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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 1, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> announcer: right now abc7 news begins with breaking news. that breaking news comes from san jose. arson investigators are trying to figure out who set two fires at evergreen valley high, damaging a dumpster and at least one building. >> katie marzullo joins us live from the campus with a closer look at the damage and what is happening right now. >> reporter: either the arson investigators have finished their work or they are coming back to do more work later the fire department has cleared the scene for now. look at what they have left. one of two fires that's the dumpster you can see very well charred on the inside as well. beyond that is the school library and the outside wall of the library is fairly well charred as well.
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we have video of that to show you. you can see the damage was done. the fire captain tells me no damage was done inside the building that is some good news. the outside wall was burned. school is out for the summer, nobody was here. whoever did this may have been caught on camera >> it is suspicious fire cause investigator is on scene there are surveillance tapes around so the investigator will be reviewing those tapes. >> reporter: that could be a good piece of evidence for fire investigators as they look into who may have set these two fires at the school in san jose afterschool was out. i asked the fire captain if he thought students were involved? he said he didn't want to guess. the fires are definitely suspicious. katie marzullo, abc7 news. some schools are graduating students today. we check in with mike to see how the weather is.
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looks like it going to be nice depending on where you are, other areas cool, i'll have four schools coming up in about 15 minutes or so. this morning quiet, clouds along the coast spotty drizzle possible there everybody else is doing fine. mid to upper 50s in most neighborhoods warm fairfield mountain view 60 livermore 62, and jock 65 slightly cooler -- antioch 65 slightly cooler at the coast, mid 70s to 80 bay shore mid 80s to mid 90s inland especially east bay valleys, morgan hill and gilroy. 62 monterey today. here's what you can expect, bay bridge toll only these cash-paying lanes are backed up everything else good only backed up to the end of the parking lot. fog across the golden gate bridge so far no major problem out of marin or the bay area. earlier rollover crash
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reported north 101 near the lawrence expressway they are saying closer to the great america parkway, chm arrives, not a rollover, and it is already on the shoulder. police are investigating a double shooting in north oakland. it happened before 9:30 last night at 63rd and lowell streets the two victims drove themselves to children's hospital and for in stable condition. police are not releasing their identities. there's been no word on motive or any suspects or details surrounding the shooting. vallejo school decision trick administrators add several anti-bullying measures. the accident follows a heated discussion last night with parents had who say the changes don't go far enough. the district acknowledges that bullies is -- that bullying is a problem. her daughter was beat by an 8th grade girl at hogan middle school in april sent to the hospital with head injuries you see then the video. now, williams is angry over the way the district handled
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the aftermath. >> they refuse to expel her because they don't admit there's a problem they do the normal two-day suspension. the parents should also pay for damages. when they start to put in measures that like that you will get results. >> teachers and district staff will attend workshops over the summer. a state superintendent will be in richmond for a ceremony to accept the payoff of debt to california. the district had a deficit of more than 42 million dollars in nine nine -- 1990 and bankrupt. the safe gave a loan at 6% interest and placed it in receivership. school officials are paying off that loan. tonight a hope and faith rally will be held in fremont at sierra lamar's former school, washington high for the missing morgan hill teenager. tomorrow volunteers will be out again searching the morgan hill area for any sign of the 15-year-old.
