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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 10, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> in the news this sunday morning, june 10th, bay area firefighters are on alert this morning after a series of grass fires yesterday helped by gusty winds and the national transportation safety board is investigating an emergency landing by a small plane in concord yesterday. what mapped to the pilot? good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with a quick first look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, carolyn. hi, everyone. boy, it is clear and warm ask the warmup begins already. we have a red flag warning in effect for the elevations over 1,000 feet in the north bay mountains, the east bay hills. right now the winds aren't too bad but we have a few gusts over 20 miles an hour. at 11:00 we could see wind gusts
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over 40 americans with the low relative humidity throughout the afternoon. it's critical fire weather throughout the day today and tomorrow notice the component to the wind out ever the north at 12. a gusty wind around the delta at 22 miles an hour. and we are looking at temperatures already in the 60s and 70s at this hour. so the only cool spot is along the coast. it's 50 half moon bay. breezy in spots, sunny and warm throughout the noon hour and the 70s by the noontime. we are looking at mid-90s today and the fire danger continues into the beginning of the work week. carolyn. >> lisa, those gusty winds and dry conditions you talk about mean firefighters will be challenged again today to keep small grass fires from growing into big ones. a crew of 50 jumped on a nine acre brush fire along highway 87 in san jose yesterday. several freeway ramps that had to be shut down are all open again this morning.
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it took two hours to get the fire under control because the winds kept stoking the flames. when crews got here it was a wind-driven fire. crews found themselves chasing this fire. >> it's the wind, it's the low humidity, it's the wind direction. there are several factors involved in this. when there's red flag warnings, then everything is on a heightened level of alert. >> signs throughout the bay area are being changed to reflect the current fire conditions. a brush fire that threatened hillside homes and damaged fences in hercules last night is now deemed suspicious by investigators. this morning federal air safety officials will continue their investigation into yesterday morning's emergency landing of a small plane on a concord golf course. the pilot had just taken off from buchanan field when the plane lost power. abc news reporter shows us where he was able to set it down. >> reporter: the single engine cessna 172 landed near the second tee on the buchanan golf
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course. the pilot lost engine power. he tried to glide back to the field but fell short by about 700 feet according to the faa. chang lee saw the plane come down. >> it landed near the second tee box near the fence. just one foot from a barricaded fence. and i think a pilot, he jumped out. >> he did manage to jump out of the plane without injury. some golfers finding a different kind of obstacle to deal with on the course played on while others helped move it off the course and back to the airport. the plane is used by pacific states aviation, a flight training school. we called the owners, who decline to comment on the incident. >> its unfortunate, but it happens. they said the pilot did the right thing in choosing an open area. you look for open areas. you can't always make it back to the airplane. in their case they had just taken off. i guess they were too low but fortunately there was a golf course and i know people who
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have landed on golf courses before. >> planes flying in here have had problems before. the worst was in 1985 when a twin engine beechcraft crashed into sun valley mall less than mile from the airport. there dozens people were hurt and some died. no one was hurt in thislanning. the faa is investigating this incident. in concord, abc7 news. >> this morning oakland police are searching for a suspect who shot and killed a young man on a scooter. it happened at 63rd avenue yesterday afternoon. multiple shots were fired from a passing car. the victim, who was left bleeding in the street, died a short time later at the hospital. in antioch police are investigating a fatal shooting at a graduation party early yesterday morning. police say someone opened firezv on the party, killing one manzv and injuring another. it happened at a house on west ninth and i streets.
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police are not releasing the victim's name and the search continues for suspects. in sonoma county police have arrested a man wanted in a hit-and-run that critically injured a cyclist. that was on friday. the 65-year-old stevens norwe can, a professor at the university, is still in a coma this morning after being hit on petaluma hill road. an off-duty police officer spotted a pickup truck with front end damage that matched the description of the suspect's vehicle. he called police, who arrested robert coward friday afternoon. according to investigators, he said he left the scene of the crash because he was late for work. this morning three teenagers face charges in connection with a deadly shooting in san jose. police say two 18-year-old men and a 19-year-old all believed to be from union city were arrested after their get-away car was spotted leaving the scene. they are suspected of being involved in the fatal shooting of a 25-year-old san jose man early friday morning.
