than $7300, per child, per year. the mayor tells our media partner mercury news that years of long range planning are paying off now. mike has been getting us ready for the warm-up. i guess this saturday it stars. winds -- are in oakland were out of southwest at six, fairly light now calm, shouldn't have to worry about embers causing problems from that house fire. fastest wind fairfield southwest 13, a lot of calm conditions north bay valleys, oakland, livermore everybody else three to seven miles per hour because the sea breeze is slower today we don't get that free air conditioning off the ocean temperatures warm nicely mainly cloudy around the bay
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and coast clear inland at 7:00 with upper 40s to low 50s by noon we jump 30° inland to 77, 70 around the bay at noon, mid 50s at the coast, 4:00 temperatures hit 60 at the coast, mid 70s around the bay, low 80s inland kids heading home coat this morning not during the afternoon by 7:00 we tart to see tapering in the -- we start to see tapering in the temperatures. let's take about allergens. hopefully you won't be sneezing as much as were you over the weekend, high amounts of tree, mold, moderate ragweed. very warm inland, thursday and friday minnie heatwave near 90, l near 90. that's your -day forecast. we have katie marzullo live at the scene of this house fire on 29th street and martin luther king way.
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you want to avoid those streets just near 980 drivers reporting seeing smoke from 980. this is a look from emeryville. we are shooting south and we can see the fire from that advantage point. this is a live shot from katie's camera. she is at the scene will bring us another live report. you can see the the flames and the smoke, the water coming down. i would avoid this area and we are keeping track of freeway traffic in the area so far it is fine, no major problems at least if you are driving on the freeways through oakland. i wanted to mention a couple updates for you, for an accident in the south bay. southbound 101 at the guadalupe parkway still an injury crash on the right hand shoulder earlier accident cleared new injury crash reported this is on miles canyon right now not -- nilse canyon right now not blocking lanes when crews get there it
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could slow things down. another live shot westbound 20 four -- 24 lafayette orinda toward the caldecott tunnel delay-tree towards the bay bridge toll no waiting. 5:11. the newly discovered benefits of aspirin. how it could help cut risk of skin cancer. we'll take you back live to our breaking news. this house fire in oakland martin luther king, jr. way at 29th. katie marzullo is on the scene as firefighters appear to be getting traction. we'll be right back.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. firefighters on the scene of a house fire still burning they seem to be making progress it >> katie marzullo is live at martin luther king way and 29th street what is the latest? >> reporter: it has been interesting to watch this unfold. you can watch with us now. it looks like they are making progress. every time i say that it seems like more flames erupt out of the second story of the we are keeping an eye on it. as you can see the roof, the wood off the top of that roof just fell to the ground as firefighters hit it from above with that whose. -- with that hose. a lot of damage done. we are learning from neighbors this home was abandoned. hopefully, nobody was inside when this happened.
