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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  June 4, 2012 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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this morning on "world news now" -- in custody. george zimmermanan this morning on "world news now" -- in custody. george zimmerman, the gunman accused in the death of trayvon martin, is in jail again. >> as investigators uncover a stash of money and zimmerman's coded phone conversations. it's monday, june 4th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> june 4th? >> what? >> we're getting old. time is flying on the overnight. good monday morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm paula faris. we'll get to the big developments from stanford, florida in just a moment. and you're going to see how the economy is becoming issue numero uno in the presidential
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campaign. the latest finger pointing and how a key vote tomorrow in wisconsin could provide a political forecast for the republicans. >> remember those images last year. the big union battle and the cuts and all of that. that could be a big bellwether for where the country is going to go in november. also we're going to remember a tv legend. richard dawson, the host of the game show the "family feud" and what made him stop kissing all his female contestants. i remember growing up watching him. i was really sad to hear that news. >> loved, loved, loved that game show. >> interesting back story to his life as well. later this half hour, the number one movie at the box office this weekend, "snow white and the huntsman." is this action story worth your time and your money? >> before we get to all of that. george zimmerman is being held in isolation this morning after his return to the seminole county jail.
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the sheriff there described the former neighborhood watch captain as, quote, quiet and cooperative. >> zimmerman's legal troubles took a dramatic turn last week when his bail was revoked. abc's matt gutman reports from sanford. >> reporter: in cuffs, again after six weeks as a free man, george zimmerman surrendered. he was booked, mug shots taken and could spend up to two years awaiting trial in isolation in a bathroom-sized cell. the sheriff's office says for his own protection. his bond was revoked last week in a fiery court hearing. >> i, quite frankly, from the state position will flat out call it what it is. the defendant's wife lied to this court. she stated she had no money when in fact, the records show she did. >> reporter: at the time of his april 20th bond hearing, he had access to $135,000 in cash. but told the court he was broke. the couple had been holding coded phone conversations while zimmerman was jailed. for instance, the couple talked about the sum total of $155 in their accounts. they really meant $155,000. zimmerman amassed all that cash
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just days after launching a website to help raise money to pay his expenses. all of it potentially damaging to his case. >> it's a credibility question with mr. zimmerman. and now that credibility has been attacked or tarnished. and now he's going to have to rehabilitate it. >> reporter: we could hear recordings of those conversations. and you can be sure the jury will hear them as well. that's bad news for zimmerman. his defense hinges upon the jury believing his version of events the night of the shooting. matt gutman, abc news, sanford, florida. >> so he is in a really, really small jail cell. 67 square feet. a toilet, two beds, a mattress, pillow, blanket and bed sheets and he'll probably be there for the next year or two, however long until he awaits his trial. >> the important point is it becomes an issue of credibility. he lied about the money, then why would he not lie about the details of what happened that night, too? so it's -- certainly does not work well in his favor. >> just to give people a timeline. april 9th he launched that website.
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the real george april 20th, that is when he and his wife tell the judge they don't have any money which is the money that they received. >> they didn't have direct access to that money because it was some kind of trust, whatever the setup was. clearly it's part of your finances because it was set up directly for you but you didn't have access. that's what they're going to try to argue. it doesn't pass the smell test for a lot of folks. >> as you said, credibility. >> that's what it's all about in this case. police in toronto are all but certain they know who is responsible for a series of shootings saturday inside a popular mall. cell phone video shows patrons scrambling for the exits. one person was killed. seven others were injured. the man who died had gang affiliations and was apparently targeted. police say the suspect is also linked to gangs. and three days of mourning are being observed in nigeria after a deadly plane crash. at least 153 people died when a domestic airliner slammed into a crowded neighborhood in lagos. everyone on that plane was killed along with a number of
