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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  June 11, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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a high fire warning. i'm ama dates. >> i'm alan wang. gusty winds, low humidity and low temperatures are --emperatuk high temperatures are keeping firefighters on alert. >> and now a look at the areas on alert. >> the red flag warning for the north bay, east bay and the diablo range until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning with gusts per 30 miles per hour and very low relative humidity. remember we tell you relative humidity is how much moisture is in the air. we are looking at dry, dry conditions thanks to the winds from the north, northeast. a bit of good news this evening. they have canceled the red
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flag warning for the central valley area as well as the sacramento valley area. you notice these are the higher elevations above the thousand foot level. that's where this advisory is in affect for. the winds have started to come down northerly at 9:00. the -- the north bay mountains, east bay hills at 7:00 and northeasterly at 5:00. the relative humidity is low at 12%. it is very dry conditions. we will start to see fog in the bay area. we'll let you know when you can expect it coming up. >> thank you. the conditions sparked a up in of wildfires across the state. crews are fighting a fire in san bernadino county where 20 acres have burned. butte county charged 120 acres. cal fire has battled 1600 fires this year, more than twice as many as this time
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last year ?ie. a fire of a different kind in calistoga where they are keeping a close watch on a recycling center. it started before 4:00 when debris started burning outsideg the recycling center. napa county fire department didn't take any chances, so it issued a full wildland file response and contained it at less than half an acre. no injuries were injured, and there was no structure damage. marin county is in the potential target area, and lilian kim spoke with firefighters about the most vulnerable homes. she is live. lilian? >> alan, homes surrounded by trees and brush are more risky, but they got a warning from the firecrews. >> they have been checking out properties and make making sure they cleared the brush. >> there is a chimney over
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here and the branches over here. >> these are routine with the red flag warning issued for the bay area monday morning there is a heightened sense of urgency. grass fires have hit other parts around the bay this weekend. it is the result of strong winds 1k3* low humidity and warm temperatures. >> it is nice. we are able to deliver our message when it is hot and dry. >> he has been reminding residents to keep a 100 foot radius of defensible space around the home to keep tree branches away from structures and other trees and pine needles off of rooftops. >> sometimes a wildfire will get into a neighborhood and it will go from house to house. by a homeowner clearing their brush and protecting their property they are doing their part to protect that of their neighbors and communities. >> they appreciate the reminder. he represents this home, but he will be sure to tell his landlord all he has learned. >> they are the experts.
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things that don't occur to us occur to them. it is good to have them pointing them out. >> she says she has taken all of the fire safety precautions, but remains vigilant. >> i am always watching to make sure i see anything. i always have the hose in the front ready to go. >> and to express the importance of fireit is notventn it is not a question of if another fire occurs, but when another fire occurs. gite bay area is not the only place dealing with wildfires. a wildfire in colorado has grown to over 22 square miles within a day of being reported. flames #r* racing through dry, steep mountain terrain. 1500 reverse 9-1-1 calls have been made urging people to evacuate. some made it out. some didn't. >> i reassured everybody, don't worry. it is not coming here. today we wake them up at the
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crack of dawn and say everybody help me move everything out. >> we don't know if they are with their family or some other family, but w concerned. concerned. >> the fire burning 15 miles west of fort colins colins is zero percent contained. wildfires are in 12 straight states tonight. a two-alarm blaze in chinatown was brought under control quickly. firefighters knocked it down in half an hour. 24r* were no injuries and no other struck ruers were -- structures were damaged. a deadly shooting has stunned the campus of auburn university. tonight there is a massive manhunt for a killer and a plea for a surrender. now more on the college party that ended in deadly violence. >> investigators were back on the scene today trying to piece together how an off campus party near auburn university turned deadly. police say a gunman opened
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fire shooting six young people killing three of them. among the dead, two former auburn football player, philips and christian, both 20 years old. >> this is very much an sickenivamp for auburn it is sickening these young lives were cut short. >> police responded around 10:00 p.m. after witnesses say a fight broke out at a pool party and shots were fired. authorities say onen uh born football player, aaron mac, was shot and remains in hospital. a desperate search now for the shooter, said to be 22-year-old leonard from montgomery, alabama. he lives in town, but has no connection to the university. >> we are currently in an active manhunt with the police department. >> one of the surviving victims, 20-year-old john robertson is in the hospital fighting for his life after