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yesterday the man suspected of kidnapping and killing lamar was in court but did not enter a lee. antolin garcia-torres only uttered the words "yes your honor." when asked if he understood what was happening. a man will appear in court to face charges that he tried to grab a child at a movie theater in san leandro. police believe he reached into a photo booth while a woman was inside with her niece and nephew. witnesses say he also threatened the aunt after she left the booth with the children. officers arrested hayes tepblgs in the parking lot out the -- hastings in the parking lot outside the mall. a wildfire in new mexico remains out of control and spreading in all directions. the blaze has grown to nearly 300 miles burning two weeks now the largest wildfire in that state's history. more than 1200 firefighters
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are at the blaze near the arizona border the flames have destroyed 20 cabins and out buildings racing across steep hills and canyons inaccessible to fire crews. today marks start of the 2012 atlantic hurricane season somewhat of a formality two named storms already formed in the atlantic during the machine of may. the national hurricane center says this season should -- should be average. there's a 70% chance of 9 to 15 named storms this season. one to three are likely to become major hurricanes. time for a check on the weather. sun is coming up and it looks a little hazy, mostly clear. >> yeah saint going to feel warm as you step out. -- yeah, and it is going to feel warm as you step out. 50s and 60s warmest morning we've had in a long time. good morning. thickest clouds along the coast visibility six at half moon bay haze around hayward and napa.
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the rest of us unlimited. mostly sunny, clouds at the coast through 7:00, still in the low to upper 50s by noon already getting warm inland if you are going to be out 80s there low 70s around the bay upper 50s at the coast outdoor activities on this friday second day in a row warm be careful inland mid to upper 80s around the bay mid 70s upper 50s at the coast clouds return to the coast by 7:00 56 for you 65 heading out this evening inland dress for low to mid 70s. pollen count if it didn't bother you yesterday it is about the same. through the weekend into monday big changes on the way minimal saturday, sunday mainly a temperature change and extra clouds temperatures drop 5 to 10° by sunday. a chance of showers for the second year in a row on june 4th that comes monday.
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cooler also. good morning. at least for now you can enjoy a good fly day commute. here's a live shot of the bay bridge toll -- good friday commute. here's a live shot of the bay bridge toll only cash lanes still backed up not much of a delay. mass transit no delays for ace, bart, muni and caltrain. muni still construction going on n judah line shutdown until monday morning. everything should be back on track then. shuttles in place. also, wanted to show you the slow spot westbound 4 out of antioch, westbound 580 through the altamont pass. :08. >> new gay storyline about to debut in the pages of a major comic book. google's digital library may be convenient but not everyone is happy. the legal action now underway. call it a new chapter for e-book readers. michael finney shows new features now available and
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which may be your best bet.
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good morning. 6:12. beautiful shot from atop mount tam, low clouds valleys some of the cool temperatures building up along the coast mike tells us it could be warmer inland. i'll let him give you his
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expertise coming up. google going to court over google books. federal judge in new york will allow authors to file a class action suit against google over digital library. the authors guild won a class certification so each author would not have to sue individually. so far, google has scanned more than 20 million books. if you are thinking about getting an e-book reader there are a lot of choices. michael finney sorts through them to find out which is the best. >> reporter: amazon's kindle is the best brand. two others break new ground including the latest nook from barnes & noble. consumer reports tested these and dozens of others to help you hone in on a great choice. the kindle from amazon has been the market leader for a long time. >> what is wonderful about the kindle is that you can have 20 books and you can read whatever you are in the mood to read. >> reporter: there's a new chapter written in the world of e-book readers.
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up until now you had two choices, a black and white e-ink, e-book reader that lacks light or color read we are a back lit, lcd screen both have drawbacks. in reports tests, e-readers best in bright light best for reading outdoors. to read in the dark you need to attach a book light. back lit lcd sequence great for reading in the dark, no light needed in bright light these have trouble with glare and wash-out. other issues. >> lcd screen makes battery life shotter. e-ink models are lighter which matters when you are reading for hours. >> reporter: this jet pwhraoblg color is the first color e-i k reader. the page turns are super slow. the nook simple touch with glow light also new touch screen and uses black and white e-ink technology for
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reading in the dark the screen lights up. >> this glow light simple touch was as easy to read as best we've tested. >> reporter: in the end consumer reports top rates the $140 barnes & noble book simple touch with glow light. end of story. if you are looking for a less expensive reader the $80 kindle did well in tests. the it doesn't have a light or touch screen and it does display ads, but you can't beat that price. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. 6:15. we've just gotten word of a power outage in livermore affecting quite a few customers. fan says will have more coming up. try -- frances will have more coming up. good morning calistoga wildcats are graduating this afternoon 7:00
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sunny and warm up 83°. let's south san francisco high 7 p.m. today look how cool 59° and breeze around 20 to 25 miles per hour make sure you get caps firmly planned. cloverdale high breezy also the eagles are graduating at 8:00 tonight, 72° and one last st. ignatius the wildcats here in san francisco, 10:30 tomorrow does warmly, breezy and chilly, 56° for those outdoor pictures. you can see some of the clouds as we look down from some of the higher elevations around the bay area this morning. those are some of the clouds and the signal that sea breeze is starting to come back. mid to upper 50s low 60s fairfield and antioch monterey bay and inland low to mid 50s.
