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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 17, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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key witness in the ethics case against sheriff
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a deadly boating accident on the delta. just a few hours ago a second body was pulled from the water. good evening. i'm alan wang. >> i'm ama dates. this evening searchers pulled the body of a fisherman out of the delta west of stockton. thomas roman is in the newsroom with more. thomas? >> reporter: all three men were related and the best of friends. the two men died doing what they loved to do. our camera was near stockton when the sheriff deputies recovered the body of the remaining victim, 41-year-old ace moore. san juaquin county sheriff deputies were about to call off their search when they discovered his body near this tree near stockton. 41-year-old ace moore is one
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of three men who went fishing on this boat he bought 10 days ago. he and cousin johnny johnson seen on a cell phone picture drowned when their boat capsized early saturday morning. >> my uncle grabs on to the boat. my cousin and my father didn't grab on quick enough. >> he is one of eight children and was rescued by a passing boat. both johnson and moore had eight children each. for them it was a devastating father's day. >> it is hard especially being father's day. >> 17-year-old carmalita johnson is struggling to cope. >> i am doing okay, but reality sets in. >> they had a boat with all of the trimmings preparing it for fishing. the only thing missing on friday night were life jackets. >> apparently my dad had no lifejacket.
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my sister said ace left his lifejacket at the house. >> life jackets would have saved the men. she is the mother of johnson's eight children, ages 10 months to 19 years old. >> trying to explain to my kids he is gone. they are so young. they don't understand. i don't know how to explain it to them. >> johnson's sister, linda, is trying to see the bright side of the tragedy. >> my brother is a pisece. he died doing what he loved to do with his best friend. >> san juaquin sheriff said someone stood up in the boat causing it to capsize. what the family can't figure out is why the men drowned. both were strong swimmers. the incident is being investigated. opening arguments are set to begin this week in the ethics hearing for the suspended sheriff. now key witnesses are providing a contradictory account. abc7 news reporter lilian kim is live at san francisco city hall.
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lilian, we have heard from this key witness before. >> that key witness is ivory madison. she submitted a 22-page long declaration, and it is expected to play a key role during the hearing. in her declaration to the san francisco ethics commission, ivory madison writes about the day eliana lopez came to tell her about the fight between her and her husband and then sheriff elect. madison wrote, "ross repeatedly grabbed pulled and pushed her violently. specifically she said he slammed her against the wall while grabbing her arm and refusing to let go. lopez showed the bruise that resulted from the grabbing. this is video that madison later recorded. madison's version of what happened is in stark contrast to what mercu ri mi said happened in public. the bruise was inflicted while he was trying to prevent lopez from leaving their vehicle with their son.
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lopez spoke to abc7 news i-team reporter dan noyes who traveled to venezuela for an exclusive interview last month. >> we came back home and i said, okay, we cannot talk. he grabbed my arm. i said stop and he stopped. he react like, oh my gosh. as to which version the ethics commission will believe will depend on cross-examination. opening arguments begin on tuesday. >> that's what cross-examination is for. it is to determine who is the more credible witness. certainly at this point it has become a credibility contest. >> madison also describes other conversations she said she had with lopez. she says "he makes me beg for gas inmonth, money for food, clothes for theo and everything." and she told me ross virtually never cared for theo and was alone with him an hour a month
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here and there over the course of theo's entire life. she describes madison's declaration as character assassination. >> it is a 22-page declaration. most has nothing to do with official misconducts. i am shocked by it. >> the hearing is expected to last several weeks. they will forward the decision to the board of supervisors which will then decide whether he gets to keep his job. live in san francisco, lilian kim, abc7 muse. >> thank you, lilian. oakland police want to find a person who stabbed him in his home. it shows him in his studio in 1980. he held three degrees from uc berkeley. the 62-year-old was found dead in his home on market street. a $10,000 reward is being offered for information that leads to the arrest of bradley's killer. also in oakland, police believe a man was trying to break up a street fight when a driver hit him deliberately
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and drove away from the scene. officers arrested a woman they believe was driving the car. the 33-year-old victim died after being struck at 61st avenue and east lawn street after 7:00 last night. witnesses say the woman was involved in the fight. tonight san mateo police say they are looking for someone who tried to intentionally run over three cyclists. just before 4:00 this afternoon, witnesses tell abc news that the driver tried to run over three teenage boys at east fourth avenue and south grant street. you can see the tire tracks on the sidewalk where the vehicle jumped the curb. no one was hurt. in oakland parents of students at lakeview elementary are camped out determined to get the school reopen. they have been at the campus since fry darks the last day ever at lakeview if the school district has its way. it is one of five schools the district says it needs to close because of budget issues. they will hold a news conference to discuss how to keep the school open.
