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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 21, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze, thanks for joining us it is 6:00. dreary maybe a little drizzle. definitely a grey start to this first day of summer. good morning. doppler picking up low clouds even mist and drizzle especially along the coast higher elevations around the
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peninsula into the east bay. winds not very much of a factor lower levels gusting around six at the airport up to 32 fairfield that's when you know that sea breeze is back. temperatures nearly 20° cooler today. 50s along the coast, 60s bay, low to mid 70s inland the same monterey bay low to mid 60s around the bay low to mid 70s inland going to be breezy today. good morning light out there you can see the clouds at the about if you are paying cash at the toll plaza you will be in a minor delay otherwise traffic flowing smoothly through the toll and incline into san francisco and upper deck. first reports of an accident peninsula southbound 101 past ralston accidents on the shoulder bumper in lane three, chp trying to do a clear break all mass transit on time so far this morning. we are continuing to follow breaking news.
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overnight house fire has left one woman dead. katie marzullo join us live with the latest. >> reporter: very quiet now. there were a lot of somber faces when the residents of the house and neighbors were out on the street. the fire is now out and the investigation underway. a young woman was killed inside that three-story victorian home in the fire she was on the third floor technically the attic but it was converted into a lot of space 2:30 this morning the fire broke out crews were able to get her out they tried cpr on scene it was too late she did not make it. two others were hurt, smoke and fire and burn injuries. they went to the hospital in the ambulance. neighbor who lives next door who we spoke with says it was a nice group of young people she says the fire was terrifying. >> i ran out of the house, i could see towering flames. if you look behind us the
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house is 30, 40 feet high maybe the flames were 50 feet. when i went across there were embers flying through my house and the next house. >> reporter: here in berkeley no other homes were damaged in this fire. now investigators must determine the cause of the fire and part of that will be deciding or figuring out whether or not working smoke detectors were inside this home at the time of the fire decides the one young woman killed and two injured, there were five others staying in the house who are displaced this morning. katie marzullo, abc7 news. breaking news in vallejo. firefighters are looking into the cause of an early morning blaze that gutted a house it started shortly before 3:00. flames engulfed the home on round hill court as you can see from these photos sent us to from the vallejo police department, they say the family and the pets were able to get out safely before the
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fire destroy the house. developing news san francisco fire investigators will be sorting throughout the debris this morning after yesterday's massive fire along the waterfront at a pay that will be developed for the america's cup race. amy hollyfield is live at pier 29. the embarcadero is all back open, right? >> reporter: it is but you know this huge wide sidewalk is very popular in the morning with runners and look they've fenced off this area, red tagged it. there's a huge pile of rubble there, those are chunks of the facade that came down. runners are not able to go through, obviously. it is dangerous, it is fenced off. they have to run around it. that is one minor but important issue to keep in mind in morning on the embarcadero. they call this the collapse zone when they roped it off as churches were falling yesterday as the fire was burning it was a huge fire pier 29 has 115,000 square
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feet of warehouse space firefighters used he have every available source of water -- including from the bay to knock this down as quickly as they could. it started 2:00 or hail before and took two hours to get in fire out. the building was empty so no one was hurt. several tourists and some locals gathered to watch and take pictures. the embarcadero was shutdown in both directions as firefighters dealt with this four-alarm fire. >> crews did a phenomenal job containing the fire to this front building it didn't spread. we have our fire boat in the rear of the structure. >> reporter: this pier was being converted into a center for spectators for next year's america's cup race welders were working on the building earlier in the day, no one was here at the time of the fire. a spokeswoman for the race tells us it is not going to
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impact their plans they look forward to moving ahead with the construction at piers 27 and 29. take a look at this live picture of the embarcadero traffic is fine. cars are allowed to get through. a little bit of this fence is jutting out into the street into the bike lane. one hassle factor is for the bikers who are having to get around it. it is not a huge amount of space, they are getting by fine, but something to keep in mind especially if you in a car, watch out for bikers they are going to need to share your lane for a couple of seconds. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. appreciate the hassle factor. protesters are expected to greet google shareholders when they hold their annual meeting today. the group believes google is violating privacy of users will begin demonstration 12:30 at the ampitheater in mountain view urging the web giant to implement a do-not-track
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feature. university of california has dropped civil lawsuit against 15 occupy the farm protesters who made an encampment in albany last month, police officers moved in and cleared the encampment. some of the protest had been living and planting crops on the land. officials decided to suspend the lawsuit because the university regained control and search had been able to resume. but, they say any future attempts by occupiers to interfere with search on campus could lead them to resume the lawsuit. california neighborhood known for large population of homeless getting massive©b make day two of cleanup efforts for skid row in los angeles continues today, crews in biohazard suits started yesterday. health officials say parts of skid row are so filthy they violate county code. the cleanup effort includes six square blocks.
