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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  June 1, 2012 1:05am-1:40am PDT

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>> thank you very much. >> jimmy: gavin degraw. this is his cd. it's called "twesweeter." it is out now. i want to thank kathy griffin, and emily maynard. apologies to matt damon, we ran out of time. tomorrow night -- winner of "dancing with the stars," patricia heaton, nikolaj coster-waldau, music from lisa marie presley. thank you for watching. buenas noches. here you go little man.
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>> good evening i'm dan ashley. >> carolyn has the night off. for the first time we are hearing the emotional reaction that led to the suspension of san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. >> june released video to the public today and here's the 45 . second clip. >> this happened yesterday 2011 and this is the second time
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this this is happening. i said ross i weren't to work on the marriage. we need help. i have been telling him we need help and i'm going to use this just in case he wants to take my son away from me. because he did. he said that. that he is very powerful and he can teshtion can do it. >> 7 news reporter john is in the news ramp with reaction to tape that neither mishing recommend or his wife wanted released. >>reporter: absolutely now. his wife his wife is threatening to sue the city over the release of the video. could be a key piece of evidence in the ethic commission csuspended sheriff mirkarimi knew it was time before the which have video would become public. >> this is the politics of of destruction i think at its worst and they are exploiting my wife and our son in order to
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get to me. >> video made on new year's day. miss lopez point to gbruin bruised arm and telling a neighbor why she wanted this recorded. >> i'm going to use this just in case he wants to take my son away from me. because he did. he said that. that he is very powerful. >>reporter: mirkarimi says that's not what he said or meant regarding a possible custody dispute over their soychbility i have said since second one of this whole ordeal this nightmare is that i said the law ins this state are powerful because of a previous trip that occurred last spring and an argument that we had verbal argument that we had had because i missed my son dearly when they were away for over two months. >>reporter: lopez and her attorney fought to keep the video she told dan during an exclusive interview in her native venzuela. >> it is really right to release the video?
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don't think of my son? or even my career? my life? >> it's not powerful, it's private. it's an intimate document that was made in the belief that it was an attorney-client privileged matter to be used as as a last resort should there be a custody battle. >> one person still not commenting is ivory madison the neighbor who regarded the vide video. >> is she in the talking. okay. >>reporter: mayor lee says the evidence is essential as he pushes to have mirkarimi fired. >> we are still seeking as much transparency about this as possible because the ethic commission demands it. >>reporter: lopez told us that in the video she meant it was the second verbal fight with her because not the second physical. today asked if he expected his wife to return to san francisco mirkarimi said to ask her. in the newsroom, 7 news. >> thank you very much. lake to see it again we posted the
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entire video on the front page of the web site. police are investigating a shooting tonight in north oakland. happened just before 9:30 at 63 and lowell street. victim was rushed to children hospital. police are not releasing the able or his condition. there is no word on a motive for>> resident shootin. >> resident in have beenville neighborhood return to their homes after explosion them to evacuate for short til tile. 2 people ended up in the hospital after something blew up in the kitchen of a house on juniper street about 4:30 this afternoon. hazardous material team used air monitor to determine the air was safe and residents could return to their homes. berkeley police lacking for a man who used a stun gun to rob his victims. happened early monday near the corner of dana and durrant stre jump men jumped out of a car confronted the victim. one of the men had r theol tl. the other the taser. they rob the man and drove away in green 4 door the toyota.
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discussion abou discussion abot bullying and release of video of young girl being beaten fursly at her school. lillian kim is leif at ben franklin middle school where parents want more done. >>reporter: that's right. the district presented the issues but the parents say it doesn't go far enough. >>reporter: her son was the victim of a recent bully sdichbility the kindergartner threw him around like a rag doll and choked him. >>reporter: the school district acknowledges that bullying is a problem that's why it held a forum for parents about what they can do to minimize problems at school. event however got off to a tense start. >> it's time to take back if and this is not helping. >>reporter: she's the mother of sixth graird. video shows her daughter being beaten by eighth grade girl at hogan schol middle school last month. she was sent to the hospital for head injuries now williams is angry over the way the district handled the aftermath.