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financial markets climbed after they selected a greek government on sunday. conservatives cheered as new democracy party leader emerged after the votes were counted. they wanted to keep greece in the euro zone and restructure debt. his opponent, the former student activist wanted to rip up greece's debt and roll back austerity measures that kept government jobs and social programs. in egypt's presidential election, they are declaring victory for the party. he is the first civilian president elected by a popular vote in egypt's history. returns show him with 52% of the vote compared to 48% for the former prime minister. the final result will be announced on thursday. tonight observers from the united nations are demanding a brief cease-fire to evacuate
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in san jose they demanded asad step down so the killing will stop. members of the syrian-american council says it has special meaning for the syrian children. >> we want to raise awareness and let americans know on father's day that many children in syria cannot celebrate father's day because the fathers are either killed or tortured or in prison. >> they claim asad's men killed 14,000 men, women and children in the past 16 months. remembering rodney king. >> and dramatic accusations against an el in men tree school school -- against an elementary school teacher. >> and more problems for firefighters fighting one of the biggest fires in colorado history. >> and more trouble on the road for jeep. the new problem facing some suv owners. >> hi, everyone. i'm leigh glaser. the temperatures came down as
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much as 20 degrees across parts of the bay area today. the westerly winds are up and the fog is back. more cooling tomorrow. a look at my accu-weathe
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can we all get along? >> rodney king back in 1992 calling for calm during the l.a. riots. >> today the body of the 47-year-old was found by his fiancee at the bots tom of his his -- the bottom of his swimming pool. >> he was beaten by police officers after a high speed chase. >> sergio quintana takes a look back. >> these images of los angeles police officers swinging away
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at rodney king was a shock for most viewers. but they say the incident is historic because it illustrated what he says is something the black community experienced on a regular basis. >> there was an under current of police brutality that was occurring and continually occurring in it is -- in the african-american community. but you didn't see it. >> can we all get along? can we get along? >> during the riots that followed the aquittal of the officers accused in his beating, king pleaded for calm as los angeles was a blaze. >> this case thrusted him into a spotlight he never wanted and never really adjusted to. when i come to know him as part of the case he was relatively shy. >> in his oakland office he has a series of courtroom sketches of the lawsuit against the officers involved and the lapd. king was awarded about $3.8 million. the videotaped beating of rodney king across the
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country. >> where we have come from 1991 to today we almost anticipate that we will be videotaped. >> reporter: he was a captain on the san francisco police force in 1992. that's when demonstrations broke out in the city following the aquittal of the rodney king case. he was appointed as the police chief in part because of the fallout of the handling of the demonstrators in san francisco. he teaches at the university of san francisco and some of the lessons are rooted in the rodney king case. >> the police were frustrated with it back in 1991. but ultimately it has been a good thing. it has been a good thing for our training. it has been a good thing for our discipline. >> police say they do not suspect foul play, but they will conduct an autopsy just to see if drugs or alcohol might have been involved. king had a well documented history with substance abuse that included stints in
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rehab. a texas man -- mom wants a resignation who wants a classroom to lineup and slap her son. it happened in universal city. the six-year-old was apparently bullying other students. the teacher lead him into another teacher's classroom where the students were told to lineup and swing away. >> 24 kids in that class, and he told me some of them hit him twice. >> we are doing everything we can to make sure these incidents don't happen again. >> for the one who did it, i want her teaching certificate gone. she shouldn't be allowed near any children in a teaching capacity. >> the boy's family has filed a criminal complaint. the teacher who ordered the slappings was placed on leave. authorities say a fire in redwood city last week was likely caused by arson. it broke out early on wednesday morning at an eight-unit apartment complex. two units were destroyed and several cars damaged and the building suffered major structural damage. in eastern san diego county tonight a 300-acre
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brushfire near campo is burning out of control. 40 area residents have been evacuated in. riverside county a brushfire in beaumont has grown to 2200 acres. firefighters have a good handle on this one. full containment is expected by tomorrow night. in colorado crews are bracing for powerful winds as they battle a blaze that has scorched more than 85 square miles and destroyed 181 homes so far. it is the worst fire in state history. 1600 firefighters are working that blaze. it is 45% con intayed. when people check into a hotel room, they can end up touching items covered with e-coli bacteria. researchers at the university of houston swabbed 19 different places in and around hotel rooms. they found eat co lie on 21% of the surfaces on things like doorknobs, the telephones and the lamp next to the bed and the tv remote control. one of the study's authors believe their findings could help hotels develop housekeeping practices aimed
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at eliminating germs. let's talk about more pleasant things. a big cool down. >> man, those on shore winds just shifted and they started to move inland, and boy did we cool down considerably. here is a shot from our high definition rooftop cam. and you can definitely see the wind there and some of the trees on the embarcadero and the westerly winds have increased in the last couple hours. live doppler 7hd is picking up some of the low clouds and the fog that is already starting to bank up near the coast. we will take you in a little closer, -- and you will see toward mill valley and over the golden gate bridge and obscure visibility right now and reduced visibility. and it is heading over toward richmond and even berkeley. and as we head into the early morning commute hours get ready for reduced visibilities across the bay area. the fog will spread from the coast to inland locations.
