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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  June 20, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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right now federal investigator are in oakland starting the tedious process of finding the cause of that does streuf fire last week flames forced shutdown of bart across the bay. good morning i'm kristen sze. and i'm terry mcsweeney in for cheryl jennings. katie marzullo talked to investigators today and learned how their work will proceed. >> reporter: it going to proceed slowly. atf agents, oakland fire department and others are on
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scene. you can see them now they have tons of work ahead as they dig through all of this rubble. they hope to determine how and where this massive fire started. bart trains sailed through west oakland as if nothing happened. below the tracks massive massive fire. >> four stories collapsed on to the concrete we have to sift through 2004 floors to find the point of origin. >> reporter: point and/or engine and cause was in fire that consumed future senior housing facility set on purpose? the best of the best are here to find out. >> it is a financial burden on the city and state also manpower intrusive. we help relieve that and bring in experts that maybe they don't have. >> reporter: included in that group, certified fire investigators, accelerant detection k-9's, mappers, fire and chemical engineers and
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chemists. >> we'll look for different burn patterns, for the way the fire burns establishes a flame pattern or a burn pattern on the ground whether the concrete or wood barriers. they will be able to start from that point. >> reporter: investigators say they have day of work ahead to give you an idea of how much damage was done how much work they have ahead, the atf estimates 25 million dollars in damage was done that does not include costs incurred for all the emergency transportation with the additional buses and ferries and all of that from last thursday. katie marzullo, abc7 news. a shocker this morning in a san jose courtroom. prosecution admits the catholic priest who was allegedly beaten by the suspect did molest the man and his brother many years ago. but says the prosecutor that is no excuse for beating a
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los gatos priest. now 44-years-old beating suspect william lynch arrived surrounded by supporters, victims of church abuse refused a plea because he says he wants to force his abuser to answer in court. the confessed abuser, father gerald lind the victim and is expected to testify the judge will allow him to be cross-examined about sexual abuse as part of the trial many the case never went to court because it was part of a 2007 settlement with the catholic church. bart police arrested another person suspected of stealing a bike. officers captured the suspect at the berkeley station and discovered more bikes in his home. earlier, bart police arrested this man brett major. officers say they caught him in the act of stealing a bike from the 24th street station in san francisco. a search of his home then uncovered seven bike frames and parts if you recognize one of these stolen bikes as being yours, you can find out how to
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get it back on a few hours from now the bicyclist who hit and killed a pedestrian in the castro district will face a judge. 36-year-old chris bucchere is face going felony vehicular manslaughter charges after he rode into a 71-year-old at the insect shupbl of market and castro on april 2nd. witnesses say bucchere was flying through red lights at a high speed prosecutors said he made no effort to stop or slow down. >> the teen accused of stealing ly chef's guy fieri's lamborghini appeared in court this morning. -- >> reporter: max wade entered not guilty pleas after the defense suffered a defeat his attorney asked some of the charges be separated in an attempt to try to get them
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filed in juvenile court. his attorney argues the theft of the lamborghini should be separate from the attempted murder charges pointing out they happened in different counties on different dates with different victims. but, the defense attorney argued that the lamborghini was stolen from the show room in san francisco in an attempt to impress a young girl and when she shunned max wade prosecutors say he shot at the girl and her male companion in mill valley. the d.a. believes all crimes are linked and should stay together in adult court. the judge agreed. defense attorney told me he was disappointed but says this will be a long case. i asked how his 17-year-old client was doing. >> mr. wade is a 17-year-old child. he's doing as any other 17-year-old child who would be facing these offenses would be. he has the support of his parents, they love him, his family loves him.
