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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 8, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good friday morning. 6:00, thank you for join us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. sunshine behind you guys if we didn't have a window out to the bay we can see the
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sunrise on live doppler look at this radar spike that is the sun beaming down on us now. all clear otherwise temperatures running right new in the 50s to 61° in antioch. into the afternoon breezy cold front coming through you would hardly notice because it is going to be sunny if it wasn't for the breezes. low to mid 70s as you head inland. monterey bay, 60. near 70 for the rest of the bay low to mid 70s inland. really busy morning. new crash just reported westbound 80 at the scales. also oakland north 880 at oak street. a car took out 15 sand barrels san all over the right lane oak street off-ramp blocked 580 not worth the alternate at this point. southbound 101 at cesar
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shah the off-ramp blocked until 9 -- chavez the off-ramp blocked. breaking news in the south bay. 24-year-old man dead stpol following a shooting outside a san jose karaoke bar. >> reporter: the coroner is here and he's about to take the man away. police about to somewhat wrap up their investigation. this strip mall is still roped off. the karaoke bar is way down on the other end. several businesses here on center road at berk this has been closed off since 2:30 this morning outside of a karaoke bar several people in the bar when it happen of the most cleared out quickly and did want to comment on what happened. we did see police trying to interview a group of young
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people to ask them about what happened. they haven't made any arrests. the victim is a 24-year-old man kill outside the club, he was shot police don't know why. they haven't told us about any possible suspects they have or any leads in the case. we have been told that a lieutenant on the san will be briefing us this morning about the latest that police have in the investigation. he hasn't done that yet. be sure and stay with us. if they have information we can get that to you. they haven't released the name of the victim. they want to figure out who he is and talk to his family first. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:03. police in antioch investigating a fight that ended with a woman getting shot last night on sycamore drive and mandarin way two groups were in an argument, two people opened fire a stray bullet hit a woman not believed to be involved in the
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fight. she is expected to be okay. police searching for the gunman. >> muni officials planning to install 400 smart cameras in and around subway stations and tunnels. the project funded with federal grants is set to begin next summer. cameras could help prevent accidents like the one in january when a drunk driver drove into the tunnel on church and dubose. cameras will be programmed to detect unusual behavior and alert authorities. the 3 1/2 million dollar project is expected to take five years to complete. the wife of suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi is fighting the city's decision to release a video showing the pwraousz her husband gave her during arguement. -- the bruise her husband gave her during an arguement. she filed a misconduct come -- against the mayor --.
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governor brown and democrats meeting behind closed doors trying to hammer out a budget before the deadline a week from today. lawmakers are trying to find alternatives to two billion dollars in cuts to welfare, childcare and home care for the disabled and elderly that the governor is proposing. republicans are criticizing the democrats for not holding traditional hearings. california faces 16 billion dollars in red ink. >> could run short of electricity this summer because of the ongoing shutdown of a southern california nuclear power plant. the plant operated by southern california edison, began having problems in january with leaking tubes that carry radioactive water. the utility says it will likely keep both units off-line through august for an investigation. state officials have warned of possible rotating black-outs if a heatwave should hit, causing demand for electricity
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to rise. federal disease hunters raising this -- racing this morning to fund a source -- >> reporter: it is a deadly strain that has already killed a toddler and the cdc doesn't know the cause. if they don't know where coming from they don't know where going this strain has the genetic fingerprint that produces a deadly toxin which can cause violent reaction, kidney damage and death. there are 11 cases in the south so far, georgia, florida, alabama and louisiana. new orleans a 21 month girl died last week the largest group of sickened five in atlanta hem to the cdc. patients there range from 18 to 52. >> we know that these cases are all linked. that would suggest that there was a common source somewhere along the way. we just don't know where.
