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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 2, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> in the news this saturday morning a san mateo high school swim coach is arrested and facing felony sex charges with alleged contact with a female student, and san francisco firefighters will honor vincent perez and anthony valero, both killed one year ago today in the line of duty. >> good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. let's start with the forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> that's right, terry. it is transporting that cooler air mass into the east bay valleys this morning. here's the look from our high definition emeryville camera. you see the low clouds, the sun up officially 5:49. we will be look for a sunny afternoon. 51 in the city, 53 in fremont with 57 in mountain view. so we will look for the low
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clouds and fog to peel back to the coast but between now and then the southwesterly winds gusty out toward fair feel, up to 30 miles an hour. we have a west wind at sfo at nine. but overall the cooling trend will hold steady right on through the weekend. so that will bring temperatures right around normal. i'll detail your neighborhood and a look at even cooler weather, maybe some showers by the beginning of the work week. terry. >> lisa, thanks very much. a swim coach at san mateo high school now faces felony sex charges for alleged contact with a female student. 25-year-old joshua david tetra was booked into the san mateo county jail yesterday. jailers say he faces four counts, including sexual assault on a minor and lewd acts with a minor. his bail is set at $25,000. he's been a swim and water polo coach at arragon during the past year. police say the victim complained he touched her inappropriately during the year them
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investigationed for two and a half weeks before making the arrest off-campus. >> this morning the police are investigating a stabbing near east oakland. a victim staggered into a liquor store near ban craft last night with a bullet wound. there were shell casings here by. nobody was arrested. no suspects in the shoot being. today the father of a three-year-old boy shot and killed last august in oakland is leading a community effort to stop future violence. carlos wants people to turn in their guns at today's all-day community resource fair. oakland residents can turn in unloaded guns and receive assistance. the first 100 people turning in guns and showing proof they live in oakland will receive a $100 gift certificate for a target or grocery store. today will be a somber day for san francisco firefighters as they honor two firefighters killed in the line of duty exactly one year ago. ltd. vincent perez and
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firefighter anthony valerio both killed in the line of duty one year ago today. chief joanne hayes white mr. preside over a public memorial this morning at station 26. that's at 10:30. that's just blocks from the fire and that's where both men worked. the ceremony includes a moment of silence at 10:58:00 a.m.. today volunteers will conduct a saturday search for missing teenager sierra lamar. there was a faith and hope rally held last night at washington school in fremont which she attended before moving to morgan hill in the fall. about 200 friends and family gathered here at the high school. this is where she attended school before moving to morgan hill. this is called a faith and hope rally because it seems no one here, especially her father, has lost faith that sierra may still be alive and will some day be found.
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>> we will keep doing what we are doing. our focus is to find sierra. we around giving up. we don't have anything to tell us otherwise. >> the placard is still being waved and money is still being collected to fund a continued volunteer search for sierra, missing since leaving for school in morgan hill on march 16th. joanne organized this event. she said she's glad police arrested a man in connection with the possible murder but said the search has to continue. >> i'm grateful they found him but she's out there. we don't have a body. there's no closer. we don't have anything. so we still believe she's out there. >> many of those who came to the rally were teenagers their parents. >> i see her pictures and it reminds me of my daughter. >> her daughter is 16 and says she has a resemblance to sierra. she said sierra's disappearance has changed her behavior. it definitely has made me think more about actions and where i go and the people i'm with.
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>> steve lamar said this kind of outpouring helps him copy. he tries not to think of the suspect. >> obviously emotions like anger and questions and, you know, why. >> the rally started around 7:30 and lasted less than an hour but it was also a fundraiser. money was collected to fund the volunteer search center at burnett elementary school in morgan hill. organizers say another search party for sierra will go out this morning n fremont, abc7 news. >> a man was arrested believed to take part in a deadly botched robbery attempt at a jewelry store. officer took the 19-year-old man into custody near his home in hayward yesterday afternoon. jewelry store employee shot and killed another suspected robber, 18-year-old man, when four men stormed into the store on wednesday. detectives say byroo was holding a gun. san jose police arrested man that handed a note to bank officials.
