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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 30, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> announcer: right now breaking news. good morning. just about 6:00, thank you for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. we are following two breaking news situations both in the east bay. >> first live to katie marzullo who has been at the scene of an oakland house fire all morning. >> reporter: the first fire crew is just going inside this burned out house. you can see behind us one firefighter going up the stairs there are some on the third floor of this house just being able to get in after more than an hour long firefighter. this home was abandoned which meant a lot of ply -- plywood inside which meant the fire was burning big and hot you can see from this video we shot when we got on the scene flames shooting out of that third story. the third story was an attic space some had been converted into a living space the chief tells me they believe the fire started on the second or third
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floor. turns out, even though the house was abandoned there was a man in the basement when the fire broke out he's okay he was able to get out on his own without being injured which is surprising because the battalion chief believe the fire was burning for a long time before crews arrived before they go the call around 4:15 this morning. he explained what that tells them about this fire. >> typically, if the fire is that big before we get here and it is an occupied building that makes us a little suspicious. in this case since it was vacant it would have had time to build before anyone noticed there was no one up in those floors. >> reporter: as far as who noticed it within neighbor tells me it was her six -- noticed it, one neighbor tells me it was her 16-year-old son who woke her and they called 911. back out here live again, the crews have moved into the
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clean-up, mop-upstage you can see water running from the inside of that -- that house as they make sure there are no hot spots and that they get everything cleaned up. the chief says they will be out for several hours. katie marzullo, abc7 news. other story, haz-mat situation in fremont has shutdown a street downtown, amy hollyfield is live on civic center drive. >> reporter: the haz-mat threat is a container of hydrogen sulfate which you can make from household items, a woman had hit in her car parked in the parking structure that you see that garage sits under an apartment complex. firefighters just now figured out what it is and determined it is only a threat in a confined space no one is at risk right now. at first, all they had was a hand written note that said it was poisonous gas. -- they called for a shelter in place until they could
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figure out what it was. now that they've figured out the threat, they are going to blow it out with fans probably going to take another hour. they say as it dissipates it isn't toxic. they are going to keep people from going in that garage for another hour until they can get the gas safely dissipated -- dissipated. the woman in the car did die. she left a note. fires are presuming at this point it was the chemicals that killed her and this was a suicide. we are at civic center drive and walnut in fremont this will be shutdown, this area will be closed and the people living in this apartment complex will not be allowed in that garage for probably another hour. there are businesses on the first floor that officials think those businesses should be able to open without problems. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:03. new this morning, caltrans says it is planning on contacting outside expert safety of the new bay bridge.
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the sacramento bee reports the agency is making the move to ease concerns over the safety of the bridge foundation. over the weekend it was reported the contractor failed to disclose tests showing a large section of the concrete in the foundation is poor or soft the new bay bridge set to open in 2013. starting this afternoon, new metering light along i-280 through downtown san jose will be turned on. the signals briefly hold traffic at on-ramps to provide space between cars merging on to freeway lanes the lights will be on in time for this afternoon's commute beginning at 3 p.m.. caltrans estimates the metering lights will reduce overall traffic delays by 6%, or 30 seconds per car. the menlo park city council eric -- >> has voted to approve facebook expansion plans against objections of atherton officials. billing a new 22 acre campus.
