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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 31, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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this morning, a city in shock. >> a gunman's deadly rampage paralyzes seattle, one of the country's safest big cities. new details this morning from the suspect's father and the shaken city. also, watching your money this morning. overseas, stock markets taking a dive already today, following the dow's latest drop. tarmac trouble. a jumbo jet carrying cargo, clips a much smaller airliner. we're going to hear from the people onboard. and a 6-year-old takes center stage, among the nation's best young spellers. and good thursday morning,
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everyone. one of the most peaceful cities in america was in a state of siege yesterday. >> first, an early-morning shooting at a cafe left four people dead. and then, a half hour later, another murder in broad daylight. >> seattle was in lockdown, while police hunted down the killer who unleashed all this madness. abc's tahman bradley has the story. >> there's a shooting at the cafe racer. four people down. >> reporter: frightening moments in seattle. a city-wide manhunt, after there were two shootings. >> we had two, tragic shootings that have shaken the city. >> reporter: published reports identify the man as ian stawicki. officers said he shot himself as they moved in. >> the suspect saw he was going to be captured. he raised his firearm to the head and shot himself in the head. >> reporter: terror began yesterday morning at a cafe not far from the university of washington. this image shows the suspect
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walking in. and this picture shows him holding a gun. >> i heard four or five shots. i mean -- it started happening, it was hard to count. >> reporter: four people were killed. another victim critically wounded. in the hours that followed, officers with guns drawn, ran door-to-door. residents warned to lock their doors. >> made me nervous and scared. i work and live in this neighborhood. i've never seen anything like this before. >> reporter: amid the chaos, gunfire nearby. police say after the suspect fled the cafe, he shot and killed a woman in a nearby parking lot and stole her suv. when officers found the vehicle, they flooded the area. a unit recognized the man and went after him. the manhunt was over. but not before residents of a city that prides itself on being one of the safest in the country, were rattled. tahman bradley, abc news. >> ian sawicki's father says his
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son has died. he was a frequent customer at the coffee shop where the shooting began. he was happy, only sometimes. another developing story this morning. we've been watching stocks on overseas markets sink overnight. most of the major exchanges in asia were down, some as much as 2%. the selling comes amid fears that europe's financial crisis could be deepening and spreading from greece to larger economies like spain and italy. we will have more just ahead. and the u.s. is slapping new sanctions on a syrian bank in response to last week's civilian massacre. the obama administration says that move is designed to choke off funds to that bank, which it says is acting as a front for other institutions. also from syria, an 11-year-old boy, telling how he survived that massacre by playing dead. the boy says gunman killed his parents and all four of his siblings. the syrian regime is being blamed for the killing of more than 100 people. in other news this morning, president obama called mitt
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romney to congratulate him on clinching the republican nomination. aides to both men said it was a brief but cordial chat. then, each camp launched new attacks. romney lashing out at obama for stimulus products that failed. former presidential candidate, john edwards, is still waiting for a verdict in his campaign corruption trial. today is day nine of jury deliberations. at the end of the day yesterday, the judge dismissed the four alternate jurors without saying why. also a mystery, why she closed the courtroom to talk to the attorneys about a note from 1 of the 12 regular jurors. chicago's o'hare airport is one of the busiest in the country. and yesterday, the traffic on the tarmac ended in a runway collision. a chinese cargo jet, a giant 747, clipped the tail of an american airlines commuter jet that was 2 1/2-times smaller. 18 frightened passengers were onboard that american flight, as the giant plane grew closer.
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>> here you are, in a little, you know, commuter jet. and you look up and you see this huge, what i call, the bow, the front end of a 747 400. >> the collision added to the usual congestion while they examined both planes. former rutgers university student, dharun ravi, begins serving a 30-day jail sentence today, stemming from his conviction of spying on his roommate during a homosexual encounter. he is turning himself in instead of remaining free. and jury selection is certain to start next tuesday in the sex abuse trial of former penn state assistant football coach, jerry sandusky. sandusky and his attorneys lost the bid to delay the trial yesterday. he faces dozens of counts of alleged abuse, all which he denies. a giant wildfire raging in new mexico has grown into that state's largest fire ever.
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so far, more than 170,000 acres and 12 homes have burned. and it is still spreading. about 1,200 firefighters are on the ground, facing low humidity and shifting winds. experts say the massive fire is just a preview of what's to come after months of dry conditions. and the remnants of beryl has drifted off to sea. but not without spinning off a destructive tornado. a twister damaged dozens of homes near the north carolina coast, completely destroying at least three of them. flooding washed out roads near wilmington. with a look at weather across the nation on your thursday morning. more thunderstorms in florida from jacksonville to miami. windy with hail and a chance of tornados from birmingham to nashville, little rock and shrevepo shreveport. a chilly afternoon across the midwest and ohio valley. thunderstorms in texas and oklahoma. scattered showers from seattle to billings. >> 84 in boise. 103 in phoenix.
