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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 7, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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strong arm san francisco suspended sheriff. >> and tonight. decision by police on how to charge a teenager behind the wheel of an suv that killed a father and his daughter. 7 news combines in
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>> breaking news is happening in the east bay. police chase that began about an hour ago bay point ended a few minutes ago in alamo. police pursuing a stolen car. >> chase continued through concord and walnut creek before ending on highway 6 80. police say for most of the chase the driver was not going much faster than the speed limit. good evening i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. other top story tonight. san francisco district attorney is facing harsh criticism. >> it is coming from suspended sheriff mirkarimi lawyer over the videotape. one that shows mirkarimi's wife with a bruised arm. city attorney is being accused of using that tape as a
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bargaining chip. dan at the i team has the story tonight. >>reporter: lopez never wanted the video showing a bruise she got from her husband san francisco sheriff mirkarimi to go public. she told me 3 weeks ago in the hometown in venzuela that she was concerned mostly about the effect on her son theo. if he looked it up on the internet when he's older. >> it's really l right to release the video? don't think of my son or my career? my life? >>reporter: her lawyer even requested a protective order from the ethic commission prohibiting public dissemination of the video. >> it happened yesterday. >>reporter: but two days later before the commission could rule on the request city attorney hererra released video any way. >> i think it invades my client's privacy rights. it invaded her son's privacy rights. >>reporter: paula can filed this complaint against hererra and mayor lee for ethic
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violation. saying the release of the video could amount to official misconduct. i spoke with the mayor after a city hall event this afternoon. late today a complaint has been filed against you accuse filed against you accusing you of official misconduct for releasing the video. it's been filed with the ethic commission filed with the ethic commission. do you have a comment about that. >> well, again, i think the release of the video was done through the court process. wasn't done by our office. we don't have jurisdiction over. >>reporter: it was your lawyer who released it. >> the city attorney released it. >> no i think it was released by court orderism it was not released by court order. that's absolutely not true. the mayor needs to talk to his attorney. >>reporter: it was city attorney dennis hererra who petitioned the criminal court june for the video. so it could be included in the ethic commission hearing. . why release something against the wishes of the victim? l. >> if you look at it dan, i don't have, i don't have that
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latitude to selectively decide when i can, when i abide by the sunshine ordinance or i don't. >>reporter: hererra says he had to release the video because several media outlet including the i team had requested it. but mirkarimi lawyer say the city attorney before he released the video tried to use it as bargaining chip. >> completely unethical and kind of unprecedented in its ruthlessness and it's of value. it was really a low cheap and sleazey thing to do. >>reporter: david wagner says over the course of several conversations hererra made an of. mirkarimi resign he would receive an undetermined amount of back pay, health benefits and hererra would keep the video confidential. >> they said it was lick a gun to their head. either you reseen or i'll release the video. >> no. no. nothing could be further from the truth. nothing could be further from
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the truth. >>reporter: hererra claims negotiations never took place. but confirmed he called mirkarimi lawyer to talk about settling the ethic commission case. did the city attorney tell you what he was offering. >> no. no. about as far as i know i'm not aware of any offerings. the only thing we have been discussing is the approach towards the hearing that we expect to have. >>reporter: there's a similar case from 1999. superior court judge pled down his domestic violence case and allowed to keep his job. i explore that in new blog on 7 you can leave a comment on our story there or call us with the tip at this number on the screen. for the i team dan abc 7 news. >> one more note. san francisco taxpayers will not be footing the bill for mirkarimi legal cost ins the ongoing misconduct proceedings against him. late at that time city attorney office denied the sheriff's request saying the city of san francisco is not required to provide personal
