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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 6, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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cal campus handled this protest. abc7 news begins in 60
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developing news, a man shot tonight by an oakland police officer. >> police are saying very little about what happened and why. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. this latest police shooting happened at 105th avenue and e street in east oakland. alan wang is following this story for us. >> we are about two blocks from the scene near ease spa ran swraw el elementary school. it happened about three and a half hours ago and we were hoping to get more information by now. so far oakland police have been tight lipped about this one. at this point, all we know is an officer shot a man in his 20s near 105th avenue
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and e street around 7:30. he was taken to the hospital in stable condition and he is expected to live. there is another person being questioned, but police will not say how that person is related to this case. >> i can't discuss the details. we are still receiving information. i want to make sure when we provide you with information, it is thorough and it is accurate. >> reporter: we did see police examine -- >> we did see police examining a dark-colored two-door car. they didn't say how many shots were fired, where the man was shot and what the circumstances are and whether or not that man was armed. police say this was an on going investigation, and they say they won't have anymore information on the officer involved shooting until sometime tomorrow. alan wang reporting live in east oakland, abc7 news. >> awful loft unanswered questions. we'll stay on it.
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in another part of the bay area, another officer involved shooting, this one involving a teenager and this one fatal. it happened at an arco station in south san francisco. abc7 news reporter ama dates is there live with the story. >> derrick gains was shot here at the gas station. police administered cpr, but the boy died at the hospital. there was a big crowd at the gas station as they put up a memorial for the young man who was shot by a south san francisco police officer. >> i want a face-to-face apology. it is for me and my family for killing my baby. >> a mother's words to the south san francisco police officer who killed her son, 15-year-old derrick gains. rachel and other family and friends gathered at the arco station where he was shot last night to remember him. >> hopeful leahy won't have died for -- hopefully he won't have died for nothing. >> they were at the gas
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station when the officer spotted them. the officer said they were acting suspiciously. this security video shows them running past the gas pump. the officer said he ordered the two to stop. the friend complied, but gains ran. >> the suspect produced a handgun from his waist band at which time the officer in the protection of his own life discharminged -- discharged his wife weapon striking the suspect. >> gains' father said the officer should have never fired his weapon. >> i think they could have done a number of things. >> when i asked about the gun police recovered at the scene -- >> i don't know if he had a gun or not. >> police say they were familiar with gains. he was a probation and had been arrested at least once. the school district says he was expelled numerous times. >> the media labels him as a bad kid. derrick was not a bad kid.
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he was a family guy. he cared about his family. >> and that was the suspect's girlfriend saying how she will remember him. now, the officer involved in this is on administrative leave. that is standard procedure. that is now the san mateo district attorney's office that is handling the investigation. ama dates, abc news. >> thanks very much. there have been six officer involved shooting in the bay area in the past four weeks. three in the past three days in a half. we are following breaking news in hayward where firefighters have come across a stubborn grass fire. they are preventing the flames from reaching homes. there are no reports that any are threatened. 2340* injuries and no word yet on -- no injuries and no word on what caused the fire. they are facing strong criticism for the handling of occupy protests on campus last fall. a campus police review board
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said they were disturbed by the use of batons by officers to clear a camp site on november 9th. it said they had poor communication as the protests developed. >> usually you have a student protest. there are leaders of the protest. they endorsed it, but the protesters were leaderless, and it is difficult to communicate with them beforehand. >> campus leaders faced criticism for failing to carry out pre established policy when's it came to overseeing police. the report notes the crisis management team, quote, did not have a clear chain of command nor did it supervise important details of ucpd's activities throughout the day. we have late word in the sierra lamar case, the missing teenager. we understand the public defender for torres garcia, the man arrested in her disappearance, will ask to be taken off the case tomorrow. the public defender ken men de
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de -- men del, next to him says he has a conflict of interest and needs to be removed from the case. no word on what the conflict might be. pleasanton police are asking the public for help in identifying the woman's body in a trashcan almost two weeks ago. late this afternoon investigators released this sketch of what the woman may have looked like. she could have been asian or hispanic and possibly between 25 to 40 years old. her body was found in a trashcan on dublin can yawn road on may 24th. she was wearing an old navy shirt and pajama bottoms. police displayed earrings she was wearing at the time. an autopsy was not able to determine the cause of death. one of brian stowe's friends paibted a vivid and disturbing picture on the witness stand that his fellow giants' fan endured. he described the hostile behavior their group encountered during the season opener at dodger stadium.
