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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  June 15, 2012 1:05am-1:40am PDT

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i'm afraid that i have come here to win you again with trembling hands ♪ ♪ trembling hands ♪ ♪ there goes the ending it left me in want but i've tried everything dear i am done with my part ♪ [ cheers and applause ] it is ut now. >> jimmy: i want to thank jada pinkett smith, matt kemp. apologies to matt damon, we ran out of time. watch us in primetime alongside
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game 3 of the nba finals on sunday with our guest tracy morgan. thank you for watching tonight. ♪ hmhmhmhm[ horn honks ]hmhmhmhmm
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>> bart is finally fixed. transbay tube reopened after army of workers spent hours repairing the daniel from a roaring fire. >> hi never seen that much flame in my life. >> it was enormous and ferocious an investigators say it may have been set deliberately. robably been waiting in line for almost an hour now. >>reporter: she was not alone. crippling both morning evening commute. complete coverage of the transbay turmoil that affected thousands of people trying to get across the bay. what a mess it was today. we.
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have live team coverage on what happened. and why it took so long to get traffic moving ic moving again. of amma is in san francisco but we are go star start with lisa at the west oakland bart station where lisa this all began. >> the bart station here reopened a 3:45 p.m. dan and the trains are back on schedul schedule. but the problems are because of a fire that started right over here. >> this was the sound tens of thousands of commuters couldn't wait to hear. >> i'm really excited bart is running. >> for more than 100,000 bart users the 13 and a half hour long shut down was terribly inconvenienced. >> i'm starting 4 years earlier than i need to. because i don't need to be there until 6. so i have been trying to figure out where to good and how to get there since 2:00 o'clock. >> manuel one of the first to
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ride the train across the bay after the reopen. >> it was slow. they were running very fast and they told us they would be slightly small delay. we were on the train for about 10 minutes. >> reason for the short delay safety concerns. bart didn't want to overload the system too quickly especially after more than 100 people worked non-stop to repair the damage caused by the massive fire next to the track. fire destroyed 45 insulators which hold up the third rail. third rail itself was warped and 400 feet worth of communication cable was damaged. >> able to run trains now at essentially the normal speed is really good news. >> 60 trains which is the norm for a thursday afternoon were running by 5:15. more crucial testing takes place overnight from 1:30 to 4 a.m. crews will inspect the work today for stability or problems. riders
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just want things to go back to normal. >> i said if we didn't make this train we were not this train come over to the east bay. bart officials sure tomorrow morning commute will be problem free. that's if no issues pop up during the overnight inspection. live in oakland, lisa, abc 7 news. >> the today was one of the worst traffic back up in a while. look at the pictures from sky 7 hd during the evening commute. cars backed up in the city. heading to the bay bridge. patience required. amma is live at the bay bridge on ramp at first and harrison tonight. getting into the city today was brutal. not that easy leaving either. >> no it wasnve gottenhings have gotten a little better here. look behind me right now traffic isn't too bad but not a long time ago there were a lot of cars at the intersection trying to make their wayge steae bridge steadily. but again things improved drastically much to the relief of many
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travelers. evening commute lasted a little longer than usual as east bay resident tried to get back home from the city after a crazy morning commute. >> actually heard about the fire when i went to the gym. i saw a picture in my office is in west oakland and the fire is about 4 blocks >>reffice. >>reporter: kevin of alameda was concerned about his office but had a giants game to get to. first time in 12 years i have lived that i r that i rodee ferry from there. i got on line to find out how to do it but the cell fence weren't working because they were using them. >>reporter: water emergency transportation authority added large capacity boat to help with all the extra people. >> we have been really thrilled to step up an operate extra service today and help get people into the city this morning and during the midday to the giants game and back home tonight. >>reporter: ferry service estimates 12 to 13,000 people crossed the bay. quick was surprisingly quick and cheap and friendly. there's a bar. there's not a
