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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 22, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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one of those mornings we'll check in with nike in a moment. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. developing news, discovery of a dead body near highway 13 in oakland that is where katie marzullo is. >> reporter: the scene is cleared within the last half hour or so. we are at the highway 13 on-ramp at joaquin miller road, roads open, on-ramp open not the case a little bit ago between 1:30 and 2:00 this morning you can see homicide detectives and crime scene investigators on the scene passers-by saw the body off into the brush along highway 13 they stopped, they tried to
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help, listen to one of the officers describe what happened next. >> witnesses who called attempted to cpr no luck. medical responded and declared the person dead at the scene. >> reporter: oakland police are investigating this as homicide. they don't know are aren't saying how this woman died or whether or not she was killed here on the on-ramp or if she was killed somewhere else and her body was dumped on highway 13 on-ramp in oakland. katie marzullo, abc7 news. morgan hill man remains in critical condition not clear what happened to him police and his friends are trying to find out. no one knows what happened to josh valdez early saturday morning. he was walking through this intersection at san and butter fill field in morgan hill, police think -- think he was hit by a car was
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flying there, what we think just under an hour, -- between the time of incident of collision and when we located him. horrible. >> ever did this or involved or if anybody saw anything, nobody cared enough for the human life that had been possibly lost or damaged to say anything. >> they are gathering support from wherever they can find it in small businesses in morgan hill, donation jars set up and signs and flyers posted anyone with information is -- fliers posted anyone with information is asked to call police. main remains in intensive care his friend says he was drunk and must have been squared when he drove away yesterday from a chp officer. chp says the officer followed him there was a confrontation, numerous shots fired. >> came to the livingroom
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window watched a squad car race by the front of the house. by the time i ducked my head out, shots fired probably five or six that i heard. it was quick. >> the friend claims he was shot seven times chp officer has been placed on paid leave. the shooting is being investigated. new this morning, hacker group is claiming responsibility for knocking twitter off-line yesterday. the group says they launched a denial of service attack on the company causing the twitter platform to crash. twitter was down more than three hours yesterday. for twitter's part they say it was a bug not hacked. opponents of california's high speed rail will be back in court today arguing the funding process is illegal. kings county and central valley residents say the plan
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violates prop 1a the funding measure approved in 2008. a judge rejected the lawsuit this month calling it premature. now attorneys say the legislature is only days or weeks away from approving funding. this morning a deal met on the state budget after last minute compromises between democratic lawmakers and governor. details on the 92 billion dollar spending plan was announced yesterday avoids new cuts to programs for the poor but makes it tougher for parents on welfare limiting benefits to two years instead of four. budget eliminates the state's healthy families insurance program for children instead of covering them through medical. san francisco port officials say the fire that gutted warehouse at pier 29 caused two million dollars in damage. firefighters know where the blaze started now working on how the cause still under investigation officials say it does not appear suspicious. the blaze destroyed the facade
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and damageed the underlineing pier. it started at a bank of electrical outlets. they don't know if workers played a role. >> we know there were some workers that were doing some work in this area. however, there is electrical supply here too. there could have been a couple different reasons. >> the fire knocked out power to adjacent piers and some businesses. poll shows the president's endorsement of same-sex marriage has done little on the issue americans still evenly split. 42% oppose gay marriage, 40% support it, 15% are neutral. the poll found strong
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supporters of president obama had a more favorable view of same-sex marriage than moderates. thousands are descending on san francisco for this weekend's gay pride celebration in san francisco last night a huge party to kickoff gay pride weekend. the event was held on battery street. 500 of the movers and shakers in in the community were there. this private party is to build momentum for this weekend's festival at civic center plaza. the big parade is sunday down market street. what kind of weather are they going to be having? >> [ unintelligible ] first day of summer cool, about the same and it will hang around through the weekend you dress warmly for a lot of screens especially once the sun starts to lose angle around 6:00, 7:00 in the evening drops off dramatically. rather dry at least here
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that's what doppler is showing, also showing a lot of shower activity to our north we have drizzle through the morning rush hour showers develop in the north bay from noon into the afternoon. a few pockets of drizzle for the rest of us during the evening. from the low to mid 50s 7:00 and hang in the mid to upper 50s along the coast low to mid 60s around the bay, mid to upper 60s as you head inland. showers would be nice would temper some of the pollen for most of us high amounts of tree, grass and ragweed, moderate amounts of mold. all the way through the weekend cooler than average after tomorrow morning we don't have to worry about wet weather. temperatures near 60 at the coast, saturday, sunday, monday, near 70 around the bay highs mid 70s inland. happy friday, lots going on this weekend we'll get into some of the traffic implications. live look at 80 westbound east
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shore freeway under the university overpass everything is moving well. no slowing into the macarthur maze. bay bridge toll no metering lights, incline section smooth sailing through treasure island tunnel into san francisco. checking in with our friends at bart, caltrain, muni, ace, all mass transit getting off to a good start p no delays. areas of roadwork still out there novato both directions and cord madeira roadwork there -- tamalpais dive off-ramp closed for a few more minutes until 5:30. elsewhere, alameda county fair ongoing in pleasanton the next couple of weeks traffic 680 and burnell drive relatively slow as that fair gets underway. a's vs. giants, bay bridge series by the coliseum. 880 in that area will be slow most of the weekend as well.
