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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 12, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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it is tuesday, good morning thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. going to be warm again today maybe not as warm as it was yesterday. >> where do you find cooling? mike has the latest. the pool that's where you find the cooling. or any body of water like the coast where you want to go today that's where the cooling begins. mid 60s there to around 70 in san francisco, upper 70s oakland and san mateo main areas that are going to be affected by the sea breeze in afternoon. still have upper 80s to mid 90s inland. the heat is still on there but the cooling will come your way tomorrow. u.s. open and the giants are back in town.
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first news. coming up on 5:02. developing news from martinez, firefighters put out a suspicious fire that gutted a vacant home this morning it started shortly before midnight in the 4 block of h street. it went from a smoke -- 400 block of h street. we are told the house has gone through fore -- foreclosure and there had been problems with squatters there. expect sparks in court this morning over the estate of famed american artist thomas kincade. his girlfriend and family fighting over his los gatos mansion and tens of millions of dollars. terry mcsweeney is live at superior court with a preview. >> reporter: going to be a battle royale here this morning. it is not going to end this morning. a 66 million dollar estate, big chunk of that of thomas kincade's estate at issue. the question is, is that note
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that has surfaced written by him? did he do it when he was thinking clearly? exactly how much weight should it have in court? take a look at the artist thomas kincade passed way this past april from an alcohol and drug overdose. 54 years of age, popular, 10 million pieces of his artwork hanging in american homes. when he died he was dating a woman who is claiming that this note was written by kincade, giving her 10 million dollars and his mansion to be a museum for his works. her attorney wants to administer that 10 million dollars and not the entire 66 million dollar estate. kincade's wife has a different take. the two were legally separated on their way towards a divorce it would appear. she was married to him for 30 years, mother of his four daughters. she said walsh is a
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gold-digger. kincade died in april at the age of 54. the wife wants the issue settled quietly in arbitration, but the girlfriend wants it in open court. that is what is at issue this morning here in santa clara county. arbitration or open court? whatever it is, it is not the final round. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. state lawmakers plan to begin moving a budget through the approval process today even though they haven't agreed on numbers. why? because their paychecks depend on it. katie marzullo is live in the breaking news center with more. >> reporter: there's the discrepancy and deadline. senate and assembly will be in budget hearings today and they have to agree on a plan by friday or it comes out of their own pockets. the discrepancy is between democrats and the governor.
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the governor's plan sets aside a one billion dollar reserve and makes cuts to programs like welfare to work. democrats want to fully fund that program and set aside less of a reserve, 600 million dollars. this friday is the constitutional deadline for lawmakers to pass a balanced budget. if they don't, thanks to prop 25, they forfeit their pay everyday until they pass a budget. wait, loophole alert! court ruling this spring gives lawmakers wiggle room to define a budget as balanced or credible, meaning they can send the governor a budget full of gimmicks and still get paid. however, a political analysts says he doubts the governor would allow that since he's in a precarious position with voters asking them to approve a tax like. 5:05. san jose city council set to vote on proposed budget for the next fiscal year. for the first time in a decade, no deficit.