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a tunnel connecting both campuses that could add 6,000 more employees on top of the current 3500. atherton officials say they may challenge the project in court to keep traffic from backing up into their city. >> facebook stock fell to a new low closing $28.84 a share the stock has dropped 24% below initial public offering price of $38 a share, a week and a half ago. on paper, mark zuckerberg, the ceo has lost 1 1/2 billion dollars. in a couple of hours from now, demonstrators are planning to protest outside chevron in san ramon the oil giant is holding a shareholders' meeting. later this afternoon a group is expected to protest outside the offices in san francisco's financial district in solidarity with the protest in san ramon. during previous protests demonstrators call on chevron to cleanup waste left by oil
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drilling in the amazon in south america. san francisco police looking for the person who attacked a man at the city's carnival festival over the weekend. investigators say somebody attacked a 48-year-old man saturday following a disagreement police say attacker hit the victim with some sort of weapon knocking him in the ground the victim is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries attacker is believed to be 50-years-old. anyone with information is asked to contact police. ethics commission has decided on the rules and format on suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi's hearing. last night's meeting lasted six hours and did not end until shortly before midnight. attorneys for the city and for mirkarimi spent the bulk of the time haggling over what type of testimony would be submitted and by whom. the next meeting scheduled for june 19th. >> we are hopeful we can have it concluded by the end of june it should have been concluded by now the mayor
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filed charges before he was ready to prove them. we don't think he can prove them at all at least we'll get a chance to establish that before the end of the month of june. >> it appears arrangements are being made tof have mirkarimi's wife eliana lopez testify by video from venezuela the mother sigh list who crashed -- the mother saoeublg -- 101 has died. a chp officer tried to stop the motorcyclist for speeding that's when investigators say he started a chase moments later the man crashed flew off his motorcycle over the side of the ramp on to the freeway below. investigation underway in the central valley after a small plane made an emergency landing in a field yesterday in manteca in san joaquin county, the pilot says the engine blew in mid flight forcing him to make the
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landing. no injuries the propeller of the plane landed on the roof of a nearby home. sunnyvale has been named one of america's best cities for raising children it ranked 7th on the list of 10 great cities to raise your kids. the magazine credits the low crime rate and metro area's education spending averaging more than $7300 per child, per year. the mayor says years of long range planning are paying off. 6:08. across the bay area you can reward yourselves for your childcaring abilities by getting out and enjoying the sun. >> especially with the warmer temperatures. >> expect to see a lot of people pushing strollers making taking walks this afternoon. some of us have been waiting for that. right now if you are leaving the house upper 40s santa rosa, napa, redwood city, los gatos everybody else in the low to mid 50s.
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7:00 hour marine layer clouds reestablish themselves noon upper 70s 30° warmer inland 70 around the bay and mid 50s at the coast comfortable if you are going to sit outside for the lunch hour. 4:00 heading back home 81 inland 74 around the bay, 60 at the coast. 57 during the evening. probably want to take a coat around theíj$ér bay mid 60s will drop to 74 inland by 7:00. high amounts of tree and grass, moderate amounts of mold and ragweed. look at heat for tomorrow, also friday near 90 -- 80 around the bay, coast low to mid 60s sea breeze returns temperatures drop four to six degrees saturday that will keep falling through the weekend. good morning. you heard amy and katie about the street closures in fremont and oakland.
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i would avoid that. freeway traffic now good even though we've had a few early morning injury accidents. bay bridge toll minor back-up for the cash paying lanes metering lights haven't been turned on yet. live shot of the north bay, headlights on southbound 101 here looking good past the lucas valley exit towards 580 and also down to the golden gate bridge this morning. also head to the south bay an easy ride through the 280 and 17 interchange is northbound 280 here for headlights heading towards cupertino and that's delay-free. also, with the waze traffic map we are seeing typical delays westbound 205 out of tracy on to westbound 580 through the altamont pass around 29 miles an hour. of course you can get the latest by going to 6:10. day eight of the juror
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deliberations in the john edwards corruption trial. the scolding the judge gave jurors as the former presidential candidate waits to learn his fate. new apology from former college stew didn't getting ready to serve a -- student getting ready to serve a jail sentence for spying on his roommate. >> intense flames rip through a home this morning, these are earlier pictures seems as though firefighters have the upper hand now. katie marzullo will give us an update at 6:30.