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that happened outside a karaoke bar at a strip fall on center road. later this week a judge will decide if dozens of suspended seniors at heritage high school in brentwood will be allowed to make up the final exams they missed last week. yesterday was graduation day for the high school, and all the seniors did graduate, just not at the same place. traditional graduation was held at the school's football field. not in attendance, 67 seniors who were suspended after a prank that school officials call vandalism. they graduated off-campus at an alternative party hosted by parents of the suspended students. if i had the choice to walk at the school, i would have chose the separate graduation over walking at the school. >> you have to take the consequences for your actions. and, you know, that teaches them, too, when they grow up this is how its agreeing to be throughout your life. you can't just go and do stuff and just get away with it.
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>> in a rare move, administrators called in several brentwood police officers to the traditional graduation ceremony just in case, but there were no problems. tomorrow is the 50 year anniversary of three prisoners' escape from alcatraz. the u.s. marshal service said it's still searching from the only inmates to ever escape from the rock without being found. the trio slipped out june 11, 1962, vanishing without a trace. most experts figure they drown but the u.s. marshal service said it will continue the hunt for frank morris and brothers clarence and john anglin until they are arrested, positively identified as dead or reach the age of 99. morris would be 85 now. the others 81 and 82. hundreds of tri-athletes will make the swim from alcatraz from san francisco starting at 7:30 this morning. it is the 32nd annual escape
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from alcatraz triathlon. the event starts out with the one and a half mile swim from the alcatraz to the marina green, and then they bicycle for 18-mile and finish with an 8-mile footrace. about 2,000 people are expected to compete this year. they consider this one of the more difficult competition in their sport. still ahead, a new wildfire in new mexico damages at least 20 buildings, forcing the evacuation of residents in the area. and the search for the source of the deadly e. coli outbreak moves west. what investigators think might be behind the outbreak.
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>> developing news in alabama a lot of yes, sir and new details as police investigate a multiple shooting at auburn university. police are confirming that several people were shot last night at the university heights complex. no arrests have been made as far as we know. abc television affiliate wtvm in georgia reports three deaths are confirmed by a local coroner with two other victims
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hospitalized in serious condition. the auburn plains man newspaper reports three auburn tigers football players may be among the victims based on a large number of tweets from purported witnesses. tweets say the shootings occurred during a party when several men argue over a woman. a wildfire in new mexico is destroying homes and raging through a pine forest this morning. the 10,000-acre little bear fire in the lincoln national forest broke through contain men lines, destroying or damaging 20 homes, outbuildings and other structures. summer homes in the area have been evacuated. the flames are encroaching on a mountain community. the lincoln national forest is where a little bear cub was found after a fire in the 1940s. he became known as the fire prevention icon, smoky the bear. >> in could there's a rapidly
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growing fire in laramier county. that fire was spread to more than 5,000 acres so far. 10 structures damaged ask the cause is still unknown. no rest this weekend for food detectives racing to find the source after deadly e. coli outbreak. it started in the northeast and now it has spread to california. here's the latest from washington. >> this little known strain of e. coli is making more people sick over a wider area and it's already taken the life of a toddler. >> we always like to know definitively where it came from so we can take steps to see that it doesn't happen again. >> now 14 cases in six states , clustered in the southeast, but the mystery deep ended when a case was confirmed thousands of mile away in california. >> it appears that the age ranges are very broad. it's unlikely that all of these people were in the same place a month ago.
