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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 4, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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this monday morning, another stock slide. >> overseas markets are tumbling today. in response to the bad news about hiring here in the u.s. all signs pointing to a rough trading day here as well. air disaster. the staggering images. an airliner falls out of the sky into a heavily pop lated city. a possible break through. a smart bomb being dropped on breast cancer. and hollywood's craziest night of the year. the mtv movie awards proves once again that anything goes. and good morning, everybody.
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we begin with several stories that have been unfolding overnight. >> first, major selloff for stocks overseas. signs that all of the selling won't some stop when wall street opens today. >> markets in japan, hong kong, australia and other places all down around 2% overnight. futures indicate a weaker open for u.s. stocks. there are fierce about the u.s. economy. much more ahead in the business segment. also developing right now. it's a day of mourning in nigeria. rescue workers spent all night at the scene of a plane crash where all 153 people on board were killed. the death toll is expected to go up as they find people killed on the ground. the pilot radios he was having trouble not far from the airport. from leon panetta's visit to
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vietnam. the government told him three new previously restricted sites will be open to the u.s. for excavati excavation. the pentagon says that may be critical to finding people missing in action. george zimmerman's league. troubles took a dramatic turn for the worse in a court hearing last week. abc's tahman bradley has the details. >> reporter: after six weeks as a free man, this morning, george zimmerman, charged with tilling trayvon martin, wakes up behind bars. the judge revoked his bail, akugz him of lying about how much money he really has. shortly after he was taken into custody, he was paraded in front of cameras. he's described by his attorney as solemn coming back to jail. >> he's worried about everybody who has to be the in hiding auz
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of the enormous anger and frustration and hatred surrounding the case. >> reporter: zimmerman sits in isolation for his own protection. he was ordered back in jail after a fiery court hearing last week. >> i quite frankly will call it what it is. the defendant's wife lied to the court. >> reporter: they're saying they failed to disclose money the couple had access to. a website raised $135,000, but zimmerman said he was broke. the couple talked about a sum total of $155 in their account. when the prosecutor say, in fact, they meant there a$155,00.
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zimmerman's attorney says the couple intends to apologize to the judge. not clear in prosecutors plan to charge zimmerman's wife. >> thanks, tahman bradley in washington for us. wildfires burng out of control in the west has now claimed two lives. the victims were on an air tanker that went koun. a fire across new mexico has scorched nearly 250,000 acres. >> reporter: new mexico's biggest wildfire on record grew another 14,000 acres since saturday. now up to 355 square miles. >> about a foot underneath that, back around. >> reporter: days after lightning sparked the blaze, there is progress. starting today, evacuated residents can go home, though
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smoke will make for unhealthy breathing. two people were killed when their air tanker crashed. across the west, fires are being driven by a triple punch of drought, winds, and hot temperatures. but it's not just the weather. for most of the last century, the strategy was to put out wildfires immediately. that's backfired. >> we have old stands of timber. those are potentially catastrophic wildfires. >> reporter: now, fires that are not threatening homes or towns, they're surrounded, allowed to burn out. this part of new mexico has burned before. that's helping slow this blaze. firefighters say it will be weeks before they get the upper hand. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. now turning to politics.
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the obama campaign is blaming congress for not approving the job building plan. meanwhile, romney says mr. obama lacks leadership. democrats are trying to unseat scott walker. and meantime, a top democratic lawmaker is looking ahead to the next presidential race. nancy pelosi says secretary of state hillary clinton is the party's best shot for victory come 2016. and vice president joe biden pl played father of the bride over the weekend. ashley married her new husband, a plastic surgeon from philadelphia. time for a look at weather from across the country. cool with showers from boston to d.c. severe storms in the south, around atlanta, jacksonville,
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birmingham, little rock. scattered thunderstorms from west texas to colorado. rain and windy in northern california, the pacific northwest, and the northern r k rockie rockies. >> cool in the northwest and northeast. 90s from dallas to miami, phoenix, again, topping the century mark. doesn't look like they'll get a whole lot of relief there. >> sizzling out there. still ahead, that propgsing possible break through in the battle against breast cancer. new numbers from facebook might blow your mind. sky-high salaries for interns. miss usa crowned overnight in sin city. abababababababababab
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welcome back, everyone. getting back to the top stories. there's a selloff on overseas market this is morning following disappointing news from around the world, including the ongoing european debt crisis and concerns about china. topping the list of worries is the economic report for the u.s. for may. tokyo's nikkei average lost 145 points. hong kong's hang seng dropping 452. in london, the ftse is closed today. the do you fell 336 points and the nasdaq falling 90.
