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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  June 9, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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our cloud is the cloud other clouds look up to. welcome to the uppernet. >> terry: in the news this saturday morning, june 9th, interstate 580 open this morning after being shut down for repairs. dozens of east bay high school seniors won't be walking with their graduating classes all because after a prank. i'm terry mcsweeney. the weekend is here. let's see what the forecast is going to look like. here is meteorologist lisa argen. >> lisa: we are warming up. take a look at roof camera, bay bridge, you'll notice the winds are blowing here out of the west at about 10-15 miles an hour, but we do have a weak weather system to the north that provides gusty winds once it
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passes overhead. few areas of breeze in novato and santa rosa. numbers in the 40s and by the afternoon, well in the 50s and even in the 60s. by 4:00, we still will have the breezy winds. it will be much warmer, mid 60s at our coast. mid 80s inland and this is only the beginning of the warming trend. i'll have more coming for you coming up. >> terry: this morning, interstate 580 is open again after being shut down for more than an hour following a disastrous chain of events. they needed it closed starting it about 11:00 last night so they can string new power lines across the highway. it reopened all lanes shortly after midnight this morning, all of that was necessary because, one thing leads to another. a near fatal car cash led to downed power lines which started
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a grass fire which in turn threatened several homes. tomas ramon shows how it went down. >> this buick started at three-alarm fire and power outage in at the same time. a portion of the light's arm smashed into her windshield through the steering wheel and stopped inches from her chest. gary fields and another man pulled the woman to the safety and away from the power lines. >> we helped her get out of her grab. i grabbed her purse. i set her down. >> reporter: then they saw the car had started the fire. >> at the time the fire was already raging going very fast up the hill and spreading. >> a third alarm was called as it threatened three homes. 81-year-old lois chambers was one of 20 people who were evacuated as the flames came near. >> they were knocking on the
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door whoever was in the house come out. all i could see was black smoke everywhere. we were all scared. >> reporter: her daughter knew her mother was evacuated and was rushing home when she saw the flames. >> on the freeway i could see the fire go up the hill, i was thinking our house is gone. >> it came from inches from more than 100 firefighters knocked it down. >> we had at the bottom and street on the top and street on the right, but we did have a natural place for the fire where the fire was going. >> reporter: oakland police say the driver of that car only suffered cuts and bruises and was treated at highland hospital. they say the fire danger will be very high in the hills this weekend. >> terry: two men accused of attacking bryan stow will stand trial on charges of may hey, assault and battery. they ruled there is enough
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evidence to allow a jury to hear the case against them. testimony from an eyewitness as well as sanchez's own sister who is engaged to norwood. prosecutors also played a recorded jailhouse conversation they say amounts to a confession. >> terry: stow continues to recover from severe brain injuries and likely requiring care for the had rest of his life. >> the johannes mehserle is not over yet. they will appeal to the state supreme court to clear his record. they upheld the involuntary manslaughter conviction yesterday. mehserle shot the unarmed grant
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claiming he accidentally used his gun instead of his taser. he wants to clear his record so he can get another job in law enforcement. >> they have arrested another suspect in connection with a deadly jewelry store robbery in san ramon. four days ago they tried to rob the store at gunpoint. the owner killed one of robbers. last night a hayward man was taken into custody and charged with murder as was another suspect arrested a week ago. they are being charged under the provocative acts doctrine where defendants can be convicted for actions that provoked a killing even though they didn't do the killing themselves. >> this graduation day at heritage high school in brentwood but for dozens of seniors, commencement, at least 51 students were suspended after graffiti was sprawled over night
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they were told they could not participate as they cleaned up the damage. a suspended student's grandfather is holding a protested against the administration. >> to whatever they did, i'm going to repair it but the school will not listen to me. >> parents wanted to plan with what the kids are going to do. you don't know whether it's water soluble paint. it may not come out. >> that woman's son is an under class man that was not involved in the prank. the official ceremonies take playing this morning in brentwood. >> thieves stole his bike but not his heart. we profiled him on thursday says he will not leave san francisco city hall this morning at 9:00. christopher had originally plan to cross-country to promote