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proposed 883 million dollars spending plan includes nine million dollar surplus to help open the new library, it isn't scheduled to open until next year the community center with a new gym and exercise room will open monday after a two year budget delay. new this morning, we are learning that executives at one of america's biggest banks were warned two years ago their traders were making risky investments that resulted in two billion dollars in losses. the "wall street journal" reports top officials at jpmorgan chase were told in 2010 that traders in their london office were putting huge amounts of cash in high risk envelopes in 2011 the bank put a plan in place to roll back the trades but wind fully followed losses could reach five billion dollars i.j.. >> morgan chairman faces a grilling from the banking committee tomorrow about what happened. -- want to support a
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candidate this election season? election officials ruled text messages fine as long as donation is under $50 per month. republican and democratic groups with campaign finance watchdogs sue nord method of contribution. if you have a hospital -- hospital procedure scheduled for tomorrow it may be delayed because of a strike. nurses at 10 bay area hospitals managed by sutter health are planning a one-day strike tomorrow nurses angry about concessions they say hospitals are demanding including elimination of paid sick days and requiring nurses to pay for their health care this is video of a strike staged at eden medical center last month. a spokeswoman says nurses make on average $136,000 a year. and they are asking for double digit raises that the hospitals can't afford. senator boxer wants car
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rental companies to stop renting recalled cars. last month she asked the companies to make a permanent commitment and stop renting out recalled cars until the cars were fixed. she gave them thirty days. so far only hertz has complied. today she will announce which companies continue to rent out recalled cars. she will be joined by a mother whose two daughters were killed when their enterprise rental car caught fire and crashed in 2004. the car was under a safety recall at the time. 5:08. morgan hill police looking for who sold tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment from a cover band that does led zeppelin songs. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the group was traveling if gilroy to redwood city over the weekend at their hotel their rental van was broken into several guitars, keyboard, drum set and various sound
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equipment was stolen. all told, $35,000 worth of equipment was pilfered. police say it was a professional break-in fire district shutting down three fire stations after voters said no to a property tax measure. voters in east contra costa county voted down the measure last tuesday day the tax would have increased revenue within the fire district without funding 19 are expected to be laid off and managers must decide which three stations to close. >> we have to make hard decisions on scene. are we going to be able to save a structure or have to save the neighbor's house? >> if are calls in oakley or brentwood, where are we going to fall on that list? >> that resident remote bethel island fears she and her neighbors will be in danger.
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5:09. there will be places to find relief from the heat out there, but for those of us who live inland another day of ac. >> you mentioned jumping into the pool. for those of us along the bay, coast and bay area cooler, right mike? >> absolutely. depends on where you are. clear sky to start. not as stuffy as it was yesterday concord, napa and half moon bay warmer than we were 24 hours ago santa rosa the same everybody else is one to six degrees cooler. 7:00 this morning a few cloud as long the coast 52, 56 around the bay 58 inland. noon we warm up quickly inland 30° warmer mid 80s there. heading out for lunch around the bay upper 70s, upper 50s at the coast. cooling around the bay 80, cooling also inland 90 not so much breezes develop around
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4:00 to 7:00 that will help drop us down to upper 70s k3w50eu7 inland upper 60s bay upper 50s at the coast if you suffered yesterday you are going to suffer again today, three of our four allergens in the high category. sea breeze will start to move inland wednesday 90s are gone, gone from this entire three-day forecast. city in the mid to upper 80s low to mid 70s around the bay upper 50s to low 60s at the coast. may have an issue if you are leaving the house here's frances. westbound 4 antioch usually slow but heavier than normal this morning because of a stalled sweeper truck at loveridge. with the waze traffic maps we have traffic spotters in the area reporting very heavy traffic, complete standstill seven minutes ago. traffic is very slow as you head through antioch westbound 4 and then it starts to pick up, we lose the slow sensors once you get past loveridge. loveridge is where the stalled
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truck is. we'll keep you postedthon. it is blocking a lane at this point. -- posted on this. it is blocking a lane at this point. bart delay, 15 minutes on the pittsburg bay point line due to equipment problem on the track if you are taking bart to the u.s. open get off at the colma station, fry shuttles from there. ace, caltrain, muni, no delays. why graphic will be heavy in san francisco today, keep that in mind especially lunch time driving around the city we have the apple developers' conference mosconey center, kristen got caught yesterday. tonight a lot of folks heading to the giants game as well. you may want to consider mass transit for that. we have the u.s. open going on with folks parking at candlestick. expect heavy traffic this evening as well on 280 between daly and candlestick. right now, traffic is flowing well through the area. kristen was caught