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bank of america share holders say the financial giant held out of them. they knew in advance the acquisition of mer lil lynch would create huge losses and they did not disclose it to share holders. there was a surprise at the box office this weekend. the fairest of them all, at the movies was "snow white and the huntsman." it did much better than expected, opening with $56 million in ticket sales. "men in black" did about half that. and "the avengers" was third. even some of the interns at facebook are making big bucks. business insider reports some interns are paid almost 75 grand a year. that seems to be the going rate to lure top talent that might otherwise choose more established companies like
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google. 75 grand as an intern. >> that's 75 grand more than we made as interns. we made this much. we had to pay them to do our internship. >> we could have picked a different career looking back. >> wow. >> hindsight. dramatic, even magical. the shot that has the sports world in a frenzy. and the sun screen alert. how one man lit on fire just after applying some spray-on sun block. details on that when we come right back. [ male announcer ] if a phone rings at your car insurance company
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okay, so this is something you don't see too often. the space shuttle "enterprise" make the slow journey to its permanent home by barge. it should arrive tomorrow at the intrepid museum in new york.
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it will circle the statue of liberty and pass by ground zero later today. >> a cool sight. wet in the northeast on i-90, 91, and 95, and the southern portion of 95 from the carolinas to florida. flooding on i-40 from nashville to little rock. storms drench i-5, 84, and 90 in the northwest. if you're plying the friendly skies, airport delays are possible on the east coast from boston to atlanta. also in nashville, memphis, seattle, portland and san francisco. and now to medical news this morning. what is being called major break through in the battle against breast cancer. >> researchers say they've come up with a targeted therapy that heads straight for the cancer. they've tried it out on a thousand women, including 28-year-old bridget spencer. they say the cocktail works like a smart bomb. >> it's really like a heat-seeking missile with a toxic payload, travels all over the body until it meets the cancer cell and then lets off a massively toxic dose to kill off the cancer without damaging the rest of the body. >> sounds ground-breaking.
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spencer is among half of the women in the study that saw their cancer stabilize or shrink. and they had fewer side effects than standard chemotherapy. >> big news for a lot of women this morning. a warning as we head into vacation season. it stems from using sunscreen. a man from massachusetts had just sprayed on some banana boat aerosol sunscreen and started to barbecue. he burst into flames. suffering burns everywhere that the sunscreen touched. the label states that the product is flammable and should not be used around heat or flames. learn the lesson the hard way. and a phoenix mom is in legal trouble for putting her son, strapped in a car seat, on the roof of the car, and drove off. the 5-week-old baby landed in the middle of the intersection. he's okay. the 19-year-old told police she had been smoking marijuana and didn't realize the child was missing until she got to her
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destination. time for some sports news. oklahoma city and san antonio tied 2-2 in their series. the eastern conference game last night, and the latest win for tiger woods, we get the latest from espn. >> good morning, i'm hakem dermish with your "sportscenter" update. game four of the eastern conference finals. under 1:00 left in the game, lebron james, for three and the tie. got it. game goes to overtime. rajon rondo driving, hitting the floater. 15 points, 15 assists. his 12th double-double this post season. celtics up one. then, miami with it, lebron trying to back down michael pietrus, called for his sixth foul, fouls out for the first time in the playoffs. then, heat with a chance to win it, dwyane wade, for three. uh huh. and the celtics hang on to win it, 93-91, in overtime. series tied now, 2-2. final round of the memorial,
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dublin, ohio. tiger woods, started the day in fourth place, not feeling well, battling the flu. always beware of the guy not feeling well. i said, beware. this is epic. jack nicklaus called it the most unbelievable gutsy shot i have ever seen. 74 pga tour victories in sight, great approach, 9 iron. woods eyeing another birdie. he birdies 3 of the last 4 holes. wins the memorial for the fifth time in his career. woods shoots a final round 5 under 67, tying golden bear with 73 pga tour victories, second all time. must see matchup on tuesday. celtics-heat, game five, 8:30 eastern on espn, espn3. also live on watchespn.