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cancer awareness but someone stole his specially made bike. he lost his leg to cancer says he will now use his wheelchair for the cross-country trip. >> still ahead, marin county teenagers throw a party ransacking a mansion and a missing picasso. and coyotes stalking a bay area park a warning for th morning
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>> terry: right now the search for missing teenager sierra lamar is getting underway today. they resumed the search about ten minutes ago from the search center on token road. she disappeared on her way to school. 21-year-old is charged with kidnapping and killing lamar
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based on evidence found in his car. investigators have used high-tech search equipment at several near by reservoirs. they say they can't stop looking for her. novato police have a multilayered mystery on their hands. on the surface it appears to be a break-in but it involves a multimillion dollar mansion, a former head of state and missing art treasure, all of this in the house in the novato hills. >> if you are a teenager and you knew this gigantic house was empty, wouldn't you wanted to party inside? >> i saw a bunch of cars, a bunch looked like cars and bunch of kids and some of them were hopping over the fence. >> like a lot of people, danny knew all about the houses, with six pools and ten bathrooms, a
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place while eddie murphy lived while filming in san francisco. then former ukrainian prime minister that remains in federal prison convicted of hiding tens of millions of stolen dollars in american banks. he is victim, too. >> it's really not that unique or busy zblar but when they raided the party, more than a hundred kids scattered in the hills in the open space but some of them did not leave emptied handed. they took items from the house, including a lithograph by pablo pi cast on oh, estimated value at $30 million. >> you know it's a missing picasso. >> certainly the owner must know but they didn't know who made note of the cars parked outside. >> officers did contact some
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people away from the residence who denied involvement. >> he should get out of the federal prison this november. he will return to a big houses and $2 million in back taxes and at this rate, one wall that is missing a picasso. >> if somebody comes across something that has picasso painted on there, give us a call. >> we did reach out to the caretaker for comment. he declined comment. >> terry: a san francisco woman says an aggressive coyote ran off with her chihuahua. it happened in glen park canyon. the woman took these pictures. she was walking her chihuahua and another dog when she let the chihuahua off the leash. the coyote struck silently. other sightings have been reported around the area. >> someone wanted to have a private lunch with warren
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buffett. a person spend $3.5 million for the privilege of eating with the oracle of omaha. that is million dollars more than last year's winner. the foundation received the money raised by the auction. glide provides services to the city's homeless. new this morning, prince philip is back alongside his wife queen elizabeth ii. he was hospitalized for a bladder infection. he left smiling and waved to onlookers. duke of you had inberg is just in time to celebrate his 91st birthday. it should be a good party. >> lisa: if you were to ask me
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the best part of the day is right now. we have comfortable temperatures as you look outside from vollmer peak, what a nice view, lots of clear skies, already 63 in fairfield with a north wind gusting to 26 miles an hour. 54 at our coast. that means a big warmup and high fire danger. i'll explain next. >> terry: and one of the best, plays in the year against arizona wasn't enough for the a's to beat the d'backs, larryçk
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>> terry: tonight is going to be an all-nighter for a lot 6 people in san francisco. they will be walking sun set to sunrise for a cause. the overnight walk is an event for suicide prevention. organizers say 2,000 people will walk 18 miles in the dark to raise awareness. american foundation for suicide prevention more light to be cast to prevent suicide. about hundred people taking their own lives every day in the united states. health officials are scrambling to figure out the cause of a new e. coli outbreak that have sickened people in 14 states. latest case in california. largest cluster in georgia. louisiana, tennessee and florida have experienced cases. the girl that died lived in new orleans. cdc believe that all the victims
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contracted the same strain of e. coli between april and may. it's not known whether this is food borne outbreak. >> in less than an how the right now, dream comes true for those of shoe shoppers. take a look at the line. market street and san francisco, people waiting for the new nike shoe. those lines have been getting longer with each passing day. down there yesterday and talked to a customer, he has been waiting since monday for a chance to buy the new shoe. >> you might reconsider that strategy, we saw a pair listed on ebay for nearly $5,000. they are going retail for about $250. >> a lot of people saturday