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others on the ground. the pilot had radioed he was having engine problems just before the crash. rob, three hours later, they were still having issues getting water. they were actually bringing buckets of water because there's such a shortage of water in that country. >> those images say it all. what a tragedy there. now to the growing international pressure on the president of syria over that brutal crackdown on protesters. secretary of state hillary clinton is now urging russia, a top syrian ally, to do more to force president bashar al assad from office. over the weekend, assad denied his government had going to do with the massacre of more than 100 people, including children, who were shot at point-blank range. still overseas it is not good news right now as asian stock markets plunge. many of the major exchanges across that region are seeing losses near or over 2% today. the sell-off overseas follows friday's horror show on wall street which was set off by a
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very disappointing jobs report here at home. the dow begins today in negative territory for the year. and those dismal economic headlines are taking a major role in the race for the white house. with more on that, here's abc's larry jacobs. >> reporter: with the latest polls showing the presidential race i essentially tied, friday's news of a slowdown of job growth has turned presidential politics back toward the economy. >> this president is not adding jobs fast enough. and i think for anybody who is urgently waiting for improvement in the economy, last week was not a good week. >> reporter: the democrats would like to be forward thinking about what the president will do. it's still hard for them to forget he inherited an economic disaster and was saddled by a republican congress working to obstruct him. >> what we have right now is a congress which has decided there is a political advantage in stymieing this president, putting ideology ahead of country. and that is what is this election is about. >> what was striking about what
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happened on friday was how quick the leaders of congress were out there wringing their hands. these are the architects of obstruction and now they are complaining about the pace of the recovery. >> reporter: more telling than the talk shows and the polls may be an actual vote this tuesday in wisconsin. democrats are trying to unseat governor scott walker who angered teachers and state workers when he stripped away their bargaining rights. $60 million has poured into the recall campaign. most of it from out of state. both sides of the political battleground see this as a test hough voters will turn in the fall. larry jacobs, abc news. and polls there show that he could stay in office. so this is not a slam dunk he's going to necessarily lose this thing. governor walker has some things that -- it's not a doomsday scenario for him. according to abc news "washington post" poll, in terms of trusting the next president with the economy, obama, despite the weak economy, is still tied with romney overall here. and that the majorities of people still blame george w. bush for the economy and so
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maybe that's what's giving obama a little slack here. romney should be doing better in the polls than he is. >> he should be. and if romney is going to pounce, though, this is his time to see if he can seize the day and take advantage of this. >> and he hasn't done that just yet. the time is now, though. >> exactly. a moving tourist attraction is now taking the scenic route to its permanent home here in new york. the space shuttle "enterprise" should arrive at the intrepid, sea, air and space museum tomorrow. it was carried by barge from kennedy airport over to new jersey. it will circle the statue of liberty and pass the world trade center site before it's lifted on to the "intrepid." it's a shuttle prototype that never flew in space. sky watchers are in for two stellar shows starting in a couple hours. a partial lunar eclipse will be visible on the pacific side of our planet. visible from east asia to central north america. just before daybreak. it happens when the full moon passes through the shadow of earth.
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you know that, right? and tomorrow, venus will pass between the sun and earth. a rare transit that can be seen at sunset. >> should be pretty. >> it should be pretty. >> my daughter is learning about the solar system. >> now you have to explain it to her. >> she was telling me about pluto. it's not a planet anymore. okay. thank you. thanks. from a 4-year-old. i'm getting a science lesson there. here's your monday forecast. cool with showers from boston to d.c. heaviest rain in new england. severe storms in the south around atlanta, jacksonville, birmingham, nashville, little rock. scattered thunderstorms from west texas to colorado. stormy and windy in the northwest. >> 60 in seattle. 85 salt lake city. 101 in phoenix. mostly 80s from the twin cities to kansas city. it's 65 here in new york. 85 in atlanta. i just wrote something a little sophomoric to rob. >> you did. >> pluto is not a planet but uranus is fine. tiger woods wakes up --
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>> who names a planet uranus, by the way? >> very clever people. idiot tv anchors to joke about it. tiger is waking up as the number four ranked golfer thanks to a masterful performance. it was at one of his favorite tournaments. >> here's a shot everyone will remember from the rough. chipping in for birdie from 50 feet away on the 16th hole. boom goes the dynomite. he birdied three of the last four holes to secure his 73rd pga tour win. >> and that ties jack nicklaus for career tour victories. ironically enough, his tournament was basically created by nicklaus himself. tiger may be getting his groove back. that's good news. >> considering those circumstances, that was the best shot on the 16th that he's ever seen. but he still has a ways to go. jack has 18 majors. tiger 14. >> not bad. getting his swing back. >> that's right.
