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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  June 6, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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good morning i'm kristen sze >> and i'm eric thomas in for cheryl jennings. developing news in south san francisco. police officer shot and killed 58th grader during a confrontation at a gas station katie marzullo is live at the south san francisco police department with more. >> reporter: at this point, south san francisco police will only confirm an officer did shoot and kill a juvenile at the arco station 9:00 last night. video we shot a little bit
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ago. this is what the scene looks like at this hour. a handful of people showing up to leave balloon, handwritten cards and teddy bear at the scene where it happen. police say an officer stopped the juvenile. they've not said why during the contact the officer saw the boy had a again. the officer feared for his life and -- had a gun. officer feared for his life and shot the boy he started cpr but the juvenile died. a woman says her son and the victim were friends she says they are both 14 just graduated from 8th grade. she say the mcdonald's next is a common hang-out for kids. >> my son is 14-years-old. he was with him the night before. i just think about my son and i feel like it doesn't stop. >> reporter: the owner of the arco station tell me police have looked at video from the gas station but the shooting
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was not on tape because the cameras are only pointed at the pay station in between the pumps and the shooting happened off to the side of that. police at the south is station are going to hold a news conference 11:30 this morning. vic lee will get more detailed information and bring it to you later. katie marzullo, abc7 news. our big story, president obama is set to arrive in the bay area within the hour mr. obama boarded air force one at join base andrews this morning and will up down at sfo in half an hour. wely team coverage on this presidential visit. -- we have live team coverage on this presidential visit. let's begin with amy hollyfield. >> reporter: good morning. his first stop a fundraiser at one market street across from the ferry building. he's not here yet but it is obvious down here that someone important is coming to town. when the commander in chief comes for a visit an justments
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have to be made. police officers, including -- including the bomb squad work with the secret service to start shutting didn't market street this morning. some vendors were told there wouldn't be room for them today. >> they took half of hour spaces out here and parking is different. i'm not sure unless they are all like secret or whatever. >> reporter: it did feel a little secretive downtown. some of the people who work at the landmark building weren't told the president would be attending a fundraiser there. >> they didn't give us information. it was through word-of-mouth that we heard about the -- that he's going to be here. >> our garage is closed. that's all i know >> reporter: san francisco police cleared out the occupy protesters. >> i'm definitely not happy about this. they seem to be about take all of our stuff for our protest itch >> reporter: despite adjustments in the middle --
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of the workweek there's enthusiasm. >> i'm excited. i'm hoping i get a chance to meet him >> reporter: after his stop here, he will head over to a fundraiser at california and money rip the street closures are starting now. -- montgomery. the street closures are starting now. it is going to be tough to get around downtown. to get advice let's turn it over to our expert frances dinglasan. you can see behind her that traffic is light there market near embarcadero. street closures are happening now, especially during lunch time you want to an individual the financial district there will be rolling closures. they aren't announced ahead of time. look for delays from the embarcadero towards california and montgomery in addition to that, you may find closures on the freeway as well on 101, possibly 280. again you have to keep both open or keep them in behind as you head to san francisco and
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back towards s -- sfo there was a fatal accident on caltrain earlier this morning. right now trains are single-tracked through mountain view and caltrain reporting 15 to 20 minute delays. second fatality this morning. now to the latest election results. hard fought prop 29 tax on cigarettes appears to have been defeated. >> it was a close race with all precincts reporting under 51% vote nod. 49% voted yes. -- 63,000 votes separate the two. prop 29 would have added a one dollar tax to a pack of cigarettes. the money was to go to cancer research. the only other state ballot measure prop 28 passed with more than 51% of the vote that changes term limits for lawmakers reduces total number of years from 14 to 12.
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it allows them to spend all of that time in either the state assembly or senate. runoff elections set for two races in alameda county. democratic incumbent of fremont will face off against fellow democrat in the county's 15th district. stark received 42% of the vote. stallwell got 36%. in the 9th district incumbent mcinnerney will battle gil. mcinnerney received 48%, gill 40. unions representing city workers are holding a news conference to announce they will file multiple lawsuits after voters voted in favor of measure b. this is a huge win for mayor reed. measure b will modify the city charter and create two pension options.