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representation to suspend city officer. mirkarimi argues that he was forced to hire outside council because utilize council because utilizing the city legal department would be a conflict of interest. >> decision by concord police today concerning teenager behind the wheel of an suv that killed a father and his daughter. police say he should be charged with vehicular manslaughter. 7 news reporter is live along tree boulevard where the tragedy happened. amma? >>reporter: it was right here where the father and daughter died. they were riding the bike along the sidewalk. there used to be a memorial out here but now there's construction crew work to rebuild the part of the building that was damaged. community trys to recover from the tragedy, we enter new phase of the investigation. concord police have finished the investigation into this fatal crash that happened the morning of april seventh. >> brought the case over to the district attorney office as felony manslaughter case review felony manslaughter case review. >>reporter: county prosecutor the 17-year-old whose face we
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are not showing will be charged with in the death of 41-year-old solomon and his 9-year-old daughter. they were riding the bikes along tree boulevard along oak grove road when the teen possibly speeding in the white escalade lost control hopped the curb and ran into them. second daughter survived the crash. >> this sort of paul has hung over the community that showing so sad happened. >>reporter: joe field owner flying color comic across the street. he said it's hard to know felony vehicular manslaughter is the right call without knowing all the evidence. >> i don't know whether he had any anything in his system to cause knife of it or texting or any of that kind of stuff. i just know that everyone is a victim in this whole thing and most of all the family that lost the father and daughter. >>reporter: police won't release the findings but rae view the vehicle black box crash debris and whether driver was distracted. >> part of our investigation we
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look at the driver. if any use of cell phone during the time and it comes down to basically a forensic analysis of the cell phone as well as getting the records from the company. >>reporter: lieutenant tells me that the family has been notified of their recommendations in this investigation. he tells me that they believe in the system and will wait and see how this all plays out n.concord, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> the suspect in the disappearance of 15-year-old la mae mary may have preyed on children before. police investigate whether man in this sketch tried to lure several children in gilroy as torrez. 7 news reporter lillian kim has the latest on the story. >>reporter: list of charges against garcia torrez may growing. he's already in jail accused of kidnapping and killing 15-year-old sierra la mar in morgan hill and also investigated for the 2009 assault at safeway parking lot and indication that is he may also be responsible for
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attempting to lure 4 children last summer in gilroy. >> gives me chills thinking about it. >>reporter: barker and family live on miller avenue where one of the incidents took place. gilroy police say man reassembling this sketch try to get 10-year-old girl into his car. few days later on this circle man with the same description tried to lure 3 children to accompany him to local restaurant. gilroy police won't say if garcia torrez is the suspect in the 2 incidents because there aren't any formal charges yet. is sergeant here did say the whereabouts of the potential suspect are known and given his current location, he pose no, sir threat to the public. whoever the suspect is the barker are relieved. >> sometimes takes multiple crime attack or attempt before something is put to $18. >>reporter: as for the la mar case the public defender assigned to torrez stepped down cite ago conflict of interest. that conflict may related to
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his father. 7 news has learned the public defender office represents garcia in a current sexual assault case. this is 7 news. thanks lillian. new at 11 thanks lillian. new at 11:00 friends family of teenager shot to death by police in south san francisco gather tonight at the gas station where it happened. 15-year-old boy of san bruno walking with a friend on west borough boulevard tuesday night borough boulevard tuesday night. police stopped the pair for engaging in suspicious behavior. according to police he ran and pointed the gun at after on 7 who shot him. he was on probation. friends believe he was the victim of racial profiling. >> disabled man in san francisco will not let thieves ruin his dream of riding bike across the country. special olympic christopher says the marathon ride he planned to begin this morning was to bring awareness to the cancer that took both of his legs. someone stole his special hand powered bike from the church in hays
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valley where staying. it's worth about 10,000 dollars and can't ride it cross country without it. but he's not giving up. tomorrow he rides the wheelchair marathon distance through the city. talk about determination. >> no kid jooing well up next. frustration in the south bay. neighbors in burglary plagued area say they can't get police to do their job. officers respond. >> also ahead. update on breaking news. update on police chase in the east bay. >> and escape from alcatraz. hollywood turned it into a movie but federal agents are still looking for the 3 men who disappeared from the island prison. update on the case. then on "nightline". >> coming up next. fraud sister exposed. scammers rakeing in millions by scaring americans into paying debt they don't owe. plus they need 20,000 calorie a day and can smell us 3 miles away. against better judgment we go in search of wild grizzly bear.