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yesterday, nice and hot, today dell not so much. >> nice and cool is what we have this morning. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. good morning. live doppler you can see still clear as we look towards our inland neighborhoods of the east bay and santa clara valley where it is cloudy for the rest of us even drizzle possible through i'd say 8:00 this morning. temperatures in the low to mid 50s by noon, a little bit of a warming along the coast near 60 around the bay, mid 60s inland breezy during the afternoon. sunshine by 4:00, 70 inland, 64 around the bay, 55 at the coast make sure you have a coat this evening past 4:00 temperatures will drop rapidly 60 inland by 7:00, mid 50s around the bay coast 51°. definitely going to be a lot cooler tan yesterday. let's talk about pollen, a lot of tree, grass, ragweed and moderate amounts of mold. the next three days, not much
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of a change, locked into this air mass, cooler than average air mass friday inland saturday and sunday mid 70s near 70 around the bay even upper 50s near 60 along the coast chance of a slight, slight chance of a shower in the north bay tomorrow. let's talk about what is going on traffic-wise here's sue hall. good morning. katie marzullo reporting on the scene of that fatal house fire still intersection blocked at marina and ashby in berkeley, crews are investigating. southbound 101 reports of accident holly on the shoulder there's a bumper debris in lane 3. no significant slowing past the scene. drive times marin county not bad heade'd?m towards central san rafael, 80 still good to the bay bridge, 580 starting to bunch up into dublin pleasanton. still ahead, milestone birthday for prince william.
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coming up first, the iphone 5? inside information from the man who heads the chinese plant where the phone will be put together. >> sounds like a band the iphone 5. officially summer michael finney has tips on which sun is best to protect you during your
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the battle of the smartphones heating up one ceo
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advising people not to buy the samsung galaxy s-iii he puts together apple's iphones. he says the next iphone will put samsung's flagship phone to shame. the comments come as the galaxy phone prepares to be sold through verizon soon and at&t next month. according to the american cancer society, more than one million skin cancers diagnosed each year in the u.s. are considered sun-related. michael finney will have more for news a bit for results of the top selling brands. with summer here even though it doesn't feel like it this morning that is something to consider so you want to stick around for that. >> didn't feel like summer much at all. >> if summer with the fog and a little drizzle. let's bring mike in to talk about that yeah, definitely cloudy
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this morning, watching sfo to see if there is going to be flight arrival delays i suspect there are. mist and drizzle before the -- for the next hour or so. there you go looking down from mount tamalpais breezy, fastest breezes above 1,000 feet, a lot of cloud cover. let's talk about what is happening on live doppler, it is showing a lot of cloud cover out there and most of the mist and drizzle hugging the higher elevations around the bay area right now. no delays at sfo or san jose or oakland as we speak that is good news. let's talk about temperature-wise 60 antioch the rest of us in the 50s, monterey bay 50s mostly cloudy. first day of summer, going to be sharply cooler up to 23° cooler in some areas cloudy tonight more moisture possible cooler than average through the weekend. we are back below 15° in
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redwood city, 66, 13 napa, 68, livermore 10° cooler than average. oakland, san jose, san francisco 8 to 9° cooler than average sunsets 8:35 most of us own see it clouds come back quickly around 5:00, 6:00. 69 milpitas. mid to upper 60s along the peninsula, mid to upper 50s at the coast near 60 downtown and south san francisco north bay beaches mid to upper 50s there upper 60s to low 70's valleys mid to upper 60s along the east bay shore warmer south more sun around fremont 67 more cloud cover berkeley and richmond low 60s for you. mid 90s yesterday where we are seeing the biggest drop, low to mid 60s monterey bay low to mid 70s inland. a's have helped the giants. dodgers i know that's mean but