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♪ ♪ those are scenes of the incredible ceremony on sunday as her majesty's jubilee kicked into high gear. >> the celebrations continue today marking queen elizabeth's 60th year on the throne. we wanted to send rob on assignment but we desperately needed him back here. lama hasan is on the scene. >> reporter: all the stiff upper lips were all smiles as great britain rejoiced. >> she's just an incredible woman. it's our way of being here and
3:16 am
saying thank you. >> reporter: the center of their affection, queen elizabeth ii, rode a royal barge down the thames river escorted by a flotilla of 1,000 ships. the pomp and circumstance in keep with britain's long seagoing heritage. the queen led three generations of her royal family. her husband of 65 years, prince philip. her son and heir, prince charles, and his wife camilla. and her grandsons prince harry and prince william, as well as the newest royal, his wife kate. the british people have known her as a fresh-faced young woman who just learned of her father's death. a new queen at 25. a young mother raising three children. a grandmother and now the second longest serving monarch in british history. most britons have known no other. and they turned out by the tens of thousands to congratulate her, including this distinctive tip of the hat. the bad weather couldn't dampen all the good feelings.
3:17 am
>> you've been here all night? >> yes, in the pouring rain. >> why? >> for our queen. >> reporter: so if time marches on, it slowed down a little for a leisurely stroll down the river. and the big jubilee bash doesn't end here. two more days of spectacular events organized, including a star-studded concert in front of the queen's home, buckingham palace. lama hasan, abc news, london. >> and our coverage continues today live from london on "good morning america." tomorrow at 9:00 eastern time, a two-hour special "concert for the queen," a diamond jubilee celebration with the one and only katie couric. be sure to tune in for that. >> where is our promo for 24-7, abc -- >> there i am. there at the scene. look at that jacket. >> you were wearing it well.
3:18 am
>> i look good. thank you very much. >> the prince of abc. >> yeah. yeah. >> you were saying we really don't have anything equivalent to the monarchs here in the united states because they are apolitical. they don't really vote. we don't embrace a particular -- >> you can make the comparison to the kennedys. but they were politicians. they are really more ceremonial figures. have fun there in britain. enjoy the big party. we'll be back with more after this. cheerio. >> announcer: abc's "world news now" will continue after this from our abc statatatatatatatata
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this morning, fa a this morning, fans are remembering a game show giant, richard dawson, host of "family feud." famous for kissing his contestants. >> his talent made his game shows one of the most popular on tv. t.j. winick has a look back at this game show legend. >> reporter: he was first known
3:20 am
as the wise-cracking brit. >> they don't suspect a thing. >> reporter: on the popular '60s sitcom "hogan's heroes." but it was later during his ten years as game show host -- >> let's start "the family feud"! >> reporter: when richard dawson became a household name. >> survey said! >> reporter: he became known for his devilish charm. that kissing. all that kissing. feud's producer figures he must have kissed around 20,000 women on air. dawson insists it all began innocently enough when trying to put an especially nervous contestant at ease. >> i said i'm going to do something that my mom would do to me whenever i had a problem of any kind. and i went like this and i kissed her on the cheek. >> reporter: born colin lionel emm in 1932, he pursued comedy in his native england under the stage name dickey dawson. of all those women he kissed on air, one of them, gretchen
3:21 am
johnson, would become his second wife. after their daughter shannon was born, he announced his days of kissing contestants were history. >> i promised my daughter i would only kiss mom. territory was one of his two sons who announced on facebook his father died from esophageal cancer on saturday. a couple of years ago when asked how he'd like to be remembered, that wise-cracking humor was on full display. >> love is kind. and i was a nice person. you wouldn't want to move if you were sat next to me on the bus. or maybe you would. >> reporter: t.j. winick, abc news, new york. >> such an affable guy. so iconic of that genre of tv. his last episode was may 26th, 1995. >> survey says that we're going to miss him. >> absolutely. follow the wings.
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♪ time for insomniac theater. our take on the movie that won the box office this weekend. "snow white and the huntsman." >> indeed. the fairy tale adaptation had some pretty big names but was it worth all the hype? amanda van allen lets us know if "snow white and the huntsman" made it out of the woods. >> first of all, i got in the movie theater, i want to say, about 20 minutes before the movie started. could i not find a seat and it was the biggest movie theater they had in that whole place.