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being shot in the head. authorities are urging the suspected it gunman to turn himself in to police. abc news, new york. a man who was attacked during the bay to breakers has died from his injuries. now they are trying to find the suspect. steven martin's family took him off life support. he was sucker punched and then hit his head on the curb and suffered a severe brain injury. he was wearing a green wig on race day. police released this video from may 20thg sharon meadow where martin was beaten. they think digital pictures taken in the area may help find the suspect. this video just came into the abc newsroom. good samaritans made a dramatic rescue of a woman in
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a sinking car in the oakland ease stew water. this is near the oakland airport. the woman managed to make it to shore and is uninjured. we don't know why the car plunged into the water. you may remember the same thing happened to another woman driver in late may. a sheriff deputy went to the hospital after his car collided with another vehicle. both vehicles went off sir francis drake after they collided. investigators haven't 2ker8ed -- haven't determined who is at fault, but the deputy and the driver of the other car will be okay. police say there was a crash and it was alcohol-related. a car struck a car and jumped a curb and smashed into the garage of a house. the driver was speeding and ran a stop sign. he was arrested for duh i. and alameda police are looking for two men suspected it of shooting a man while he was sitting in his car.
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it blew out both windows of the suv before 4:00 this afternoon. the 24-year-old victim was hit in the arm, but he managed to get to a nearby restaurant and call 9-1-1. he was taken to the highland hospital and he is expected to live. there is a sleepover going on outside the mosconi center as they wait the developers conference. ahead, a look at some of the big apps of the future. >> and rec the great escape from alcatraz. >> and bears, bears everywhere, even falling out of trees. why the increase in these medicare. it doesn't cover everything. and what it doesn't cover can cost you some money.
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annual conference for software developers tomorrow in san francisco. tim cook is expected to announce new soft water for the ipad, iphone and mac. thomas roman is live where some developers are already lining up . >> ama, this conference gives software developers a look at what is going to be in the near future. the announcement of a new operating system is like honey to the bee. tonight there are about a dozen develop everybodies -- developers camped out in san francisco. by tomorrow about 5,000 will lineup from all over the world to enter the wwwbc.
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>> just to show off and showcase my own apps. >> 17-year-old john meyer developed an educational app and he hopes apple will include in its stor you, a >> show you, and it will give you a full encyclopedia of ocean life. you can learn about what you are watching. there san app for the i-pod, ipad and iphone. the trigger can trigger changes to existing apps where it forces them to create new ones. he works for a games developer in southern california. >> we come here to learn what are the latest developments that apple has coming down the road map and how we can incorporate it into our apps. >> those applications crn mean millions if they become hits. they say the developers help keep apple's ecosystem competitive. >> the mackintosh would not be
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a computer without programs and the iphone and ipad wouldn't be available if there weren't hundreds of thousands of tbr apps that run on it. >> many developers have a dream including riding on apple's continuing success. >> their ultimate hope is they will have the next farmville or multimillion-dollar or billion dollar product out there. >> tim cook is expected to possibly announce the ultra thin mac book as well as a new mapping system to compete with android's google maps. >> could be some future millionaires. 50 years ago tomorrow three prisoners escaped from alcatraz through a spoon dug tunnel, and they haven't been seen since. frank morris and brothers clarence and john snuck out june 11th, 1962 and vanished without a trace. most experts figure they drowned, but their bodies were never found which means they could have made it to search tee. -- safety. a producer on a documentary of
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the children of alcatraz says it is possible. >> i think it was easier in 1962 to disappear than 2012. so this thing i am most spectacle about is if in fact they did make it, i would have think it would have been a greater feet to remain hidden sinceallyn to actually make it to marin. >> and still today, there is a us marshal assigned to the case. fromently escaping alcatraz is not as hard as ,000 athletes swam back to shore in the same frigid, choppy waters during today's escape from alcatraz triathalon. he captured his fifth tight -- title. they race or swim a mile and a
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half and then bike and then run. the participants ranged in age from 17 to 72 years in age. anne -- >> the aquarium of the bay and the healthy oceans project helped clean up the, pa. people brought trash brou other cleaning supplies. the clean up doubled as a reunion for a group of former grammar school classmates. >> i thought it was important because not only would i be coming back to see old friends , but we would be doing something important together. >> organizers thanked today's volunteers with passes to the aqua> it is going to be hot tomorrow. >> it is going to be hot tomorrow. the god news is a lot of the offshore winds have started to die down a little bit. still will have the high fire threat, but i think the national weather service will list the red flag warning which is in affect until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.
