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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 12, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. heat building but not as warm as yesterday. >> let's get details from mike. good morning. live doppler rain-free this morning off to a dry start clouds are gathering near the coast that is the sea breeze that is going to cool the coast into the lower to middle 60s 70 around san francisco, upper 70s to low 80s bay shore sea breeze will not make it inland until tomorrow you will still have mid 80s to mid 90s especially in the east bay valleys where the weather will be warmest with low to mid 90s. monterey 66, mid to upper 70s monterey bay low to mid 90s around morgan hill and gilroy. here's frances. good morning. there haven't been too many accidents this morning. live shot of the bay bridge toll, right now only backed up
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for the cash paying lanes some almost towards west grand. fastrak, carpool looking great. hot spot is westbound 4 antioch traffic jammed from hillcrest out towards loveridge. that's because of an earlier stalled sweeper truck it has been cleared but the drive time is 20 minutes now. developing news from martinez. firefighters put out a suspicious fire that gutted a vacant house this morning. it started before midnight on the 400 block of h street it went from an attic fire to flames shooting 30 feet. the house has again through foreclosure and there have been problems with scatters there. amy hollyfield is at the scene -- and will have more in the next half hour. piece of paper is now at the center of a battle for the estate of late artist thomas kincade and pitting kincade's
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girlfriend versus his family. terry mcsweeney is live in san jose with details. >> reporter: that piece of paper may be kincade's will then maybe not. if he wrote it, when he wrote it? what frame of mind was he in? we don't have answers to that. we know the answers will come to bear on a 10 million dollar plus settlement. take a look at the artist thomas kincade passed way this past april leaving a girlfriend and wife from whom he was separated. that girlfriend amy walsh has produced a handwritten note and says it is a will from kincade giving her 10 million dollars and his mansion to be used as a museum for his works. his estranged wife, mother of his four children has a different take. she says walsh is a gold digger trying to rip-off the estate.
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walsh said she and kincade were diagnose to -- were going to get married as the divorce went through. pinto walsh wants the matter settled in open court to clear her name. thomas kincade went to uc berkeley, 54 when he died of an alcohol and valium overdose in april. it is estimated one out of 20 american homes has a thomas kincade painting in it. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. san jose council set to vote on proposed budget. the first time nay decade there is no deficit. the proposed 883 million dollar spending plan includes modest 9 million dollar surplus some will help open the new library. the library is scheduled to open next year. the community center in the same complex with a new gym and exercise room that will
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open monday after two year budget delay. contra costa county fire protection district taking steps to shutdown three fire stations after voters said no to a property tax measure. voters in east contra costa county voted down mesh the measure to increase revenue within the fire district without that funding 19 people are expected to be laid off district managers must decide which three stations to close. that leaves firefighters making more painful decisions during emergencies. >> we have to make hard decisions on scene. are we going to be able to save a structure or have to save the neighbor's house? >> if they are at calls in oakley or brentwood, where are we gonna fall on that list when they come out and help us? >> she lives on bethel island and fears she and her neighbors will be in danger. senator boxer wants four largest car rental companies to stop renting out recalled
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cars. she asked the companies to make a commitment and stop renting out recalled cars until the cars are fixed she gave them thirty days, so far only hertz has complied. she will announce which companies continue to rent out recalled cars. morgan hill police looking for whomever sold tens of thousands worth of equipment from a led zeppelin cover band. ♪ ♪ >> the group was traveling from gil troy redwood city over the weekend at their hotel the van was broken into several guitars, keyboard and drum set and various sound equipment was stolen. about 35,000 worth of equipment. police say it was a
