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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 30, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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from police that the owner of the store pulled his gun, shot one of the suspects who made it outside, up the store and collapsed right in the median along san ramone valley boulevard. again, we have yet to hear confirmation of this from police, several witnesses said the owner of the jewelry store shot one of the suspects. we also understand that police may be looking for possibly one or two more suspects who may have run into the surrounding neighborhoods again. and at this point we know of one person shot. we believe it's a suspect z again, may have been shot by the yorn of the store and we're gathering details talking to witnesses who have more for you later today on abc 7 news. >> and thank you. >> and thank you, laura. southern california prosecutors dropped a bomb shell today in the beating of brian stow last year. during a preliminary hearing
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prosecutors played a videotape where the suspect, marvin norwood apparently confesses to his mother he was involved and expected to go down for it, his words. conversation took place on a detective phone. at the police station. the judge only allowed audio released. >> i was involved in the dodger stadium thing. and i was involved. >> defense attorneys argue norwood and co-defendant sanchez might have been involved in an incident after the game but not the attack on show. show suffered a traumatic brain injury in the attack. >> right now, fire crews are still on the scene of a ferocious fire that destroyed one home and damaged another in san jose. there is home video sent by a viewer, it shows flames and heavy smoke coming from the roof of the two-story house. sky 7 was also on the scene
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just as firefighters had to get off of the roof because it was with collapse, firefighters had to blast with a strong stream of water to put down hot spots. no one was injured thanks to actions of a neighbor. >> there is a right hand corner of the house is on fire. >> and the flames spread to a neighboring home, causing some damage. 66 firefighters from different departments battled fire autos san francisco mayor ed lee gave firefighters and police officers some good news today. mayor go -- they're going to get a much needed and long-awaited boost in staffing levels. we're live with the story tonight. vic they've been shorthanded for years. >> they have. and the shortage will only get worse as more and more vietnam-era baby boomers start retiring en mass. it's going to affect every public safety agency around. the hair wants to do something
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about it now before this really starts affecting kault of life in the city. there will be more classes like this at the police academy incoming years. the new two year budget includes six classes totalling 300 officer candidates and this gets better. >> we'll continue to hire three classes of officers for six years. >> the department is about 200 officers short right now from the city charter mandated force of 1971 officers and expects to lose close to 300 moreover the next three years. and that is because of the tond a program offering retired officers several more years worth while defering their pensions. there are many seasoned vet transwill be gone. the shortage means less time
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responding to quality of life calls. police union chief says with a beefed up force, those things are now possible. >> those are the things that matter to the majority of the people and need to have the officers out there taking care of the thing ootz classes will include teaching new recruits new technology and if we can get our officers more connected, they can stay out on patrol longer. back and forth to desk top computers go as way. these are things we're working towards. >> the fire department got good news there, is one class every year for six years with a goal of hiring a total of 252 new recruits. and for years, the department has been in a low in staffing. >> in recent years we haven't been able to hire to match of levels of retirement. we've had to place reliance on
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overtime. >> so the academy will be really busy over coming years. the mayor presents this budget tomorrow, i might add supervisor carmen hsu was here today, it's important because she chairs the supervisor's budget committee. so she's an important alley. >> police cap teared a -- captured a man they've been looking for for weeks now. a suspect in a home invasion robbery. they had help due that they hadn't due to budget issues. >> good evening. the standoff started this evening when the suspect they had been looking for would not come out of his grandmother's house. in the end the s.w.a.t. team canine and tear gas used. the suspect was april tend -- apprehended and led away in cuffs this, man police
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described as armed and dangerous. >> he's a wanted suspect for home invasion robbery. >> the 25-year-old was led away by police after a tense standoff that started this morning. >> so we're treating hip as armed and dangerous. >> police received the man was inside. and in order to evacuate was given. >> we hope he comes out. >> other family members cooperated. a 25-year-old did not. s.w.a.t. officers fired rounds of tear gas to force the suspect out of the house. >> when he left police raided the house and called her cell phone and said come get your kids. >> katrina freeman has two children with the suspect. sending this mother into a panic. >> i want my kids that. is all i'm worried about right now that. is all i want. my kids. >> she got her kids and the cops got their man. a tool used today was their chopper providing much-needed support from above. and action made possible by a
