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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 20, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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building this, call came in at 10 minutes to 2:00. firefighters realized that there is fire getting ahold of the building. and they decided it's too dang trous stay there. chunks of the roof facade came crashing down. about 150 firefighters surrounded the building and tried to drown the fire, the building is made from mostly wood. >> you can see this has given way. so commander did a good job in assessing vulnerability of the struck zpur establishing what we call a collapse skob to make sure it assured us to
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give way. >> and this port says there are nor tenants here right now. and there are conflicting reports about whether or not welding and plumbing work was going on at the time that this fire started. the fire department says also, the arson team which is a combination of the fire department and police are here on scene. and says that initial reports were no sus spishus circumstances surrounding this fire. >> and heather, thank you very much there. is a pick newer which we've circled with the fire started. this is pier 29 and 27 supposed to look like in time for the america's cup race.
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and they're trying to say they're confident. >> and we do not anticipate, the statement says, this will impact the site and we look forward with moving ahead. the village at pier 27, 29. >> and that caused gridlock along the embarcadero in the heart of the tourist district. abc 7 news is down there now with an update. >> there are bicyclists having no problem getting around. pedestrians walking here but this is closed tow cars, we have been seeing some cars sneaking up and down the embarcadero here. and there is as soon as they get to battery they're directed left and back to where they started from so this is closed down. the main track for tourists as
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well as kmurters. the street car track along water front is blocked and there is of course into rush hour it's crescendoing into traffic chaos. and there is traffic being diverted skpefr one off the water front the interior streets are a real mess. and there is people lined up and taking pictures and the executive director describes this building fire this afternoon saying that the building was vacated and she thinks it's going to be okay going forward. >> there is no loss, we'll be putting up the final steel here in just weeks. the event will be happening here in 2013.
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and so we're just -- there should be no impact from this other than unsightly facade. >> and there is tourists just walking and going around the area of the fire. it affected commuters and many are stuck in cars trying to get out of the city. or across the city. >> thank you. and once again, we're going give you a look from sky 7 hd over the scene of the fire on the embarcadero. continuing to monitor and will bring you developments here on abc 7 news. >> there is a prosecution accusing a san francisco couple of vigilante justice in the murder of their daughter's pimp. >> this couple appeared in court but arraignment post toned -- postponed until friday. defense attorneys say they have not received enough
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evidence in this case. family and friends gathered outside of the courtroom and this is to support the 27-year-old and 27-year-old accused of killing the man she the say was pimping their teen-aged daughter. >> a very decent young man, they're decent people. all they wanted to do was save their daughter, they're only kid. >> the san francisco parents accused of gunning down the 22-year-old calvin sneed who lived in compton. prosecutors say the couple tracked him to north hollywood and shooting into his car but not seriously injuring him. and early in the morning, police say the girl's father tilled -- killed him just blocks from the bay view home. the district attorney calls it vigilante murder. >> parents became the judge,
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jury and executioner ootz couple's attorney says there is motive for the murder lots of people wanted him dead. >> mr. snead was in the mix. a gang member, involved in gang fights, shootouts in los angeles and there are many people who had a motive to do harm for him. >> attorneys say the parents sought help to rescue their 17-year-old. >> he made every effort to try owe convince his daughter come home and made every effort he felt was reasonable to inform the authorities. >> i understand the frustration the family felt. i think it's important to know murder is murder, vigilante murder is still murder. >> this attorneys say the
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daughter is safe and she and her three brothers are being cared for by family members. calvin snead's father admits his son was a pimp but says today, he did not deserve to die like that. >> and there are prosecutors presented an argument in a trial of a south bay man accused of badly beating a priest that molested him as a boy. prosecutors admitted he was sexually abused but say that that didn't give him the right for vigilante justice. and lynch's lawyer says he'll testify in his own defense. >> there is a team of arson investigators arrived in oakland at the scene of a massive fire that shut down bart last yeek.
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-- week. the five at 5th and mandela parkway up against the tracks. that is where mark matthews is tonight. >> these are some of the same folks at oklahoma city bombing investigating that as well as attack on the pentagon on september 11th. they've been called in and when they do show up for an investigation there is a resolution wait rate goes way up. >> the fire was so intense, that when it was over, only a single story remains. three floors of the building still under construction. and they're now just a heap of ash and metal. >> we're pulling ate part. >> the national response team's leader says the nrt will start the lifting tomorrow, and today, they're photographing and mapping the building. and this is a process offer
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every investigation looking for how the fire moved. >> i will tell you that there are fire patterns to look at. we're going toke through layer by layer and see if we can't find of cause of the fire. >> there are eight more here from local offices saying it will take until sunday and investigations go, this one ranks among the most difficult because there is so little left. >> this is like a puzzle, hopefully this will tell whaus caused it. >> there is a factor is that building was still under construction. and i asked if that makes him more likely. >> there is making us more likely and possibility.
