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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 25, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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fan violence. >> plus 30 minutes all it took for a family of 11 to lose their home to this raging fire. their home to this raging fire. 7 news begins
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>> it has been pleasant. very nice. even has been very cordial. >> this is my second time here. i have come with all my dodger gear on. never any problem. >> san francisco police go undercover tonight at the ballpark in new attempt to keep rival fans from getting out of hand. good evening everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. dan has the night off. >> police are wearing dodger blue to blend in with fans to make sure everyone is keeping their cool. allen is live at the ballpark with the story for us. allen? >>reporter: the event staff here says the increasing amount of beer consumed by fans has direct correlation with the
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declining level of behavior especially during a giants don donor game. here's what we saw tonight. this is the left field bleacher section at at&t park where event staff say they have the most problems. especially during the rivalry between the giants and the dodgers. >> i have seen ejection and shoving. yes. bad language that's typical. that's already happening. >>reporter: tonight for the first time san francisco police officers are disguised as dodger fans. possibly feeding information to security guards with wasted no time ejecting this man for flipping off giants fans. >> a out of respect for the sports rivalry we want to make sure that there isn't anyone out there intent on doing harm. >>reporter: this stems from the beating of giants fan stowe by dodger fan at least season opener in los angeles. >> work on the ambulance together. very sad story.
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>> irwin says it's sad hit to come to the sear us brain injury of his friend to make a difference but the incident has changed the behavior. >> i would say there is less heckling. in the back of their mine. don't want to take it to that step hopefully. >> second time here i have come with all my dodger gear on. never had any problems. >>reporter: dominic is an la police officer who works secures at dodger stadium. he says the incident altered the behavior of all of the rival fans who go there. >> i think it changed in general at all ballpark not just at dodger stadium but all of them. i think it brought those type of incidents to the forefront unfortunately. l. >> there were 40 fan ejection and no arrest tonight. one police officer said pretty calm night for dodger giants game. most difficult part for police was probably having to put on that dodger blue this evening.
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reporting live from at&t park, 7 news. >> thanks allen. we follow breaking news cocoa county right now where 2 suspects in custody after an incident near san pablo. sheriff's deputy are revealing little about what happened. we do know they are focusing their attention on a house on michelle drive. detectives tell abc 7 naws they are investigating a crime of serious and sensitive nature. they are interviewing potential female victim right now. stay with 7 news as we continue to follow this story. pittsburgh firefighters think a child playing with matches start add fire that burned down the family house leaving 11 people homeless tonight. child father says he heard the smoke alarm and saw his kids running from the house. he went inside to fine his son bed engulfed if flames. this happened around 2 this afternoon. the fire created a lot of smoke which firefighters say initially hampered their effort. that smoke clearly visible to drivers on nearby highway 4. no one was hurt.
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another twist in the trial of william lynch man accused of beat ago former priest who lynch says abused him as a child. today a judge threw out the priest testimony. lillian is live at the santa clara county courthouse for us. lillian? >>reporter: all of this came about when father lin decided to take the fifth. >> this is a final cowardly act in the life of very coward lyman. >>reporter: defense attorneys lashed out at father lin catholic priest who molested their client william lynch decades ago n.court today the breast refused to answer any more questions on the stand invoking fifth amendment right against self incrimination. >> man who spent his entire life abusing people. hiding behind the church. hidden out once again. man is a resolute coward. >>reporter: father lin is actually the victim in the trail. prosecutors say lynch assaulted him at catholic retirement center in los gatos
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two years ago so lynch supporters say despite the fact that the trial is over the beating they were still hoping the truth about the molestation would emerge. they say father lin percentageered himself when he testified last week that he never molested lynch. smith is a spokesperson for the lynch family. >> disappointing because thes cross examination of the priest was going to be very thorough and expected to the highlight a number of inconsistency and discredibility. >> now the jury must pretend that they never heard his testimony. june struck down all of it since he refused to be cross examine in. even though defense attorneys are disappointed they won't get to question the priest on the stand, today development are rail blow to the prosecution say our analyst. >> prosecution knows it always bears the burden of proof yard. when your victim, principal witness has had his testimony stricken and the jury is told to ignore everything he said as prosecutor you don't go home