3:26 am
so it was really packed. a lot of people came out to see it this weekend. and i think that in some instances it was worth the money. but in other cases, maybe it wasn't. i think that kristin stewart was a little miscast as the character of snow white. she was still kind of in "twilight" mode. >> like she's been type cast. >> yeah, kind of like harry potter. so that was that. but charlize theron was amazing. she scared me. i was really happy she was not my evil stepmother. i was afraid for my life. she was amazing. and of course, chris hemsworth. oh, my goodness. that was amazing. i could have just stared at him all day. >> did you stay for the whole movie? >> yes, i did. >> let me give you ladies a moment. i don't even know who that is. >> thor. >> he's the huntsman. played thor. let's take a listen to what some of our moviegoers had to say. >> it's fantastic. i give it five stars. >> not exactly what i expected.
3:27 am
i thought more action and more detail into the movie. >> it's fabulous. it's the greatest movie ever. i love it how they stayed true to it. >> i like the dark side of it. intense. >> it was okay, but it wasn't -- i don't -- >> some people thought it was fabulous. >> yeah, some people really liked it. i understood why you could really like a movie like that. >> are some expecting it to be like the fairy tale "snow white"? >> i think it strayed too far from that. that was my criticism. and snow white had corn rows. >> what's wrong with that? >> i mean, come on. >> modernize it. >> they didn't use the dwarfs enough. the dwarfs were kind of evil. i mean, what is this? only gave it 2 1/2 out of five. >> you are hard to please. >> what can i say? h@h@h@h@h@h@h@
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this morning on "world news now" -- airline disaster. a boeing jet slams into a neighborhood killing more than 150 people. >> the burning wreckage in buildings and the eyewitnesses moved to tears. it's monday, june 4th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good monday morning, everyone. i'm paula faris. how did we get to june 4th? >> the year goes by so fast. they say the older you get, the faster time moves. it's so true. >> we're halfway through. >> it was christmas like last week. >> did you get your christmas presents yet? >> it's not christmas eve yet, is it? we're going to take you to nigeria for the latest on the
3:31 am
awful plane crash in that country and reveal what investigators also this morning have discovered in the george zimmerman case that put him back in jail. he is now in isolation, in fact. we'll get the latest on that. >> isolation cell, 67 square feet. dinky. also this half hour, a freak accident involving a new england man severely burned while putting on sunscreen. everyone, this is a warning for anyone spending time outside. that is terribly painful to look at. >> and you won't believe what he was doing to get that burn. stay tuned for that. something you may not even think about could hurt you with sunscreen on. also later in "the skinny," some of the must-see moments from the mtv movie awards last night. no celeb was safe from host russell brand's punch lines. plus, what my ex-wife jennifer aniston was wearing last night. we'll have the complete scoop on everything. >> i didn't know you guys were married.
3:32 am
>> yeah, before brad. >> you didn't get anything in the prenup. >> no, just this mug. that was it. first, everyone, that death toll is likely to go higher in the nigerian plane crash as crews work to recover those who died on the ground. >> investigators say the pilot reported engine trouble just before that plane crashed not far from the lagos airport. as abc's bazi kanani reports, the scene there beyond tragic. >> reporter: the passenger jet was carrying some 150 people. there were no survivors and it's not yet clear how many casualties there will be on the ground. thousands rushed to see what happened in this neighborhood in sub-saharan africa's largest city, holding up cell phone cameras to record the tragedy. billowing black smoke, scattered fragments of a plane, bodies. the jet en route from the capital city of abuja to lagos was just about to land. a boeing md-83 flown by a private local carrier donna airlines. witnesses said it was flying unusually low making a lot of noise before it tore through at least two buildings coming to a stop inside an apartment complex. the cause of the crash is not
3:33 am
known, but officials say they did recover the cockpit recorder. a man sent us pictures of the disaster in his neighborhood this afternoon but said he was too sad to be interviewed. "i got to the scene and the situation there is beyond what i can talk about, he said. i am in tears while writing this. bazi kanani, abc news, nairobi. >> what so devastating about that is they have very little water in that country. three hours later they didn't have water. you could just see civilians pouring buckets of water to try to douse the flames. they had water trucks stuck on those narrow and crowded roads. >> unbelievable. the pictures say it all in that story. >> the death toll is likely to go higher especially since it slammed into an apartment in a highly populated area. >> businesses and residential
3:34 am
properties there. so we'll keep an eye on that story throughout the morning there. also those wildfires burning in the west have now claimed two lives. an air tanker crashed while dropping retardant on a remote wildfire in utah killing both crew members on board. and that enormous fire in new mexico grew to nearly 400,000 square miles. huge. experts say the practice of putting out fires too quickly instead of letting them burn is actually making the fire season much worse. >> because we've suppressed fire in the west, we now have old stands of timber, and those are potentially catastrophic wildfires. >> firefighters managed to make enough progress to lift some evacuations in a small new mexico town that was cleared out more than a week ago. the scandal at the vatican is deepening even though a main suspect in the series of leaks, the pope's butler, is in custody. the pope said mass for about 1,000 people yesterday. vatican officials were downplaying a new release of secret documents leaked to an