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so it's likely that it is some sort of food product that they are consuming. >> a food product that was probably widely distributed. the worry, it still could be on the shelves. e. coli 0y14 be found on fresh meat, or fruit. or even water. just this past week the u.s. started testing meat for these strains. >> in the long run, at least as it relates to meat overseen by the usda, the testing protocol will be a good thing for consumers. >> those sickened were likely exposed in late april or may. if it is a fresh product that is likely off the shelves but there is still concern the infections could spread. david curly, abc news, washington.
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>> this week on "this ""there is political fireworks with george stephanopoulos coming up at 8:00 right here on abc7. >> eric: right here right now, lisa argen with a preview of the accuweather forecast. >> we have a little puff of wind in the north bay drying out the atmosphere. relative humidity in napa this morning down to 23%. the temperatures in the upper 60s. back home here our roof camera, winds are flat but the numbers mild. we will see the wrong direction from the wind and the atmosphere dry out, and high fire danger today. i'll explain next. >> thank you, lisa. also next lebron james and the miami heat returning to the finals after winning game 7 last night against the boston celtics. mike shumann has the highlights coming up in sports.
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>> a lot of people like the warm weather but as you pound out we have to worry about the high fire danger. >> and some of the driest locations in livermore where the relative humidity is down to 29%. here's a look from our sutra camera. a nice shot. to the north 67 and relative
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humidity at 23%. now mountain view not a whole lot better at 36%. but our live doppler 7 hd that is always up and running showing that conditions are clear and really we will be monitoring the winds, especially this morning. and then this afternoon the relative humidity as the air temperature rises, the atmosphere continues to dry out, but the red flag warning in effect until 11:00 this morning for the hills above 1,000 feet. north bay mountains and the diablo range where winds are now at 10 to 15 miles an hour. so really not too bad, but temperatures are quite warm. so with the winds from overnight, the at fear mass stayed well-fixed and we've retained the heat. we are in the upper 60s to 70 in the higher elevations in parts of the bay, but even livermore and the valley at 70. 65 san carlos. at our coast a comfortable 50 degrees. 55 in san jose. we are much, much warmer than
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yesterday. a degree warmer on the coast, but as much as 23 degrees warmer in napa and livermore. so that spells very warm temperatures today and not a lot of relief until the middle of the week for our inland valleys. so the red flag warning for the higher elevations of the north and east bay until 11:00. warm to hot and then cooler a couple of days in the middle of the week. it looks like another offshore flow is going to develop by the end of the week. we have the red flag warning not only for the hills close to home, but the sacramento valley. that's been extended until 6:00 tonight with the delta, and the strait and the northern san joaquin valley. here it has been dry all weekend long. we've had high pressure off the coast continue to build in to the north of us. as it does, it's strong and it provides a win shift. and with that wind shift the direction is out of the north, northeast. and that creates the dry atmosphere as the temperatures rise. we have the compressional
6:21 am
heating, and usually that cooling sea breeze provides all that moisture from the ocean. not the case today and a little bit of a sea breeze coming back tomorrow. in the 90s in the valley with 80s in the southern sierra. los angeles, 77 and back home today as much as five to ten degrees warmer than yesterday's readings with a bit of a breeze throughout the morning hours. so mid-80s in oakland. 84 san mateo. the fair today, the giants game will be nice and mild with upper 80s in vallejo. 90s for gilroy and 86 santa cruz and 74 monterey. we have even the mild to warm weather at the coast, 70s there today. tomorrow a late day sea breeze and more cooling tuesday and wednesday, but by thursday we are going in the other direction again. so, you know, it is only june. we usually get nervous about this weather all throughout the fall and seems like it is going to be a long summer. >> all right. but father's day next week looking good? >> yeah, looks good. >> thank you, lisa. coming up at 7:00, right after
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this newscast is abc good morning america. joining us live now from new york, dan harris to tell us what they are working on. dan, how are you? >> doing great. carolyn, great to see you. coming up on gma this morning we are working on some wild and dangerous weather in florida. they have roar rains that forced rivers to overflow, sweeping away homes. and out west the opposite problems, dry conditions fueling a wildfire that went from minor to major in the blink of an eye. according to one local share any of colorado, this is the fire they always feared they may have. and also it's the prank that goes way too far. we can all agree on this one. there's a popular radio host that got swatted." swatting is when someone makes a fake 911 call sending swarms of cops to somebody's home. you will be surprised to hear how often this is happening. and it's the latest wrinkle with lindsey lohan's latest brush with the law. after she totaled the pour shaw,
6:23 am
the driver of truck she hit is coming out with eye raising allegations. did lohan's brokenners try to bribe him? and bears everywhere. we've seen bears crashing weddings, offers, and this one falling out of a tree after it was tranquilized. the question is why are they getting so close to us. there's one in a wedding shot. we will give you answers why we are seeing so many bears everywhere coming up. carely, i hope you see us then. >> the idea is why are we so close to them? >> somebody said to me on twitter, the bears were here first, exactly. all right. thank you, dan. we look for you at seven. >> thanks. >> let's check out sports this afternoon. this afternoon at&t park tim lincecum will try to return to the timmy of old when the giants play the texas rangers in the rubber game of the weekend series. last night the miami heat and boston celtics battled in game 7 of the eastern conference finals.