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$10,000 donation from a nonprofit consume year lions group. >> today we're able to make our helicopter fly because that have donation. >> and just to give you an idea of how far that $10,000 will go, that $10,000 will allow the opd to have 80 hours of flights fuel time. in the occupy situation, they used 50 hours of fuel time. the chopper is now in full operation since 2009. in oakland nick smith abc 7 news. >> presidential politics. mitt romney holding a top dollar affair in the bay area tonight. this is the place where he'll pass the hat. a grand mansion on the peninsula with a rich history and rich is what you'll need to get nchl it's the carolyn chateau. it's a sprawling hillsboro mansion owned by kbrinl yair investor charles bartlet
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johnson and his wife, heirs to the templeton-franklin fortune. mark, quite a spread, raising eye brows. >> yes. we were expecting protestors. we're told they're going to be here about 5:30 but that is them down there mixed with people who have come to see mitt romney this, is the chateau. back lit but impressive. and there is impressive, you should see the guest list. condoleezza rice expected to endorse mitt romney here tonight. ronald reagan's secretary of state is on the guest list. meg whitman one time-republican candidate for governor, now, the head of hewlett-packard is a campaign co-chair as is pete wilson. >> the house where event is being thrown by itself was built in 1913. there are 95 rooms, and
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largest enclosed atrium in the united states. there was a documentary on the house this, is a bit of the production. >> some people say there is a curse on this house. it's said there has been murder in this house. outrageous claims about the building. >> there was a murder in the house in 1986. a security guard tacked two young girls, killing one of them n 1990s charles bartlet johnson and his wife, ann bought the house and put $30 million into rono vacations. it's a palace but not the place for a mitt romney fund-raiser says the head of the republican party in san francisco. >> it's a question would i have picked that venue? probably not. >> because? >> because there is that marie antoinette association. >> romney has shown difficulty in connecting with americans of more average income. and was quick to add this zinger about the army of small
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donors in the obama camp. >> some people don't have jobs three, four times later they're not giving this time around. big money is the only game in town. >> democratic side, state party chair john burton says romney should have made a different statement with his event. >> these people would show up and pay 50,000s fdz it was a ritz java house. that is just showing not just romney but the people around him in his supporters like we've got to squander. >> tonight, $50,000 a head to have dinner with mitt romney. $2500 you can stand out in the yard and for another $10,000 have your picture taken with the candidate. we don't know the final take but number that's are being charged tonight are similar to what president obama got during his trip throughout the bay area. we know he walked away with north of $3 million.
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mark matthews abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> and still head here tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00 a district campaigning for a tax increase. a ballot measure containing an unusual promise to voter autos predators targeting consumer was phony offers to get rich quick. i'm michael finney and will show you what to watch out for. 7 on your side coming up. >> later tonight uncommon medical technologies. serious injuries can be treated by inhaling but it's not for the claustrophobic. >> and i'm sandhya patel. very warm days expected inland next two let's you know if heat is going stick around for weekend.
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sacramento cuts are forcing cities to put parcel taxes on the june ballot to fund local schools. hayward has measure g. and union city, hoping to pass measure 8. school districts warn without them, there will be dire consequences for education. here is abc 7 news leanne melendez these first graders in union city are learning about money. and the school district tries to operate with fewer state dollars. every year, the district has been forced to make cuts for example, in just four years, the district's budget has gone down from $114 million to $88 million. >> this is living within your means but that is a huge, huge cut to means. and when you're trying to educate 13,000 children that, is a lot of money. >> that is why the school
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district is supporting measure h. a parcel tax raising $3 million a rear for schools. it's not enough to get them where they were before but that will help save program autos our lie brair yeses and science classes. kindergarten, to third grade up to 30 next year. >> that is with added pressure on students and teacher autos kids lose. there is a tax with 20 kids in a classroom. and magical. >> in order to pass the budget, 100 teachers in this district have been laid off. >> i have 10. and there is the school with the most. >> measure 8 helping vince keep his job. the tax adding 180ses today a homeowner tax bill. last year a similar tax failed by only a few votes. some residents would like to see cities and school districts come up with ways to raise revenue without raising taxes.
