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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 31, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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hearings. lopez released a statementing in part the images on the video will exist forever, for anyone to see, including my son, theo, now and forever. abc 7 news traveled to venezuela where lopez took her son to escape the scandal and be close to family. she told them officials releasing the video are not thinking about the affect koit have on her and her family. >> is it really right to release the video? don't think of my son? or my career? my life? my family? looks like it's going for them. >> mirkarimi saying it violates my wife's rights and serves no public good. it's politics of destruction at it's worse, those who advocated its release should be ashamed. mirkarimi said his wife and son are collateral damage in
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an effort to remove him from office. >> the system sworn to protect my wife and son, instead is using them as political pawns. >> it took five months for that video to be released. and here is a look at the video in it's entirety. >> this happened yesterday. and, um, this is the second time this is happening. and i told ross i want to work on the marriage, we need help. i have been telling him we need help. and i'm going to use this just in case he wants to take theo away from me. because he did. he said that. that he's very powerful and he
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can, he can do it. >> and we've posted the video on abc 7 our coverage of the story continues on abc 7 news at 5:00. you'll hear for the man who pushed for this recording to be released, ed lee, telling us why the tape needed to go public. >> a jury acquitted john edwards on one charge of campaign finance fraud. that charge centered on $375,000 a donor gave to hide the democrat's affair with a campaign worker. but the jury failed to reach a verdict on five other charges. and the judge declared a mistrial. >> there is all drama ended about as well as it could for john edwards. the u.s. district judge is declaring a mistrial on other five charges he's facing.
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>> i do not believe i did anything illegal or thought i was doing anything illegal. i did an awful, awful lot. that was wrong. there is no one else responsible for my sins. >> the jury could not agree that he is guilty of using campaign contributions from a wealthy donor, carrying a maximum fine of $250,000. the jury was hung on three other charges edwards violated laws, one charge of conspiracy, and there is another charge of false statements. this is after 17 days of testimony, 500 exhibits, and nine days of deliberations during a trial revealing many details about edwards affair with rielle hunter while running for president and did not convince the jury that he
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masterminded a plan to hide that plan from voters. legal experts say it's not likely the government would want to retry the case, it is possible he could face civil charges down the road. >> mitt romney wrapped up his visit with a surprise stop today this, is video that took him to the shuttered solyndra headquarters. the loan that the company received from the obama administration is a target by romney. and mark matthews joins us live. >> mitt romney came here to point out taxpayers put $535 million into solyndra only to see it fail. the obama campaign was in massachusetts pointing out what they're calling mitt romney's bad record there.
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>> mitt romney's visit is perfect for the message that the spending was a failure. and the solar panel maker received a lone from the federal government before last year. >> of course just the business failed as it did and this is taxpayers getting stuck with losing a half billion dollars. so it is heads krob cronies win, tails, the tax payers lose. >> two years ago the president came to solyndra to pro claim it as stimulus success. >> you can see it's a symbol of something different today, it's a sill bomb, not of success, but failure. >> last october he defended it this way. >> this is a loan guarantee program that predates me. that historically had support from democrats and republicans as well. >> and there are those in the obama administration who raised concerns about the $500 million investment.
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the committee released this new ad. >> there are warnings. >> the campaign are using those stories to neutralize the campaign's attacks on mitt romney. obama senior strategist was in massachusetts today to bash then-governor mitt romney's record. >> the message massachusetts mass seems to be sending is a familiar pitch. fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on you. >> and coming up at 6:00 the romney campaign's assertion wrapped here was capitol cron cronyism because some investors were also backing obama's campaign for the white house. that is a charge opponents of the president have been trying to make more than a year now. and this time there is a political twist and we'll tell
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you about it at 6:00. >> thank you. >> and the man suspected of kidnapping and killing 16-year-old sierra lamar was in court today but did not enter a plea. he only uttered words yes, your honor when asked if you understood what's happening. his wife was at the hearing but declined to comment about this case. and none of sierra's family attending the hearing. the district attorney says he's still reviewing evidence and hasn't decided whether to seek the death penalty. >> police are asking for help to find a gunman who killed a father of three this weekend. the 30-year-old lived in hayward, police say he worked a double skmift had just gotten off work sunday morning. and police say someone inside of a dark-colored audi fired at him. >> never been in no kind of trouble. he loved kids. he loved his wife.