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sunny and warm today, except at the coast clouds stubborn not as hot this weekend and the coolest weather monday the chance of showers june 4th the second year in a row if it happens. low to upper 80s north to south across the south bay as you head up the peninsula near 80 menlo park and palo alto, 72 millbrae. patchy sun along the coast. mid to upper 60s downtown south san francisco mid to upper 70s san rafael mid to upper 80s north bay valleys. berkeley 72 mid to upper 70s east bay shore hercules and fremont 80. cooler in watsonville 71 monterey at 62. giants back in town weekend
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set against the cubs not doing too well this year, 7:15 first pitch increasing clouds, 65 to 59 breezy towards the end of the game. temperatures drop two to six degrees saturday and sunday monday chance of showers still breezy tuesday cooler than average summer warmth comes back wednesday and thursday. from pg&e we are hearing this large power outage in livermore is affecting 4400 customers. it started at shortly before 5:00 this morning. they hope to restore how -- power by 8:00. if you are driving through you need to treat the streetlights as four-way stops. of course, we are looking at  jt the normal delay now westbound 580 as you head out of tracy into livermore and pleasanton then it picks up. i wanted to take to you the bay bridge toll, so far good
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there this morning. still, just a very minor back up only for some of the cash-paying lanes on the right side. everything else looking good into san francisco. across the golden gate bridge, some of that fog right now and marin county still problem-free. also, one more stop in the south bay, good ride northbound 280 up towards cupertino. 6:19. d.c. comics makes it official the gay story about to debut. what led justin bieber to suffer a
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good morning. 6:23. lovely, lovely shot showing you from mount tam some of that fog and low clouds that frances was telling us about. behind that beautiful snapshot of the city of san francisco. this is why we live here. we have great baseball not last night the a's and giants had the day off they will be back in action tonight after that much needed day off. a's open a weekend series in kansas at 5:10 trying to end eight-game losing streak. giants play the cubs this weekend first pitch 7:15 tonight. giants have closed to within just five games of the first place dodgers. comic book fans
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did publisher of superman, batman, justice leak making a bold move. the next -- two issues will reveal that green lantern is gay this is not the hall jordan green lantern the new storyline will involve the original green lantern you are looking at alan scott created in the 40s the writer suggests if scott is brave enough to battle villains he's brave enough to come out of the closet. justin bieber has roughed up himself. he suffered a concussion after he walked into a glass wall during a concert in paris wednesday. it happened back stage between songs. he returned to the stage in a daze, finished the set and then passed out for about 15 seconds in his dressing room. his rep says he's doing just fine now. 6:24 now. ahead, a disappointing may jobs report. we'll bring you the opening
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bell as traders get ready. we continue to follow breaking news from the south bay. two overnight fires at a san jose high school the damage left and whether that will affect students who are out now but what is the long term impact? >> the video suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi and his wife, didn't want you to see itch the legal action his wife -- the legal his wife is vowing following the release. >> reporter: 35 minutes from now it is against the law to lie dune on the sidewalks but it is okay to sit on -- lie down on the sidewalks but it is to sit. the mayor wants voters to figure it out. remember that coastal cooling we talked about would happen there it is 59 half moon bay partly sunny. mid 70s to near 80 around the bay shore, mid 80s to mid 90s inland especially east bay valleys 112 today in phoenix, 71 st. louis, 75 new york 82
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d.c., 66 seattle, 72 portland. flight departure delays out of philly and washington national. use our flight tracker
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good friday morning. 6:29.