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morning routines are about to change. >> don't drive like my brother. >> remember, we'll be back next week. >> terry: car truck guys, carl and ray announced they are retiring. toem and ray have a saturday morning program. they have been doing their show for 25 years. they will keep airing their old shows indefinitely. cameras are scheduled to start rolling in los altos for the movie jaws. it will start in garage where steve wozniak gave birth to apple. there is another movie in production that is based on best-selling book of steve jobs. they will also host apple's worldwide developers'
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conference. >> lisa is here to talk about a real summertime warmup coming our way. >> lisa: it going to stick around a while. let's keep it here until october. >> lisa: we have a clear start and nice out there today with temperatures in the 40s and 50s. we're actually seeing some 60s as well this morning. out towards the delta, that is where we have a weather watch in folk o effect right now. right now mount tam it looks nice with winds not much of a factor but it will be changing. we'll have a warmup, 11 degree temperature spread and look at live doppler 7 hd. this is live on top of mount st. helena. we are looking right now warmer weekend. in fact no clouds will be shown on visible satellite because they have been swept well away and atmosphere is warming. right now numbers in the mid 50s in oakland and san francisco as
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well as concord with 60 in antioch. north wind, out by the delta, already 63. we have warmed up about 10 degrees in the past hour in napa 57 in san carlos and san jose. if you like it warmer will you like this weekend, although the warmer days on tap tomorrow. a little bit of a gust in fairfield and novato but a weak cold front that will pass to the north of us. behind it that is when the winds will kick up. warmer all areas this weekend and that is why our fire danger is increasing with the warmer temperatures through tomorrow and even through monday. santa rosa, 84. we're climbing to 88 tomorrow. gaining a degree or so on monday san francisco, a lack of significant sea breeze tomorrow. it will bring us up to 75 and sea breeze late sunday night
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into monday should have our temperatures peak early. then we'll get the breeze. 80s in oakland, with 90s in concord. you'll notice on the peninsula, not much of a change from sunday to monday. we're going to look at these winds keeping the atmosphere well mixed as well as bringing a gusty time of it from sacramento northern san joaquin valley, and the delta. gusts up to 45 miles an hour. during the week away saw gusted up to 50 miles an hour at the airport. with this gusty winds, it's the wrong direction, it drys out the atmosphere and looking at the relative humidity dropping 10-15%. it's this low that passes to the north. this surface high builds in the afternoon hours that is going to allow for the breezy conditions. that offshore flow really gets going by later on this afternoon and staying with us through sunday. sunday we'll have a weak sea breeze and much lighter
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tomorrow. today if you are headed into the city, temperatures will be where they should be about 70 this time of the year. we will have breezy conditions and bring the sun block, 77 in sonoma, with mid 70s at county fair. still quite comfortable, upper 70s in santa cruz and getting hot into monday. sea breeze is trying on come back sunday night but the latest forecast models are showing us staying warmer through the end of the week. we'll have to fine-tune that. could be a warmer stretch. >> terry: thanks very much. in sports, we have results from the french open. if you don't want to know who won because you are going to watch it later. put your fingers over your ears. maria sharapova has won the sets. you can take your fingers out now. pablo sandoval will start at
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third base against the rangers. after being shut out last night by the rangers. here is larry beil. >> good morning. last time they saw the rangers, giants were celebrating for a win. they were reunited. alex smith in the houses. but it's not 2010 anymore, second pitcher, he drills a zito offering, in a flash, 1-0 texas. here it comes, there it goes, josh hamilton, 22nd of the year, 3-0 rangers. waits on the breaking ball, gentry had five hits. without buster and melky, a five hit shutout, sanchez to end it, 5-0 the final. a's facing the diamondbacks.
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a's with six runs in the second. bottom of the second, looks like this one is gone but smith, you want him on that wall. you need him on that wall. spectacular! jack nicholson line but that is whole another story. smith hits a home run and a's were up 8-4. bottom of the ninth, brian trying to close it out. ryan roberts, good night, game over. drive home safely. a walk-off three-run bomb, d-backs come back to win, toughest loss of the year for a's. >> mariners and dodgers, kevin mill with the start for seattle did not allow a single hit. struck out six. five of his teammates came out of the bullpen and completed. tom gets him to ground out as they win it 1-0.
