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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  June 17, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> ama: a candlelight victim until san mateo after the tragic drowning of a three-year-old child. i'm ama daetz. as abc-7 news' first to report, the girl's parents initially called 9-1-1 this afternoon to report their daughter missing. but when the police arrived it was too late. the three-year-old was discovered by a neighbor in a lagoon near the family's apartment complex on day street. she wandered away from the home around 4:00 this afternoon. >> the child was pulled from the water. they tried to revive the child but were not able to. >> it's really sad. i hope i don't know the child. it will be worse. >> ama: the child's identity has not been released. the coroner's office has taken over the investigation but by
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all can'ts it ano be an accidental death. now, to today's hot weather. you're looking at a live look from our roof camera over the ferry building area. i know it's quite dark but we have already cooled off quite a bit. today we hit triple digit across the bay area. at 33:00 it was 101 degrees in walnut creek. we have team coverage. sergio quintana is live in walnut creek but first leigh glaser has the high temperatures. >> leigh: you can take a look. these are the highs for today. 102 was the high at the santa rosa airport there. 101 in napa. check out antioch and livermore. you reached 106 degrees. it was 98 today in san jose. 86 in san francisco. and 66, mild conditions, at half moon bay. these numbers in terms of records for today, we tied one
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record in san jose, 98. the order record was set in 1943. 106 in livermore the high today. the record was 113 from 1961. and san francisco is up very setting o setting or tying the new record of 90 set back inheal 1943. heat still with us. 88 degrees in antioch. 82 in concord. we're getting a sense of cooling near the coast. more cooling tomorrow. >> along with the triple digit temps comes concerns about fire danger. sergio quintana is live in walnut creek with a look at how crews are gearing up for fire season. >> reporter: itle you what, it is a whole lot cooler right now. you can check it out. 82 degrees right now. that's 20 degrees cooler than its peak this afternoon, which is around 101, 102 degrees, but on this sunny saturday there were a trio ofat that brought three catch phrases to
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mind: beat the heat, -- three catch phrases about beating the heat, fire safety, and concerns about air quality. >> up ahead, up ahead. >> in brisbane, north county fire crews pulled out all the stops in this orractice event or a wildland fire. it's called, ready, set, go. a program that puts crews to the paces of a fire line. >> it started early. the fire season for us. but this is a separation for us. >> an exercise aimed at hillside residents. the hope is to get them to put a fire exit plan together. >> always an immediate danger in this terrain so i'm glad they're out here and practicing. >> there are plenty of recents to be on high alert. that's spot fire in san jose is the latest in a series of fires the crew has had to deal with. an adjustment ramp from the 283 freeway was closed done because
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tterne weather pattern causing e heat prompted a "spare the air" alert. residents are urged to dial back driving and other activities that causes smog because it gets caught in the air. but whether it's dipping under a pool waterfall in antioch, splashing friends in the risk withettling down with a nice cb of ice cream in reek, th creek, there were plenty of strategies to beat the heat. >> we were at piratefest in vallejo but it was sweltering. so we had to cut it out early and do ice cream instead. >> reporter: it's expected to cool down tomorrow. that should help with the air quality. so far there has not been another "spare the air" alert issued for tomorrow. and the cooler temperatures should also help witlso helpe ongoing fire concerns we have been having. reporting live in walnut creek, abc-7 news.
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>> coming up at 11:30, how the hot, dry weather is affecting firefighters battling wildfires across the west. the latest on the thousands of acres burning right now. dozens of people are out of their homes after a three-alarm fire in burlingame. lisa amin gulezian has the details. >> the woman said, come on, get out. my apartment is on fire. if i stay there a couple minutes, i wouldn't be here right now. >> fear and flames rushed across the top floor of this billing last night. investigators believe burning grease caused the blaze that destroyed several apartments. >> two were involved with heavy fire damage. and then 15 on the third floor or uninhabitable due to smoke and heat. >> 25 apartments and more than 50 people are impacted. the red cross set up a disaster center inside the complex's clubhouse where displaced residents can get food, water, and even a place to sleep.