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>> they refused to expel her because they don't admit there's a problem so they do the normal 2 day suspension. but the parents should have to pay for damages as well. and when they start to put in measures like that i guarantee you you will get results. >>reporter: district is instead focusing on the effort on what it calls behavior sup positive behavior support. in the fall students will be taught conflict resolution strategy. >> which is a still skill greatly needed in all our schools to teach the students to be able to problem solve rather than resort to fighting. >>reporter: parents meanwhile encouraged to talk to the children. >> when your kid comes home from school ask him tell him what good happened today and begin topened. bad happened. what didn't work well for you. and that's a chance to model problem-solving with the child. >>reporter: none was enough to convince jessica what she wants is for the district to be tougher on those who bully. >> we need to good toal it wer weretive school or something because they continue day in and day out tirjs of the
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district anti-bully measures implemented in the fall but teachers in district staff also attending work shops over the summer. this is abc 7 news. >> thank you lillian. >> dwrup of parents educators share ideas tonight to make sure students are less likely to drop out of school. group called people acting in community together or pat wants to help students experience before they enter high school. the district estimates of the students aren't prepared for high school when they finish eighth grade. >> it exist for everyone but impact is greater among our latino students. achievement gap between latino and other students gets greater and greater as they get older. >> we are going to be accountable not 5 years from now. not 2 years from now but next year. >>reporter: fighting crime and pwlait around middle school campus so students feel safer. >> republican presidential candidate romney brought his campaign to free mont and
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criticized pl h1n1 president obama for what croany croany capitolism. he bashed the stimulus spending at solyndra. tax da pair dollars was in vebingted in the failing company and romney says he return the loan as political campaign payment to do noyvrment this ace symbol of what the president thinks about free enterprise. l that means taking money from the taxpayers giving it freely to his friend friends. >> this is loan guarantee program that predates me that historically has had support from democrats and republicans as well. >>reporter: president obama touted green job agenda at the site of the plant during better times for the company, may 2010. >> effort to avoid bankruptcy have c new 35 million dollar city hall. fv wells fargo foreclosed on the building this week after stockton purposely defaulted on
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a bond to stay out of bankruptcy and still have to pae and firefighters. 3 stockton parking garages were repossessed in april. stench that floated over parts of san leandro today has been traceed to closed waste management company land fill. students at 2 schools nearby were evacuated because authorities thought it was a gas leak. turns out they off far off. waste management says the source was chemical vapor seeping from 20 gallon drum in the decommissioned land fill. vip or were from an addative added to odorless gas to gift aroma so leak are detected. able to smell it from the land fill. >> just ahead. >> so hard to see her that way she didn't desivsht. >> pet owner devastated after she says a popular dog treatye f lead to the death of her pet. >> same sex couple ruling hoping to get married. >> bear scare as students get
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ready for graduate asian ceremonies. >> those story and more then later on "ni d >>reporter: dan, coming up next on "nightline". ran for president while cheating on a dying wife. fathered a secret khichltd lied about it all but it wasn't enough to convict john edwards. take you inside that painful trial plus rare look at some wild mustache next on "nightline". >> news at 11:00 continues >> news at 11:00 continues right after this
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>> court battle may over for former presidential candidate edwards. >> acquitted on campaign fraud stemming from 2008 run for the white house. mistrial declared on the other charges. ht the federal government says it will not
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seek another trial. vl scott has the story. >> all of the drama ended as well as it could for john edwards. jury found him not guilty of campaign finance law and u.s. district judge declaring mistrial on the other 5 charges facing. >> while i do not believe i did anything illegal or ever thought i was doing anything illegal, i did an awful awful lot that was wrong. and there is no one else responsible l for my since. >>reporter: jury could only agree unanimously that edwards is not guilty of accepting campaign contribution in excess of the legal limit from wealthy donor melon carrying maximum penalty 5 years in prison and fine of 250,000 dollars. jury was hung on 3 other charges edwards violated campaign finance law. one charge of cps and on another charge that he made false statements. all of
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this coming after 17 days of testimony. some 500 exhibits and 9 day office deliberations. during a trial that revealed many scandal details about edwards affair with real hunter while running for president in 20 08 but didn't convince the many on the jury edwards mastermind add plan to. >> legal experts say it's not likely the government would not want to retry the case in criminal court but it's possible edwards could face civil charges downtown road news new york. >> turn to the the lighter side of politic. former president bush returned to the white house today. he took part in white house custom that dates back to another president named george. george washington. former president and first lady laura bush unveiled the official and l they looked on as the current president changed the predecessor
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kind words for kind words of encouragement. >>xd federal appeals court in boston ruled that the defense of marriage act is unconstitutional. it violence the constitution by denying federal benefits to married gay couples. the ruling today will not be enforced until the supreme court issues its own decision. morgan hill woman believes popular dog treatise behind the death of her dog. chambers says her 4 dog all ate the home style dog treat. shortly after 3 of them began getting sick including 13-year-old caly that died yesterday. >> it was so hard to see her that way. and she at any time deserve it. she was the most loving loyal family dog that -- >>reporter: nearly 1ner have cd owner have complained to the fda. that agency put out an advisory warning that dog that ate the trip show cases them. the company del mont says the