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bar on bart. >>reporter: some people were bussed into the city and tried to start early to head back. >> bosses are sympathetic going on and chaos trying to get out of the city later tonight so figure i would get out early. >>reporter: ac transit rearranged the service to get 20 buses going back and forth between the temporary transbay terminal and the mcarthur bart station. david fitzgerald came in on ac transit and was relieved to learn bart was back to normal in time for his trip home. >> i have mixed feelings about the bart tube but yes now that it's back in service it's grea great. >>reporter: now that man who was taking the ferry, he said something that i would like to share with the masses. everyone at home. something to think b.he said today really makes you thankful for when things are running as planned. in san francisco, amma, 7 news. >> thanks very much. >> tonight investigators are looking for 3 people seen near the thekland site before the structure burst that flames. 4
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story senior center that was under construction caught fire at 2:18 this morning. flames ripped through the wood frame building burning it to the ground. framing percent 95 pert finished.. >> next week they were going to be putting on the roof and completion date was october. >> security guard reported suspicious activity by 3 men at the site just before the fire started. oakland fire department called in the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms for its expertise. >> atf does investigate fires suspicious fires and one of the area that we look at is the complexity of the fire. the impact of property damage or loss of life. >> as terrible as this they think was and it was bad as you can see, remarkably no injuries reported. fire put in and out a few hours. the traffic back up lasted the whole day. engineers must give the go ahead to move it into ruins before investigators can get
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down to their work. now we want to show you how hot it really got. heat from the fire was so intensity scorched as you can see this parked car. fire melted the rear-view mirror and caused headlights to just bubble. side of the car closest to the fire had melted taillights. blown out window and flat tires. >> now we have really interesting video and pictures of the fire that really highlight the level of destruction here. came to us through you report at kg o dash this is cell phone video taken from the entrance of the west oakland bart station just moments after the flames broke out. man who shot these pictures? told us he was just shocked by the size of the fire >> i had never seen that much flame in my life. it was it was like movie proportion so much flame. i mean i know it was just wood
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but i didn't know wood could go up so fashion. >> here's what the area looked like two days ago. bart rider took pictures of the construction project during his morning commute. again the framing 95 percent complete two days ago. and then this terrible track difficult happened. wrnd to the ground. >> the fire and the result bart closure had mainly impact on small but determined sub set. east bay golf fans had been urged to take bart to the u.s. open at the olympic club. the last stop was coleman where shuttle buses to the golf course were waiting. we talked to fan who took the ferry are toy south san francisco and took forever. >> well, 8:30 to 1:00 o'clock. took us 4 and a half hours. >> from oakland. >> from oakland. >> i caught the east bay ac transit over to the east bay terminal. i caught the next 3 and just remember the day when i didn't catch bart and would
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catch the bus. >>reporter: many other east bay fans drove to the park where there were also shuttle buses running to the olympic club but patience required today. it was a hassle. >> this is the third time an accident or act of nature has forced bart to close thetransbau transbay tube. fire in the tube in january 1979 killed a firefighters and forcesed bart to shut down the tunnel for 11 weeks. also closed in 1989 as you may remember after the quake but inspected and reopened in just 6 hours time. so what to do. if you want to make sure no problems with bart tomorrow, we have continuing coverage on the abc morning news starting at 4:30. we have up to the minute traffic updates for bart, the bridge and the entire bay area. tune in before you leave the house. >> coming up next. judge arrested tonight 7 news was there as warrant was sevened at the homenown a well known jurorist. >> and look at this. how this y
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@@q @e@e@e@e@$@$ @ @@@8t8t8t8t8tú >> east bay judge is in jail tonight accused of stealing money from his elderly neighbo neighbor. judge paul simon appointed to the bench by the governor 4 years ago. we are live at the judge home in the berkeley hills with the lillian? >> officers searched the judge's home earlier this evening. it was the culmination of 2 year investigation. he's a top notch stand up guy. he contributes to neighbory. neighbors were shocked to learnr court judge paul david simon is under arrest. investigators left his home on santa barbara road in the berkeley hills with boxes of evidence. he's accused of stealing at least 1.6 million dollars from a 97-year-old neighbor over the