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and devoted his self to his kids. >> police have no motive for this killing and they're looking at road rage as a possible cause of the shooting. >> there is a man will appear in court to answer charges he drove over a woman and killed her. the department of public safety arrested him after he arrived at san francisco international airport. detectives believe the 28-year-old jennifer flores had been riding in his car bre was killed. he left the u.s. for india the next day. police and authorities worked with his attorney to convince him to return from india willingly. >> some san jose parents are angry that they were not told about police interviewing their kids at school. and this is part of the child pornography investigation of a former teacher at will rogers elementary school. and abc 7 news has the story. >> the 50-year-old was
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arrested yesterday at his san jose residence, on suspicion of manufacturing child pornography, and suspended from his job as a third grade teacher in september. and police in milpitas, where he used to live, collected evidence and sent it to a lab. >> we got the results a couple weeks ago. at which point there is evidence to make an arrest. >> police then interviewed 30 students and plan to talk to more. parents were not notified beforehand. >> what upsets me, our kids are going to get interviewed by detectives and... as a parent i feel i have a legal right to know what is going on with my child. >> saying police directed them not to tell parents. the direct asked not to release the fact officers would be at wills rogers school until after all interviews had been conducted.
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>> why weren't we notified? i should have been notified. and even a criminal has the right to get someone with them, why didn't my daughter? >> the san jose unified school district confirmed sit legal for police to interview students without notifying parents if police believe that might jeopardize this case. >> there is any type of suspected child abuse or sex abuse going on at home, then, we do have to get a parental consent to interview the students. >> he could be arraigned tomorrow. >> and thank you so much. and let's get a check on the forecast. >> let's do. it's really hot. >> and it is. right now, inland locations, temperatures antioch, brentwood and livermore valley low to mid-90s, heading through early evening for 4:00 will continue with the theme of clear skies. once the sun sets, temperatures going to be mild
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overnight. this evening, mild inland, low 80s and by morning the fog will return to beaches. we'll take a look for temperatures there. inland locations because of the heat now, you're probably not going to drop that much. 60 degrees and warm temperatures inland back into 0s and cooler at the coast. the weekend forecast is coming up. >> thank you. >> ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 video providing hope for research to help paralyzed people walk again. >> and a new alternative treatment for hair loss. results so dramatic they make people want to get tattoos on their head. >> there is a commitment free iphone. we'll have that in today's after the bell report, coming up. >> and checking your traffic at 4 krn 11 you're looking at the skyway. you can see traffic on the left side. that is approaching theoer deck of the bay bridge. it's crawling alorngs pretty
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typical for this time of the day. stay with us.
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living news this afternoon, u.s. health officials are trying to down play reports of a deadly disease from latin american some are calling the new aids. a parasite infection prevalent in central and south america, officials estimate it's infected 10 million people there, killing 20,000 people a year. >> i would like to call the disease the most important inception you've never heard about. you've never heard bit because it exclusively affects people living in extreme poverty. >> i'm concerned when people
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talk about comparison was hiv that that would translate into thinking that it's transmitted like sit with hiv, which is just not the case. >> and the infection is contracted through a parasite that is exkruted during a bite by an insect called the kissing bug and can be spread from pregnant mothers to babies and donated blood that goes unscreened. the people can be infected for decades before showing any severe symptom autos researchers in switzerland using spinal nerve stimulation to help paralyzed rates raths walk and climb stairs. video shows the rats in a harness to help them keep their balance. they were given electric shocks and injections to reinvigorate spine cells, it took two to three weeks for rats to take steps. they're hoping the work will help human was spinal cord injuries. the study published in journal science. >> there is a new treatment for baldness.