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welcome back. nato says a homemade bomb has killed one of its service members in afghanistan earlier today in the southern part of the country. nato is not providing further details, including the nationality of the service member who was killed. so far in 2012, 173 nato service members have been killed in afghanistan. day eight of juror deliberations continuing today in the john edwards corruption trial. there's still doesn't appear to be a sign of a verdict. this is video of edwards arriving at court yesterday in north carolina. tuesday the judge scolded jurors and reminded them not to discuss the trial in small groups or outside a jury room. it is not clear what led the judge to issue the warning. former rutgers university student getting ready to serve
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a 30 day jail sentence following the suicide of his roommate is apologizing. dharun ravi said he never had anti-gay bias towards tyler clementi. he says he accepts responsible for actions. he set up a webcam to spy on clementi. ravi will start his 30 day sentence tomorrow. looking similar to yesterday morning but it going to feel different today, right? warmer weather on the way this is some of the warm invection clouds rolling in no flight arrival delays into sfo yet. vista high in san jose 4:30 today, sunny mild 78°. not as warm as your neighbor down to the south with that we talked about last time vista high congratulations to the
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graduating seniors. gunderson high in san jose, 6:00 today sunny, mild, 77° congratulations to the seniors. now what is going on in san jose, partly cloudy to almost clear clouds aren't everywhere beautiful pic downtown san francisco, i just updated temperatures los gatos, redwood city, all of the north bay valleys in the mid to upper fourties everybody else in the low to mid 50s -- around the monterey bay salinas clouds low to mid 50s clear 43 gilroy all sun and warmer weather today, tomorrow and friday. clear and comfortable at night. not as warm, sea breezes come back saturday and they drop our temperatures all the way through the weekend into next week our warmest weather today through friday. livermore 84°, seven degrees
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warmer than yesterday, napa five, san jose three. closer to the bay and you notice temperatures are going to be a little cooler than average oakland one degree redwood city san francisco two degrees. low 80s around san jose to cupertino. 68 millbrae, mid 70s throughout the peninsula, upper 50s to low 60s along the coast mid 60s downtown south san francisco low to mid 80s through the north bay valleys low 60s at your beaches cooler there, 67 berkeley, low to mid 70s elsewhere inland to the east bay mainly mid to upper 80s walnut creek and dublin 82. 7:15 first pitch -- low 90s inland thursday and friday 80 around the bay low to 60s at
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the coast temperatures drop 10 to 15° by sunday, a few for monday and tuesday. dry all seven days of the forecast. new crash in oakland north 880 on the market street off-ramp big rig involved two areas where we have breaking news civic center drive closed between stevenson and walnut amy hollyfield saying they are going to keep it close for another hour or so if you are heading to the bart station only a away you might want to drive around give yourself extra time the bart station is open. also, house fire in oakland katie marzullo was there and she was telling us there are street closures, martin luther king, jr. way closed between 31st and 27th. avoid that. freeway traffic fine, even though we've seen a lot of smoke from the freeway still looking good 580 and on 24. mass transit systems reporting no delays. ongoing construction for muni at church and dubose the
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n judah line has been shutdown and it will remain closed until june 4th. there are bus shuttles that will take to you van ness then you can hop on the muni metro from there. live shot of the bay bridge toll, metering lights on back-up towards west grand, no trouble across the golden gate bridge 6:20 now. coming up, fire crews are making their way ton -- their way on to and into a home this morning. historic night at at&t park as cabrera celebrated a milestone.