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course of 13 years. do you think the allegations are are true. >> they sound very surprising to me is all i can say. >>reporter: neighbor who he is accused of stealing from died two years ago and owned this home across the street and go the to know simon in 1999 when he offered to help her and her husband with their legal trouble. husband died later that year. according to probab probable cause documents filed in court simon had taken over almost all of the finances by august of 2004. adding his name open her bank investment accounts at the time totalling 2.2 million dollars. probable cause documents also say simon had unrestricted access to her home and eventually her safe deposit boxes. he's accused of selling off her train set, stamp and coin collection and art and print collection for a total of 250,000 dollars. in addition probable cause documents say he had invested over 1.4 million dollars from 2004 and 2009 in 40 local
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property. something he failed to report on his tax forms. neighbors hope all of this is a misunderstanding because the simon they know is a good man. >> he had a number of children vietnamese refugee who were here that he adopted and they all had disabilities so he was really a wonderful person. >>reporter: spokesperson with the alameda county da office wrote the alleged conduct of judge simon is both disturbing and disappointing. his alleged conduct in no way a reflection of the outstanding caliber of judicial officers serving alameda county. live in berkeley, abc 7 news. >> thanks. >> popular pizza restaurantwalnn walnut creek shut down tonight because of outbreak or nor 0virus. california pizza kitchen broadway plaza to close early this evening. test show the salad linked to a virus outbreak at the restaurant earlier this month. above the and customers tested
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positive. it's a contagious ill in east that you cap get from contaminated food. parents of an alleged teenager prostitute are under arrest accuse man the man they say was the 17-year-old daughter p police police say san francisco residents and lupe hunted down the man then shot him to death. police tried to shoot him late last month in north hollywood then on june fourth police say they shot him candlestick pavrjt couple attorney insist they are innocent. >> i'm saying i haven't seen any evidence direct evidence that they were involved. there's no weapono. there's no statements that i have been prosecuted with. >> we would never prosecute a case simply because we believe that we have motive. >>report they are each being held on two million dollar bail. >> 100,000 dollar reward is being offered tonight for
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information to solve a two year murder miss industry. victim was 61-year-old nancy rodgers. here's what happened. in jump of 2010. her body was found stuffed in a trash begin at the waste management trans transfer station in san leandro. police say they have people of interest in the case and hope some memories.memories. east bay homeowner had a very close call after a garbage truck crashed into his home and just barely missed hit had gone him. the truck was making his rounds on the valley rolled backward down a hill. the huge september the uvc into a home. then kept rolling and smashed into another house no one injured and very strange incident. homeowner of the second home was literally few feet away but was missed than thankfully. >> weekend almost upon us and
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the heat is coming. sandy is here with the forecast. >> hi dan. yes we are looking at triple dinl it heat to the bay area. perhaps hottest all season long. let's look at live doppler. few clouds moving in. harpless not to worry about them but we have to be worried about the fire weather watch north day mountains it starts sunday evening and early monday morning increasing during that crime period. we will have low humidity north bay mountains as we head into your friday night saturday time period. today high pressure sampling compared to friday and then saturday. santa rosa 88 today. 93 tomorrow. heading up to 95 degrees on saturday. look at san francisco high. 6 63. eventually 77 then 6. warm 85 degree today 100
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degrees by saturday. that's when the temperatures are expected to peek. numbers in the 50s except santa rosa and fairfield in the 60's and antioch checking in with very warm 33 degrees. temperature rising next 2 day. warm at the coast. we look at high fire danger especially the strongest winds our breezy conditions at the coast line and this is repeat performance as we head into friday afternoon but watch what happens as this bridge of pressure build ins. on saturday coming out of the north northeast hot and dry inland. that's when we expect to see the triple digit and this gusty offshore flow pattern fire danger in the north bay hills. tomorrow morning only pashy fog. other whites 4 spwis then if you are heading to the u.s. open i wanted to give you a quick
