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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  June 2, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> terry: in the news this saturday morning, a san mateo high school switch coach facing felony sex charges. honoring two san francisco firefighters both killed in the line of duty one year ago today. good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. let's begin with a look at the forecast. there is a little bit of everything in this. >> lisa: good morning. you can see the flag blowing and the clouds around downtown san francisco. low 50s. airport delays over an hour at sfo and we're looking at that fog that has moved across the bay this morning. it will be peeling back not only to bring us sunshine but across the bay but even at our coast.
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despite the feel of the cooler air this morning, we will have a sunny afternoon with temperatures coming down pretty much everywhere. the coast will be sunny in the low 60s later on. we'll see temperatures out towards the delta in the upper 80s. even concord and livermore yesterday from the mid-90s into the upper 80s and further cooling on tap into next week. i'll have the details a little later. >> a swim coach at san mateo aragon high school faces felony sex charges with amending contact with students. he lives in el granada was booked. jailers say he faces four counts including sexual count on a minor. he has been a coach at aragon for the past year. police say the victim complained that he touched her
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inappropriately. >> police are investigating a fatal shooting in east oakland. the victim staggered into a liquor store about 9:00 last night with a bu89 wound. they found shell casings nearby. officers have not released a description of any suspects in that shooting. >> today the father of a three-year-old boy shot and killed last august in oakland is leading a community effort to stop future violence. he wants people to turn in their guns at a resources fair. they can return guns and receive community assistance in the fruitvale district at the plaza there. the first hundred people will receive a hundred dollar gift card to target or a grocery store. >> today will be a somber day for firefighters to honor two firefighters that were killed one year ago. both were killed in the line of
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duty on june 2nd 2011. they died fighting a house fire on berkeley way in the city's diamond heights district. it starts at 10:30 this morning blocks from the fire where both men worked. ceremony includes a moment of a silent at 10:00 58. >> right now for the first time since the arrest of a murder suspect they are conducting a search for sierra lamar. tomas ramon reports from a rally last night in fremont. >> about 200 family and friends gathered here at washington high school. this is where she attended school before moving to morgan hill. it seems no one here especially her father has lost faith that sierra is still alive and some day be frowned. >> we're going to keep doing what we're doing and focus is to find sierra. we're not giving up. we don't have anything to tell us otherwise.
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>> placards are still being waved and money is still being collected for sierra missing since leaving morgan hill march 16th. she is glad police arrested a suspect in connection with the kidnapping but says the search has to continue. >> i'm glad they found him, but we still in the same space she is out there. we dosmt a body and we don't have closure. we still believe she is out there. >> many of those that came to the rally were teenagers with their parents. >> i see her pictures. it remind me of my daughter. >> she says she has a resemblance to sierra and that her disappearance has changed her behavior. >> it made me think more about the people i'm with. >> this kind of out pouring helps him cope. he tries not to think of the suspect.
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>> my emotions, anger and questions, why. >> the rally stard around 7:30 and lasted less than an hour but it was also a fund-raiser. money was collected to fund the volunteer search center and organizers say another search party for sierra will go out this morning. >> terry: san ramon police arrested a man they believe took part at a deadly robbery at a jewelry store. they took him into custody yesterday afternoon. they shot and killed another suspected robber and four men stormed into the store on wednesday. detectives say baru was holding a gun. >> san jose police arrested a man they believe hand add threatening note to bank employees. it happened at chase branch on west santa clara street. officers surrounded the branch, took the same present cautions they do when they receive a report of a bank robbery.
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he was a transient and that suspect is going to be undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. >> san leandro police have arrested a 34-year-old black man that disguessed himself as a elderly white man. he is a felon that lived in oakland and hayward. he is charged with robbing banks in 11 different cities were what police call a movie industry quality mask. next wednesday the preliminary hearing in the bryan stow beating case is expected to wrap in los angeles. yesterday it was stow's friend took the stand in the third day of testimony. judge is not allowing video of the witnesses but we smoke you sketches and you can hear their testimony. >> on the stand alan bradford a paramedic and friend of bryan stow talked about his experience that night in the parking lot. he heard a confrontation.