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boy, yesterday we were talking about some very high heat. yesterday's high in livermore was 106. today you dropped to 96 degrees. we shaved off 10 degrees from your high from yesterday. san francisco was 86 yesterday. 64 was your high down 22 degrees. san jose was down 12 degrees and gilroy 102 yesterday and 90 today and down 12 degrees. so yes the cooling influence of those on shore winds will be with us. they were with us this afternoon and they will be with us tomorrow as well. here is a look at our current readings. 68 in antioch and 54 in san francisco. north bay 53 degrees in santa rosa. highlights, low clouds and fog moving inland overnight. get ready for cooler temperatures once again inland and breezy conditions for your monday and then as we cool down we will warm back up for wednesday and thursday. here is a look and you can see as we head to the course of
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the evening the on shore winds will push everything further toward the east. by 2:00 low clouds and fog will peel back to the coast. and we are keeping a close eye on the weather system to the north. it won't bring us any showers, but it will continue to move the clouds further east. the temperatures are generally in the mid to low 50s. it will be a little cooler as the low clouds and fog move inland. this is the set up for tomorrow. the cold front to the north. it will spread and a cooler air mass across the bay area. braze econ decisions. but it is only going to hang around for one day. by tuesday the high pressure will rebound and that's when we will warm things back up by midweek. here is a look at your highs. mid70s for san jose and campbell. at the coast we will look for upper 50s where the fog will sit. 73 for palo alto. 62 degrees and watch out for the dense fog tomorrow morning. and in the north bay santa rosa 77, 74 for napa. east bay berkeley 66, 67 for oakley and interior east bay
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locations. antioch 83. 80 for concord. comfortable temperatures and cooler wind. money monterey 62. a cool one for monday. tuesday we start to warm things up. check out wednesday. the first day of summer is back into the 90s and mild days after that. don't forget mike will be here tomorrow morning at 4:30 with an update. >> thank you, leigh. we have breaking news from oakland. the chp has shutdown all eastbound lanes of 580 because of a shooting near the fruit veil off-ramp. multiple shots were fired before 11:00. one person was hit. we do have a crew on the way to the scene. way will have more details come -- we will have more details later this hour. larry beil is in for shu. he has nba finals highlights. >> game three of the nba finals, we'll show you that. and the guy nobody picked won the u.s. open. not tiger or furyk or mcdowell.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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good evening. too much lebron james and too many fouls for kevin durant. the heat are fired up and back on their home course. look at the crossover there. 10-4 miami. james hardin driving and flips it up and gets it to go. hardin had only nine points. the third quarter and russell westbrook and a little show and go. the heat go on a 15-3 run. james with a 3. the fourth quarter and kevin durant. durant with 25. okc is down 5-1. down the lane 25 and lebron strong to the hoop and picks up the fifth foul against durant. the final seconds and okc down by four. he throws it away.
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that was your game. there 91-85 the final as miami takes a 2-1 series lead. >> last year i don't know, if we experienced enough as a unit. i just feel like we are a more experienced team. it is not saying we wanted more. i just feel like we understand the situation more. we can deal with it better. >> well game four of the nba finals is tuesday night on abc7. while everybody at the olympics was focused on tiger woods making a final round charge or jim furyk holding on to the lead nobody saw web simpson coming. he never contended in the major, but he is the u.s. open m cha p yen. champion. after three gorgeous days the marine layer rolled in. tiger didn't have it at all. four over on his first three holes. he chip itself way too hard. the ball rolls off the green. he finished seven over. shot of the day.