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. the state assembly will be considering a senate approved measure that paves wait for sports betting in california. the -- legislation allows casinos and horse racing tracks to get a permit to provide betting on football, basketball and other sports. golf superstar tiger woods quietly stopped here in the bay area he played a quick practice yesterday at the olympic club in san francisco that's where the upcoming u.s. open will be played in two weeks. woods didn't stay in the bay area for long he's now in dublin, ohio for this week's memorial tournament. the giants wrap up their series against the diamondbacks tonight with lincecum taking the . giants beat the d-backs -- 3-1 last night melky cabrera set a
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record with his 50th hit that passes willie mays who had 49, his batting average is 376 leading the league. in minnesota willingham came up with a walk-off three run homer to beat his former teammates in the bottom of the 9th they let him go in the off-season to save money and this was his pay back, final 3-2, minnesota. >> that's a heartbreak. 6:25. following two breaking news stories now, a big fire swept through an oakland house we've been bringing you pictures all morning long and we are going to give you the latest when we take you back live to the scene. >> reporter: breaking news in fremont, haz-mat situation has forced closure of streets and parking garage. i'll have all the details coming up. details of our forecast, warmer today even from the coast to inland where we have
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62 at half moon bay and sunshine, 69 oakland to mid 80s as you head inland. around the country today, 66 seattle, 80 denver, 101 phoenix 80s and 90s along the east coast 78 boston. none of the major airports, none of our local airports regional airports any of 'em are reporting delays. flight tracker when they do happen at the @ @aaaaaaaaaaaapawltlt
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> announcer: right now breaking news. good wednesday morning 6:30 thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. fire crews have just about put out a huge fire that tore through an oakland home this morning. >> katie marzullo has been reporting live from the scene all morning. are joining us with another update. >> reporter: i'm happy to report the fire is well out you can see for yourself the crews have gone inside i can see one firefighter up on that third story with an attic with converted living space you can hear chainsaws sporadically cleanup underway they have a lot of work ahead. take a look at flame from earlier this morning when we arrived. this is a three story house, again that third story supposedly an attic converted to living space, battalion chief tells me they are confident the fire started in the second floor which would
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have been the main floor or that third floor. the house was abandoned no one technically was living on those second or third floors there was a man staying in the basement, no details on whether or not he was there legally, he was age to get out okay just -- he was able to get out just as crews were arriving the chief says it seems like the fire was burping quite a while before they got here the first -- burning quite a while before they got here the chief says that's what you would expect when you have an an donned house. >> it has been -- vacant so the fire can run more easily than in an opened secure building. vacant buildings, you get fire -- the fire builds at a more rapid rate. >> reporter: it was 4:15 when firefighters got the 911 call from one of the neighbors a woman tells me her 16-year-old
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son who first heard smelled or saw the fire and woke her. because the house is abandoned firefighters took their time and took a defensive stance in fighting this fire cleanup now underway they believe they will be out here for several more hours this morning. katie marzullo, abc7 news. our other breaking news story. a hazardous material situation shutdown part of a fremont neighborhood all morning is beginning to clear at this hour. amy hollyfield is live at the scene with new developments. >> reporter: hydrogen sulfate is the toxic substance they are dealing with found inside a car parked in the parking garage here which is under an apartment complex. officials got the call 1:30 this morning a man found his wife in the car unresponsive and she left a note saying the container was full of poisonous gas. officials issued a smell ter in place until they could
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figure out what the substance was. now they know, they are trying to safely get rid of it. >> apparently it can be concocted from household products. it is highly tox six in a confined area like a closed car. -- toxic -- it dissipates quickly and becomes inert. they are currently blowing out the garage with fans. you get a rotten egg odor but it is harmless and we hope to have the road open and the apartment complex open within the hour. >> reporter: they do have fans going now in that garage. there are a few businesses on the first level of this apartment complex. they think they should be able to open up this morning without problems. right now they are still wanting to keep people clear from that garage. they are about to open this northbound side of civic center plaza at walnut in fremont. this area is starting to open up you shouldn't have problems if you want to get through.
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people who have cars in that garage are being allowed out with an escort. that garage will be closed for the morning maybe throughout the afternoon they have to wait for the coroner to get here and do -- amy hollyfield, abc7 news. the search for missing -- let's start with this. new this morning the uss iowa, these are live pictures of it heading for what will probably be its final home. the iowa, the world war ii era battleship left richmond saturday and is now pulling into the port of long beach, it is going to be turned into a museum. the iowa one of four battleships the missouri, wisconsin, new jersey, all helping to bring the allies to victory in the pacific in world war ii. there she is great lady going to her new home. >> the port of los angeles. good deal. the search for missing 15-year-old sierra lamar is scheduled to resume this morning in morgan hill.
