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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 31, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> announcer: right now breaking news. that breaking news out of the south bay i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. that freeway connector remains blocked 280 to 85 blocked following an overnight big rig crash of a cement truck. >> terry mcsweeney has been bringing updates. what going on now? >> reporter: they are making progress as you can see behind me one of the two trailers that went over when this tractor trailer rig went down has been righted by an interesting operation involving a tow truck, second tow truck waiting off to the right there and back up to the top of the hill if we can go to the person diving this truck he has been sitting there fairly -- driving this
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truck he has been sitting there fairly motionless for the last hour and a half, two hours the driver is off to a bad start today. look at pictures from earlier give you a better idea of what it looked like shortly after this morning. this is about an 80,000 pound all told rig tractor and trailers and it was taken this northbound 85 off-ramp and it went over. the driver says he was going 15 miles an hour, which is below the exit speed. chp says they are taking that into account it would have been the load shifted and everything -- one thing lead to another went over as dominoes. chp talks to us a short time ago. >> a little bit of motor oil came out of engine when the tractor fell on its side. >> reporter: no cement came out. >> no. >> as of right now. >> reporter: that's the good news. they have been saying two
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hours for an hour now. they keep pushing back the time when they think the northbound 85 exit off of reopened. they are making progress. they've got one of the traitors righted, they are working on the -- one of the trailers righted, they are working on the second one now. they are saying right now, couple hours. we'll see. so far, southbound 280 no back-up. very, very light traffic down here. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. in the east bay all lanes reopened after a big rig crashed into a cement barrier. the wall is inside a construction zone on the shoulder near high street. no word on what caused the truck to run into it around 1:30 no other vehicles involved and no injuries. the truck was carrying u.s. mail and it is now being cleared. let's check with sue for
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the traffic. it has been a busy morning. we'll go back to cupertino southbound 280 as terry was saying they said a couple hours chp was saying 7:15, we'll follow that, terry is live on the scene. your alternate would continue to be foothill expressway to stevens creek or homestead to get to 85, light traffic in the area. also through oakland that big rig getting out of there no traffic problems past high street. good morning, live doppler quiet hardly any clouds except for along the coast and a few around san francisco otherwise we are off to a sunny start. 49 los gatos and half moon bay to 46 santa rosa everybody else low to mid 50s antioch 58°. this afternoon check out low to mid 90s east bay valleys, upper 80s in the south bay, mid to upper 80s north bay valleys, mid 70s to mid 80s
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around the bay shore only mid 60s to upper 60s along the coast into san francisco. right now in san ramon police are still looking for three suspects in armed robbery attempt at a jewelry store. investigators say a fourth suspect was shot and killed by the store owner. authorities say the four men tried to rob gold n treasures yesterday afternoon. one was shot in the store he later died at a hospital the other suspects were able if get way stay with abc7 news, amy hollyfield will buy us a update. day the two of the preliminary hearing for the men accused of beating giants' fan brian stow continues this morning in southern california. katie marzullo is live in our breaking news center with more. yesterday was stunning. >> reporter: it was. a lot of interesting things came out yesterday. today, prosecutors plan to present details of the beating that left brian stow with a
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traumatic head injury. it is the second day of what should be a four-day hearing to determine if the case goes to trial. yesterday, a bombshell, prosecutors played a recorded cell phtxxzwfk conversation between defendant marvin norwood and his mom. the call he confessed to -- during the call he confessed to at least some involvement. >> i got arrested for that dodger stadium thing. there's not much say over the phone. i mean, i was involved. >> reporter: prosecutors are looking to connect norwood to the attack. authorities believe the other defendant louie sanchez was the aggressor. people who were sitting near them during the game testified that both with are being aggressive throughout. they said sanchez was throwing peanuts and swearing at gatts' fans at one point he sprayed a soda over a couple in another row. brian stow is a father and paramedic. he was punched so hard that he fell and his head slammed again the pavement. the defendants allegedly also kicked him while he was on the ground.