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it was an attack on his friend matt lee. a few minutes later he was struck. then the more brutal attack on stow. >> i saw him hit the ground. his arms was limp, kind of out behind him like gravity had taken him. it was just like a tree falling. >> he remembers people telling the attackers to get out of area. >> one guy was holding his pants up while they were running. >> the prosecution claims the defendant louie sanchez is the one that attacked stow. his defendant marvin norwood was right with him. they played a videotape of norwood during a police intearing gas station. he calls his mother using the officer's phone and says he was involved. >> i got arrested for the dodger stadium thing. yeah. just to let you know.
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know, you mean, i don't know. there is not much i can say about i the on the phone. i was involved. >> another friend is expected to testify when the preliminary hearing resumes on wednesday. >> terry: coming up next, the long-awaited verdict in egypt for president hosni mubarek during last year's revolution. >> and the queen's jubilee in great britain marking 60 years on the throne.3q
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>> terry: developing news, a former egyptian president h had mow mow suffered a health crisis that he was going to serve a
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life sentence. verdict was announced in his role for killing protestors in lasts year's revolution. courtroom erupted in fewer very families of victims outside and wrachd on tv. there were skirmishes outside as well and police clashed with protestors. they took him to helicopter to a prison hospital to begin serving his sentence. one news agency that he suffered a heart attack. we're still trying to confirm that is exactly what happened but some kind of health ailment has stricken the former egyptian president. >> they have ordered george zimmerman back to jail. he was accused during a bail hearing he had no money when, in fact, he received $100,000 from supporters. his bail revoked he has himself until tomorrow to turn himself in. zimmerman is hispanic and white was not charged for weeks after
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killing martin who is black. zimmeran is now charged with second-degree murder claimed he was beating him. >> four bay area hospitals are being fined for medical errors, some of which resulted in a patient's death. kaiser san francisco was penalized because they left a foreign object inside a patient. a chinese hospital it was a feeding tube mistake. patient died at both medical centers after staffing monitoring signals mistakes. they are hoping to prevent more medical errors. >> we have a proposal before the legislature in the budget process that would allocate some of the funds to medication errors which is the second most receive lent type of event we see. >> terry: a total of 13 hospitals in california were fined for medical mistakes. most common error is leaving objects inside a patient following surgery. >> millions of people in britain
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are celebrating the queen's diamond jubilee. there is she is. queen elizabeth ii arriving at her first event, epson derby horse event. the majesty is marking 60 years on the throne. she was 25 years old when she became head of state in 1952. now she is 86. she is eldest person ever to reign over britain. celebration is getting underway with abc news covering the events over the next four days. i'm sure over there they are talking about what kind of weather they are going to have for the horses and parties and things going on. let's bring it home. what is it going to be like around here. >> we have a the for example, dense at our coast. causing problems at sfo where we're looking at airport delays from gusty winds.
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emeryville, you can see cloudy skies, 21 degree temperature spread. 73 in antioch. >> already. >> and i'll explain that. >> and also next, major league history that was 50 years in the making, larry beil has the highlights of feats that the fans have never seen before. here you go little man.
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>> terry: san francisco public library officials say they are not going to find the person that returned the book late, 37 years late. they received this book in the mail yesterday. it's called american cooking, creole and book came from san rafael, sorry we had this for so long. the book was due november 27th, 1974. recipes are still good we're told. >> new this morning, barry zito is selling his in marin county estate, it's on the market for $11.5 million. he bought it for $9 million. he says he wants to live closer to work. he works at at&t park. the kentfield park has a view of mount tam.
