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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 13, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> that sure was. >> mitcher matt cain achieves one of the rarest in sports. i'm carolyn johnson. >> and i'm dan ashley. >> a perfect game. and matt cain is believe on the 22 ped pitcher in major league baseball to do it. >> larry beil is here tonight. what a fun night. >> and you could feel the tension rising everywhere with every pitch in the great history that includes hall of famers. no giant had thrown a perfect game until tonight. matt cain, perfection against the astros. we will show you the final three outs. he threw 125 pitches and struck out a career high 14 batters. he had electric stuff and was
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in complete command. there is one out. the second out as well. it is coming right here. it came down to jason castro, a kid from castro valley and went to stanford and grounding to third base. arias and the long throw and in time. the giants rush out to congratulate cain. let's hear from mr. perfect, matt cain. >> this is incredible right now. it is starting to settle in right now. i am able to celebrate with the guys in the clubhouse a little bit and enjoy it for a second. that was something that i will never, ever forget, obviously. it was unbelievable from the beginning. >> his arm is okay, by the way. they usually wrap the should neither ice like -- the should neither ice like that, that's normal. great moment with his wife chelsea. big hug and memories that will last forever. there was an amazing catch in the seventh inning. we'll show you that and hear from cain later in sports. >> that was worth it to keep
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it going. >> and truly a team effort there. this is a huge night for giants fans. >> as you can imagine they are still celebrating at the ballpark. alan wang is there live for us. alan? >> there was a celebration in the stands for at least a half an hour before the fans started filing out. the celebrating was still going on as they left the ball, pa. park. fans witnessed a perfect game for the first time in 28 years of giants franchise history. >> we almost left and we decided to stay. i am glad we stayed. saw the tiers perfect game in history. it was perfect. >> it came true, magical. >> it was crazy and awesome.
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>> somewhere around the fifth or 6th inning that it was going to happen. >> oh my gosh, it was so amazing. you could feel the roar and the spirit of the whole crowd rooting for the team. >> world series all over again. >> there is such pride. >> people are standing up and everybody understood what was going on. he was tough as nails, man. >> so matt cain puts on an historic show in front of the home crowd. what was equally astonishing was there was actually fans leaving the stadium before cain had even pitched the final out. turning their back on a chance to witness baseball history. dan and carolyn and larry, i am not quite sure what they were thinking. reporting live from at&t park, alan wang, abc7 news. >> thanks, alan.
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now these are giants' fans, just plain baseball fans celebrating the do you believe in miracles moment at a san jose restaurant. it was only the 22nd perfect game in major league history so, very rare. a huge blow for a man who inspired millions by beating cancer and winning the tour de france seven times. the biggest watchdog organization in sports announced late today it has proof that lance armstrong was doping to win. the u.s. anti-doping agency says it detected an endurance boosting hormone in blood samples taken two years ago. the latest charges come months after a federal criminal investigation against him ended without charges. armstrong retired from sighing lick last year. he is now banned from sports pending the outcome of the investigation. >> we also have the real possibility if this goes to the arbitration of sport and following so many other cases like this he could be banned
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and he could also have all of those tour de france titles taken from him. >> armstrong says the new doping charges are baseless and motivated by spite. a felony warrant is out for the by sick list police say killed a pedestrian. it happened in san francisco at castro and market. it was more than two months ago. leslie brinkley is here with the district attorney's decision today. leslie? >> the bicyclist may have sped through a yellow light, but it was his by sick lig behavior before the fatal accident that lead to this felony charge. >> reliable sources have told abc7 news that san francisco police now have an arrest warrant for chris bucarrey. the bicyclist who struck and killed 71-year-old su-chi-way on march 29th. he will be charged with felony
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vehicular manslaughter or gross negligent for failing to yield to a pedestrian, excessive speed and running a red light. police will allow him to surrender himself in the next few days since he is not considered a flight risk. there was no answer at his home in san francisco on wednesday night and no comment from his attorney. he aroused anna animosity when he talked about plowing through the least crowded place he could find. investigators say it took time to track down 10 eyewitnesses including some who saw the bicyclist speeding through red lights prior to the accident. >> i think a lot of bicyclists ride like jerks and idiots to be honest. not all of them, but it gives them a bad image. i try my best to avoid endangering anyone. >> members say they weren't surprised by this case being regarded as a felony.
