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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 11, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. are we going to cool down today? >> that's and the red flag danger. good morning.
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first lack of rain on doppler, areas highlighted in burnt orange where we have the red flag warning north bay mountains east bay hills diablo range continues until 8:00, another hour and 59 minutes. we have gusty winds at our highest elevations. lower elevations okay. this afternoon low to mid 90s inland mid to upper around the bay low 70s at the coast near 80 in san francisco. monterey bay same you want to be out here the bay that is where it is going to be coolest today. we start off with a live shot of the bay bridge toll, still good, just minor back-up for some of the cash paying lanes metering lights haven't been turned on yet. live shot of the golden gate bridge stall reported northbound in the middle lanes, there's only two lanes northbound so i'm going to keep an eye on this, hopefully it is not going to cause trouble and the small will be cleared.
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-- and the stall will be cleared. injury crash vallejo westbound 780 at glen cove minor slowing at the scene. new this morning, commuters trying to get from the south of market neighborhood in san francisco to mid market have a new option. amy hollyfield is live with the new express bus. >> reporter: we are outside of the twitter headquarters. we just saw a young woman walking into her first day at the new building. we are already seeing new faces in this area. we an hour from seeing the new bus that will be arriving to this area, all signs city officials say, of a new rebirth in the mid market area. it is the 83 express. we've got the route for you. it is going to pick people up at the caltrain station at 4th and townsend deliver riders to mar debt between 8th and 9 -- market between 8th and 9th only a couple stops in
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between. employees going to start showing up for work today. they are coming to a part of town that has been considered run down, a lot of empty buildings. the employee we met is full of excitement. she will be cooking the first meal in the new kitchen there today. >> today we're opening the twitter headquarters. we are putting out our first menu at 11:30, 12:00 just on my way to prepare for that it is exciting. a new kitchen, it is gorgeous. >> reporter: she will be serving barbecue pork spare ribs, corn on the cob and sweet potatoes this is going to bring twitter to a part of market street that has been a tough area so the city had to make promises to get them to this area. it is giving the company a
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1.5% payroll tax exemption for the next six years. twitter agreed to stay to -- in the city and come to this area. city officials believe in bus line is part of the rebirth of the area. you are going to start seeing the 1,000 twitter employees in this area, starting today. those who need a ride will have a bus to bring them here. the hope is there will be new jobs, new companies and more people who will need that bus. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. golf fans are getting ready to head out to the olympic club this morning. practice rounds for the u.s. open are set to begin in the next hour. tiger woods is the favorite coming off a victory in ohio, eight days ago. he's scheduled a practice round in less than an hour. expect heavy traffic, street closures and little parking.
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katie marzullo will have a live report in our next half hour. red flag warning remains in effect this morning and the high fire danger has firefighters concerned that residents are not doing enough to clear the thick and dry brush around homes. so far crews have been able to keep bay area fires from exploding into disasters. this fire in san jose saturday was kept to five acres. some of the most vulnerable homes are in marin county. >> we have stuff hanging over, chimney here, branches here and there >> it is nice, we are able to deliver our message when it is hot, dry and on people's minds. >> they are reminding residents to keep a 100 foot radius of space around their homes. alameda police looking for two men suspected of shooting a man while he was sitting in his car. the bullets blew out both windows.
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the victim was hit in the arm but managed to get to a restaurant and call 911. he was taken to the hospital and expected to be okay.
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the world to enter the worldwide developers' conference later this morning. >> come here to learn what are the latest developments that apple has coming down the road and how we can incorporate into our apps. >> apple is announcing new software for iphone, ipad and ipod touch many hope to cash in by writing the next billion dollar selling software. today filming begins on the movie about the life of steve jobs. ashton kutcher stars as the co-founder. filming begins in the garage where jobs and wozniak started it all. the movie is based on the best selling biography of jobs. producers say it will focus on jobs' life between 1971 and 2000. i bet a lot of people will try to go to that area.
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right now 6:07, clear, hazy, going to be hot. absolutely. we start with live doppler, broader picture in case you are driving and heading out this morning, central valley or north or south nothing going on it is quiet. as far as day planner, quiet alot of sun 7:00, temperatures as cool as they are going to get 50s even a few 60s possible especially way pout in eastern contra costa county. we warm more than 30° from 7:00 to noon. 88 lunchtime. toasty around the bay mid 80s. 4:00, near 70 at the coast mid 80s around the bay low 90s inland warm everywhere. as we head towards 7:00, coast 60, mid 70s around the bay and mid 80s inland.