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officers surrounded the bran and took the same precautions they do when they receive a report as an actual bank robbery. they identified the man as a transient. a 34-year-old black man was arrested who disguised himself as a white man to rob several banks. >> the 34-year-old man, a former felon who lived in oakland. he is charge with robbing banks in 11 different cities both with and without a gun with a movie industry quality mask. he's held on 1.$3 million gail. next wednesday the preliminary hearing in the brian stow beating case is expected to wrap up in los angeles. yesterday stow's friend who was with him when it happened took the stand on the third day of
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testimony. the you judge and not allowing video of the witnesses but we can show you sketches and you can hear their testimony. here's news reporter. >> a friend of brian stow talks about his experience opening night in the dodger stadium parking lot. he said he heard a confrontation. it was an attack on another friend, matt lee. after that they tried to move on, not want to go pro vehicle anything. but a few moments later they were struck. >> i saw him hit the ground. his arms were back. his arms were limp like gravity it taken him and there was a tree falling. there was no movement. >> he remember telling people telling the attackers to get out of the area and he saw them. >> one guy was kind of holding his pants up while they were running. >> the prosecution claims luis sanchez is the one who actually attacked stow. his friend was right next to him. earlier this week the prosecution played a video cape of norwood during a police interrogation. he calls his mother using the
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officer's phone and he was arrest the he tells her. >> i got arrested with the dodger stadium thing. no. yeah. just to let you know. i don't know, there's really not much i can say about it over the phone. i mean, i wasn't involved. >> another one of his friend who was there during the attack is expected to testify when the preliminary hearing resumes on wednesday. abc7 news. coming up, the long-awaited verdict in egypt for former president hosni mubarak for his role in last year's revolution that forced him from power. and the queen's jubilee about to kick off in great britain, marking her 60 years on the thrown.3q
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> developing news, former egyptian president hosni mubarak suffered some sort of health moment as he was about to face his sentence for today. the courtroom erupted in a four roar with spectators pushing and shoving each other. families of victims waited outside, watched on television. the fight was over somebody should get the death penalty. there were skirmishes inside and outside. police clashing with protesters. taken by helicopter to the prison hospital to again serving his sentence.
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one state news saying said hosni mubarak suffered a heart attack but that has not been concern. we do know some sort of health complication and that story developing right now. a judge in florida has ordered suspect george zimmerman back to jail in the shooting death of trayvon martin. the ruling came after prosecutors accused zimmerman of claiming during the bail hearing he had no money, but he received more than $100,000 from supporters. he has to turn himself in tomorrow. it caused a nationwide uprising over race issues. he was not charged for weeks after killing martin, who is black. he claims martin was beating him when he shot the unarmed teenager he claims in self-defense. millions of people in britain are celebrating the queen's diamond jubilee. the next four days will see a series of street parties, flow till laws and outdoor concerts. she's marking 60 years on the thrown. she was just 25 when she game
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-- became head of state february 6, 1952. her coronation took place on june 2, 1953. now at 86 she's the oldest person ever to reign over britain. there will be much more coverage ahead on "good morning america" beginning at 7:00 this morning. >> how old were you when you became queen? 25ish? >> that's my age now. >> that's right. just happened. this just in. >> i'm happy, very pleased. >> and hopefully you like the fog. if you do, you should be happy about this weekend's forecast. >> no matter what you like you've got it it. >> because we still have warm temperatures. here's a look at the sutra camera. this tells a lot of the story with the low clouds and fog, mist and krizer and maybe some late-season showers headed our way. your forecast is coming up. >> also next, major league history that was 50 years in the
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>> san francisco public library efficient say they will not fine the person who returned a book 37 years after it was due. the library received the book in the mail yesterday. it's called american cooking, creole and arcadian. it came with a note saying sorry we had this more so long. the book was due november 27th, 1974. right around thanksgiving time. probably some holiday notions in there about some creole turkey or something that they just couldn't let go of it. what's going on weather-wise? >> we have a lot going on like usual. probably no big surprise to everyone that the cool down is upon us this morning. and as we head outside you can see evidence of from that mount tam where there's the marine layer up above. mice and sunny. we have gusty winds. the sun officially up before the 6:00 setting at 8:27.
