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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 30, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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this is the third gun-related incident here at oakland high school this year. one happened just last march and there is a student brought a gun to school. nobody was hurt. an 18-year-old student shot around 3:30, just after school today. >> and there is another breaking story. a massive fire this afternoon frkts battled to stop flames from spreading into the 1900 block and david louie is at the scene. >> the house behind me is where this fire broke out. and there is where you can see the glass broken out of the windows. the fire grew to four alarms, triggering few moou twal aid and there is the fire spread to the house next door.
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and no one was injured as 66 firefighters battled this blaze. units arrived quickly but two engines were off today on what is called brown outs. there is a neighbor who checked if anyone was still inside. >> knocked on the door. he noticed that there is a righthand corner of the house was on fire. so... quick action and that is something fire department and neighbors count on. they're neighbors knocking on doors to make sure everybody is okay. by the time we got here, nobody was in either house. >> and as you can see, over the fire the roof collapsed and firefighters removed off the roof before it gave way. because of that no firefighters were injured and there is no house was injured
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and there is a steady stream of water to knock them down frkts are still on the scene. we have not yet received an estimate of the damage to the two houses. david louie abc 7 news. >> it will be considerable. >> one of the men charged with the beating of giants fan brian stow told his own mother he was involved thachl is what a videotape reveals today. abc 7 news is in los angeles with the story. >> there are two men sat in court and listened to several witnesses. in the morning the prosecution played a videotape of a suspect during a three-hour interrogation. the judge would not allow to us show the tape. it shows norwood sitting next to a detective. at one point using the cell phone to call his mother. here is audio. >> i was that dodger stadium thing.
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so i was involved. yeah. i was. yeah. and to a certain extent. well, you know where i'm at. i'm sorry he was attacked in the parking lot last opening day he wore a san francisco giants jersey. during cross examination the defense tried to say norwood and another suspect might have been involved in an incident after the game but to the the attack on stow. the prosecution tried to show two pekts were at the game looking for trouble and brought in several witnesses who sat near them, one witness was sitting with friends who wore giants colors and said suspects harassed them. >> throughout the game we were getting pelted with peanuts. and then at the end of the game as soon as the game ended one of the guys picked up a coke bottle and sprayed it all over katie. looked like he was i would say
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ready to fight. facing us. kind of staring us down. >> the hearing for louie sanchez and marvin norwood expected to last four days and 22 witnesses will be presented by the prosecution. reporting from downtown los angeles abc 7 news. >> there is according to kbrin stow's web site he doesn't understand what happened to him. the brain injury has hugely affected his memory. especially short term. his family says this makes him frustrated and confused at times. >> a bay area man arrested for breeching security in an airport. the 38-year-old just leased from jail, then police say he walked through an emergency door at the san diego airport and boarded a plane without a ticket. police say he was able to sneak into the plane with other passengers and sat down.
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a flight attendant did a head count and noticed a passenger on board. >> they says this is my count. they separated bags and had the dog go over everything. >> he was charged with trespassing. >> and landmark legislation in the senate would crack down on phony treatment that's promise to change a person's sexual orientation. there is nanette miranda live with the story. >> no matter how badly parents want to change their minor children's sexual orientation they would not be able to use conversion therapy here under one proposal. california moved closer to becoming a first state in the country to ban conversion therapies for teenagers. it's controversial treatment from those who believe gay people can be made straight. it didn't work for peter
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drake. >> in fact, i only became more depressed. my sexual orientation didn't change at all. >> the medical community rejected this. >> this state senator is leading the charge to ban this practice for kids after hearing heart breaking stories from teen who's developed more intense feelings of suicide. they were encouraged to play more sports or told there is something wrong with them. american psychological association says such treatments involve right after this skpk are likely to be unsuccessful. >> and this is not just that people are wasting time and money. these therapies are dangerous. >> this is extreme piece of legislation. >> american justice institute point to the thousands from a group called exodus international whose members now live heterosexual lives, many with spouses and kids because of the therapy. >> and to deny anyone in a
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free society the opportunity to have that counseling is an outrageous violation of not just the constitution but human rights and basic humanity. >> peter drake thinks a ban is best for kids. >> when i think about kids being told that they should go through this kind of therapy and that it will fix them, and they're wrong in the first place is horrific. >> some believe sit so raw that it would prevent counseling in general. in sacramento abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> several san jose city council members are calling on the mayor to support same-sex marriage and this calls for holding a vote next week putting both san jose and the