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the opening bell is about to ring right now to start the trading day. stock futures were plummeting this morning after the may jobs report came out and showed that job creation was much weaker than the economists expected. employers created 69,000 jobs last month. the fewest in a year. the unemployment rate went up .1% to 8.2%. we'll see how investors will react coming up in a live report from the new york stock exchange. good morning thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. and i'm eric thomas. first the forecast for this weekend. good morning. live doppler not showing any rain definitely a compressed marine layer along the coast a lot of fog and it is about 8500 feet or 850 feet in-depth i should say there may be a little drizzle along the coast. right now does for 62 fairfield and antioch mid to upper 50s for the rest of us make sure you have something
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for the warm later on mid 80s to mid 90s inland. mid 70s to around 80 for the bay shore near 60 along the coast with a stubborn fog partly sunny to 68 in san francisco. bay bridge toll looks like they just turned metering lights on i'm starting to see a little back-up for some of the fastrak lanes only a minor wait there. power outage in livermore affecting 4400 customers it should be restored by 8:00. in the meantime if you come across streetlights that aren't working you have to treat it as a four-way stop. chp just issued fog advisory for highway 1 in san francisco you heard making -- mike talking coastal fog. here's a view of some of that following across the golden gate bridge. we begin with breaking news from san jose. arson investigators are looking into two suspicious fires at evergreen valley high.
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katie marzullo is live at the school with the latest. >> reporter: arson investigators will look into the cause. other investigators might have a great clue that could help lead them to whoever set these fires. one was set in this dumpster around the back of the school you can see it is well charred. beyond that you can see the wall of the library, the library should be green you can see where the paint as burned and melted way that's49gc the scorched outer wall of the library. the captain tells me no damage was done inside the library. but, the captain says there are several surveillance cameras here at the school they will be combing through that video and hopefully that will lead them to the suspects in these suspicious fires. since school has already been out for the summer no one should have been around here part of why these fires are considered suspicious. >> cause of the fires are still being investigated. the cause so far is
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undepartmented. there were two separate fires and they were related. they were started in separate places. >> reporter: you can see inside the dumpster in this video that we got earlier, certainly was not full but looks like there were books or paper or something inside. the captain would not speculate whether he thought students were involved or vandalism prank. not clear how school is affected. school is out so students would not have been here not clear if administrators or teachers might have been. katie marzullo, abc7 news. update on our breaking news from the livermore area. pg&e reporting more than 4,000 customers have no power now outage was reported before 5:00 this morning. there are utility crews working on the problem right now looking for a cause as well. officials hope to have the power back on by 9:00 this morning. berkeley's mayor making a move to turn commercial
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districts into a more inviting place by trying to ban sitting on sidewalks. terry mcsweeney is live in berkeley. i guess it is a version of the -- >> reporter: they are going after the sit. driving into berkeley this morning about 4:00 we came down telegrah we saw one person sleeping on the sidewalk a friend of mine bumped into him he said on shaddock there are a number of people sleeping right now it is legal. 7:00 this morning, you can't lie down on the sidewalk the mayor wants to make it so you can't sit on that sidewalk either between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.. take a look at pictures. take a look at the mayor, he's the one who wants this put to voters in november. he wants them to decide if there should be a ban on sitting on sidewalks in commercial areas like telegraph, like chad tkoblg. the mayor says residents stop him on the street all the time
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they say look at this what are we going to do? that inspired him the number of people sitting some aggressively panhandling in general, just blocking pedestrians ability to get through on the sidewalk. san francisco had same issue. santa rosa same issue bottle passed a sit-lie law both studied by berkeley as it puts its law together. the mayor goes before the council june 12th to ask them to put it on the november ballot and let voters decide. if convicted the law was say it would be $59 for starters. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> -- this morning eliana lopez's attorney is threatening to sue san francisco over the release of that controversial video that lead to domestic violence charges against her husband suspended sheriff ross