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normally the red cross would put people up in hotels. >> unfortunately right now, there are not very many hotel rooms available. the u.s. open has apparently filled up a lot of hotel rooms. >> the frustration for many residents is growing, not just because of the lack of lodging but also because of this. >> the fire alarms didn't go off and i didn't hear all. all. >> some resident is spoke with tell me the alarm sounded opposite they were just about out of the building. the complex uses manual fire alarms. investigators are checking the entire system to see if smoke detectors, which are not required to be hooked up to the siren system, were working. regardless, several people don't plan to move back into this complex. >> the fire alarm went off so late. just makes me doubt, like -- i don't know. makes me doubt the security system. >> apartment management would
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not comment on the fir or on the alarm system. but i did learn the entire system was tested by a third-party company and it passed inspection in april. in burl game, lisa amin gulezian, abc-7 news. >> ama: in san francisco, a massive construction five in the hunters point neighborhood is under investigation tonight. huge flames consumed the wood frame of a multi story building. fire broke out this morning and took firefighters an hour to get it under control because they had to let it burn itself out. nobody was hurt. a possible gang shooting in san jose has sent one person to the hospital. at 6:20 multiple shots were fired at the vicinity of pride and orange street. one person was shot, perhaps in the back. police are looking for two people whoe the scene in a newer beige vehicle, possibly a honda. no suspects are in custody. mainight now a major w break in benecia is forcing a street and highway c
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the pressure raised the pavement on west seventh feet three feet above ground. water reached the offramp of 780. ben nearby safire says the south hampton offramp will be shut down until further notice. in rodeo the bad smell situation is finally under control at the phillips of 6 refinery. a tank containing a million gallons of water and sulfide erupted, sending a smell of rotten eggs in the area. contra costa county officials say the odor was harmful. harmf. >> the bay area's connection to the tight op walk cries niagra falls. >> the new scandal facing the international olympic committee. >> the war of words over immigration as
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>> parents and teachers in oakland say the school district has left them no choice but to camp out at lakeview element. the camin was -- lake view is one of five schools the district shut down. >> what is happening is we're taking our schools back. the taxpayers, the people from the community, the parents, teachers, students, are taking that which belongs to them back.
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they do not have the power to close schools in neighborhood. every neighborhood deserves a school. >> ama: the district says the school has to close because of budget concerns and declining enrollment. a shouldn'tship has been established for a couple of fallen heroes. they died battling a house fire in diamond heights. today friends and family of perez found add scholarship at archbishop riordan high school. >> every day, definitely think about him and i kind of almost set my day to how i feel. i kind of think about him and work up from there. it's been really difficult. he was like a second, grow me, growing up in our neighborhood. our dad worked hard so he looked out for me growing up. >> the scholarship at reardon is $25,000 for sons of firefighters. >> one person is dead after a
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statement -- stage collapsessed while it was being set up for a concert in toronto, california. one person was killed and three others seriously injured hours before the radiohead concert. the concert was cancelled. the international olympic committee launched an investigation into alwayses olympic officials are selling tickets on the market. according to the sunday times newspapers in the uk. several thousand tickets to the best events have been put up for sale by national olympic commitees from their official ticket quotas. the ioc has ordered immediate inquiries. >> washington wildlife officials are testing samples from a fishing boat that could be debris from the japanese tsunami. they want to make sure it wasn't carrying invase si species or pathogens. the boat floated ashore on washington's coast yesterday. today crews went to work removing a heavy coat of sea
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life, gun mussels and seaweed. >> a device from a bay area company has airlinist nick well would help -- wallenda cross the niagra falls on this two-inch cable. cable. here's more. >> reporter: nick wallenda gets on a two-inch cable, 1800 people from canada to the u.s. as he makes his way across the gap he is watchedy tenses of thousands of spectators, balancing himself with a pole and dragging a tether. information is relayed to nick. this is what his father is reading. it's a weather station manufactured by david's instruments of hayward. >> we're giving him wind speed and direction so he is able to get through his microphone and
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head pi conditionsurrent conditions if he wanted them. >> the weather station sense ars can be seen best wallenda's feet. >> seeing his travel and seeing how you can suspend a weather station underneath him, actually really kind of cool to see for us as a company. >> wallenda ignored critics that said winds would prevent him from completing his walk, as he got close to the u.s. side he began waving his arms. last year he sprinted to the finish line. he said he made this walk for his grandfather, carl wallenda, who fell off a tightrope in putter to rico. >> this is paying transcribe beaut my an -- transcribe beaut my an session are sos. >> in hayward, abc-7 news. >> nothing short of incredib inb well, cars land is already a big