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he has a younger half brother who loves him. >> reporter: as for the celebrity in this case, guy fieri the celebrity chef who owns that lamborghini i asked prosecutors how involved he is? she says fee erie is trying to get his car back -- says he's trying to get his car back but with a smile says the defense doesn't have the right to drive it. the judge says all cases together in adult court the 17-year-old defendant is still in custody with a two million dollar bail set. his parents were not in court today. his attorney says they want to protect their privacy. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. parents are expected to learn tonight how much public money a former superintendent may have embezzled from the portola valley school district. tim hanretty made his first court appearance yesterday avenue was charged with using
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the district's money to renovate his home. he faces charges that he stole money from his previous employer the wood side district. tonight's meeting will be at the district headquarters at 5:00 open to the public. the defense has rested in the child sex abuse trial of jerry sandusky and the former penn state football coach did not take the stand in his own defense. prosecutors claimed he's a serial predator his wife testified yesterday telling the jury she didn't witness any abuse the jury has heard from eight accusers who say sandusky sexually abused them. an attorney for one victim spoke this morning. >> the only person who could have come forward and said this didn't happen in this particular case under these circumstances was mr. sandusky. and he chose not to do it. >> the court has recessed for the day. closing arguments set for tomorrow. if convicted, sandusky could
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spend the rest of his life in prison. federal reserve decided this morning to extend a program aimed at spurring borrowing and spending by driving down long term interest rates the fed announced hiring has weakened and the economy needs more support reinstated plan to keep short term rates at record low levels until late 2014. officials say they will cut rates more if the economy worsens. arson investigators looking into the cause of a predawn fire at an oakland paint store. the fire broke out after 4:00 this morning. damaged the roof of the storage shed. firefighters were able to keep flames from spreading. the fire knocked down in 15 minutes cause under investigation firefighters found evidence that the fire started outside the shed. a heated showdown on capitol hill this morning. lawmakers get set to take a vote holding the nation's top cop in contempt.
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now president obama is getting involved. >> the woman now in trouble with police over a pat-down. she claims she was i going tsa a taste of her own medicine. 
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egypt's former president is off support remains in a coma after a stroke. hosni mubarak has been transfered from the prison hospital where the 84-year-old began serving a life sentence
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to a military hospital this comes as thousands continue to the ruling military council's changing of the constitution keeping their grip on power. tomorrow egypt's presidential election results are set to be released. this morning president obama has stepped into the middle of the house plans to holder rick holder in contempt he's inserting executive privilege in the justice department's role. the house committee wants to know more about operation fast and furious. u.s. federal agents allowed weapons to cross the border into mexico so they could be tracked to high level arms traffickers. eric holder says releasing certain information could jeopardize -- >> refused to cooperate offering to provide subpoena documents if the committee agrees in advance to close the investigation. no investigator would ever agree to that.
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>> the agents loss track of many of the weapons two guns found at the scene of the slaying of u.s. border agent brian terry. one republican on the house committee paraphrased questions made famous during congress' investigation into watergate the 70s scandal that brought down president nixon. >> who knew, how high did it go did it go to the attorney general or the president and when did they know it? >> attorney general is being attacked for protecting documents that he is prohibited by law from producing. >> justice department official says the executive privilege applies to documents that explain how the department learned there were problems with operation fast and furious. house speaker boehner says the administration has all insisted it had nothing to do with fast and furious the insert of executive privilege would suggest otherwise. florida woman in trouble for turning the tables on airport security.