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yesterday. today as the who says she won't be fooled again. >> no, thanks to frances. san francisco in the spotlight with all those events. darn it. a town where swearing can land you a ticket from police. police in the north bay cracked the case of the missing picasso. plan b unveiled today in san francisco that could make buying converted
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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two san francisco supervisors plan to introduce legislation to create a one time bypass for property owners who want to convert to condos. the chronicle reports the new plan would help more than 1,000 tennessee in common owners skip the condominium conversion lottery they would have to pay $20,000 that will pump 25 million dollars in the city's affordable housing fun. this year nearly 2400 units in the lottery for 200 converted slots. opponents say the plan would lead to the loss of rental units. new evidence as to how severe the great recession was. federal reserve survey found net worth declined from 126,400 in 2007 to 77,300 in
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2010. a drop of nearly $50,000. adjusted for inflation the net worth in 2010 was the same as in 1992. net worth by the way is the value of assets such as homes, bank accounts and stocks minus debts like mortgages and credit cards. novato police low covered expensive cost so stolen if a north bay mansion thanks to a hiker. this $33,000 lithograph had been left next to a walking trail. it went missing after a of teenagers broke into the house and flu an illegal party two weeks ago. -- and through an illegal party two weeks ago. the hiker couldn't believe what he had found. >> i walked around a little, look at it sit and study it for a while this is not really here. >> he call the police who told him to stay put with the
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portrait. they will keep the picasso until the investigation is over and then return it to its rightful owner. residents in the massachusetts town of middleborough have voted to make the foul mouthed pay fines for swearing in public. last night they approved proposal from the police chief to impose a $20 fine on public profanity. supporters say it isn't meant to censure casual conversations but crackdown on loud profanity in public areas. it will allow police to write tickets. >> what is the heck going on back there. >> have you been to a park lately? >> yes. >> not only the boys now, the girls too. >> i'm going to say shoot it is so darn hot. >> let's look outside and show what is going on.
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the heat is still on, you can see a few clouds at the bottom that is the sea breeze trying to develop along the coast that's why the closer you are to the coast and golden gate bridge where it punches through the easiest -- first the clear skies on live doppler around the bay and inland. let's talk about temperatures when you step out 48 half moon bay, 63 in concord, 65 antioch everybody else mid to upper 50s around the monterey bay inland we low to mid 50s. here's what is going to happen today, sunny once again, a few clouds along the coast breezy this afternoon and this evening the sea breeze starting to come in that will bring s to most of our neighborhoods tonight except for inland that sea breeze will maybe it inland tomorrow and we'll start to see that heat taper. today, let's talk about what is going over at the khreup
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olympic club. 52 this morning, clouds throughout the day, the thing you will notice compared to yesterday, the winds 15 to 25 one round with no winds now another practice round with the winds 112th u.s. open 7:00 to 7:00, most of the golfers are finished laying by three. mid to upper 80s south bay 90 los gatos low 80s to mid 70s south and north along the peninsula. near 70 downtown south san francisco head through the north bay mid to upper 80s valleys 20° cooler at beaches. upper 70s to low 80s through most of the east bay shore. low to mid 90s into the east bay valleys, morgan hill and gilroy low to mid 90s, 66 monterey, 78 santa cruz. heading to the giants game taking on the astros, hopefully good homecooking
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7:15 breezy, 65 dropping to 57. sea breeze inland tomorrow drops temperatures six degrees there a couple more thursday pretty warm away from the coast for saturday and father's day, sunday. hope you have a great day. back to highway 4 westbound at loveridge, chp at the scene of a stalled sweeper truck blocking right lane. heavy traffic seven miles an hour, 22 as you approach the scene. normally we see the slow down reported it heavy as far back as hillcrest from the group we hate highway 4 traffic, i don't blame them. so ride to loveridge. we'll let you know when the stalled sweeper truck clears up extra traffic there. bart still reporting 15 minute delay bay point pittsburg line due to equipment problem on the track if you are taking
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bart to the u.s. open get off at colma then from colma free shuttles out to olympic park. 680 everywhere else quiet so far this is looking good southbound towards highway 24 and the san ramon valley. no major problems in marin county southbound 101 well down to the golden gate bridge. we just got this word from bart they are recovering from the problem and now the delay the pittsburg bay point line is down to 5, 10 minutes, improving. frances will keep us updated. next dramatic down to the wire victory in the stanley cup playoffs. member of the royal family who may represent great britain in next month's summer olympics in london. s money." i'm paula faris. er
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at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at good morning. both bay area teams had yesterday off tonight giants host astros at at&t park at 7:15. the a's are in denver against the rockies that game starts 5:40, pacific time. the los angeles kings are champions of the hockey world this morning after winning the stanley cup for the first time in their 45 year franchise history. fans celebrated outside the staples center last night things appeared peaceful, unlike past celebrations that turned violent. they beat the devils 6-1 to take the finals 4-2.