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family members say they are not giving up hope even though police have arrested a 21-year-old hand for her hurt. antolin garcia-torres is due to return to court tomorrow don't a plea. dive teams have been checking lakes and reservoirs but her body has not been found. she disappeared march 16th. police in livermore investigating a home invasion robbery that happened yesterday, robbers forced their way into a home bound the two inside and covered their heads. the victims are said to be honors of a local casino. livermore police are calling this an isolated incident. anyone with information is asked to contact police. sunnyvale police say they found no evidence of foul play in a hotel room where an up and coming sabercats football player was found dead monday. johnie kirton's death leaves his teams and fans shocked.
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the 26-year-old was just traded to the sabercats this month and showed great promise. he scored three touchdowns saturday. monday night a teammate found his body. fans are stunned. >> he was on a major role coming up, learning the offensive scheme and learning the city. >> a lot of the sabercats they come around here around this area and you talk to them like they are your neighbor or somebody that is a good friend. >> so far, authorities are not saying what caused kirton's death. vallejo mother has star add online campaign to crackdown on bullying after a student attacked -- attacked her daughter at school. this video tan by a student shows the 11-year-old -- a 6th grader punched repeatedly last month by an 8th grader at hogan middle school. her mother posted the video online and started a petition
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to create tough new anti-bullying measures. >> the warriors may have to pay tens of millions to east bay to move back to san francisco by the 2017 season. the chronicle reports east bay officials believe the team would still be on the hook for up to 70 million dollars to help pay back bonds used to renovate the arena in the 90s. the new owners appear to take the position they are only libel -- liable for payments until the lease runs out in 2017. time for the weather. grey skies out there i figure by 2, 3 this afternoon you are not going to see grey skies any more. >> good morning. good news even with cloud cover no flight arrival delays into san francisco o -- into sfo, oakland or san jose.
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high pressure moving over top of us that's why we are going to have warmer weather today. cloud cover still here through 7:00, upper 40s to low 50s, light jacket weather bay noon, look how quickly we warm and how quickly the clouds retreat back to the coast mid to upper 70s inland by noon with low to mid 70s, palo alto, fremont into the south bay, still cool along the coast in san francisco, mid to upper 50s, mid 60s san rafael and oakland lunchtime temperatures 4:00 total sun everywhere low to mid 60s, half moon bay san francisco oakland santa cruz low to mid 70s the rest of the bay shore upper 70s mid 80s inland then you might need the jacket around the bay with 60s at 7:00 50s out of the coast still holding on to 70s inland. high amounts of tree, grass, moderate amounts of mold and ragweed still lower than what it was a couple days ago. heat peaks tomorrow and friday especially inland near 90 near
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80 afternoon bait you want heat relief head to the coast comfortable -- low to mid 60s sea breeze comes back temperatures drop four to six degrees saturday continues through the weekend. we start off with a live shot of the bay bridge toll, even though metering lights have been on it hadn't backed up too much just towards westbound for some lanes. it has been a little lighter than normal. we'll check out westbound 80 as you head through berkeley for headlights near university. there's some slowing where you are slightly under the speed limit right now drive time 20 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. another live shot in san jose, no delays at all on northbound 101 here as you head towards santa clara and sunnyvale in is 880 southbound heading through the downtown to the downtown area you can see traffic flowing well in both directions. we've had early morning injury crashes and breaking news as
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well, but at least no major delays on the freeways if you are in san francisco now we are hearing that southbound the great highway is closed due to sand removal between lincoln way and sloot with the less windy conditions hopefully it will open up again today. 6:40. trading underway on wall street. we'll have a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. down 136 points on the dow. mitt romney is getting ready for his bay area visit. the palatial setting for tonight's fundraising vent. forget california dreaming, how about california . late night quake
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a change today from this morning 40s and 50s to the 60s along the coast san francisco and oakland 70s around the bay shore 80s inland total sunshine as far as state quiet last three hours on live doppler not a radar return to be found low to mid 90s through the central valley mid to upper 70s tahoe, big sur and l.a., 101 the warm spot in palm springs today.wa) 85 if you are heading to yosemite. safe travels! l4ñ time to check in with joh
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elliot for a look at what is coming up on "good morning america" >> what is new? were an absolutely beautiful baby. and just because you may not have come out nine pounds 13 odds like jessica simpson's little baby. >> i was half that. what about you? >> if your producers could put >> uh-oh he's speechless. major security breachmtl at lindbergh field, san diego's airport man out of jail walks on to a plane no nickel, no pat-down the way he snuck through has -- set off alarms across the land. we'll have the latest. audio and video evidence to suggest there is a feud
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brewing between two of the biggest stars in all the world. madonna vs. lady gaga a celebrity death patch to be sure. find out what madonna said if you remember, we introduced you to one of this interlope said he was the most ridiculously photogenic guy he has a companion. she has gone viral she is here to face our caps -- cameras live. we have a tyrannosaurus rex in times square i've done 40 minutes of tv today that i don't believe and did it you have to tune in to find out. jive to be more careful what i treat with. >> no way, keep it coming. >> she was half that weight, i was twice that weight so it evens out in the end. >> i was eight times that weight, who are we kidding?