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>> reporter: it is not clear if this is a food-borne outbreak that's the most likely cause. e. coli is typically found in undercooked chicken on beef. wash hands after handing raw chicken, cook meat thoroughly and wash fruits and vegetables until now the government was not checking meat for this strain it was just this week that the usda began testing meat for six new strains, including this one. a series of e-mails posted on the internet exposes a sex scandal involving president obama's nominee to be the u.s. ambassador to iraq. e-mails sent in 2008 between national security council member mcguirk and chong exposes their extramarital affair. mcguirk was married to another woman at the time he has since divorced and he and chong have married but the e-mails raise
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concerns about his character. jake tapper will have much more on the racy e-mails coming up on gma. live doppler showing a lot of sunshine right now, nothing is going on as far as any rain to worry about. we have a big heatwave coming at ya, tomorrow. for today, the cold front coming through quietly, breezes cool temperatures. 50s now through 7:00, low 70s inland by noon, mid 60s around the bay, if you are outside -- upper 70s by 4:00, inland low 70s around the bay and upper 50s at the coast we'll drop five degrees during the evening you may want to take a coat upper 60s to low 70s inland by 7:00, low 60s around
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the bay mid 50s at the coast. saturday through monday, weekend in view, notice how big the jump is mid 80s hraepbd tomorrow to low to mid 90s sunday and monday mid 70s around the bay tomorrow, low to mid 80s low 60s at the coast tomorrow, breezy once again, calmer and warmer near 70 sunday and monday good morning. couple problem spots this morning. a little surprise for friday. northbound 880 at oak apparently earlier crash took out five seen sand barrels, sand was in the right lane and off-ramp. caltrans at the scene cleaning it up. they need to replace the san barrels. "sig alert" issued. traffic still getting by okay even throw the lane is blocked on the right. still not worth heading over to 580. also, in if, south 101 to the cesar chavez street off-ramp blocked because of another earlier crash going to be there until 9:30 bay short
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boulevard open. water main break in the fisherman's wharf area, mason and beach, it might affect muni i just got a text from muni's spokesperson saying it is not impacting muni no reroutes, no delays. we'll keep you posted on that 6:10. this weekend you want to get out enjoy the fresh air see gorgeous natural sights? who would say no. free park entrance offer availableqes this weekend. first, pomp and circumstance interrupted by severe weather. the funnel cloud caught on camera during a high school graduation. later being going oncecgí>, twice, the closing window to bid on a meal with the oracle of omaha!
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good morning. :14. live look from our rooftop camera on the embarcadero. gorgeous, sunny, it going to get a little cooler. big change and big warm-up. mike will have the temperatures, coming up different weather here. funnel cloud interrupted a high school graduation in new jersey. this happened last night in galloway. cell phone video shows graduates and spectators watching in awe. others could be seen running
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for cover. despite the scare, no reports of the funnel cloud actually touching down. meteorologists say a super cell thunderstorm likely created the funnel cloud. >> whoa! something exciting for the morning news now. we are going primetime! >> we are indeed. we'll be pulling double duty next tuesday regular morning newscast, then we'll come back at night for a primetime newscast starting after game one of the nba finals. we would love to see you there. all the breaks news, traffic and weather you have come to expect in the morning, but it will be in the evening breaking news to tell you about now. we just got word that president obama will be making a special statement at 7:15 this morning, our time from the press briefing room to talk about the economy. abc news will carry it live in a special report. >> hope to see you there the evening of tuesday after the nba final game. time to check on the forecast.
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>> then join us that wednesday morning too. >> oh yes, indeed. [ talking over each other ] i've been off coffee for two months now, feel good about it. green tea all the way. liberty high in brentwood one of the warmest graduations today at 6:00, 80° at your stadium. tamalpais high the hawks 6:00 at the theater in mill valley, sunny and gusty outside, 67°. livermore high 6 p.m., sunny, breezy, 73. need a lot of hairspray today and clips or what are those called bobby pins to hold your hat on today. let's take a look outside.