6:24 am
here's mike shumann with the highlights in this morning's sports. good morning. well, king james is still waiting to be crowned nba champion and lebron got a step closer to it last night in miami. coming off a 45-44 effort in game six, boston came out firing. bass with the steal, finishes with a slam. celtics go up is 11. less than a minute to go. lebron, the give-and-go. the finish. he trailed by 7 in the half but miami battle the back. wade, 2 of his 23. lebron, a slam of his own, 31 points, 12 boards. then he dishes to chris bosh, who drains the three, the big three, scored the final points for the heat. 101-989 final. it will be miami and okay see you in the fines this tuesday on abc. >> from the first shot all the way down to 15. everybody was enjoying it today. we wanted to give our fans a big win tonight, and we was able to do that. everybody had a big part of this win. we look forward to the next challenge. >> the stanley cup finals game five.
6:25 am
kings up three, one on the devils. second period. justin williams ties it at 1 with a wicked wrister past martin brodeur. six minutes later, bryce salvador breaks the tie off the shoulder the kings' defenseman. devils has been the kings their first road loss of these playoffs, 2-1, the final. kings still lead the series 3-2. game 6 in l.a. monday night. >> the giants got have reinforcements at the plate with the return of pablo sandoval. the banda returned from the dl for yesterday's game. brett sat down to make room for sandoval. brian vogelsong had his longest outing of the year. 7 two third inning allowing one run on three hits. he struck out three. he got plenty of help, bottom of five, theriot, rbi single, scores brandon crawford. 2-0, g-men. nate schierholtz you've the
6:26 am
brick wall. the two-out triple they score. and then in the seventh it's the panda. sandoval 1 for 4 in his return. giants win it, 5-2. >> and we have a lot of guys in the lineup and every guy pull a little piece. i'm not the only one. so we are a great lineup so we got a great team. and every single day we are going to fight. >> all right. a's in arizona. trevor cahill facing the man he was traded for, parker. bottom of five. to justin upton, and they appears to be strike 3. he then doubled. 2-1, d-backs. three batters later, bases loaded. miguel montero. see ya. and trevor cahill, seven innings, 2 runs on 7 hits, a season-high 7 strikeouts. meanwhile trevor cahill, 7 innings, 2 runs on 7 hits, a season-high 7 strikeouts. a's lose it 8-3. speaking of losing, manny pacquiao went down in
6:27 am
las vegas to timothy bradley. that's the way the ball bounces. see you again at five. have a great day. >> up next the collaborative new effort to find homeless veterans find a place to live. 50 homes in 100 days. >> i'm nannette miranda in sacramento." the franchise tax board now estimates the underground economy is costing the state $10 billion in unpaid taxes a year. new efforts now to recoup that money.c
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>> welcome back, everyone. a new field poll finds most state voters support governor brown's proposed november initiative to raise income and sales taxes, but just barely. 52% of registered voters say they would approve raising taxes to prevent deep cuts in education and public safety.