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5:09. next, major expand with shun san francisco's mosconey is about to undergo. the slump in new homes sales figures may be figuring in the housing market. >> who is the ugliest of them all? new ugly dog champ will be crowned today. ♪ ♪ we were skipping stones ♪ and letting go ♪ over the river and down the road ♪
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. good morning. banks take a hit moody's has cut credit ratings of a dozen major banks, the banks are at risk from the european debt crisis. mortgage rates another record throw, 30 year fixed rate loan averageds 3.66, 15 year mortgage 2.95 lowest since long term mortgages began in the 50s. respected oil analyst says we should see 3 a gallon gas by thanksgiving. national average this morning is less than $3.50. citing low crude oil prices and slumping demand. mayor lee has announced plans for major expansion of mosconey convention center. the plan includes doubling the exhibit space at the center expected to be completed by 2018 the plans still be crafted should be unveiled later this year. expand-is part of a 25 year
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mass tar plan for the center which hosts 50 events each year. americans bought fewer homes in may than april. sales of previously occupied homes dropped 1.5% in may the slump began in april after a two year high. mortgage rates dropped to 3.66% a new record low. exciting news for hand-held gamers, nintendo preparing to introduce upgrade of 3 ds. has a screen that is twice as big. the company that makes super mario games and wii, says the new version will debut in europe next month in u.s. in august the price tag around $200ò if you read books electron lick -- electronically, most e book readers do not take advantage of local libraries and borrow digital books instead of buying. pew research survey shows 12%
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of e-book users downloaded from the library. people don't know that major publishers offer e-books to libraries around 60% couldn't say whether their libraries had them. remember mudville that non-profit that rescues old dogs and finds them new homes? we met them after they caught oprah's eye. now they've caught toyota's attention. today people can go online and vote for mutville to win a car from toyota. competing against other charities. the charity with the most votes guess the car. you cannot only vote for mutville, also happens to be take your dog to workday. >> senior dogs are the best to go to work with, because they are calm and just want to sit at your feet or in your lap all day. >> with your help the muts win a new toyota. toyota is picking five charities a day to compete
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against each other and gave away 100 cars told go online today vote for mutville, link on click see he on tv with another pooch story. tonight petaluma will host the ugliest dog confess for an international audience. the -- contest for an international audience. it has become so popular there's an entry from britain and journalists covering the event have come from china. 30 not so pretty pooches, who are you calling ugly, cute in their own way. >> she wants 'em ugly. >> they face off 4:30 tonight. first prize $1,000, a year supply of dog biscuits, no make hill over. >> you think a more pc title would be not as attractive contest? >> come on, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. some folks finding beauty
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in this cool weather, foggy, cloudy others not soap. >> we also have perfect pet -- not so much. >> with we also have perfect pet at 11 this morning. let's talk about cloudy conditions that awaits you. easier to see than it was yesterday, clouds higher, thicker and more moisture laden more drizzle than maybe yesterday morning. live doppler still showing relatively clear conditions over us but showers lurking to our north and west just a matter of time before those start to move into our neighborhoods. as we head through the next couple of hours watch out for that drizzle and let's take about current conditions mainly in the low to mid 50s. going to be cool again today, second day of summer showers
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possible north bay cloudy tonight pockets of drizzle afternoon sun and cooler than average weekend highs. san francisco 7, oakland 8. 14° cooler -- probably won't see the sunrise should see it set in a few areas. mid to upper 50s along the coast 61 in san francisco, mid to upper 60s bay shore to the north bay low 70s as you head inland. we will not see showers around the monterey bay, more sunshine temperatures in the mid 60s to mid 70s inland. here's the bay bridge series forecast for tonight giants going to thank the a's for sweeping dodgers then try to beat them, 58° dropping to 55, 7:05 first pitch. lows tonight low to mid 50s pockets of drizzle overnight and early hours tomorrow. cold front rolling down from
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alaska, pretty potent, cooler air behind it will come in after the front tonight first a chance of showers then reinforce the cooler weather for the weekend. 7:00 this morning patchy drizzle, noon showers developing north bay another couple of waves during the afternoon and early evening hours then pockets of drizzle possible for the rest of us during the evening and early overnight hours heading out this friday evening make sure you are prepared to get wet, just a little bit. there's temperatures, remain steady through the weekend into monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday they warm back to near normal levels. friday night so far, so good, golden gate bridge beautiful ride as you come out of the waldo tunnel, sky starting to light up high clouds no problems on the road into san francisco from marin, a little back-up very minor if you are paying cash at the bay bridge toll.