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professional break-in los angeles kings champions of the hockey world this morning after winning the stanley cup pore the first time in their 45 year -- for the first time in their 45 year franchise history. police were ready, but things were good. coming up, we'll have highlights from last night's game. >> ironic when a warm weather city wins the stanley cup, no ice in los angeles except the manmade kind. 6:07 now. >> ice sounds good. >> it does. >> good to see hockey fans act like hockey fans and not get rowdy, nice to see. being a hockey fan that i am. good morning, ice in your ding n front of a fan, maybe cool you off, still ways interesting to keep cool inland clouds starting to develop along the coast half moon bay down to six mile
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visibility oakland eight everybody else unlimited haven't seen the clouds make it to sfo, this would be the time they start to move in and cause flight arrival delays if that happens we'll let you know or you can check out our flight tracker still in the 50s with clouds along the coast trying to spill into san francisco noon clouds retreated back into the ocean mid 80s inland upper 70s around the bay upper 50s at the coast breezy by 4:00, by 7:00 upper 70s inland upper 60s around the bay and upper 50s at the coast comfortable evening sea breeze will touch all neighborhoods tomorrow and thursday as we drop into the mid 80s inland low 70s around the bay near 60 at the coast once the sea breeze stops warming trend friday hot again father's day weekend seven day forecast in a minute first traffic. good morning. other than the usual slow spots westbound 4 antioch,
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westbound 580 through the altamont pass, quiet elsewhere. bay bridge toll minor back-up for some of the cash paying lanes no metering lights on. north bay commute, 101 san rafael flows nicely out of novato to golden gate bridge. still roadwork in novato the connection ramp from westbound 37 to 101 blocked, supposed to be cleared at 6:00 i'm waiting for confirmation. here's a live shot in the south bay 280 heading northbound towards cupertino, 17 across the screen. mass transit no longer reporting delays. 6:09. >> free concert from justin bieber bringing out hundreds of thousands of fans. first, one day after robin roberts revealed her new health battle the anchor gets ready to open up again on this new struggle. free deals on the web.
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michael finney will show us how to land everything from free snacks to movie tickets.
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you can see
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6:13. well wishes continue to come to robin roberts as she faces her latest health problem. we told you yesterday she announced he has been diagnosed with mds. she is now preparing for a bone marrow transplant. they called this in the past
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preleukemia. tune in at 7 a.m. roberts and george stephanopoulos will chat with dr. besser about mds. they will take viewer questions about the illness from facebook and twitter. the internet is full of free but you have to know where to look. michael finney shows how to get something for nothing. >> reporter: good morning. consumer reports has a scoop on which freebies are worthwhile and what you need to look out for. you see offers all over the internet hay it is -- hey it is free, free samples, freebies, free, free, free! consumer reports checked out dozens of offers. >> freebies are a great way to try new products this he are typically samples. >> reporter: some companies give you more than others. compare four milliliter packet of lotion to this 50 milliliter bottle of gel.
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>> enough to use the product a few times and decide if you like it. >> reporter: the best place to find free offers are sites such as free flies, hunt for freebies and hey it's free! >> facebook is a good place to find freebies if you like a company or brand they may send you free samples. >> reporter: twitter worth checking out offer for a free cliff bar if you follow the company. target and procter & gamble have free sample pages on their websites. be aware you have to give up personal information. >> don't give away too much like your birthday or health information. >> reporter: all these offers require an e-mail address so create one specifically for freebies so offers don't clog your inbox. >> when trying to score freebies you have to be patient we ordered 44 items, just about half arrived after three months. >> reporter: this dog food took 10 weeks when it arrived it did come in a good-sized
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sample. shopsmart says you can save on movies by joining programs like amc stubs and regal cinema crown club. free tickets, free concessions and waive online booking fees. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> did he said free concessions that's what costs. >> as much as the ticket or more. >> 6:16. thanks michael. free sunshine and flee heat. cooling too, right? >> -- absolutely. or you can go to a movie and get free concessions. there's cooling it is coming you can see this postcard perfect picture this morning from sutro tower of the fog the marine layer cloud, let's call it that, barely draping over the golden gate this morning, gorgeous, nice job peter taylor in transmission. he did a great job. joey smith our floor manager stage manager as he likes to be known.