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sley of this time -- three-time major champ. the wheels come off for furyk on 16 and leading the tournament at plus one. he yanks the tee shot into the trees. he all but ends for the win. that opens the door for simpson. he shot a 68. he would par 18 and sit in the clubhouse and patiently wait at plus one. imram mcdowell a chance to force a playoff here. but it never breaks right. the 2012 champ and he is the 15th major champion in the last 15 majors afterward the young father gave all of the credit to his wife. >> he is 16 months old, and it is our first week away from him. it is bittersweet, but we couldn't have had a better week. i needed her here with me. i never felt as nervous as i did today. a lot of times i had to hit my legs because i president could feel them.
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it was a pleasure to have her here. i president could imagine it without her -- i couldn't imagine it without her. >> quite the father's day present there. coming back, we will eke which the dyend month -- we will check
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their series with a pitcher's dual. madison bumgardner and they call him king felix. that's what we call alan. he has been slumping lately. pablo sandoval greets the king with a base hit and then panda comes around to score on the base hit to shallow left. here comes pablo. the giants up 1-0. he went seven innings. bumgardner is dealing. he gave up one run on three hits. romo gave up a pair of hits and it is a base hit and cabrera, the milk man bounces off the rear end of kawasaki.
11:32 pm
that's how seattle did it. a's and padres at the coliseum. ryan cook and wild pitch. that allows him to score and the padres were up 2-0. to the bottom of the 9th and weeks and former closer houston street on the mound and struck him out to end it 2-1 the padres the final there. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> thank you very much, larry. coming up, microsoft's major announce meant and what it could be. >> the troubling new safety questions about some of the most popular suvs on the american roads.
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news out of oakland we want to tell you about. the chp has shutdown all eastbound lanes of highway 580 because of a shooting near the fruit veil off-ramp. multiple shots were fired before 11:00. one person was hit. eastbound 580 is expected to remain closed for at least another hour and a half. if we get any new information, we will let you know. in tonight's other headlines, an explosive revelation days before an ethics investigation into the sheriff. ivory madison who shot the picture showing lopez with a bruised arm said he was abusive, controlling and no relationship with his son. two people drowned in the delta near stockton after
11:36 pm
their boat scape -- capsized. neither was wearing a lifejacket. a third person was rescued ?ie. parents and supporters are m cay ping out at lakeview elementary school. they plan to have a press conference to keep lakeview open. the school was one of five tagged foreclosure by the oakland school district. a noisy reception as mitt romney hit the campaign trail in ohio. a small group of protesters shouted romney go home as the candidate gave a brief speech in john baner's hometown of troy. the romney camp is still struggling to respond days after president obama's plan to allow 800,000 young undocumented immigrants to stay in the country. david muir has the story. >> romney is taking aim at president obama's bombshell calling it a political move. asking if the president was serious about immigration reform, why wait until four and a half months before the
11:37 pm
election to do something about it? they pressed the senior advisor on this. >> it is funny from romney say heying would veto the dream act. it consisted of sending 11 million people home and asking them to self-deport. >> it was during the primary the governor sat down with us, not long after saying people here illegally should go home and get in the back of the line like everyone else. >> there will have to be a period where we secure our boredder and then put in place a plan to have people who want to become legal residents go to their home country, apply and get in the back of the line. >> they would leave this country and go home and get in line with everybody else? >> that's correct. >> now while arguing the president's move is political, romney is calling for a long-term solution for the children brought by their parents. but she not offering what the solution might be. when asked repeatedly this weekend if he would repeal the president's move iffy elected -- >> we will look at that setting if we reach that of the my anticipation is to come into office and say we need to get this done on a long-term
11:38 pm
basis and not the stop gap measure. >> president barack obama is heading to mexico for the g-20 summit. he will join other world leaders for the meeting that begins tomorrow. the president wants uh -- wants assurances that will keep them from torpedoing the company. >> and some of the most popular suvs on the roads. >> they are growing into whether gas tanks and certain models run a greater risk of catching on fire. >> now, more on what drivers knead to know. >> the jeep grand cherokee is one of the most popular on the road today. but safety advocates warn this is what could happen if are you driving an older model and you are rear-ended in an accident. deadly fires caused by a rupture ed fuel tank located behind the real axel. the government is investigated not 07b8 the grand cherokee from 1993 to 2004, but two
11:39 pm
other jeep suvs. the cherokee model from 1993 to 2001 and the liberty made from 2002 to 2007. >> we have 3.5 million jeeps, grand cherokees, cherokees and liberties driving around with defective fuel systems that if hit in the rear can result in a fuel leak and a catastrophic fire. >> the government says 15 people have burned to death in these rear impact crashes including two children. recommend me waldon died when the jeep cherokee burst into flames trapping him in the backseat. he lost his wife after their suv rase rear-ended. >> imagine somebody you loved with and -- loved and lived with and burned to death. it is not a good picture. >> they say no recall was necessary because they are not defective. >> well, safety advocates say