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we still need to be vigilant. boy, a nice evening out there. it is mild with acro temperatures across the bay area still in the mid70s. this is a look from our high definition cam in the east bay. i can tell you the higher elevations there, the oakland hills, reporting winds out of the north -- northeast at 5 miles per hour. it is very dry and very low at 14%. looking at the surface winds, you can see the strong winds from the last 24 hours have died down. hayward calm, livermore calm. westerly winds three in oakland and sfo and half moon bay just a little bit of a breeze if you can call it that. it looks like the higher elevations will slowly start to die down overnight tonight. would you check out some of the temperatures? we will start with our friends in san jose. 71 degrees at this hour.
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antioch you are at 75. we have 70 in concord and livermore. 65 in oakland and it is 61 in san francisco. san rafael holding the heat, 75. napa is down to 57, and that's because the wind has died down there. the temperatures were allowed to drop off. just to reiterate, warnings at the thousand foot level through 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. warm to hot the next days, and then we cool things down as we head into the midweek. let's look at our live doppler 7hd. you can see as we sweep live, not picking up anything. this is a false echo here. we are all clear out there. we will keep it there this evening. you are in the 70s now. you are probably only going to end up in the mid60s for antioch, san jose 62. 50s for san francisco as well as oaknd la. oakland. high pressure air is flowing from high into the low.
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tight pressure gradient that creates the offshore winds and more day one more day tomorrow. the winds riel start to die down as these two weather elements pull apart. hot temperatures for tomorrow of the the cooling begins on tuesday. here is a look at highs for you. san jose 91, 90 for santa clara. 70 for half moon bay. up you are 80s to -- upper 80s to near 90. san francisco, 78. the sunset district, 72. the north bay 92 tomorrow in santa rosa as well as napa. oakland 84, warm in hayward at 88 excessive heat. 95 brentwood, 92 for concord, livermore 93, and 94 for gilroy. we will get heat heat relief as we head into tuesday. the fog returns at the coast. coastal cooling and then wednesday and thursday we cool jhings back up just inonly time for father's day.
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don'ts forget mike will be here tomorrow morning at 4:30 with an update. we will do some traveling. >> unfortunately not the best day for baseball. >> no, stanford got hammered by florida state. giving up 35 runs and two losses. seminoles end batting practice
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does anyone know what is wrong with tim lincecum? he can't figure out why his struggles continue. he was not hills against the rangers, and for the second time the g men get shut out on the same weekend. then the milk man in the house. he strikes him out in the first. but on this bunt in the fourth he strains his groin running to first. he had to leave the game with a no hitter. still in the fourth and two
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runs score and 3-0 rangers. josh hamilton and ditto. two more score and lynn succumb pulled after -- linicicum wasld and cold and 5-0 your final. three hits for the giants. shut out for the second time in three games. >> i am sticking to what i can and not making any drastic changes. i haven't done anything drastically different than any other years. like i said i am just trying to grind it out and find a way out of this. >> it is a matter of time before he puts it together. and he has a couple of gyms this year -- games this year. he will just continue to work and keep improving. >> a's playing ugly in arizona. in the first, already 1-0 when hill singles off blackley. they go up 3-0. he is racing home from second and there will be a play at the plate here. watch this throw.