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glimpse of round weather 62 degrees quick clearinging expe d expected. 10 to 20 miles an hour so beautiful weather for the second round of the u.s. open and beautiful weather everywhere else as well. warmer low 90's santa rosa, nap a-concord 76 in oakland, 70 san francisco. 82 san jose 85 degrees. for the monterey bay 76 santa cruz. 89 degrees for gilroy. accu-weather 7 day forecast warmer next couple da days. sizzling on saturday. triple digit inland. mid 70's at the coast by father it's still warm as we head into arrival on weather and that's when the temperatures come back up again. >> that's on the calendar. >> early appearance. >> thank you sandy very much. >> coming up next. how a young man questioned launched new man questioned launched new idea turn trick
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>> boston teenager launched own line of healthy candy. idea sprouted couple years ago when the parents confiscated most of
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his halloween candy so i decided toreate candy bar with fewer calorie and better ingredientto needed money to invent and market his brand called unreal candy. why? because his dad sold a company for 1 billion dollars a few years ago. so he's doing just fine. >> larry off. mike is here. a lot of sports. >> miami heat dan still on the road from the acc. tiger woods in the hunt but we have a surprised leader stick
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are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyo recognition. fibeone. >> all right. you have to win on the road to capture nba title and miami stole one from the thunder tonight in okc. thunder fans were hyped up with their v the of fear the beard. first half all heat. wade picks up loose pwawchlt knows how to finish. 22. shane split up 5, 3. 17. thunder rolling late. down 13 in the fourth. durrant the 3. bottom. then he floats down the lane and throws it town. 32 points by they were too muc much. heat also had 32 leaving balance attack like at this shot. even the series at game a piece. >> we know they keep coming
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keepng doing it post season all the teams they play against on their home floor. just want to bake one more or 2 more play than out with a come out with a victory. we were able to do that. >> first round of 112 u.s. open at the club perfect condition today but 2 of the par key 3 some struggle. 7:33 am the trees right off the first tree. had only one birdie at 6 over may birdie 4 5 then nothing but net. youngestnges y play. did make a birdie on 7 from the youngest to the oldes oldest. 53-year-old michael allen. eagle 14. olympic club member since age 14. in the hunt. one over on the day. out done second shot
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on the star dollars. it's in. third double eagle in open history. make a long birdie at 1 point. struggle down the stretch. he's now plus 3. round 1 leader. thompson. 7 birdies including this one on 18. shoot the 4 under 66. yes yes i think just familiariy with the golf course. knowing, remembering certain spots that i have been in before. you play the course 15, 20 you are going to know where to hit the and not to too. >> he was runner-up here at 11 buck. tiger 3 back. watson finished at 8 over. barry trying to follow matt per game last tonight against the astro astros. that's a tough act to follow. top 3. fv martinez clears grand slam either 0game up 2 home runs. him if moss
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has been hot double off the wall into third. 2 score adding april grade will sweep the vac try. >> that's your 7 sports report brother the to you by river rock casino looks like good weather for round 2. >> good stuff thanks very much. that is our report "nightline"up next. for all of us herep, i'm dan. thanks for watching. our continuing coverage of the transbay turmoil continues on 7 news tomorrow morning at 4:30 p.m. and on facing.
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♪ [ man ] excuse me miss. [ gasps ] this fiber one 90 calorie brownie has all the moist, chewy, deliciousness you desire. mmmm. thanks. at 90 calories, the brownie of your dreams is now deliciously real. test results they claim they saw it from '98 to 2011. armstrong remains in france where he is still hoping to compete in a triathlon at the end of the month. lance saying the united states anti-doping agency, they're famous for moving the goal line. >> he is basically saying the whole thing is a witch-hunt. he passed 500 drug tests. this thing has not gone away. >> no spike in his performance in 25 years. >> we'll see.
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here's your friday forecast -- how good does that sound? >> uh-huh. >> severe storms don't sound good. you will see them from the dakotas to denver and kansas. midland kansas. warming up in the midwest. rain around minneapolis. omaha, des moines, kansas city. scattered showers and thunderstorms from houston to miami. >> 90s along the gulf coast. 70s, beautiful here in the northeast. great weekend ahead of us. 80s from detroit to boise. a very special delivery in nashville for a very tall order. >> tall drink. no, no. giraffe. the nashville zoo is giving the world a glimpse of its newest edition of a lanky, adorable baby giraffe. named baby girl here with mom, margarita, said we could pour a cold one, tall one during the story. born sunday. 6'2", and weighs 160 pounds. >> same as lebron at birth. zoo officials say margarita is showing great maternal skills, she is no novice. this is actually se


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