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otherwise it is a breeze across the upper deck into san francisco there. one more mention of this roadwork due to pick up 5:30 both directions 101 core madeira and novato, in core madeira, tamalpais drive off ram blocked until they pick up roadwork. highway 4 good drive -- good drive concord out of antioch carquinez bridge maze 80 east shore freeway less than 20 minutes 580 good ride over the altamont pass. heavy traffic this weekend around sonoma and raceway, 37, 80, 101 because of nascar. give yourself extra time. that nascar race is not until this weekend kristen don't try to use that as an excuse should you be pulled over. >> i'll try to remember that. next, miami is partying
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this morning. the nba has a new champion and king gets his crown. big movie opens for pixar. a preview of "brave." hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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good morning. baseball scores. a's swept dodgers beating los angeles 4-1 yesterday. a's get to stay home to take on giants in the bay bridge series this weekend. lincecum starts for the giants against parker. first pitch 7:05. a lot of fans on both sides of the bay. >> that's right. manic named the king has his crown. lebron james and the heat beat the thunder to win the nba championship. last night heat fans celebrated outside the arena after miami closed out the series in five games at home lebron had a triple double for 26 points to go along with 13 assists, 11 rebonds named the mvp. >> -- rebonds named the mvp. it is everything and more i dreamed about in for a long time, including last night,
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including today my dream has become a reality now. it is the best. >> part of that is because lebron lost twice before in the finals during his career including last year with miami, the second nba championship for the heat franchise. the new film "brave" opens today the story of a scottish princess. don sanchez went to scotland to talk to some of the creators about how pixar animators broke new ground with this film. >> they look at a challenge instead of saying that is impossible they say never done that how will we do it. then big brains hack it out. >> if you have a chance to change your fate, would you?
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>> you can catch don's on the isle review tonight at 6:00. pixar and abc7 are part of the walt disney company. oakland police have a mystery. trying to determine how a body ended up on a hillside road. what new text messages are releasing about suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi's attempts to control fallout from the domestic violence case against him. >> big day for automobile lovers. tesla officially begins delivering state-of-the-art all electric sedan. we'll have a live report. good morning. breezy along the coast, mid to upper 50s, 60s around the bay, 60s and 70s inland showers up in the north bay one of the biggest stories of today. heat still on in the east. not as hot as yesterday low to mid 90s stretching back to dallas, denver, salt lake. 110 phoenix mid 60s seattle
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and portland. newark on time, laguardia has departure delays. oakland and san jose fine, san francisco will probably have flight arrival delays due to the clouds this morning.