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it is the truth, 4-1 a's beat dodgers yesterday 12:35 first pitch at the coliseum, 60 to 63°. tonight clouds, 50s even drizzle possible. watch what is happening to the north, cold front sweeping to the north drizzle along the coast better part of tomorrow, look at by noon into the afternoon evening hours, stray shower or two may try to dip out of mendocino and lake counties into napa, sonoma and marin watch out for that if you are heading up that way afternoon and evening. once that passes cooler saturday increasing sun and finally, tuesday and wednesday temperatures back where they should be. have a great day. problems on the peninsula now. good morning. southbound 101 holly accident on the shoulder debris in lanes slowing traffic there southbound. quick look at drive times, 101 through marin, 80 carquinez
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bridge to the maze still good. altamont pass getting a little jammed up. southbound 101 before popular accident overturn blocking left lane no significant slowing we'll check the waze app in a second reports of an accident westbound 580 past north livermore that is in the median you can see slow traffic as you head up and over the altamont pass headed towards the scene. waze app, no significant slowing on the peninsula past that poplar avenue and holly street accident out of lanes there. we will be following that for you. if you would like to download this app it is free at you can get more information. 6:18. it happening tonight right here on abc 7 what could be the final game of the nba finals between the heat and thunder. celebration today for prince william as he
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celebrates his 30th birthday. i
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welcome back. 6:22. there's your forecast, overcast near the coast not going to get very hot today, yesterday summer began. today it is not really feeling much like summer temperatures dropping 8, 10, 15° mike was talking about it will warm up
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at some point maybe in september in san francisco. >> or october when we really feel summer in the city. prince william celebrating his 30th birthday today planning a private low key dinner with friends and family members. >> it is taking place in his home in north wales, yet another party i'm not invited to. 300 people turned out for his 21st birthday. tonight the miami heat will try to close out the thunder and win the franchise's second nba championship. the prince won't be there. lebron james expects to play after being sidelined with leg cramps. miami beat thunder tuesday night coming back from a 17 point first half deficit they lead the series 3-1. catch game five right here, pregame 5:30, tip off at six.
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how about being prince of your own island. oracle ceo larry ellison can be that and buy whatever he wants. now he wants and has a hawaiian island. >> published reports say he has agreed to buy 98% of the island of lanai. state owns 2%, hawaii's smallest publicly accessible island just 300 something residents, ellison already has a home on lanai. bill gates and his wife rented out the island for their wedding. island selling experts say it is upwards of 5 million dollars. we have word it was 650 million. -- the jerry sandusky child saks because trial approaches the end. -- child sex abuse trial approaches the end. at home, we continue to
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follow breaking news from berkeley one woman killed in an overnight house fire. we go back for an update. temperatures around the bay area they are going to be significantly cooler up to 23°, 50s at the coast, 60s around the bay and 70s inland. check out how hot it going to be across the rest of the lower 48 seattle and portland 76 and 81 could be warmer than us, the big story near 100 d.c., new york and boston. we did flight delays earlier, but everybody major airport across the lower 48 and regional airports here are on time. back-up at the toll and metering lights are on as you head into san francisco. couple of problems on the peninsula that we will update you on in a couple of minutes.