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mirkarimi. >> this happened yesterday. i'm going to use this just in case he wants to take theo away from me. >> the city attorney's office released the 45 second video yesterday after a judge ruled that it could be used as evidence in hearings. mayor lee says the video is a key piece of evidence as he pushes to have mirkarimi fired. mirkarimi disagrees. >> this is the politics of destruction i think at its worst. and they are exploiting eliana and frankly, our son in order to get to me. >> the video was made new year's eve day by the couple's neighbor ivory madison. she made the call to police that led to the domestic violence charges against mirkarimi. we most posted the entire video on the front page of our website, today the preliminary hearing of two men accused of brutally beating giants' fan brian stow resumes in l.a.. two of stow's friends will
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testify. norwood and sanchez are accused of beating stow in the parking lot last year. yesterday, a witness testified she saw a man matching the description of one of the defendants taunting giants' fans. two other witnesses say they saw stow being beaten, none could positively identify norwood or sanchez as attackers. federal judge order ago investigation into how oakland police investigate officer-involved shootings, he threatened the department with sanctions if misconduct is uncovered. the mercury news reports the judge gave oakland a deadline of june 8th, to provide additional information showing how it will complete pass due intern investigations stemming from last year's occupy protests. the judge warned he was still considering proceedings to place the department under federal control. san jose police re ing new information on a prostitution sting leading to 32 arrests on wednesday. police say part of the day long sting included undercover
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female officers posing as prostitutes. 18 arrests took place south first and alum rock avenue the others at hotels near the san jose international airport. warming temperatures inland along the coast cool? >> definitely a case of those microclimates at work. absolutely. good morning. you can see the west wind northwest wind along the coast into sfo give you an idea that the sea breeze is becoming a little more than localized look yesterday it is pushing through the bay now that's why we are seeing clouds move from the coast into the bay. for the most part calm to five miles per hour everywhere else cooling today localized near the coast. 7:00 you can see where most of the clouds are san francisco towards oakland and berkeley everybody else clear mid 50s to around 60 by noon clouds back to the coast even sunshine developing upper 50s low to mid 60s around san francisco oakland
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san rafael everybody else in the 70s even a few 80s east bay valleys lunch time mid 80s to 90s at 4:00 second day in a row going to be taxing on your body to be out. by 7:00 clouds along the coast once tkpwfpb, even a little drizzle around half moon bay and 56, 59 san francisco, 60s bay shore, 70s evening activities inland as far as the pollen if it didn't bother you yesterday it shouldn't today high amounts of tree grass, moderate mold and ragweed next three days tapering of temperatures cooler each day. look at that temperatures much cooler with a chance of showers monday checking the bay bridge toll, still not much of a back up even though metering lights are on through the parking lot. with the power outage in livermore you need to treat the streetlights as a four-way stop if they are not working westbound 580 sluggish through
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livermore. north 101 through santa clara slow approaching the great america parkway we had this earlier accident but it has been on the shoulder the whole time so it is slow approaching the scene also sluggish north 101 alum rock to mckey mass transit reporting no delays. construction still continuing on the muni line n judah shutdown until 5:00 monday morning bus shuttles in place. other slow spot i can show you with the waze traffic maps, southbound 680 approaching castlewood earlier accident has been on the shoulder for sometime you can see traffic moving at 31 miles an hour and even a little heavier as you approach that almost backed up to 580. you can always download this 6:40. trading is underway on wall street right now. not very good jobs report from may. we'll see how investors digest
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that news and react. live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. the dow down 161 points. former first lady nancy reagan throws her support behind mitt romney why she says the late president reagan would want romney to be the commander in chief. inside look of the creation of the newest attraction about to open at the happiest place on earth.
