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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  June 20, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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everybody. have a great wednesday. @a captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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good wednesday morning. i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi and mayor lee are preparing for a verbal showdown. dates have been set for their testimony before ethics commission deciding whether to recommend permanent removal of the sheriff. amy hollyfield is live at city hall. >> reporter: good morning. the commission is still trying to figure out key issues. such as, whether mirkarimi's wife will come here to testify in person or whether she will be allowed to testify via skype from venezuela this is unprecedented, unchartered territory. still key issues to figure out. take a look at what happened when the suspended sheriff walked into the commission hearing he was applauded by
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his supporters. he believes that mayor ed lee is undermining the will of the voters by trying to throw him out of officers. the suspended sheriff mirkarimi and his wife got in a fight on new year's which led to domestic violence charges. when ended a guilty plea to one misdemeanor charge the mayor suspended him from his job. the ethics commission will recommend whether mirkarimi should be reinstated. mirkarimi took aim at the mayor as the hearing got underway. >> resorting to -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: the commission has not decided whether this video of mirkarimi's wife crying and showing a bruise on her arm from her fight with ross mirkarimi, will be
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considered in the hearing. the mayor wants it in the evidence. mirkarimi does not. the commission is still trying to decide. we know that mirkarimi is scheduled to testify next week. mayor ed lee will follow him the next day. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. this morning the atf will officially begin the investigation into what sparked a huge west oakland fire last week that led to a day long shutdown of bart's transbay service. the team will search the rubble of a retirement home the building was unconstruction and went up in flames. investigators the fire was suspicious and may have been intentionally set. atf will begin the investigation at 9:00 this morning. katie marzullo will have a live report in the next half hour. the cyclist who fatally
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hit and killed a pedestrian in the castro district this year will be arraigned this afternoon. 36-year-old chris bucchere is facing felony vehicular manslaughter charges after he plowed into the 71-year-old at market and castro on april 2nd. witnesses say bucchere was flying through a red light at high speeds moments before the collision. prosecutors allege he made no effort to stop or slow down. bucchere was charged and arrested last week, released on bail. egypt's state news agency says hosni mubarak is off life support, but still alive after suffering a stroke. the 84-year-old has been serving a life sentence for failing to stop the killing of protesters during last year's uprising. the unrest there continues. protests are growing in tahrir square. lisa amin gulezian has more. >> reporter: cairo's tahrir
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square is again ground zero for change, symbolic gathering for egyptians who are demanding more. the uprising is a result of many called this month's outrageous actions by the military which currently controls egypt. the military dissolved the newly elected parliment and plans to rewrite the constitution and take control of the budget. this is called a setback. >> that is in a sense circumventing all what the egyptian people who wanted democracy and staged vast protests in tahrir square over a year ago consequencely are upset about it. >> reporter: the instability in the mideast's most important country saddens the egypt born silicon valley venture cap ist who thought the country was changing course after last year's protest that led to the
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ousting of then president hosni mubarak. >> i felt this year we would have an elected parliament. that we would have a president like -- who is focused on what we need most. >> whatever happens the consequences are going to be bad for some people. a little better for others. >> reporter: lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. the prostitution scandal involving federal agents in colombia takes spotlight on capitol hill this morning. an administrator will testify before a house committee. members will question her about the conduct of her agents. three were accused alongside secret service agents of hiring prostitutes while in the south american country in april to prepare for president obama's visit. the jailed parents of a san francisco run a are set to return to court charged with the murder of a man allegedly
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pimping their daughter. -- prosecutors accuse them of hunting down 22-year-old sneed. bail has been set at two million dollars for each parent. the case has gained national attention. latter today parents are expected to learn how much public money a superintendent embezzled. the board will hold a meeting tonight to reveal details on the alleged embezzlement by tim hanretty. he made his first court appearance yesterday after being arrested and charged with using the district's money to renovate his home. he faces charges that he stole money from his previous employer woodside elementary. a long term care facility in burlingame slated foreclosure will remain open. supervisors approved a plan to allow a los angeles health care company to takeover
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operations. the site is home to more than 160 disabled patients. the county voted to close the facility in february saying the building was unsafe and did not meet current seismic standards. the new agreement will keep the site open. this morning investigators trying to determine the cause of a boat fire that forced everyone onboard to jump. it happened near the antioch bridge. you can see the boat was engulfed when firefighters arrived. the boat's owner says he was taking some out for a ride on -- when the vessel erupted in flames. after jumping into the water everyone swam to safety. the fire torched a nearby pier. nobody was hurt and the boat sank. in contra costa county some residents might see smoke in the air as firefighters continue their annual control burn at camp parks in danville, seven fire departments are participating in the exercise. the controlled burn is done
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each year to reduce hazards and provides training. officials say a 100% containment firebreak has been established around the training areas to prevent any fire that may go past the planned burn. the controlled burns are planned through friday. let's talk about fire danger we might face today. mike checking out the forecast. >> how hot and how windy? it won't be windy but it will be hot and dry when winds return, they will be cooler and damp winds tonight that will squash any fire danger. good morning. clear along most of the coast when you head towards the monterey bay that's where we have the morning marine layer clouds otherwise the rest of us will wake to a sunny start. still warm around san jose, mountain view and livermore, low 60s there. 69 antioch the rest mid to upper 50s half moon bay 52°.