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good morning it is a thursday morning 6:29. live look out there to start your day cloudy, grey, dreary, drizzley shot. >> you know how to sell it. >> i know. makes you want to crawl back into bed. >> i feel sad all of a sudden. >> so sorry. let's try to reverse the mood we'll do a little better with us. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm terry mcsweeney let's turn to mr. sunshine with
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mr. mike nicco. >> mr. happy personality is what you are trying to say? good morning. doppler showing red flag warning in the sierra towards nevada. higher fire danger headed that way. drizzle along the coast higher elevations otherwise the big story clouds and cooler weather. only half moon bay three degrees warmer los gatos the same as yesterday santa rosa one degree warmer than 24 hours ago everybody else 1 to 10° cooler not even as impressive as it will be this afternoon when we are 15 to 23° cooler than yesterday from 57 along the coast, mid 60s around the bay, low to mid 70s inland. here's sue with traffic. good morning. kind of a sad commute on the peninsula, southbound 101 holly debris cleared out of lanes traffic a little slow past the scene. southbound 101 before poplar overturn blocking left lane slow from 101 to 92, 20
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minutes left lane continues to be blocked. problems westbound 580 past north livermore accident in the median slow traffic as you head out of the central valley up and over the altamont into livermore just under 30 minutes on that drive. breaking news in berkeley. house fire has tan a person's life. -- has taken a person's life. katie marzullo joins us from the scene with the details. >> reporter: take a look when you see the front of this house it barely looks like anything happen. you can see around the back and on the roof where the majority of the damage was done. the yellow house to the right suffered superficial char marks outside of a deck on the second floor no structural damage to any other homes except this one. i was 2:30 in the morning that the -- it was 2:30 in the morning that the fire broke out. the attic was converted into living space it was in the attic that a young woman was
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killed. crews were able to get her outside the house and start cpr it was too late. we just learned this, there were more people upstairs and there are two rooms in that attic space the people in the second room were able to leave without being -- they were able to get out because their bedroom door was closed and that kept the smoke out and that made the difference between them living and the other young woman dying two others were hurt, taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation and burn injuries. >> i know some of them. they are students they come and go, very nice young people. >> these are the fires you worry about stars in the basement end up in the -- starts in the basement, end up in the attic and you end up chasing these fires. >> reporter: there's one fire engine still on scene. investigators are inside the home and in the attic space looking for the cause. they will determine if the
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house had working smoke detectors or not. one person killed, two injured. total of eight people living or staying here that leaves five displaced. the red cross said none of them needed their services but they were here just in case they did. katie marzullo, abc7 news. several other fires. new this morning santa clara county firefighters mopping up a fire at a family home that started before 3:00 this morning on constitution avenue. more than half of the house was destroyed. crews got it out in half an hour. no injuries were reported. the cause is under investigation. also new, from alamo, fire investigators trying to determine what set off this tire that destroyed a 4200 square foot home. these are photos from the san ramon valley fire protection district the fire was reported by the homeowners after 11:00 last night. it took crews more than two hours to contain the flame.
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one firefighter was treated for minor injuries everyone managed to get out safely. the embarcadero san francisco roped after midnight after yesterday's massive warehouse fire at pier 29. later today, our investigators will go inside the pier to assess the damage and try to find out the cause. the fire destroyed the outer facade of the historic structure. it took firefighters several hours to put that fire out, no injuries reported. in a few hours testimony in the trial of a man charged with beating the priest he says molested him and his brother when they were kids will resome in the sand jose courtroom. 44-year-old william lynn accused of beating father jerry lindner in 2010 at a retirement home for priests. yesterday the prosecutor made a shocking admission during opening statements. she said evidence would show father lindner abused lynch when he was 7-years-old. she said the priest would
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likely lie about it. later lindner was call to the stand and denied molesting the two boys. >> not only did they give us a warning they were going to put on perjury testimony. sure enough lindner denies that he ever molested mr. lynch or his brother. >> the deputy district attorney says the molestation did not give lynch the right to track down his abuser and punch him repeatedly. if convicted lynch could face a maximum sentence of four years in prison. right now, closing arguments underway in the jerry sandusky child sex abuse trial. the former opinion state assistant coach arrived in court last hour. the defense rested yesterday without calling sandusky to the stand. the case consisted of character witnesses who defended sandusky reputation including the coach's ex-wife who says she never saw him do anything inappropriate with children. sandusky faces 51 criminal counts. this morning oakland mayor
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quan's office is admitting the crime epidemic goes well beyond the 100 blocks she has repeated claimed were the city's most dangerous. the contra costa times reports the mayor's top aide says the key statistic the mayor used to sell her program was grossly inflated. recently study found quan's 100 block plan only covers 17% of homicides and shootings. police would need to focus on 1300 blocks to reduce violence. the aide says the mayor only learned the figure was incorrect last week. governor blount backing down from his controversial -- governor brown backing down from his controversial proposal on the bullet train project. he would no longer include modifications to the state environmental quality act and package of legislation regarding the high speed rail project the governor wants six billion dollars to start construction as early as december. lawmakers will decide on the matter early next week.