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norwood and sanchez face charges of mayhem, assault and batly and flinging great body -- and inflicting great bodily injury new this morning, the number of homes being sold by their owners for less than they owe on mortgages soaring. realty track announced overnight short sales were up 25% in the first quarter, compared to a year ago. 26% of all homes sold were either bank owned or in some state of foreclosure below the 2009 high of 45%. stay with abc7 news, we'll go to jane king for reaction to the report. police looking for elderly woman who they say tried to get two 13-year-old boy into her char yesterday on greenfield avenue. the woman pulled up along side the boys and ordered them into the car. the boys refused and the woman took off. woman is said to be in her 70s with grey hair and glasses
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she was driving a dark blue car with a large plant in the backseat. anyone with information is asked to call the police. in a few hours, uc officials had ed to court in hayward to argue for a lawsuit that would ban occupy protesters from returning to the university owned land in albany. 100 uc police officers moved in and cleared the tract in albany two weeks ago and arrested nine. some of the protests had been living and planting crops on the property since mid april. they plan to be at today's hearing to argue against the university. uc uses that land for research on crops. the protesters want the land used for sustainable agriculture. taking a look at this picture of the bay bridge, skies lack of clouds going to heat up today. >> mike tell us more. high pressure sitting on too much -- sitting on top of us now. check out breezes or lack thereof all of us five
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miles per hour to calm fairfield southwest 14 another indication the high pressure is building and will hang around today. mostly sunny 7:00 this morning comfortable low to mid 50s look at how quickly it warms already 81 lunch hour inland to 74 around the bay to comfortable 58 at the coast it will be warmest at 4:00 highs between one and three just now coming off those, 86 inland you need a lot of water if you are hanging out, outside and running around. 60 at the coast, 78 by 7:00 inland. 58 at the coast. high amounts of tree and grass. mold and ragweed moderate. let's an take a look at the three-day forecast. tomorrow warm once again a few degrees cooler at the coast san francisco sea breeze then full on saturday and sunday increase in the clouds and dropping our temperatures around 6 to 16° by sunday.
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enjoy the warm weather the next couple of days. here's sue. good morning. update in cupertino, terry mcsweeney has been reporting that cement truck is now uprighted. still blocking the ramp, 280 ram top 85 northbound. new estimated time of clearing is 8:00. we'll be following that "sig alert" still in effect and traffic is relatively light in the area that's good news. elsewhere update 880 northbound at high street big rig still on the side of the road still on the shoulder attached to the big tow truck but not out of the scene yet a little distracting for drivers not too much slowing towards the maze. 6:09. what is in a name? a lot, right. coming up, controversial sweetener that won't be getting a new name. making your credit card work for you. michael finney sorts through
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different reward programs to tell us which is best.
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good morning. high fructose corn syrup will not get a new name. the fda has rejected the rename the sweetening agent corn sugar to sound more appealing. high fructose corn syrup is widely used in processed foods
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and earned a negative image as obesity levels rise. >> credit card companies offering a lot of reward programs but it can be tough to figure out which is best for. michael finney has tips. >> reporter: credit card companies have used reward programs to attract customers for decades. >> the credit card programs that were associated with the miles were the earliest reward program credit cards which were in the marketplace. >> reporter: the president of the loyalty rewards marketing firm loyalty one says consumers earn 48 billion dollars worth of value from reward cards. 1/3 of those rewards typically go unused. >> most programs have some form of expirey or inactive policies which cause the points to lapse. the other thing is that a lot of them are earned and then consumers done think about making sure they utilized the value >> reporter: with a number of
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programs it can be hard to pick the best for you. >> it is not always a one size fits all. we would say generally, cash rewards, get a good straight cash-back credit card that in the long run is going to be best. >> reporter: consumer action says the way you receive your rewards should play a big part in which cards you choose. >> if you can get your rewards credited to you in the form of a statement credit, that's the easiest. if you can redeem it for cash, that's the next best thing. >> reporter: also, if rewards are directly applied to your balance, you don't have to worry about expiration dates. the ease of cashing in rewards has value too. susan uses her cash rewards card to travel frequently. >> they call it miles, but it is a cash reward 1% back. i've managed to go to africa on it and i just returned from china visiting my daughter. >> reporter: watch out for