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7:00 mainly in the 50s to low to mid 60s around fairfield and antioch. noon going to warm up rapidly especially inland near 90 in fairfield and antioch mid to upper 70s around the bay. by 4:00, we've reached our highs for the day. 68 san francisco, mid 70s to around 80 bay shore. near 90 inland. by 7:00, clouds starting to gather along the coast upper 50s to low 60s half moon bay san francisco into oakland mid 70s everywhere else. significantly cooler tomorrow, 6 to 16° with afternoon sun, partly cloudy friday and saturday temperatures well below average. here's sue hall. good morning. light out there so far, so good. live shot is san rafael southbound 101 past lucas valley road past the civic center it is very light once
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you get into southern marin you will find roadwork it is blocking several lanes southbound 101 sausalito comes up quickly, doing repaving there that should be cleared out hopefully by 5:30. roadwork both directions 101 petaluma to roanoke park ongoing throughout most of the day for the rest of the week. eastbound highway 4 another half an hour completely closed all lane at loveridge detour in place there. so far early enough no significant slowing escorted off the freeway and then back on in the eastbound direction. westbound so far, so good we'll be following this all morning. still ahead, judge set to make a critical decision that could affect future of some bay area high school students who took part in that senior prank that went too far. wind surfer gets into a sticky situation in the bay.
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welcome back. gorgeous shot 4:44. you can see a hint of light in the sky. that tells me this must be the longest day of the year. summer. is it here yet mike? >> 4:09. >> this morning? >> p.m.. >> less than 12 hours to go. >> more from mike on what the first day of summer is going to be like. this morning wind surfer has coast guard and
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san francisco fire department to thank. drama tonight or last night off san francisco's chrissy field it happened with the coast guard cutter and san francisco fire boat having to rescue the wind surfer the bay was calm no word of what kind of trouble the win surfer was in authorities say he was alert when they -- when they rescued him and taken to the hospital as a precaution. a martinez judge will decide whether suspensions of dozens of seniors at brentwood heritage high violated their right to due process. a judge will also decide if the suspensions should be tan off-the-records of the 67 seniors. monday a judge ruled all would be allowed to make up their finals. they were not allowed to attend the graduation ceremony because they were suspended for a prank officials say was vandalism, including graffiti, chaining a sheep to a post. they graduated off campus at a
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ceremony hosted by their parents. new policy to discourage dangerous and deadly chases. more innocent bystanders are injured or killed during police chases than by stray bullets. inw3úot(sr#ornia more than 10,00 innocent bystanders have been injured over 10 years. in this recent chase fleeing driver kept going after the car's tires disintegrated. another one went through concord and walnut creek before ending on i-68 know alamo. other chases end -- another one in los angeles and two elderly people struck by a stolen buick outside a crowded mall. >> a car came around the corner and literally slammed into them in the crosswalk. >> they were badly injured. >> horrifically injured. i've never seen anything like that. >> only a tiny fraction of the four million traffic stops
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last year turned into high speed chases. next, the plan mayor lee is laying out to fight a spike in violence. also, what the romney campaign is saying about reports of a popular florida senator being out of the running in the race for a gop vice presidential spot. >> hot, hot, hot. heatwave gripping a big part of the nation. >> nation joining next year's battle for the america's cup 3q finally carpet cleaning got easier.