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>> i hope it makes every cyclist think soberly about his or her responsibilities on their own with regard to pedestrians. to me they are at the top of the chain. >> the d.a.'s office plans to hold a press conference in the morning, and dan the bicyclists could face up to 15 months of jail time. >> thank you, leslie brinkley reporting. san francisco police meantime are asking for help identifying an arsonist caught in the act by a security camera. you can see him gathering cardboard on an alley near the orrick hotel. he lights a fire in what appears to be a discarded dresser and fill itself with paper. the resident called the manager who hustled downstairs and put out the fire. if you think you know who this arsonist is you are asked to call the police department immediately. >> the south bayish you ad a report -- south bay issued a report and blaming those benefits for interfering with the delivery of essential city
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services. ama dates is there with reaction. ama? >> reporter: carolyn, i spoke with the mayor who said his city is not the only one in trouble. everyone is in trouble at this point. and he says the civil grand jury report is right on the money. in the 35-page report they released the analysis of pension and other unemployment benefits for the cities and towns. mayor chuck reid agrees with the findings. he says pension costs costs have gone up dramatically. >> from $73 million to $245 million in the last decade. other cities have seen substantial increases. >> if it is not reined in. >> services will be cut to pay for benefits. we have seen that in san jose. that's the future for everybody. >> he says voter approved measure b is the first step. it requires currency to pay more to keep their retirement benefits or switch to a less
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expensive option. san jose unions like police and fire are fighting back with lawsuits saying the measure violates the constitution. >> we believe this could have been addressed at the bargaining table. all of the unions including my union offered significant concessions to pension alternatives and the city ignored all of the decisions. >> yolanda cruz is part of the municipal employee union. she wants to know how the pensions really work. >> contrary to what has been portrayed, we pay into our pensions. we pay for 50% of our retiree health care, and we don't receive social security. so this is our only form of pension. it is our only retirement system we have. >> the mayor says the easiest way to cut back is to change the benefits for new employees. but he says most of the money is spent on current employees. in san jose, ama dates, abc
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news. >> thank you. up next, millions of dollars in medical gear could save your life in a disaster. but its fate is uncertain. abc7 news i team follow-up investigation. >> and danger of falling rocks. how the threat is forcing changes in yosemite valley. that's coming up. >> and then dan and carol -- carolyn, a new twist in a murder for hire love triangle. a woman in prison for ordering a hit on her boyfriend's wife is now accused of trying to get a hitman to kill him. and lance armstrong facing
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s. we have breaking news in san francisco where there has been a multiple shooting. it happened less than an hour ago on the 2300 block of silver avenue. 24r* are reports that four people may have been shot. no word on a motive or the conditions of the victims. no arrests at this point. and the abc7 news i team. it is on the potential loss of assets because of state budget cuts. following our report, the state says it has come up with a way to keep three mobile
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field hospitals, at least for now. here is dan noyes with the latest. >> this is a mobile field hospital. california has three of them in case of a disaster. this recent earthquake drill shows how the hospitals would be used from taking in patients to treating them and even performing surgeries. >> an efort quake -- earthquake would damage our medical infrastructure. they would have very good use for the hospital. >> the state inched three of these hospitals for $19 million. it cost another $1.7 million each year to house and maintain them. the state slashed the budgets and the hospitals were all but gone. >> everybody agrees it is a available resource including people in the administration and the legislature. the challenge is just in these very difficult budget finds. >> by moving some state funds
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and a private company for $400,000, the state is going to be able to keep the mobile field hospitals for at least one more year. >> we have managed to piece together funding to maintain them for one more budget year through the next budget year. but we still need a longer term solution. >> the need for the hospitals is not lost on the state assembly member from long beach. she toured the 50-bed version of the hospital set up for the earthquake drill in sacramento. >> it can happen at anytime. fire windstorms, earthquakes. it has happened. >> these hospitals are needed for the long-term. but don't look for the state to step up and restore full funding. >> i have been fighting to keep it in the budget. but with such poor revenues coming in this year, we will have to have public-private partnerships for the future. >> as part of the deal with the private partner the company will be able to rent out one of the hospitals if a disaster happens outside california. as you heard if the budget
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stayed the same no long-term solution is found. there is a good chance we will be here next year telling you the hospitals are leaving the state for good. for the i-team, dan noyes, abc7 news. park officials at yosemite are closing more cabins and employee housing come plekdzs in -- complexes in curry village because of the damage. 18 cabins will close along with five employee dorms. the closure is on the same day a report was released naming curry village as one of the most dangerous spots for falling rocks. well, we have some cooler weather, but it is not going to last for long. >> not at all. sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> big change indeed. dan and carolyn, we are headed toward steamy summer-like weather. summer is going to make an appearance early. live doppler 7hd right now, and it is really a quiet scene. we don't have any rain or any