11:40 pm
there is a problem and it has a simple fix. installing a shield around the gas tank. it would likely cost no more than $100 per vehicle. microsoft is expected to make a big announcement. the company is so secretive it won't released the event location until tomorrow morning. but several sources say microsoft will be launching its own tablet to counter the ipad. microsoft is preparing to released the new operating system, windows 8, which works on laptop computers, tab let -- tablets and even televisions. tess law is gearing up for the model s sedan. the ceo is expected to hand over keys to customers who placed early orders for the car. the model s is being built at the former plant in fremont. one of the laked tahoe's oldest estates is ouch for sale -- is up for sale. they are asking $20 million for beau bay. the home was bought in the
11:41 pm
1970s from the estate of the spice harris. the nine-bedroom house was designed by julia morgan in 1939. ?ai coming up, -- coming up, who says there is no such thing as a free lunch? the program for oakland kids. >> and this weekend's box office winners and losers when we return. >> and we managed to cool off nicely across much of the bay area today. if you are traveling into southern california get ready for more high heat. we will check out that map and look at our
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looks like good weather this week. >> leigh glaser has our forecast. >> we will cool it down. fresno though high heat, 99 degrees expected there. l.a. a little fog expected tomorrow morning. hopefully no slow downs though. los angeles 78. palm springs though 111. in the sacramento valley area they will slip into the midto upper 80s. sacramento tomorrow 87 degrees. elsewhere around the country, we will look for rain in seattle and 62. a hot one for denver at 99 degrees. 94 for dallas and new orleans tomorrow is muggy and sticky with some showers there. 89 degrees. here is a look at our numbers for tomorrow. more on shore winds. and really you will feel more cooling inland. inland tomorrow than what you felt today. no 90s tomorrow. we will bring you down into the 80s. 83 for antioch and 80 for concord.
11:45 pm
the north bay santa rosa, 77. napa 74. 62 degrees for san francisco tomorrow. 58 half moon bay. gilroy 83. 72 for watsonville. remember tomorrow will be the cool eats -- the will couldest day of the -- the coolest day of the workweek. we warm things up on tuesday. and by the way this is the last full weekend of spring. summer arrives on wednesday. we will bring back some 90s as well. >> thank you, leigh. the u.s. supreme court could make an historic decision as soon as tomorrow on the patient protection health care act. often referred to as obama care, the act expands coverage to millions of americans. it also requires everyone to have health insurance. that's the individual mandate, and it is the portion of the act that experts believe may be most vulnerable to a legal challenge. jay the i team -- -- and the i-team update of loss of assets because of budget cuts. the state says it has come up
11:46 pm
with a way to keep three mobile field hospitals for now. here is the i team's dan noyes with the latest. >> this is a mobile field hospital. california has three of them in case of a disaster. this recent earthquake drill near sacramento shows how the hospitals would be used from taking in patients to treating them and even performing surgeries. >> an earthquake would damage our medical infrastructure. and it would have very good use for a mobile field hospital. >> in 2006 the state purchased three of these mobile hospitals for $19 million. it cost another $1.7 million each year to house and maintain them. the state slashed the budget and the hospitals were all but gone. >> everyone agrees that it is a available resource, including people in the administration and the legislature. the challenge is just in these very give budget times, setting our priorities. >> by moving around some state
11:47 pm
funds and getting a deal from a private company to maintain the hospitals for only $400,000, the state is going to be able to keep the mobile field hospitals for at least one more year. >> we have managed to piece together funding to maintain them for one more budget year through the next budget year. we still need a longer term solution. >> the need for the hospitals isn't lost on state assembly member bonnie lowenthal. she toured the version of the hospital set up for the earthquake drill in sacramento. >> it can happen at anytime. you know, fires, windstorms, earthquakes. it has happened. >> she says these hospitals are needed for the long-term. but don't look for the state to step up and restore full funding. >> i have been fighting to keep it in the budget. realistically i know with such poor revenues coming in this year we will need public-private partnerships for the future. >> as part of the state's deal, the company can rent out
11:48 pm
one of the hospitals if a disaster happens outside of california. as you heard if the state budget problems stay the same and no long-term solution is found, there is a good chance we will be here next year telling you that the hospitals are leaving the state for good. for the i-team, dan noyes, abc7 news. well now that school is out, oakland will kick off a free summer lunch program for children in the city. the program helps feed some 20,000 kids who depend on free and reduced cost meals during the school year. free lunches will be served at more than 70 sites including schools and libraries. they are available to anyone under the age of 18 and there are no program requirements or paperwork to fill out. check with the school district for details. and shu is out and larry beil is joining us. >> he was enjoying himself with tiger and the gang. >> lebron and the heat take control of the nba finals. and the unexpected visitor who crashed the podium ceremony.