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am areal estate agent. four bedrooms, six bathrooms and swimming pool. a deck and more. you really have to see it to believe it and $11.5 million. i think you can talked down to $11.2 million. make an offer. i'm selling this house out here. >> lisa: we're selling the fog whether you like it or not. you bought it. [ laughter ] >> but the effect from the marine push parts of the bay area because it's 73 there. that is the only place that is going to be just as warm as yesterday. we'll look for 90 there. right now you can see the low clouds and fog from mount tam and fog is in parts of marin county but also along the in as many coast. look at the wind. that is providing some pretty
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good gusts down around the airport. also offshore we've this had pretty breezy winds from concord and oakland. 60s have reappeared for much of our east bay. also the peninsula, 62 in mountain view, 60 in san jose. not as warm as yesterday and even in antioch, temperatures will be just a few degrees cooler but still quite warm. fog across the bay. cooling trend this weekend, sutd go changes today and tomorrow and more dramatic changes on monday when a late season cold front visits us, perhaps bringing us a few showers in the north bay and some windy conditions. here is close-up visible satellite picture. you'll see the fog on the peninsula, it's across the bay just around oakland into castro valley and hayward and fremont. it's also cloudy around hollister, watsonville and salinas this morning but pretty
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soon the fog will peel on back with high pressure still in control. we'll see a return to some mid and upper 80s. with 70s around the bay. 60s around the coast but summertime pattern holding on for one more day well east of the bay. you are feeling changes with breeze in concord. 30-degree spread today instead of 40 degree spread. here is why. high pressure is holding on barely. it's continuing to shift to the east today all because of this trough and associated cold front that is on the way. it will hold steady for another day. as it continues to slide south tomorrow. latter half of the weekend, winds will kick up more. a little more cooling in the east bay but dramatic cooling holding off until the beginning of the workweek. that is when we will see a little bit of precip, not like a year ago last june. heavy downpours, we're not looking for that, spotty showers cool highs, today very pleasant
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downtown with the winds easing up a bit. winds getting gusty, mid 60s as you head towards the ballpark today. upper 50s later on. elsewhere, we'll still see the 90s in sacramento. we had records in tahoe and yosemite. a little cooler today but we do have a lot of activities, 80 in san rafael. downtown san francisco should be nice, festival, redwood city has the u.s.s. potomac today. pick your area and event. it should be nice but a jacket along the coast. look at the winds and cool temperatures monday and tuesday. hopefully a few areas of creates and light rain but not a big down pour. >> terry: big midwestern weekend up in point reyes and they will
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be crowning the queen but so f i can't go to england there is the one in point reyes. matt cain will go for sixth win against the cubs. last night, baseball history was made in new york. here is larry beil. >> new york mets' franchise has gone over 50 years without having one of their pitchers throw a no-hitter. until friday night. santana against st. louis, he had a shoulder injury but he led command this game. green the victim there. controversy in the sixth, a flat out batted call. beltran, they called a foul and it should have been a hit. it was a fair ball. 134 pitches, molina, unbelievable catch to preserve the no-no.
8:23 am
and here is phasing david. >> it happened! >> it finally happened. >> first mets no-no, first in santana's career. third in the majors. mets win it 8-0. >> this is very special. we work very hard, all things we have gone through, i have been through. this is very, very special. i knew this is means a lot to new york. >> giants and cubs opening a four-game series. melky ka area ra, you can't -- cabrera. he was 2-4 on the night. madison bumgarner on the mound. struck out 11 in eight frames. he was yanked after giving up hits in the ninth. he gave up a three-run homer to
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alfonso soriano. threatening with two men on. debts jesus to fly out. they win it 4-3. >> a's and royals. back after missing games from a hand injury, cespedes and here a double to drive in alex gordon. escobar with a grounder and the throw to first with the double play. it's hard to win when you score zero every game. that is ninth loss. >> stanford hosting fresno state. regional action. mark strikes out aaron judge. brag scoreless ties. 2-0 cardinals. a complete game, four hitter, instruction out 11 and stanford
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wins 9-1. to the n.b.a., celtics and heat. chris, court side, kevin garnet, 11 rebounds and rondo coming off a career high game. 21 points. celtics led by 24 but miami cut it down, but rondo steals the deal. 101-91 and heat hats a 2-1 series lead. >> in the second game, cal bears had to stays, kalanie racket and she throws smoke. sold-out crowd in oklahoma city. sooner nation, second inning, jolene is in trouble by striking out one. bottom of the two, kalanie strikes out danielle henderson. sooners strike. double in the gap.
8:26 am
oklahoma struck out 16. gave up only two hits. it's george gentleman casey again, oklahoma a winner 3-0 and cal will have to fight for the looser's bracket. >> tiger woods four time champion, puts himself into contention for win number five with a strong second round but first there was rain in the morning in dublin, ohio. first round leader, scott one over 37 on the day. he is five under. tiger started the day four back. here long birdie putt. he is tough to beat. more problems on 12. missed a long bogey, double bogey. sabatini, cowboy hit, nice look he is front. tiger birdie 15 and terrific tee shot on the par 3, 16.