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they became the first 8th seeded playoff team to win lord stanley's cup. member of the british royal family will be going for gold at the summer olympics. equestrian zara philips has won a spot on the british team. the 31-year-old is the queen's grand daughter. 14th in line to the throne. she will compete in show jumping, cross-country. she follows in the footsteps of her parents both of whom were olympians for the u.k.. following two developing stories i am overnight fires in two bay area cities are now under investigation. tense night for firefighters in martinez, they battle a house fire there we are live at the scene. investigators calling the blaze suspicious. you won't believe what fell out of the sky crashing into this bay area homeowner's roof. here's a look at temperatures 63 half moon bay,
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70 san francisco, 77 oakland, san mateo 78 low 80s the rest bay shore 90s inland. a trip around the country, warm weather, 80s and 90s everywhere except along the canadian border and northwest and northeast. a wall of water heading to the northeast, no delays yet. severe weather possible across the high plains into dallas and houston. check out our flight tracker at at the bottom.
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5:30 on this tuesday morning. sun on the rise in the east thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. >> that sun is going to create plenty of heat in the bay area but not everywhere. >> let's find out from mike. temperatures four to eight degrees cooler than yesterday.
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good morning. you still see a wealth of upper 80s to low 90s inland biggest drop will come tomorrow where you see around the bay upper 70s to lower 80s we get around that six to eight degree drop in san francisco 70 and along the coast where clouds will gather during the afternoon and a breeze will start to pick up that sea breeze will bring us all cooler weather tomorrow. until then another hot one so be careful. developing news arson investigators will sift through debris left by early morning fire that heavily damaged a martinez home looking for a cause. amy hollyfield is live in martinez. this house was supposed to be vacant, but it might not have been. >> reporter: that's right. it had been foreclosed on. you can tell it has been neglected for a while the yard is overgrown you can barely see the driveway leading up to the garage. now the window is boarded up and you can see burned out areas in the attic where the fire started.
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look at pictures from last night. this fire started 11:35 last night flames 20 to 30 neat in the air. fires have suspicions about -- about this fire because the home had been foreclosed on and there had been reports of problems with squatters. also no power on at the hope. so the arson investigation team will be out here later this morning. it appears the fire did start in the attic. firefighters opened up the roof the fire started to really roar they got it knocked down without problems or major problems, no injuries reported. now the question becomes how did an empty house without any power catch on fire? were there any squatters here who could have started this? that's what arson investigators will be looking into. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. we are following developing news in livermore. firefighters are looking into
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what caused this us is shish -- suspicious fire that gutted a home on palomino road. according to the paper there were explosions heard as the house burned last night. it reportedly started in the garage and quickly spread to the entire home. a neighboring house suffered heat damage. fire crews were able to get the fire under control in 20 minutes. this morning residents were allowed to return to their north beach hotel overnight at the bomb squad evacuated it to remove explosives. the bomb squad was called to the 300 block of columbus avenue. a resident in the hotel suffer aid psychiatric episode she told police she fired a gunshot earlier in the day officers fond a bullet hole in the door and forced their way in. they found possible explosives which were removed safely. new analysis of crime data punches holes in mayor quan's 100 block crime fighting plan.