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that night very happy. >>reporter: nevertheless defense attorneys will be requesting a mistrial tomorrow morning. court resumes at 8:3 8:30. live in san jose, abc 7 news. thank you lillian. tonight prominent san francisco gay rights activist larry brink is facing child pornography charges. 66-year-old who led the fight to recognize same sex partnership was arrested friday booked into the san francisco county jail. he's now out on bail. brink rae tired from the city human rights commission two years ago. according to the sf weekly police seized computers. video and flopy disk from his home. sf pd launched an investigation after getting a tip from the los angeles police department. bay area police department tonight investigating 2 officer involved shootings. task force agent fired a shot at suspected car who police say tried to ramp them with a car at rutgers and ford street. suspect
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livingston ran from the scene but arrested short time later on charges that now include assault with a deadly weapon. sky 7 hd was over an antioch neighborhood today just after police tried to serve an arrest warrant on man wanted for child abuse and parole violation. one officer opened fire and wounded suspect after police say he pulled a gun. 36 year morales under went surgery and he's expected to survive. antioch police and contra costa county da office are investigating. it is down to the wire tonight for stockton. city has less than an hour to find a which to avoid bankruptcy. central valley town about 85 miles east of san francisco faces projected 26 million dollar deficit. city officials are not optimistic they will reach a deal with creditors by the midnight dead line. if housing market downturn and financial mistake include requiring only one month of
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service for city workers to have retirement for life. >> big mistake has wiped out san francisco mural that took elementary school students two years to make. take a look. this is what is left of the student artwork outside buena vista horseman school. just last month students finished up the colorful mural but during renovation at the school workers accidentally painted over it with yellow primer. now skl school officials trying to figure out if the mural can be saved. best hope may to have them retrace the drawings but still show through the coat of paint. >> supreme court rules on arizona immigration law. tonight arizona anti-illegal immigration sheriff's explains what he plans to do now that some piece of that law struck down. >> you might be paying for your your hotel for mack users. web site is computer profiling. >> she may married to future kick, one thing kate has to do
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like every other commoner. then later on "nightline". >> coming up next on "nightline"we bring you an exclusive look inside a massive sex trafficking sting. run by task force that calls itself it this. what does it take for your video to go viral. employ your video to go viral. employ experts a
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>> ruling over turning illegal immigration law in arizona now open the door for court to striking down similar law in other states. in the opinion released today the high court ruled that allowing police to arrest immigrant without a warrant is unconstitutional. but the court did uphold one of the most controversial parts of the law that police can demand paragraph of citizenship from the people they stop for other reasons. those who enforce the arizona law maintain it doesn't violent people civil rights. some say this will he road the trust in police. >> we have to keep organizing. educate ourselves. we can not trust the police. we can not
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trust any law enforcement agency. so we have to protect ourselves. >> i'm not going to violent any constitutional rights. i have dedicated deputy that know what they are doing. we are the most trained law enforcement agency in the country. >> georgia alabama, youth, indiana and south carolina similar immigration laws that are currently being challenged in lower courts. >> supreme court decision on the president controversial health care reform is expected later this week likely thursday. >> it has been 14 months since kate middleton joined the royal family. today the press was in over drive saying there are a set of rules that involve courtesying. we are in london. >> this doesn't make her a princess so believe it or not case is to courtesy. tabloid
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may buzz about kate standing but the palace today was l mum. >> in terms of higher arcy how did that work? does quen choice. >> in practice royal author student tells me the royal navy only courtesy is to the queen but there are rules which spell out exactly who out rank who. it gets really complicated when add husbands. take kate and camp la. if p.m. is there then camp la shoes courtesy to there he out rains his. steady on both feet then right foot forward and left foot back and you go down very gentlemanly not too far because that's when you lose your balance. >> then one would shape the queen hand. >> yes don't pull her over. >> not as easy as it looks. by the way if she's queen 1 day
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she will need to courtesy to anyone. >> state lawmaker giving fire safety in the lake tahoe basin. 5 years after the devastating angora fryer. that blaze destroyed 240 homes in two thousand 7. state senator sets says wildfire only improved since then. he says 60 of the 90 recommendation made by the blue rib bob pan that he will investigate the fire has been implemented and 30 remaining 10 are still work in progress. saddest of the rest remains unclear. south lake tahoe owe him hones -- homeowner quite the surprise in her garage. look at this. >> that's a bear in the garage. homeowner was stuned to discover the cub trapped there. he was daping licensing from
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the garage door ceiling track looking for a way out. even hear the club calling for help and there who comes to the rest sdmu that was mama bear. she managed to open the garage door with her pa. the person heads out the door to reunite with mom. certainly a dog in the background here. not very happy about the theft. >> new study warns that women over the age of 65 at risk of gaining excess weight if they don't get enough vitamin d. tracking 4600 people for more than 4 years tied discovered with low levels than women without that left. that might not sound like much it adds up over time. sunshine the primary source of vitamin d and dairy product and fat itch fish and the central narcotic stick. >> plenty of sunshine out there in this week ahead. spencer is here now with a look at that