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[ unintelligible ] it has been burning for at least 45 minutes if not longer according to witnesses on the scene. within woman said it was her 16-year-old son who woke her around 4:00 this morning to report the fire they called 911. i talked with another witness who said it was scary how fast it happened. she said she just got to this neighborhood and they inside the house and nothing was going on a second later something incredible was going on. we shot this individual were when we first got on scene 10 minutes ago you can -- we shot this video when we first got on scene minutes ago you can see how hot and big the flames shooting out of the second story possibly attic space at this home on 29th and martin luther king way. frances has been keeping up-to-date on the streets blocked. the smoke was very heavy on
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980 highway you can look for that. the smoke only getting thicker the more the firefighters are able to put out this fire. fewer flames, more smoke. it certainly is too early to know what might have caused this fire. we are here, hoping and waiting to speak with representatives from the fire department to let us know what happened and where this fire started. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 5:16. the new weapon in the fight against skin cancer may be common pain relievers like aspirin. a study finds people who took a low dose everyday for three years were 13% less likely to develop carcinoma and malignant melanoma. >> this is significant if you were to take 100 people who have carcinoma, maybe 15,>yñwoud
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not have gotten it if they were taking a lot of aspirin. >> aspirin suppresses inflammatory pathways blocking a tumor's ability to expand. for some people taking pain relievers can cause serious internal bleeding. breaking news, we check in with mike to see if there are winds around that oakland house fire? >> there was, now they are calm, firefighters shouldn't have weather-related problems getting that fire out. first a few clouds from mount tamalpais, encroaching in on sausalito, looks ominous the way they are ascending out of the hills and the mountains into sausalito not going to live long you can see how shallow the clouds are and how low to the ground the marine layer not deep easy for the sunshine this time of the year to mix that out quickly let's
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talk about temperatures when you step out just updated them still in the upper 40s santa rosa napa los gatos redwood city 49 everybody else in the low to mid 50s monterey bay a few more clouds low to mid 50s inland to salinas gilroy 44° under a clear sky. a lot of sunshine today, tomorrow and friday good news clear and comfortable at night not as warm for the weekend not nearly as told and blustery, if you will, as it was last weekend. temperatures today, can you see the biggest warming trend? look at the areas temperatures well above average livermore seven degrees, napa five, san jose three closer to the bay oakland one degree cooler redwood city and san francisco two degrees cooler. sunrise 5:50 should see most of it if not i will post pictures on facebook,
5:19 am news upper 70s to low it isties in the middle -- 59 at pacifica today, half moon bay 62 daly city sunset low 60s. south san francisco mid 60s upper 60s sausalito low 60s around the coast even though you will see a lot of sun low to mid 80s inland east bay shore upper 60s berkeley and oakland. mid to upper 80s most of the east bay valleys, 80s morgan hill and gilroy low to mid 70s watsonville and santa cruz. 7:15 first pitch conditions, sunny, 63 depositing to 58°. tonight main -- dropping to 58°. tonight mainly cool upper 40s to mid 50s high pressure moving in winds away will sit on top of us thursday and
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friday the core of the warmest air low to mid 60s at the coast near 80 at the bay near 90 inland when you want to turn on the air conditioner breeze returns temperatures drop sunday. more breaking news this time in fremont. we are hearing about a haz-mat situation which has civic center closed between stevenson and walnut near the bart station. the bart station is still accessible. i would avoid that area there could be street closures. near -- nearby on niles canyon injury crash. we don't find slowing at this point. we've been following the breaking news in oakland, we have a house fire. katie marzullo is live still at the scene this is on 29th street where there are street closures at martin luther king way. a lot of smoke has been reported by drivers even on 980 in oakland. the smoke is visible but not
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causing slowing yet. traffic flowing near 60 miles an hour 880 looking good 580, 71 miles an hour, still fine westbound 24 out of the caldecott tunnel. earlier shot still a live shot we don't see smoke and flames any more like we did earlier from our emeryville camera. southbound 101 at 87 still have a crash on the shoulder hasn't been causing delays. 5:21. important news for south bay commuters starting this afternoon, newly installed metering lights along i-280 through downtown san jose will be on. signals briefly hold traffic at on-ramps to provide space between cars merging into freeway lanes the lights will be on in time for this afternoon's commute beginning 3 p.m.. caltrans estimates lights will reduce delays by 6% or for drivers about 30 seconds for your car.