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last october the mayor proposed preemptive policing in the most dangerous 100 blocks. those were loosely defined on a map. the chronicle reports new study says, quan's plan only covers 17% of homicides and shootings. it says police would have to focus on 1300 blocks to actually reduce violence. tonight a group of homeless advocates will voice opposition to the proposed ban on sitting on city sidewalks. the mayor wants to add sitting to lying on city sidewalks. a group will address the city council tonight and present nearly 800 signatures opposing the plan. voters could decide whether sitting should be allowed on sidewalks between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. in commercial districts. the mayor wants the measure on the november ballot. san francisco police sharing a vital clue in the
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death of a man who had just finished a beta breakers race a picture of the people who confronted 31-year-old steven martin during an argument over a cell phone in golden gate park. someone in the group wearing a 9ers jersey sucker punched him, martin fell, hit his head and died friday. police want to question the woman in the orange tutu and sunglasses. the man in a 49ers jersey and the other man wearing a black cap. >> we know these gentlemen were par of the second group of people that -- were part of the second group of people that had the confrontation with martin and his friends. if we can get photos of the assault. >> martin lived in santa clara he owned a business doing consulting work for homeowners association. chunk of ice fell out of the sky and through somebody's roof in fremont. federal officials trying to track didn't the plane that dropped it late sunday afternoon. she saw chunks of ice
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scattered around her frontyard and noticed other piece of roof among the debris and damage to her roof. >> we were inside the house and we heard big sound, boom. our house shake. >> if it came at us, it could like kill us maybe. >> ice builds on the skin of the plane and as the plane descends from subfreezing temperatures into warmer temperatures the ice can melt and fall often aircraft. >> the faa says the house is in the flight patterns of several planes and is asking the airlines to check for possible water leaks in the planes. muni riders and drivers should prepare for delays today as work begins on a section of the new central subway line that will link caltrain to chinatown. crews will start digging up 4th street dryers should expect closures off i-80.
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the project is getting underway even though the city has yet to receive 942 million dollars in federal funding. officials say they are confident the money will be approved this month. some of the best golfers in the world, including tiger woods, phil mickelson and a guy named bubba will be out again this morning. tiger will speak to the media 10:30 this morning. meanwhile, a 14-year-old is joining the field as the youngest golfer in history at the open. he's six feet tall, he became a first alternate after playing his qualifier in florida last week. he replaces paul casey who withdrew because of a shoulder injury. >> good luck young man. >> remember that name.
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you can watch the u.s. open on espn. >> 14 and six feet tall already, he's going to be a tall kid. >> i don't know where they are growing people so tall in china these days, look at me. >> no comment. thank you very much. doppler picking up clouds along the coast starting to see some on our tower cam we'll show you those in a few minutes first the winds not strong coming out of the west at sfo. we'll keep an eye on that. all three major airports are on time. let's look at how today breaks down. a few clouds this morning, temperatures in the 50s to 60s still holding on in the east bay valleys. a little stuffy there. lunch hour clouds quickly dissolve from the coast upper 50s to low 60s into san francisco mid to upper 70s
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around the bay, low to mid 80s inland. by 4:00, highs for the day still in the 80s to 90s inland, mid 70s to around 80s for the bay shore, low to mid 60s along the coast into san francisco, 7:00 surge of clouds coming in and upper 50s around half moon bay and san francisco that is the sea breeze developing and that going to bring us cooler weather tomorrow. 7:00 tonight mid to upper 60s, 70s and 80s inland. tree, grass, ragweed high. moderate amounts of mold. 80s inland for wednesday, thursday, friday low to mid 70s around the bay, upper 50s to low 60s at the coast. time for traffic. good . checking out the ride is cross the richmond san rafael bridge, so far no delays. what someone was -- recorded earlier a big rig heading