6:30 am
35% oppose the plan. the governor's proposal would raise income taxes for seven years on household incomes over $250,000. it also includes a quarter cent sales tax to increase, but everybody would pay. california taxpayers are being robbed of billions of dollars each year in what's called an underground economy. abc7 news capitol correspondent nannette miranda explains what's being done to force so-called tax cheats to pay their fair share. >> this recent bust in stockton netted authorities half a million dollars worth of counterfeit goods. >> coach purses. >> fake designer purses, air jordans and a new line of nfl jerseys not legitimately for sale in the united states. they rarely hand over the sales tax to the states. if it's smuggled cigarettes, the excise tax never makes it to state coffers.
6:31 am
uncover stings find people working under the table. they don't pay taxes and employees avoid having taxes taken out. >> taxpayers are cheated and the government it cheated. >> the tax board believes $10 billion are owed to the state every year, but never paid as a result of this underground economy. >> you think that we don't see. we can't necessarily measure. we are just taking bits and pieces of information in trying to paint a picture. >> the franchise tax board has 41 sworn officers. the board of equalization has 80 investigators statewide. not nearly enough to balancing the $10 billion worth of illegal employment and goods. >> people that are involved in the underground economy are very creative how they mask and hide that stuff. >> no more cuts! no more cuts! >> considering california is in a constant state of budget deficits, those affected are upset by tax cheaters.
6:32 am
it could help save social services. >> if there's any way to get people to come out of the shadows and pay their fair share of taxes that would go a long way in solving our budget problems. >> a proposal to create a new centralized intelligence partnership is getting bipartisan support. if agencies pull their resources together the state could net $32 million a year. abc7 news. president obama has made it a goal to end homelessness among the nation's military veterans by the year 2015. his administration is helping san francisco take a step in that direction by helping to fund a new campaign. >> rosanna was living in a series of run-down hotels. now she has her own apartment in san francisco. part of a renewed push to take care of the country's vets. she was in the navy during vietnam. >> it was a turning point in my life. i wanted to serve my country. i lost two brothers in vietnam.
6:33 am
>> i can't think of a more patriotic thing to do than to find a homeless veteran their home. >> mayor ed lee announced that san francisco is one of 17 cities nationwide selection today take part in what's called the homes for heros campaign. the goal here is within 100 days to house 50 homeless vets who have federal rent vouchers. >> the market is very, very high so there is a process in place now where our housing authority director can look at the needs of an individual veteran and ascertain whether they might be eligible for a higher rent payment. >> the city is also actively recruiting landlords like judy. >> they really need to help. not only housing, also mentally and counsel, all the stuff. they really need it. >> when you see the homeless in your community, it's estimated that at least 20% are military vets. >> we all need this. whether it's a veteran,
6:34 am
whether -- especially for females. >> in addition to the 50 vets who already have the subsidies, hud and the va have awarded the city nearly $3 million, enough to offer another 200 couchers. now the push is on to find the housing. >> and for more information, we have a link on our website, under "see it on tv." >> still ahead, are you looking to be your own boss. the three simple steps you can follow to turn your small idea into a thriving business. and here is a live look from our tam cam. really warm temperatures on tap this week. lisa argen will have your forecast in just a few minutes.