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college baseball, stanford and florida, best of three, super regionals. bottom of fourth, mark apel, not super, he walked with the bases loaded. apel was one of best college pitchers and couldn't throw a strike. pulled of a four, allowed 7 runs. kevin travis hit two bombs. 17-1, seminoles was the final. game two is later today. we will not see al have another run for history. pulled from the belmont stakes. colt has a swollen tendon. they don't want to risk a catastrophe. i'll have another is the first horse to capture the first two legs of triple crown and not run in the belmont. that is wrap on morning sports. mike shumann will have more and
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breakdown and belmont strikes. have a great weekend. >> terry: coming up next, 49ers about to start selling seats for the new stadium in santa clara. really tell you how much you have to pay to reserve a spot. i'm nannette miranda. a new state law is allowing more preelgs parolees t
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>> terry: welcome back. topping our news, president obama is calling on congress to help to rehire teachers because of the weak economy. the president says the last thing is the u.s. needs is to have fewer teachers in the classroom. the solution has been before congress last year part of his package of jobs bills. >> when states struggle, it's up to congress to step in and help out. in 2009 and in 2010 we provided aid on to states to keep teachers in the classroom. but we need to do more. that is why a critical part of the jobs bill that i sent to congress back in september was to help states prevent even more layoffs and rehire even more teachers who had lost their jobs. >> in their response, republicans talked about boosting energy production. for the first time
8:31 am
california highway patrol officers have agreed to take work furloughs to help the deficit. they reached the agreement with the governor to furlough 8 hours per month starting with the next fiscal year. officers will not get paid for those hours but they can bank the hours to take off later. deal amounts to a 35% pay reduction. chp vs before have never been furloughed. >> backers of the opposition 29 are hoping out they can pull outcome from behind victory. it appeared to go for defeat but the gap is narrowing and now losing by about 37,000 votes. the election officials say about three-quarters of a million votes in absentee ballots still have to be counted. prop 29 would raise millions of dollars for cancer research. secretary of state says he doesn't expect an official tally
8:32 am
until july. >> it's been six months since the governor's plan went into effect making changes to the criminal justice system. critics are allowed what the numbers are showing about parolees. nannette miranda has more from sacramento. >> reporter: after serving a state prison sentence, felons are put on parole. but after a review from every year to every six months, records show a sixfold jump in the number no longer on supervision. in march, more than 1,300 were discharged from parole. in april, first wave of parolees became available for review, more than 8,0003500 were released. >> there is nothing in the law that takes you off of parole after six months, it's a review and people can function without that supervision then they don't
8:33 am
need supervision anymore. >> clearly was a budgetary move. but the shift worries crime victims' groups says six months isn't enough time to determine whether someone is straightened out. >> it's definitely going to hurt somebody. >> they found themselves cut off in april in the middle of rehab and other services that help transition to society because agents discharge them. no parole, no more state programs. >> the haight ash were says 75 people abruptly left rehab. >> re-entry experts says the lack of services opens the door to going back to a criminal lifestyle. >> they go back to what they know best, which is substance abuse and criminality. >> reporter: they say the uptick is only temporary.
8:34 am
the numbers should level off as numbers decrease. >> a new gold rush begins monday. the future 49er stadium in santa clara, some season tickets will costs double of similar seat in candlestick park. and new fee of $2,000 to reserve your spot. coming up next, fireworks in a santa clara county community over how it will celebrate the 4th of july. right now, let's take a live look outside of the golden gate bridge. san francisco bay, great day on the way, warmer tomorrow, the story is coming up.
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>> terry: south bay community is in a fears debate how it celebrates the 4th of july. one big change is causing a stir. karina rusk explains.
8:37 am
>> reporter: morgan hill is known for showing the patriotic side on 4th of july. there are two days of events that includes fireworks and a parade that draws people from around the bay area. >> i wish it would go into san jose. >> celebrations include july 3rd street dance and downtown merchants look forward to the crowd but an abrupt change to smaller event to the coastal center is a huge blow. >> more than just losing the revenue that night. i think that people the community likes to hang out in the streets. it's kind of a fun night. >> dedicated volunteers that organize all the activity says the street dance was too much of a party and jeopardized having a clean downtown for the parade the next morning. >> 8,000, 9,000 people with alcohol and security concerns and bathrooms and all the other
8:38 am
stuff. >> the change has ignited a firestorm of debate and accusing organizers about the needs of small businesses still struggling with a tough economy. >> in order to keep them happy, keep them here, it's important that we don't move it. >> organizers admit the decision could have been better communicated and many business owners understand the tremendous volunteer effort required. >> to move it back downtown and can be worked out so we can have it right downtown. >> volunteers and local businesses are so determined to calm this emotional debate and work together they will soon be issuing a joint statement in the local paper. karina rusk, "abc 7 news". >> terry: lisa argen is here talking about just a spectacular summer kind of forecast. >> lisa: right. not going to be changing too soon. >> terry: makes it easy on you.
8:39 am
>> lisa: the wind is uneasy on the environment because on the roof camera, we're looking at beautiful shot. that is all going to change this afternoon. fire danger increases and it's warming up. >> terry: also ahead, unearthing the lost cline that town. the new exhibit where you can see the city beneath the city. retailers are selling license plates but if you use one you are breaking the law. hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on.