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than vacuuming alone. it's just 3 easy steps for beautifully clean carpets. resolve easy clean. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean. and try resolve triple oxi. to remove stains the first time. here's a look at temperatures. 75 oakland. 86 san jose and santa rosa low to mid 90s east bay valleys. here's a look at high temperatures across the country. cooler fargo, minneapolis great falls, 70s. phoenix 111 and all the mid to upper 90s from mississippi
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river over to the east coast those people are not going to be happy today. newark flight departure delays otherwise all major airports regional california airports even three bay area airports on time. flight tracker he is nationwide. republican presidential candidate mitt romney says florida senator marco rubio is under serious consideration for being selected as his running mate. yesterday abc news reported that unnamed republican sources said rubio was not being vetted by romney's search team. romney says rubio is on the list under review. he says only two people in the country know who is being considered. those two people are himself and his senior adviser beth meyers who he put in charge of the search. vice president biden back in washington after a brief campaign swing through california to pick up more campaign cash. he was in sacramento holding a
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private fundraiser yesterday afternoon ticket prices from $500 to $3700 each. california remains the number one state in the u.s. for presidential fundraising this year. biden was in los angeles earlier in the day. official start of summer in fact today, is expected to bring record breaking hot temperatures to many parts of the country some will top 100° today and tomorrow. >> reporter: it is a cruel, cruel summer many in the east are about to find out how cruel oppressive heat and record high temperatures can be. much of the midwest blanketed in the heat for days. chicago folks tried to flee by flocking to beaches and pools. >> i wanted to bring her out and not be in the house. >> reporter: for people who rides an astronaut paving machine for 10 hours a day, no
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escaping. >> hottest job. we always joke around the guys up top [ inaudible ] it holds heat in >> reporter: the blistering temps have made it miserable for those battling wide fires out west in colorado firefighters are working 16 hour shifts and the danger from the heat is extreme. even driving can be hazardous as motorist in south dakota learned after the road appeared to buckle. the the boys and girls club hosted fawn practice outside the kids didn't mind the heat they took frequent water breaks. those in charge keeping a close eye on temperatures. >> we have to try to find shade. i'm noticing there's not a lot, some water and take a lot of breaks. >> reporter: something those braving heat in the east today might want to keep in mind. abc news, new york. fires in colorado are
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hoping that cooler weather today will help them battle that massive wildfire burning near fort collins. more residents are warned they may have to evacuate due to fire that broke out ahead of the main fire lightning caused wildfire has burned 159 homes, more than any other fire in state history. yesterday firefighters labored in 90° temperatures to get 55 containment. firefighters say it could be weeks or months before this one is under control. a wildfire has forced evacuation of more than 45 homes and structures near western shore of lake isabella it started yesterday and grew to 300 acres in a few hours. more than 160 firefighters are battling the flame in steep rocky terrain, the cause of the fire is still being investigated. we were taking a look at the story about the close to
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100° temperatures back east if you haven't been back there during the summer you may not know what humidity does to that heat, it can almost knock you out, intense. >> different than the hundreds we were -- 100's we were feeling off the weekend. -- that's all the people in the south, i still do it living here carry water all the time because you need it. 4:54. dry heat today one of the reasons why we'll make it into the low to mid 90s in a few areas. looking down from mount sutro clear bay longest day of the year on tap today. live doppler showing how clear it is. no rain right now. when you step out still comfortable, 60s around san jose, mountain view livermore. half moon bay 52. temperatures in the 40s gilroy,
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watsonville, monterey. 51 santa cruz because you have marine layer clouds keeping you cooler. today is the warmest day in the seven day cycle. summer solstice 4:09 this afternoon. cooling trend starts tonight will really take the legs out of this heat. today we jump up five degrees in concord. four degrees in oakland and san francisco. today 14 hours, 46 minutes and 53 seconds of sunshine that is the longest day of the year. temperatures in the mid to upper 80s in the south bay, cupertino 86. mid to upper 70s millbrae and san mateo. low to mid 60s along the coast, near 70 downtown san francisco. head over the golden gate 74 sausalito mid 60s through the
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north bay valleys. east bay shore mid 70s, a few 80s hercules, castro valley and fremont. low to mid 90s inland. low 90s morgan hill and gilroy. 65 in monterey where you will have sunshine this afternoon. check out drop in temperatures about 6 to 16° cooler tomorrow and we'll drop a couple more by sunday temperatures below average tomorrow through tuesday dave next week. good morning -- overnight roadwork you can see this is golden gate bridge configuring your lanes now for your morning commute for southbound to northbound no fog absolutely crystal clear this morning. as you are heading through southern marin roadwork both directs 101 should be picking up in the next half hour. -- this is a live shot of the east shore freeway past golden gate fields in through berkeley and the macarthur maze slowing at the -- flowing
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at the limit, no problems, traffic is light no issues into the macarthur maze and about. -- and bay bridge stall before grant line in the center divide not blocking a lane through the central valley over the altamont pass into the livermore pleasanton area traffic flowing at the limit. 4:57. next, harsh words mayor ed lee has for suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi. the investigation getting underway this morning into the huge fire that disrupted transbay bart for hours last week. we are live at the scene. police make a major stolen metal bust. the role several scrap yards are accused of playing in the sting. will he or won't he? we'll know today if former penn state football coach jerry sandusky will tell his story to the
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