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nice. and that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america. closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc
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what a difference a day makes. good monday morning. i'm kristen sze. and i'm katie marzullo ink?k÷ for eric thomas. developing news in oakland. 580 freeway just roped after a shooting left a car riddled with bullet holes. amy hollyfield is live at the police department. -- >> reporter: the driver is reported as being in critical condition. police have a mystery don't know if this guy was targeted or there was road rage but it happened on the highway. police appear to be focusing on one car at the scene where the victim was inside hoping to pull any kind of clues from this car. it happened before 11:00 last
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night. witnesses heard about five shots. someone saw the man limping away from the car. this happened on the eastbound side of highway 580 at the fruitvale exit. officers shutdown the highway until 2:15 this morning extreme move there. this happened in the middle of the night minimal impact on traffic. they did open up in open for this morning's commute. police have to figure out who did this and why the suspects ran oregon so police don't have suspects. -- -- amy hollyfield abc7 news. this morning oakland police are looking for clues in the stabbing death of a well-known artist. this image shows michael thorn brad fully his studio in 1980. he held three degrees from uw berkeley the 62-year-old was found dead in -- in his home.
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a $10,000 reward is being offered for information that leads to the arrest of bradley's killer. in oakland police believe a man was trying to break up a street fight when a driver hit him deliberately and left the scene. officers arrested a woman. the 33-year-old died after being hit. witnesses say the woman was involved in the fight. two east bay families are grieving the loss of two fathers over the weekend. one of three men went fishing friday night on this boat which he just bought he and his cousin seen here drowned when their boat capsized in the delta early saturday morning. yesterday searchers recovered both bodies. moore's brother was rescued. >> my uncle grabs on to the boat my cousin, my father didn't grab on quick enough
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his sister came to my mom's house saying ace left his life jacket at the house. >> investigators say wearing life jackets would have saved both lives. family members say they were both strong swimmers. defense is about to stake center stage in jerry sandusky's trial. prosecutors could rest their case sometime today. sandusky's signaled they will put on a case and suggested that sandusky may testify. the 68-year-old former penn state assistant coach is charged with the sexual abuse of 10 boys over 15 years. he denies the allegations. jurors have already heard from 20 prosecution witness including eight young men who say sandusky sexually abused them as children. an autopsy scheduled today on rodney king whose beating in los angeles led to the nation's worst race riots. king was found early yesterday morning at the bottom of the
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swimming pool at his home. his death is being treated as drowning police say no signs of foul play. king became known to the world in 1991 when a videotape showed him beaten by lapd officers after a high speed chase the riots followed after the officers were acquitted. >> in case thrusted him into a spotlight that he never wanted and never adjusted to. when i come to know him as part of the case he was relatively shy. >> king was awarded 3.8 million dollars in a federal lawsuit against the officers and lapd. police say autopsy results are needed to determine whether drugs or alcohol was a factor. rodney king was 47-years-old. parents at lake view elementary in oakland remain camped out on campus determined to get the school reopened. parents have been there since friday it is one of five schools the district says it
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needs to close. the parents say they will discuss ways to keep the school open at a news conference scheduled for 10:00 this morning. sue thompson will have a live report from the school. 4:-- 4:36. time for our first check of weather. cooler weather, hi lisa >> high good morning. we got underway the cooling trend yesterday. today the east bay will feel the affects of a much cooler air mass. marine layer is back. all is quiet mist and drizzle north bay peninsula and city you may need wipe there's morning numbers in the 50s that fog as it continues to slide east we could see clouds in concord and live more right now you are clear 58 mountain view as well as san jose right now temperatures significantly cooler than they were at this time yesterday anywhere from
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12° cooler in san rafael to 10° cooler in san jose. the fog continues to spread inland then pulls back in afternoon breezy and cool once again today. we are talking mainly 60s and 70s if we are lucky low 80s around the tri-valley otherwise cool and breezy today with some afternoon clearing. good morning. we want to go first to hospital curve in san francisco we have our traffic waze app showing very slow traffic here's what is going on some sort of a passenger bus with 21 folks inside headed to sfo has stalled in lane 1 there might be a problem with the driver. you will find slow traffic as you are leaving san francisco at this point. more information on that as we get -- as it comes in. meanwhile, let's head to more
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construction area this is oakland lane configuration changing southbound lanes normally would be are going to be driven in the northbound lanes be aware of that if you are in the area that will be affecting traffic very slow. 101 both directions major construction if you do the cotati grade you know that area is always under construction a couple more weeks of that fog golden gate bridge windshield wipers will be needed. 4:38 now. facebook's multi-million dollar settlement in a lawsuit over what you and your friends like. critical court ruling that could be handed down today on the president's health care reform. what one supreme court justice says about the looming decision. microsoft takes on the ipad. the announcement that could give apple a run for its money over tablet sales.
