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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  May 31, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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>> announcer: right now abc7 news begins with breaking news. happening right now mitt romney just watched up an event at the solyndra plant hammering president obama over the massive government loan that went to the now bankrupt solar panel maker. also, for the first time we are seeing the video of a tearful and bruised eliana lopez, shot after a fight with her husband suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. good morning i'm kristen sze. and i'm cheryl jennings. let's begin with katie marzullo with the
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dramatic lopez video. >> reporter: the city attorney's office has just released the video at the center of the domestic violence case involving sheriff ross mirkarimi and his wife. lopez made the video with her neighbor ivory madison following a new year's eve argument. here it is. this happened yesterday. this is the second time this is happening. and i told ross i want to work on the marriage, we need help. i've been telling him we need help. and i'm going to use this just in case he wants to take neoaway from me. because -- just in case he wants to take theo away from me. he said that, that he's very powerful and he can do it.
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>> reporter: through his attorney ross mirkarimi just released a statement to abc7 news. he says in part, the release of the video is the latest heavy-handed tactic to ruin me with no regard for my family's well-being. because of the new year's eve incident the sheriff was charged with domestic violence and ended up pleading guilty to misdemeanor false imprison. mayor lee suspended him and the sheriff is now facing official misconduct charges. a judge recently decided the video you jut saw could be used as evidence in the ethics commission hearing on those misconduct charges. for her part, lopez is in venezuela with their son, visiting her family. she may testify at the misconduct hearing via video. the ethics commission will make a recommendation to san francisco's supervisors on whether mirkarimi should be permanently removed from office or get his job back sometime this summer. katie marzullo, abc7 news. breaking news in fremont.
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president obama's republican opponent in the upcoming race, mitt romney, just finished his speech at the bankrupt solyndra manufacturing plan. terry mcsweeney is there and joins us live. >> reporter: mitt romney playing hide-and-seek with the media today. when he finally decided to stop hiding, he came out here at solyndra and you know what the topic is. maybe you don't. he thinks the topic needs to be broadened. take a look at mr. romney coming to solyndra in fremont. he was talking about the 500 million dollar plus loan the obama administration made to solyndra in order to keep in business going. he was saying that it was idea. but, he says on top of that, the money was going to be made if anybody made it, would be made by the president's cronies. if the business succeeded those cronies would have won. >> if the business failed, as it did, it is the taxpayers that get stuck with losing a half a billion dollars.
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so, it is heads and his cronies win and tails and the taxpayers lose. >> reporter: what is alsoing there about today's hide-and-seek episode with mitt romney is that he says the reason he didn't make his campaign appearances available to the media earlier, so we could do a little planning rather than have to chase him around today, is because he was afraid that mr. obama's support going to come out and shout him down and heckle him. he took a question from the media about his supporters heckling obama he says it is tit-for-tat, back and forth and that's the way it is. you can expect solyndra to be become in the campaign from now until november. he sees it as a card that he can play. he certainly played it today and tried to broaden the deck as well. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. shock and outrage in san jose after an elementary school teacher is arrested on child pornography charges. johnny urias taught at william
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rogers. parents say officials kept them in the dark in their investigation. amy hollyfield is live at the police department with the latest. >> reporter: i just spoke with police. they tell me they are looking into the possibility that local kids were victimized. they are sailing if there are any victims, they are asking that they please come forward this investigation has been going on for about 10 months. parents are just now hearing about it. some of them are very, very upset. >> i just want to cry, oh my god horrible. >> reporter: she found out while ing the news last night that her son's third grade teacher has been accused of possessing and manufacturing child pornography. she immediately asked her son if he had been victimized. >> i woke him up, it was late, i had to know. i had to know >> reporter: he told her that johnny urias had not acted improperly toward him police say they don't know of any victims at the school.