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it's not something that regrows hair. sit more like a visit to a tattoo parlor. ink injected into the scalp to give appearance there is more hair. for women it paints the scalp darker so hair looks fuller, men who shave their heads are getting it done to hide a receding hairline. looks like they wanted to shave their head, not that they had to. >> and on to business news, first prepaid iphone in the u.s. will hit the market. and no apologies from morgan stanley. let's go live to bloomberg west with today's after the bell report. >> there is morgan stanley is defending it's management of the offerings. and rormtedly telling employees to be proud of the job and saying she was quote
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no nefarious activity but the company followed normal procedures when setting price and amount of shares sold. facebook stock did rebound today, closing up $29.60 a share, regaining 10% of the lows for the day. and facebook shares now down 23% to go up like may 18th. broader market closed lower. and there is disappointing reports overshadowed optimism greece will stay in the bureau. -- euro. and google applied for 50 top-level domains, some are picking other that's may have created potential. and the cost of 185,000s ndz application that adds up to $9 million in application fees.
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the internet corporation for assigned names and numbers is going to publish a his next month. and there is new signs that san francisco numbers are growing to the 4,000 people. according to california edd the number of tech employees in san jose grew just 3%. to 211 workers and the mayor pushed for business-friendly policies luring companies to stit and convinced them to stay. and there is leap wireless selling a prepaid version of the iphone next month. becoming the first prepaid carrier to do so. the price to buy the phone won't be subsidized nearly as much as those that require
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contracts. customers will have to pay about $500 and at bloomberg studios i'm emily chang with bloomberg west. >> thank you. >> and the privilege of hosting an event in monte vista high school honoring senior athletes. there is outdoors and. >> were you melting? >> there is a warm day out there. temperatures into mid-90s meaning temperatures inland valleys are into mid to low 60s, high definition sutro cam looking at the marin headlands avenues there. and the beautiful golden gate bridge and there is why, on our satellite. you can see a little bit this morning and then, it pushed
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back towards the south. so that translated to very warm temperatures, temperatures there into mid to low 60s today. so there is a nice warm up for you there. there is a look at current readings, 95 in antioch. there is 90 in santa rosa. 69 in san francisco. half moon bay there is a sea breeze starting to move in now. there is fog going to return to the coast tonight. and that is going to mean a little cooler temperatures for us friday. looking ahead to weekend getting ready for mild to warm temperatures inland over the weekend. this has been a set out. high pressure very strong, keeping jet stream storm tracking well north of us nice, warm ridge. overnight tonight and tomorrow, there is a' good sign so
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bubble of air will push towards the east. increase of winds, so not as warm inland. and saturday, sunday, with more winds going to mean more patchy fog at the coast. antioch still holding some of the heat. it's 60 degrees overnight. 52 for san francisco. you'll see it starting to creep up from the coast. here is your morning commute. there is a fog. you'll notice it sits there near the coast z doesn't move inland. and there is a wide range of temperatures up, upper 50s and fog will sit towards the area. here is a look at cities for you. 84 for san jose. 66 in san francisco.