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it is perfect. catcher can't hold on and 3-2d backs. one last shot for the a's and he grounds out to second. 4-3 the final of the ncaa super regional and they are done after hammering stanford 17-1 on thursday. 2-0 seminoles and then in the second sherman johnson, 3-run shot after two innings. how about a grand slam to top it off. see ya. three home runs on the season, and they are all grand slams. stanford had 18 hits and could mott score. seminoles on the way to the college world series for the 21st time with an 18-7 victory. how about the only player on the lpga tour from china made history at the lpga championships.
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for the first time in 39 years the men's open won't
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finish on time. it is the record 7th french open title while joe caw very much 1* looking for his victory. they met in the last four grand slam finals. he was, 2-0, but here comes jokovitz. he went eight straight games to take the third set. nadal wins one game before play. he is up two-0 and that's to be completed o th montana. the final round of the lpga championship. her approach on on the par 517th -- par 5, 17th. she is five under on the day use atres a 67 in six under. yesterday's leader needs his birdie to have a shot. he can't leave that short. he is the first woman trying to win an lpga event. event. >> the final round of the saint jude classic.
2:31 am
a double bogey puts him at six under. he will be a favorite at the olympics. he birdies 16 and 17. he has a one-shot lead and he needs to chip in to force a playoff. dustin in wins in only his second week back from a back injury. nascar's sprint cup, and it didn't take long to bend some metal. he takes a couple drivers with him. and he had the pole for the race, and he wins. the first driver this season to win it from the pole. this sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. the golf guru picks a winner and why is timmy struggling? >> he cut his hair. he could be a little off balance. >> he is not 8 sim metra cal. that's a good one. well, a gunman opens fire in a home killing four people. coming up, police say it is a possible home invasion and the suspect wound up in the hospital. also -- >> like this fight, this
2:32 am
battle is not over of the it is just continuing. >> he is scheduled to be sentenced tomorrow, but a man convicted of killing a father and his two sons in san francisco claims his case is far from over.
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good evening. i'm ama dates. >> i'm alan wang. in tonight's headline we are entering the final hours of a red flag warning in the bay area. the firecrews have been making sure homeowners are creating defensible space around their homes. dry, hot conditions lead to a iy area. >> and in auburn, alabama the hunt continues for the 20-year-old man police believe shot six people at a pool party killing three. two of the fatalities were former auburn university football players. last night's violence erupted during an argument with a woman. one victim is in critical condition with a head wound.
2:36 am
>> and tomorrow marks the 50th anniversary of the escape from alcatraz. three men tunneled their way off the rock in 1962. their bodies have never been found and there has never been a trace of evidence they survived, although a lot of people like to believe they did. >> investigators say a gunman entered a sacramento home and opened fire killing four people. they are not sure about why it happened. as the abc7 news reporter tells us, the motive may have been money. >> we thought it was firecrackers. it didn't sound like anything too big. >> neighbors say they heard three to four loud pops. they didn't think much of it until they heart -- they heard lights and sirens. on sunday morning a big crowd gathered outside the blue home on 18th street. >> i don't really know who exactly is in there, but i know there is an auntie and uncle. >> his relatives are among the four people shot and killed in the home. >> it is devastating.
2:37 am
they are in their 50s. they still have a longtime. their brothers and sisters are all there too. >> they are figuring out who is who, but this was a home invasion that ended with a shootout. >> police now say the suspect entered the home and fired on four people including his aunt and uncle and their two guests. >> a person in the home heard the commotion and confronted the suspect, shooting and killing him.jorge rodriguez gotf the deadly shooting. >> one of my friends lives there, so i am hoping h ther is not involved in anything. >> meanwhile, they can only watch and wait along with his aunts, uncles and cousins. >> i really want to know why it went down that way too. as for now, we are waiting for answers. back in san francisco, a suspected it gang member will find out tomorrow if he will be sentenced to life in prison. even though some regrect -- regret con convicting him.