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there is an approach that doesn't allow to us do that. he have to do this by numbers. on the witness stand we have to testify that we eliminated accidental cause autos there is a if you look at arson cases, the national average for solving a case is around is a%. team's ef ridge is closer to-to-50%. this could gun into hundreds of thousands of clars dollars, coming up, what could save the team a lot of time and tax payers a lot of money. >> police are looking for two men accused of assaulting a woman monday morning near santa clara university. the woman said she was at the intersection, two men grabbed her ask tried to take her
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backpack. >> the family of a murder victim presented a wrongful death claim. the 67-year-old killed in his home by an intruder diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic. the if-year-old declared mentally incompetent to stand trial. the claim jernts around the 911 call when he tried to get into his home. the police dispatcher promised to send someone but told the police officer not to respond. and the city has 45 days to respond. >> right now meetings underway to update parents on an embezzlement case involving the former superintendent of their school district. he's charged with stealing portola valley school district money to renovate his old woodside home. and are for falsesy fiing
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invoice that's were never paid. also facing charges he stole money from woodside elementary school district. >> a couple power house soft drink companies rolling out new ads today and are scaling down the size of heir soda cans. >> here is that full page ad that appeared in newspapers. the l.. what the industry is saying we're offering smaller directions so one bay area group decided to fate back. these kids learning to substitute soft drinks for water. the nondroft is called lift. one 156 community groups banned all sugary drinks. there is san mcgwire clur
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advising these drinks. >> if all in front of them is m & m's, birnl day cake, soda, then that is an issue. >> and the organization that started this campaign called rethink your drink. it's now a state wide effort. they say the reason they target the drinks is because they're the single largest source of added shug glar a person's diet. >> average teen is drinking 39 pounds of sugar per year just in sugary drinks. that is if there is one to two sugary drinks per day. >> kaleries are contributing to this overweight issue across the country. >> take this example. four grams ees equals a teaspoon of sugar. a 20 ounce drink has 65 grams
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of sugar. >> there are 16 and a half teaspoons in sewedda. imagine. i think of my daughter and think in a million years would i say here you go. here is what is for lunch. >> coca-cola, pepsi and other drinks have been rivals and today running pull page ads to promote smaller drinks. supermarkets sell them. and saying balancing calorie was physical activity is the key to living a healthy, balanced life style. and the companies are putting on the front of the drinks the number of and health advocates say water is better with zero calories. >> and just head the state of
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education. >> a card on the quality of public education in america. >> in l accu-weather forecast center lots of hot spots but you won't believe how much cooler torjs you should believe it. it's in the accu-weather forecast. >> and michael finney has a story of a frustration with airport security. she took it out on a tsa agent.
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an education advocacy group is drawing atension to the state of america's ed,, taking the message to
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washington national mall. these 857 empty desks represent the students dropping out of school nationwide. the college board says it's not 857 per day, but the number of students dropping out in just one hour. this group wants the education issue to be a priority in 2012. and a poll shows our confidence in public schools dropped to its lowest level in four decades, 30% of those polled expressed little, or no confidence in public education. there are record lows in public confidence p churches, television news and banks. >> smort phone thefts are a growing problem across the country. however, there is a way to get your phone back. >> get your phone back, get
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the bad guy arrested. >> i like that. and worked for one woman. someone stole her phone and the app found knit oakland. police say this app called find my phone was the key to recovering the device, she down loaded the app free on to the iphone and she is glad. it sends out a gps signal. police used to it pinpoint the location and arrested the man who had it. and this also works for ipads. >> i've heard from many parents complaining airlines won't let them sit with their children, one airline wants to change that. making a promise to let children sit with at least one parent. and says that it will simply change check in policies so anyone under 14 years of age sits with an adult flying with them. many airlines are packing airlines so full, they can't guarantee families will sit
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together because charging more for aisle or window seats. parents often have to pay for an upgrade to simply sit next to their child. >> a consumer so angry about how a tsa agent patted her down she turned tables on the agent this, shows the upset airline passenger striking back at airport sek any florida here she walks over to a supervisor and appears to inappropriately touch the agent. her attorney says it was efforts to show how intrusive her pat down had been. >> it was a customer complaint of an inappropriate search. she did not such the -- touch the supervisor as intrusively as she was touched. >> and she was arrested for misdemeanor battery. >> wow. this has been an issue. >> you're right. >> and there is how warm it
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got this afternoon. and there is a little bit of a not heat wave, but heat spell. there is a live view from our camera in emeryville looking at western skies. there is a nice reflection of the sun there are giving you a hint of how blue sky -- i don't have the image so come to me. there is a clear skies, these aren't the final readings. up to 92346 antioch, 97 in livermore and there is heat around the bay area and near the bay, highs upper 80s and there is 75 degrees here in san francisco and there is low
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to mid-90s in the inland east bay there is lots of warmth. this evening, clear early. clouds overnight. there is a remaining cooler, after summer there are unsummer like weather coming our way. there is is going to give us ingredients for a major cool down. low clouds, fog moving back to the coast. there may be drizzle along the coastline tonight z will be breezy over into delta and there are pretty mild. and fog and low clouds will be pulling back near the coast and we'll see sunshine inland. high temperatures tomorrow will be 20 degrees cooler than
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today. especially inland and around the bay. and there is a sampling. 60s in san francisco. 63 in oakland. there is highs near the bay into low to mid 60s in watsonville. inland gilroy only throw mid 7 owes. there is a cooler pattern through monday. goitsing to be pleasant and dry. it's going to be way cooler than today and there is an official weather term, way cooler. >> way cool. >> and up next nightmare in a city over sin city. in flight everything had passengers reaching for air sickness bags. >> and there new at 6:00 whoil
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not be celebrating friday's launch of tesla
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a nate mayor for passengers on a jet blue flight over the weekend. a mechanical failure caused a plane to lush. violently. one passenger called it four hours of hell. the captain had declared an emergency and returned to las vegas. the plane unable to dump fuel. the pilot had to burn it off three hours. and this flight landed safely. >> yoga enthusists finding peace. >> a retreat in a very unlakely place.
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