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>> there is piling on more stuff with people going maybe month to month and week to week. however they're surviving. we've used measures then some to try to make this work. and there are few options. >> there is an election on june 6th. in union city, abc 7 news. >> and residents of a high rise in campbell for jeerns are very relieved tonight now that one elevator is working again. it's a story abc 7 news brought you on monday. we followed closely. about 160 residents live in the wesley mannor apartments. they are forced to use stairs or stay home, since friday. that is when water damage shut down elevators. some had to depend on others to bring them food. vicky and her dog have been confined to the 11th floor. >> and everybody started
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working and it got out right away with him, he blew up. he had to go. >> and crews are still working to fix the building second elevator. >> if your commute seemed quicker tonight you have caltrans to thank this, afternoon switching on seven sets of metering lights on seven on ramps to 11th street downtown. and there is engineers say lights will reduce delays by only 6% z it is half a minute times 30,000 cars. caltrans planning to switch on another p00 metering lights over four years more than doubling the number now in use. >> that will help a little bit. >> yes. >> and let's talk about the weather forecast. >> and there is today, temperatures got up close to 90 degrees in places like yu kia. and there is a bump up tomorrow, and skb it's sunny
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skies outside. a beautiful day. temperatures wide range. take a look at highs for today. 58 degrees in half moon bay. cool there with a breeze blowing. fog around. and 66 in san francisco. and you can get into inland areas and fairfield and antioch. livermore, into upper 80s, 87 degrees in livermore, 79 in san jose. 83 in santa rosa. san carlos into mid-70s. it was warmer today. and we're going twog a warmer forecast tomorrow. so here are the readings. 50s at the coast. there are mostly 70s and 80s inland. patchy fog at the coast tonight. warm inland through friday. cools off and this turns
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breezier for weekend. here is what is providing with us warm weather. there is a warming trenld. this area of high pressure is dominating for thursday and friday, warm days expected into our inland areas. you'll see 90s showing up. tomorrow morning there is patches of fog, temperatures low to mid-50s and there are upper 40s and fog burn as way quickly. enough of a breeze to prevent from you getting too hot along the coast. 60s on the coastline. inland areas getting up into mid-90s tomorrow afternoon. pacific temperatures pretty warm day. 90 in campbell z saratoga. 89 san jose. and los altos, peninsula menlo park, low to mid-60s along the coastline. comfortable if you don't like the hee. downtown 68 degrees, 62, daily city. north bay, low to mid-90s for
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clear lake. 87 in santa rose -- rosa. east bay, 76 for oakland and 81 hercules, union city. inland there is a warm, summer like day. 92 degrees in concord and pleasanton. around the bay 76 in santa cruz there is 96 inlnld. accu-weather forecast mid-90s, coastal areas low to mid-60s and cooler weather heading into weekend and this is going turn breezier. temperatures slowly coming back down to where they should be this time of the year. >> thank you. >> coming up next, a four-mile walk for water. >> school children put them selfs into shoes of children in africa.
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california considering ledge slaik making it the first state in the nation to ban they area pay pi that tries to make gay teenagers straight based on the premise that homosexuality is a mental disorder. and the american psychological
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association says treatment is risky and unlikely to succeed. >> this is not just people wasting their time and money is that they're dangerous and. >> i only became more depressed. >> some say the therapy is legitimate. and others say the law could intrude on other kinds of counseling. >> students in tiburon walked more than just a few steps in the shoes of africa today. sixth graders embarked on a four mile walk, reyite yaiting the trick that students in their sister school must make each day just to get drinking water.
