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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  June 22, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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stay with us for "good morning america." have a great friday. stay cool. and have a fabulous weekend, everth good too friday morning. who needs music we'll wake you up with the news. >> with a hello. >> thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. developing news in oakland a body has been found near highway 13. katie marzullo joins us live from the scene with more on that. >> reporter: we are here at highway 13 the fire department just left they were on scene
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hosing down the area. they've left now this intersection is open, all roads are open. if you drove by you would never know anything happened. but they are investigating a homicide. police this morning got the call, people driving on to the on-ramp saw the body off into the bushes. they stopped, tried cpr, police arrived, there was nothing anyone could do for this person and she was pronounced dead. we know the victim is a woman. police won't say anything about her age also won't say how she died and whether or not she died here or killed somewhere else and then dumped here. we are just in the very preliminary first few hours of this investigation. we'll check in and see if they've learned anything else. katie marzullo, abc7 news. this morning we are learning more about what suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi tried to do to control the fallout from the domestic violence incident involving his wife.
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text messages between mirkarimi, his wife and campaign aide show attempt on damage control. january 4th his campaign manager texted mirkarimi, can you call me it is urgent regarding elian i need to talk to you to pro -- eliana, i need to talk to you to protect you. his wife, you have to stop this, use your power. mirkarimi responds, i cannot. this in context of a fight that lead to charges against him. the ethics commission is trying to decide whether to recommend that mirkarimi be removed from office. today the bay area's high profile electric carmaker tesla will deliver first mass market sedan. governor brown will attend the celebration all crossing fingers this will be something to celebrate after a massive government loan. amy hollyfield is in san jose. >> reporter: a lot is riding
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on this car. here it is inside the showroom in san jose. many are calling this the company's make or break moment. will this car make tesla profitage for the first time? the sedans will be delivered to customers today at the company's factory in fremont the old nummi land that tesla bought it employs 1,000. the five-seat sedan is the company's first and first attempt to connect with the mass market. tesla has lost one billion dollars selling electric sports cars. it received a 465 million dollar government loan and has yet to turn a profit. these model s cars are going to cost between $90 five,000 and $105,000. -- 265 miles per charge. 10,000 people have made a $5,000 deposit to preserve
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one. the company lance to deliver 53 this year, 25,000 next year. -- some are questioning whether the demand will be there the ceo has told shareholders he's positive the company will meet its goals. tesla is planning on an electric suv in 2014 this is an important day. many will be watching to see if this sedan will be a success. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. in san jose today attorneys will be meeting with a judge after explosive courthouse confrontation yesterday in a priest beating case. will lynn accused of beating jerilyner in the former priest who he says -- who he says molested him as an a child. a woman said she was molested for years by the former priest. witnesses described what happen. >> it happened really fast. i have it -- i have a right,
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you need to look at me then÷f0 the bailiff stopped her and she started crying. >> it could have got physical, what do you expect this guy did evil things to a lot of people and nobody has done nothing about it. >> judge halted the case after lindner took the stand dismissing jurors monday. speculation lindner may have perjured himself attorneys want to plea bargain or have the case dismissed. the couple accused of killing their daughter's pimp will be back in court today. bail was set at two million dollars each. prosecutors say the couple confronted calvin sneed twice about pimping out their service event tear old daughter. they allegedly -- this morning the jury in the jerry sandusky child sex abuse case will continue deliberations amid new details the former penn state coach's
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son may have been molested. matt sandusky one of jerry sandusky's six adopted children. questioned the son's lawyer issued a statement saying matt was prepared to testify that the coach molested him as a child but it is unlikely the jurors will hear the 33-year-old's testimony. "good morning america" will have more on the court developments starting at 7 a.m. after our newscast. this morning, one of the men a{.yq" of kidnapping 26 school children and a school bus driver 35 years ago is free. i-team reporter dan noyes broke the news that 89-year-old rick schoenfeld was released from prison this week one of three convicted for hijacking a chowchilla school bus in 1976 and holding the kids and the bus driver for ran some. they hid the bus in a livermore quarry until the children and driver managed to
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escape before that ransom demand was made. i-team spoke with his brother. >> it was horrible crime and it affected the kids, families and community it was not a good thing. >> some of the kidnapped children now adults, say the release was a shock to them. alameda coroner's office, county coroner's office has identified the woman killed in yesterday's early morning fire in berkeley as 26-year-old meredith joyce. fires pulled her from the third floor attic area of a victorian. we first reported the story on the morning news yesterday two other people were injured and taken to the hospital. investigators say eight were in the home when the fire started. five were residents, three visitors. parents protesters taking part in a sit-in at lake view elementary in oakland planning a march this weekend. news conference scheduled for
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9:00 this morning. the parents have been camping out at the school since last friday protesting the plans to close the campus because of budget cuts. police have given them several mornings to leave. tomorrow's march is scheduled to begin at frank ogawa plaza protesters will then walk to the elementary school. all anyone could talk about in the afternoon was how cold it was. >> san francisco summer. >> good morning mike. >> some areas up to 30° cooler than average compared to the day before. good morning. here's a look at live doppler. you can see showers already developing to our north some showing up in lake and mendocino counties now due to this low from alaska bringing moisture and reinforcing the cooler than average weather we'll have today, tomorrow and sunday. a little drizzle possible through the morning hours. upper 40s to mid 50s through