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another day inland where you will need the air conditioner if you are going to be home during the day. high amounts of tree, grass, ragweed. mold moderate. pollen could be worse for you. tomorrow only the coast sees cooling. all of us gets cooling wednesday. here's frances. bay bridge toll still a minor wait now metering lights not on, sun still in the way, a tiny back-up. there are a couple injury accidents one westbound 780 at glen cove on the shoulder with a lot of vehicles, emergency vehicles at the scene it has caused minor slowing not too bad, 60 miles an hour. injury crash at willow pass road and port chicago highway may be blocking lanes. delays on amtrak's capital corridor due to a bridge delay,
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they are saying between martinez and sassoon they are offering free coffee this morning. other mass transit systems reporting no delays. we have heavy hearts new this morning, gma anchor robin roberts just revealed a personal battle she is undergoing. >> her emotional announcement, next.
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we want to share tough news. this morning gma anchor robin roberts made an emotional announcement about her health. she has been diagnosed with mds, a disease of the blood and bone marrow. she is going to be beat it. she will have to undergo a bone marrow transplant. >> later today i begin what is known as pretreatment. it is a pick line in my arm i don't want you to be concerned if you saw a bandage tomorrow it will be there to draw blood that has to be monitored regularly and administer drugs later today for the week and a period of time all to prepare me for a bone marrow transplant. my big sister is a virtually perfect match for me. she is there with diane, ann
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sweeney, she is going to be my donor. [ applause ] >> roberts has written an open letter to her fans on the gma website. roberts beat breast cancer five years ago. and she is a fighter. you can watch much more on her announcement on gma after our newscast at 7:00. our time now is 6:15. also new, just released study says children as young as are cutting themselves. the study is based on interviews with children in denver and new jersey. almost 8% of third graders admitted to hurting themselves by cutting, burning or poking their skin with objects. 2/3 admit to hurting themselves more than once. doctors say several new drugs hold promise for people with diabetes. studies released over the weekend showed the treatments are offering patients hope of better control over blood sugar and weight and can help
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prevent low blood sugar one medication is an ultra long acting insulin for type 2. it spreads low blood sugar during the night. the drugs were announced during the american diabetes association conference in philadelphia. :16. we have a couple of the factors we need for high fire danger they are morning. we had that until 8:00. >> yeah, 8:00. i'll show you those areas first the beautiful golden gate bridge and the sunrise coming up in the long shadows of the early morning sun gorgeous, notice the lack of clouds and fog hot everywhere today. both areas color coded in red, that whole area under a red flag warning for another hour and 40 three minutes as we come up on -- and 43 minutes as we come up on 6:17. winds gusting to 22 on top of
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tamalpais. oakland hills i don't see winds at all right now. you are like everybody else, calm. pretty much above 2,000 feet where we see the gustiest winds and where the greatest fire danger now. half moon bay 45° to 67 in antioch. it is definitely one of the warmest mornings we've had in a long time. low to mid 50s monterey bay inland to salinas, cooler comfortable, 48 gilroy, today sunny and warm to hot in all neighborhoods, clear tonight, cool to mild lows, cooler at the coast tuesday that will start to move inland starting wednesday. today, three degrees cooler in san francisco, 78, one degree shy than yesterday. san jose 91. fremont 88, santa rosa 92. concord from 87 to 92°. if you are heading out for the practice rounds the u.s. open
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at the olympic club, starting off at 52 this morning warming up into the mid 60s slight breeze off the ocean at 5 to 15 miles per hour have fun. 93 los gatos. mid to upper 80s peninsula, 80 millbrae. near 80 downtown and south san francisco. golden gate bridge, 82 sausalito. 20° cooler at beaches. mid to upper 80s east bay shore to low to mid 90s into the east bay valleys, same for morgan hill, gilroy, hollister. one last look clear tonight 50s to low to mid 60s in eastern contra costa county. temperatures start to cool at the coast tomorrow, six degrees cooling there, tour to eight degrees for all of us wednesday, a couple more
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thursday dare, the warmth creeps back friday through sunday back in the 90s father's day weekend inland mid 80s around the bay, mid 60s at the coast. here's frances. good morning. this was our hot spot this morning the oakland maze, everything has been cleared. if you are heading towards the bay bridge traffic light, metering lights were turned on. it has been light this morning. live shot of the golden gate bridge, northbound there was a stall reported, we are still in either direction there'stz @h northbound, southbound looks good out of marin. no major problems north bay or south bay this is a live shot in san jose this is northbound 280 this is 17 out of santa cruz mountains, good to go in all directions here. of course, if you are heading to the u.s. open as many folks are, you have to park at candlestick, there are shuttles it takes 25 to 30 minutes each way.