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>> most have to walk four miles. >> well being built on the school grounds. so they no longer have to walk to get water and time could be spend in school, studying. >> had isn't the first time they've helped people in after rick yachl they sent a solar cooker to a hospital. >> what a great thing. >> good for the kids. >> awesome. >> tonight the search for sierra lamar. yoo y.volunteers from around the state are more dedicated than ever to finding her. >> a major breech of security at the san diego airport. turns out it was a bay area man who got on a plane without a ticket. >> michael finney is following up on a woman who fell for a get rich quick qeem. what's happening to her now? stay with us. abc 7 news at 6:00 continues. m@
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we found out today the parole who managed to get through security and board a plane in san diego without a ticket was a bay area man. the 38-year-old mark duncan from mountain view police say he wanted to go home. he was just paroled from jail monday. the next day he allegedly walked through an emergency door at the airport then snuck into a united express plane and sat down. the plane was evacuated after
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a flight attendant did a head count and noticed an extra passenger on board. >> they had us put bags out and separated bags and i can't understand how this happened. >> he was charge with trespassing. police say the suspect was in custody six minutes after alarms sounded. >> search teams went out again today to search for a missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. she disappeared 10 weeks ago. her parents refused to give up hope. a suspect has been arrested for the murder. and we're live with the latest on the search. >> this dive team was not on the water but 100 were searching. some going to extraordinary lengths to be here. >> this is the first time that they helped with the search. there is no questioning the commitment. it was a six hour drive to get to morgan hill.
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>> came from l.a. at 3:00 a.m. this morning. it's unfortunate. so i want to be of help that, would be great. >> they've been following the case since march 16th. arrest last week has not slowed efforts or hope she may still be alive. >> we don't have her yet. it's not over. >> many volunteers are more dedicated than ever to resolving unanswered questions. every once, tony drives to the center. >> people are like, you know, wanting some kind kind of closure to this. they're, you know just worry btd family. and they just want to bring her home. >> and her family is hoping someone comes forward with information. >> if you've got information find it in your heart to come forward and let us know. >> garcia-torres is scheduled to enter a plea to the charge
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tomorrow, but so far, has not provided investigator was any useful information. >> this is probably in his best interest to own up now. we'll find her one way or another. >> her father made a point of thanking him for devoting the day to his daughter. >> if i can come back, i will if it continues you know? i hope they don't ever give up. >> and that is hundreds plan to be at a hope and faith rally in fremont on friday. in morgan hill, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> about 100 protestors gathered outside of the chevron shareholders meeting claiming oil and gas company is responsible for environmental damage and health problems in a country like brazil and edge with a
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door. one pro testor says there are also problems closer to home. >> we're dealing with this on a daily basis. >> chevron insists it's a good neighbor in the communities. >> and we create many jobs around the world and have investments that are helping build communities around the world and continue to do that. >> there are concerns about cracking a method of obstructing oil and bass. but one proposal to make more disclosures is projected by 73%. >> tonight money matters there is a miserable may for stock investors. there are concerns spain may need a bailout. facebook is now down almost $10 from the price off% today. oil prices continue to plunge.