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westbound wasn't stopped but rolling along apparently it had a bunch of crushed cars in the trailer it looked like some of the cars would come off, more of a concern at this point. nothing stopped, no lanes blocked. also, westbound 4 earlier stall sweeper truck has been cleared look how heavy traffic it has been a crawl seven miles per hour from hillcrest towards loveridge. even though it is always slow through antioch it is slower than normal this morning due to earlier stall. bart reporting 5 to 10 minute delays now on the pittsburg bay point line due to earlier equipment problem on the tracks, recovering from that. if you are heading to the u.s. open take the colma station for free shuttles. ace reporting no delays, number 1, a few minutes late, number 3, so far on time. 5:40. alameda county supervisors break deadlock over a new member. the person picked to replace
5:41 am
nadia lockyer. neighbors say they are a nuisance. san francisco's plan to tone down the party on party buses.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back of the party buses have become such a concern in san francisco members of the kpaopb if i got together with the industry last night to discuss what can be done. this is an example of a party
5:44 am
bus that roams through the streets of san francisco they hold dozens of people and most drink alcohol they park and unload on two stretch of poll being street a popular bar destination. >> large crowds, heavily intoxicated the clubs are not letting them in so they get did, fights ensue and police are called and we witness this almost weekly. >> a bill being drafted by assemblyman hill would require bus drivers to verify that all people onboard are at least 21, unaged groups would require a chaperone. former union city councilman is taking over seat of nadia lockyer on the alameda county board of supervisor. the board voted him in unanimously yesterday he was immediately sworn in. he will represent hayward, union city and newark along with parts of free tphopbts
5:45 am
and sanol. voters will decide in november who should fill out the final two years of lockyer's term. if you are looking for a job we'll tell you where and which industry is expected to be hiring. bloomberg report coming up. judge rules a dingo, a wild dog really did have something to do with the death of a baby in australia, a 30-year-old case comes to a close. wildfires range out of control in two states why firefighters are worried they may lose the battle to save homes. our cloud is not soft and fluffy. our cloud is made of bedrock.
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concrete. and steel. our cloud is the smartest brains combating the latest security threats. it spans oceans, stretches continents. and is scalable as far as the mind can see. our cloud is the cloud other clouds look up to. welcome to the uppernet.
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welcome back. still warmer than average everywhere 70s san francisco oakland san mateo low 80s around the bay inland mid 80s to low 90s. if you are ing across the state and it shows -- clear conditions everywhere no rain to worry about. let's talk about what is going to happen near 100° temperatures today in fresno, 108 palm springs, 102 vegas. low to mid 90s yosemite, sacramento. 58 eureka, 76 big sur, 77 in l.a..
5:49 am
5:48. waiting and worrying. that's what fire evacuees are doing this morning in colorado and new mexico. this wildfire near fort collins, colorado raging out of control it has green to more than 31 square miles one fatality and 18 homes destroyed or damaged. in new mexico, more evacuations could be coming as a forest fire has destroyed 36 structures since friday threatens to blind the community with dense smoke. this morning commerce secretary john bryson is on a leave after suffering a seizure and getting into three traffic accidents. the 68-year-old will undergo tests and evaluations he struck one car twice saturday near los angeles. minutes later he rammed into another vehicle. bryson was found unconscious in his car. a government official says bryson has limited recall about what happened. at this point investigators don't think drugs or alcohol played a role. legal standoff brewing
5:50 am
between florida and the obama administration over a voter . florida has gone to federal court to demand a right to check names of registered voters against an immigration database kept by the dealt of homeland security. the administration says the move violates federal law. the justice department plans to ask a federal court to block florida from removing potential nonu.s. citizens from the polls. big night in the nba, oklahoma city thunder hosting the miami heat in the opening game of the finals. preview coming up on "good morning america" with analysis from hall of famers. lebron james will go against kevin durant of the thunder. battle is expected to be to watch tip off 6 p.m. tonight here on abc7. you want to stick around after the game. tonight the morning news team is going primetime.
5:51 am
we will return for "primetime live" newscast after game one of the nba finals we'll have news, traffic and weather as well as special behind the scenes look at the morning show. not sure you want to see us we'll drag in the morning. >> we'll talk about a special larry and michael will join us. the party just got cooler. game highlights, so much to talk about. >> these two teams that can soar when they want to. >> [ unintelligible ] >> i like thunder more than i like heat. [ talking over each other ] >> oh come on! really! >> will you send the waitress over so i can tip her. >> the only better thing would be the tampa bay lightning.