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san francisco cab drivers are working with the transportation agency to try to get more taxis on streets during city events. there are more than 1500 active permits. city officials approved 100 temporary permits to accommodate crowds at the u.s. open last weekend. extra cabs were also deployed when bart's transbay service was disrupted by fire a week ago. officials are considering more cabs for major weekend events such as the upcoming pride celebration. the america's couple -- the america's cup and the music festival. richmond exploring new ways to cut costs that may include fewer city sponsored festivals. richmond is facing a 2.6 million deficit in the next fiscal year city council looking for new ways to cut cost including salary and benefit reductions. they could do away with civic
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festivals including juneteenth and cinco de mayo celebrations. we turn to the weather because suddenly boom just like that, much cooler on this first full day of summer. >> really dropping off today. up to 20 degree° that's what the sea breeze -- up to 23°, that's what the sea breeze does. good morning. usually we have flight arrival delays into sfo under these conditions but they are having departure delays 15 to 30 minutes make sure you check ahead if you are going there. 7:00, temperatures 50s still drizzle along the coast, higher elevations peninsula into the east bay hills also. as we head towards noon drizzle gone, clouds remain along the coast into parts of the bay east bay valleys and santa clara valley sunny by noon, mid 60s there the rest of us in the mid 50s to low
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60s. 4:00 we'll still have temperatures around the 50s along the coast into san francisco, low to mid 60s around the bay partly cloudy, more sun inland to the east bay and santa clara valleys where we fan the warmest weather low 70s by -- we find the warmest weather, low 70s by . everybody back in the 50s with a surge of clouds starting to push into the east bay valleys. next three days showers possible in the north bay tomorrow with drizzle along the coast temperatures will be cooler than average not only today, tomorrow, saturday and sunday. good morning. problems on the peninsula with an overturn accident southbound 101 before poplar three left lanes blocked only right lane getting by. you can see speeds are starting to slow past the scene as they get that car uprighted out of lanes southbound 101. westbound 580 past north
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livermore accident cleared, very slow coming out of the central valley, 30 minutes now from up and over from the tracy area to livermore into the pleasanton dub hint -- dublin area. northbound 101 before alum rock accident lane 3, slow there no details noon accident crews tow truck on scene trying to clear that accident if you are traveling from san jose in the -- in the northbound 101 direction before alum rock. metering lights on at the bay bridge toll backed up towards the west grand overcrossing. 6:40. trading underway on wall street. the weekly job numbers now out. we have a live report from the new york stock exchange. right now -- report wasn't that good but the dow is up nine points. coming up first, scare in the sky for hundreds of passengers trying to get to europe. the emergency landing that
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halted their trip. massive wildfire continues to burn out of control in colorado. [ inaudible ]
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coming up on 6:45. low to mid 70s east bay and
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south bay where it will be e'lll see sunshine 60s around the bay and 50s at the coast. if you spread the wealth we have the cooler weather moving inland sacramento 81, 97 fresno, 107 palm springs. thursday why not look ahead to the weekend. tahoe 60s with sunshine, 40s during the overnight hours. 80 yosemite tomorrow dropping to mid to upper 70s with sun over the weekend. heading down to the south l.a. morning clouds and afternoon sunshine low to mid 70s morning clouds and afternoon sunshine in san diego upper 60s. weather critical in colorado firefighters are ramping up their attack on a lightning-sparked blaze that has spread over more than 100 square miles fire started june 9th, now the largest in state history. it is 55% contained offs believe it could be week, even months before the fire is finally controlled. it is caused 19 million