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>> all right we have new video just in to the newsroom from the police chase we started with at the top of the
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broadcast that ended in alamo. well, you can see sparks coming from the wheels. possibly from the car hitting a spike strip that the police put down. police believed it was a stolen car. really dramatic stuff. this chase continued through concord and walnut creek before ending on highway 6 80 and stone valley road in alamo where the walnut creek sign. give you a frame of reference. police say for most of the chase the driver was traveling between 50 and 55 miles an hour between 50 and 55 miles an hour. so not really speeding at all. resident of one san jose neighborhood frustrated by the job police are doing. they say the drop in police staffing is leaving them vulnerable and making them do the work of officers. lisa is live at police headquarters in san jose tonight with reaction. lisa? >> since march resident say there have been 6 to 8 break-ins within a 4 block radius in the neighborhood here of san jose. rest didn't blame not just the burglars but
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police as well. >> . burglars target cars, lap top and empty jewelry boxes from the home. just weeks after the same thing happened across the street at this house across the street at this house. burglary victim doesn't want to be identified here. >> frustrated because of the fact a lot of neighbors have complained. they have also been burglarized yet it seems like the police aren't willing to track down who this is. >>reporter: she says police ignored these finger presence!presents presence she sure belong to the burglar. >> we have to do our own work when clearly there's fingerprint mark that can identify who they are. >>reporter: according to police it's not that simple. first there's the city budget issue. that caused department down sizing. >> we have 6 burglary detective in a city of 1 million people and on average they get 200 to 300 residential burglary case as moyshtion few years ago there were 12 burglary detectives. and the financing print are blamed on state wide database backlog. where prints
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from violent crimes are processed first. >> property crime we don't have any suspect information. could it take up to 2 to three years which is a long time. >> unless we can get more police out here it's on us for now. >>reporter: that's unfortunately the take away message from many in this neighborhood. taxpayers feel the system is working against them. >> they are kind of afraid to leave their houses now because they are not sure what is going to happen. >>reporter: places tell me that unless there's a witness or a burglar leaves behind some evidence or there is some kind of string of break-ins, most of the burglaries in this city are shechltd i want to mention that staffing levels are way down. 4 years ago there were 1400 police officers on the streets of san jose and today there are 10 63. live in san jose abc 7 news. >> all right lisa thank you. >> bob welch former member of the iconic rock band fleetwood
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mac dead at the able of 66 welch who went on to have solo career in the late 70's with hits like ebony eye found dead today by his wife at the nashville home. police say the musician shot himself in the chest. he had been suffering from health issues and reportedly left a suicide note. welch was guitarist and vocalist from 1971 to 1974. >> u.s. marshal service says it is still searching 50 years later for the only 3 prison investigators escape from alcatraz without ever being found. trio slipped out of the prison the night of june 11th 1962 and vanished without a trace. most experts figure they drowned. but the marshal service says it will continue to hunt for frank morris and brothers clarence and john engler land until they are arrested positively identified as dead or reach the age of 99. morris would be 85 now. the
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engine land boys 81 and 82. >> still a great mystery. wonder what happened. >> lets talk about the weather forecast. weekend almost here. >> good idea of is what shaping up here. sandy. >> yes. it's a warmer forecast for the weekend. let's check out live doppler 7 hd and you will notice low clouds. fog. not really wide spread right now. we just have a few patches of fog at this hour. as a matter of fact visibility has been fluctuating half moon bay had visibility down to 3 miles. now 7 miles. 54 degrees. tomorrow morning you are going to run into some fog and that may create poor visibility. keep it in mind for the morning commute. temperatures in the 50's and the 60's and here are the highlights. patchy fog at the coast tonight. cooler breezy tomorrow and it's warming up to the 90's. by sunday and even beyond that we see some summer like heat around here. but tonight once again the wind really keeping atmosphere stirred up which is why we