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there you go, go go park sunset doesn't it look inviting it will keeper into the weekend warm weather will take over the coast. let's take a look, right now quiet, morning commute uneventful, at least weather-wise. 49 napa, low to mid 50s elsewhere until you get to antioch, 60. monterey bay inland, mostly clear and low to mid 50s, sunshine everywhere today, with cooler breezes. you wouldn't know it by looking outside, a cold front is going to come through today that's when the breezes will kick up that's why it is going to be cooler today. dry, cooler air will be a few degrees down from where we are now. then warm around the bay and hot to inland this weekend. temperatures today compared to average, three degrees cooler livermore, four oakland and if,
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five napa, seven san jose, nine redwood city. upper 50s at the coast, upper 60s around the bay upper 70s inland. temperatures back above average still breezy tomorrow, look at the string of 70s along the coast, near 70s, sunday, monday, tuesday, low to mid 80s around the bay. low to mid 90s inland. you may have to spend extra money to stay cool, sunday, monday and tuesday. bay bridge toll for friday they've turned metering lights on at the usual time, a little more surprising, sometimes later on a friday because a lot of folks have had graduations it could be later. the back-up isn't bad beyond the end of the parking lot. still about a 5 to 10 minute wait. we will check out the ride on northbound 880, minor slowing at oak street right now there was an early morning accident that took out sand barrels i'm
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waiting for word from caltrans to make sure the right lane and off-ramp has reopened. 580 possible alternate. at this point, not worth heading over there also southbound 101 off-ramp to chavez street still blocked because of an earlier -- accident you can take the off-ramp to bay shore boulevard. at this point this looks like it is going to be there until 9:30. water main break in the fisherman's wharf area you might want to avoid mason and beach. muni has inspectors monitoring the situation. at this point not impacting no muni delays. we'll keep you posted on that as well. :19 -- 6:19. praisey lunch with warren buffett. 13th year he's been doing this to benefit glide memorial church. >> what is the top bid now? >> more than $10,000. free offer the national
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park service is making
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good friday morning. 6:23, gorgeous morning. shot of san francisco, the skyline, the blue skies. what you can't see in this picture is just what those temperatures will be like. mike going to show them to you. >> are you sure that is not a postcard?
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gorgeous. baseball scores: giants beat padres yesterday 8-3. a's defeated rangers 7-1. a's take on diamondbacks in arizona at 6:40 tonight. giants begin a world series rematch without the world series part against the rangers at home this weekend first pitch 7:15. we are in the final few hours ever bidding for a power lunch with warren buffett. bidders have until 7:30 tonight. proceeds benefit glide memorial church. this is the 13th year that buffett has donated a power lunch to help glide. last year's winning bid was 2.6 million. current bid is about $410,000. the big money always comes at the end. tomorrow you can take in the sights of national parks for free. the national park service is
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waiving admission for national get outdoors day. admission is normally $7. park officials say the free admission is one way to encourage healthy outdoor activity. if you can't make think weekend, the park service will have four other free days later in the year. we continue to follow breaking news from the south bay. san jose karaoke bar turns into a crime scene. did the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar prey on other children? the other incidents police are now taking a closer look at. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in alamo. last night the sparks were flying it is a good story with fantastic video, just might be what people are talking about today. temperatures cooler than yesterday, sunshine is out there and so will be the breezes. 50s coast, 70s inland.
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lower 48, traveling this weekend, a lot of 50s and 60s in the northwest, 70s and 80s on the east coast, 90s and 100's around salt lake and phoenix. all major airports, all california regional airports and our three local airports all on time now. flight tracker there for you 24/7, at the
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$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ ?
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opening bell is ringing on wall street right now. investor are waiting word from president obama. he's set to speak to reporters coming up at 7:15. the focus will be on the economy and the european debt crisis. we are going to bring you the president's remarks live, coming up again at around 7:15. thanks for joining us. starting your day sunny and not as warm as yesterday. >> that's right. >> mike tell us more. >> this afternoon breezy and cooler. cool front on its way. not bringing precipitation. quiet, but warmer this morning ahead of that cold front, 61 antioch, everybody else in the low to mid 50s you won't need as heavy a coat as yesterday. coast 60s to around 70 for the bay shore and low to mid 70s inland to even 78 fairfield
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and antioch. monterey bay 60, breezy also near 70 the rest of the bay and low to mid 70s inland. first check of traffic here's frances. bay bridge toll, metering lights on back-up hasn't ground much just beyond the end of the parking lot. we've been tracking a couple problem spots. one oakland north 880 oak streetcar crash took out 15 san barrels right lane off-ramp still blocked. also, new accident hit-and-run in the area. there is slowing as you head through. causing maybe a minute delay at this point, not horrible. 580 possible alternate. also, south 101 cesar chavez off-ramp still blocked in san francisco because of crash. san jose homicide investigators are out now at a karaoke bar. a man was shot to death outside the club overnight.