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>> welcome back. it's 6:36. this is a live look at santa
6:37 am
cruz and the beach. a great day to get out there and enjoy yourself. temperatures all over the bay area really heating up this week. meteorologist lisa argen along to give you a full accuweather forecast. >> if you are tired of worrying about being laid off and dream of being your own boss there is help from none other than the woman who brings you deals and steals on "good morning america." this summer gma contributor, torry johnson, is coming here to the bay area to help you make your small business dreams come true. abc7 news anchor kristin sze has more. >> she didn't set out to be an entrepreneur. it happened a year ago when she designed a card game to encourage her own kids to eat healthier. >> not a vegetable in sight. i was so frustrated. pulling out my hair. needed to do something. so i turned to the one thing i know how to do, to make it fun. , jennifer was on 7 leave last
6:38 am
year explaining her game to award points for trying new healthy foods. gma deals and steals contributor torry johnson said there are legions of americans like her who have spark, but just need help getting started. that's why torry wrote her new book, spark and hustle. >> with small business ownership you can be in control and drive your own train. i think that's very, very empowering for a lot of people and a lot of people can use that empowerment right now. >> torely is sharing those tips on a national tour, advising entrepreneurs you don't need a complicated five year business plan you own need to focus on three things. first, what will you sell and who will you sell to. second, how much can you charge and how much money can you make? and third, most importantly is what is your hustle, what is your marketing and sales strategy to make it happen. >> through twitter, word of mouth, a prestigious dr. toy award and a partnership with chef jay me oliver, her little game is thriving,
6:39 am
proving torry's point you don't need a lot of capital. >> the internet is the equalizer. >> you can create a website in the matter of a day. it's >> she bring it to the bay area on july 17th when she will interact with people at the south san francisco conference center. for details go to our website the abc7 morning news team is going prime time this week. abc7 news anchor erik thomas, kristen, and mike and traffic reporter francis are going to broadcast in the morning tuesday as usual, then they are going to return for a "primetime live" newscast on tuesday night. we hope you can join abc7 news right after game one of the nba finals. >> it took a lot of effort to get that going. it will be exciting. >> here's lisa now.
6:40 am
>> eric: we have a red flag alert through 11:00? morning because the winds have picked up. the relative humidity up in livermore, 29% with an air temperature near 70 degrees so much we will talk about how long the heat will last, last, if wel get a sea breeze, that's all coming up just moments away. >> all right. also ahead, the amazing effort to keep a state park in marijuana county open to the public and for one man whose family has lived there 120 years. >> california's teen unemployment rate is 300% higher than the general population. i'm 7 on your side's michael finney with what's being done as we head into summer. our cloud is not soft and fluffy. our cloud is made of bedrock. concrete. and steel.
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>> welcome back, it's 6:42. this is a live look at tahoe. you know how lisa has been talking about temperatures this week in the 70s, 80s, 90s. if you want someplace that's cool go to truckee where it's 25 degrees right now. they will get into the upper 60s later on today. right now in california more than one out of every three teenagers is unemployed. it's the highest teen jobless rate in the nation. here is 7 on your side's michael finney with some of the causes and what's being done to help them find work. >> have you babysat? >> cats. >> that's fine. >> amy of match bridge is helping prescott carlson build up his resume and find a summer job. the 16-year-old says finding a paid position has been frustrating. >> it is really difficult. i applied to like more than ten, and all i got were like interest
6:44 am
-- internships and something that i didn't get paid in. >> the economic policy institute is a nonprofit research organization focusing on entry level employment. it puts the state teenage unemployment rate at just over 36%. now compare that to a statewide unemployment rate of 10.9%. >> some of the sectors that teens would traditionally find jobs in has been slow to recover. teens in the state are also facing more competition from different groups of workers. >> many college grads looking for full-time work are settling for jobs normally taken by teens. and retired workers are also coming back into the workforce filling part-time jobs. the federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. but it's eight dollars an hour in california and $10.24 in san francisco. the economic policy institute thinks higher labor costs here also contributes to the high teen unemployment rate. >> when you raise the cost to hire and train entry level
6:45 am