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>> and you both turned out great. >> what a diplomat she is. 6:47. mitt romney comes to hillsborough tonight to raise funds for presidential campaign he lab continuing a republican fundraiser tonight at the chateau hosted by billionaire investor charles bartlett-johnson he has enough delegates to the get the nomination. wikileaks chief is one step closer to being extradited to sweden following a new ruling by britain's supreme court. this is video from early this morning showing a small group of assange's supporters he's wanted in sweden on rape and molestation charges. he has been fighting the extradition process the court calling the process legal today his defense is vowing to fight on. new this morning, -- >> death toll continues to climb in italy following a
6:48 am
deadly quake the 5.8 quake hit yesterday north of bologna -- we have new video showing extent of the damage in modena, 350 people are injured and 14,000 are homeless. many of them are living in tent cities. a lot of los angeles county residents are arriving to work this morning they will be talk about the quake that shook their area last night 4.0 quake struck at 10:14 here's a look at the seismograph from our sister station in l.a., the quake was centered in the ocean 30 miles southwest of malibu callers felt it in west l.a., marina delray and santa monica as authorities say there were no reports of damage or injuries. the dow is digging itself a triple digit hole this morning. >> jane king live from the
6:49 am
new york stock exchange what is going on? hello, good morning. we don't often talk about the bond market, lately it hat been one of the most interesting things going. we have something happening with treasuries that is worth noting, investors absolutely snapping up the 10 year bond this morning. this is a flight to safety and it is driving net yields to a new record low, gold, moving lower amid glowing concerns about debt problems in countries like spain and greece. home sales pending comes out in 10 minutes that could impact the trading day here's the way we look so far dow down more than 100 points, s&p and nasdaq down more than 1% bloomberg index lower. we are watching facebook shares again today they are a little higher up 1 1/2%. they were down 9% yesterday. bloomberg data shows the stock would have to fall another 20%
6:50 am
to be valued in the same range as other companys that do business over the internet. disney hoping new carsland will be more than a drive-thru, adventure park has lagged in attendance. the expansion based on the film "cars" opens june 15th. disney owns abc, parents of abc7, i'm jane king, bloomberg news. we have more graduations today in the bay area, that weather is going to warm up for them. absolutely next couple of days gorgeous a lot of sun not as breezy maybe a little warmer wearing that cap and gown that's tomorrow and friday. outside today we have fingers of fog moving through the marin headlands south southeast from mount tamalpais this morning. let's take about phoenix high
6:51 am
in -- comfortable 71 for you, con garage hraeulgss to the seniors at phoenix high. if you are stepping out right now we still have mid to upper 40s north bay and los gatos, plus redwood city low to mid 50s elsewhere monterey bay inland to salinas, gilroy cool spot you have the clearest air 43°. three things i want you to know, sunny and warmer today through friday clear and comfortable at night not as warm breezes come back for saturday, sunday into next week today we judgment two degrees in oakland san francisco three concord five fremont and santa rosa seven degrees warmer san jose up to 80 today, eight degrees warmer than yesterday you will notice that if you are out during the afternoon. here's a look at cloud cover, hasn't been thick enough to cause flight arrival delays into sfo 10:00 back to the coast and during the afternoon you lose cloud cover upper 50s
6:52 am