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clouds are dropping -- aren't dropping anything in the form of rain rain-free start, news. 47 half moon bay, 63 antioch. temperatures in the 50s everywhere. 49 gilroy salinas into the bay low to mid 50s. today sunshine everywhere breezy during the afternoon sea breeze brings slight cooling to a few areas also clouds to most of our neighborhoods tonight, tapers that heat inland tomorrow for today a pull-back a little in most areas when you go from 95 to 91 concord still hot oakland 77, four degree drop. santa rosa 88. four degrees cooler than yesterday. san francisco 70 today san jose 88 fremont 82, six to eight degrees cooler than yesterday. heading to the olympic club, 52 this morning up to 61
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during the afternoon. practice rounds again today for the 112th u.s. open. breeze the big difference out of the west 15 to 25. mid 80s to near 90 south bay today 90 los gatos low 80s dropping into the mid 70s peninsula low to mid 60s along the coast this afternoon downtown south san francisco upper 60s to near 70, 74 sausalito mid to upper 80s north bay valleys. near the heat low to mid 90s inland morgan hill and gilroy upper 70s sandusky and watsonville. mid 60s monterey -- monterey and carmel. giants taking on the astros. first pitch breezy, 65 clouds roll in so will the cooler weather dropping to 57 by the time the game ends. so cloudy along the coast we could have drizzle everywhere else cooler tomorrow morning in the 50s.
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see how the sea breeze moves inland drop six to eight degrees inland tomorrow, couple more thursday, sea breeze stops and warming trend resumes friday heat saturday, sunday especially away from the coast. metering lights on at the bay bridge toll. we are starting to see back up develop now. you can see all traffic is backed up towards west grand for fastrak lanes and cash paying lanes at this point. westbound 80 traffic getting crowd ed in pockets near university through berkeley, a couple cars there off to the right so far no major delays, 20 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. another live shot golden gate bridge traffic light this morning as you head out of sausalito into san francisco. now, heads-up for tonight, you can watch us as well tonight we'll be on after the nba fines. a's game, 5:40 p.m. extra
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heavy during the compute hours on 880, 580 might be an alternate. downtown san francisco south of market area, you want to avoid the mosconey center due to the apple developers' conference. giants game at 7:15, busy street closures around at&t park with u.s. open extra traffic expected between daly and candlestick for folks parking there if you are heading to the u.s. open, you can take bart and get off at the colma station. so far no delays reported. from colma station to the olympic park only 10 to 15 minute trip. it will be a change for frances too reporting on the evening traffic, right. >> there you go. >> 6:20. we told you about the win now the highlights as the los angeles kings take home the stanley cup.
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justin bieber throws a free concert for fans south of the border.
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kings are champions after winning the stanley cup for the first time. the kings beat the new jersey devils 6-1 to take the finals four games to two the kings became the first eighth seeded team to win the stanley cup. the coach helped deliver the
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cup to los angeles. you remember he coached the sharks for several years. 200,000 crowded into mexico city's main plaza for a free concert hosted by justin bieber. the pop star took the stage last night and opened with his hit song "baby." the crowd went wild. fans lined up hours to secure their spot, 5,000 police officers control -- patrolled the main plaza they wanted to prevent the crush. lots of tears from the excitement. >> did you get the red-eye flight back? >> i did. 6:25. construction work starting today that could cause delays for your commute. bomb squad moves into a san francisco hotel. tense late night situation after police found explosives. day two of jerry sandusky's child sex abuse trial is underway in pennsylvania. the alleged victim is about to take the stand.
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still baking hot inland, low to mid 90s east bay valleys, upper 70s to near 80 around the bay shore mid 60s along the coast breezy this afternoon. northeast still waiting for water to create delays hasn't happened yet.