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one keep current benefits and pay more or keep paying what they are paying and receive fewer benefits and work longer. the mayor said the current plan was costing too much. >> this is more than 50% of payroll for the benefits. huge numbers impossible to sustain. >> we offered significant changes to retirement that would have saved the city millions and those would have been legal and we moved forward. >> unions are holding a news conference right now saying they will take the issue to court. katrina rusk will have more at 4:00. we are streaming all results at the bottom of your tv screen now you can also get results on we just found out how much money investors may be getting back after a computer glitch on the day facebook went public. >> the author who took sci-fi and fantasy to a literary . remembering the life of ray bradbury. >> new government report
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raises concerns about the effectiveness of vaccines parents rely on. 
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nasdaq just announced plans for a one-time pay out of 40 million dollars to compensate investors who bought facebook shares and the first day of trading. the plan involves a mix of cash and trading discounts. tech cam glitches delayed
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facebook's debut a half hour and some say that contributed to its inauspicious opening. nasdaq insists it is not to game for the slide in value down 32 since the ips. the sec still has to approve the pay outs. internet security experts are urging people to change their passwords after 6 1/2 million were leaked a a russian hacker is claiming responsibility. the popular site will only state is looking into reports of stolen passwords. ray bradbury has died. his daughter says her father died last night in his los angeles home no other details were given. his fahrenheit 451 was a vision of a high-tech book burning future. and the marshal chronicles was a tale -- and the martian chronicles was a tale of life
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on this land net. -- this planet. he was 91-years-old. new report raises serious concerns about the effectiveness of vaccines given to low income children abc news has obtained new report that finds many providers of the immunizations do not sort vaccines at proper temperatures experts say it can make them ineffective and place children at risk for contracting serious diseases. >> there are a lot of parents who are hesitant about the number of vaccines they are getting and whether it is same i'm concerned this is going to be misinterpreted this wind about safety. vaccines that are stored improperly are still safe but we are not sure they would be fully effective. >> i would furious if my doctors were not storing them properly. >> the investigation found that 75% of the providers
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stored vaccines at temperatures that were either too hot or cold. a dozen stored expired vaccines with ones that were still current. donald trump says he's going to sue a former contestant who give up her crown claiming the miss u.s.a. pageant is rigged. the former miss pennsylvania said another contestant named the names of the top five finishers hours before the show was broadcast. organizers say the reason she gave up her title is that she is upset over the decision to allow thrapbz gender contestants to -- transgender contest stands to compete. donald trump had sharp words for her this morning she suffers from a thing called losers remorse. she loss. if you looked at her you would understand why she is not in the top. it is a very sad situation. another contestant claims she initially indicated her reason for resigning as miss pennsylvania was over the new
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transgender policy. a facebook beige has been created to support her. -- ouch! >> no kidding. not that painful. open up the weather window, emeryville, alcatraz, golden gate bridge sunny. cooling trend on the way. >> elaborate ceremony in new york city this morning as the space shuttle enterprise makes the final voyage to its new home. barbara walters scored exclusive interview with syria's president and why she is now apologizing for it. first, more local election results for you: çkçkçkçkçkçkçkçk
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nasa's first space shuttle is finishing a final voyage to its new home. shuttle enterprise was placed atop a barge in new jersey and began up the hudson this morning to a manhattan air and space museum onboard the retired aircraft carrier uss intrepid. now the shuttle program is over nasa is donating some of
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the space ships to museums around the country. enterprise was a prototype used only for glide experiments. right now, the man who created the golden gate bridge replica in his backyard in kansas is getting honored at the bridge that inspired him. larry richardson and his wife arrived to begin his vip trip complements of donors who heard about the replica. the iconic span imprinted on his memory as he was being deployed to fight in vietnam. he came back and 10 years ago he built the 150 foot long replica on his farm using an old postcard as a model. >> glad he came here in time for the good weather to see the original. >> i know, no fog enshrouding the bridge. >> coincidence? maybe not. from kansas let's show what is going on. doesn't that look inviting