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amy hollyfield is live at the scene on the 2100 block of center road. >> reporter: good morning. the coroner just came and took the man's body away. the strip mall is still opened off. -- is still roped off, several officers working on the case. they've not indicated when they will open up the strip mall. the karaoke bar is located deep at the end of the -- end of it. there is a nail salon, pharmacy and insurance company. we don't know when this will be opening back up. they've been here since 2:30 this morning when the shooting happened. looks like the karaoke bar was crowded when it happened. we saw a lot of people scattering after the shooting. they did not want to talk about what happen. we did see police trying to interview a group of young people earlier, trying to figure out what happened. a 24-year-old man was shot to death, police don't know why,
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they don't know the motive behind it. they haven't made any arrests. i did ask a homicide investigator earlier if he information about a getaway car or description, anything they wanted us to put out there. he said not at this time. we are hoping to get briefed by a lieutenant at the scene later this morning to learn more about their investigation and when they land to open up this parking lot again. -- when they plan to open up this parking lot again. stay with us. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:3 you certainly couldn't call it high speed, but it was high -- high drama, chp chased a suspected car thief, 15 miles through the east bay. this morning we have new video of the driver. terry mcsweeney is live in alamo, where the chase came to an end. >> reporter: yeah, it was a 20 minute chase, not very fast, speed limit or lower it ended
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on 680 south of stone valley road where i'm standing. a man in a stolen pick-up truck, according to police, sparks did fly, here's what it looked like. >> reporter: video of the day or maybe i should call it video of the night as the chase wound down ten:30 last night. police ed the stolen pick-up truck in bay point 10 p.m., chase was on, never above the limit, police used spike strips to flatten the tires the driver didn't stop just kept going escorted by a fleet of chp cars, sparks flying from the truck's rims spectacular video, great pictures there. now take a look at what it was like when it ended. the scene what the driver finally stopped on southbound 680 just past stone valley road he's cuffed put in a chp car wearing a cap that says
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"certified dope." we do not know if the chp made some comments with regards to the cap following that 20 minute speed limit chase with the sparks flying from the rips no one injured. the driver in custody. -- the rims. no one injured. they the driver is custody. they say a picture is worth a thousand words, those pictures are. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. police recommending that a teenager be charged in a felony vehicular manslaughter in an accident that killed a man and his daughter. they were riding their bikes april 7th, when investigators state teen lost control, jumped a curb and ran into them. >> in santa clara police investigating with whether the suspect in the sierra lamar -- case may have tried to prey on
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other children. antolin garcia-torres is accused of kidnapping and murdering the 15-year-old. police are looking into whether a man in a come it is -- in a composite who tried to lure two children is garcia-torres. the sheriff's office now says it can take a couple more weeks to complete their investigation and determine whether giants all-star pablo sandoval will be charged in a sexual assault case. he was questioned by authorities last friday after being accused of sexual assault by a 21-year-old santa cruz woman. the third base man has been on the disabled list following surgery to repair a broken wrist. the giants expect him to return tuesday. alameda county prosecutors have decided not to file charges against seven of the nine occupy the farm protesters arrested last month. 100 uc police officers moved
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in and cleared the 10 acre tract may 14th. some of the protesters had:living and planting crops on the uc owned land. uc has filed a lawsuit in civil court to ban trespassing and further planting on the property. i'm sorry i think it is allergies. >> a lot of pollen out there? >> absolutely high amounts of grass and other things wandering around. let's look at live doppler heading out no need to worry about wet weather. cooling trend today, warmer summer like weather a lot of sunshine in the forecast starting today through the weekend. 50s all the way through 7:00, mostly sunny, by noon, breezes start to kick up northwest 20, third day miles per hour -- 30s -- mid 50s upper 50s along
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the coast 60 san francisco 4:00 mid to upper 60s around the bay mid to upper 60s inland you need a coat by 7:00 temperatures drop into the upper 60s to low 70s inland low 60s around the bay mid to upper 50s along the coast into san francisco still breezy that will put a chill in the air. tree, grass, high amounts. mold and ragweed, moderate. next three days the weekend into monday going to jump nearly 10 to 15° from saturday to monday mid 90s inland mid 80s around the bay. heading to the bay bridge here's frances. bay bridge toll back-up still pretty good only to the end of the parking lot metering lights turned on. just about a 5 to 10 minute wait as you head into san francisco. here's a live shot of the oakland maze towards the bay bridge. this is westbound 80 traffic