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it's going to be 58 in chicago. 57 in kansas city. upper 80s from dallas to. still ahead this morning, live grenades found near a treasured stadium. we have the latest details. and a big city divided. should giant sizes of sugary sodas be banned? a mayor's battle plan on the war on obesity. and who else could bring social chaos to a usually orderly town? of course, we're talking about the biebs.
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welcome back, everyone. asian investors are fleeing from anything that appears the least bit risky, like stocks, as europe's debt crisis appears to be spreading to spain and italy. tokyo's nikkei average lost 90 points today. hong kong's hang seng was off 45. in london, the ftse opened lower. and on wall street, the dow sliding 161 points yesterday. the nasdaq index falling 34. and call it the facebook effect. several companies are holding off on their own initial public offerings on stock after the problems with facebook's ipo. there's not a lot of enthusiasm right now for new offerings. a couple weeks ago. but it's also not a good time to sit on your money in a bank account. a key u.s. interest rate, the ten-year treasury note, is now at its lowest point in 66 years. as we mentioned a second ago,
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investors are worried about europe's debt crisis and are seeking a safe place for their money. but that's driving down long-term interest rates. and regardless of interest rates, you may be losing money in your retirement account. hidden fees eat away at the balances, as much as $150,000 a couple over a working career. and most people aren't even aware that they're paying those fees to begin with. >> i know i'm not paying attention. but i will from now on. there won't be a new name change for a controversial sweetener. the fda says it's going to stay with high fructose corn syrup. the corn industry wanted to call it corn sugar because many say high fructose corn syrup leads to the obesity epidemic. one city has a way to fight obesity, by banning sugary drinks. 16 ounces would be the maximum size allowed. diet sodas, juices and milk
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shakes would be exempted, though. generating a lot of debate in the big apple. how far should the government go to make sure we don't get too fat? >> and milkshakes aren't included in that? >> and alcohol, too. next on this thursday, the epic rant on the floor of a state legislature. the meltdown coming up later in "the pulse." that's beautiful. >> looks like our staff meeting. and an exciting game one goes into overtime. highlights from the stanley cup finals, coming up later. we charge everything else... maybe it's time to recharge the human battery. only the beautyrest recharge sleep system combines the comfort of aircool memory foam layered on top of beautyrest pocketed coils to promote proper sleeping posture all night long. the revolutionary recharge sleep system from beautyrest...
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well, you're looking at bieber fever in full effect. officials in norway came close to declaring a state of emergency, in fact, as tens of thousands of young fans descended on oslo's opera house,
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in a chaotic frenzy, all hoping to see the teen superstar in the flesh. a press conference was canceled, in fact, because of safety concerns. but bieber's still going to perform a free cancer. concert. showers on parts of i-90, for parts of billings. i-75 from detroit to knoxville. thunderstorms on i-44, from oklahoma city to st. louis. i-20, from dallas to atlanta. and i-95 in florida. >> and if you're flying today, airport delays are possible in chicago, detroit, kansas city, memphis, dallas, atlanta and miami. all right. a bizarre story, now, from north of the border. canadian police are searching for a 29-year-old man they say is wanted for murder and then mailing body parts. >> unbelievable story here. this week, two packages were seized. one at an ottawa post office containing a hand.
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and another at the headquarters of canada's conservative party. that contained a human foot. rocco magnotta is the suspect. he goes by other names, as well. some have been linked to his appearance in adult films. in southern california, nine people in a crosswalk were hit by a pickup truck that sped through a red light. most of those were high school students. a junior from the same school was behind the wheel. a brother and a friend were also in that vehicle. one witness said the driver had revved the throttle like crazy. a small plane has crashed in southern utah, killing all four people onboard. the single-engine plane went down on a remote mountain tuesday after taking off from vegas. but rescuers did not reach the wreckage until yesterday. it is the second small plane crash in that area in less than a week. and in chicago, buildings near wrigley field were evacuated as emergency crews disposed of live grenades. fans attending the cubs game not
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far away going on at the same time, were kept away. the world war ii era grenades belonged to a deceased man that owned the building. they were safely dealt with. in california, a college student from norway was attacked by a rattlesnake. doug was walking near the campus of u.c. san diego when a rattler striked. the hospital charged him a total of $128,000 for the drug. and nearly $144,000 overall. fortunately, he had bought travel insurance before he left home. one win down, three to go for the l.a. kings in their pursuit of the stanley cup. they beat the new jersey devils last night with a break-away goal in overtime. it was the kings' ninth road win in the playoffs. as for last night's hoops, we get the highlights from espn. >> welcome to your "sportscenter" update. i'm jorge andres.