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you might want to avoid this area 280 between san francisco, daly city and candlestick even 280 if you are taking bart towards the colma station there will be extra traffic heading towards the olympic club. did you see diane sawyer at the tony's last night? her husband picked up a big honor. >> musical -- >> prometheus popular at the weekend box office. is it a healthtft@j0 hazard
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. circus animals beat out aliens at the weekend box office. madagascar 3 finished with a 60 million dollar debut followed by a big opening for prometheus at number two with 50 million dollars. the previous weekend's top draw, snow white slipped to third place bringing in 23 million dollars. the solid second place showing for prometheus comes with at least one moviegoer suffering a seizure while watching this movie. news reports from australia say a 15-year-old boy suffered a seizure while watching the movie over the weekend. the seizure occurred during the scene in which a character
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performs a graphic emergency operation on himself. the boy went to the hospital and he's now said to be in stable condition. the broadway play chronicling an unlikely romance took top honors at this year's tony awards. >> and the tony award guess to "once." -- >> "once" won the top musical award last night also seven other trophies, it is based on a 2006 film about a romance between a czech flower seller and irish street musician. also mike nichols' revival of death of a salesman, the husband of diane sawyer. a wall of flames keeping fires busy in colorado. we'll have the latest. plus, developing news at home. the investigation underway after an overnight apartment fire leaves more than a dozen homeless in contra costa county. driver plunges a car into
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the oakland estuary. the quick rescue and why this is nothing new to first reponders. >> reporter: i'm katie marzullo at the club in san francisco. great week of golf kicks off this morning if you plan to watch the pros in person, you are gonna want a plan i have tips to help you do that. forecast coming in the next half hour. let's look at what is going to happen today, 70s along the coast mid to upper 80s bay shore low to mid 90s inland. 70s in the northwest and northeast. 104 phoenix, 80s and 90s in the midwest and south. all major airports are on time.
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good morning. monday june 11th, 2012. we are starting off the day with blue skies, warm temperatures and red flag danger but that's gonna, forgive me, burn off a little later on 6:30 a.m., thanks for joining us, i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. good morning.
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live doppler kind of a catch 22 it toes not show rain but we -- it does not show rain but we need it, high fire danger. critical fire weather conditions another hour and a half winds gusting 20 to 30 miles an hour. check out the temperatures from 70 at half moon bay, 78 san francisco mid to upper 80s bay shore. south monterey 71 cooler spots mid to upper 80s the rest of the bay low to mid 90s inland. good morning. the sun is in the way but the bay bridge toll traffic minor back-up just beyond the end of the parking lot slow to the metering lights. injury crash willow pass, a truck hit a bicyclist lanes blocked. heavy traffic westbound 4 through antioch only moving at
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nine miles an hour out towards somersville. heavy traffic westbound 580 from westbound 205 out of tracy to the altamont pass. 6:32. developing news from contra costa county. a fire in bay point has displaced 14 people. this was sent to us via twitter by fire crews. firefighters say two units onshore view court were destroyed, two heavy damaged in the 1 amplifier. everybody got out -- in the 1 amplifier. everybody got out okay no word on what caused the fire. divers may find themselves in the rough this week in san francisco, -- drivers may find themselves in the rough this week in san francisco with the kickoff of the u.s. open fans are expected in droves. katie marzullo is live with the traffic morning and gorgeous picture. >> reporter: isn't it a gorgeous day. good day to golf. this place is going to be
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hopping in a little bit. quiet now we are watching shuttles start dropping off the first spectators who want to watch what might be early practice. i haven't seen any golfers among them maybe tiger woods he's just coming off a win earlier this month last week i believe in ohio he's known to practice early and the spectators are rolling in this morning as for the olympic club here as many as 33,500 people could be here a day that's how many tickets are being allowed per day. traffic could be a disaster. skyline boulevard and john muir drive restricted those are the main roads around the club don't plan to drive near here. you are asked to park at candlestick park and there will be shuttles from six in the morning until nine at if you want to take bart get off