8:27 am
back-to-back birdies puts him at minus five and one shot off the lead. mike shumann will have more highlights at 5:00 and 6:00 and 11:00 right here. have a great weekend everybody. >> terry: coming up next, alameda county supervisors get ready to vote to improve transit but it's going to drive up the cost of almost everything you buy. and another ballot in san mateo that could drive up the coast to be
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>> terry: this morning, president obama is calling on congress to help returning war veterans to find jobs. his message comes from a honeywell plant he toured in minnesota just as the jobs report showed they added 69,000 jobs. he says congress should get to work on his package of proposal new jersey i think conscious jobs bill last september full of bipartisan ideas that would have put our fellow americans back to work and help reinforce our economy. i sent them a plan that would have reduced the deficit by $4 trillion in a way that is balanced. >> terry: republican response warnings that americans face a tax increase of $500 billion unless congress and the
8:31 am
president reform taxes. president obama returns to the campaign in the bay area next wednesday, two weeks after fund-raiser visit to south bay. this is motor indicated leaving downtown san jose on his way to air force one to moffett field. he will speak at julia morgan ballroom. supporters will contribute between $35,000 and $50,000 to have lunch with the president. he will attend the lbgtv leadership council. >> alameda counsel service are expected to put on the battle to raise the sales tax by half a cewt. sales tax would raise from half don't know a full cent. it would bring in $7.8 billion for trade-in sit projects. it would also provide nearly
8:32 am
$1.5 billion to restore a.c. transit svt cuts. >> you can expect delays in san jose airport. sfo has kleostsed one of the primary runways expected to cut in half the planes that can land at any given time. the project should be completed by 8:00 monday morning. speaking of the airport, it was called san francisco international, it's actually in san mateo county. now that cash stra7d county supervisors want to tax the airport to balance their budget. jonathan bloom explains. >> reporter: san mateo county gets the traffic from san francisco from san francisco's airport while san francisco gets most of tax money. >> they draw money from their airport. they take out large bills and we want some change. >> san mateo county supervisors are pushing three ballot
8:33 am
measures that would tax hotel, parking lot and car rentals at a way to close the budget shortfall. >> we will be forced to cut programs for people who are most needy in our county and be forced to make cuts in safety. >> this time supporters have mounted a campaign saying new taxes is the only optional. >> we have cut. we have done everything we have to do revenue enhancement. >> supporters say they are being outspent by 6-1 including rental car companies, new tax will be bad for business. >> a hertz spokesman says the tax could give travelers sticker shock. >> higher taxes meanings higher prices and when the prices increase for tourism related products, travelers go to different destinations. >> they commissioned a study
8:34 am
12306789 would have the second highest rental rental car tax in the nation. they surveyed convention planners. >> 42% said they would look for other locations to go to and reconsider where they would go rather than come to san francisco. >> measure supporters are not buying it. >> the notion that people aren't going to come to san francisco. it's ridiculous. its world class city. the election is next tuesday june 5th and we'll have complete coverage starting at 9:00 with the very latest election results. >> coming up next, payback time for an east school district regaining financial foothold after 20 years of state control. >> right now we're taking a live look at the beach down at the santa cruz, not ready for the sunscreen yet. we'll check in with lisa argen when that tha is going to occur
8:35 am
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welcome back. interesting shot from the roof cam above the studios, near the embarcadero. looking at the bay bridge, it looks like an instagram, it looks black and write. it's very interesting. we got a call. i think ancel adams would approve of it. >> after 21 years the west contra costa unified school district is all paid off. it was the first taken over boot state back in 1991. this morning the district is get
8:38 am
free. news education reporter lyanne melendez explains how they did it. >> over $8 million. >> with this $8 million payment ends 21 years of receivership. this means the school district will have an extra $1.4 million that would otherwise gone to repay the loan. >> it will help us not make cutbacks that we otherwise would have made. number of teachers that would have jobs and class sizes would have been largerfxi >> here is how the district got in trouble more than two decades ago when it was called the richmond unified school district. >> we did not budget properly. we had more obligations and state cut revenues. >> the financial situation was so bad the entire district and school planned to close and declare bankruptcy. that is where when parents sued california. >> we prevailed. the state was ordered to open
8:39 am
the schools back up and complete the school year. >> california had to lend the district $29 million, but the interest rate on the loan was so high, 5.7% the district continued to struggle financially. wendy gonzalez showed her students a documentary on a 2004 march to sacramento. she and other teachers went on a hunger strike to demand the loan be refinanced. eventually the legislature voted to lower the interest rate. >> they just didn't march, they demanded action. >> it feels great. especially with the kids, we were really doing it for them. it's a relief. >> reporter: coming up with the last payment didn't happen overnight. >> money had been saved up from sale of properties over a number of years. finally the amount we had in the savings account got equal to the payment to pay it off. >> there are still three school
8:40 am