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i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze thanks for join us. today the billionaire who brought america paypal and spacex is bringing his company's first sedan to the market. tesla delivering first mass
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market model marked by a big celebration with governor brown. amy hollyfield is live at a show room in san jose. >> reporter: good morning. here it is, let me get out of the way so you can see this car. a lot riding on this car today many they've already sold all 5,000 that will be released this year. 10,000 people have put down a deposit for one. there's a lot of excitement around the car also skepticism and a lot of pressure for it to be a success. the car was designed and built in the old nummi plant in fremont where customers will pick up their sedans today. many are calling this tesla's make or break moment. can this sedan turn a profit? the company has lost nearly a billion dollars selling electric sports cars with a 465 million dollar government loan helping keep the company going there are raised eyebrows and looks of concerns. the same federal loan that solyndra took the solar panel
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company that is now shutdown. tesla's stock is up and the ceo says the company will be profitable by next year. however, u.s. demand for electrical cars has been less than expected with gm and nissan selling fewer volts and leaves than hoped. some are calling tesla's targets unreasonable. tesla is willing to bet on this sedan and it is planning for the future. the electric suv is scheduled for release in 2014. keep a lookout on the road you will start seeing these sedans soon then they say the suv's. they are hoping all of us in the mass market will get interested enough to take a risk and try out these electric expensive cars. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. this morning we are learning more about what suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi tried to do to control the fallout from the
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domestic violence incident involving his wife. text messages between mirkarimi his wife and campaign aide show attempt at damage control january 4th, mirkarimi's campaign manager texted mirkarimi: can you call me it is urgent regarding eliana i need to talk to you to protect you, call me. lopez texted her husband: you have to stop this before something happens, use your how we are. mirkarimi responds: i can. a fight lead to charges against him, the ethics commission is trying to decide whether to recommend mirkarimi be removed from office. oakland police investigating homicide after passers-by found a woman's body this morning. we brought you the story at 4:30. police say around 2:00 this morning people driving on the highway 13 on-ramp on joaquin miller road noticed the body
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in the brush. investigators are not disclosing any information about the woman's identity, age or whether they think she was killed or dumped at the scene. the highway is clear and open now. in san jose today attorneys will be meeting with a judge after an explosive courthouse confrontation yesterday in a priest beating case. will lynch is accused of beating jerry lindner the former priest who he says molested him as a child. yesterday the trial was interrupted by shouting in a hall from a woman who says she was molested for years by the former breeze. >> it happened fast. i have -- former priest. >> it happened fast, i have a right, you need to look at me then the bailiff stopped her and she started crying. >> could have got physical what do you expect. this guy did evil things to a lot of people and nobody has doning in about it all these years. >> judge halted the case after lindner took the stand. there's speculation that
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lindner may have perjured himself attorneys want a plea or have the case dismissed. the san francisco couple accused of killing their daughter's pimp back in court today. they will be' rained on murder and other charges. -- be arraigned on murder and other charges. bail set at two million dollars each. prosecutors state couple confronted calvin sneed twice about pimping out their 17-year-old daughter. they allegedly shot at him once and killed him june 4th, near their bayview home. this morning the jury in the jerry sandusky case will continue deliberation as mid startling details. his son may have also been molested. matt sandusky one of jerry sandusky's six adopted children, yesterday the son's attorney issued a statement saying matt was prepared to testify that the coach molested him as a child. unlikely jurors will hear the testimony. he's accused of molesting 10 boys over 15 years.
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"good morning america" will have more. one of the men accused of kidnapping 26 school children and a school bus driver from a central valley town more than 35 years ago is a free man. i-team reporter dan noyes broke the news, that 89-year-old rick schoenfeld was released from prison this week one of three convicted with life sentences for hijacking a chowchilla school bus in 1976. the kidnappers i had the bus in a livermore quarry until the children and driver managed to escape before the ransom demand was made. i-team spoke with schoenfeld's brother. >> it was horrible crime it affected kids, families and community. it was not a good thing. >> some of the kidnapped kids now adults, said the release was a shock to them. the alameda county
5:37 am