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some parents are so frustrated about the lack of information from the school, they don't know what to believe. >> i get no answers it is like you know what else is going on? >> reporter: the investigation started last summer. the school district placed the teacher on administrative leave. he was arrested yesterday at his home. the school district says it did not tell parents what was going on at the request of the police department. school district officials refused our request for an interview. patricia flores wants to know why her 10-year-old daughter was taken out of class and interviewed by police officers, without her knowledge. >> even the criminal has a right to have someone with them when they are getting interviewed by the police. why didn't my daughter? >> reporter: some parents tell us he was a good teacher. one detail stands out. they say he always had a camera and was always taking pictures of the kids. >> if he's getting arrested 1;uj')e for five years. if he has pictures of my kids,
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i have the right to know. >> reporter: milpitas police say, they did not interview any children without parents being present. they say that would have been part of the san jose police department's investigation. we've reached out to san jose police we have not heard back. stay with us for this developing story. still, a lot of unanswered questions in the minds of a lot of parents. amy hollyfield h abc7 news. right now, -- in san ramon the search is underway for three pacifics in an armed robbery attempt at a jewelry store. a fourth suspect was shot and killed by the store's owner. the four men tried to rob gold n treasures on san ramon valley build yesterday afternoon. one man was shot in the store he later died at a hospital. police believe the suspects were driving a white four-door 90s model sedan. right now in los angeles, the two men accused of beating giants' fan brian stow are back in court.
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prosecutors plan to present details of the beating that left stow with a traumatic head injury. yesterday, they played a recorded cell phone conversation where suspect marvin norwood con fesses to his mother that he was vol -- involved in the beating. stow is under going -- undergoing aggressive rehab. the man accused of killing sire soar is expected to enter a plea. antolin garcia-torres appeared before a judge a week ago. investigators believe he took her from her home march 16th. they say her dna was found in his car and his dna was on her clothing. lamar's body has not been found. caltrans just reopened the connector ramp between 280 and 85 in cupertino after a messy accident. a crash involving a double trailer cement truck closed that ramp during the morning commute the big rig was hauling 80,000 pounds of dry cement when it flipped, pacific this morning. the driver says he was
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traveling below the speed limit when that rig overturned. old enemies putting aside their differences. the special event at the white house this morning. back to work for history-making spacecraft. the big splash it made as it returned home. disappointment today for the only bay area contestant left in the national spelling bee. we'll show you what tripped him up.
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federal as peel court in boston has ruled the marriage act is unconstitutional. the ruling will not be enforced until the supreme court issues its own decision. rare sighting at three u.s. presidents at the white house this morning for the unveiling of president george w. bush's official portrait. president obama welcomed mr. bush and his father former president george h.w. bush, a portrait of the former first lady laura bush was also unveiled. mr. bush has mostly kept away from washington and the white house since leavings. today he made an exception. >> i know you are as excited as laura and me to be able to come back here and particularly, thank the people who helped make this house a home for us for eight years the white house staff. >> the leaders past and present as well as their wives
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had a private lunch before the ceremony. new era in space travel today. the world's first commercial cargo carrier returned safely from a nine-day voyage to the international station. these are images from nasa you may be able to see the spacex dragon supply ship as it returns to earth. it slashed down on baja california. it delivered supplies and returned with a half ton of equipment. the billionaire founder elon musk founded tesla motors in fremont. bay area student has been eliminated from the national spelling bee. >> liederkrantz. >> so close had an extra t in
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there. he's an 8th grader in san jose. it is a trademark used for soft surface ripened cheese with a strong pungent flavor and odor that's the definition. he was the only bay area contestant left in the semifinals now he's out. 6-year-old lori ann madison of virginia was eliminated yesterday was the youngest student ever to qualify. she spoke to reporters after learning her fate and say she knew how to spell the word but was tired from waiting so long for her turn on stage. she says she will come back next year when she is seven. >> more mature. meteorologist mike nicco with the forecast. nothing pungent about in forecast unless you are out in the heat too lodge. let's show what is going on -- wait until you see the microclimates 30° difference
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teen the coast and inland today and tomorrow big cooling for the weekend. story about a special kid, 9-year-old boy's memorable gift to a fallen soldier's family. how he got a free trip to disney world. if that wasn't generous enough, he does it twice.