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at the colma station bus there is will bring you here they are running from 5 in the morning until 9:00 in the evening monday through friday. if you are going to take muni get off at lake merced boulevard. commuters doing your regular drive not only will the roads around the olympic club be packed so will the shuttle route between candlestick and the olympic club here. avoid the whole area if you can. unless you are coming on purpose in which case try to take public transportation. practice rounds today, tomorrow and wednesday. u.s. open thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. katie marzullo, abc7 news. reminder, tune in thursday and fry to espn for coverage of the -- and friday to espn for coverage of the u.s. open. a suspected gang member will find out today if he will be sentenced to life in prison. 25-year-old edwin ramos awaits
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sentencing after being convicted last month in the shooting deaths of tony bologna and two of his sons. prosecutors accused ramos of firing the fatal shots after mistaken one of the sons for a viral gang member. ramos says another man pull the trigger but admits to being in the car. good samaritans made a rescue of a woman inside a sinking car in the oakland estuary. >> this happened yesterday off doolittle near the airport the woman managed to make it to shore safely and appears to be uninjured. not clear why her car plunged into the water the same thing happened two weeks ago to another driver. this woman okay after she was pulled from the water. police think she took a turn too fast and then overcorrected. the oakland police department is hiring more officers. today is the last chance to apply. the department has been
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operating with more than 100 fewer officers than the number needed. opd has secured funding for two academies that translates into more than 100 officer positions. applicants need to be 21 with a high school diploma or g.e.d.. a man attacked has died, 31-year-old steven martin's family took him off life support friday. witnesses say he was sucker punched then hit his head on the curb last month. this video showing where martin was beaten. investigators think pictures might help them find a suspect. witnesses say martin argued with some men wearing 49ers jerseys before he was punched. in colorado a fast growing forest fire is forcing new evacuations residents have been told to get out now. the high park fire has burned
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20,000 acres since saturday morning a lightning strike is believed to have set it off, 250 firefighters are working the fire lines. at home dry conditions and high winds have sparked a number of wildfires across the stay. firefighters are battling a stubborn fire in san bernardino county, 20 acres have burned near apple valley, it is 50% contained. smaller fire burned 15 acres before it was contained. so far this year, calfire has battled 1600 fires more than twice as many as this time last year. napa county firefighters were able to contain this fire to less than an acre yesterday. gusty winds and dry conditions kept crews on scene to make sure it didn't flare-up again. no injuries were reported. high fire danger is still with us this morning. and will be for another hour
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and a half or so. elevation 2,000 feet through 8:00 this morning. good morning. live doppler is quiet this morning. so are winds at the lower elevations where most of us live that's why i'm most concerned about gusty winds before 2,000 feet. storm track to the north no relief from the heat today, right now as comfortable as it is going to get, 49 napa, 68 in antioch, most of news the upper 50s to low 60s through 7:00. look how quickly we warm, 20 to 30° in the five hours from 7:00 to noon. 64 at half moon bay to 70 san francisco and san rafael, 90 in antioch, toasty for your lunch time. as far as 4:00, a little bit of relief, little is the kilo to mid 80s around the bay upper 60s to mid 70s from the coast into san francisco, low to mid 90s inland, 7:00 we
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start to see the drop, upper 60s to mid 70s around the bay, low 60s along the coast into san francisco tree, grass and ragweed high, mold still moderate. next three days, still hot everywhere except the coast tomorrow mid 60s drop four to eight degrees wednesday cooler still warm inland 84, 76 thursday around the bay, 60 at the coast. typical slow spots, west bond 4 out of antioch, westbound 205 out of tracy to the altamont pass. bay bridge toll lighter than normal starting last week with the graduations we have folks on summer break, only backed up to the end of the parking lot now. getting there good on westbound 80 out of emeryville towards the bay bridge toll. that traffic is heading towards the maze. we'll also check out another live shot for you this is in
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the south bay no accidents reported in san jose or on the peninsula and these cars moving northbound on 280 delay-free out of the downtown san jose area up towards cupertino and up the peninsula into san francisco also easy ride across the golden gate bridge right now. thank you. 6:40. breaking news in vallejo. sky 7 hd is over a fire the home is on tennessee street. you can see the scorch marks itch the fire went to two alarms. the building next to the one -- one on fire evacuated. no reports of injuries. no word on possible cause of the fire. looks as though that fire is out. >> that's an apartment building, right? >> yes. >> 6:40. trading underway on wall street. investors reacting positively to news from spain today. live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. dow up 60 to points.