2:38 am
it was in the shooting death of tony and two of his sons in june of 2008. prosecutors accuse ramos of firing the fatal shot after mistaking one of tony's sons for being a rival gang member. ramos says another man actually pulled the trigger. >> we can tell them, yes, we have the shooter. yes, we have the killer. there will be one day that we all have to face our creator. >> ramos admits being in the car with the shooter. they released a statement saying, quote, no good evidence was presented that would undermind our confidence in the verdict. it promises to be an emotional event tomorrow in pennsylvania with opening statements in the trial of jerry sandusky. sandusky a former penn state
2:39 am
football coach is facing 52 charges of sexually abusing 10 boys over 50 -- over 15 years. the scandal forced the resignation of the beloved football coach joe paw turn know. a majority of the juries have connections with penn state. relief for oaknd la residents. the oakland police department is finally hiring more officers. the last chance to apply is tomorrow. the department has been operating with more than a hundred fewer officers of the the opd has secured funding for at least two police academies that translates into more than a hundred positions. applicants need to be 21 years old with a high school diploma or ged. cal trans claims there awitw no problems with the new span of the bay bridge, and it wants the sacramento bee to retract a story that says otherwise. last month the bee citing anonymous sources say there was a defect on the span's signature tower on the east
2:40 am
end. cal trans calls the story ridiculous, saying the foundation packs -- passed numerous tests. information confirming the foundation's integrity was given to the paper's reporter. the key to sticking to a diet could be as easy as getting your z's. up next, scientists found a connection between sweets and sleep. >> and bears are turning up in the most unexpected places. why they think the weather may have something to do with it. >> right now our high definition camera has got its eye on downtown san francisco. i tell you we have clear skies, and it is mild out there. we will check out the highsomin. >> and don't forget the abc7 morning news team is going prime time this week. we'll be on the regular morning newscast and then return for a prime time newscast. get the news, traffic and weather on tuesday night after game one of the nba final.h@
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the best of american theater took center stage at the tony awards. the bittersweet romantic musical won for best musical. the gershwins won best musical revival while death of a salesman was honored for best revival for a play. everybody is looking to save money these days and applying for a store credit card can save you plenty on a big purchase. but before you open that account michael finney has advice on how to get the best deal.
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once, it can hurt your bottom ly and it can be a real perk. >> they are offering credit cards. mastercard or visa will allow you to get rewards for to other stores too. ll b ll bean, cost-co and american express have friendly terms that are worth checking out. michael finney, 7 on your side. well, bears keep turning up in more and more places where people least expect them like tht middle of city -- like in the middle of cities in suburban areas. they tranquilized this 300-pound bear who climbed into a tree in orlando, florida. another bear crashed a wedding reception. pa got he got a whiff of the buffet. >> bears are driven by their stomping mas. they are -- stomachs. they are amazing creatures and they are looking for food. >> salmon with rice pilaf on the side. sometimes when the weather is dryer they will wander more to
2:47 am
find their meal. they suggest as cities and suburbs grow, more people will find themselves living closer to bear country. many bears are trapped and rereleased farther pr people. a new study shows getting enough sleep could help you stick to a diet. the research involved two groups of people. one group was restricted to four hours of sleep and the other was allowed to sleep up to mien hours. when the group that had less to sleep it activated the reward center of the brain. but healthy foods had no affect. scientists say it means lack of sleep can trigger hunger and increase cravi he unhealthy food. the study is in the american academy of sleep medicine. leigh glaser is checking on our forecast. >> hi, leigh. >> now i know about the unhealthy foods and the sleeping habits. if you are traveling tomorrow morning it is going to be warm to hot. 68 in san diego, but check out
2:48 am
palm springs 104. 76 for los angeles. fresno 98. 98 for sacramento and even chico is in the 90s at 94 degrees. here is a look at the travel forecasts across the country. 76 for salt lake city. denver sunshine and 77 degrees. it is going to be hot in dallas and humid. 97. get ready for some scattered showers in atlanta. 80 in washington, d.c. some isolated thunderstorms, 90 degrees the expected high. 94 for fairfield as well as antioch. concord will warm to 92. 84 for oakland and 90s in the north bay. santa rosa 92 and napa 92. half moon bay could still be in the -- it could be another great beach day. 70 degrees. san jose 91. 94 for gilroy and watsonville 87 degrees. we will be warm to hot for monday. the fog will return coast side on tuesday. look for some gradual cooling
2:49 am
tuesday through thursday, and then we will warm back up friday and saturday back to the low 90s. at least the midpart of the workweek will be cool around here. >> let's talk to shu. the u.s. open will be here in san francisco this week. >> that's right. it kicks off at the olympic club. who better to talk to than sandy tatum. he won two ncaa titles, and he
2:50 am
2:51 am
2:52 am
when you mention the name sandy tatum to any golfer they know what it is and what he has done in the game of golf. he won two ncaa titles at 1 1942. and the individual he was instrumental in getting him refurbished and hit some balls there today. he sat down with colin rush who asked sandy to pick a winner for the open. >> i pick rory mcilroy. he disappeared for awhile, but i am impressed with the way he won. if i had to take one pick to make, there are so many possibilities. i pick rory.