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here towards the bay bridge. there's supposed to be a stall westbound 80 to 580 also a crash reported on 580 connecting to 880. when accidents are reported in the macarthur maze it gets confusing in fact sometimes they might be the same accident reported in different locations. northbound 880 oakland at oak street right lane still blocked due to earlier accident causing a lot of sand barrel damage. minor slowing as you approach the scene not worth heading over to 580, but it is still out there off-ramp blocked as well. san francisco south 101 off-ramp to cesar chavez blocked due to earlier crash. here's some of the heaviest traffic in the bay area on the waze traffic app, 22 miles an hour on westbound 4, through antioch. 6:39. traffic on some of
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san francisco's busiest street about to slow down. we'll tell you about the new speed limits in place. trading underway on wall street. here's a live look at the big board. the dow is down 46 points right now. investors wait for remarks from president obama on the economy coming up at 7:15 this morning. he's a college graduate who says he loves his country. now he wants to know why he's on the nation's terror watch list? cuiriririririririririririrr
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welcome back. 6:44. breezy conditions but sunshine cool at the coast 50s upper 60s near 70 around the bay low to mid 70s inland. live doppler quiet now. low 80s inland valley central valley i should say 90 fresno sierra 66 today tahoe 78 yosemite 50s and 60s tahoe this weekend 70s and low 80s with sunshine. red flag warning high fire danger today in the sierra. let's check in with "good morning america" josh elliot for what is coming up. good friday morning. coming up deadly outbreak of e. coli takes the life of a little girl and has experts guessing where did it come
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from? the detectives on the case in a race against time. and the woman who lied to get herman back to get the wedding of her dreams by telling people she had cancer. the most shocking thing may be she is not sorry. we hear from her in her own words, next on "good morning america." new in morning, more than a dozen prisoners have escaped from a jail in afghanistan, including some members of the taliban. afghan officials say someone debt nighted a bomb last night outside a prison in the northern part of the country. guards opened fire but 14 prisoners managed to escape. no word on who may be responsible for the blast. this morning a san diego man stranded in costa rica after learning he was on the government's no-fly list is back home. he was trying to return to the united states tuesday after graduating with a masters from a university in costa rica. his family had gone there for his graduation and they were all at the airport when officials told him that he was not allowed to return.
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his relatives could. kevin ended up having to fly to mexico city then he walked across the border back on to u.s. soil yesterday. >> you see my bloodshot eyes, i'm still going through it, very tiring. i was very depressing. >> he says he's an american-born muslim on his facebook page he speculating that was the reason for his no-fly designation. they are trying to determine why he was put on the list. most americans don't like the job the supreme court is doing only 44% surveyed in the poll approved the high court's performance. 3/4 believe the decisions are influenced by personal or political views in the 80s the rating were 66%. this morning prop 29 supporters are not ready to con defeat even though the cigarette tax measure is
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trailing by 53,000 votes. no still leads with 50.7% with yes at 49.3. prop 29 pro knowns say there are more than one million -- promo say there are more than one million ballots outstanding. today some suspended students at heritage night brentwood may be able to finish their kpaoeupbls if teachers allow it. most of the seniors practiced for graduation yesterday. more than five tie suspended for last week's prank. -- the suspended students will not participate in tomorrow's graduation ceremony. a judge will decide if the students' due process rights were violated. hewlett-packard announced last month it is cutting 27,000 jobs now we've learned
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part of those cuts include early retirement offers. many offers are going to employees at an hp office in corvallis. sources close to the company say employees have until june 22nd to decide whether they will take the early retirement. no word if similar offers are being made to employees here in the bay area. president obama will talk about the economy in a white house speech a half hour from now. abc news will air a special report around 7:15. jane king is live at the new york stock exchange. good morning. going to be list fin to what the president has to say. -- going to be listening to what the president has to say that could move the market. facebook getting positive attention from investors. the company introducing an online directory for downloadable apps, it is called the app center it offers 600 applications right
6:49 am
now hoping to encourage users to stay on the site longer that helps marketers more easily target users. facebook shares are higher this morning a little more than 2%. mcdonalds slower expected may sales growth drop off in china and japan. europe slower than expected economic numbers out of europe has investors worried about stocks overall. we expect the president to address the european situation. dow, s&p and nasdaq in the red, fitch down graded spain's -- bloomberg index down a quarter of a percent. with place of cities that spoil kids the most. says the average middle class family will spend $12,000 during the baby's first year of life.