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let's go to south beach, where rajon rondo and the celtics are taking on the heat in round two. udonis haslem, 13 points for him off the bench. two minutes left in the third. paul pierce, blocked by lebron james. wade taking it down the court. and 2 of his 23 points there. the heat up by seven. eight minutes left in the fourth. rondo, one of three steals on the night. going the other way to get the bucket. a career high 44 points for him. and the celtics retake the lead by one. two minutes left. shane battier, three of his nine points. we're tied at 94-94. just over a minute left now. haslem, how about a jumper? the heat lead by four. 38 seconds left. duhon to ray allen. he's hit a couple of threes in his day. we're tied at 99-99. six seconds to go. heat with a chance to win it. lebron james, trying to be the
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hero. not so much. the game would go to overtime. under two minutes left in o.t. lebron james, finding haslem. exclamation mark. heat up by two. a minute left now. wade, driving. the circus shot and the foul. pierce would head to the locker room early, as the heat go on to win 115-111, to take a 2-0 series lead. and don't forget, the eastern conference finals, on espn. it all starts at 7:30 p.m., with the kia nba countdown. and then, at 8:30, it's the heat and the celtics on espn, espn3, and the watch espn app. >> so much for my prediction that boston was going to win game two. >> told you. up next, the annual pressure cooker. the national spelling bee begins. how did the youngest speller do on day one? and why this guy is seeing
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so ditch the brown bag for something better. like our bacon ranch quesadillas or big mouth burger bites, served with soup or salad, and fries. starting at just 6 bucks, at chili's. all right. time to check "the pulse," beginning with a furious, furious politician in illinois, completely flipping out right in front of his colleagues. >> power in one person's hands. not the american way.
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these damn bill designers, all the damn time. come out here. and i'm not trying how to figure out how to vote for my people. >> that was republican illinois state respective, mike boss, having an epic tirade. after he left the floor, many democrats told him they had the same complaint. >> hope he had a cocktail after that. he needs to relax. all right. so, the youngest contestant in spelling bee history will not return for the semifinals today. >> yeah. 6-year-old lori anne madison went up against kids more than twice her age in washington yesterday. she nailed the first word. but i can't pronounce it. but then, this happened. >> ingluvies. >> can i have the definition, please? >> ingluvies, is the crop of a bird or insect.
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>> ingluvies. e-n-g-l-i-v-s. >> that is incorrect. >> ingluvies, is i-n-g-l-u-v-i-e-s. >> lori anne will have to sit out until next year when she will still be half the age of the other contestants. a job well done. >> unbelievable. and be sure to watch live spelling bee coverage later on espn2. and the finals on espn at 8:00 eastern. >> thrilling television. and finally, an attempt to look like the incredible hulk has left one guy red with embarrassment. >> take a look at palau dos santos from brazil. he's in a little predicament here. he painted himself green. but used a paint normally reserved for submarines. >> so, an epic scrubbing session ensued that took 24 hours.
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next, two big rig crashes blocking key freeway sections on 880 in oakland and the 280-85 interchange in cupertino. major battle over surprising video as the hearing continues to determine whether the men accused of beating brian stow will go on trial. >> mike has a warmer forecast. even hot in some areas i'll show you where the 90s will be and how long they will last. >> sue has traffic rock, shreveport, nashville and birmingham. and some thunderstorms down in florida. and finally on this thursday, it's the ultimate american family feud. the hatfields versus the mccoys. and it's the subject of a new
4:28 am
and popular tv miniseries. >> big ratings on this. how did it begin? and do the two families still hate each other? abc's dan harris investigated. >> you won't be making a ride home. >> reporter: it won't be too surprising that the history channel miniseries had a record of 14 million viewers. the story has it all, murder, money and moonshine. the hatfields and mccoys were two clans that lived on opposite sides of the big sandy river. each had a patriarch. it's still not exactly clear what started the feud. but many believe it was mccoy's allegation in 1889, that a hatfield stole one of his pigs. the first killing, 1882. ellison hatfield, shot by the mccoys. in retaliation, the hatfields
4:29 am
kidnapped three mccoy brothers. >> please, let me take them back to kentucky with me, please. >> reporter: over time, the two families reconciled. >> the hatfield/mccoy "family feud" special. >> reporter: they went on "family feud" with a pig on the stage. a nod to the hog that started it all. and next week, the hatfield and mccoy reunion festival. we skyped with two of the organizers. nowhere in the back of your mind, you're not thinking i don't trust these hatfield people? >> no worries in the back of my mind. absolutely not. >> some of my best friends in school were mccoys. >> reporter: are you telling me the truth? you look nervous about this question. >> not at all. >> reporter: if the hatfields and mccoys can get along, anybody can. dan harris, abc news, new york. >> and it all started with a pig. >> 14 million viewers. wow. impressive. >> that's something, tha


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