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for us. >> that's right. look at live do haveler hd. we have a few thin clouds l and cumulus cloud around but mainly clear skies at the moment. oakland our mild spot with current readings of 60 degrees. warmer day lice ahead inland to puddle there are settle in right into the weekend. a little system sort of fizzling to the north. it was producing some precip. nation northern california this l weekend so breaking up to follow the time line l forecast animation the systems moves in and over the next 24 to 48 hours we see a very summer like pat he were of low clouds all coming up from the coast. during might team early morning hours. so for tonight look for partly cloudy sky. low pressure generally upper 40's to low 50's around most of the bay area. coolest location
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newspaper the north bay valley with low at 47 to 48 degrees. livermore santa cruz mild it oakland 53 concord san francisco of 2. tomorrow with high pressure to climb up to more seasonal level in the south bay. 75 santa clara and cupertino 78 in los angeles gas -- goes ang. wet wood city almost 75 at loss at on osz on the breezy but cool on the coast. 60 pa tomorrow mav moochb bay 65 tomorrow. sunset to 51 degrees. up in the north bay mild all over the region. up to 77 in sonoma. 78 santa rose. 79 at calistoga. very mild day in the north basement
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east bay high mainly right around or just above 70 degrees. 70 at richmond. oakland. san leandro. hayward at 72 koran land and break the evening any brent 79 these cities and down near monterey bay 64. 74 at santa cruz. busy bay side and calmer milder 80 at gilmore. 7 day forecast. we see high pressure kiming in the mid upper 80's inland on wednesday and thursday. mid upper 70's around the bay and low 60's on the coast hold on to the warmth to the mind see how you do on saturday. remain summer like and warm sunny all the way through the 7 day period. >> rush about that. >> absolutely. >> it's unusual. >> certainly fwhoot had the first week.
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>> thanks. >> coming up next. are you a mack or p
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>> closed captioning brought to
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>>. >> more breaking news tonight this time out of martinez. search is upped way right now for a driver who led police on a chase and then took off after he crashed his black honda into the good year store on alhambra avenue. the car burst into flames. this happened just about half hour ago. investigators say they were trying to pull over a wanted suspect when this chase began. the man is accused of assaulting someone with a baseball bat earlier in the evening. police are now searching for him in a nearby apartment complex. >> traffic web site orbit showing mack users higher price than p c users again. the druvrm to the number on afternoon spend 30 percent more a night than p c users do orbits says max femur are 40 more more likely. if you use
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photo book you have their e-mail address whether you use it or not. it's posting at fate book to user profile and displaying these addresses as the default e-mail addresses. social network says the change is ruling out a few week but many not users not aware of it until deny. exciting game. >> absolutely. >> i won't respond to the facebook address. good luck on that. june should down. first place dodgers. what would barry zip he bring hook tonight. string of zero sports tonight. string of zero sports is next pach
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. >> good evening. if you are a giants fan doesn't get much better than tonight series opener with the done easterlie
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easterlies. bunch of runs early. zito in first place la. of mack all smiles tonight. good to see him at the park. you knew things going the giants way when an jelly hits the bag that is in the first and bounces up and ron scores mid nature for atlanta. 3 nothing deet 0shaking last 3 ounters also school yshinging there to get resistance future i'll. 4-4 in the fourth. base hit. 5 nothing. struck out 4. hal there to end the fourth. 7 score lesz 3 hilingts allowed in the fifth an chez in second hit. second rbi of the night. scoring sandoval. giants win 8 nothing now just 2 games behind the dodger. walk off home run back on the bench night in san
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francisco. 1 run scored in the game. smith a bomb in the second off ramirez. 8 strong instance struck out 10. gave up that shot that took the russian malone in the fourth but he leaves tonight might be eligible. mike struck out 5. just pwrawsing there. please 3 strip water are require an things in this hint 1 nothing in seattle. college baseball. south carolina has become a perennial power house. game talk going for 3 straight tonight tonight but arizona won the opener in the best of 3 children worked so he was in you gut 200 beach ball. quite an effort. ferret ball and he does with floor. bottom 9
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south carolina loads bases for greek and fwrivr. and he opened it up. arizona. capture the first college world series 26 years. am oh, you was crime sprim 400 have it necessarily take the lease in the 5. back in command on the brett stroke cut ago full bank lead on thursday. 1-2 with a 2 spot on t usa in the 400 miami heat. share the title with tups of thousands whose salute the bron and company defeated the sum intersome spots open the wait rain. is. >> some ticker tape looked like snow in. miami. >> exactly. next corn contain for watching. 7 news 9
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