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crude oil futures fell today and unless there is a rebound will be the biggest one month drop in three and a half years. research in motion making the black berry warned it is losing money and swril to layoff workers later this year, one analyst redikts 5 thu people could lose jobs and google began serving up reviews on google plus network. >> and 7 on your side reported on a woman who lost hundreds of dollars in one of the get rich quick scheme autos new, she's being bombarded with new offers and michael is here with that part of the story. >> this is the way it works. you can count on this happening. this woman wrote several checks to a work at home company and never saw a dime. now, they're stuffing the mailbox with promises of easy
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money. >> you're going to be a millionaire. >> last time you met lila she'd just gotten out of a jam it seemed and made sense. >> lila had been sending money to a company promising to pay her 10 times more in return. she wound up losing $1700. then, 7 on your side got involved and contacted the company, demanding a refund and lila got every penny back. >> thank bod for michael. and 7 on your side. >> and that was just the beginning. ever since she wrote the checks her mailbox has been stuffed with more get rich quick offers. >> anywhere from four to eight pieces of mail of i'm going to be wealthy. >> we counted 42 different offers of easy, big money. everything from million dollar sweep stakes to a billing bigg
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inhertians. >> this could make us rich. >> this offers a stake in a gurning oil well. she can earn $304,000 in one day or get super rich in cell phone business. here is a check for $5 million. the topper? this mailer says just inherited a fortune from her ancestors in the netherlands just discovered. each wanted either a small payment, personal information or a credit card number. >> and unfortunately, she's on what is called a sucker's lice saying when she paid money to one company she landed on a list used by others. >> they sell the list back and forth to each other so they're making extra money just trading the list autos saying conartists use the internet to find targets, aiming pitches directly at seniors. >> there is elderly home to
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accept phone calls and receive mailing autos she says the offers go to the trash bin, yet, now, she has to remind herself not to get taken in. >> this is interesting how everybody is going to make you rich. you have to be careful. because you want to believe that someone in this group of people is honest. and they're not. >> no. are they're not f you receive offers in the mail promising quick riches for shawl investment it's almost certainly a fraud. u.s. postal inspection service would like to you report nailings to its office so i've posted links. you can find them on abc 7 >> and that is too you end up on a sucker's lice and still coming up tonight there is a big payoff for a bay area veteran. >> went in for an interview
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and came home with a scholarship.
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you can see
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and there is no arguing a high rise condo tower is an engineering achiefment. >> yes. built to withstand the earthquake it's now the subject of a study.
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>> the glass and concrete are modern but what is underneath exists because of what happened a century ago. >> if you're standing here on rincon hill in 1906 would you have seen a city in rubble. >> that great earthquake began a movement to design a building meant to stand up to violent shaking like this one. >> this is one of the advanced designs of any building in the united states. >> there is a concrete box. this is an example of what is called performance-based engineering. >> instruments have been placed in this building. >> and there is connected by cable and measure the shaking whenever an earthquake sures. >> and there is already taking building home. >> each with two, one for
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vertical and one horizontal movement. this is moving nearly a thousand so you can see this is information we're getting. >> there are 7 to placed in different corners of the floors of the building letting scientists create a model of how the building sways and flexes during a event. >> earthquake to building will have motions. and this is more sensor autos that will advance building skyscraper autos to improve resistance designs and therefore improve resiliencey of the cities. >> that is very cool. >> coming up next remarkable hearing reports. >> and all have you to do is breathe to get the treatment.
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a bay area medical jernt is using an uncommon technology to help heal injuries ranging from burns to damaged limbs saying the key is oxygen. >> they have the injury across the forhead. >> lisa remembers the second that left her 3-year-old daughter burned. she was taking boiling water off the stove and didn't notice she wandered next to her leg autos just stopping to put it back on. i saw where she was it was a splash over. and that hit her forhead and scalp. >> she was rushed to john muir medical center, swelling forced her eyes closed so in addition to treating skin, doctors decided to attack swelling not with a drug but oxygen. >> idea is reducing swelling and inflammation and blocking
6:46 pm
that ongoing burn deep into the tissues you're going to improve outcome autos dr. peter benson districts the unit where the pressurized chambers force oxygen into the bloodstream. >> so by shrinking the swelling you're allowing more blood and nutrients to reflow into the injured extremity or whenever it may be on the boddy and promote healing. >> getting a patient as young as sariyah to lie in the chamber for hours so it presented a cal yempk. her grandmother volunteered to sit with her it was clear, we ended up watching a lot of movies. >> the medical jernt is one of the few to use hyperbaric chambers as part of the care. saying the process is healing in several days -- ways including stimulating growth of new blood vessel autos if you grow new blood vessels
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there are more source of blood flow to that wound which causes a wound to heal. >> edgar saw the affect. >> i had my hand outside on the top of the car. the roof. and then, at that time he pressed a brake the car flipped over. >> despite the injury dwrorktz were able to preserve his fingers and most of the motion in his hands. >> this is maybe losing a little mobility but it will heal up nice. >> he says they're used to aid the healing of limb. her family believes she may be spared other surgeries leaving her time for a party coming up soon. >> how old will you be? >> four. >> yes. >> and the chambers have few
6:48 pm
side affects sm. get claustrophobic. others have pressure in ears like when you're in an airplane. >> and there is a life changing surprise for a war veteran. a 26-year-old walked into a board room thinking he's going into a second interview for a pg&e scholarship only to find out he was the winner. and he will get up to $30,000 aer to tend the college of his voice. >> this is incredible for me. i get to pick where i want to go to school. i won't have hardships that friends have gone through as far as financially being stable and i'll have more time now where i can try to volunteer the veteran center to help out other people. >> julian hopes to attend university of georgia ga in athens. only 10 people out of a thousand were awarded the pg&e bright minds scholarship. congratulationses and well deserved. >> absolutely. >> and been a fis, warm day. it's heating up around here.