districts still in revenueership but take richmond off the list. >> terry: in a school related story, down in san diego county, san marcus high school book, has a misspelling in the year book, the word school, is there anything wrong with that? yes, it is. they are saying, it's like shakool school. but students had to fork over $90 for the year book. no word yet if the school's fault or year book's publisher but they misspelled school. when you get down to it. one word you want to get right on a school year book yeah. what is going on weather-wise. >> we have warmth in the east
8:41 am
bay valleys and fog cooling off many locations. >> you can see that. >> beautiful shot. we are looking at low clouds and fog with marine layer at about 1500 feet and we're talking about a cooldown. i'll explain. >> do you spell cool with a k or a go csm. >> one of the things that is facing a windy bay area neighborhood. >> annual membership can be a great convenience but there can be a problems in ending a subscription. i'm michael finney and we'll take a look at
8:42 am
8:43 am
news and business technology reporter david louie looks at an effort in california to join 31 states in allowing the sale of
8:44 am
homemade food. >> this is called the sweet lemon in china. it's a cross between a mandarin orange and lemon. >> karen planted 40 trees on a lot next to her house. she sells the lemons but she would like to sell home grafted jelly made in her home. >> it's an enormous potential. they want to know it's produced here. >> reporter: selling home crafted food products is illegal in california. mike gato has turned into homemade food into legal industry. >> this would be great for entrepreneurs that choose to enter the food production business. it's not the job of government to necessarily make a small bit bis into a big business but it's our duty to make sure we don't put forth too much red tape for that business and allow them to grow. >> so packaged foods you see at
8:45 am
packaged markets has to made in commercial kitchens. john says he will welcome the competition. >> i think it would give some other businesses a start which they would not have been able to get a start. it may be create new businesses in california that we need. >> what about food safety? not an issue for this family. >> my home is pretty safe and my friends' home is pretty safe. when you have a direct personal contact with the person it helps. >> there seem there seems to be consensus that birl is a good idea. they have received bipartisan support in the assembly. if the senate does the same thing it may change the whole image of it in sacramento. >> terry: almost half the carbon dioxide we pump comes from generating electricity a clear option is wind power but where
8:46 am
will we put it? wayne freedman has the answers and one of them may surprise you. >> if it's windy it must be afternoon on around san francisco bay. it whips the grass and generates waves. for a guy like michael it opens all kinds of possibilities. >> i'm an opportunist. put wind in your sails, for free why not use it? >> more than recreation. he not only sail,000 boat but he lives in the limited space. it's all kind predictable who thinks green who teaches at u.c. berkeley. if you visit he will elaborate how he earned his ph.d. by plotting the best place for wind turbines off america's coasts. >> you can get most of our energy especially on the east coast during the time we use energy from wind energy.
8:47 am
>> michael looked everywhere. >> imagine for a moment 19 wind turbines just off the coast of berkeley. the doctor has calculated that is how many it would take to power the entire city from the northern tip of treasure island all the way over to berkeley pier here. >> wind turbines just off the shoreline of the people's republic of berkeley, that will never happen? >> they are big. they are obtrusive. >> it's a nuclear free zone and they should propose an alternative. >> if they can make it attractive looking right y not. >> the turbines would be more than 400 feet across but they would be anchored in shallow water and yes, they would obscure some views. but the wind comes up here just about the same time electrical demands peak. >> when the winds are blowing
8:48 am
20-25, it would be putting out 100% of their power. >> sea gulls i hope they don't get killed. something to think about. >> just a thought from a professor when who knows a good resource when hit hits him in the face. >> well, it's berkeley. >> terry: some say the turbines were up today, would they be producing a lot of energy? >> yes. in fact gusty winds offshore and later on this afternoon. it will lighten up in the afternoon. from mount tam you can see the wind in the foreground. marine layer from 1800 to 2,000 feet deep. there is a solid mass of stratus offshore and not everywhere though across the bay, just in spots. san francisco, yes, case in point, partly cloudy skies, you can see sunshine here but airport delays still a problem
8:49 am
at sfo. we're cool with low 50s. how about 73 in antioch. up by tracy, we're in the 70s with the west wind. so the cut off line with the 60s and 70s right around concord and livermore but still a west wind reaching well past the delta. cooling today for the entire bay area, 58 in fremont, 59 in san carlos. fog is along the coast in parts of crai bay. cooling trend today and tomorrow a little more cooling in our inland valleys and then we'll get into a major cool down with possibility of showers on monday. windy conditions right into tuesday with just a couple degrees of recovery. it's more like wednesday when the numbers will bounce back into some 80s. here is a look at where the fog is. you'll notice point reyes wind gusts up to 49 miles an hour. further south and east we have the bay, fog and drizzle from the peninsula across the bay into the east bay. san jose right now, nice and
8:50 am
sunny for you with a high of 08 later on today. here is the plan, with the fog and marine layer peeling back to the coast. it will be compressed and hanging offshore today. low 60s will return for half moon bay and ocean beach and see mid upper 80s, perhaps a 90-degree temperature out around antioch. later on this evening, more of the breeze out of the west. so the delta breeze will continue. cooldown continues into the east bay valleys tomorrow and rest of the bay area pretty much holds stead for the latter half of the weekend. strong ridge of high pressure beginning to depart much of california. then an upper level trough pushing it out of the way as it holds to the north and west. that is why we'll see temperatures 70s and 80s today. tomorrow and then much cooler air and moisture that heads our way on monday.