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high interest rates that can kick in if you pay late. with some cards you may not be able to accrue points if you don't pay the minimum balance on time. there are a number of websites that help compare which credit card is right for you. i've posted a list at i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. we know some folks will graduate today and today will be a little warmer. will they need those fan misters? >> good point may be one way to stay cool. good morning. baton high in south san francisco, 6 p.m. today one of the cooler spots breezy by 6:00, only 60 to° at the high school where they will be in the gym graduation ceremonies there. el camino at 6:00, warmer, sunshine 81°. pioneer high the mustangs will be graduating in the san jose
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municipal rose garden at 6:00, sunny and breezy and 82°. our last month he will moleno 7:00 -- sunshine and warm weather 81°. take a look outside, a few clouds holes in 'em already because the marine layer is almost none exist didn't. low to mid 50s in -- nonexistent. santa cruz and gilroy mid to upper 40s, watsonville, monterey and salinas, low to mid 50s. sunshine today with the warmest temperatures inland. coastal clouds more tonight signifies a cooling trend tomorrow that will move inland when it becomes breezy this weekend. today check out temperatures compared to average warmer in san francisco by two degrees six oakland 76, seven redwood
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city. napa, san jose livermore upper 80s to mid 90s 10 to 16° warmer than average sunsets 8:26. 80 knicks milpitas everybody else upper 80s to low 90s. san mateo 79, 74 millbrae. low to mid 60s along the coast. on the bayside upper 60s downtown south san francisco sausalito 75 and san rafael north mid to upper 80s. low to mid 90s cloverdale, 30° cooler at your beaches. union city, fremont, castro valley hercules, low to mid 80s. low to mid 90s east bay valleys same morgan hill, gilroy. mid 70s most of the monterey bay. mainly mid to upper 50s tonight to 64 antioch low to
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mid 50s along the coast into san francisco a little more in the way of cloud cover. this thermal trough is because the air is so warm it is rising there and that is going to be the epicenter of the warm weather, sits on top of our inland neighborhoods today and tomorrow and then the big cooling comes in sunday we are around to 16° cooler from the coast to inland cooler monday before a small warming trend next week. good morning. hopping around the bay now pretty good commute so far, so good live shot of 680 to walnut creek past north main to the 24 junction a little slowing as you hit 24 no major problems down to the san ramon valley. macarthur maze all points moving smoothly into the bay bridge toll where the sun is coming up, beautiful shot, hard to see, very light traffic metering lights remain off. traffic is flowing smoothly at
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the incline on to the upper deck. back to cupertino, the accident we had earlier is still blocking, that cement truck the ramp to northbound 85 from 280 and terry mcsweeney is predicting that from the chp will be reopened by 8:00 this morning. traffic flowing through the area not bad, wanted to show you the alternate route would be foothill expressway to stevens creek or homestead back to highway 85 and terry was reporting to us that traffic is flowing well through the area. we'll get you an update on that opening hopefully, 8:00 this morning. 6:20 is our time. the bay area middle school student advancing to today's semi finals of the national spelling bee. why president obama is welcoming george herbert walker bush and george w. bush to the er
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welcome back. the national spelling bee semifinal round stars 36 pins from now. one bay area 13-year-old will be there. an 8th grader in san jose he correctly spelled his words yesterday today's round gets started at 7 a.m. you can wash on espn 2. old political enemies put their difference as side today for the sake of history and
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tradition. president obama will unveil a new portrait of his predecessor, president george w. bush and former first lady laura bush. president obama had harsh words for bush's economic policy when he ran or the oval office. the bush portraits will hang in the east room of the white house. the obamas will host a lunch for the bush family. bush senior, president george herbert walker bush will be there as well. breaking news in the south bay many big rig crash causing a big mess for the commute. we are live on the scene. >> day of two mitt romney's bay area visit the event following his big money fundraiser. low to mid 90s east bay valleys to near that in san jose up in the north bay valleys mid 70s to mid 80s for the bay and mid 60s to upper 60s around san francisco and the coast. it will be 109 phoenix, east
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coast low 80s around new york and d.c.. atlanta 93. newark and dallas both have flight delays right now. good morning. 280 ramp to 85 remains shut that opening in a little bit. alternate foothill to stevens creek or homestead back to 85. we have that and the rest of your thursday morning commute lñ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @a)a)a)a)a)pawu