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>> u.s. commerce secretary cited for a felony. the traffic collisions in southern california leading to his legal trouble. he says there's a medical reason. former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords planning to return to politics? the morning news team is going primetime. we will be here tomorrow night after game one of the nba fines for a special newscast. oh yeah we will be here tomorrow morning too and wednesday day morning. join us as we stay up late. >> kongh@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@@
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you can see
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i'm watching hot temperatures for you. check it out half moon bay 70. 78 san francisco, upper 80s bay shore low to mid 90s inland hot everywhere eureka lack of rain today getting out of the 50s, 61 there, mid to upper 90s through the central valley mid 70s tahoe and los angeles, 105 in palm springs. right now we take you back to breaking news. sky 7 hd still over the scene of a fire that has been put out in vallejo. this is at avian and tennessee. an apartment complex there started 5:53 this morning. you can see it has been knocked down. it went to two alarms.
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buildings next to the one on fire had been evacuated. no injuries. firefighters still on the scene. no initial word on possible cause. getting new information about the two traffic accidents involving u.s. commerce secretary john bryson. he apparently suffered a seizure. southern california authorities say bryson has been cited for felony hit-and-run. he's being treated at a hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. police say bryson was driving home saturday when he allegedly hit another car. bryson stooped -- stopped to speak with the driver, then drove away authorities say he caused a second collision minutes later. government officials in afghanistan say a roadside bomb has killed a pregnant woman on her way to the hospital it happened today in the northern part of the country as an ambulance rushed the woman to the hospital. four of the woman's family members also died. four other afghan civilians died today when a mortar fired
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hit their home in the eastern part of the country. >> damage left in western ukraine after a stairwell collapsed in the five story apartment building yesterday. two people were killed, crews saved 18 others, including a 4-year-old child. emergency crews say the disaster could have been much worse if the collapse had been centered near the bedrooms. president obama's reelection campaign has a fresh four million dollars to help launch a spanish language advertising campaign targeting hispanic voters. the money comes from a democratic super political action committee and service employees union the campaign will argue that mitt romney's plans would benefit the wealthiest americans at the expense of hispanics and working families. the radio and tv ads will run this summer in colorado, nevada and florida. in alabama, the search continues for a gunman
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suspected of killing three and wounding three others at a weekend pool party near auburn university two killed were former football players. authorities are searching for a 22-year-old man accused of opening fire saturday night at an apartment complex after getting into a fight with some of the victims over a woman. police say the suspect is a montgomery resident. what promises to be an emotional event begins today in pennsylvania with opening states in the trial of jerry sandusky. this is video of him arriving at court this morning. he is facing 52 charges of sexually abusing 10 boys over 15 years. sandusky has admitted to horsing around with the boys but denies anything inappropriate. helpful hints for college students looking for a job. >> jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange. good morning. spain asking for a bailout for
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its banks over the weekend. looks like they are gonna get that it is sending stocks higher. the idea is to provide spain's banks with a 125 billion dollar line of credit. the thinking is better and cheaper than bailing out spain's government because of its debt problems. the dow, s&p and nasdaq in the green. bloomberg index about a third of a percent higher. apple among the stocks watching today gearing up for the developers' conference starts today. waiting to hear more about mac computers, new features that power iphones and ipads and replacing google map with its own map app. writing future applications that can work on a larger
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surface that would signal apple planning on a larger screen for. phones. if you are a student or parent, microsoft, boeing, ge starting to establish relationships with college students way before they graduate and making sure they get training before they end the workforce. boeing wants workers to show up first day on the job ready for work. if you can get that training while still in school you will be more likely to have a job waiting for you, when you finish. i'm jane king. going to give moo advice to my kid -- give that advice to my kid. >> more graduations this week. >> starts today college park high in concord at the pavillion 7:00, going to be sunny and hot! upper 90s, cooling back to 90 by 7:00, don't forget to take money for parking i think it is $8 or something.