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good morning! what a beautiful tuesday june 12th, 2012. thank you for waking up with us this morning. you can see the embarcadero at the bay bridge financial district buildings. just gorgeous that's the kind of day that will get you out of bed. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. beautiful so is this picture showing that clear sky over the bay area this morning. so far, no flight arrival delays into sfo even though the clouds are starting to gather along the coast you can see cooler weather half moon bay 48 the rest of us in the 50s, 63 in antioch. by the afternoon baking hot east bay valleys low to mid 90s once again. 80s south bay and north bay mid to upper 80s upper 70s to
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near 80 around the bay shore mid 60s along the coast, 70 in san francisco, 66 monterey, upper 70s the rest of the monterey bay hottest morgan hill and gilroy low to mid 90s. bay bridge toll metering lights on traffic backed up almost to west grand. there are three new accidents in antioch westbound 4 at a street somersville and accident on city streets of somersville and 10th. traffic heavy through the area. even an earlier problem that added to the delay. right now the drive time from hillcrest avenue to 242 is 27 minutes, very slow almost half an hour. tonight look out for extra traffic due to the giants' game at 7:15. thanks to the producers and anchors reminding me the a's game is out of town tonight. following a developing story from contra costa county, firefighters in martinez trying to figure out what sparked a late night house
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fire. amy hollyfield joins us now live. >> reporter: this could be the result of the foreclosure problem going on in this country. first, let me show you the impressive pictures from last night. this fire started at 11:30, huge flames lit up the night, reaching as high as 20 and 30 feet in the air. this is in martinez. fires have suspicions about this fire this home had been foreclosed on, neglected the yard overgrown, no one has lived here for years and the neighbors have seen squatters inside the home. there's no power, no electricity on at this house. arson investigators will be taking a close look. they will be out here later this morning. it does appear the fair started -- that the fire starred in the attic when firefighters opened the roof that's when the fire really started roaring they got it knocked down without major
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problems, no one was hurt. the question becomes how did an empty house with no power on, catch fire? is this result of a foreclosed on, neglected home that squatters had taken over? that's what investigators will be taking a look at today. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. we are following developing news in livermore. firefighters there looking at what caused this suspicious fire that gutted a home on palomino road. there were explosions her as the house burned last night around 11:00. it started in the garage and spread to the entire home. neighboring house suffered heat damage. crews were able to get it under control in 20 minutes. all residents have been allowed to return to a san francisco residential hotel in north beach. columbus avenue reopened 2:00 this morning where the bomb squad was called yesterday when police found suspicious
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explosives. they went to the 300 block of columbus avenue after a resident suffered a psychiatric episode. she told police she fired a gunshot. muni riders and commuters should prepare for delays today as work begins on the city's new central subway line that will link caltrain to chinatown. crews begin digging up 4th between bryant and harrison drivers should expect lane and sporadic off-ramp closures off i-80 the 1.6 billion dollar project is getting underway even though the city has yet to receive 940 million dollars in federal funding. some of the best golfers in the world will be out for practice rounds this morning at the olympic club in san francisco. tiger woods will speak to the media this morning. he will be asked about his ups and downs the past two years and how he will approach this week as the favorite.
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14-year-old is joining the field as the youngest golfer in history at the open. he is originally from china and is already six feet. he became a first alternate after playing his qualifier in florida last week. if you can't make it to the olympic club you can watch the u.s. open on espn thursday and friday at 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.. day two of apple's worldwide conference kicks off today in san francisco ceo tim cook kicked off the conference yesterday with the introduction of new laptops. cook announced the new operating system would feature its own maps app. this morning we learned apple is developing that app with the tomtom company based in amsterdam. the company says it has signed a global agreement with apple for maps and other information. right now, day two of the child sex abuse trial for jerry sandusky is underway. katie marzullo joins us with what is happening.