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good morning it is thursday may 31st, 2012. thank you for joining us as we look at this beautiful live picture of some of the few clouds out there over the bay this morning. mostly clear with temperatures much warmer. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. let's find out when those warmer temperatures are moving in. this afternoon we will feel them especially inland valleys. good morning. always love to see live doppler like this, quiet on a morning so your commute should be fine as far as the weather goes. upper 40s around half moon bay los gatos mid 40s santa rosa everybody else in the low to mid 50s from san francisco 51 oakland 52 redwood city, san jose mountain view 54. 58 antioch the exception. this afternoon ukiah, clear lake cloverdale east bay
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valleys low to mid 90s mid 70s oakland mid to upper 80s fremont, palo alto, san jose. good morning. sun is coming up over the bay bridge you can see a little difficult to see metering lights on traffic backed up past the west grand overcrossing. you are in good company as you head on the upper deck incline section into san francisco no major slowing once you get on to the span into the city. golden gate bridge shot, a little haze, otherwise traffic flowing smoothly all four lanes southbound out of wall toe tunnel and off the wall -- waldo grade. still have a "sig alert" blocking ramp southbound 280 to highway eight we go now to terry mcsweeney live on the scene with the update on the breaking news. -- >> reporter: the news is good. they were saying earlier it looked like 8:00 they were going to be reopening the ramp
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now we are getting word that it going to be reopening closer to 7:30 that is going to be timing out just about right for the heaviest push of the commute into san jose. take a look at what they have done in the last half hour. you can see the tractor and one of the trailer there is, they both came up today it was a neat operate they put the straps around pulled it up they both came up this is the opposite of murphy's law out here everything that could go right has gone right, at least after the accident the accident happened about 3, 3:15 this morning the driver tells abc7, he was going less than 25 miles per hour, closer to 15 the load shifted and the back trailer carrying powdered cement starting going and the one in front of that went and those two combined pulled over the tracker. it was all on its side much of the morning.
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-- now everything is righted. the next move to get that tow truck in front to pull the tractor and one of the trailers out and then they get the other trailer out later. they have three tow trucks out here. when they go from like they are going to bring chains or some -- they run that could explain why they are getting this done a little ahead of schedule. chp out here in force. there's also a spill of 8 to 10 gallons of engine oil. no fuel but that engine oil is also a concern out here and they have to get that out of here as well. so the new reopening of the northbound 85 off-ramp, 7:30 this morning. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. other big traffic hot spot has recovered. all lanes of i-880 in oakland have reopened after a big rig
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crashed into a cement barrier 1:30 morning. the wall is inside a construction zone on the shoulder near high street no other vehicles involved, no injuries. the truck carrying u.s. mail is still being cleared. 6:34. san jose elementary schoolteacher remains jail this morning facing child po, in charges. police arrested 50-year-old johnny urias yesterday at his home in san jose. he taught first and second grade students at will rogers elementary. he was placed on leave last august after police launched an investigation. school district officials say investigators told them there is no indication that any of the students in the district were victims. right now in san ramon police are looking for three in an armed robbery attempt at a jewelry store in which a robber was shot dead. amy hollyfield is live at gold n treasures on san ramon valley boulevard.
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>> reporter: today police will try and look at video to get a good look at the three men who got away. they also likely have good witness testimony. it happened at 4:30 in the afternoon in a busy strip mall look at all the stores here next to gold n treasures old fashioned candy store, tutoring shop, hair studio, it is a very active, busy strip mall where this violent robbery occurred. police say four men went into the gold n treasures yesterday this is at about 4:30, which is closing time for the store. the owner was on the ground struggling with the suspect when he or the wife picked up the gun and shot one of the men. they all ran the one who was shot later died. friends and family members of the store owners say they are not surprised. they say these owners have been prepared for the possibility that this could happen one day. >> they are strong people, they are not going to let somebody hurt them or others around hem.