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welcome back everybody. there is a real nice summer shot. it's 20 minutes in front of 9:00 on saturday morning and already people are staking out their place in in santa cruz, expecting a high of 79, maybe 70 degrees. water is -- 80 degrees.
8:42 am
summer has arrived and it's going to be warmer tomorrow. an age old problem with a brand-new twisted. crooks stealing license plate tags and putting them on unregistered cars. there is a popular product to protect you but if you uses it, you could wind up in trouble. no, sir once, but twice i've had my sticker stolen. >> it was a big hassle when a thief stole a registration tag. she waited hours to get a new sticker. only to have that one stolen, too. then more hassles. >> you have to make an appointment with dmv and you actually have to show them that your sticker is gone and then i pay a fee. >> julie was fed up with stolen tags so he went bought this license plate protector.
8:43 am
it would be hard to steal the tags but there was one little problem. >> it's illegal to have on your car. >> they say surprising fact. it's illegal in california to use these covers, even though they are sold all over the state. >> as for the law says you can't have anything that completely covers your license plate. >> reporter: here it is. vehicle code section 58.01. no portion of a cover shall rest over the license plate number, not even if you can see through it. >> you could be stopped and receive a ticket. >> which is exactly what happened, she was pulled over and ordered to remove the shield. now she is worried about her tag. >> i don't think it's fair for people that work hard and trying to protect what is theirs. >> we're talking of clear plastic. >> julie's mom wanted to know what is wrong with a clear plastic cover. >> i'm calling on "7 on your side."
8:44 am
>> it makes it harder to see as a law enforcement officer. >> the officer shows us the problem. here you see how light reflects off creating a glare. >> so i've run into some that has a tint along with it. some that are very dirty. >> yet we found the shields are widely sold throughout california. it's legal to sell them but they are illegal. >> they are commercially available and they are selling them. >> reporter: we bought this one at o'reilly's auto parts. it includes this warning, your state my prohibit its use and check before installing. why do stores sell these if we can't use them? retailers we spoke with say some customers may use the shields for show cars which are kept off the roads or for driving in another stated.
8:45 am
they also said they would refinanced customers who didn't notice the warning about laws banning the covers. walmart spokesman says the covers were to be removed in california stores. so can you use them? or did i just waste five bucks? >> i'm sure if you left it in your garage, it would be fine. chp made a simple way, slice a stick where a razor. you can buy a license part frame so it's harder to peel them off. those frames of legal. >> terry: new exhibit in san jose's institute is showcasing 6 a forgotten chinatown. don sanchez has the story. >> reporter: it's like stepping into a traditional chinese home.
8:46 am
this ex big is made up of fragments of materials and lives. >> it's about the personal lives that were a part of this chinatown community. >> relics from chinatown, san jose, a city beneath the city. >> the artifacts were found at this site where the fairmont hotel stands in san jose. but back then, this was the largest chinese community in america outside of san francisco. >> it really holds the key to understand downtown san jose's early development. >> students and professors are sifting through thousands of pieces cataloging them. more than half is still in storage. value comes in the history of chinese pioneers. opening draws to discovery. >> what was it like for an average person in chinatown to larger questions how did the community play in the urban
8:47 am
development. >> and the community that lived here. >> they were transient workers, they worked the fields and they came back to cline that town to go to theaters and go to the stores to buy their food. >> the exhibit touches on the artistic and aesthetic and emotional impact. >> as an artist what i'm interested in doing is month to make this collection approachable and have meaning. >> there were five san jose chinatowns all but the last one burned down and eventually people moved. >> the exhibit runs june 15th through september 16th. we have much more information on our website at under see it on tv. today is national get outdoors day, to celebrate admission fees are waved at national parks and monuments. you can take a walk at the
8:48 am
national monument in marin county free of charge. normally $7 for adults. special activities are planned around golden gate recreation area including the marin headlands, the question is this really a good day to get outdoors. lisa argen? >> lisa: i think it is. it will be getting warmer tomorrow, fog and low clouds absent all weekend long. focus shifts to warmg temperatures, low relative humidity and increasing fire danger. view from mount tam, it looks still here. we are looking at a little bit of a breeze up to the north. lots of sunshine to enjoy the sun setting at 8:31. live doppler hd on top of mount st. helena is nice and quiet. a sweep going around. we are looking at clear conditions not only today but through tomorrow and the heat is on.