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coming up next, why betting on sports could become illegal or actually let's make that legal in california. cabrera going wild with a a may to remember. ab
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welcome back. state assembly will be considering a senate approved measure that paves wait for sports betting in california. legislation allows casinos and horse racing tracks in the state to get permits to provide betting on football,
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basketball and other sports. backers of the bill expect the federal government to change federal law that prohibits all but four states from allowing sports betting. i'm going to bet on the giants tonight, no money, just the giants are wrapping up their series with lincecum taking the . the giants beat the d-backs 3-1 last night. -- great game, cabrera set a record with his 50th hit in the month of may that passes willie mays who had 49. he got three hits laugh night to lead the giants to victory. -- hits last night to lead the giants to victory. a's let willing ham go in the off-season to save -- money he left for the twins his pay back homer beat the a's 3-2. we had the eclipse the next event is called the transit of venus when venus
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passes in front of the sun as we see from it earth the last transit occurred in 2004 that's what see here. the next won't occur until 21 testify seen, -- 2117. scientists will analyze it to learn more about the chemicals in venus' atmosphere for everybody else it is a cool picture. here's when it is going to happen, the transit will begin 3:09 in the afternoon june 5th. it will finish at 9:49. >> again, don't stare at the sun too much it will hurt your eyes. >> there are other ways to do it. [ unintelligible ] next, two breaking news stories. house fire in oakland. and a haz-mat investigation underway in fremont. big warming trend from the
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low to mid 60s along the coast into san francisco, mid 70s bay shore upper 70s to mid 80s inland total sunshine today. traveling the lower 48, a little cooler along the canadian coast seat 66, minneapolis 61 boston 78, low to -- low to mid 80s d.c. and new york near 90 atlanta and dallas near 100 phoenix. airports on time. flight tracker graduation, huh ? crazy, right ? well, with this droid razr by motorola on verizon 4g lte, you guys can stay in touch. ( grunts ) cool. you can video call on skype... send photos. yeah, okay. yeah, let's do it. get $100 off any motorola 4g lte smartphone,
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like the droid 4 now just $99.99. verizon.
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>> announcer: right now bragging -- breaking news. good morning i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. firefighters still on the scene of a house fire. >> crews appear to be making progress. katie marzullo is live on the scene itch >> reporter: i just talked with the chief on the scene.
5:30 am
-- we are only seeing this from the front of the house when you go further down the street and look at the side of the house you can see there are still flare-ups out of the roof of the back of the house i can see one here beyond this tree on the left side of the house. here's what the battalion chief told me, it is a vacant house. however, there was somebody staying, living, squatting, not sure in the basement that man was able to get out safely as fire crews arrived. the fire department can be on the defensive mode and there's no need to go in quickly and risk life or limb of their firefighters. they let it run through the attic and keep bombarding it with water through the windows. another interesting fast set, it is so boarded up inside the
5:31 am
chief told me the reason you are seeing the flare-ups is they can tackle the flames in one section then they can't get into the next section because it is divided up by boards that's why the occasional flare-up as they get through each segment of the house. a lot of neighbors watching this unfold. one woman told us how scary she thinks this is. >> very scary. i was just here -- [ unintelligible ]h8[3t >> reporter: a lot of folks sharing that sentiment. the first call did come in at 4:15 at martin luther king way and 29th boulevard. we believe smoke is impacting the 980 freeway in this area. it has been a long fight, crews are making progress. again, since nobody was inside at the time, they've been able to take their time and defensively go after this fire
5:32 am
and go slow and steady and make sure they get it completely out. katie marzullo, abc7 news. we are following breaking news in fremont. firefighters are on the scene of a haz-mat situation near the kaiser campus. authorities responded to an initial call of a suicide attempt near the arch stone apartments some type of chemical was released civic center drive closed between walnut and stevenson while the investigation continues. people are being told to avoid that area. amy hollyfield is on the way to the scene. she will bring us live report soon. caltrain holds public hearing tonight to discuss adding more trains to their schedule. proposal to add six more each weekday and modify timetable will be presented at the hearing. caltrain held similar hearings a year ago about cutting services.