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outside you can see looks nice, a lot of sunshine waiting for you. we still have red flag warns -- warnings, burnt orange north bay mountains east bay hills and diablo reigning for another hour and nine minutes right now temperatures are -- temperatures 60 san rafael, oakland, 67 in antioch, everybody else in the 50s until you get to half moon bay, 45. microclimates this morning. low to mid 50s around the monterey bay inland salinas, 48 gilroy. imagine this afternoon when it is sunny and warm to hot during the afternoon. we are looking at cool conditions tonight and it will be clear as we look through the forecast we are dealing with temperatures that will be cooler at the coast tuesday and we'll have some of that move inland wednesday. as far as what is happening temperatures today compared to
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average are going to be seven degrees warm her in redwood city, 87. 78 in san francisco. heading to the u.s. open practice rounds today 52 this morning, warming up to the mid 60s a little breeze unusual for the olympic club only west at five possibly 15 this afternoon. east bay valleys low to mid 90s today towards the east bay shore 80 richmond mid to upper 80s. upper 80s south bay low to mid 90s through los gatos. 80 mid to upper 80s peninsula 68 pacifica, low 70s everywhere else. 80 -- upper 80s low 90s north bay valleys. 71 monterey, 85 santa cruz, 94 gilroy. tonight most of news the 50s
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to low 60s. -- most of news the 50s to low 60s. four to eight degrees cooler wednesday, couple more degrees of cooling thursday warmth returns just in time for dad's weekend, low 90s inland mid 80s around the bay mid 60s at the coast. hot spot towards the dumbarton bridge westbound 84 thornton multiple vehicle crash blocking lanes, injuries have been reported traffic very slow as you head out of newark towards menlo park and palo alto. they say possibly up to seven cars involved in this crash. also, new accident reported at the san mateo bridge toll as well, no injuries on that one. so, might be a better detour instead of the dumbarton bridge in morning. of course you've been hearing katie marzullo reporting about the u.s. open, very exciting, but if you are parking between candlestick and the olympic club it is a 25 to 30 minute
6:54 am
shuttle ride you want to avoid 280 stretch if you are not heading to the area if you are taking bart no delays. you need to get off at the colma station this morning there's free coffee on amtrak's capital corridor to celebrate reaching their 20 milliontm passenger. we see the back-up real-time developing heavy westbound 84 at thornton folks are stuck in the back up now to almost 880 with heavy traffic reported closer to that area. 6:54. update on our breaking news from vallejo where sky 7 is over an apartment building that has been on fire. the fire was put out a little while ago as you can see. it went to two alarms the building next to that were evacuated, no injuries and no word on possible cause.
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former congresswoman gabriel give forces may be plotting a return to politics many her husband says give fors considering a run for office against, -- giffords is considering a run for office again, once she recovers from a shooting. six people were killed and giffords was shot in the head. she resigned in january to foe focus on her recovery. here are five things to know before you go. number one, u.s. open practice rounds underway this morning at the olympic club. expect heavy traffic in the lake merced area. fans should park at candlestick or take bart to the colma station. number two, service began this morning on a new san francisco muni express route serving twitter's new headquarters. buses run between caltrain and 4th and townsend and the new offices at the building at 9th and market >> number three, what is new
6:56 am
from apple at a conference in san francisco. the company's new ceo will make the announcement during his keynote address this morning >> number four, anchor robin roberts diagnosed with mds, a disease of the blood and bone marrow. she will begin treatment today and have a bone marrow transplant with her big sister the donor. watch her emotional announce coming up in four minutes. number five, today is the last day to apply for new positions with the oakland police department hiring more than 100 officers applicants need to be 21. >> final check on weather and traffic. red flag warning continues until 8:00 high elevations. we turn our attention to the heat this afternoon. starting off 49 to 68 right now, 64 to 90 at noon. 68 at the coast, 93 inland, 60
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by 7:00 at the coast comfortable 85 inland. bay bridge toll final check, hasn't been too bad, right now backed up beyond the end of the parking lot not to west grand. hot spot this morning, developing right now westbound 84 at thornton, injury accident two left lanes blocked, traffic backing up to 880. thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news. >> back with a local update at 7:24. have a great day!
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