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south lake tahoe with 81 degrees yesterday. a record in reno, 97. we saw more 90s around the bay from concord to livermore, and now downtown you can see the low clouds and fog over the city. also airport delays of one hour and 24 minutes at sfo and that's due to the low ceilings. temperatures are cooler all around the bay. san rafael, 64 degrees. 69 antioch. not everyone feeling the effects. the coolinger air mass yet. it's on the way. 52 half moon bay with a half-mile visibility and 57 in mountain view. but the west winds blowing out toward fairfield. gusting to 32 miles an hour. wind west at 21 at oakland. and concord, south wind at 22. so you get the idea that cooler direction is upon us, and with that the low clouds and fog will be over the bay this morning. but by 9:00, 10:00, we begin to
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peel back and it's full sunshine not only today but tomorrow at our coast so the morning hours and the late overnight hours featuring the fog along the coast and the bay. the cooling trend today, tomorrow temperatures holding steady, except a little bit of further cooling in our east bay valleys. and then this trough, and that weak cold front visits us on monday, bringing a chance of showers into the north bay. so here's a look at the rest of the morning. we will look for the fog to temporarily be along the san mateo coast, and then peeling back with 60s in the city. also looking for 60s as far south as ocean beach and half moon bay. really not a bad day here. it's the 70ths around the bay replaced from the 80s and no more 90s. we will see the 80s in the inland valley. the pacific satellite picture shows we still have a big dome of high pressure over us but low pressure is queuing up to the north and west of us. and there's a cold front
6:20 am
associated with that. now this is not a strong cold front that has a lot of moisture with it, but it does have a good deal of cool air. and with that it nudges the ridge to the east, and then the low replaces it, and that will bring a dramatic cool down by your monday morning commute in the afternoon hours. today, though, pretty nice and sunny at at&t park. a late start at 4:15 with the increasing clouds throughout the day. starting out in the 60s. numbers dropping through the 670s throughout the afternoon, upper 60s ward the 7:00 hour. 73 san mateo, 72 oakland with a sunny afternoon. still warm inland, maybe ad 0 out toward antioch. 87 livermore with 85 in gilroy, 63 monterey. and we do have a bunch of festivals. the uss potomac in redwood city, the art and wine festival in walnut creek and san francisco at their own union street festival. the cooling train is nice for
6:21 am
those activities. and wendy, monday and tuesday maybe showers north bay, and as we see the numbers come back up, it's a modest normal. still below normal. >> dan harris joins us from new york to tell us what's coming up at 7:00 on "good morning america." good morning, dan. >> tray, about morning to you. coming up, a not of extreme weather. an outbreak of tornadoes, more than a dodden reported along the east coast. there's widespread damage and we're flooding. meanwhile in the southwest more record-breaking heat. meteorologist is all over both of these stories. and george zimmerman, the man accused of killing the unarmed 17-year-old trayvon martin, could be reporting back to jail at any moment this morning. it involves allegations of courtroom lies, a hidden stash of money and secret recorded phone calls. we will get a full report from florida. plus how far will one mother go to protect her daughter in this mom ran into her daughter's
6:22 am
allege bully during the mall. police say she was so enraged she choked him. she is now facing charges and wasteful see what the alleged bully has to say about all this. and look at this. a baby and a stroller suddenly rolling through a busy intersection. i'll get it out eventually. how one sanitation worker was able to block traffic and stop the run away stroller. it's all caught on tape. we will tell you how it ended coming up on gma this sunday morning and by then i will learn how to speak. >> i look forward to the story and your allocution, as well. >> yes, once i regain control of my faculties. >> thanks. >> in sports matt cain goes for his sixth win of the season as he starts against the cubs today. here's larry with the details of this morning's sports.
6:23 am
the new york mets franchise had gone over 50 years and 8,020 games without having one of their pitchers throw a no-hitter until friday night. johan santana threw a no-no against st. louis. he missed all of last year with a shoulder injury but in total command in this game, striking out adams, tyler greene the victim there. controversy in the sixth. a flat-out bad call. carlos beltran, the former met down the line. they called it foul. clearly the ball hit the line. that should have been a hit. it was a fair ball. santana career high, 134 pitches. yadier molina with a drive. unbelievable catch to preserve the no-no. he had to leave the game. santana two down in the ninth facing david freez. >> he's out! it has happened! >> it finally happened. first mets no-no in the hits -- franchise history. first of santana's career, the third in the league this year and mets win it. >> giants and cubs opening a four-game series. in the third melky cabrera can't
6:24 am
have a highlight these days without the melk man. madison bumgarner on the mound. struck out 11 in eight frames. he was yanked after giving up a couple hits in the ninth. a three-run homer to alfonso soriano. suddenly 4-3 game javier lopez to finish it off. cubs threatening. two men on. gets david dejesus to fly out. giants have to sweat a bit but win it 4-3. a's and royals. cespedes back after hissing it 2 -- missing 22 games with a hand injury. 0 for 4. struck out twice. bartolo coal lone went 7 innings allowing only two runs. the a's highlights, escobar with a grounder to pennington, jamiah weeks and the throw to first for the double play. a's, it's hard to win when you score zero every game. that's their ninth straight loss, 2-0 the final. college baseball, fresno hosting
6:25 am
nc state. and markka pell strikes out aaron judge. bottom of five austin wilson breaking a scoreless tie. he had three ribbies in this game. 2-0, cardinals. capel, a complete game, struck out is 1 and stanford wins 9-1. to the nba. and rondo coming off a career game. i like this move. the show and go. that is pretty. 21 points, 10 eye cysts. the celtics led by as many as 24. sow miami cut it down to 8 but rondo seals the deal. settle 101-the 1. the heat still with a 2-1 series lead. tiger woods is a four-time champion at the memorial.