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don't see real defined marine layer. this week cold front scour out the few patches of clouds low fog that form in the low hours. clear breezy for the friday afternoon. breeze stays with us on saturday but go with warmer forecast as area of high pressure starts to build in. then sunday the warming continues. that cold front that is come through right now expected to kick up the wind in the tahoe area and central sierra flag warning in effect tomorrow from noon until 7:00 p.m. watch out for the gusty winds to 40 miles an hour. relative humidity running really low. 10 to the 18 percent so they face fire conditions. lake tahoe under late wind advisory tomorrow. so if traveling there do some camping or hiking 66 degrees in the afternoon. sunshine. sunny on saturday. 59 and temperature bounces right back up on sunday. 69 degrees after morning low of 29. our low not quit as cold as what they are facing for tahoe. we see
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numbers in the low to mid 50's with just few patches of fog. upper 40's around the north bay valley and santa cruz but because of the breeze it's going to feel cool out there. i would put an extra layer heading out the door. tomorrow afternoon cooler forecast. out of the low 80's today. we saw fairfield get up that the low 80's. same thing for antioch. tomorrow upper 70's so just minor dip. 76 in concord livermore. 67 in oakland richmond. mid 70's for santa rosa, clover dale, san rafael 70 degrees. 62 san francisco. breezy conditions. 58 half moon bay. low 70's for palo alto and san jose. sunshine for your friday afternoon around the monterey bay. 69 in watsonville. 66 for salinas. here's look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. minor temperature drop tomorrow then warms up for the weekend. real warm day expected inland. it's going to be in the low to mid 90's sunday through tuesday. coastal areas right up to 70 degrees on monday and then
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temperatures will slowly start to drop. of course mike will be here starting first thing in the morning at 4:30 with weather updates. >> thanks. >> charlie sheen guess what a new public melt down. >> we let you know what happened to make him lose it.
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it charlie sheen new show called anger management and certainly could have used some last night. >> sheen left the staple center during an la kings play off game to smoke a cigarette then pitched a classic sheen fit when he wasn't allowed back in. >> common courtesy has gone. i was trying to impress. let a guy back in the door he just walked out of come on. >> staple center says there are plenty of signs warning fans that once they leave, they are not allowed to return even if you are charlie sheen. >> i love charlie sheen lecturing us on common courtesy lecturing us on common courtesy. tolerant society. >> maybe this is part of the show. he's the air stoltz of our time of course. 3 homeers and even more error by the joonts today. we used to call lebron james the king. tonight he played like one. sports next
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>> good evening. giants are absolutely atrocious in the field but even with dropped balls and throwing error they have won 9 of 11. 3 homeers helped today in san diego. bunch of giants fans turned out for the torture at petco park. 3rd inning. buster with a rocket off jason. that hit the third deck. 4 nothing giants. but fielding woe continue. cameron drives to center. angel is there i got it i got it. i ain't got it. 4-3. redeeming himself in the seventh. deep to right. gone. 6-3 giants. matt won the sixth straight start. smoke. 9 striking out in 7 frames. 7 of 15 in this series as giants win 8-3 host texas tomorrow night. rangers in the bay area finishing up the series with the a's. that's good here. pulls hamstring on the play.
11:30 pm
that's bad he's day-to-day now. 2 extra base hits all season coming in today. two in this game. homer in the third and 3 run triple in the fourth. brandon fifth in a row 7 innings allowed 3 hits 5 kilometer. moss called up from sacramento taking over -- he's gone and so is moss. first homer today. 3 of 4 from texas 7-1. lebron james the blame when maim loses. heat tonight. facing elimination. lebron was unstoppable in boston. averaging that points a game in the series. would he match that in the first half of game 6. second quarter james off balance. heat up 15. bosch. let me help you with that. lebron at the top of the square. he had 30 points in the first 2 quarters. tied for most single half in nba my off history. 45 points. 15 rebound. to wade who had 17. heat even the series at 3
11:31 pm
appease 98-79. game 7 saturday in miami. >> great feeling to be in when you feel like everything you put up is going in. but you just can't you can never let go just can't you can never let go. never let it die down or anything like that. but you have to continue to put pressure on the defense. >> he really put on the mvp performance tonight. not just scoring the ball but before moving the ball defensively. he did it all tonight. >> u.s. open tee off olympic club week from today. stour power. tiger woods bubba watson phil mickelson playing together in round 1. we have live coverage thursday friday starting at 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. that's the 7 sports report brought to you by little rock casino. >> thanks larry. >> "nightline"up next. >> thanks for watching. 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4 continues tomorrow morning at 4:30 4:30. we are always available on facebook and twitter. >> we are indeed thanks for watching. appreciate your
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