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winds aren't as strong as they have been. the clouds are gone for the most part. mostly sunny. how about that, sunshine in santa cruz. let's talk about what is going on. clouds way away from the coast and even some of the snow the recent snow in the sierra you can see that, the white stuff that is not moving that is the snow. let's talk about winds. there are still -- they are still a little brisk. temperatures heading out now mid 50s along the coast most of us in the 60s making a run at 70s around santa rosa, fairfield and antioch. monterey bay upper 50s. santa cruz mid to upper 60s watsonville, temperatures three to eight degrees warmer than this time yesterday many
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by the afternoon warmer with sunshine. breezy friday, saturday, warming trend summer warmth in the forecast away from the coast sunday through tuesday. today we are four degrees warmer in oakland, five in san francisco and san jose. fremont six, santa rosa six and concord at nine. sunset 8:30 before it does keel see 80s east bay valleys. east bay shore low 70s -- oakland, castro valley, fremont, 74 hercules everybody else upper 60s. low to mid 70s south bay san jose and cupertino 73 low 70s palo alto, 68 san mateo and 66 millbrae coast low 60s bayside downtown south san francisco mid 60s golden gate bridge, 66 sausalito mid to upper 70s north bay valleys. low 60s monterey and carmel
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many low to mid 70s watsonville and santa cruz. around the state today, low to mid 80s through the central valley no threat of storms or showers. l.a. 85, palm springs near 100. a's game we took it on the chin last night 6-3. tonight cool and breezy, 60 to 52°. clouds gathering along the coast that going to be a signal of a slight sea breeze going to keep you cooler tomorrow by about two degrees the rest of us sunny one to two degrees warmer low 80s inland low 70s around the bay. sea breeze will move in thursday into friday, mostly cloudy, two to six december cooler because of the lack of sun early -- six degrees cooler because of the lack of sun early sunday morning.
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barbara walters is apologizing today for trying help the daughter of a former aide to syria's president. walters landed an exclusive interview with assad last december. walters admits to trying to help a daughter of a former aide who set up that interview. she passed on the daughter's resume to cnn for a potential job and recommended the girl for columbia university's journalism school. the aide's daughter did not get in and did not land the job. google warning g-mail users they may be the target of cyber attacks. google will put a banner message at the top of the accounts. google didn't mention specific governments some say it could be google's latest effort to fight china over censorship and web privacy. new honda fit is the new
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king of electric cars. the japanese carmaker says their 2013 fit operates on epa rated fuel cost of $500, per year. it uses 29 kilowatt hours of energy per 100 miles and combine add justed rate going it were using gas, but it is not, of 118 miles a gallon. the highest fuel rating ever given by the epa. we'll be right back. first, more local election results: copd makes it hard to breathe,
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before taking advair. if you're still having difficulty breathing, take the lead. ask your doctor if including advair could help improve your lung function. get your first full prescription free and save on refills at
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>> you're looking at a live picture of sfo. in 20 minutes it will be president obama's second visit in the bay area for two weeks of fundraising. be aware the traffic will be affected and you will want to take detours. after those two develops he will leave for southern california after 3:00 this afternoon. mark matthews will be reporting on the president's visit. today at ther to of one of abc7's top scholars. -- how one student has battled cancer to become an inspiration. >> at 5:00, local college students who won major national award for technology that could one day eliminate the dead batteries that pollute landfills. those stories and more later. >> mike has a final check on weather. maybe solar today instead of batteries let's show what
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is going on the next couple of days. today back to and -- back to average. we drop two to six degrees friday morning clouds. calmer and warmer sunday through tuesday look at that inland heat might be air conditioning weather once again. i feel like we should do final traffic. [ laughing ] >> you have to wait until tomorrow morning for that from all of us here, thanks for joining us. >> who wants to be a millionaire is next. great idea. so we'll switch to u-verse tv and internet...
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