5:33 am
the trains are being added because one-time funding sources were found to balance the budget. the directors will vote june 7th, on a budget which may include adding
5:34 am
traded to the sabercats this month and showed promise immediately he scored three touchdowns saturday. monday night a teammate found his body. his fans are stunned. >> he was on a major roll, coming up learning the offensive scheme and the city. >> a lot of the sabercats they come around here, around this area and you talk to them like they are your neighbor or somebody that is a good friend. >> so far authorities are not sailing what caused kirton's death. new poll out showing california voters continue to back governor brown's call for higher taxes to cut the deficit but distrust of state government could erode that support. new poll shows 59% of those surveyed would support the governor's plan with spending cuts, 36% oppose. when it was suggested to likely vote there's lawmakers could spend the new revenue on things other than schools and
5:35 am
public safety only 50% support the initiative. 42% say they would vote against it. golden state warriors plan to return to san francisco by the 2017 season could be costly. they could still be on the hook for up to 70 million dollars to help pay back bonds used to renovate the arena in the 90s. under the warriors' lease if the team pulls out for any reason, before the construction bonds are retired in 2026 they still owe the money that's the city's stance. the new owners appear to take a position they are only libel for payments until the lease runs out. don't let the grey fool you later on it going to heat up. >> definitely. right now not much wind. >> good news for those firefighters in oakland winds still calm there as they in livermore, novato, napa and
5:36 am
santa rosa. the rest of our winds less than 10 miles per hour, fairfield 13 minimal marine layer clouds lurking making a late push to the east right now by 7:00, mostly cloudy and temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. clouds go back to the coast by 10:00, noon clearing along the coast mid to upper 50s heading out for lunch at half moon bay and san francisco mid 60s san rafael and oakland low to mid 70s everywhere else except upper 70s. by 4:00, you need the coat in the morning don't in the afternoon maybe at the coast 60 half moon bay, 63 san francisco, 66 oakland low to mid 70s bay shore upper 70s mid 80s inland 7:00 temperatures down to the mid to upper 50s half moon bay and san francisco 60 oakland, 64 san rafael, 65 palo alto, 67
5:37 am
fremont everybody else in the 70s. today just the beginning of a warming trend that peaks tomorrow and friday near 90 inland 80 around the bay low to mid 60s at the coast go there for cooling all of us get breezy weather saturday extra clouds temperatures start dropping through the weekend. update on traffic. breaking news in fremont, haz-mat situation civic center drive closed near the kaiser permanente building between stevenson and walnut avenue closed a block to the fremont bart station, bart station still accessible, still open i would avoid the surrounding streets in the area, if you can. we are seeing problems westbound 84, niles canyon road injury crash blocking lanes westbound. you might want to consider 680 as a possible alternate. other breaking news is this
5:38 am
house fire in oakland where katie marzullo is live at the scene. 29th street closed at martin luther king, jr. way. this is right next to 980. we have this live shot, looking towards the fire. you can still see smoke right here so this is live and you can also see that 980 traffic behind it is flowing well. drivers are seeing the smoke but it is not slowing anyone down. this is westbound 580 traffic heading towards the bay bridge. that will give you some perspective of the shot. you can see the water coming down on the fire. also, 24 flowing well westbound. new stall reported eastbound approaching the caldecott tunnel that could cause delays there is only one -- >> we continue to follow the oakland fire and fremont haz-mat with frances and reporters on the scene. 5:38. >> the death toll rises in
5:39 am
italy following yesterday's strong quake northwest of bologna. firefighters continue to battle a huge wildfire in new mexico. the largest in state history.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. thanks for joining us this morning at least 17 people are dead following yesterday's morning's quake in northern
5:42 am
italy. the magnitude 5.8 quake was centered north of bologna, 350 people were injured and estimated 14,000 people are homeless many of them living in tents now. the ground hasn't stopped rumbling since a more powerful quake battered that region may 20th, leaving seven dead. more than 800 aftershocks large and small have been reported in an area not known for seismic activity. massive wildfire burning in new mexico has become the largest in the state's history. the lightning-caused fire has burned several homes and scorched more than 153,000 acres. fires say their first priority is to protect lives then property. there's concern about flooding and mudslides later. staying connected, more people are wiring their bathrooms with technology. we have the bloomberg business report coming up. >> spend a lot of time in there. >> students at a marin
5:43 am
elementary school try to make a mark on the environment by convincing crayola to go green. >> reporter: mitt romney locks up the nomination. it is donald trump grabbing headlines. i'm tahman bradley with the story, coming up.