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success at california at venture, and constitutedey execs are hoping it will turn the alternative park into a moneymaking venture. it's the final edition to a $1 billion plus makeover to the park. the goal is to make people want to stay longer, spend a few more bucks and embrace the disney image. it opened to the public yesterday and i'm sure kids loved it. >> a good day to get out and do things. >> a great day to sit on a big block of ice. >> ama: people eating ice cream. >> leigh: we should be sitting on the block of ice. the inland temperatures in the upper 80s. but it's a nice evening out there this is high definition sutro cam. a live look there we're getting reports of a little fog creeping in first watsonville and santa cruz and that will cool the entire bay area off slightly tomorrow and even more so as we
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head into the first part of next week. so, the 7hd picking up high clouds. by the way, these high clouds made for just a beautiful evening sunset. probably saw a lot of the red shades and red hues as the sun started to come down, the ice crystals in the high clouds reflecting, and you cahe c the he clouds will drift on through this evening, as the lower clouds beneath those high clouds start to move to the north up along the coast this evening. check it out. antioch, 88 right now. 82 in livermore. 80 in concord. 86, san rafael. napa cooled off to 68. 55 in san francisco. half moon bay, little patchy fog being reported there now. 54 degrees and it's still 80 degrees right now in san jose. so, we'll continue with mild temperatures inland overnight. cooler day for father's day tomorrow as the fog will start
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to creep north along the coast and will stay with us monday and tuesday. lows tonight, interior east bay, upper of 60s to low 70s. elsewhere with the fog trying to make its way north, we'll look for temperatures overnight tonight in the mid-to-upper low pressure brought us the strong warm offshore winds today. we're getting into a wind shift overnight tonight that. that low pushes off towards the east and that means the return of the onshore wind, cooler winds so the sea breeze with surge back and that means the fog returning to the coast by tomorrow as well. here's a look at the forecast fog forecast beginning at 11:00 tonight. overplaying it a little bit but you can get a sense as the winds turn more onshore, the low clouds and fog sitting off thehh coast, which is pushed back in back off the coast by around noontime, and then another big surge that moves inland by late tomorrow afternoon. of course, that is also going to
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mean cooler conditions for the final round of the u.s. open. 54 to 64 degrees. those winds will shift more southwest, and start to pick up anywhere from 10 to as much as 20 miles-per-hour. take the jacket. you're going to fool the difference out -- feel the difference out there tomorrow. temperatures down as much as ten degrees. check out the highs for tomorrow. 88 for san jose. campbell, 90. at the coast, 54 for half moon bay. san francisco tomorrow, temperatures at about 68 degrees. 63 for daly city. low clouds coming in late in the day. 29, santa rosa. 88, sonoma. interior east bay, no triple digits but warm to hospital. 96 for brentwood. 29 for -- 92 for concord. a cooler day for dads tomorrow. much cooler monday and tuesday as the fog returns, and then we'll warm things up for the first day of summer, which is on
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wednesday. >> and it's great to have the ballpark in the backyard. >> olympic course showed its speed in the round three, and even tiger woods got bit. falling down the leaderboard. how far?
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>> mike: no one is exempt from the trials and tribulations of the u.s. open course, not even tiger woods. three straight days of perfect conditions at the olympic club. tiger wishing for a redo. two yoigs first three hole. lee westwood, low round with for 67, tied for fourth at 2-over. now ernie els putsn contention with one swing on the 17th. bottom of the jar.
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2-over. shot of the day on the 1st. john peterson. are you kidding me? a hole-in-one. in the hunt at 3-over. go ahead and celebrate. who cares if it's the open. jim furyk, birdie on 11. in the lead at 1-under. tied with graeme public -- mcdowell. 1-under. tiger on 18. long putt for par. he bogeys. he is still in the hunt. >> i'm definitely still in the ball game. i'm only five back, and that'so certainly do-able in this golf companies for -- golf course for >> if i sure. >> if i could put a good number up, i can give myself a chance for tomorrow. so, a big day out there today. >> experience helps. for some reason i'm patient again this week and that's been
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my virtue in major championship golf, being patient and waiting it out. >> today was really just about trying to position for tomorrow. and really trying to go out and execute my game plan, get in a relaxed frame of mind and give myself an opportunity to play well tomorrow and maybe have a >> mike: furyk andn. >> mike: furyk and mcdowell in the final group. tiger five back. going to be a great father's day for someone. >> timmy lincecum pitching in his home state for the first time as a giant. did not get off to a great start. two home runs in the first inning.