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fda and other organization found no connection between the illness and the treats. >> unexpected surprise for students in bakersfield today. bear strolling as across campuss graduation ceremonies get under way. graduation was not affected but officials were a i believe to subdue the bear, capture and release back into the wild. no harm no foul. >> crazy. >> great weather here but a little warm if you don't like it hot. >> pretty steamy will it continue. st lee is here. >> it was hot inland in fact here's a look at the high for today. antioch 95 degrees. 92 in concord. san rafael 89. 72 in san francisco. santa cruz today the absence of the low clouds and fog warm to 76 degrees. so low clouds and fog also tl off the coast today but already we get more on shore wind flow and will cool us off for tomorrow. san francisco is
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at 56 we still have 70's in the interior east bay antioch at 74 and 72 degrees clear sky right now in livermore. so the fog will return very patchy a and tonight that will definitely set the stage for cooler temperatures in friday afternoon and stronger on shore wind component will definitely mean temperatures will pretty much be mild throughout the course of our weekend. the look at the low tonight already a little bit of light nothing near the golden gate bridge down to half moon bay. half moon bay overnight 49 degrees. 52 for san francisco. keep it the interior east bay with antioch speak lo low. 62 degrees. high pressure, keeping the jet stream column of air and also the stormtrack well to the north of us and look at the warm wicks here. this is where we got our starting to weaken,
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this high, the warm air mass slides a little bit to the east and allow more on shore winds. cooler wind direction to move in so temperatures coming down inland location the next several days but still mild. still very spring like out there. with temperatures in the 70's and 80's and probably little more low clouds and fog right near the coast. 5:00 a.m. you the ptice the pwaing g bank coast side and just barely peels back just off the coast a little bit tomorrow so you can see the white temperature spread for tomorrow upper 50's low 60's coast side and further east you go we'll bump into the mid lows 90's for friday afternoon. nun for clear lake clover dale tomorrow. l 83 here and marine influence san francisco down a bit to 68 degrees. half moon bay reach
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59. interior east bay antioch still warm to hot with 94 degrees there. concord livermore 81. 90 from morgan hill and 62 tomorrow for monterey. accu-weather 7 day fork mild weekend ahead we go with fog and 50's at the coast. mid low 80's interior east bay saturday sunday then on monday big changes. cooler temperature. wind picks up and slight chance of few sprinkles in the north bay. >> thanks. >> google faces a new battle. >> class action lawsuit coming from hundreds of authors. stay ♪ [ typing ] ♪
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t >> google is going to court over google book. today a federal judge in new york said he will allow author to file a class action suit against google over its digital library. author guild wanted class certification so each author doesn't have to sue far fare scanned more than 20 million books. >> facebook i p o could have a larger impact on the future of other tech companies according to the silicon valley business journal. 2 bay area company the very already postponed their offering in the wake of facebook i p o troubles. stan jose base to go is growing. the chain is looking to expand by opening 150 locations locations over the next 4 years. 2 bay area amusement parks are doing expanding as well. great america moving forward with plans to build a massive wooden roller coaster first since 200 2006. university of santa cruz will replace the hurricane with new one next year. more on the
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headlines in the print edition in the valley business journal. >> awfully high it seems. >> yes. larry is here with sports. >> a little bit of a roller coaster for the cal softball team. close call for the college world series but not for the thunder tonight. western conference finals just turned into a real series. turned into a real series. sports next
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well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >> gechlt few members of the cal women softball team were up for almost 24 straight hours because of a series of flight delay. impossible kind of a trip to get to oklahoma city yesterday. they finally got there. they with like to stay a little bit. top seeded bears jet lag got done early against
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lsu in the world series opening 2nd inning ls u2 nothing lead. russell vl off henderson. cal forced come back mode. tied up at two then in the sixth. reed brings in her own sister within field chopper to make it 3-2 bears. next battert base hit scoring cheyenne. cal scored 3 runs in the sixth and that basically what won it for them. victorious 5-3 and face oklahoma tomorrow afternoon 4:00 p.m. stanford pwibl team hosting ncaa regional. that starts tomorrow with the cardinal facing fresno state. stanford will start all american pitcher mark. how good is he? not only is he 9 and 1 with era of 2.37 he also probably be the no. 1 pick in next week major league baseball draft. loan loss fresno in march but the coach is confident with mark on the hill. >> tvl team that beat him i wish we picked somebody else but it's good. it's good. he's obviously one of the
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better pitchers in college baseball and 9 and 1 and he's the reason we are in full season play. he'll give us a chance to win tomorrow night. not only will but he always gives us a chance to win. >>reporter: to the nba play offs. spurs have been invincible for the past month and a half winning 20 straight games rolling through 2 play off series but oklahoma city put emphatic end to the streak tonight. charles barkley making quite the entrance in oklahoma city. charles and the horse you rode in on. thunder came out flying. l whooping. t up and play of the night durrant with authority. oh. duncan come get some. right on your head. 22 for durran. th at the 13 at the half. tm pablo a 3. huge game. spurs turned it os. west brook a steal. lob it whchlt a career best 19 here and spurs first loss since april 11. still leading in the
1:37 am
series 2 games to 1. hear the coaches. >> defensively that was l as well as you can play against the best team in basketball. everybody did it. throughout every possession it was a t like it was a close-out game beth offensively and defensively. very active. physical. move the ball well on offense and they did all those things better than we di did. >>reporter: biggest names in golf in ohio this week for the memorial. mickelson didn't stick around. horrible opeew after horrible opening round of 79. bogey 6 of the last 7 holes on the which to the over par score. he's so tired and out of whack he decided to try out and prepare for the u.s. open coming up here in two week. tiger l double bogey 18 2 under 4 back. daniel summer from utah. chipping on par 3 12. rolls it home. theack of the leader scott stallings.
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tiger was here this week practicing at olympic field l be exciting. will be exciting. >> fun. >> thanks larry. >> "nightline"is up next. >> thanks for joining us. and thanks for watching abc contin continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> for all of us here, he st @@qh$
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