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they faced several charges for what happened after the game ended in the stadium parking lot. a judge will decide whether there is enough evidence to actually try them. a courtroom camera did not show him as he testified today. >> the next thing that happened is he was running and threw a punch with his left hand to the left side of brian's head. the same person who punched him kicking him in the head repeatedly. >> another witness described how he tried to calm his attackers before they started hitting him ferociously. >> in election news, the cigarette tax increase remains too close to call. the latest numbers show it trails by a 51-49% margin or 63,000 votes of the almost four million capped. it would impose a tax to fundraise for caber -- cancer
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and other diseases. meantime after yesterday's voting, the legal battle is on tonight over pension reforms approved yesterday by a vast majority of voters in san jose. the city's police and fire unions filed lawsuit against measure b. it drastically reduces the cost of city pensions bi-looring benefits for new hires, and it gives current employees the option to pay more or switch to a less expensive plan. the unions say the city is illegally breaking the contract. >> what we are going to ask a judge to do is as simple as what your parents told you when you were a young child. that is that a promise made must be a promise kept. >> the sky rocketing pension costs threatens our uh -- ability to provide services to our people. whatever it takes to provide appropriate expenditure. >> they filed a suit today asking a federal judge to make a quick decision on whether measure b violates the state
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constitution. it will not be implemented until there is a ruling. president obama paid a brief visit to the bay area to raise campaign cash before heading to southern california tonight. the president spoke to supporters in the gay, lesbian and transgender community in los angeles. he then headed to a fundraising dinner at the home of "glee" creator in beverly hills. donors in san francisco spent more than $35,000 per person to take part in a round table with the president. the president headlined the lunch at the per chapt exchange -- merchant exchange building. but some people didn't roll out the red carpet. the protesters included the tea party, environmentalists and anti-war groups. a lot more to get to. linked in hacked. millions of pass words stolen and posted on the web. what security experts say you should do. >> and google unveils the new
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map just as apple is about to show off theirs. >> and a possible danger for babies. new findings tonight about teething gels. >> and then late other "nightline." >> i'm terry moran. coming up next on "light --" nightline" a mystery in the skies. a plane took of on with hundreds on board. the clues investigators found buried under the sea and what they think really happened in those terrifying final moments in this special edition of
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a hacker has broken into two of the busiest sites on the internet. 1.5 million pass words from e harmony and 6.5 million stolen from linked in, a professional networking site. >> linked in is based in mountain view where tonight they are scrambling to protect their millions of users. it is not just pass words that are now at risk keep in mind. leslie brinkley has the latest on the real security breech. >> absolutely, dan. if you linked in, your pass word may have been linked out, stolen.
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and it is a grave on-line security breech. >> a russian hacker claims to have stolen 6.5 million pass words from linked in, the business social networking site. on-line linked in confirms that some of the pass words that were compromised cory spondz to you -- corresponds to linked in accounts. >> they should have done a better job. they did not use best practices for storing the pass words. >> you can tell if your account was compromised if your current pass word does not work. linked in will send an e-mail with instructions for resetting it. but the damage is done, likely making banking and e-mail accounts vulnerable. >> i think the biggest problem today is that users use the same pass word on multiple websites. and they use pass words that are too short. >> you are literally saying you need a different pass word for every different website you log on to. >> in order to be secure the
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answer to that is yes. >> many of us are guilty of the. >> i pretty much have the same pass word for all my accounts. >> i will probably go ahead and change my pass word. >> every time you write in your pass word, you are trusting that it is going to be secure. >> the experts suggest downloading software like key pass or key chain that keeps track of all of your different pass words. >> your security will only be as strong as the weakest link. with the proliferation of web services there are a lot more opportunity for the weakest link. >> experts say your pass word should be a random sequence of 25 characters. you should have a different random sequence of 25 characters for every website you touch. it seals absolutely overwhelming, but it is the direction cyber security is moving in. you might even need a pass word to access your pass
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words. >> i can't even remember the four-digit pass word. thank you. that's good information. google unveiled a new 3-d mapping service you can use even if you don't have a web connection. they believe several new features will make the maps more comprehensive, compelling and convenient. they even wore this backpack camera to capture images of popular hiking trails. check that out. analysts say google is trying to trump apple. apple's own mapping service will replace them on iphones and ipads. the google service only works on the an droid phones. >> important health news now. a common anesthetic found in teething gels can be dangerous for babies and in extreme cases even deadly. the fda says it is linked to a blood disorder. it is found in products including anbesol, or raw gel, baby or raw gel. there were 29 reported cases. it leads to oxygen
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deprivation. since it first came under fda scrutiny in 2006 most of these cases were in children under 2. it is hot, hot, hot. >> meteorologist sand yaw patel -- sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> i take it carolyn and dan, you want some heat. >> you are going to get some heat, but not until sunday. that's when the 90s will show up. i want to show you the live doppler 7hd. no moisture is reaching the ground. this is moisture getting picked up in the clouds. we are not expecting rain anytime soon. as a matter of fact, it is a dry forecast, but with the breezy conditions. here is the deal for tomorrow. tree pollen count will be running high. olive, juniper and oak are the predominant pollens. grass on the moderate side. if you suffer from allergies, i know what you are going through. i suffer from them as well. it will be a tough day tomorrow. temperatures in the 50s. antioch though is pretty warm still. holding near 70 degrees.