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and santa rosa 85 degrees. there is fog sitting just off the coast there. there is the accu-weather forecast. mild weekend saturday and sunday. there is a strong winds, and clouds coming in. and there is a chance of showers maybe moving in in the north bay. >> thank you. >> sure. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00 a dangerous outbreak of beiber fever in norway. >> a debut of babies at the san francisco zoo. also... >> i haven't been able to wear shorts in a very long time. >> new procedure that could become a god send for women who want to see their
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>> this is what you wanted to see. >> new arrivals at san francisco zoo penguin colony made debuts today, zoo keepers showed off the chick that's hatched. they're called that because they're native to the straight of image gellen in northern chile. they'll be on display until the end of june when heading to the zoo's fish school. to learn to swim. i didn't know they needed to
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be taught to you who-to-swim, but they do. >> beiber fever turned into an epidemic in europe. >> and, well, everywhere. we have more with today's report on the red carpet. >> that is not tony. sorry. >> no. >> and we'll try to get that back for you f not we have more still to come on abc 7 news at 4:00. new summer of love in san francisco today's good vibes due to a budget of all things. >> also head events that brought george w. bush back to the white house. he had everyone laughing, even president obama. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home
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i 19-year-old hayward man is dead. police are looking for three men they believe were his accomplices yesterday. >> the man has been identified and laura anthony is live with the latest. >> there police say that the owner faces no charges for taking matters into his own hands about this time, yesterday. >> the lights are off. the counter is covered in
4:30 pm
golden treasures, one day after an attempted robbery left one man dead. >> this looks like it's in self-defense, everyone was frightened. >> police say the 19-year-old and three others went into the store just after 4:30 wednesday. according to investigators he displayed a gun, confronting the owner ask other associate and a customer, one shot fired at biryu who collapsed on the street and later died. the owner declined to speak with abc 7 news. his daughter says the parents were inside of the store at the time of the shooting. >> they're strong people. they're not going to let someone hurt themselves or others around them. >> three other suspects ran and jumped into a vehicle police believe could be a white mid 1990s four door sedan this, morning most businesses around the jewelry store including this hair salon were open as usual. >> this morning you know when
4:31 pm
i felt nervous to go to work. and. >> this is a third time the jewelry store owner opened fire on robbery suspects. in 2009,al mow jewelry mart owner got into a gun battle with a robber, both survived. this more a store owner in vallejo shot and killed a would be robber. >> and. >> and this is to legally possess that firearm. >> again, police say the gun used here yesterday was legally own skptd owner well within rights to use it in self-defense, investigators are looking for suspects who wn ran away. anyone with information asked to call police. in san ramone, abc 7 news. >> and there is a preliminary hearing two of men accused of
4:32 pm
beating giants fan brian stow brought more testimony today. one woman testified she saw a man matching the zrings of one of the detectives taunt giants fans and punch a teen-aged boy and testified that she saw two men run after four giants fans. she doesn't see a confrontation but saw the two men coming running back into a car and tell a female driver to leave. >> and oakland raiders receiver pleaded not guilty to drunk driving on the bay bridge. the 25-year-old did not appear fl n.court. the dui charge stems from an incident last month. and chp says blood alcohol level was.13. >> this guy has been no trouble in the nfl. clean driving record. he's a good guy this, was
4:33 pm
unfortunate. and he will do whaifrt takes to go forward. >> that could include a fine, as well as community work. the charges not expected to impact playing time with raiders, however, nfl could take action. >> and news that san francisco city hall was what didn't happen. the mayor unveiled new city budget and there are no boos or protests. this year it was a love fest. and there is. vic lee to explain. >> this is a city budget. 425 pages and says the city is flush with money thanks to more than 22,000 jobs created last year and union concessions saving the city $28 million like a kumbaya moment at city hall. there are smiles all around. and there is lots after plaus because the san francisco
4:34 pm
economy is recovering and the city's reserves, growing. >> last nine months, controller reported out a revenues were $172 million more than previkted. >> the plan calls for $7 billion in spending. the plan would close a projected two-year deficit of $638 million. this means no cuts to health and social services. this is after years of incisions. there enough money to go to programs which lost state and federal funding. >> i've included all restoration of federal cuts to programs and sefshz that serve people with hiv and aids. >> and to offset the sets cuts, san francisco schools will receive $6 million. a priority is one of the biggest hiring commit manies to public safety. there already six classes totalling 300 recruits in two years. and there is new fire academy
4:35 pm
classes as well. there appears to be little opposition to the budget proposal. the main obstacle has been the deep cuts proposed for social service agencies. this supervisor says it's different this year. >> i've worked and organized with people across the city to make sure swrek a vibrant safety get for working people in the city. that is in this budget. >> next up, there will be supervisors having a go at it during final two weeks of june. >> and still ahead, there is torture by sesame street? there is a new report on interrogation tactics at guantanamo bay. also... >> just saying that word is the accomplishment. we have an update on this bay
4:36 pm
area day at the spelling me next at 4:00. >> and there is fog just off the coast. we'll take a look at the temperatures ask do a little traveling.