8:49 am
in fact in the 60s from fairfield where we have a north wind. 60 in antioch. 56 in oakland. 55 in napa. you dropped down to 42 this morning and with the calm wind and that valley cool air drains in and that is why you were still cool. northerly wind gusts up to 17. but we do have a weak weather systems that will increase the winds later on today. that is going to bring a warmer air mass behind it. that warms all weekend long with fire danger increasing. here is what you can expect around the bay but not too hard to take. 60s at our coast. approaching 80s, low to mid 80s inland. wind advisory by the carquinez straits, northern san joaquin valley where we'll have guts up to 45 miles an hour. with that the hire fire danger, relative humidity drops and atmosphere drys out.
8:50 am
we are concerned about those winds blowing and potential for fires here. higher elevations of the east bay a possibility. it's all because of this upper-level low that will pass to the north of us early in the afternoon. as it does we have high pressure building in behind it and then the strong winds in the later afternoon, evening hours and they turn offshore. atmosphere stays mixed we retain the heat but relative humidity increases overnight. we're going to see a warmer start tomorrow. 76 at big sur with numbers just around 60 at lake tahoe. mid 70s in the southern sierra with numbers very comfortable. southern california will also warm up tomorrow. headed in the city, temperatures will be around average with mid to upper 50s. lots of sunshine, getting breezy this afternoon as the giants hoses the rangers. across the bay we'll look at 80s
8:51 am
in concord as well as livermore. fairfield has a bit of a breeze. 80 in san rafael, 77 on peninsula. 85 in gilroy with 66 in monterey. already looking quite beachy in santa cruz at 79. we'll be looking at warmup tomorrow and a little bit of sea breeze and cool down comes mid-week. i'm not sure if i'm buying that because we may warm up by the end of the week. things will change so check back with us. >> terry: as long as they are beach yes, i like that. >> part car and parted motorcycle. they are developing a whole new class of vehicle, perfect for the bay area. jonathan bloom as a look at what it is. >> reporter: this is future. >> meet daniel kim, he is the inventor of pod shaped vehicle.
8:52 am
>> it's the paradigm shift from the electric motor. >> it pushes it forward and four others that keep it standing still. the motor has only two wheels but thanks to a pair of gyro scopes it stands up. >> it will feel when you are sitting it up like a car but it will driver like a motorcycle. >> they gave us a look at prototype. how hard it is to knock over by pulling it over with a land rover. how angry with the baby elephant have to be. >> it would have to be pretty angry. >> it has a much room for a honda civic and there is a room for a passenger or suitcase. >> this could be the only vehicle and for a lot of
8:53 am
families, second vehicle. >> for commuting which designers claim it will carry it 200 miles on one charge. and it will go between lanes to dodge traffic or carpool lanes. they expect it to cost $24,000 when it launches in two years and he promises a test drive like no other. >> in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> coming up next, as area animal shelters, how you can easily take home of
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8:55 am
>> terry: here are the winning numbers from last night's drawing. mega number is 25. nobody picked all six meaning
8:56 am
tuesday night's jackpot is estimated at $30 million. breaking news right now from the stanford linear accelerator in menlo park where the fire department is responding to a hazmat situation, reports of a sulfur like smell. it's a single alarm response to investigate. we'll keep an eye on the situation and bring you more as information becomes available. >> are you looking for a new best friend? you are in look because pet adopted-a-thon. all qualified can take home manages for free. this weekend only. it's sponsored by mattie's that has a huge supply of pets that need good homes. part of it is because of the difficult economic times. and also peak of breeding season. many pet owners are giving them up and they end up at shelters.
8:57 am
more information is at lisa is here for one last look and maybe even hotter forecast. >> lisa: cooler day out weekend. we will look for winds to increased to. isn't that pretty from sutro camera where we have mid 50s in the city. a high today right around the average of 70 in san francisco. across the bay, closer to oakland, a little warmer, upper 70s. even today the highs will be above average. 83 in concord and livermore. 80 in san jose. 65 in half moon bay. the beaches along the central coast, upper 70s in santa cruz, 66 in monterey. 85 in gilroy. that is beachy and winds are going turn to the north and get stronger and stronger offshore. so you'll have the sea breeze,
8:58 am
but very little breeze tomorrow and then we'll look for tomorrow the temperatures to respond with warmer readings tomorrow into monday of localized sea breeze. still pretty mild to warm for the rest of the week. >> terry: thanks very much. thanks for joining us. next newscast is at 5:00 this evening. keep track of us at twitter. you can talk all about it at we like to leave you a gorgeous shot. have a great day.
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