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dollars damage. that includes 189 homes destroyed and that is a state record for a fire. let's check in with "good morning america's" josh elliot for what is coming up. good thursday morning. coming up, smart aleck. alec baldwin joking about his scuffle with a photographer. is he going to get the last laugh? we'll talk with the photo journalist accusing him of assault. also, consumer alert about your purse. environmental advocates found surprising amounts of lead in popular pocketbooks. we'll tell what to look for, next. new this morning see what didn't raising security level after discovery of explosives outside one of its nuclear power plant during a routine check in the southwestern part of the country. investigators state explosives had no igniting device. not clear who left the explosives police have no
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suspects. sweden has 10 nuclear reactors across the country. 230 airline passengers are waking up in maine this morning and they don't want to be there. they are there after a square forced the plane to make an emergency landing last night in bangor, maine. the flight was flying from new jersey to denmark, the cabin started filling up with smoke. the plane landed safely, 11 had to be treated for smoke inhalation. no word on what caused the plane to fill up with smoke. one of america's most iconic artist has died. painter leroy neiman passed away in manhattan yesterday. he known for painting big sporting and leisure events and works of famous athlete cast of death not announced. he was 91-years-old. >> the florida please chief who was sthrpbgly criticized for his handling of the investigation into the killing of an unarmed teenager trayvon martin has been fared.
6:48 am
the city manager says chief lee has lost the rapid -- the respect of city officials and confidence of the community he was criticized for not immediately arresting george zimmerman for shooting martin. the teenager's family says they respected the city manager's decision. lee will receive three months of severance, one week salary in addition to earned time off. new poll shows president obama opening a significant lead over mitt romney. a poll shows 53% of likely voters supporting mr. obama even though the public gives him low marks on handling the economy, 40% support mr. romney. the former massachusetts governor has yet to repair the damage done to his image during the gop primaries. more than half surveyed say romney is more out of touch compared with 36% who say the president is more out of touch. jobs are important in any election also housing market the main focus on wall street. >> jane king at the
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new york stock exchange with that and how investors are responding. good morning. the job market seems to be stuck. not getting worse or better. we get these weekly claims they were a little higher than expected down 2,000 from last week at 387,000 people filing last week for first time benefits. big picture not budging in jobs. waiting for a report on home sales for last month. economists believe the sales probably fell as difficulty getting a mortgage holds back buyers and weakness in the job market. the markets look like this as we digest and get ready for reports today, the dow higher but the s&p and nasdaq lower and little movement in either direction. bloomberg index trading down two points. how would you like to own your own hawaiian island?
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it is possible. oracle's ceo in a deal to buy 98% of lanai, hawaii's sixth d]. the price in the hundreds of millions of dollars. live at new york stock exchange i'm jane king. gotta check out some islands that are for sale. >> teeny tiny one somewhere. we did have technical problems earlier with the report on the sunscreen to protect against skin cancer we'll bring that to you on abc7 news at 4 p.m. today. >> speaking of the sun, are we gonna see any? he brings sun and joy. >> thank you, i try to. >> at least somebody's son. >> and she does watch from atlanta. mom, former teacher.
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6:51 let's see if if i can have good grammar during in forecast. doesn't this look like fail day? sue brought this to my attention. look at the winds and clouds and sun. yeah kind of looks like fall even though it is the first day of summer and it going to feel like fall. from mount tamalpais from the south, san jose, let's not if you did it would be sunny doppler showing that it is clear under the clouds just drizzle possible at the coast and possibly mist at higher elevations around the east bay first day of summer sharply cooler up to 23° cooler cloudy tonight, mist possible cooler through the weekend. 24 hour temperature change biggest drop concord down 23° to 72. 73 san jose, santa rosa 72, 19° drop. fremont, oakland and san francisco, 18, 16, 15° cooler tan yesterday. sunsets 8:35.