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welcome back. coming up on :45 clouds along the coast partly sun fully there. sun san francisco 68. mid 70s to near 80 around the bay shore mid 80s to mid 90s especially east bay valleys. live doppler quiet and will be across most of the state. stray shower in the sierra nothing to worry about 96 sacramento, 100 fresno, 113 palm springs. sierra 80 mid 70s in tahoe the rest of the weekend mid to upper 80s around yosemite morning clouds gives way to afternoon sunshine mid 70s around l.a. and upper 60s in san diego. let's check with josh elliot for a look what the is ahead on "good morning america." good friday morning. we go inside the john edwards jury new details on why his
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corruption trial ended in a mistrial we'll be talking live to some of the jurors, next on "good morning america." this will be a somber weekend for san francisco firefighters the department will hold a ceremony tomorrow to honor two firefighters killed in the line of duty a year ago. they died fighting a house fire in the 100 block of berkeley way in the city's diamond heights neighborhood. the chief will preside over the memorial at station 26 where the two men worked the public is invited. mitt romney starting his friday in southern california he attended a fundraiser last night in beverly hills. an heir to the hyatt hotel chain posted the affair at his home couples paid $50,000 to attend. romney isn't done campaigning in california another fundraiser today in newport beach he made the trip to the southland following stops in
6:47 am
the bay area. while in southern california romney and his wife ann visited former first lady nancy reagan that's where mrs. reagan officially offered her endorsement. this is a photo leased by the romney campaign in a statement mrs. reagan says her late husband would have liked romney's business background and strong principles. former president clinton headed back on the campaign trail he will appear today in wisconsin on behalf of the milwaukee mayor trying town see the incumbent walker who is facing a recall vote tuesday they held a debate last night in milwaukee tuesday's recall vote will be the third time any governor in the country has faced such an election. spacex now looking to fly regular supply missions to the international station. this after the dragon cargo capsule splashed didn't in the pacific success for the first commercial mission to ferry supplies into space. the unmanned remote controlled cab sewell took food, water
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and clothing as well as equipment to the space station. the southern california based spacex has a cart contract for as do more flights they hope to ferry astronaut to the space station and in the long run send humans to mars. elizabeth marking 60 years on the british throne in honor of that prince charles is releasing never before seen home videos, he shares the videos from the 50s some of the footage shows the queen and prince philip returning to buckingham palace after her coronation ceremony. the footage also shows prince charles and his younger sister princess anne as kids on vacation. the prince says the diamond jubilee is a time for britain to come together and celebrate. >> not a lot of celebrating on wall street, a report shows very weak jobs growth. >> jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange. good morning.
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good morning. tough time to look for a job it is a tough day if you on a lot of stocks investors reacting to that report this morning from the labor department showing a drop in job creation. the labor department says the u.s. economy created only 69,000 jobs last month that was only half of what was expected. the least job growth in a year. the employment rate ticked higher to.2%. we have stocks and commodities lower. where is the money being made today? in bonds and gold. here's how the markets reacting to the jobs report. building groan on the trading floor when this number was released. dow down 180 points or so, s&p, nasdaq down over1%. bloomberg index trading lower. wal-mart launching a new service according to reuters subscribers will get sent samples of packaged food and other products to try once a
6:50 am
month. cheap trick and "aerosmith" will be at the annual meeting -- [ unintelligible ] the weekend is here. a lot to talk b including graduations. >> a lot of graduations the final of the 14 we'll show today. benicia high panthers graduate 11:00 tomorrow, breezy but mile, 70°. you will have mostly -- but mild, 70°. you will have mostly a sunny sky congratulations panthers. bishop in oakland 9:30 sunday
6:51 am
cloudy cool 57° finally foothill high in pleasanton, 4 p.m. sunday mostly sunny and 79 congratulations to the foothill falcons and their class of 2012. don't forget send us pictures if you would like post them to my facebook page. love to see some of those pictures of all those happy kids ready to dive into the next part of their lives. some of the fog around the bay this morning very limited most out to the coast where it going to stay if you are leaving now mainly sunny temperatures in the mid to upper 50s even 60s around fairfield and antioch, low to mid 50s around the monterey bay, sunny everywhere except the coast where it will be partly sunny not as hot this weekend, cooler monday with that chance of showers as far as the temperature -change minimal.