coroner's office has identified the woman killed in yesterday's early morning fire in berkeley as 26-year-old meredith ann joyce. firefighters pulled her from the attic area. we first reported the story on the morning news yesterday. two others were injured and taken to the hospital. investigators say eight were in the home when that fire started. parent protesters taking part in a sit-in at lakeview elementary in oakland planning march this weekend they will reveal more details at a news conference scheduled for 9 a.m.. parents have been camping out at the school since last friday protesting plans to close the campus because of budget cuts. police have given them several warnings to leave. tomorrow's march scheduled to begin at frank ogawa in oakland. protesters will then walk to the elementary school. that march, giants, a's, pride parade, -- nascar, tons
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of things all over the bay area. right now things are quiet cloudiness, pockets of drizzle, the rain still up to our north, showers will slide in the north bay later this afternoon. 7:00 this morning, cloudy, still pockets of drizzle, mainly low to mid 50s, a few 40s around santa rosa. noon some of the showers start to push into the north bay, very light, they will keep temperatures in the 50s, the rest of us upper 50s to mid 60s, 4:00 best chance of showers north bay, 50s along the coast, low to mid 60s around the bay mid to upper 60s inland. 7:00 a few showers may start to work into the bay area make sure you have something to keep you dry during the evening hours. temperatures 50s and low 60s by 7:00. breezy today with scattered shower and 66, breezy saturday, drier and slightly warmer 68. sunday the breezes are gone, more sunshine and 70° for the
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big race. saturday, 74 inland the same sunday the same monday upper 60s near 70 around the bay, and near 60 at the coast well below average all the way through the weekend into early next week. time for traffic. sue has a new accident. i do. couple of things, live shot of the golden gate bridge no problems heading out of the waldo tunnel no problems san jose 280 northbound from san jose up to cupertino. we have a "sig alert" just now issued in brentwood closed between marsh and regatta until 6:30 major accident at that intersection the chp issued this alert until 6:30. elsewhere alameda county fair, that will have traffic impacts around burnell and 680. we also have a new problem not
5:40 am
the a's and giants although they may have a problem, traffic around 880 could be an issue. here's the problem, westbound 580 near grantline accident just cleared. you can see residual slow traffic from the central valley up and over the altamont into the dublin pleasanton area. 5:40. coming up next, discovery giving health care leaders a vital clue in the spread of west nile in the bay area. foie gras fans go on a feeding frenzy. what protests doing 10 days before the ban in california on foie gras.
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san mateo county has first confirmed case of west nile in a dead bird. the bird was found in woodside june 11th. the virus has been found in 16 counties across california including contra costa now san mateo. the virus is spread by infected mosquitoes and humans can get it. officials ask you to report dead birds and squirrels go to abc7 news we have linked you to the information on the west nile virus. duck and goose liver
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lovers enjoyed a final foie gras bash last night. it didn't come without protest. animal rights activists chanted as people made their way to a sold out foie gras party near union square. starting july 1st, producing and selling and buying foie gras will be illegal in california. a report exposed how ducks and geese are force fed to fatten livers -- livers leading to a statewide ban. >> i think the ban has backfired there is more demand for foie gras than ever. when people's rights to do something or have something that they enjoy is taken away, they want it that much more. >> online foie gras retailers say people are stocking up paying $150 a upon for frozen foie gras. animal rights active he s say
5:45 am
people mo make and eat the -- activists say people who make and eat the delicacy are cruel. the advice house speaker boehner is giving to republicans as the supreme court prepares to issue a critical ruling on president obama's health care reform law. cell phone video of teenagers verbally abusing a bus monitor sparked outrage. wait until you hear how much people around the nation are pitching in to give her a well deserved vacation. she can afford more than a vacation with this money. >> kind of c c c
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cooler than average mostly cloudy from mid to upper 50s along the coast mid to upper 60s around the bay scattered showers possible across the north bay in afternoon. mainly north of ukiah right now. central valley 72 chico, 73 sacramento, 88 fresno. sierra this weekend looks like temperatures remain in the low to mid 60s more sunshine for sunday, a little breezy today and tomorrow, 70s around yosemite heading to southern california morning clouds give way to afternoon sun low to mid 70s l.a., upper 60s in
5:49 am
san diego. 5:48. house speaker john boehner is telling rank and file republicans not to gloat if the supreme court rules that the health care law passed by congress is unconstitutional. boehner and all republicans in congress voted against the legislation when it was passed in 2010. the high court is expected to rule next week on health care measure which the gop has termed obamacare. one of the major changes in the law is it extended health insurance to millions of americans who don't have coverage. congressional republicans plan to repeal any parts left standing after the court rules. the american medical association believes sugary drinks should cost more. the ama points out, one in every five kids and more than a third of the adults in the u.s. are obese. one reason. another is the hope most costly sweetened drinks will encourage people to look for healthier options. as a member of the giants kent was surely at times his