6:26 am
he's put himself right into contention for win number five. they are a strong second round. but there was rain in the morning in ohio. squeegee time. collins, 1 over 73 on the day. 5-under now. still in the hunt. tiger started the day four back. gained a share of the lead with a long birdie putt on six. he's tough to beat when he's putting well. one problem, on twelve. missed the long bogey here so double bogey. dropped him to three under. sabbatini, 3-under 69. he's in front on top of 6-un. tiger birdied 15 and a terrific tee shot on the par 3. back-to-back birdies puts him at 95 and one shot off the lead. -- minus five and one shot off the lead. we will have all your golf highlights and baseball as well at five, six and eleven right here. have a great weekend, i'm larry beil. >> and coming up next, alameda county supervisors get ready to vote on a plan to improve mass transit throughout the county but it will drive up the cost on almost
6:27 am
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>> this morning president obama is calling on congress to help returning war veterans find jobs. his message comes from a honeywell plant he toured in minnesota. just as the may jobs report shows may adding just 69,000 jobs and the unemployment rate going up to 8.2%.
6:30 am
he said congress should get to work on his package of economic proposals. >> i sent congress a jobs bill last september full of bipartisan ideas that would have put americans back to work and helped enforce our economy from the outside shocks. i sent them a plan to reduce the deficit by $4 trillion in a way that's balanced. >> the republicans' response is americans face a tax increase of nearly $500 billion unless congress and the president act to reform taxes. president obama returns to campaign in the bay area next wednesday, just two weeks after his fundraising visit in the south bay. this is the president's motorcade leaving downtown san jose on may 24th. oven his way to air force one at moffett field. next week the president will speak at a luncheon held at a ballroom in san francisco's financial district. supporters will contribute 5,000 to $50,000 to have lunch with him. obama will be in los angeles by the early meaning to attend a gala at the beverly wilshire hotel.
6:31 am
on tuesday almeda county supervisors are expected to approve putting a transportation measure on the ballot to increase the sales tax by half cent. if approved, the sales tax in alameda county would rise from a half a cent to a full cent. it would bring in billions for transit expansion. and nearly $1.5 billion to help restore a. c. transit service cuts. it would provide $400 billion for a bart extension and $1.5 billion to help restore transit service cuts. at san francisco international airport you can expect delays this weekend. not weather, sfo has chosed one of its primary runways for scheduled maintenance. that's expected to cut in half the number of planes that can land at any one period of time. it will allow crews to modify the lights and signage on the runway. the project should be completed by 8:00 monday morning. speaking of the airport, what's called san francisco international airport, it's actually in san mateo county and now the cash-strapped supervisors of that county want to tax the airport to balance their budget.