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finals of the scrips national spelling bee will get underway shortly. a bay area 13-year-old will not be taking part. >> helpful hints for german on
4:39 pm
the screen. >> and there is an extra t in there. and he misspelled it and this is a trademark for a cheese with a strong odor. he was the only contestant left in the semi final autos and we have tech nal trouble with our report a little while ago but good to go now. >> there is justin beiber telling fan tz take it easy causing a so called state of emergency in norway. the 18-year-old tweeted quote for the show to happen you must listen to the police. we're concern forward your safety. i want what is best for you.
4:40 pm
please listen. police say 15 girls passed out. how would you like to take a glimpse of mayor yi lynn monroe? hollywood museum is honoring her passing with a special exhibit. she would have been 86 tomorrow. and josh dummel will be finding save haven in nicholas sparks new movie. and remember get your headlines any time on >> and beber fever is not good. >> i don't think we're going to be afflicted any time soon. >> yes. you know how that goes. speaking of fever and hot, and heat, how about palm springs? 114 tomorrow. these are friday's highs. 78 in los angeles. there is some fog creeping back to the coast. sacramento 96 and heading to
4:41 pm
tahoe for the weekend there. here is a lk at highs tomorrow. there is a come back near the coast tonight so there is 84 san swros yeah. at the coast there is half moon bay 58 degrees. there is peninsula, 77 degrees, san francisco, warming to 66 there is sun and patchy fog there. napa, 84. going 80 in san rafael. there is east bay hill warm to hot. there is 92 in antioch. we'll look for santa cruz tomorrow, 74 degrees and not a bad forecast. cooler into weekend as well.
4:42 pm
>> still ahead george w. bush returning to the white house with advice for first lady michelle obama. >> now, michelle... >> yes? >> if anything happens... >> that former president had everybody laughing. we'll have a live report from washington. >> and best credit card rewards. michael finney has advise on sorting through bonus, mile, and cash back offer that's flood your mailbox. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues right after this.
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a federal appeals court ruled defense of marriage act is unconstitutional. the act prevents the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages. a three-judge panel ruled the judge violates the constitution by deanything federal benefits to marry gay couples. g.o.p. house leaders sent their own lawyers to fight to rescind the act. >> with regard to this ruling which doj was an active participants pant in, boy refer tout justice department.
4:46 pm
but there is no question this is in concert with president's views. >> and he announced personal support for gay marriage last month. >> president obama going to see more of former president george bush at the white house. and kill filling us in on the official portrait unveiling. >> there are over a dozen members of the bush family there today for this portrait unveiling. there are a lot of laughs. that is mostly because the former president was cracking everybody up with jokes but there are also some tears. >> it's a tradition dating back to nation's first president. today, former president george w. bush and his wife, laura, made a rare visit to their former home for the unveiling of their official white house portrait. >> it now starts and ends with a george w. >> the former president largely stayed out of the political spotlight but today,
4:47 pm
he seemed to relish being back at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. president bush recounted a story of how in 1814 dolly madison save aid portrait of george washington before the british set fire to the white house. >> now, michelle... if anything happens... there is your man. >> i promise. i'm going straight for it. >> along with laughter, and there was a lot of it, there are he megsal moments, too. when mr. bush thanked his father former president george hw bush. >> i am honored to being hanging near a man that gave me the greatest gift possible, unconditional love. >> he frequently blamed his predecessor for mess. including the killing of osama bin laden today was devoid of
4:48 pm
partisan ship. >> we may have our differences politically but the presidency transcends those differents. >> the portrait will hang in the formal entrance of the white house right near his dad's. >> and there is sort of a bush family reunion today. how was that? >> in addition to family members that were there, there are a lot of former top officials from the former bush administration. both of his chiefs were there, colin powell was there, former attorney general gonzales was there. but it wasn't just the top officials. the former superintendent of the white house grounds, the man kept everything looking butteful and walked the bush's dogs was there as well. he had a prime seat in the front. i talked to staffers who went. waits their first time back in the white house. they said they received a warm welcome, they were happy there weren't a lot of politics and something felt very american about this type of event.