3:35 am
italian newspaper. the vatican spokesman did not comment on what those documents contain. jury selection for jerry sandusky's sexual abuse trial gets under way tomorrow. legal experts say the case against the former penn state assistant football coach really boils down to whether jurors believe his accusers. sandusky faces charges he sexually abused ten boys over a span of 15 years. he's repeatedly denied the allegations. as we mentioned earlier, george zimmerman is back in an orlando area jail this morning after his bail was revoked. the former neighborhood watch volunteer is being held in a cell by himself given the high-profile nature of this case. abc's daria albinger reports on zimmerman's return. >> reporter: just minutes before the 2:30 p.m. deadline, george zimmerman arrived at the jail in the custody of sheriff's deputies who had met him a short time earlier. he appeared heavier and may have been wearing a bulletproof vest. >> he's worried about himself. he's worried about his wife, his family. he's worried about everybody who has to be in hiding because of the enormous anger and frustration and hatred that has
3:36 am
spurred from this case. >> reporter: this time the sheriff's office had no intention of letting him hide, parading him in front of the camera. zimmerman who is charged with second-degree murder in the fatal shooting of 17-year-old trayvon martin had his bail revoked friday. and judge said zimmerman and his wife misled the court about how much money they had available during a bail hearing hiding the fact they raised $135,000 through a website. his attorney says they'll file a motion for a new bond hearing. meanwhile, he admits his client's defense, which rests on the believability of his account, may have been damaged. >> it's a credibility question with mr. zimmerman. and now that credibility has been attacked or tarnished. and now he's going to have to rehabilitate it. >> reporter: daria albinger, abc news, new york. now a cautionary note as we enter the summer vacation season. it stems from an accident involving sunscreen. brett sigworth of massachusetts had just sprayed on some banana boat aerosol sunscreen and then started working at his barbecue. the charcoal was burning at the
3:37 am
time and he wound up, get this, on fire suffering significant burns wherever that sunscreen had touched. >> i went into complete panic mode. just screamed. i've never -- i've never experienced pain like that in my life. >> hurts to even look at that. the sunscreen container says the product is flammable and should not be used near any heat or flames. he says he just wants others to learn from his very painful mistake here. and the warning on the aerosol bottle said don't get near the heat and flames. >> don't get near the sun. >> he never thought, though, it would be flammable after already being applied to his skin. >> i didn't know that at all. >> never would have guessed that. people are always out grilling this time of year. summer is here.
3:38 am
that's just word to the wise. >> they said he was just seconds away from suffering third or even fourth degree burns. >> it could have been a lot worse. >> for sure. now a headline sure to capture the attention of parents that are up with babies at this hour. a study just released this morning shows 85% of mothers plan to exclusively breastfeed for three months or longer. however, far fewer actually follow through with that plan. researchers discovered just under one-third of them keep up breastfeeding exclusively during a newborn's first few months. mothers who are obese or smoked were among those giving up on nursing sooner than planned. i had a lot of friends that fully intended to. whether or not they just had issues trying to breastfeed, it's very difficult. especially if you have other children in the house or they return to work. for something so natural, it can be tough get going. i did both of my children, but it is -- it's a lot of work. it's a full-time job. >> the pediatrics association recommended -- >> up to a year. six months to a year. typically you start giving your child some solid foods at four months like bananas and that sort of thing. but six months to a year. >> that's why all that outrage about the "time" magazine cover. that dude was, what, 18? >> he was almost 4. here's your monday forecast. stormy from san francisco and
3:39 am
seattle into the northern rockies. also some scattered storms in colorado, new mexico, west texas and the upper midwest. hail, gusty winds and a chance of tornadoes from little rock to the carolinas. showers and thunderstorms from d.c. up to maine. >> 59 in boston. 76 in baltimore. 90s from dallas to miami. 84 in omaha. 76 in chicago. phoenix hits 101. colorado springs, 90. and sacramento, 69. there was plenty of hanging out and kind of hanging on, really, down in west virginia over the weekend. hanging on, that is, because a group of folks were trying to set a guinness world record for the most people to race along a zipline in under an hour. >> organizers count over 180 thrillseekers zipped among the tree branches. that beats the old record of 122 set two years ago in germany. >> and it will be about two weeks, though, until an official announcement about the new record is made by guinness itself.