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>> reporter: jerry sandusky arrived to court early this morning 5:30 here he is an hour ago as you can see his car backs him up to a tent i believe we have video he spends as little time in front of the cameras as possible you can see his attorney it is a short walk to the courtroom. the second alleged victim should be taking the stand this morning. known as victim number 1. he and his mother went to the police with their accusations four years ago. that's what started the investigation. yesterday in court sandusky's attorney hinted that sandusky might testify and refute those accusations. >> if he tells you that in his opening statements he must follow through or the jurors will say you promised us he was going to testify, he didn't, and that will go against the defense. >> reporter: also yesterday in court victim number 4 gave graphic testimony about the abuse he says he suffered and read excerpts from apparent
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love letter sandusky wrote him on penn state stationary. 10 young men claim sandusky sexually abused them when he was assistant coach at penn state. state lawmakers plan to begin moving a budget through at approval process today even though they haven't agreed on the numbers. discrepancy is between democrats want governor brown. the budget plan sets aside a one billion dollar reserve and makes massive cuts to programs. assembly democrats want to fully fund the program and set aside less of a reserve. this friday is the constitutional deadline for lawmakers to pass a balanced budget. 6:37. after melting in the heat the past couple of days, some folks will get relief today. out at the coast. that's where it starts where the sea breeze develops and the marine layer clouds start to pop up, there you go live
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doppler showing those. visibilities still well no need to worry about flight arrival delays or anything like thaté5t winds light out of the west at maybe seven miles per hour at sfo the rest of us five, calmer clouds having a hard time moving in. 7:00 hour in the 50s and 60s by noon clouds are gone everybody total sun, 57 half moon bay mid to upper 70s around the bay low to mid 80s inland by 4:00, we've reached the heat of the day, 80s to 90s inland mid to upper 70s around the bay and low to mid 60s at the coast quick tapering of temperatures 70s and 80s inland mid to upper 60s around the bay sea breeze bringing the clouds back into san francisco and along the coast by 7:00, mid to upper 50s. high amounts of tree, grass, moderate amounts of mold and high amounts of ragweed. sea breeze moves inland mid to
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upper 80s still warm over the next three days inland low to mid 70s around the bay near 60 at the coast. good morning. we check out the ride westbound 4 getting worse through antioch another accident now reported at loveridge this one involves a motorcycle, two other vehicles and of course injuries reported. even though it is in the center divide, two more accidents in the back-up westbound 4 heavy from hillcrest right now to 242, 27 minutes that going to change and increase with the three accidents along the strep. also, new problem just reported in the south bay, we got this info from traffic spotters northbound 87 past the capital expressway, major accident reported, traffic is starting to back up, heavy traffic reported approaching the scene by a couple folks even just a few minutes ago. we'll keep our eye on this as well. if you want to head to 101,
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northbound through san jose, there's some of the typical slow spots and heavy traffic reported there on north 101 capital expressway towards tully. bay bridge toll not much has changed barely backed up to the west grand overcrossing. 6:40. trading is underway on wall street. apple flexing new muscles in china. live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. anyones are up -- things are up, dow up 24 points. opposition mounting against a proposed sitting ban on berkeley sidewalks. election day in arizona. democrats and republicans vie for the congressional seat once held by gabrielle giffords. join us tonight for a special primetime edition of the abc7 morning news we'll be on after game one of the nba
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finals. stay up
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. i'm watching cooler weather hitting the coast with mid 60s there even 70s san francisco down from yesterday upper 70s to low 80s around with the bay shore 80s to 90s as you head towards our inland valleys.