4:49 pm
>> looks like everybody had a good time. >> and credit card companies offering a lot of rewards these day buzz it's hard to figure out which is best for you that is why michael finney is here with tips. >> credit card companies used reward trams to a -- programs to attract customers for decades. >> the programs will probably the earliest rewards programs in the marketplace. >> the president of a loyalty rewards marketing firm loyal one says consumers earn about $48 million worth of value but they do unused. >> there is most programs have some form of expiring or policies causing points to lapse. and there is a lot of them earned and consumers don't
4:50 pm
utilize value obtained. >> with the number of programs it can be hard to pick the best for you. >> this is not always one size fits all, but we'd say cash rewards, you can get a good credit card. that is in the long run probably best for you joe write jout says how you receive your rewards should play a big part. >> if you can get the rewards credited to you that is the easiest of all. redeeming for cash is the next best thing. >> this they're applied to balance, you don't have to worry about expieration dates. the ease of cashing in rewards has value, too. susan kaiser uses her rewards card to travel frequently. >> they call it miles. it's a cash reward, 1% back. i have managed to go to africa on it. i just returned from china visiting my daughter. >> and watch out for high
4:51 pm
interest rates that can kick into affect if you pay late. also with some cards you may not be able to accrue points if you don't pay the minimum on time. there are a number of web sites that help you compare which card is right for you. i've posted a list of those sites on abc 7 >> coming up you've got to see this krizy video this, turned a bistander into a here yes. >> inside joke on this buried treasure in a southern california beach. >> head on abc 7 news, the popular dog snack the subject of hundreds of complaints and could be at the center of a local dog death. ?q
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>> as we head to the top of the hour there is a last look at traffic.
4:55 pm
downtown skyway and this is brutal heading down south and this is very slow going downtown this afternoon. >> you've got to admit it's catchy but it appears u.s. intelligence trying to take advantage of something parents know. listening to children songs over and over can drive you crazy. >> al jazeera reporting in 2003, sesame street tunes were used to kind of torture prisoners in guantanamo bay. and there are reports saying they were left alone with the music for hours or day autos a former prison guard says rock music was also used and sometimes, two songs blasted at the same time. the report doesn't say if this method was success oofl but everybody learned to count. >> yes. >> pait pait trons of a
4:56 pm
minnesota bar lucky to be alive. you have to see the video of this bizarre accident. check it out. people were enjoying cocktails when this truck slammed through a wall. here it is from another camera. >> six people were hurt two, seriously. no one killed. a man working in the parking lot witnessed a crash and used his bob cat to pull the truck out of the bar. >> there are days they didn't know what happened. and there is one lady pinned to the bar. i tried to help her. >> officials say a 51-year-old woman suffered a medical emergency and took out a light pole before slamming into the building. >> people pull pranks every day but few are this elaborate. >> and there are four guys drove to venice beach, crammed
4:57 pm
and crammed a chest full of gold chocolate coin autos the crowd grew larnl enough, here is what happened. >> there are life guard told the guys not to open the chest fearing what might be inside. the crowd chanted and the video has gone viral with 600 thousand hits. >> that is a lot of work it is. >> and. >> and thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> you can keep track on twitter and you can talk about it on abc 7 news. >> there is a pet treat the subject of hundreds of
4:58 pm
complaints may be responsible for death of a local dog. >> this is a second time this is happening. and tearful images of a bruised ilyana lopez. >> temperatures today looming into 90s, cooler for friday. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> the video of ross mirkarimi's wife now available for all to see. >> that is despite a legal battle to keep it private. here is the 45 second tape released today. >> this happened yesterday. and this is the second time this is happening and i said
4:59 pm
ross, i want to work on the marriage. we need help. i have been telling you, we need help. and i'm going to use this just in case he wants to take theo away from me, because he said that, that he's very powerful. and that he can, he can do it. >> and just moments ago ross mirkarimi responded to the release of the tape he and his wife have been fighting to keep private. >> this is a plixs of destruction i think at its worse, they're exploiting ilyana and our son in order to get to me. >> abc 7 is live with more reaction to what you just saw. >> and this was five months ago today that ross mirk leemy and his wife got into an argument. that snow balled into a legal


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