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she accused of groping a screener, caught on camera. carol price claims during a screening a tsa screener groped her during a pat-down. in response the video shows price puts down her bags turns to a supervisor and grabs her. price claims she was trying to show the supervisor what she just went through. price is a former tsa screener herself who used to work at the airport and knew some of the staff. >> it was a customer complaint of an extremely inappropriate search. >> she did not touch the supervisor as intrusively as she was touched. >> price has pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor battery charges. they8jv tsa claim the pat-downs conducted correctly. >> mike playing a little musical chairs forecast next heat for the summer solstice then big cooling trend in the forecast. you can see haze hanging
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around high pressure dominates we'll talk about that sea breeze and how much it will drop temperatures. wedding ring mystery. california couple searches for the owner of a 50-year-old ring found in a used car they just bought. singer barry manilow giving the gift of music to some lucky studen
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sacramento couple has a mystery. they found a 50-year-old red wedding ring in a used car they just bought. they bought the 2004 grand am in january at a used car lot. three weeks ago she pulled a 14 carat gold band from under the front seat it had a tate of 1961. callahan has been trying to track down the owner but it hasn't been easy. >> we are going back 1961 for a marriage. they could be 50s, 60s, 70 >> car had only one previous owner in texas. the privacy laws have kept her from getting contact
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information. the vehicle was in a crash years ago and the ring may have gotten lost in the seat when it was pieced back to the. >> you were saying perhaps it is not worth all the money in the world but it could be sent mental value we'll check in with mike and talk about weather for the first day of summer. >> maybe you will be sentimental about the -- that fell flat. >> but that one worked. >> excellent comeback that's what it is about. >> what you leave 'em with, right? then i'm finished. 11:19, good morning. san jose clear and beautiful. looking from found tamalpais back to mount sutro inversion still hanging on high pressure sinking air capture atmosphere hazy but not healthy which is good. live doppler showing how clear
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it is monterey bay clouds are starting to dissipate as we put it into motion you can see just a matter of an hour or two before you start to have total sunshine like we do around the bay area 63 half moon bay upper 60s san rafael and san francisco, mid to upper 70s bay shore north bay valleys south bay and east bay valleys low to mid 80s 56 santa cruz mid to upper 60s monterey, watsonville, salinas sun coming out now 82 gilroy hot already. welcome to the warmest day in this forecast cycle. summer solstice 4:09 this afternoon. cloudy tonight, mist at the coast possible, cooling trend tomorrow first full day of astronomical summer hang out through the weekend longest day of the year san jose has the least amount of sunshine today 14 hours 44 minutes and 16 seconds. santa rosa 14 hours and 51 minutes if you throw fairbanks
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in 21 hours and 51 minutes. it never sets it is like twilight that two hours 10 minutes they don't have technically sunshine. really interesting. concord, san jose, santa rosa, five degrees warmer than yesterday. sun will set 8:30 . -- sun will set 8:35. hercules, castro valley fremont low 80s mid to upper 80s south bay. mid 80s drops to the mid 70s millbrae low to mid 60s along the coast near 70 downtown south san francisco, 74 sausalito mid 80s bay valleys. monterey 65. santa cruz 75, gilroy 90 heading in the central
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valley 97 sacramento, 101 fresno, 112 in palm springs. tonight dodgers in town to take on as, a's won last night 3-0. 69 at 7:05 down to 59. when the sea breeze comes in six degrees cooler at the coast tomorrow nearly 16° inland temperatures remain below average everywhere for thursday through tuesday when we start to see a little climb back to near normal. summer not starting off very well. new this morning, long term care facility in burlingame slated foreclosure will remain open. supervisors approved a plan to allow a l.a. health care company to take over operations. the site is home to more than than 160 disabled patients. the county voted to close the facility in february. new agreement will keep the
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site open parts of the building will be retrofited for earthquake safety. lexus is the best quality car in the united states. surveyed by jd power and associates found automakers are better at getting rid of problems that land their cars in repair shops. lexus is followed by two other luxury carmakers, jaguar, posh shah tied for second, cadillac and hyundai rounded out the top five. some musicians have instruments courtesy of barry manilow he launch add instrument drive last week by offering -- two tree tickets to a show for anyone who donated an instrument he donated a piano of his own. 25 other instruments have come in the music project provided music scholarships to universities. >> he's the one who -- >> you have to say it. >> i'm not going to sing.
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>> a school principal showed up to work in a limousine dressed as lady gaga. >> that's not all he had to do after losing a bet. we'll explain next.
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>> today at 4:00 most popular bay area landmark among facebook users. then at 5, massive effort to get to you rethink your drink and skip soft drinks. massachusetts principal has paid off on a bet. >> and his school went gaga. >> seriously, justin vernon challenged the kids to read 10,000 books total if they did
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he promised to do whatever they wanted. turns out they wanted him to dress like that. lady gaga and go out and milk a cow. interesting class. very creative. >> justin delivered on both fronts it was fist pumps all around and a dance as being see he boogies pretty well. [ inaudible ] not so much lady gaga as anna nicole smith. or hulk hogan. >> that was good. just to keep cool today. >> one day of extreme heat in the east bay valley. >> thanks for joining us. >> who wants to be a millionaire is next.
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