6:32 am
jonathan bloom explains. >> san mateo county gets the noise, the exhaust, and the traffic from san francisco's airport while san francisco gets most of the tax money. >> san francisco has an atm of sorts at the airport in which they draw money from. they take out large bills and we just want some change. >> the supervisors are pushing three ballot measures that would tax the hotel, parking lot and car rentals around the airport as a way to close the county's budget shortfall. >> if it does not pass it blows a $13 million hole in our budget and we will be forceed cut programs for people who are the middle east needy in our county and we will be force today make cuts in public safety. >> similar measures narrowly lost three years ago. this time they mounted a campaign saying new taxes are their only option. >> we've cut, done everything we can to cut and at the same time we have to do some revenue enhancement. >> with a budget of only $60,000. supporters of the measures take
6:33 am
he are being outspent 6 to 1, including by rental car companies. they believe for obvious reasons the new tax will be bad for business. >> other h. he rtz spokesman said the rental car company could hurt the whole tourism industry. >> higher tax means higher prices. when the prices increase for tourism-related products, travelers go to different destinations. >> they commissioned a study that shows sfo would have the second highest rental car tax in the nation after chicago which they say could lead to 100,000 fewer car rental days per year. and. >> the planners, 42% said they would look for other locations to go to and reconsider where they would go rather than come to san francisco. >> the measures supporters aren't buying it. >> this notion that people aren't going to come to san francisco, that's ridiculous. we are a world-class city. we are glad it's our neighbor. they will still come here. >> abc7 news. the election is next tuesday, june 5th. we will have complete coverage
6:34 am
on abc7 news starting at 9:00 with the latest election results. coming up next, it's payback time for an east bay school district regaining hits financial foothold of a more than 20 years of state control. right now let's take a live look, a gorgeous shot from mount tam. the camera not bouncing like it was, maybe a also bit. some winds up there. you can see some low clouds, rain in the forecast to
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welcome back. look at this shot down near the embarcadero. you see maybe two-thirds of the transamerica building. did you know that the fifth floor of the transamerica building has 21,000 square feet? and the 48th floor has only 2,000 square feet. i'm trying to figure out a property tax bill for that would be a pain. all right. fog, more from lisa in a minute. after 21 years the west contra costa unified school district is all paid up. it was the first in california being taken over by the state before nearly going bankrupt. that was back in 1991. this morning, guess what, the district is debt free. abc7 news education reporter lyanne melendez explains how they did it. >> over $8 million. >> with this $8 million payment ends 21 years of receivership. it means the west contra costa
6:38 am
unified school district will have an extra $1.4 million a year that would otherwise have gone to repay the loan. >> what that will do is help us make not make cutbacks we otherwise would have made. a number of teachers will have jobs as a result of that that would have been laid off otherwise. lags sizes would have been larger. >> here's how the district got in trouble in the first place more than two decades ago when it was called the richmond unified school district. >> we did not budget properly. we had more obligations than we could afford and the state cut revenue. >> the financial situation was so bad the entire district and its schools planned to close and to declare bankruptcy. that's when parents, led by tom butt, sued california. >> we prevailed, and the state was ordered to open the schools back up and complete the school year. >> california had to lend the district $29 million. but the interest rate on the loan was so high, 5.7%, the district continued to struggle financially. wendy gonzales showed her
6:39 am
students today a documentary on a 2004 march to sacramento. she and other teachers win on a hunger strike to demand the loan be refinanced. eventually the legislature voted to lower the interest rate. >> they just didn't march, they demanded action. >> the film was great. especially with the kids out here because that's who we were really doing it for. it's kind of really. >> coming up with the last payment didn't happen overnight. >> the money had been saved up from sale of property over a number of years. and finally the amount that we had in that savings account got equal to what the payment would be to pay it off and that's how we got to pay it off early. >> there are still three school districts in california in receivership. they are king city near solano, vallejo and oakland. take richmond off that list n in richmond, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> lisa joins us now. we have fog down low,we have clear shots up above and all kind of stuff going on.