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>> it is almost impossible to protect -- protect yourself if you don't have a gun. everyday suspicious people coming and make threats to us. >> reporter: the owners are 61-year-old and his wife they've owned the store for 20 years. six months ago their family friend says he pulled a gun and chased another group of robbers. it is known that they were armed. also take a look at this live picture. you can see how cautious they are they cover all displays, you can't see any jewelry, all displays are covered up by different cloths. they are aware they could be a target, it is very clear. this happened on san ramon valley boulevard which is a very busy street and i was in the crosswalk out there where that suspect who was shot collapsed and later died at the hospital. police still on the lookout for three others. amy hollyfield, abc7 news.
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our time is just about 6:37. this afternoon, the 21-year-old man accused of killing sierra lamar is expected to enter a plea when he returns to court. antolin garcia-torres first appeared before a judge a week ago. investigators believe garcia-torres took the 15-year-old girl from near her home on march 16th. they say lamar's dna was found inside his car and his dna was on her clothing. prosecutors have filed murder charges against garcia-torres despite the fact that sierra's body has not been found. sheriff's investigators in sonoma trying to identify the dead body found in an open field someone found the body yesterday. deputies say it appears the body had been there for a week. right now no evidence of foul play. deputies say more details will be available once the body has been identified and next of kin are notified. in -- in pleasanton police
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having a difficult time identifying a body found in a trash can last week fingerprints have not revealed anything. investigators are preparing a sketch of the woman they will release it to the public hoping to figure out who she was. anyone with information is still asked to call pleasanton police. 6:38. the warmer temperatures are on the way. >> i know, 90s. on the other end you have 60s kind after only in the bay area thing. >> that's right. so you can find cooling if you want it, an mike. >> absolutely that's why we call it your bay area microclimate forecast storm track to the north winds starting to blow offshore in most areas however, the coast really localized sea breeze today that's why you are going to stay in the 60s the rest of us are going to bake the farther from the coast. 7:00 mostly sunny to partly cloudy in the 50s look how quickly it gets warm noon upper 70s to low 80s mid 60s
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to mid 70s around the bay. half moon bay 58, 62 lunchtime in san francisco, 4:00 low to mid 60s half moon bay into san francisco. 72 oakland. everybody else in the 80s antioch 90 going to be a tough afternoon new have to work outside if the kids are playing going to need extra fluids. upper 50s to near 60s along the coast san francisco at 7:00. fairfield and antioch 81 at 7:00. high amounts of tree and grass pollen mold moderate ragweed the same. look at breezes kick in dramatic drop in the temperatures by sunday upper 70s inland near 70 around the bay mid 50s at the coast. too many for a traffic update. good morning. update for you. very light traffic as you are heading out of marin out of
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novato towards san rafael, this is coming around by lucas valley road. you can see it is moving at the limit. let's go to 80 berkeley, a lot of company there traffic moving past golden gate field and university into the macarthur maze. it is a bit sluggish through the area. back to the hot spot we had earlier this morning. still continuing as terry mcsweeney has been reporting, 280 on-ramp to 85 north remains closed. they've got that truck up looks like the new eto, 7:30 alternate in the meantime is still foothill expressway. we'll show you with the traffic spotter traffic map i should say with waze, foothill expressway expressway tfu)% stevens creek to 85 or homestead traffic through the area is moving well we don't have major delays. 7:30 for that ramp to be reopened.
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trading underway on wall street, live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. right now a live look at the big board, dow down five points. reflections from a top bay area ceo on his first meeting with steve jobs. new this morning, the bumpy ride back to earth map happening now for the capsule making history
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welcome back! sunshine everywhere let's take a look at live doppler completely quiet across the entire state even going back three hours. today sunshine just about everywhere eureka 58, contrast that with palm springs 112 today. heading to the central valley hope your air conditioner works near 100 there. 80 big sur and l.a., 69 san diego the sierra sunny 76 tahoe, 88 yosemite. 67:45 now. abc7 news has -- has confirmed that mitt romney does have a meeting this morning in silicon valley with tech and business leaders before leaves the bay area. last night, romney attended a dinner at the sprawling chateau in hillsborough hosted by charles bartlett johnson and his wife.