to upper 60s microclimates in play today let's start in the east bay valleys walnut creek dublin low 80s everybody else mid to upper 80s east bay shore upper 60s berkeley and oakland low to mid 70s everybody else closer to the bay upper 70s everybody else in the low 80s up the peninsula mid 70s, 68 millbrae upper 50s to low 60s along the coast today bay shore downtown south san francisco mid 60s sausalito upper 60s san rafael 77 low to mid 80s through the north bay valleys 20° cooler at your beaches near 60 monterey and carmel low to mid 70s rest of the bay low to mid 80s inland going to sweep the diamondbacks we are going to try, 7:15 first pitch, sunny, 63, 58 by the time the game ends tonight cloud cover none
6:53 am
exist didn't except for the coast upper 40s to mid 50s tonight near 90 thursday and friday inland toasty afternoon the bay near 80 you want relief head to the beaches sunny low to mid 60s saturday temperatures drop six degrees and about another 10° by monday temperatures below average to start next week. freeway traffic overall not too bad some of the typical slow spots i wanted to remind you fremont where amy hollyfield is at the scene due to haz-mat situation civic center drive still closed between stevenson and walnut near the bart station which is open you might need extra time to get around the closure. we had katie marzullo at a house fire in oakland, fire control. martin luther king way blocked between 31st and 27th, freeway traffic unaffected bay the smoke. mass transit systems reporting no delays construction
6:54 am
continues for muni at church and dubose with the n judah line shutdown shuttles in place from ocean beach to van ness hop on muni metro. j church line impacted only operating from balboa to church then get on the muni metro from there. a live shot of the bay bridge toll looking a little lighter than normal backed up to the end of the parking lot to westbound for some of the other lanes. -- 6:54. apple's new ceo says the company's juices are flowing and hints at incredible things coming out. chief executive tim cook shown at a previous vent appeared last night at the southern california -- all things digital conference in the opening remarks cook said new prod tkblgs -- new products are about to be released saying the company is doubling down on product kristi. >> here are fire things to
6:55 am
know before you go -- oakland firefighters remain at the scene of a fire that gutted a vacant building on 29th street and martin luther king way. someone staying in the basement apparently without permission got out safely. >> number two, haz-mat situation in fremont shutdown part of a neighborhood by the civic center police have given the all-clear they know the chemical found in a car in a parking garage is not a danger to neighbors. >> number three, caltrans says it will contact outside experts about the safety of the new bay bridge. making the move to ease concerns over questions raised about inspections of the concrete in the new tower. >> number four, searchers will continue looking for sierra lamar this morning. tomorrow 21-year-old antolin garcia-torres is due in court to answer the kidnapping and murder charges filed against him. >> number five, presumptive republican presidential nominee mitt romney will writes it is hillsborough
6:56 am
mansion tonight for a -- fundraising dinner that goes up to $50,000 a plate he won enough delegates last night in texas to assume him the republican nomination at the gop convention his wife will be holding a separate event for ladies in palo alto. no plates and no charge for a look at weather and traffic. all free. no rain, clouds around no flight arrival delays, mostly cloudy through the 7:00 hour upper 40s to low 50s partly cloudy noon a lot of sun 4:00, 7:00, temperatures top out around 60s along the coast, 70s around the bay 80s inland. during the evening will drop 10° you may need a light coat. here's frances. live shot of the bay bridge toll, not that bad, just beyond the end of the parking lot, a little lighter than normal.
6:57 am
we have abc7's exclusive waze traffic app, free, showing heaviest traffic westbound 4 out of antioch, 13 miles an hour. typical delays elsewhere. thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news. >> we'll be back with a local update at 7:24. closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc
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