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are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyo recognition. fibeone. welcome back. 5:46. warmer wednesday at leave in the afternoon 80s inland 60s
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around the bay, a lot of low to mid 70s and low to mid 60s along the coast into downtown san francisco. live doppler over the last three hours nothing showing up over california. let's move on and talk about the forecast for today. eureka cool 58 no rain low to mid 90s through the central valley sun tahoe and big sur mid 70s upper 70s l.a., comfortable upper 60s san diego check out the scorcher century mark in palm springs 101. here's kristen. 5:46. mitt romney has a cash call on the pricey peninsula town of hillsborough tonight. he will be headlining a $50,000 a plate dinner. with a win in the texas primary he has enough delegates to win the republican party's nomination. tahman bradley says romney will focus on fundraising and
5:47 am
try to deal with another nagging problem, donald trump. >> reporter: mitt romney should be savoring victory but donald trump may be spoiling his party. that was trump speaking at a fundraiser for romney last night less than 24 hours after romney reached the up in of delegates needed to win the nomination his campaign is facing tough questions about how to handle donald trump, once again alleging president obama was not born in the u.s., more than a year after the president released his hawaii birth certificate. >> a lot of people did not think it was authentic. >> how can you say that? >> you did not report it wolf, many people do not think it was authentic. >> donald, you are beginning to sound a little ridiculous. >> i think you are wolf. >> reporter: as romney spends the day raising campaign money in california some republicans stay trump's claim threatens to uncut the seriousness of the romney campaign and opens the candidate up to attacks
5:48 am
he's not willing to stand up to members of his own party. >> the cost of appearing with this believe ing ignoramus is obvious, it seems -- bloviating ignoramus is obvious it seems to me. >> reporter: romney only said in >> i don't agree with all the people who support me. >> reporter: the white house called the trump birther issue nonsense. asked by abc news if trump would want a speaking role at the gop convention a trump spokesman said if he does participate the event would be very exciting. tahman bradley, abc7 news. planned parenthood officials say they fire add employee caught on video helping a woman plan an abortion if her baby was a girl. a san jose-based pro-life group called live action release -- released a video of it happening. a woman tells the staffer she wants to know her baby's sex
5:49 am
and why. >> then which would want to schedule try to schedule an ultrasound with an ob around then and then i would be able to come back here for a termination if it is a girl planned parenthood says besides firing the employee it is retraining its staff. the video was released to coincide with tomorrow's house vote on banning so-called sex selection abortion. san jose same-sex marriage debate comes up at a public hearing this afternoon. mayor reed's unwillingness to back rights for same-sex couples has sparked a petition drive calling for the city to endorse it. he has opposed the backing of a challenge to prop 8. this year he refused to sign on in support of a bipartisan effort by mayors to endorse the freedom of same-sex couples to marry. this morning the nimitz is set to depart san francisco bay it arrived sunday for the
5:50 am
bridge's 75th anniversary celebration. the aircraft carrier sun largest warships in the world. it will head back to home port in everett, washington. >> it is one of the largest, there are nine others just like it. they are the largest fleet of ships like that. >> not that it would matter there's no small craft advisory today like there has been the last week. >> nice for the graduations. >> graduations continue today. leland high in san jose, 3 p.m. today dress for the warm it will be a gorgeous day, sunshine, warm 84° with that cap and gown on especially if it is a darker color it may feel a little warmer, congratulations to all seen jurors at leland high. four more graduation forecasts coming up in the next couple of weather hits. beautiful picture from mount sutro some clouds around mount
5:51 am