11:49 pm
sports is next.
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last year in the nba finals miami lead dallas two games to one and lost the next three games. the heat in the driver's seat once again. game three of the finals in miami tonight. the first quarter and duane wade and crosses over and magnificent to the bay basket. to the basket.
11:52 pm
he had just nine points. okc needs a lot more from the beard. russell westbrook and that is a sweet move. show and go and finger roll. the thunder built a 10-point lead. lebron james for three. mime -- kevin durant and he had 25. okc is down one. less than five minutes to go and duane wade and he had 25. lebron, aggressive going to the basket. crashes into durant. forces him to pick up his fifth foul. heat were up seven. and then in the final seconds okc was down for inbounding and he threw it away. 91-85 the final. miami takes a 2-1 series lead. >> if we do what we need to do defensively and we ma i can tough shots and -- we make tough shots and we rebound and we give ourselves a good chance to win game four. looking forward to it.
11:53 pm
>> simpson is a 26-year-old from north carolina. he was playing in his fifth major. thoab was expecting simpson -- nobody was expecting simpson to beat the likes of tiger woods and jim furyk. hello fog. tiger was in a fog. a terrible start, 4 over on his first three holes. here on three and chips it way too long. tiger shot 73 and finished seven over. how about the shot of the day? up and down for birdie on 13. jim furyk was leading until 16. he was plus one and just cranks this thing and yanked the tee shot into the trees. he bogeyed and that pretty much ended his hopes for the win. simpson was playing four groups back of the lead. he shot a 68 and pared 18 and then sat in the clubhouse to watch mcdowell. he needs a break and the kid wouldn't break. i am having a hard time saying
11:54 pm
simpson. he is the open champion. 15th different major champ in the last 15 tournaments. an odd moment as simpson described his day. >> that was the difference. i got off to a slow start, but i knew -- i knew -- >> always something to spice matters up. >> unbelievable. runs are hard to come by in seattle as the giants and mariners finished up their inter league series. felix hernandez on the mound for seattle. he hired a plane to fly in the stadium. he has been in a slump. the banner said "felix we love you." a base hit and the panda comes around to score on a single. here comes the panda and safe. giants up 1-0. fernandez seven innings. that was the only run.
11:55 pm
eight frames and also gave up one run and struck out four. romo gave up a couple of hits and lopez gave up this base hit to justin sloke. off the backside and seattle is a winner. at the coliseum. ryan cook and a wild pitch. here comes logan and the padres take a 2-0 lead. bottom of 9. weeks and houston street punches him out to end the ballgame. also 2-1. it had been 143 races since nascar's most popular driver had won a race. dale earnhardt, junior finally broke through at michigan international speedway. nascar's fastest track and junior took charge with 27 laps to go after passing tony stewart. he was cruise together finish for the first victory in four years. the last race he won on this very same michigan track. overall junior's 19th
11:56 pm
career sprint cup victory. it was a tune up for wimbledon. the final ended in bizarre fashion. he was leading the match and then kicked the linesman's box and he destroyed the thing after he was frustrated with hitting a shot. the kick drew blood look right there. what are you doing to me? he was disqualified for unsports man-like conduct and later acknowledged he made a mistake. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> thank you, larry. we have news out of oakland. the chp has shutdown all eastbound lanes of highway 580 because of a shooting near the fruit veil off-ramp. >> multiple shots were fired before 11:00. we are taking a live look at the scene right now. apparently the shooting happened on the freeway. one person was hit. we are told they are in
11:57 pm
critical condition. 580 is expected to remain closed for at least two more hours. so if you have to go to that area do avoid that. that is the latest. for more go to we always have updates there. >> our early newscast will have more on that as well. that's it for abc news at 11:00. >> for leigh and mike and larry, thanks for joining us. we are always on
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