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bridge and embarcadero in the foreground. dark morning. there's a little mist in the air in certain places. lisa argen will have more on your forecast coming up. a judge s to approve a settlement facebook reached in a lawsuit that had nothing to do with its ipo some users sued over a service that started last year where companies could pay pan if a user clicked like for a brand their friends would see an ad on their pages. those ads are called sponsored stories. under the settlement facebook will pay 10 million dollars all going to charity. all eyes will be on microsoft today, expected to
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unveil new line of tablets. several tech publications say microsoft's new line of tablets are expected to rival ipad. the devices will be powered by microsoft windows 8 which works on pc's and smartphones. invitations were sent out to tech journalists. this morning the u.s. supreme court could make a ruling on patient protection health care act often referred to obama care. the act expands coverage to millions of americans and requires everyone to have health insurance call the individual mandate. experts believe maybe most vulnerable to legal challenge. justice ruth bader ginsburg warned the high court was deeply divided. a ruling could come as early as today. a man who says he was
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attacked by a deer is suing the state of california. the 5-year-old man says the animal jumped his fence and tacked him twice. he blames the department of -- fish of game for mismanaging the deer. last year the same man filed a federal lawsuit against marin officials who were trying to collect property taxes a judge dismissed that suit. coming up the president's message to world leaders at the g-20 summit mexico. positive signs why investor breathing a sigh of relief over greece's decision to stay in the european union. raging wildfire in san diego county destroys one structure. we'll have an update. dirt and germs found in hotel rooms across the country that time of year. helpful tips to keep clean while on vacation.
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good morning. we are waking up mist and drizzle around the bay cooler today breezy winds upper 50s coast 80 inland across the country it is comfortable now in the northeast heat is coming throughout the next couple of days we'll continue to see warm weather in the eastern seaboard. right now no airport delays. clouds hanging around through much of the morning hours with numbers in the 50s. 4:46. you can go to for the latest weather information and traffic of course. we were just telling you about the facebook settlement. now facebook shares. today marks one month since facebook went public so far it is having a chilling affect on other companies.
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mark zuckerberg rang the opening bell last month. now u.s.a. today reports 29 other companies have pulled their plans to go public for now. wall street analysts say many have cold feet because of what has happened to facebook stock. friday shares closed $30. the stock debuted at $38. north america is at the top of the list when it comes to growing waistlines. north america accounts for 1/3 of the world's obese people even though only 6% of the world's population lives here. asia accounts for 61% of the world's population only 13% of the world's obese people. president obama is in mexico right now for the start of the g-20 summit. air force one arrived late last night. the president is expected to meet privately with russian president vladimir putin.
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mr. obama will join other world leaders for a meeting that will focus on the world economy. much of the group meeting will be focused on european fiscal crisis and the fate of greece. world markets and international leaders at the g-20 summit are leaved greece's pro bailout party won seen as a decision greece will stay in the european union. tahman bradley has details. >> reporter: a huge sigh of relief around the world this morning that greek voters elected conservative new democracy party to address the country's financial mess there was fear greece might abandon euro and become the first country to quit the european union. >> i must vote for saving my country. i think that the idea of going outside the european union is a catastrophe. >> reporter: the vote doesn't
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mean an end to economic problems but maybe enough to stabilize the global economy and calm u.s. financial markets. >> significant result not only for new democracy in greece but the whole of europe and probably the western world. rationally won over anger. >> reporter: new democracy vows to work within the eu and live with unpopular austerity measures. world markets rallied after the vote asian stocks climbed afternoon u.s. stock futures up significantly. in mexico this morning relief among president obama and leaders of the world's largest economies that a pro bailout party prevailed. now the world is watching what greece does next. >> this is not about europe. it is no longer a european issue. it is a system mick issue. >> reporter: the uncertainty remains new democracy party will need a partner to form a viable government any such partnership could be fragile.