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the skies are clear except for a few patches of clouds. they will return. cool to mild tomorrow and warming back up. we have a small ridge. it just keeps getting pushed away by these systems that are approaching. the small ridge will keep us in a dry pattern for the time being. things will change. this cold front will bring in cooler air. this is what will happen. as we get into your thursday you notice low clouds returning by the afternoon. then as the cold front goes through the clouds will clear out. so for your friday we are looking at a sunny day and a breezy one. it is certainly running a little cooler on friday compared to your thursday. tomorrow morning you will feel the chill again as you head out the door and grab a sweater or jacket or send the kids out with a sweater or jacket. midto upper 40s in the valleys. 46 for napa. upper 40s in half moon bay.
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most other areas low to mid50s. and just a few patches of fog and low cloudiness in the morning. but in the afternoon, you will see a little more, and that will keep you cool in half moon bay. 58 degrees. 64 in san francisco. upper 70s, cloverdale, santa rosa, 70 in richmond and oakland. getting you up to where you should be for this time of year in the inland east bay. 80 in concord and 75 in san jose. for the monterey bay, 74 in santa cruz. inland and gilroy 81 degrees. here is a look at the forecast for tomorrow afternoon. they are playing the texas rangers. mostly sunny and mild at 12:35. the temperature is mid60s and then warming up to the low 70s. really beautiful weather for the ballgame. the accu-weather seven-day forecast cools off everywhere on friday. the breeze picks up, but it will warm up for the weekend. low 90s sunday through tuesday in our inland areas. it is getting pretty warm. areas in the 60s. carolyn and dan, we don't ever
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leave you assuming you have all of the weather information. at 4:30, mike will be here and he will be tracking the weather. >> it changes. >> it does indeed. coming up next, a record breaking base jump by a man with wings. >> his extraordinary achievement is up next.
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honda's new electric fit will hit showrooms, but going green could cost you green. it can run 82 miles on one charge. the all electric version will cost twice what the gasoline powered version costs. it will take about 11 years to make the difference between the sticker price and the savings at the pump. well, a superstar in the world of base jumping has a new world record tonight. she spent 30 days climbing a mountain in the indian part of the him lay yaws. it is more than four miles tall at the top. the veteran then jumps off and flying for 90 seconds and reaching speeds of more than 120 miles an hour. look at this guy go. >> that looks like a bad idea. >> he is the first to base
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jump in a winged suit. jumping into an active volcano in russia which seems like a very clever idea. >> that's molten lava. >> i wish i could put that on a resume. all right the a's are thrilled to have him back for his bat and his knee which was key for this catch. this is not that impressive.
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we will have the nba finals for you and one half of the match up is set. kevin dure rapt -- durant had
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it rough early. tony parker exploded out of the locker room. he had 21 points in the first half. exwarrior steven jackson making it rain. he had six, three's. he had 23 points and spurs by 15 at the break. the thunder crank it up in the third. 79-77 and another exwarrior derrick fisher and 96-91. less than three minutes left and hardin to russell westbrook and durant with 44. perkins with authority. durant hugging the family. thunder went four straight to send captain jack and the spurs home 107-99. they will meet miami or boston in the finals next week. the ice kings and the devils game four in the stanley cup finals. the devils broke through for the first time with three third period tboals. goals. the kings answer on the power play and drew dowdy on marty
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brodeur. four and a half minutes left. it is 2-1 devils. it is a 3-1 victory, but they trail in the series three games to one with game five back in new jersey. to baseball and the as' -- the a's made quick work of the rangers. shut out in two hours and four minutes. colon is in command. you will get nothing and like it. the ball bounces off his knee and into the glove for the out. it is the guy who makes a great play and it is a 2-0 lead. he didn't jump into a volcano, but colon goes eight score less and strikes out five. it is 2-0a's with the win. giants and padres, and it is great to see the old skipper, roger craig, up in the booth. it is against the law to do a
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giant highlight without the milk man. cabrera r.b.i double in the first. giants up 3-0 in a flash. high, deep and aloha and the fan drops the souvenir. giants were up 4-2. in the 6th it is a slow roller and forsythe, oops. he won it last night for the padres and there with the error. 6-3 giants. bumgardner with the win. 6-5 giants. and a nice moment in the ohio state track meet this weekend. megan vogel sees her and she help herself and they cross the finish line together. that is your sports report brought to you by river rock casino. >> very nice gesture. >> sports man ship. >> "nightline" is up next. >> i'm carolyn johnson. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning. starting at 4:30. you can also findñañañañañañañaa
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