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around the state today, a few showers north of the border clouds keep eureka around 58. mid 90s through central valley, fresno 100 palm springs 108 tahoe and big sur 76. 6:45. fire evacuees are waiting in colorado and new mexico. this wildfire fear fort collins, colorado has grown to 31 square miles one death reported 18 homes destroyed or damaged smoke drifting as far east as central nebraska. in new mexico more evacuations could be coming a forest fire has destroyed 36 structures since friday. time to clear the air. let's check in with josh for what is coming up on "good morning america." >> the air in new york city suddenly fresher joshua is going on? >> it turns out pony express is alive and well. i think it got hung up in topeka, i tell you what, look
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at what has arrived, can fog all different varieties it says do not open because contents will dissipate so i'm going to save this for my office. i thank you, i feel closer to home already. boy do we have a big show to get to. before i let you know, i want to thank again everybody in the bay area the response to robin's announcement yesterday about her new health challenge, if you will, was overwhelming. and i want to -- we've talked about it on behalf of robin and everybody here at general motors -- at "good morning america" and abc news we thank the outpouring of love and support that came from the bay area it is one of the special places in her heart she was just overwhelmed by it all. keep it coming. in this social media age there is no better medicine. reach out on twitter and our facebook page she is enjoying
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it all and it is lifting her spirits and all of ours can't thank you enough. dr. besser will join us today we though there are a lot of questions about her condition. he's going to clear 'em all up. a lot of people tweeted us and sent questions via facebook and we are going to answer those. we have video you are not going to believe. a young stuntman attempting to jump over a lake caught on fire motorcycle crashed when overshoot the lake. the fact we are going to talk to him about it is nothing short of stunning. he will on the program. also, millions of americans heading to spray tanning salons this summer. is it a safe alternative to tanning beds and sun worship? hidden camera investigation as well. also, the five of us making our nba finals picks as the thunder and heat get ready to tip off tonight at 9:00
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eastern or 6 p.m. eastern there abc great show, do not miss it right here on "good morning america." >> you know about the show that comes after, right? that would be us. >> i have heard. i'm going to be part of it, i couldn't be happier. as soon as we finish up this promo, it will be tremendous, great. >> send your viewers this way josh, thank you. >> please give robin our love. >> you bet, thank you. >> we love robin out here. and a lot of people across the country. we wish her the best. back to news 6:48. tonight a group of homeless advocates will voice their opposition to berkeley mayor's proposed ban on sitting on city sidewalks. he wants to add sitting to an existing ban of lying on city sidewalks. a group will address the council tonight and present nearly 800 signatures opposing the plan. voters could decide whether
6:49 am
sitting should be allowed on sidewalks between 7 in the morning and 10 in the evening in commercial areas. the mayor wants the measure on the november ballot. apple may be about to ring up new business in china. >> if you are looking for a job you might want to try new strategy. jane king is live at the new york stock exchange with . -- >> if you are trying for a job, try leisure and hospitality industry survey says that is the part of the economy where employers are feeling the most optimistic about hiring next quarter. professional services wholesale and retail employers high likelihood of wanting to hire. midwest and south most upbeat. making back some declines we had yesterday dow up 34 points. bloomberg index trading up a
6:50 am
little three points higher. we are watching apple shares in to the new products introduced at the developers' conference we are keeping an eye on china. china mobile may start selling itch phones in six to nine months. china mobile may be able to sell as many as 20 million. phones next year. apple a little higher at the moment. tough to get an iphone for half price you may be able to catch a break on pizza. dominoes offering half off pull price pizzas ordered online valid now through sunday or online or through an iphone or android app. digital ordering now makes up a third of dominoes' sales in the u.s.. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. time for the weather forecast. graduations to talk about, three of 'em today oakland
6:51 am