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mayor on record in support of same-sex marriage. the mayor has been in the past that he opposes same-sex marriage but does support antidiscrimination laws and domestic partnership benefits. >> a generous donation will allow the cash strapped police don't use its helicopter more. they have not used a helicopter full time since 2009 because of cuts but received a donation by one nonprofit consume year lions that will buy enough fuel for 80 hours of flight time. >> we're able to make the helicopter fly because that have donation. >> the standoff suspect was arrested and this chopper helped officer autos we need we need police and the mayor
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announced plans to hire 300 police officers over two years. and sfpd an miss tating more each year for pour years. the goal to restore staffing to city-chartered handles. >> coming up a hefty fee many banks are now charging customer who's close accounts. >> families closer to getting a small break for college kofs. >> signs of summer are ahead. how much warmer goitsing to turn tomorrow coming up. >> abc 7 news will continue in one minute.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. registered sex offenders
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fighting for the right to use facebook. now, federal judges in nebraska and louisiana have thrown out laws there that were found too restrictive on free speech. authorities insist the bans protect children from pedophiles. there is no ban here in california. last year a committee killed a bill that would have put one into place. >> facebook is responding to abc 7 news over a photo controversy. the site says it was wrong to remove images of a breast cancer survivor. we're going to show you one of the pictures. the 40-year-old patient posted photos showing her recovery from a mastectomy. facebook said they violated a policy on nudity, pornography or graphic sex wam content. a spokesperson told abc 7 news that the mastectomy photos do not violate our standards and are permitted on the site. facebook says it is looking into what happened. >> there is frustration and
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anger aimed at big banks. >> and 7 on your side as results. >> my mom used to say they get you coming and going. so, there you go. a stud qee shows banks found ways to charge fees on your way out the door. those fees can amount to as much as $55. large banks charge fees to make a same day electronic transfer to your new bank and checks $10, fire transfers 30s skpdz if a deposit arrives, chase will reopen that account. and there is bank of america does the same. 10 of the largest banks in the united states were surveyed for this study. >> the state assembly approved
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a bill providing $1 billion in aid for middle class college students. funding has yet to pass. it would cut tuition at cal state campuses by $3700 a year and far family was incomes below $150,000 a year, money coming from changing the formula for taxing out of state companies doing business here, but funding measure hasn't been he debated yet and faces stiff competition from republicans. >> and how big of a tip to you believe your favorite waitor? how about 18,500%? it happened. greg rubar has been a waiter 16 years, saturday, two of his regulars gave him the shock of his life. >> he said we're going to throw something in but not going to tip you for a while. this is for you.
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and go buy a nice car. >> the couple knew greg lost his car in a storm several weeks ago, wanting to help finishing their $27 lunch and handed him an envelope with 5,000s ndz cash. how nice is that? >> really nice un believable. >> and thank you. >> and let's turn our attention to weather forecast. still student -- beautiful outside. and warming trend isn't over yet. tomorrow we're going to take temperatures up more. up into low 90s by afternoon. and here is a view from our sutro camera. sunshine over downtown san francisco. it's pretty much sunny skies across the bay area, with exceptions. there is another live picture. there is a view from our
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camera. fog this morning and you'll notice there is patches lingering along the coastlines there is is a wide range of temperatures today, 50s at the coast. numbers into upper 80s inland there are warm inland, mid to upper 80s now. 76 in san jose. 58 san francisco. and santa rosa is 79 degrees and here are the highlights there is warm inland. cooling off and turning breezier for weekend. the warm up not going last long. there is a satellite and radar. there is thursday and friday, warm days and this is
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especially inland. tomorrow morning limited fog. just patches as you'll notice here. there is most areas on the mild side. low to mid. >>s and there are patchy fog in the morning pretty much clearing away, or burning off quickly. enjoying nice days with a summer like spread expected inland areas getting up into 90s there is 67 degrees in san francisco. up to low 90s in clear claik. -- lake. oakland, 76. concord and livermore into low 90s, temperatures rising above normal at this time of the year. 77 on the peninsula gets you down to san jose. near 90 degree weather. around the bay. 64 in monterey. a patch of fog is hanging
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around into afternoon. 90s into morgan hill. 92 in gilroy. accu-weather forecast, i'm sure you're looking at weekend. and there is areas on the mild side. low to mid-60s there is cooler, breezier and heading into monday, so numbers will be hitting bottom monday, mid-70s inland and mid-50s along the coastline. there is a drop off in temperatures. >> thank you. >> and well, we have reports of a shooting during a jewelry store robbery in san ramone just about half an houring ayes at golden treasure store on san ramone valley boulevard. >> there are live pictures of the scene, one person has been taken to the hospital. and san ramone valley boulevard is closed right now. police continue their investigation. >> and coming up, the central
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valley north lost her kids for something doing while she's breast feeding. now it's the focus of a local ballot measure. >> taking earthquake preparedness to new heights. the san francisco construction site now becoming a high rise. that is at 6:00. we'll be right back here.