5:50 am
next project will take him to the philippines where he will carry a torch and search for immunity. he is reportedly lined up to be one of the contestants on "survivor or." the only way this could get -- better is if they invited barry bonds to join the cast. no island big enough for both of them. they patched it up. very interesting. big bay bridge series this weekend. how is the weather going to be? >> cool. avenue afternoon games, tomorrow 4:00, sunday 1:00 so it will be warmer than this afternoon or this evening's 7:00's game. cloud cover, patchy drizzle from emeryville to san francisco, live doppler showing that it is quiet and dry around the bay area right now if you head north live
5:51 am
doppler would show that there are a few showers that are lurking with that cold front and those are going to move into the north bay around noon into the afternoon. upper 40s redwood city santa rosa, mid 50s cloudy around the monterey bay cool for the second day of summer showers possible north bay cloudy tonight pockets of drizzle, afternoon sun, temperatures below average well below during the weekend. today we warm up a little, still well below average five degrees warmer in fremont. santa rosa because of the threat of showers you are going to be cooler than yesterday. mid to upper 60s around the bay mid to upper 50s along the coast. monterey bay no threat of showers. santa cruz and inland low to mid 70s. breezy everywhere today. bay bridge series giants and a's over the coliseum 7:05
5:52 am
first pitch cool 58, dropping to 55. keel keep dropping into the 50s everywhere tonight, -- low to mid 50s cloudy, patchy drizzle overnight. cold front coming from alaska very impressive-looking system with enough moisture to squeeze out less than 1/10 of rain in the north bay once the front passes cooler air and that's why it is going to be low average this weekend. drizzle anywhere through 9:00 then you can see showers moving into the north bay around noon another wave will come through during the afternoon and early evening cold front stars to move into the bay, watch out could be patchy drizzle, maybe even some light showers for your evening plans as we head towards tomorrow morning, 6:00, the last of the drizzle starting to dry as we head into saturday afternoon, breezy, we'll definitely see sunshine breakthrough. here's your seven day, mid 70s inland all the way through monday, upper 60s around the
5:53 am
bay and near 60 at the coast. finally tuesday, wednesday, thursday, more summer like warmth won't be hot, back to average. have a great weekend. good morning. traffic starting to bunch up around the bay area. "sig alert" in brentwood, closed between marsh and regatta until 6:30 chp trying to get that cleared out. westbound 580 near grantline accident cleared, slow traffic beginning to build as you leave the central valley up and over the altamont pass. let's take a look at drive times, right now marin county good heading from novato into central san rafael less than 10 minutes, 680 from 24th through the san ramon valley to 580, 15 minutes or so. altamont pass commute, still running 20 minutes to get into the dublin pleasanton area. live look at the golden gate bridge out of the waldo tunnel traffic moving smoothly no
5:54 am
problems into san francisco. bay bridge commute so far, so good, metering lights remain off. foreclosure victims may be about to get big checks. >> jane kings has this morning's business report. good morning. if you think you are getting best prices on amazon new study on a rang of items shows on average prices on amazon are 20% more expensive than wal-mart stores or websites. things like food amazon is almost 60% more expensive. victims of mishandled foreclosures may be getting big checks. banks including chase, citigroup and bank of america will be paying out as much as $125,000 to customers who got foreclosed on when they weren't official fully default. moody's downgrading credit rating on some of biggest banks.
5:55 am
citing concern over exposure to volatility in the global financial markets. at the new york stock exchange i'm jane king. vacation fund for a school bus monitor in new york who was viciously bullied by middle school students has grown to nearly $400,000 this morning. the fund began after this video of the bullying hit youtube. 68-year-old karen klein subjected to verbal and some physical abuse. the students taunted her about her relatives should kill themselves because she is so fat. turns out her son did commit suicide 10 years ago but she didn't give them the satisfaction of breaking down. >> i didn't get angry. i just tried to ignore them. just look out the window of the bus and say bye guys. they just kept -- >> klein says she does not
5:56 am
want them to face criminal charges she does want them to face some kind of discipline. up to $400,000 now. daring robbery in a manhattan art gallery as a man walks away with a $150,000 painting. he walked into the gallery grabbed the salvador dali painting and made his get away. it is a watercolor and ink work. it was part of the gallery's inaugural exhibition. not much of a description on the suspect now. you can go online and spin the helio stat on top of the golden gate bridge. installed to help celebrate the recent 75th birthday. hard to see with the mist. >> typical. >> they use mirrors to reflect sunlight in which ever direction they are pointed if you would like to aim the solar bee chance, you can schedule a time -- key cons
5:57 am
yourself, you can schedule a time. go to and click on see it on tv. at least try to see it on tv. you can schedule time to personally have that connection with the bridge. >> yes. wild. >> neat. still ahead, hacking group will claim responsibility for yesterday's twitter outage. mystery in oakland. police find a body off a highway. katie marzullo will have the latest. osososososososososos
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