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moisture to speak of. as a matter of fact from the high definition east by hills camera you can see what happened. the skies cleared out, and tonight when the sun went down at 8:33 the skies were clear, not anymore. we saw the fog along the san francisco and san mateo county coastlines, and we will be seeing more on the bay and tomorrow, month. the temperatures are a comfortable 50, 60 across the entire bay area except antioch at 72 degrees. low lights and fog and overnight heating up by week's end temperatures near triple digits on saturday. we are not expecting records, but we will be facing higher fire danger. here is the deal in the short-term. the cold front passing through has set this breezy pattern into motion. the temperatures are running cooler 4 to 8 dries. tomorrow almost an identical pattern from what we saw today. as the front goes through we will stay in a cooler pattern we have been dealing with, and
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then the low clouds and fog are back in the forecast for friday, but then look what happens. clearing begins and warm up begins on friday and takes us into saturday. get ready for real sizzle around here. fog and low clouds may create low visibility in spots. you might want to give yourself some extra time. may need a light sweater and jacket. 61 in antioch, and if you are heading to the u.s. open for the first round of the tournament, it is going to be a nice looking forecast for that. but it will be foggy in the morning and maybe a little misty 52 degrees as the tournament gets underway and 58 in the afternoon. westerly winds are 10 to 20 miles an hour. certainly have a sweatshirt or jacket if you are heading to the first round of the u.s. open. tomorrow afternoon in san francisco, 64 degrees. mid80s for santa rosa, napa, cloverdale. head out toward fairfield and
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antioch, 68 degrees. it is still warm, but really not the kind of heat we will see as we hit the weekend. 72 in fremont. palo alto, 68 in san mateo. breezy afternoon. 58. 76 degrees in san jose. and for the monterey bay, 71 degrees in santa cruz. tomorrow the giants are playing the houston astros. as they host them, the weather conditions will be just perfect. mild out there. mostly sunny. the temperature ranging from the low to the mid60s for that 12:45 game. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast. the heat is on, mid-nineties inland on friday. look at saturday. almost a hundred degrees inland. low 70s coast side. father's day heats back up a bit. really we will see a cooling trend into next week. mike will be here first thing tomorrow morning with updates. >> thanks, sandhya. back in a moment to tell you about an exciting event. >> it is coming up here in san
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>> closed captioning brought to the aidswalk in san francisco happens next month, and some of the most loyal supporters helped raise huge
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amounts of money. i was delighted to represent abc7, the media sponsor for san francisco. >> thousands turned out for aidswalk. why is that? is it the nature of the cause? >> yes, i think people are committed to seeing the end of aids. they will come back and come back until it happens. we ever -- we are so proud of them. >> with good reason. join us in the fight against aids at aidswalk san francisco at golden gate park on sunday july 15th. should be a wonderful, wonderful day. we are talking about the giants. >> we are talking about history. matt cain and where he was, perfect. in fact, the first perfect game for the san francisco giants. sports is coming up next.
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night giants gave matt cain a
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$127 million contract before this season and tonight he showed why that was a pretty good investment. the first perfect game in giants' history. it started out hitting golf balls in mccovey cove. that was fun. the giants' offense looks like they are hitting golf balls too. cabrera with a two-run shot. his fifth of the year. that was all matt cain needed. he struck out 14 as astro after astro after astro went down. you will get nothing and like it. the closest to a base hit was in the seventh inning. jordan schaefer drills one toward triples alley. have no fear blanco is here. he stretched out incredibly to save the no-no. the stanford man and grounds to third and aries gets it there in time as brandon belt squeezes it for the final out. the giants with wife chelsea
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looking on. now more from big daddy cai. >> it felt like the world series, but it felt louder. every strike they were going nuts for. it was truly amazing. i never had that much excitement in every strike, every pitch, every swing. >> he has had some hard luck in the past. he has been close. he even makes it that much more special because he has been a giant his whole career. >> how about the a's? they are making it rain in colorado. the bottom of the first, the angels' todd helton takes tommy malone to center field and that's a grand slam. the rockies are up 4-2. the a's have found something in brandon moss. all he does is hit home runs. his fourth in his last seven
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games. he rips a double down first baseline. it is 10-8 and it is their second straight victory. as you know, the u.s. open tees off tomorrow at the olympic club. never mind tiger and phil. we had a funny moment on our 6:00 news with mike shumann closing out his segment on live television. >> putting live at the u.s. open, i'm mike shu man, abc7 sports. larry, let me see if i can make one. >> make it under pressure. >> oh yes! tremendous. that is awesome. >> that's why they call i'm him one take shu. >> nice. the nice thing about this is that shu has generously offered me the opportunity to caddie for him for life. that is your abc7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. >> shu is generous that way. >> you know what, he admitted afterwards, he admits to a bunch before that of the -- he had missed a bunch of that.
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the former 49er, you may have seen the ring on display comes through and he struck the captain morgan pose. >> who can blame him? >> that was a great moment. >> good stuff. "nightline" is up next. >>abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. and of course we are always available for you at or facebook and twitter at abc7 news bay area. >> check us out and be involved with us in that way. for larry beil and sandhya patel, we appreciate your time. thanks for watching. >> good night, everyone.
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