6:40 am
>> yeah, we have gusty winds, airport delays of one hour and twenty-four minutes. not everywhere is experiencing the gusty winds. you can see sunshine here on the high definition emeryville camera. we will break out into some sun around the bay in the morning but the afternoon will feature the cooler weather and a significant cool down coming after the weekend. i'll tell but it coming up. >> lisa sings "here comes the sun" in just a couple minutes. ahead, one of the answers to global warming. >> automatic renewals of annual memberships can be a convenience but there can be problems ending a subscription. i'm michael finney
6:41 am
6:42 am
>> welcome back. a week after the an jeffers anniversary of the bridge apparently the bridge decided to go on a cruz or out of town to celebrate because i don't see
6:43 am
it. i'm sure it's there somewhere. you see the lights on. drive carefully on the bridges, not only that one, but -- not so much the bay bridge anymore, but be careful out there. we have some strange weather and lisa will talk about that, and rain? yeah, later an in the week. we will hear from her in a few moments. >> the popular foody movement encourages the use of locally grown produce. but if a home cook tries to sell food, that's illegal. abc reporter, david louie looks at an effort here in california to join 31 other states in allowing the sale of homemade food. >> this food originated in china 3,000 years ago. it's called the sweet lemon in china. it's a cross between a mandarine orange and lemon. >> eight years ago she planted these trees on her lot by her house. she sells the lemons, but what she would like to do is sell homecrafted marmalade made in small batches her home. >> it's an enormous market
6:44 am
potential. people want know that their food is produced with love, and when you buy from a small grower or a small producer there's been a lot of love added to that product >> but selling homecrafted food products is illegal in california. los angeles assemblyman mike has crafted a bill to make homemade food into a legal cottage industry. >> it's great for people wanting to enter the food process business. it is our duty to not hurt that business and to make sure that we don't put forth too much red tape for that small business and allow them to grow. >> the prepared and packaged foods you see at farmer's markets have to be made in commercial kitchens. john, who sells tamales and bread, said he will welcome the competition. >> i think it will give some of the businesses a start, which they would not have been able to get a start, and maybe create some new businesses in california that we need. >> what about food safety? not an issue for this family. >> my home is pretty safe and my friends' homes are pretty safe. when you have that direct
6:45 am
personal contact with the person i feel like there's more. >> the california law will replace a myriad of county restrictions. >> there seems to be consensus here among consumers that the bill is a good idea. it already received bipartisan support in the assembly, maybe the senate does the whole thing and that might change the whole thing about attract act in sacramento. abc7 news. almost half the carbon dioxide we pump into the atmosphere comes from generating electric. a cleaner option is wind power but where would we put the turbines. >> we spoke to a researcher who has the answers. one of them may surprise you. >> if it's windy, it must be afternoon on and around san francisco bay. it whips the grass, generates waves. and for a guy like michael, it opens all kinds of possibilities. >> i'm an opportunist, and there can be wind in your sails for free, why not use it? >> by that he means more than
6:46 am
recreation. he not only sails this boat, he lives in its limited space. >> 100 square feet. >> it's all quite predictable from a guy who thinks green, who teaches civil and environmental energy at u.c. berkeley. if you visit michael sometime, he will elaborate about how he earned his ph.d. for plotting the best places for wind turban -- turbines off america's coaches. >> we can get energy especially on the east coast from the the time we use all our energy from wind energy. >> he looked everywhere. imagine 19 wind turbines just off the coast of berkeley. he has calculated that's how many it would take to power the entire city. >> from the northern tip of treasure island past the berkeley pier here. >> wait a minute. wind turbines just off the shoreline of the so-called people's republic of berkeley? that will never happen.
6:47 am
>> they are big and obtrusive. >> if they can make it attractive looking, why not? >> his turbines are more than 400 feet across. they would look like these and they would obscure some views. but the wind comes up here just about the same time electrical demands peak. >> on a strong summer day the winds are blowing, 20, 25 knots, the winds would be putting to utility almost 100% of their power. >> seagulls if the birds fly into it i hope they don't get killed. there's a lot of them, i suppose. >> and that's all right now, just a thought from a forward look environmental ph.d. who knows a good free resource when it hits him in the face. >> well, it's berkeley. [laughter] >> from san francisco bay, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> we can get some win power
6:48 am
today. >> big time in the upper elevationings and the buoys offshore, nearly 50 miles an hour at point rays, and 30 mile-an-hour winds in the upper elevations of the east bay hills. son that nice? >> yeah. >> from mount sue draw this morning you see the marine layer and that is bringing in not only the cooler air mass, but some gusty winds. we were 81 yesterday, a record at south lake tahoe. back home you see the winds here. at the airport we have delays. san francisco, a few peaks of sun. also oakland looking at a little bit of sun but overall the marine layer is intact and we are looking at 1500 to 2,000 feet this morning. some morning sun, then sunny skies for everyone this afternoon. 52 downtown. good morning, mountain view, 57 for you. 55 san carlos, san jose and fremont with still some 60s
6:49 am