employees like teens, fewer of them are going to be hired. >> it's not discouraging people from hiring young people in our program. we've had -- there's a goal of 5,000 jobs for this summer. we have 3300 pledged already. >> matt poland is director of match bridge. the year around component of summer jobs plus and a joint program between the city of san francisco and the united way. she is a graduate of match bridge. the program taught her job interviewing skills, how to dress for success and both time and money management. >> it was amazing. it was just like within eight weeks my all career was there. >> and real estate for tomorrow's adult program placed anita in an internship with a real estate firm bohan. after two months she was hired into a permanent position. >> i would call it a win-win. she's been helped in the sense she's been exposed to
6:46 am
professional property management and has worked closely with me for several years and has grown in terms of her ability to provide services for clients. >> prescott is confident when he completes the program he will do just as well as her. >> i'm sure after match bridge i'll definitely get into a starbucks or old navy. >> match bridge is open to any san francisco youth between 16 and 24. i have more information how teenagers and employers can participate. if you are interested, go to i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> today is world ocean day created at the 1992 world earth summit to celebrate owings and all the bench gets they provide. in san francisco this morning there will be a beach cleanup project that nine to noon at aquatic park. bags and gloves will be provided, along with coffee and
6:47 am
pastries. volunteers are encouraged to bring their own cleaning products from home. it's sponsored by the aquarium at the bay and america's cup healthy oceans project. >> a good day to get out there, lisa. it's going to be nice. >> yes. we have light winds at the surface but breezy winds in the higher elevations and that's what's causing the critical fire weather above 1,000 feet. here's a look from the sutra camera. great visibility looking toward the head lands where it's dryer up in napa with 23% humidity and the air temperatures in the upper 60s. thanks for the shout-outs on twitter as we are looking at changing conditions as a breeze develops above 1,000 feet. we are looking at live doppler 7hd. the radar sweep on top of mount saint helena. you can see not much going on here but always checking for you and we are certainly looking at the warm conditions and the breezy conditions, especially through the morning hours. the red flag is in effect for
6:48 am
above 1,000 feet until 11:00 this morning. root now the winds in the 20 to 30 mile-an-hour range and they will increasingly drop the relative humidity. right now 27% in livermore. by the afternoon we are looking in the teens and single digits but the north win at six. light end up this past hour. so down around sea level things are quite calm but we are looking at the win gaining speed as they descend from the 1,000-foot level. so it is pretty dry out there and will get drier. 07 livermore, 67 antioch with 65 in napa this morning. a cool 50 half moon bay. so we will be looking at numbers this morning considerably warmer. 23 degrees warmer in napa this morning. you really feel it trying to get that cool air in. you know it's going to be a scorcher today in the livermore valley with numbers jumping up into the 90s. we won't see any relief in our east bay for at least two days,
6:49 am
possibly three where that sea breeze will stay close to the coast the next couple of das and pretty much absent though today. so the red flag warning for the higher elevations, warm to hot. then we will look for the cooler conditions mainly on tuesday and wednesday. aings bit of relief coastside tomorrow. the fire danger continues here. the elevated danger for the sacramento valley and the strait and delta. the humidity has certainly been a problem. we will look for that to continue to be a factor as a strong ridge of high pressure holds on today and only begins to weaken late tomorrow. so with the breezy conditions once again, we will look for the numbers to warm up quickly today. in fact, we are already in the 70s in our east bay valleys so the high, strong high. the clockwise flow around allows for the offshore winds, the compressional heat and that dries out things even more so.
6:50 am
the relative humidity at the coast not bad but with the lack after sea breeze today it will be quite mild. big sur 82 degrees, 77 los angeles and yosemite at 84 today, locking at 70 in tahoe. only in the 20s right now. numbers coming up up, 78 and 85 oakland with 88 in san jose. look for mid-80s in santa cruz and 74 at monterey, 90s in gilroy. we will look for the warming to continue inland with a sea breeze tomorrow. a little break comes our way with cooling, minor cooling tuesday and wednesday and thursday we start to see another high bring us an offshore flow by friday and saturday. it will be a hot one out there. >> all right. thank you, lisa. this weekend a special park in marin has a new lease on life. fund raising helping save china camp state park near san rafael. wayne freedman tells us it's a lot more than a recreational
6:51 am
area [clock ticking] >> for one year, the ticking of this clock has had an ominous symbolic valley. it tells the story of this snack bar, where time seems to standstill, this state park. >> it looked like an end. there wasn't any chance of trying to save this. >> frank kwan is as much a part of china camp state park as the buildings. he's the last resident what used to be a fishing village of 500 people. a man who left just once to fight in world war ii. his family has occupied this same house in the park since 1890. the state owns it along with the snack bar he runs just outside the window. imagine frank's concern learn china camp would close to save 340,000 annual dollars from california's budget. >> where would you have gone?