6:52 am
cloud cover reaching its apex going to start pulling back 8:00. pockets of sunshine develops along the coast today mainly 60s microclimates will jump into the 90s in our east bay valleys. six -- 60 along the coast mid 70s -- if you are going to the game today, at&t park 7:15 first pitch, [ unintelligible ] temperatures drop about eight degrees inland, four around the bay and hold steady this weekend at the coast then you could see how much cooler it will be with a chance of showers monday and windy tuesday, warmer again wednesday and thursday. a couple hot spots one southbound 680 heading through pleasanton because of an earlier accident castlewood on the shoulder for over an hour causing ten minute delays chp
6:53 am
has issued a "sig alert" traffic backed up to almost 580 drive time from 580 to 101, 39 minutes. we 10 to watch power outage in livermore, 4400 -- customers without power streetlights if they are out treat them as four-way. slowing westbound 580 through the altamont pass. other hot spot north 101 through santa clara approaching a very early morning accident near the great america parkway, that never blocked any lanes causing 10 minute delays from 280 to 237, 20 minutes right now. i want to tell you good news, new weekday ferry service starting next week from oakland alameda to san francisco south san francisco oyster point it will be free next week you might want to try it out, normally it will be about $7 each way. -- from the big screen to the happiest place on earth, closer look at the new
6:54 am
carsland attraction at california adventure it opened up two weeks from today on june 15th, i should say it will open up on june 15th, virtual technology played a big role in its decision. a virtual version was built inside a warehouse. that allows them to fine-tune and improve the real attraction and disney is the parent company of the parent company of abc7. as we get ready to hand things off to "good morning america" here are five things to know before you go. number one, san jose fire officials will review video in their investigation into two suspicious fires at evergreen valley high this morning. within fire damaged the exterior of the library building the other in a dumpster. school is already closed for summer break. >> number two, berkeley's mayor pushing to put a measure on the november ballot to ban sitting on sidewalks in
6:55 am
commercial areas. >> number three, tonight friends and family of missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar will hold a hope and faith rally at her former school washington high in fremont. another scheduled volunteer search will take place tomorrow. number four, unemployment rate up to 8.2% in this morning's may jobs report, released by the labor department. 69,000 jobs created last month below expectations fewest number in a year dow is item lidge. >> number five, giants open a four dame -- game weekend series after the cubs. giants played 20 games in a rein may. the team is five games behind the dodgers. >> how will the weather be for tonight's game and your weekend? cloudy and cool, 57°,
6:56 am
congregations to you seen jurors. live doppler -- quiet as far as wet weather. thick fog along the coast, about 850 feet thick so it is very compressed there may be a little drizzle, very isolated over the next hour or so stepping out for the rest of us mid to upper 50s even 60s around fairfield and antioch warmest inland mid 80s to mid 90s. near 80 around the bay clouds stubborn along the coast, 59 in half moon bay, monterey bay the same thing from the coast to inland. bay bridge toll actually not bad, even though metering lights are on there is no wait at the tolls slow to the metering lights. hot spot north 101 out of san jose 34 miles an hour through santa clara into sunnyvale because of a much earlier accident that has been cheered for a while.
6:57 am
-- clears for a while. southbound 680 really slow as you head from pleasanton towards castlewood where we had this earlier accident that has been off to the shoulder if you are heading through livermore, keep in mind with the power outage you need to treat the streetlights as a four-way stop if they are not working. thank you for joining us for the abc7 news. >> back with a local update at
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