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you can see ab
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check this out. it looks like a typical day until this happened at a minnesota bar. surveillance cameras captured a truck slamming through the wall straight into the bar where all those people were sitting. at least five people, including the driver were taken to the hospital. two were seriously injured, nobody died. it looks dramatic. investigators say the driver suffered some sort of medical condition moments before that incredible crash. wow! woo take a look at this, 18-year-old university of texas student hit by a bus he survived. he got up and immediately got up. he only suffered minor injuries. the driver of the bus was ticketed for running a red light. that moment was caught on video watched more than 3 1/2
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million times. now that our hearts are racing fast how about we calm things down, a little calm weather. high pressure taking over, calmer conditions, sea breeze is gone except for locally along the coast that's why we have such a big in temperatures sea breeze comes back in weekend if you like the heat step out now. ocean beach you can see churning up a little as it normally does. a lot of sunshine there and a lot of sun just about everywhere now as we look from emeryville towards san francisco. clouds along the peninsula coast some still churning in the monterey bay over the next hour or so, everybody will have sunshine. we are from two to eight degrees warmer than we were just 24 hours ago. if you step out now 58 half moon bay, mid to upper 60s around the bay shore towards napa and san rafael low to upper 70s inland near 80 in antioch, appear monterey,
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56 santa cruz because of the cloud cover mid to upper 60s watsonville and salinas, gilroy 75°. sunshine, warmest temperatures today inland where you may need the air conditioner. coastal includes a tonight won't be as cool as it was this morning. those clouds will move inland with the breeze and bring us cooler weather for the weekend. today, check out highs compared to average, two trees warmer san francisco 68 oakland 76, six degrees warmer. livermore 93, 16° warmer than average. sunsets 8:26. 86 milpitas, upper 80s to low 90s in the south bay today. mid 80s for a lot of the peninsula north of san mateo mid to upper 70s low to mid 60s along the coast bayside upper 60s downtown south san francisco, 75 sausalito mid to upper 80s north bay valleys.
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low to mid 60s at beaches. east bay shore mid to upper 70s hercules, castro valley, fremont low to mid 80s low to mid 90s east bay valleys the warmest here and it will be again tomorrow. 64 monterey, 74 watsonville. check out the central valley near 100 to palm springs they have heat advisories they are used to the heat 112 maybe not. you can see clouds along the coast spilling into the bay cheer inland tonight mainly in the 50s to 64 in antioch. thermal trough the center of the warmest weather my ing towards the bay area today and -- migrating towards the bay area today and tomorrow and reverses course starting saturday, temperatures drop four to eight degrees another four to eight degrees drop sunday another one monday before you know it 10 to 20° from the coast to inland by the time monday rolls around.
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a chance of sprinkles monday morning. we have breaking news in the john edwards campaign corruption trial. the jury has reached a verdict. >> the ninth day of deliberations in this is north carolina pictures after the jury has reached a verdict accused of using a million dollars in donor money to hide his mistress and love child with the mistress. we'll continue to follow this breaking news and bring you the verdict in about 12 minutes or so. we'll be right back.
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breaking news. we have word that the jury in the john edwards campaign corruption trial case has reached a verdict in its ninth
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day of deliberations in north carolina. we understand that it will be announced in about 10 minutes or so. edwards facing six felony charges in the case involving nearly a million dollars provided by two wealthy political donors to help hide his pregnant mistress as he was seeking the white house in 2008. go to for the latest when that verdict is out. and abc7 news bay area will be tweeting that. also coming up, the best kind of a credit card reward. michael finney has advice on those offers that flood your mailbox. at 5, the procedure that just got the green light for treating cellulite. we'll have those stories and more later today on abc7 news at 4:00 and 5. a nine-year-old massachusetts boy extending his generosity twice. he gave a trip to disney world to the family of a fallen u.s. soldier and when "good morning america" tried if give the boy a vip trip to
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him this morning listen. >> we can't accept the trip to disney but we have many more people who would like to have it. >> i said you were gonna do that. i knew you were going to do that >> what an amazing kid. the first giveaway started if in february when he set up a facebook page called a soldier for a soldier hoping to trade one of his toy soldiers for a trip to disney world for a fallen soldier's family with >> he swept swapping until he traded up to the magic kingdom trip. he put names into a hat and pulled 2-year-old liberty's name her father was killed last august in afghanistan. >> to show such maturity and caring it means a lot to us. >> liberty's family will receive vip treatment at disney world. thanks to brandon, a second family as well.
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disney owns abc7. >> parents taught him well. >> they did. let's look at that forecast, warmest weather will last two days inland with low to mid 90s maybe paying a little extra to keep comfortable near 80 afternoon the bay, tree air conditioning at the coast low to mid 60s that blows inland through the weekend, we'll see morning clouds starting saturday and even more clouds sunday the possibility of sprinkles for monday's morning commute and warming trend will begin tuesday and wednesday of next week. be careful the next few days inland. thanks very much. >> that will do it for now in the meantime keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter get the latest on the john edwards verdict the corruption trial verdict in
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