3:40 am
i've never ziplined. it looks like so much fun. >> that would be a team bonding thing for the "world news now" staff. don't you think? >> yeah, if we could do it in the middle of the night as opposed to the middle of the day. >> hang on to my feet. i'll carry you around. we'll slide down. >> thank you for that visual. hey, paula. coming up next -- the exciting advance in fighting the number one cancer in women. >> and later, a presidential pardon for a schoolboy who missed class on friday. what a surprise for his teacher. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by no no hair removal. no no hair removal. follow the wings.
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[ water ] hey, it's me water.
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does this faucet make me look fat? probably because of the lead i can pick up in your pipes. luckily, pur water filters remove 99% of lead. ahh, now i can fit into my skinny glass. hello. welcome back, everyone. some really exciting developments in the fight against breast cancer.
3:44 am
a possible breakthrough. >> this is huge news. it's a drug cocktail that seems to be as effective as chemo but without some of those awful side effects. abc's john schriffen introduces us to a woman alive because of it. >> reporter: this is a big step for 28-year-old bridget spencer. exercising, feeling better than ever, trying to put the last seven years behind her. just a week after graduating from college, she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. >> i had had 7 surgeries, 32 rounds of radiation and i had been on 14 different drugs. >> reporter: but the cancer grew through the chemo spreading to her liver, lung and bones. desperate, she turned to a drug trial. she had a more powerful cocktail called t-dm1. >> it's like a heat seeking missile with a toxic payload. travels all over the body until it meets the cancer cell and then lets off a massively toxic dose to kill off the cancer without damaging the rest of the body.
3:45 am
>> reporter: in just three months, bridget's tumor started shrinking and something even more remarkable happened. >> this drug has bought me more time to be 28 years old. >> reporter: this study showed that of 1,000 women who took the cocktail, about half of them saw their cancer stabilize and had fewer side effects than standard chemo. >> there is as much reason to be excited about this drug as any drug we've looked at in breast cancer. this is -- i have to say -- a dream drug. >> reporter: bridget spencer is hopeful this kind of targeted therapy will one day mean a cure. >> every day i dream about celebrating my 30th birthday and one day living in a world that we're free of breast cancer. >> reporter: to be clear, researchers say this new drug is not a cure for stage 4 breast cancer. and doctors say the results are better for women with less advanced forms of breast cancer. but bridget is staying positive hoping one day to have a baby.
3:46 am
john schriffen, abc news, new york. >> so young to have been through that kind of health crisis. so happy to see her doing well here. and the good news for other folks in a similar situation or who could benefit from this. the drugmaker is going to file for approval later this year. that's big. >> really what this does is validate all those attempts for a drug to deliver the poison and try to kill off the cancerous cells and spare the healthy ones. >> which is why you don't see the awful side effects you do in normal chemo. knock on wood. >> that's glass, by the way. over here. here we go. coming up next, some of the most surprising moments from last night's mtv movie awards. >> and who may be reigniting a flame with hugh hefner. it's all next in "the skinny." >> announcer: abc'
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♪ skinny so skinny ♪ ♪ skinny so skinny ♪ welcome back, everybody. last night was the big mtv movie awards. that's always typically a crazy awards show.