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>> and there is sandhya patel back with the forecast. >> and there is warmer weather and this is why this doesn't heat up hooch too much, golden gate bridge shrouded in fog. it thinned out. it took time which is why there are temperatures only into upper 50s. across the bay area including the coast. there is into low owe to mid-90s. and there is 82348 napa. there is accu-weather forecast, warm conditions will last on friday inland and there is cooling around the bay and coast. it's cooler as we hit the weekend especially sunday. temperatures will be into
6:50 pm
upper 70s, mid-50s coast side. >> sounds good. thank you. >> uss nimitz sailed out of san francisco bay today. the nuclear powered carrier one of the biggest naval vetsels built here to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the weekend. and here she is gliding past telegraph hill. and there is a home port in washington. >> perfect sendoff. >> coming up next a victory of sorts for golden state warrior autos yeah. they didn't lose the nba
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join me tonight at 9:00 are. coming up then, as mark zuc zuckerberg and his wife enjoy a roman holiday his romance with eastbound investors cools off. >> then at 11:00 here on abc 7 news how we use our sense of smell to determine a person's age. and that is on abr 7 news at 9:00 and 11:00. layer gee not a believer.
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>> and that is not so much. >> warriors smell g how about that? nba, well, relatively. and warriors did not move up but importantly they did not move down. they get to keep the pick. >> a general againger kind of a shrug of the shoulders and there is had they slipped to eight or below, pick would have gone to utah. golden state had just a 3.6% chance to land the number one pick that went to new orleans. the hornets which is owned and run by the league. and ahem, conspiracy. here is the top 7 with new orleans ready to take anthony davis. bob cats slipped to two. then,
6:55 pm
wizards, cabs, kings, blazers and warriors. game two of the eastern conference finals. miami taking in one. lebron james with authority. there is a sighting and there is boston catching fire. they could not stop the reverse interest there. then, wide open on the 17 doosh footer. celtics up by double digits. ray allen heating up in this game much better, often up by 15 leading at the half. and you want to talk about a free fall, a's have gone from four and a half games to nine and a half back. and after today's game in minnesota find sthechls just a half game up on seat. last place in the division. josh willing ham with a single to right there is liraiano
6:56 pm
entered 0-5 on the season there is the a's didn't want to pay him. and with there is three rbies. a's shut out, now lost eight in a row. there is a's may bring sesman back and has been coming back from a wrist injury and there is six weeks after he became oldest starting pitcher to win a game, jamie moier had a record and hoping to catch on with another team. yesterday, williams lost in the french open, today, sister, venus followed toupt exit.
6:57 pm
there is this syndrome she gets away with a missed hit dropped volley there and there is this never close. and there is tied foremost ever. there is win 234, a win in four sets. there is amazing. >> yes. yes. >> and. >> thank you. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> thanks for joining us tonight. >> for larry beil ask all of us here hope to see you again tonight at 9:00 and 11:00.
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