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tahman bradley abc news. in san diego county hundreds of firefighters are racing to build a line around a wildfire that has forced evacuation of 150 homes. it burned 450 acres yesterday this morning crews are taking advantage of calmer winds and cooler temperatures to make water drops. at least one structure has been destroyed. the cause is under investigation. in colorado authorities ordered more evacuations firefighters struggled against winds fueling worst wildfire in that state's history. high park fire scorched more than 85 miles and destroyed 181 homes so far burning near fort collins 1600 firefighters battling that blaze the fire was by lightning 45% contained. we kind of dodged a bullet over the weekend red flag
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warning triple digit heat starting out with humidity but mist and drizzle across the bay live doppler showing that we have that sweep on top of the mount st. helena everything is quiet now plenty of low clouds clouds have not met it into san jose concord or livermore gusty winds towards the dell 57 san car close, -- 57 san carlos. 14° cooler than yesterday morning delta breeze and onshore flow has reached concord and eastpointes late this morning we will be looking at cooler conditions throughout the day low clouds and drizzle this morning cooler numbers, a little warming tomorrow and wednesday beginning of summer. weak cold front that is going to press through to the north of us going to allow for low clouds and fog to stay with us
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along the shoreline clearing back to the coast but grey here today. then a little warming trend tomorrow into wednesday 76 campbell big change for the south bay peninsula you cooled significantly yesterday 72 menlo park clouds and upper 50s mist and drizzle at our coast low 60s today in the city and north bay only a few 80s far north up into lake 79 cloverdale 75 in novato near east bay upper 60s that should do it in oakland today breezy especially when that fog begins to pull back this afternoon and inland valleys upper 70s for dublin and pleasanton nice day out there with 80 in concord 81 livermore monterey bay mist and drizzle salinas later on 70 cool afternoon a look ahead pleasant today switch temperatures below normal, a little bump up wednesday and
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cooler the rest of the week. good morning. back to san francisco the waze app showing slow traffic a stalled passenger bus was in two left lanes that has beenñ r cleared. you will find that beginning to clear up shortly. expect little delay if you are headed towards sfo where it looks like that passenger bus was headed san francisco. northbound 88 ojai street new lane configuration northbound is using old southbound lanes you will find a bit of not slow traffic yet just a bit of traffic taking their way around that area that is a new road for them 101 both directs continues to be construction -- directions continues to be construction slow traffic reconfiguring lanes between petaluma and roanoke park. 80 towards into the maze and
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it looks like traffic flowing smoothly west and eastbound 80 bay bridge toll looking good golden gate bridge fog is settling down on to the span you will need windshield wipers so take a little extra time this morning. today the flame of hope torch run continues its tour of the bay area on its way to davis for the 2010 -- for the 2012 special olympics. you see officers passing through san mateo with a police escort friday. this morning at 7:15 the torch will be carried through few work by police officers -- through newark by police officers. from union square downtown along the embarcadero to fisher -- to fisherman's wharf. today oakland will kickoff a free summer lunch program to feed 20,000 kids who depend on free and reduced meals during
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the school year free lunches will be served at 70 sites. the meals are available to anyone 18 and no requirements or paperwork. texas mom wants the res signatures -- resignation of a teacher who told kids to line-up and slap her son in universal city. the 6-year-old had been bullying other students his teacher let him in other classroom where the students were told to line-up and swing away. >> 24 kids he told me some of them hit him twice. >> we are doing everything we can to make sure these incidents don't happen again. >> for the one who did it i want her teacher certificate gone. she shouldn't be around any children teaching. >> the boy's family has filed a criminal complain. the teacher who ordered the slappings was placed on leave. new reason to watch what touch in hotel rooms. researchers at university of
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houston swabbed 19 places in and around hotel rooms and they found e. coli on 81% of the surfaces. on things like the doorknob telephone the lamp next to the bed and tv remote one of the studies authors believes it could help hotels develop house keep practicing aimed at eliminating germs. one of the maids was putting the lid on the glass cup often times they don't wipe that down that was a story michael finney had. >> make think you should stay home. >> baby wipes anti-bacterial wipes. bring your own paper cups. 4:56. next parents take matters into their own hands to save an oakland elementary school slated foreclosure. a live report from the protest
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right now. new evidence in the ethics battle against sheriff ross mirkarimi. court hearing this morning that could determine the fate of seniors who are punished for a prank that went too far. what a judge could decide today.
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