tech bulldogs paramount theater 6:00 tonight sunny about 72° for. riverside high in pittsburg 6:00 tonight sunny, breezy, a little warm 88° as they graduate in the gymnasium. ignacio valley high the warriors in concord graduating 6:00 sunny and 94 hot for you guys outside. a few fingers of fog from sutro tower this morning we are looking back towards sutro tower this morning looks like cooling already starting to develop along the coast. as far as anything falling out of the clouds live doppler is rain-free this morning we have a clear commute as far as that goes. let's move on. temperatures still 63 antioch, 47 half moon bay be else in the 50s in between. low to mid 50s monterey bay inland to salinas, gilroy 49,
6:52 am
sunny, breezy this afternoon, clouds near the coast will spread over all of our neighborhoods tonight that will help temper the heat inland starting tomorrow, today still well above average around san francisco three degrees warmer oakland six, napa and livermore 10 to 12° warmer than average. heading to the olympic club, it is going to be calm and humid, clouds, 52 at 7:00 this morning, sunny and 58, breezes kick in 15 to 25 by 4:00 into 7:00, make that 60 and 56, cooler than it is. low to mid 90s east bay valleys baking heat there upper 70s to low 80s most of the east bay shore berkeley 76 mid to upper 80s most of the south bay 90 los gatos mid 70s to low 80s north to south peninsula near 70 downtown south san francisco north temperatures mid to upper 80s through your valleys 20° cooler at beaches low to mid
6:53 am
60s monterey and carmel mid to upper 70s the rest of the bay low to mid 90s morgan hill and gilroy. at&t park, first pitch 65, dropping to 57 by the end of the game. drizzle along the coast tonight the rest of us increasing clouds, cooler than this morning in the 50s. drop four to six degrees by thursday, cooler air rolls in wednesday and thursday for all of us. hot again this weekend away from the coast 80s around the bay 90s inland. here's frances. we just heard of another accident in antioch. now we have four on westbound 4. couple at -- another at somersville and another at loveridge. traffic heavy in that area, four accidents along that stretch half an hour right now from hillcrest out towards 242. keep that in mind.
6:54 am
something for this evening mike was talking the giants' game. look for extra traffic in san francisco especially at the bay bridge toll. also, mosconey center will be busy around lunchtime and for the evening commute if you want to avoid the stretch howard, third and fourth street with the u.s. open extra traffic expected between daly and folks parking at candlestick you may want to consider mass transit, get off at the colma station if you are headed to the u.s. open. waze traffic map shows heavy northbound 87 towards capital expressway earlier accident reported, north 101 slow as well not a great alternate. seven minutes ago traffic spotter reported complete standstill. bay bridge toll, traffic backed up to the 880 overcrossing. 6:54. election day in arizona. voters there will be deciding who will replace gabriel
6:55 am
giffords in congress. she is hoping hand picked successor ron barber will win. she and her husband campaigned with barber over the weekend. republicans are trying to make the election a referendum on president obama and the economy. giffords resigned from congress in january to focus on her recovery following last year's tucson massacre when she was shot in the head. as we get ready to hand things off to general motors here are five things to know before you go. number one, arson investigators in martinez looking into the cause of a suspicious fire that gutted this vacant home on 8th street. the house has gone through foreclosure and problems with squatters. >> number two, developing news in livermore. investigation underway into a suspicious fire. there were reports of explosions her at the house on palomino road. it started in the garage and spread quickly. nobody was hurt.
6:56 am
>> number three, u.s. open practice rounds getting underway again this morning. tiger woods will speak to the media around 10:30. >> number four, coming up on "good morning america," robin roberts and george stephanopoulos will talk with dr. besser about mds and take viewer questions. she announced yesterday she is has been dogged with the -- she has been diagnosed with the illness. and we'll be on after game one of the nba finals stay up late with us. live doppler showing us off to a clear start, no arrival delays into any of our airports a few cloud as long the coast. up to 61 at the coast, nine tip three end land breezy by 4:00. >> -- stall car on the upper
6:57 am
deck of the bay bridge chp en route blocking left lane that's adding to the delay backed up towards the 880 effort crossing. westbound 4 the worst in -- antioch four accidents heavy traffic 11 miles per hour until you get into pittsburg. >> yikes! thank you for joining us for this edition of the abc7 morning news. >> there's a primetime edition tonight. we'll be back with a local we'll be back with a local update at 7:24. you can see
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