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>> mike: tim lincecum lives in seattle, and was on the hill against the mariners. first time timmy pitched in his adopted home town of seattle as a giant. cat cass -- kasper wel ka
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gothe timmy not the showing he was looking for. giants battle back and tie it. in the fourth they get the lead. the single in. then cabrera brings in crawford with a base hit. giants up 4-2. and runners on the corners. pitch gets pass postie. tied. gutierrez grippings in the winning run on an infield single. timmy is now 2-8 on the season. >> a's win their fifth straight with a win over the padres. former cal bear on the hill. flirting with a no-hitter. you wont believe who broke it up. six k's, chase headley the victim in the fourth. you want a no-hit center you need spout. seth smith delivers. solo shot. 1-0a's. you need great defense, coco crisp. the leaping grab. in the sixth, the cal-stanford
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rivalry never ippedzs. coughed -- ends. just like that padres up 4-3. a wild pitch tied it up for the as. jonnyen jonny gomes, see ya. hold on for their fifth straight win, 6-4. >> this sports report brought to you by river rock casino, preview of game two of the nba finals coming up. >> ama: hot and dry weather is creating more problems forters firefighters battling blaze across the west. the race for the white house and how yesterday's immigration proposal could affect the election.
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>> ama: right now we're following breaking news out of
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east oakland where police are on scene of a deadly hit-and-run crash. traffic is shut down in the area of 61st avenue as police collect evidence and interview witnesses. at least one persones dead. police have not released in the die tails about the accident. in it to's other headlines, a candlelight villagele is held in san mateo for a three-year-old girl who drown in a a lagoon. >> san jose police are looking for two suspects who a man near a park on pride street. the victim was shot once, perhaps in the back and hospitalized. >> the red cross in burlingame is trying to find temporary housing for some of the people displaced by an overnight fire at an apartment complex. hotel rooms are at a premium because of the u.s. open golf tournament in san francisco. >> to remind us it's brush fire season, the north county fire
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authority had a wildfire awareness event in brisbane. brush fires have broken out in the bay area all week. >> all this dry weather is not helping an army of firefighters trying to contain massive wildfires in the rockies. here's the later. >> reporter: there's no end in sight to the wall of flames ravaging western states-including this one. the high park fire in colorado. >> 181 homes destroyed by the fire. my understanding is that makes this the most destructive wildfire in colorado. >> more than 85 square miles have been scorched and more than 1500 firefighters are trying to bring it under control. >> putting all their skills and effort in making sure the fire is contained as rapidly as possible. >> now we know where and how this began. the tree that started at it all. >> a they found the south edge of the area the actual tree where the lightning struck eight
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days ago. >> since then hundreds haved the their homes are at a moment's notice to escape the fire wall. >> ter rio wednesday lost all the food for his 45 horses. >> the hay we had up there is gone. the grass is >> gone. >> but there is a ray of hope. the fire spared the cabins. for many residents in the little bear fire in southern new mexico felt the full brunt. 224 homes are destroyed. the lightning sparked blaze start 12 days ago and destroyed everything in its path. abc news, new york. >> ama: in southern california, brush fire burning out of control near the city of beaumont. the fire has charred 2,000-acres of brush and is still growing. firefighters are also dealing with winds gusting up to 30 miles-per-hour. no injuries have been reported or structures threatened. >> president obama and mitt romney are ramping up efforts to connect with voters before the november election. unemployment topped the president's weekly address this
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morning, and the romney pennsygn in pennsylvania as part of his five-day bus tour. >> romney ron didn't waste any time taking shots out president obama. >> last time around as you recall his campaign slogan was, hope and change. now i think he'd like to change it to hoping to chang subject. subject. >> saturday is the sake day of the g.o.p. candidate's bus tour across six battleground states and focused own the president's record. >> the said if i can't turn this economy around in three years, i'm looking at a one-term proposition and i'm here to collect. i want to get america working again. >> polls show unemployment is a top concern for voters. the jobless rate went up a little bit to 8.2's. jobs led president obama's weekly agrees. >> the economy is growing again but not growing fast enough.