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manhattan ranking number one [ unintelligible ] . good morning. time to talk to the graduates and their parents how to dress this evening? grenada high in livermore,
6:51 am
6:00 going to be sunny and breezy and 71. alhambra the bulldogs 7:00 graduation sunny, gusty, 68°. darrow -- darrow high, cool, 55, gusts up to 30 miles per hour going to be a biting breeze. antioch high panthers today at 7:00, sunny pan gusty and 73, rivals to the east -- deer valley high 7:45, clear and gusty about 72 home -- live doppler -- or go out and show what is going on breezes picking up as we have the winds starting to pick up -- to kick up with that cold front coming through that going to make for interesting weather. doppler quiet. winds 14 miles per hour at sfo, 15 fairfield everybody less than 10.
6:52 am
20 to 30 into the afternoon. 49 napa, 60 antioch most of us in the low to 50s. low to mid 50s mostly clear around the monterey bay three things i want you to know before you head out: sunny today everywhere even at the coast, cooler breezes will touch all of our neighborhoods. clear, cooler and calm tonight especially compared to today. warm temperatures around the bay, hot inland this weekend. 24 hour temperature change going to be the same fremont 68, two degrees cooler oakland 67, san francisco 62, san jose 72, 76 concord three degrees cooler. if you are heading out to at&t park giants taking on rangers. the game 7:15 first pitch clear breezy, 59 to 53. mid to upper 70s inland.
6:53 am
mid to upper 60s around the bay. mid to upper 50s at the coast. temperatures warm saturday, sunday, peak monday mid 90s inland. near 70 at the coast. warmer than average next week >> start off with good news at the bay bridge toll friday light metering lights on barely backed up beyond the end of the parking lot.pev oakland maze earlier crash westbound 80 connector ramp to eastbound 580 just cleared within the past minute. traffic is a little slow, there are a few brake lights towards the oakland maze. solo car crash no injuries reported. we've been talking this all morning northbound 880 oakland at oak street where a car took out 15 sand barrels, sand spilled all over the freeway, right lane blocked as well as off-ramp slow approaching the scene minor delay 580 not
6:54 am
worth heading to as an alternate at this point. also, in san francisco south 101 off-ramp to cesar chavez street still blocked until 9:30 this morning. earlier water main break fisherman's wharf not affecting muni. no ferry service to oyster point, today is the last free day. :54. watch your speed. four streets near the bay bridge have a lower speed limit. 25 mile per hour signs along howard, folsom, harrison and bryant. the old limit 30 miles per hour. the transportation agency decided to slow things down after studying speeds and volume for homes and businesses. 6:54. here are five things to know
6:55 am
before you go: number one, san jose homicide detectives on the scene of a deadly shooting outside a karaoke bar. a 24-year-old man was shot and killed in a strip mall parking lot at center and berk in san jose's 18th homicide the year. >> the president will -- number three, disease hunters with the cdc searching for the cause of a deadly e. coli outbreak, 11 people got sick a toddler died. authorities don't know where the bacteria came from. number four, tonight giants and rangers meet for the first time in the regular season since san francisco won the world series against them in 2010.
6:56 am
zito left off the world series roster starts at 7:15 tonight. number five, tomorrow you can take if the sights of muir woods and other parks for free, national park service waiving admission park officials say the free admission is one way to encourage healthy outdoor activity. >> pretty warm at those parks. mike with one final check on weather. live doppler quiet let's jump to the forecast and talk about how temperatures today are going to run from 49 to 56 the next hour and breezes kick in by the noon hour. temperatures drop rapidly during the evening make sure you take a light coat you will need it. bay bridge toll at least it is friday light here not much of a delay even though we had quite a few early morning
6:57 am
accidents and one of them southbound 101 still blocking the cesar chavez street off-ramp, the off-ramp to bay shore boulevard open. 101 still flowing well. the other slow spot, a little north 880 at oak street. thank you for joining us. >> abc will have a special report around 7:15 when president obama makes a statement on the economy and we are streaming it live on going to be a beautiful weekend. see you
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