off toward antioch. the winds are blowing all the way through the delta, and that shirley is the sign of the cooler air making its way all across into the east bay. south wind gusting to 22 at concord. so yesterday you saw it was mid-90s and today will be in the upper 60s, so still quite warm east of the bay, but south of the bay about four to five degrees cooling for our friends in the santa clara valley, and west wind right now at 21 miles an hour oakland. so you can take a look at the fog picture this morning. and then by 9:00 it continues to peel back out of the east bay. we will look for high pressure still in control, and with that that high pressure is down on the fog and that's why we are going to look at the marine layer compressed and pulling back all together. fog along the coast and bay this morning. the cooling trend, yes, for the weekend. and the numbers should stay fairly similar today and tomorrow but a little more cooling east bay valleys
6:50 am
tomorrow and then a bigger cool down for everyone on monday. windy conditions. yep, a chance of showers. looks like our north bay communities could see that. one more look here at the fog, as it will begin to allow for the temperatures to warm us up and that june sun to allow for more 80s here for concord, livermore and just about 80 around san jose. but 70s should do it for much of southern marin. head further north into santa rosa, cloverdale, and we will see some 80s. numbers right around normal in the city nor today. we will look for that trough of low pressure to continue to stay to the north and west of us, as we still have a dominant ridge of high pressure over much of california today. but today is that transition day as it slides to the east. that's because of this energy pressing south. but by monday, that's when we get the much cooler air. it's still a nice afternoon at the ballpark today. starting out with sunny skies,
6:51 am
numbers in the 60s this afternoon, dropping through the 60s, getting breezy toward the evening hours. and the numbers will be in the upper 50s. so the uss potomac in redwood city today, the art and wine festival in walnut creek, and we are looking at the union street fair today in the city. 72 watsonville, and the cool downs today, tomorrow, but more significantly with the wind monday, tuesday, maybe some showers. and we were talking about how we remember last june this year that downpour, it was graduation from my daughter's high school and they were having a ton of it. >> good timing. >> but not today. just spotty, light showers. >> thanks a lot. good news for oprah winfrey as fans. her book club is back. she made the announcement yesterday. she said book club 2.0 is going to be an online book club for the digital world. her first pick entitled "wild"
6:52 am
by cheryl strode. it's about her 1,000-mile hike on the pacific crest trail. and momentum gets going things are hard to stop. that's what a san jose man found out when it came to his automatic renewal of his anti-virus program. here's michael finney with the story. angelo gallo bought an anti-virus protection program for his daughter's computer back in 2009. that laptop is no longer in much use so he called best buy to cancel. but his annual fee for the virus protection had just been charged one day earlier. >> and so i said, oh, shoot, you know. so i called best buy and said i would really rather not have this. it's only been one day, we will credit you. >> a few days later he received this e-mail confirming the cancellation. more than a month later he called wondering why he had been received his refund. -- hadn't received his refund.
6:53 am
>> i got a rep, a really nice rep, and she says, well, you know, looks like it's in the cue, but it hasn't gone through and i don't know why. >> several more months passed and with each passing month he called best buy. he talked to kailee here originally back in january, and i talked to megan, and that was in march, and then the last person i talk to was gina. and finally the last called, this is after like four or five times of calling them, i said, look, i can call you anymore. i'm going to call a consumer advocacy group and just let them handle it. >> he called 7 on your side and we contacted best buy. the company told us the original request was not processed properly. and the refund was delayed. we have contacted this customer with our sincere apologize and verified the full refund has now been received. >> i have to have say, you know, i was really impressed. i have never used a service like you guys have. i have seen michael finney, 7 en your side, and i said i'm just going to try it because i have nothing to lose.
6:54 am
>> angelo also thanks to best buy, calling their staff extremely nice. now if you have a consumer complaint you just can't seem to get resolved, let me know about it. go to i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. coming up next, something you want to see. a preview of this year's month-long ethnic dance festival in san francisco. it begins today. some great pictures coming up.
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6:57 am
>> the 2012 black and white ball tonight is at the war memorial performing arts center. it features prominent musicians and this year is no different. paul simon, cindy lopper and the wall flowers, just a few of the performers. the first black and white ball was held back in 1956 and it benefits the san francisco symphony's music education programs. the 34th annual ethnic dance festival officially kicks off today. bay area dancers got in last minute practice yesterday. 30 different dance companies participating in this year's event. the month long event will be held all across the area and includes dancers from all over the world. it's incredible. wherever you are there is going to be something close to you. keep your eye out for it. >> you promised everyone i would be singing today? >> i mentioned that you might. it wasn't a promise.
6:58 am
>> we are out of time. dang-it. [laughter] >> not enough to miss this because it's going to be cooler today. 68 san francisco, 87 livermore with the fog clearing. we will see sunny skies at the coast but more cooling, maybe a north bay shower on monday. >> and i just, we were just told you can sing at 8:00. >> oh, yeah. >> see you then. thanks for joining us. abc7 saturday morning news and a newscast at 8:00 a.m. keep track of the latest breaking news.
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