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romney's arrival brought out a small group of protesters. 1kuz money supporters. the bay area is fertile ground for fundraising with president obama collecting the millions for his campaign war chest last week. let's check with josh for a look at what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> reporter: good thursday morning. coming up, a ban that could make going to the movies less sweet. new york city planning to outlaw the sale of sugary dings over an certain size in an effort to curb obesity. will other cities follow? we have the latest. college student struck by a bus during a campus celebration, he joins us live in an exclusive. all next right here on "good morning america." 6:46. the privately oned dragon spacecraft is now detached from the international space station and preparing for a bumpy ride back to earth.
6:47 am
a company call spacex owns the dragon and used it to deliver a calf a ton of cargo to the space station seven days ago the first private mission ever to the station. it is headed by elon musk, chairman of tesla. the capsule expected to flash down in the pacific before 9:00 this morning our time. developing news, reports that two american tourists kidnapped in egypt have been freed. security officials say armed tribesmen took the two while they were travelology a resort in the sinai anyone's -- peninsula. they demoned -- former rutgers university student convicted of spying on his gay roommate will start serving his 30 day jail sentence today. 20-year-old dharun ravi is scheduled to turn himself in
6:48 am
today. he was found guilty of invasion of privacy following the 2010 suicide of tyler clementi. not clear if he will serve the entire thirty days. he could only serve 10 days for good behavior. tech giants are continuing the all things digital conference in southern california this week. at that meeting oracle's ceo larry ellison is recalling the story of how he met steve jobs. this is video from the conference website. ellison says a peacock first brought them together when they were neighbors in woodside. the peacock was a gift to jobs from his girlfriend at the time. ellison went over to complain about the bird making a disturbance wandering over to his property. ellison and others shared rare behind the scenes memories of jobs. don't sweat it, if you are not workingout and now could be a great time for people hoping to refinance. >> jane king is live at the new york stock exchange with more. good morning jane. good morning.
6:49 am
these rates on 30 year fixed mortgage as amazing freddie mac had another record low last week all worries about europe that is pushing interest rates on government bonds lower this week and that's what the mortgage rates look to for direction we may see them go lower advertising an interest rate on a 30 year as low as 3.76%. you need stellar credit and steady income to get that good rate. some concern about europe and the u.s. job market putting a damper on things this morning. couple reports showing meager job growth last month. the may report from the labor department tomorrow. ahead of that, -- [ unintelligible ] also reports that u.s. economic growth slower than forecast by economists. we will be glad to see may go
6:50 am
way this has been a tough month. bloomberg index is trading down a third of a percent. if you are not exercising regularly at the office like these people maybe you shouldn't worry too much, a study says regular exercise may increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes 8 to 13% of people. i'm jane king, bloomberg news. >> you have officially made my head hurt. we'll see you later. >> all right. if you are going to get out and exercise today, good idea. you might want to take a lot of water. >> one of the symptoms of dehydration, headache, hot day especially inland. good morning, graduations to talk about after we look at clouds hanging around san francisco and how few and far between they are and how quickly they will dissipate and bring warm weather this afternoon. holy named high girls' school in oakland 6 p.m. today, sunny,
6:51 am
mild for the monarchs, they will graduate with a temperature of 69°, congratulations young ladies. let's head up to geyserville high the broncos are graduating today at 7:00 near 90° for you and one last marin catholic high-tech cali they -- they will be graduating at the marin veterans memorial auditorium in san rafael 7:30 sunny and 75°. let's take about what is happening now. temperatures running in the 50s everywhere except santa rosa, half moon bay los gatos mid to upper 40s. low 50s for the rest of the monterey bay inland to salinas. sunshine today warmest temperatures will be inland coastal clouds will have more of those tonight that will signal a cooling trend that will develop at the coast tomorrow and blast inland as we head through the weekend. everyone going up, two degrees
6:52 am
warmer san francisco not much oakland and santa rosa four concord five fremont seven degrees warmer san jose near 90 today 10° warmer 14 hours and 36 minutes of sunshine, about a minute more than yesterday. here's a few clouds that we have out there this morning, 8:00, 9:00, gone, coast gone by noon 60s there the 90s inland we have the microclimates today let's break 'em didn't east bay valleys low to mid 90s. hercules, castro valley, union city fremont low to mid 80s east bay shore mid to upper 70s oakland 76, 86 milpitas everybody else upper 80s to low 90s south bay. low to mid 60s along the coast on the bayside upper 60s mid 70s around sausalito mid to upper 80s north bay valleys low to mid 60s sunny beaches.