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well, the former host of "family feud" richard dawson is being remembered for his playful and mischievous manner with contestants. and his most famous saying. >> survey says! >> he won an emmy as best game show host. one estimate claims he kissed around 20,000 women as host of "the feud." a few weeks ago, he was asked how he wanted to be remembered. >> that i was kind. and a nice person. you wouldn't want to move if you were stacked next to me on the boat. well, maybe you would. >> richard dawson died after battling cancer. dead, at the age, now, of 79. up next in "the pulse" -- recapping a busy sunday night. including the crowning of a brand new miss usa. and raunchy russell brand hosting the mtv music awards last night.
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so ditch the brown bag for something better. like our bacon ranch quesadillas or big mouth burger bites, served with soup or salad, and fries. starting at just 6 bucks, at chili's. all right, time to check "the pulse" this morning. beginning with what is often the most wild night of the year in hollywood, the mtv movie awards. >> the oscars this is not. categories like best kiss and best fight. russell brand hosted the big show and kept all of the stars on their toes with zingers like this.
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>> kim kardashian has found a new man. kanye. i admire kanye a lot. his drunken stage invasion of the last mtv awards show i hosted took a lot of pressure off me. i hope the two of them do a new sex tape. i think of kim kardashian as the stanley kubrick of sex tapes. they're always brilliant but she only does one a decade. >> "twilight's" "breaking dawn" was the movie of the year. >> johnny depp looking cool was honored with the mtv generation award then rocked out with the black keys. jodie foster looking hot as well. she presented the top prize to the "twilight" cast. she'll be 50 this year, believe it or not. and rob's special gal pal, jennifer aniston, her foul-mouthed sex-crazed role in
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"horrible bosses," got the best dirt bag award. a 20-year-old who plays the cello has a big year to look forward to. >> miss usa 2012, rhode island! >> that's olivia culpo, the new miss usa. she was crowned last night out in las vegas. for her interview questions she was actually asked about transgendered contestants. she said it would be fair for a man who became a woman to be named miss universe. >> culpo will represent the u.s. in the miss universe pageant. >> go rhode island. a fifth grade student from minnesota is handling a full-proof absence note this morning. >> tyler missed school to see the president. the president wrote a note, dear mr. ackerman, please excuse tyler. he was with me. >> the best note he'll ever get. we'll be right back.
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. up next, in san francisco police looking for shooter who wounded a man. >> transit news. muni gets ready to restart light rail lines. and new bay area ferry service. mike will have the forecast. wet weather is on the way for june i'll show you where now and if it will affect the commute. i don't believe it, but i'll see it. severe weather from little rock to the carolinas. showers around thunderstorms from d.c. to new england. and finally, hundreds of thousands turned out in london to celebrate a major monarch milestone. >> queen elizabeth ii has sat as britain's queen now for 60 years.
4:28 am
lama hasan reports on all the royal festivities. [ bells ringing ] >> reporter: all those stiff upper lips were all smiles as great britain rejoiced. >> she's just an amazing woman. >> this is our way of saying, hey, thank you. >> reporter: the center of their affection, queen elizabeth ii. who rode a royal barge down the thames river, escorted by a flotilla of a thousand ships. the pomp and circumstances in tradition of the heritage. she led three generations of the royal family. her husband of 65 years, prince philip. her son and heir, prince charles and his wife, camilla. and her grandsons, prince harry and prince william, as well as the newest royal, his wife, kate. the monarch is celebrating her 60th year on the throne. the british people have known
4:29 am
her as a fresh-faced young woman who just learned of her father's death. the new queen at 25. a young mother raising three children. a grandmother, now the second longest serving monarch in british history. most britons have known no other. and they turned out by the tense of thousands to congratulate her. including this distinctive tip of the hat. the bad weather couldn't dampen all the good feeling. >> you've been here all night? >> yes, in the pouring rain. >> why? >> oh, for our queen. >> reporter: so, if time marches on, it slowed down a little for a leisurely sail downriver to honor the great lady of great britain. the jubilee bash doesn't end here. there are two more days of events, including a star-studded concert in front of the queen's home. later on "good morning america," robin and lara are live in london for the third day of the big celebration. >> that's what's making news in america this morning. have a fabulous monday. thanks for watching.


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