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our business is to create a 12.3 million new jobs over the last 27 jobs but we're not creating them fast enough. >> the president says he i urging jobs to pass jobs and economic legislation he proposed last year. >> most of the ideas that would create jobs and grow our economy, republicans in congress have not lifted a finger. they'd rather wait until after the election in november. >> president obama and mitt romney disagree on many things but both agree it's time to focus on the america people and get people back to work. >> right now it's past 9:30 sunday morning in greece where the polls are open and the world is watching. the election will decide nothing less than greece's economic future and the results will echo across the globe. one party wants to stay with eeuro, the other one wants to go back there the old currency. >> in egypt, another historic election. polls are open for the second and last day of the presidential
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election. this is the first time egyptians have had a choice who as t elect as their leader. expert sexpert personal elected will most likely be forced to answer the military. the military dissolved parliament and the country has no new constitution. >> coming up, some people could be in the dark about a new change that affects they're power bill. the service which is causing so much controversy. >> the fight over housework and how chores can actually strength a relationship. >> leigh: really? high there i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. 80s still right now. tomorrow is father's day, by the way. 80s now. we're going to cool things down tomorrow. we'll look at the
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>> ama: about 8 a thousand marin county residents are being notified they're being automatically switched to a new power company. some consumers want answers. so michael finney found some. >> we were opted in without notifica notification. >> he was outraged when he received this notice in the mail. it said his electric service was being switched to a new power company he never heard of. >> been so used to pg&e any whole life and this other company is coming in. >> jason isn't the only one receiving this notice. everyone in marin county will get one, and unless they opt out quickly, on july 1st, a nonprofit called marin clean
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energy will take over as their power supply. >> now i have to go through the process and craziness, and they made me frustrated. >> more than a few marin residents complained to me, wondering why no one asked before switching them. >> the problem now is customers are getting another choice besides pg&e. >> dawn wise is the ceo of marin clean energy and says it's a public agency county and the county and cities. the goal is to use more green energy, wind, solar i-dough, and keeping prices down. >> it's a nonprund go and the fund go right back into keeping rates as low as we can. >> although the new agency will buy the power, pg&e will still trbt it. in 2010 the legislature created a new law allowing these government energy programs. marin's clean energy is the first to set up and now san francisco is developing its own, and the city of richmond may join marin.
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>> you're saving 50%. ally?lean energy must prove to the california public utilities that indeed at least half of its energyhalf of comesm renewable sources or is violating its certification. jason is also concerned with the cost. the agency notice said nothing >> but >> but -- what we had to do in the letter is make it understandable and not bombard people with too much information. >> information like this is going to cost consumers more. marin clean energy charges slightly less than pg&e will charge come july. the pg&e rate hikes go through as expected. however, pg&e charges an exit fee to departing customers so py residents will pay an average of 2.50 more per month if they go with marin clean energy. pg&e says it supports the change because it doesn't profit from
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generating power. just from its delivery, and pg&e says the exit fees are to reimburse pg&e for electricity it has already purchased to serve marin customers. eventually that fee will be phased out. >> ama: marin clean energy says the opt out rule is required by the state as no choice. about 20% of the customers are expected to opt out. if you're enrolled you have 60 dayss to opt out for free. after that it costs $5. >> a new study found the simple approach works to help prevent type 2 diabetes. researchers spoke to 230 people neighborhoodsarea and they were given specific dietary guidance and counseling and those who counseling lost more weight and researchers say simple education is the key to preventing the de.