3:49 am
crazy things go down at that particular thing. let's walk you through some of the highlights from last night. russell brand was the host. he's no wallflower at all. he had a little fun at some of the guests' expense. take a look at one of his zingers from last night. >> kim kardashian has found a new man, kanye. i admire kanye a lot. his drunken stage invasion at the last mtv awards show i hosted took a lot of pressure off me. i just hope that the two of them do a new sex tape. i think of kim kardashian as the stanley kubrick of sex tapes. they are always brilliant but she only does one a decade. >> that was a fun joke at kanye's expense. russell was good last night. big night for "twilight" they took home top movie. they have awards like best kiss and best villain. their more standard award went to "twilight." huge hit. "hunger games" also got a couple
3:50 am
of nominations. took home some awards last night. i just saw it a couple of weeks ago. so, so good. good to see that did well. also johnny depp took home one of the highest honors of the night, the mtv generation award presented to him by aerosmith's steven tyler and joe perry. they said how often he's reinvented himself in the movies. he's a rock star of film which he certainly is. also one of my hollywood favorites, jennifer aniston scooped up an award. she looked fantastic. >> foxy. >> little black leather minidress. can't beat it. she won best on-screen dirt bag for her role in "horrible bosses." >> she was skanky. >> she was out there in that movie. i did see that. loved her performance. >> of course you did. >> looking good, jen, as always. >> i feel like i had to wash my body after i saw that movie. >> you watched it? i'm surprised you -- >> i did. >> you didn't like it. i liked it. >> i didn't. >> i know you didn't. crystal harris and hugh hefner, remember their infamous
3:51 am
break-up about a year ago like right before their big nuptials? they're back together. she confirmed it on twitter. yes, hugh hefner and i are back together. yes, i am his number one girl again. yes, we are happy. i hope that clears up any confusion, xo, xo. hugs and kisses. he even confirmed it on his twitter. he said she wrote him and told him that she missed him. so back together. >> very good. in related news, viagra sales are off the charts today so invest heavily. >> you know they say when you get back together, the make-up relations are great. with hugh, really? more relationship news this morning. wedding bells. drew barrymore got married. a very simple ceremony at montecito, california. married art consultant will kopelman. congrats to drew. more relationship news as well. >> kelsey grammer married his fourth wife for the fifth time. it's his fifth marriage, but they are getting remarried. does that make sense? >> yes. >> and they are having a baby. also ashley, the daughter of the vice president, mr. joe biden, she got married in delaware at 30 years old.
3:52 am
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you're watorld you're watching "world news now." >> sleep is overrated. ♪ well, later this morning, a fifth grader will show up to school with an excuse note that will be pretty tough for his teacher to be upset about. >> i'd say. 11-year-old tyler sullivan played hooky friday but all to meet his hero, president obama. abc's nick schifrin has more on the one of a kind excuse note. >> reporter: for as long as there have been teachers, students have had excuses. >> sorry, my dog ate my homework. >> sorry, my computer crashed. >> i had basketball practice and it went really late. sorry. >> reporter: but 11-year-old tyler sullivan isn't like those kids. he's a basketball player who turns in his homework. his computer doesn't crash. he's a good kid.
3:56 am
>> if i was president, i would say no more smoking and no more tobacco and no more drugs. >> reporter: but on friday, tyler was very naughty. for the first time in his life, he played hooky. that's tyler when he should have been in class. and that's the president of the united states. tyler played hooky to meet barack obama. >> first i said, hi, mr. president. and then he says, hi, tyler. you must be out of school then. >> reporter: and that's when obama reached for pen and paper. >> he says, do you want me to write an excuse note? what's your teacher's name? i said, mr. ackerman. then he writes, mr. ackerman, please excuse tyler. he was with me. barack obama, the president. >> reporter: one of the coolest hooky excuses ever. it's even on fancy letterhead. >> pretty cool. it's like, oh, i'm famous! it's really cool. >> reporter: so tyler will ask mr. ackerman to forgive him for missing class and maybe gloat a little bit to his friends who will ask the same question over and over. >> you seriously got to meet the
3:57 am
president? you serious? >> reporter: yes, tyler did meet obama. who needs a doctor's note when you have a presidential pardon. nick schifrin, abc news, new york. >> something he'll treasure for many, many years to come. cool story there. new jersey governor chris christie recently did the same thing. a young kid came to see him and he wrote an excuse note. a humanizing moment for the politicians. >> i have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot of those in an election year. both sides. >> good pr. nothing staged in politics. it's all from the heart. >> never. never. do you think it would get us out of doing this shift once? >> it's worth a try. call the president. ask him. we'll have more from abc coming up next. don't go far. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades ú ú ú p
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