6:53 am
low to mid 90s morgan hill and gilroy. tonight 50s even 64 in antioch clouds more prevalent along the coast into the bay and that's the sea breeze that will drop you guys a couple of degrees we still bake inland tomorrow in the mid 90s sea breeze pushes into inland valleys saturday sunday into monday, monday we could be 8 to 20° cooler from the coast into our inland valleys. here's sue with an update. cupertino southbound 280 on-ramp to 85 cement truck uprighted still blocking. terry mcsweeney has been on the scene all morning with that breaking story. looks like 7:30 for the estimated time of opening a "sig alert" still in effect alternate would continue to be the foothill expressway homestead or stevens creek to get back to highway 85. elsewhere earlier accident in
6:54 am
oakland big rig continually on the shoulder they got the tow truck latched up to it looks like that is gone and no more distractions in the oakland area. if you are headed towards oakland from 238, a little over 15 minutes. 280 south bay from san mateo to 85 where that cement truck is still blocking the ramp, 20 minute . altamont pass looks like it is going to be heavy into the dublin -- dublin police san ton area. 280 san jose northbound 17 slowing in a bit of company towards cupertino. 6:54. pick-up truck crashed into a crowded bar all caught on camera. it happened yesterday in little canada, minnesota you can see the pick-up truck slamming through the building into the bar, boom! police say the woman behind the wheel suffered some sort of medical condition causing her to lose control of her
6:55 am
car. six people had to go to the hospital, two are in serious condition. >> wow, incredible picture. as we get ready to hand things off to "good morning america," here are five things to know before you go. number one, southbound i-280 the highway 85 connector is scheduled to reopen in a little over an a half hour it was been shutdown when a tractor trailer carrying cement overturned. >> san ramon police looking for three in an armed robbery attempt at a jewelry store a fourth suspect was shot and killed by the store's owner. >> number three, abc7 news has confirmed that mitt romney will attend a gathering on the peninsula this morning before leaving the bay area. last night he attended a campaign dinner at the chateau in hillsborough his arrival brought out protesters. >> number four, san jose elementary schoolteacher faces
6:56 am
child pornography charges this morning. police arrested 50-year-old johnny urias yesterday. he faces possession and manufacturing child pornography. >> number five, the two men accused of beating giants' fan brian stow will be back in court today. prosecutors will detail the beating as a judge decides if the case goes to trial. yesterday they played a recorded call between marvin norwood and his mom in which he confessed to being involved. one last check on weather and traffic. live doppler showing how cheer it is out there, no flight arrival delays at sfo or oakland or san jose. let's brach down some of these temperatures. you want to feel good right now feels pretty good outside even though it looks cool -- [ unintelligible ] 90s in the east bay valleys, fairfield, clear lake, cloverdale ukiah.
6:57 am
mid to upper 60s from half moon bay to san francisco, a lot of 80s around the bay into the south bay. these temperatures will paeblg around 1:00 to pacific this afternoon when you need to be most careful if you are out. back to cupertino cement truck still blocking the ramp, southbound 280 to highway 85 and terry mcsweeney has been telling us all morning, 7:30. hopefully that will be the estimated time for reopening.
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