6:52 am
>> that's a good question really. >> one that now appears to have a happy ending in sight thanks to a community that wouldn't give up. >> i wanted to do something to save china camp but i didn't know what i was getting into. >> ernest chung first fell in love with china camp's 1500 acres because of it's mountain biking trails. the beauty behind the location , the locks and keys inspired him to form the friends of china champ. they are 800 strong now, including steve deeing. >> i think it says our government is failing us and i think it also says we as citizens need to mac our voices heard. >> even if the friends of china camp raise the $250,000 they need to keep it open for two -- for twelve months, the malts isn't over, it is only beginning. they plan to sell memberships and charge people to use the park but any way you look at it it's a unique and somewhat risky model for running a state park. >> we need to make sure that people don't come in and turn it into a party place and ruin it for the rest of the community. [clock ticking]
6:53 am
>> with a month to go before the state's deadline, the friends of china camp appear to have raised most of the money they need to run this place themselves. it's a minor miracle in these hard times, even for a well -- a wealthy county. >> the morale imperative is that parks are a right in a sense. this is open place that people have a right to enjoy. if the government, for whatever reason, can't at least for a while operate these parks, fulfill that need, we are willing to step up to do it. >> there is no person more happy or relieved about that than frank kwan. >> i think we are over the hill now. you are going to see us after july 1. [laughter] >> from china camp state park in marin county, wayne freedman, abc7 news. up next, how your child could be invited over to the white house for dinner.
6:54 am
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>> heal are the winning numbers from last not's $9 million super lotto plus. no one got all six numbers. wednesday's jackpot is estimated at $10 million. first lady michelle obama is looking for the best kid chef to prepare dinner at the white house. the contest is part of mrs. obama's effort to get people to eat healthy. parents with children who like to cook are asked to share their child's favorite recipe with the white house. one child from each state will be invited to the white house for a kid's state dinner. for rules how to enter we have a link on just click on see it on tv. the san mateo county fair looks to the future as it connection off it's 78th year this weekend. the theme of this year's fair is tradition meets invasion. along with the carnival rides
6:57 am
and livestock judging, there are high-tech exhibits. yesterday visitors watch at police dog handlers showed off their skills along with their k-9 companions. last year there were 122,000 visitors. organizers are hoping for even more this year. the fair runs until june 17th. lisa, they need to take lots of water with them. >> now. mid-and upper 80s there today." definitely warm out there. what about the alcatraz triathlon? that sounds good today with water temperatures in the low 50s. red flag warnings until 11:00 in the high are elevations. the winds are blowing to 20 to 30 americans. some of those wind gusts quite gusty and allowing for the relative humidity already in the 20% range. so today a hot day in our livermore valley at 93. 79 in richmond with 9 is santa rosa, 78 in the city. the giants game later on today should be a beautiful afternoon there. and a bit of a see breeze at our
6:58 am
coast but even mild there with 70 half moon bay, 74 monterey, 86 santa cruz. a little relief at the coast tomorrow but not inland. we cool off midweek, warm up by the end of the week >> well, if you like it hot, this was the week for you. >> be careful out there. >> yeah, i agree. that is going to do it for us. thank you for joining us. our next newscast is at nine. i'm carolyn tyler. along with lisa argen, you can keep track of the latest breaking news at twitter on abc7 news bay area. have a great sunday, everyone!
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