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7:00. now we head towards noon, a few breaks in the cloud cover, i expect flight arrive delays into sfo, oakland and san jose will be fine. showers starting to break out in the north bay by noon. 59 santa rosa, mid sixties -- mid 60s east bay valleys. 4:00 better chance of scattered showers across the north bay low to mid 60s same around the bay shore mid to upper 50s along the coast into san francisco. 7:00 better chance of drizzle everywhere temperatures mainly in the 50s to mid 60s. best chance of shower up in the north bay. once cold front moves through tonight cooler than average weather saturday, sunday monday, near 70 around the bay, near 60 at the coast. good morning. hoping for friday light so far that is the case people getting up later, bay bridge toll as you can see is moving well, no delays and upper deck
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sailing into san francisco this is a live look at 680 headlights headed northbound, taillights towards highway 24 very little traffic in that area. roadwork westbound dumbarton road until 5:00 this morning, couple lanes blocked westbound for the dumbarton bridge. develops this weekend could have traffic impact first the pride parade 10:30 beginning market and beil downtown san francisco, golden gate ferry will be running additional ferry starting 8:45 sunday morning. nascar highway 37, that could have major traffic. alameda county fair. all that and more coming up. 4:40. next, the discovery that is giving health officials a clue in the spread of west nile in the bay area.
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this morning we've learned the identity of a man hit and killed by a car in mountain view. he was standing near a vta bus shelter when he was run over driver of late model audi was injured and hospitalized. it took out one end of the bus shelter. police are still trying to determine why this accident happened. san mateo county has first confirmed case of west nile in a dead bird. officials say the bird was found in woodside june 11th. the virus has been found in 16 counties across california including contra costa now
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san mateo the virus is spread by infected mosquitoes, humans can get it. officials ask you to report dead birds and squirrels by phone or on their website. go to duck and goose liver lovers enjoy a final foie gras bash last night before the delicacy is banned in california. animal rights activists chanted as people made their way to sold-out freeway party near union square. starting july 1st, it is going to be illegal in california. series of i-team reports in 2003 exposed how ducks are force-fed to fatten their lives lead together statewide ban. >> i think that this ban has completely backfired. i think there is more demand for freeway than ever. i think when -- for foie gras than ever. i think when people's rights to do or have something is
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taken away they want it more. >> online retailers people are stocking up, paying $150 a upon for frozen foie gras. man mall rights activists -- a judge is ordering a bay area woman to stay away from a nordstrom department store. >> the advice john boehner is giving to republicans as the supreme court is prepared to issue a critical ruling on president obama's health care reform law. nervousness after major credit rating firm downgrades ratings of a dozen banks. sell -- cell phone video of teens abusing an elderly bus monitor. wait until you hear how much people are pitching in to give her a
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north bay showers 50s along the coast, mid to upper 60s around the bay upper 60s to low 70s inland. around the country hot in the east out of 100s low to mid 90s boston, new york, washington, atlanta. seattle and portland mid 60s. right now newark has flight departure delays. any severe will be western north dakota, south dakota and nebraska. at home i'm expecting flight arrival delays into sfo. when they let us know we'll let you know. 4:48. house speaker boehner is telling republicans not to gloat if the supreme court rules that the health care law passed by congress is unconstitutional. boehner and all republicans in congress voted against the legislation when it was passed in 2010. high court is expected to rule next week on the health care
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measure which the gop has terped obamacare. one of the major changes is it extended health insurance to millions who don't have coverage. congressional republicans plan to try to repeal any parts of it left standing after the court rule. wall street investors will be watching closely this morning after moody's lowered ratings on more than a dozen of the world's biggest banks. >> reporter: the affected mega banks include the country's top five: bank of america, citigroup, goldman sachs, jpmorgan chase and more dan stanley. moody's believe -- the downgrade means it will cost the banks more to borrow and do business something that will directly affect american consumers. >> not good news for banks it puts them in a weaker position if the economy were to
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continue to slow down more difficult and mover expensive for consumers to get loans on everything from cars to mortgages to small businesses. >> reporter: the downgrade adds to unease plaguing global markets and raises questions about the bank's ability to withstand the debt crisis in europe. analysts says this is not a re of 2008 and these banks are not on the verge of going out of business. they've known about the downgrade for months and had time to prepare. the news followed big losses in market in the u.s. dow fell 2% yesterday, this morning asian markets saw a steep decline this downgrade comes on the heels of bernanke's sharply reduced forecast for growth that prompted him to promise action by the fed if the u.s. economy slows any further. >> we are prepared to take further steps, if necessary to promote sustainable growth and recovery in the labor market. happening now, thousands of protesters are filling up
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tahrir square in egypt. they are demonstrating against egypt's ruling extreme council saying the country is taking too long to transition to democracy. they are upset the court dissolved parliament and alleging fraud in the recent presidential election. as a member of the giants jeff kent was known as a fierce competitor, his next project will take him to the philippines where he will carry a torch and search for i am moon y. kent one of the best second basemen to play is lined up to be one of the contestants on "survivor." the only way this could get is if they invited barry bonds to join the cast. there's no island big enough for both of them. [ laughing ] >> larry ellison is trying to buy that island he's looking high and low. what is going on mike?