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there is a south bay resident closer to becoming law. it requires land lords to warn pro suspective renters if the property is subject for
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foreclosure. that bill is now before the state assembly. >> a mother has become the focal point in the battle over medical marijuana. those screams are from daisy bram. her two children a newborn and a 15-month-old were taken from her during a raid on their home. she and her husband charged with felony marijuana possession after 100 plants were seized from their home. the children returned four months later but police filed child endangerment charges for breast feeding while using marijuana. >> there has never been at any point an obligation filled by the verify medical marijuana status with those paish yeents police believe they were putting the children at risk. proponents say she's being persecuted for using medical marijuana.
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voters will decide whether to ban medical marijuana cult vacation on property under half an acre. >> two taggers caught red handed yesterday. police say they had spray paint on their hands. and they were arrested after a police officer spotted them and there is, the officer found spray paint cans and marijuana into the vehicle. police say the two are responsible for tagging 17 different location autos and best western hotels are stealing a chapter from csi. it comes to cleaning rooms. the hotel chain says because travelers insist on cleanliness it's now giving its house cleaning crews equipment that you can see on those forensic tv shows, they're using black lights to detect biological matter and ultraviolent light wands to
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then zap it. for dirtiest object in the room, not in the bathroom. it's a tv remote control, studies find. they're providing disposal wraps. not very appetizing at all. >> it's a good idea. >> and we'll be right back.
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>> uss nimitz sailed out of san francisco bay today, helping celebrate the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge. and there she is. the gliding past telegraph hill before disappearing into the fogs like getting the golden gate bridge. the nimitz and a crew of 3,000 were in washington. that is beautiful z after sailing under the golden gate bridge saturday, uss iowa
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finished it's voyage today from the port of richmond to that of los angeles the battleship will be a museum scheduled to open. >> and coming up at 6:00 on abc 7 news soaking support for school tax measure, what one city is promising not to do with the money if it passes. also, bombarded with junk mail from michael finney. the woman still paying for falling for one of the get rich quick schemes. and uncommon medical technologies. serious injuries can be treat bid inhale bug not for claustrophobic. and you want to check your wallet and pockets. >> yes. >> wow. >> and i didn't tell the story yet z junk drawer, there may be a quarter million dollars hiding in there. >> and lottery officials say someone picked five or six winning numbers from the huge
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$656 million megamillions drawing has wret to claim the prize. the money is still out there. >> and the lucky ticket purchased on market street in san francisco. it's worth $227,000. >> the megamillions ticket from march 13th drawing. missing only the meganumber, which is 23. so search your pockets. >> yes. >> back to that breaking news story. reports of a shooting during a jewelry store robbery. >> happened just about half an hour ago at golden treasures store on san ramone valley boulevard. >> those are the pictures from the scene. one person taken to the hospital. >> san ramone valley boulevard is closed and police investigate we'll update it for you coming up in half an hour at 6:00. >> and we're going to have that for you on abc 7 thanksor


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