6:52 am
we have one second less of -- sun possible today. cloud cover still thickening now. by 9:00, mo most of the drizzle gone, mist at the coast gone. cloudy conditions you can see the breezes picking up, we go from 50s along the coast to 60s and 70s, going to be cooler in our inland areas where we will have low to mid 70s today. cooler east bay shore, low 60s around berkeley and richmond most likely see cloud cover this afternoon. more sun south bay low to mid 70s milpitas 69. peninsula mid to upper 60s. cloudy coast all day mid to upper 50s. north bay upper 60s to low 70s 56 bodega bay. 60 monterey, santa cruz sun and 65, 72 inland to gilroy. dodgers going to sweep 'em 12:35 first pitch, a go on
6:53 am
that sweep 'em, 60 to 63°. cloudy, drizzle along the coast temperatures in the 50s once more. friday quick look up in the north bay, you can see scattered shower or two possible tomorrow with that cold front passing by it reinforces cooler air through sunday temperatures start warming back to average tuesday and wednesday. better news on the peninsula. good morning. southbound 101 before poplar overturned accident clear traffic improving some residual slowing now should get better. 101 before alum rock accident lane 3, still blocking that lane. peninsula from 380 near the airport to 92 just under 15 minutes. 80 carquinez bridge to the maze beginning to bunch up 25 to 30 minutes. altamont pass a grind up and over from the central valley into the dublin pleasanton area.
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exclusive traffic spotter waze app, traffic on the peninsula very slow, due to that overturn cleared at poplar. you can download this app for free it is a great resource. for more. controversial new study challenging the long held belief that pregnant women should not drink alcohol. it looked at more than 1600 pregnant women who drank one to eight drinks a week. the study looked at their children five years after they were born and found the kids did not perform any worse on organizational and i.q. tests than children whose mothers did not drink. many doctors disagree and recommend moms to be better safe than sorry. here are five things to know before you go: number one, breaking news investigators trying to determine the cause of an early morning fatal house fire
6:55 am
in berkeley a woman killed in a three story home. two others were injured. >> number two, san francisco investigators will go inside heavily damaged parts of pier 29 this morning to figure out what set off yesterday's massive fire. this morning the embarcadero is back open but parts of the sidewalk near the pier fenced off. >> number three, google shareholders hold annual meeting today. protesters are expected to greet them. urging the web giant to enact better web privacy features. >> number four, lebron james could get his ring heat leading the thunder in the series three games to one you can watch game five right here on abc7. number five, a's try to sweep the dodgers starting 12:35 this afternoon. a's beat the dodgers 4-1 last night. weekend series against the giants who are taking a day
6:56 am
off good they need a break. >> rough series that one. one final check on weather and traffic. all the clouds on live doppler this morning flight departure delays out of sfo of 15 to 30 minutes. red flag warning up around tahoe high fire danger there rather breezy. at home mist around 7:00, low to mid 50s, slow clearing by noon pockets of sun especially east bay valleys and santa clara valley. 54 to 65. partly cloudy 4:00 away from the coast, breezy 55 there to 71 inland, will cool quickly after 7:00, 50s to near 60 everywhere during the evening. recap of our traffic: bay bridge toll, metering lights on. looks as though traffic is backed towards the west grand overcrossing as you head into san francisco company incline and upper deck. we've got problems on the
6:57 am
äq7ájjut, i don't know if we get that to you there we go, early early accident at poplar cleared. traffic very heavy over the altamont pass, about 30 minutes to get into the dublin pleasanton area and san jose accident 101 northbound still clogging traffic there >> we always make time for you sue. that does it for this edition of abc7 morning news. >> have a great day!
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