5:52 am
clear sky at leave as we look east from our roof cam in downtown san francisco, clouds are gathering along the coast some trying to spill across san francisco. live doppler shows they are not dropping any rain. no need to worry about it we have a dry start this morning. 47 half moon bay 63 antioch rest of us in the 50s. low to mid 50s around the monterey bay inland to salinas, 49 gilroy. highlights, sunny today becoming breezy this afternoon, the sea breeze bringing clouds to the coast for the rest of us tonight subsiding heat tapering that heat even inland tomorrow for today the big story will be above average just about everywhere again redwood city 83 degrees warmer in san francisco 70 oakland 77 six degrees warmer than average.
5:53 am
sunrise 5:47. came up already. will set 8:30. hard to see with the mountains definitely out there calm and humid at the 112th u.s. open at the olympic club, 7:00 this morning. sunny at noon, 58. breezes kick in and includes come back, 60 4:00, 56 7:00, as far as your seven day inland upper 80s to mid 90s. upper 70s to near 80 around the bay. low to mid 60s at the coast. as we head into wednesday and thursday, temperatures are dropping about 10°, four to 10° from the coast to inland make that warmth up saturday and sunday. heading to the park start off 62, drop into the mid 50s breezy and cloudy, a little chill by the time the game is over. 7:15 first pitch with the astros. always enjoy extra time on
5:54 am
that seven day forecast nice weather up ahead. wanted to show you heavy traffic in some of the usual spots. westbound 205 out of tracy, heavy traffic reported there. also continues through the altamont pass. reports of heavy traffic as you head on to vallecitos road to highway 84, slow livermore into pleasanton westbound 4 jammed a little heavier than normal because of earlier stall check out how slow it is nine miles per hour towards loveridge. better news on bart, no delays they recovered from their earlier problem on the bay point pittsburg line if you are heading to the open get off at colma, ace, caltrain, muni looking good. south bay, live shot of how light traffic is northbound 280 headlights still looking good. highway 17 light now roadwork
5:55 am
at the summit scheduled until 6:00. new information about those risk tibets jpmorgan chase lost billions -- >> what did jpmorgan chase know and when? the "wall street journal" says top officials at the bank knew what its london team was up to two years before chase lost two billion dollars this spring. ceo diamond scheduled to testify about the problem -- tomorrow. employers plan to boost hiring next quarter new survey puts hiring index at highest level in four years companies in the midwest and south most upbeat about hiring leisure and hospitality companies most optimistic. stocks started out higher yesterday but didn't finish that way investors started doubting new 125 billion dollar credit line for spain's banks would do much to help.
5:56 am
at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. a coroner in australia has ruled that a wild dog, called a beginning go -- called a ding co-caused the death of a baby it sparked one of the country's most essential murder mysteries. the coroner told the court the baby was tacked and taken by a decision ingo. the mother had been sentenced to life in -- dingo. the mother had been sentenced to life in prison the conviction was overturned. new report finds those who take cholesterol lowering drugs are more likely to experience side effects such as decreased energy, fatigue upon exertion or both compared to those given a placebo. side effects fell on women, more study needed with bay area teacher among 97 educators who will receive a
5:57 am
big honor from the white house. math teacher named recipient of the presidential award for excellence in mathematics and science. seen here with his son. the grants making math relevant for students is his biggest challenge he will receive a $10,000 grant later this month in washington, d.c.. 5:57. still ahead, fight over the estate of late artist thomas kincade moves to the coral today. the piece of paper now -- to the courtroom today. the piece of paper at the center of the controversy >> flames destroy a foreclosed home. why firefighters are suspicious. raise your hand if you don't like free stuff! that's what i thought. michael finney will tell us how to c c c c c c c c c c
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