8:51 am
4:00 monday morning, we could see showers, a few areas of drizzle in oakland and then the north bay. today, sunshine to enjoy with 60s in san francisco. temperatures dropping through the upper 50s later on. myriad of events going on across the bay. statewide, still quite hot with fresno, 96, 92 in sacramento, pleasant 71 in los angeles. walnut creek today, the art and wine tests actively, pretty warm mid-80s. 72 in oakland, redwood city has the u.s.s. potomac. >> unbelievable. >> keep talking. [ laughter ] >> there is a cool down. >> terry: incredible. >> lisa: we've got model suggesting to a quarter of an inch which is kind of hard to believe. >> terry: which one are you going with. >> probably right in the middle but cool and breezy.
8:52 am
>> terry: i have to say the systems breaks down and we get none of it. just in time for summer, oprah book tour is back. she says book club 2.0 will an online book club and first pick is wild by sheryl swade, about her thousand mile hike on pacific crest trail. when momentum gets going, things are hard to stop. that is what a san jose man found out about his anti-virus program. he bought an anti-virus protection program back in 2009. that laptop is no longer in much use so he called best buy to cancel. but his annual fee for the virus protection had just been charged one day earlier. >> so i said, i called best buy.
8:53 am
look, i really would rather not have this. they said, it only been one day, we'll credit you. >> few days they levied an e-mail confirming the cancellation, more than a month later he called wondering why he hadn't received a refund. >> i got a nice rep. she says, it looks like it's in the cue but it hasn't gone through. i don't know why. >> several more months passed and with each passing month, he called best buy. >> i caulked to kaylee back in january. then i talked to megan, that was in march. then i talked to gina, that was in april. then the last person i talked to was margaret. finally the last time i called, this is after four or five times after calling them, i said look, i can't call you anymore. i am going to call a consumer advocacy group. >> he called 7 on your side and
8:54 am
we contacted best buy. the original request was not processed properly and the refund was delayed. we have contacted this customer with our sincere apologize jees and verified we have received it. >> i never used a service like you guys have. i have seen michael finney, i'm going to try it. i got nothing to lose. >> reporter: he says thanks to best buy calling the staff extremely nice. if you have a consumer complaint you can't seem to get resolved. let me know about it. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> coming up next, do you want to dance? a preview of this year's month long ethnic dance festival begins today. preview is just a couple minutes
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>> terry: lisa has been talking about all the things you can do. i got something you can do tonight. preparations are underway for the 2012 black and white ball it's at memorial performing arts center. paul simon, and wallflowers will are performing. it's to benefit musical education programs. >> the ethnic dance festival officially kicked off today. bay area dancers got last minute practice yesterday. 30 different dance companies are participating in this year's event. a monthlong festival. it will be held all over the bay area including dancers from all over the world. today is going to be good dancing weather, maybe you want
8:58 am
to dance fast to keep warm. >> i'm going to learn the hoe-down and then do it. >> fog over the bay but sunshine on tap for the city. how about not antioch. 72 in watsonville and cool down, few more degrees cooler at some time but really dramatic with the wind. possibly showers monday and tuesday. then warmer. so it's pretty changeable. >> terry: cool down for the hoe-down. we'll be back at 5:00. talk about it on
8:59 am


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