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almost as chilly as their relationship. >> i hope larry doesn't become a contestant. still cool. >> absolutely. 4:52. here's the cloud could have hanging around this morning cloud cover that i believe could bring a few isolated showers especially up to the north bay as we head into the better parts of the afternoon hours. let's take a look at live doppler, the best chance of rain now dancing around lake and mendocino counties moving towards us. watch out in the north bay you may get rare june rain. when you step out 49 redwood city, 47 santa rosa, the rest of us low to mid 50s around the monterey bay 54 if you are not you are left out sorry salinas, you are 55.
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cool again today showers possible north bay cloudy tonight pockets of drizzle afternoon sun cool highs through the weekend. temperature change, warmer in some areas cooler than it should be, five degrees warmer in fremont san jose, four concord and oakland. santa rosa with threat of showers cooler this afternoon. mid to upper 50s along the coast, 61 in san francisco, mid to upper 60s throughout the bay shore into the north bay. upper 60s to low 70's east bay. monterey bay breezy, more sun, 63 monterey, 68 watsonville, 67 salinas, low to mid 70s around the bay and inland. if you are traveling the state showers up to the north 88 fresno, 103 palm springs, 66 tahoe. giants crossing over after the a's swept the dodgers for them, cool, 55 coliseum to 55° by
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the time the game ends. clouds a few pockets of drizzle cold front moves through low to mid 50s cold front moving into the northern sections of california right now going to slide to the south bringing cooler weather with it and chance of showers best chance of showers north bay from noon until 8:00. best chance of showers south of that will be during the evening hours then we'll wake up tomorrow with clouds increasing sun cooler than average through monday good morning. friday light so far so good this is 280 san jose towards cupertino just a few cars going through your screen highway 17 overpass construction on 17 at the summit that is not affecting your drive if you are headed if from santa cruz up and over too the san jose area bay bridge toll continues to be light no metering lights, no problems upper deck into san francisco.
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roadwork both directions the tamalpais drive off-ramp northbound and southbound closed doing roadwork there and retrofiting of the overpass you might find slowing from marin out towards san francisco southbound and northbound westbound dumbarton a few more minutes should have that roadwork picked up. pride parade this weekend. a lot of fun event there will be traffic impact, 10:30 sunday market and beale. nascar, you can expect heavy traffic on highway 37, 101 through marin and 80 through vallejo most of the weekend. a vacation fund for the school bus monitor we first introduced to you yesterday in new york who was viciously bullied by middle school students has green to nearly $400,000. the fund began after this -- this video hit youtube.
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68-year-old karen klein is subjected to verbal and physical abuse. the students taunted the grandmother of eight about her son who committed suicide. she didn't give them the satisfaction of breaking down. she said she didn't get angry she tried to ignore them. but they kept at it. klein does not want the student to face criminal charges that is someone who deserves that vacation. danville woman pleaded no contest to charges of child endangerment and barred from nordstrom. in february she left her baby boy and girl inside her suv while she spent 40 minutes returning purchases. as part of the plea, the judge said she must stay way interest that store and take parenting classes. the babies have been released to the custody of their father. staggering number of adult children are moving back in with their parents. the census says the number of
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adults living with their folks 16 million between 2007 and 2010. increase of more than 1.2 million from previous years. recession 2007 to 2009 longest and deepest since the great depression of the 30s erasing nine million jobs one of the big contribute to fors to that new stat. we continue to -- we continue developments in the east bay where police discover a body overnight. a man left in a coma on a road. search for clues to the cause of a huge pier fire in san francisco. what investigators are saying they've learned. big party in san francisco kicks off san francisco's gay pride weekend with new polls about america's changing attitude towards same-sex 6ñ6p
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