2:53 am
>> not a bad choice. a reminder too that thursday and friday the espn for coverage of the u.s. open at 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. and the first two rounds. the final round of the lpga championship and her approach on the par 517th. she leaves it five feet from the hole. she birdied for a two-shot lead. she shoots a 67 and is in the clubhouse at 6 under. yesterday's leader meeded this birdie -- needed this birdie putt and you cannot leave that short. she is the first woman from china to win an lpga event and it is a major. the final round of the saint jude classic and rory mcilroy with the tee shot and double bow tbees and puts him at six -- double bogies and puts him at six under. he has a one-shot lead. he can tie it with this chip. can't get much closer than that. he wins it only a second week back from back think
2:54 am
some think timmy's haircut isymd asymetrical and that's why he is struggling on the mound. the junior milk man in the house. he strikes him out in the first. but on this bunt he runs it to first. he left the game with a no hitter and that's not fair. he doubles off lynn --en. and then josh hamilton says i can do that too. he is pulled after scoring five runs on nine hits. it is 5-0 the final. giants shut out for the second time in three games. >> i am sticking to what ican. i am not trying to make any drastic changes. i haven't done anything drastically different. like i said, i am just trying to grind it out and find a way out of the hole. >> it is just a matter of time before he does put it together.
2:55 am
he has a couple of games this year and he will continue to work and keep improving. >> let's hope so. the a's try to prevent a sweep in arizona. in the first and it is 1-0. 3-0d backs and donaldson singles and the throw to the plate is on-line and on time. henry blanco can't hold on. the top 9 and 4-3 arizona. a's swept by the diamondbacks 4-3 the final. ncaa super regional and they hammered stanford for the second time. a repeat performance and the first inning and a two-run shot. and then in the second and a three-run shot. 6-0 after two. let's top it off with a grand slam. seth miller and see ya. three home runs on the year for seth. all of them were grand slams.
2:56 am
stanford had 18 hits and couldn't score on the way to the college world series with an 18-7 victory. lsu tigers and stoney brooke sea wolves. complete game. stoney brooke becomes only the second number four seed to advance to the college world series. what a great story 7-2 the final. for the first time this 39 years the french open will not finish off sunday. the delay is due to rain. it is the seventh french open title and the fourth straight major. these two have met in the last four grand slam finals. he breaks him to start the third up 2-0. here comes novak.s eight s he wins eight straight games to take the third set. nadal wins it before rain suspended flight. match to be completed on
2:57 am
monday. this abc7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. coming up, a preview at the olympic club and the changes made since the last open was played there in 1998. it should be an exciting week out there. as sandy said, there are a lot of guys who can win it. it is one of the toughest majors to win. >> that concludes another broadcast of abc7 news. i'm alan wang. >> i'm ama dates. inues at 4. a 30 for shucuh@ medicare. it doesn't cover everything. and what it doesn't cover can cost you some money. that's why you should consider an aarp... medicare supplement insurance plan... insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. all medicare supplement insurance plans can help pay... some of what medicare doesn't, so you could save... thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses.
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