diablo in the distance you can see yellows and oranges already looks warmer. it is not question, it will be. upper 40s santa rosa, napa, redwood city and los gatos the rest of us in the low to mid 50s, 44 gilroy the rest of the monterey bay inland to salinas, low to mid 50s, sunny and warmer today tomorrow and friday, clear and comfy at night that's the good news, no matter how hot during the day it will be nice you can open the windows overnight. not as warm, breezes come back for saturday and sunday and they will probably spill into next week. as far as today, two degrees warmer in oakland, three in san francisco, con -- concord 83, fremont 7, san jose 80, seven and eight degrees warmer than yesterday, 14 hours and 35 phefpbs sunshine, a minute more than yesterday. -- cloud cover making that
5:52 am
late push like yesterday and just like yesterday back to the coast by 10:00 a real quick retreat from 10:00 on you can see clouds dissipating along the coast where it will be slightly breezy not like it has been 60s, 70s, 80s from the coast to inland. inland areas east bay valleys mid to upper 80s most neighborhoods. low to mid 70s shoreline berkeley and -- upper 70s closer to the bay water inland more and less of a flu wednesday low 80s upper 70s to -- low 80s. upper 50s to low 60s along the coast mid 60s downtown and south san francisco 80s throughout the north bay valleys 20° cooler at your beaches. 74 santa cruz, 84 in gilroy. one last forecast, giants game going for a sweep of the diamondbacks sunny and cool, 63 at 7:15 dropping down to
5:53 am
58. you want 90s? there they are inland thursday and friday near 80 around the bay comfortable at the coast low to mid 60s 10 to 15° cooler by sunday and into monday. have a great day. we have better news now in the earlier accidents. the ones on niles canyon cleared as well southbound 101 in san jose and eastbound 24 photo the caldecott tunnel good news -- breaking news in fremont haz-mat situation has civic center closed between stevenson and walnut a block from the bart station, give yourself extra time the station is open but you will need to work around the closure. also, you heard katie marzullo live at the scene of this house fire martin luther king way closed now between 31st and 27th. smoke was visible from the freeways it didn't cause slowing on 980 through oakland or 880 or 580 good news.
5:54 am
mass transit systems reporting no major delays once again on the n judah from muni shutdown due to construction bus shuttles in place live shot of the bay bridge toll, elsewhere typical, no delays at the toll plaza right now. 5:54. >> john nation's largest airlines is facing a dis-- one of the nation's largest airlines is facing a discriminatory lawsuit. apple online store is closed now so possible sign of change. here's jane king. good morning. apple's chief exec tim cook says television is an area of intense focus for the company. saying at a conference he expects iphones will be made in the u.s. some day and he also says stay tuned apple -- facebook's co-founder mark zuckerberg no longer one of the world's 40 richest people
5:55 am
facebook shares dropped again yesterday shares have fallen 24% making it the worst performing large ipo in the past decade. united continental accused of racial discrimination, 22 black pilots alleges it offers minority employees fewer opportunities for upper management than whites. as for trading higher close for stocks yesterday on speculation greece may stick with the euro instead of -- in spite of all its debt problems. bathrooms are going high-tech with steam showers with built-in speakers, medicine cabinets with integrated tv's and toy lets with mp3 docking stations. near 3/4 of americans use their -- cell phones in the bathroom. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report.
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markers may come in a rainbow of colors but a group of marin kids wants crayola to go green. students at sun valley elementary in san rafael are urging the company to recycle the half billion markers it produces each year and make them with more recyclable materials the children have a you an tube video and petition drive. crayola says it already uses bottle caps and solar energy but welcomes new ideas. 19-year-old pleasanton woman joining an elite group of americans chosen to carry the torch for this year's london olympic games. sarah williams and 21 other americans will head for great britain this summer she will carry the torch july 9th, through the ton of buckingham prior to the july 27th opening of the games. running with the torch is her reward for starting a project that made fleece blankets for foster children.
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we are following two breaking news stories. police and firefighters on the scene of a haz-mat situation in fremont. we'll take you there live. first flames, now smoke pouring out of the roof of this oakland home. katie marzullo is on the scene and will have the latest in a live report, coming up next.
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