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>> now to the battle over house work. dividing chores equally may help you and your part nor avoid physical stress. a swedish study finds it's not about who does what but how much contribute to daily house hold chores. meteorologist. >> leigh: -- leigh glaser is here checking checking the fore. >> leigh: palm springs, 111 tomorrow. fresno, 103 degrees. los angeles, little fog creeps in there near the cost so a bit cooler, 81. and we'll start to see the fog move in towards big sur. also carmel, santa cruz tomorrow, temperatures dropping off there if you're traveling tomorrow, 97 for salt lake city. thun for bet for dallas. 92 degrees. rain off and on moving into washington d.c. and new york city. temperatures in those locations,
2:48 am
mid-to-upper 70s. for the bay area, low clouds and fog, due to return coastside tomorrow afternoon, so, we will look for coolishore more onshore wind, so, 58 for san francisco tomorrow, half moon bay, 64. north bay, 92. for santa rosa, napa, 90. -- excuse me, 89. a little more comfortable for you. interior east bay, gone will be the triple digits, repraised by mid-to-upper 90s. with 94 for antioch, 92 for concord. santa cruz, afternoon fog, 76 degrees. the accuweather seven day forecast. father's day a little more comfortable for us all as temperatures come down a bit. the fog really returns monday and tuesday so 80s return. 50s at the coast, and then the first day of summer is wednesday, and we'll warm things back up a bit. >> thank you so much, leigh. >> if you're still searching for the perfect gift for father's day, look no further your your
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smartphone there are dozens of apps just for dads. one tracks golf courses and lets dad keep tans on his performance. grilling has a mobilerilling companion which includes a grill guide, and even ballpark envy which has details on every big league stadium. i want to say happy father's day to my dad. he would like the golf ann. >> i want to sleep app. a pair of former u.s. open champions atop the leaderboard at the olympic club, neither named tiger. we have a preview of the nba finals. miami and
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>> mike: the nba finals continue tomorrow night right here on abc-7 news. game three between the heat and the thunder from miami. okc and miami played thursday night, knotting up the series, and heat hosting the next three games at home and miamies in the driver's seat. >> you need to win on the road to win a championship but you have to be able to take your
2:53 am
home court. you're fighting uphill. >> we had no other choice. we lost at home. tough love. got to get over it. get ready for a tough game three. ready.t to be ready. going to be a f tomorrow. >> mike: game three coverage begins on abc-7 at 4:30 p.m. and stick around for after the game. clay thompson and i'll be live of,eaking of, which even under perfect condition u.s. open courses will bite you. not even tiger woods is exempt. started under day, ended the day way over par. three straight days of perfect weather the olympic club, tiger wishing for a redo. part putt on three. two yankees in the first -- both gees in the first three holes.l. bottom of the jar. 2-over. two-time u.s. open champ, ernie els put himself in contention.
2:54 am
on the par-5 17th. bottom of the bucket two over. the shot of the day on the 13th. john peterson rump kidding me? a hole-in-one. he is in contention at 3-over. go ahead and celebrate. jim furyk on 11. the lead at 1-under and tied with graeme mcdowell. there's a theme here. makes birdie. 68. 1-under. tiger now on 18. long putt for par. easiest holes on the course. photogra with a photographer on the way to the scorers opportunity. not happy but in the hunt. >> definitely still in the ball game. i'm only five back and that's certainly do-able on this golf course for sure. >> i knew before the round if i could put a good number up i can most likely give myself a chance for tomorrow. so a big day out there today. >> for some reason i'm patient again this week. and that's been kind of my
2:55 am
virtue and major championship golf. being patient and wait it out. >> today was really just about trying to position for tomorrow and really trying to go out and execute my game plan, get in rela relaxed frame of mind and get myself in with an opportunity to play well tomorrow and have a chance to win. >> mike: two u.s. open champs in the final group. a great father's day for somebody. >> tim lincecum is from renton, washington, 11 miles outside of seattle. was on the hill against the mariners. first-time pitches against the giant tuesday in his adopted homedown of seattle. bottom first, kasper wells, solo shot. 1-0m's. two batters later. montara, see you. his eighth of the year, timmy not the showing he was looking for. giants battle back and tie it. in the fourth they get the lead. theriot singles in belt. then cabrera brings in crawford with a base hit. giants up 4-2.
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runners on the cornen the fifth. timmy throws in the dirt. gets past buster, jaso scores. giewt tier his brings in the wing run. timmy 2-8 on the season. >> the a's won their fifth straight with a win over the padres. former cal bear tyson roth flirting with a no-hitter and you won't believe who broke it up. ross brought up from triple-a. chase leadly, vic in the third. seth smith says i got your back. solo shot. 1-0a's. also have to have great defense. coco crisp. took care of that. robbing maybin. no-hitter through five for roth but in the sixth, the rivalry never ends, carlos ends the no-witnesser -- no-hitter with a two-run bomb. just like that the padres up
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4-3. the wild pitched tied it up for the a's, and gomes gives them the lead. a's win it. >> this sports report brought to you by river rock casino, and a happen father's day to allout dads out. >> thank you for watching. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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