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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 27, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good wednesday morning.
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i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. two hot spots we are watch in the east bay. >> frances in the traffic center with both. >> traffic towards the bay bridge westbound 80 university this is in berkeley there's a motorcycle injury crash looks like most of the activity has been on the shoulder. emergency crews there and other vehicles you notice traffic is slow now for these headlights westbound on 80 as you head out of richmond so far traffic back-up isn't too bad not much of a delay at the bay bridge toll. other hot spot earlier big rig fire the big rig burned to the ground a lot of callers saw it 880 near 980 on the market street off-ramp, street closures on market and 6th in the oakland area. good morning. live doppler 7 hd clear this morning showing what a nice dry start we have temperatures running from 50 in santa rosa, 53 vallejo to 55 in san jose
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and san francisco, 54 san carlos pleasanton 57 annual -- and walnut creek. by the afternoon temperatures where they should be 80s inland valleys up to palo alto, a lot of mid to upper 70s bay shore mid to upper 60s coast into san francisco as you head to the monterey bay 66 monterey, mid to upper 70s santa cruz, watsonville, salinas. 6:02. in a few hours testimony will resume in the trial of a man charged with beating the los gatos priest he blames for molesting him as a child. but, a judge's rule something made defending the man more challenging. amy hollyfield is live in san jose with details. >> reporter: the defendant really wanted this trial to be about the priest and accusations against him that he molested children. with this new ruling this child is going to focus on the
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assault on the priest. the judge decided there was no reason to attack father jerry lindner's credibility on the molestation issue. that this case should be about the assault that happened two years ago. william lynch is accused in the revenge beating of the priest who lynch says, raped him as a child. three other people wanted to testify that they too were sexually abuseed, including the priest's niece the judge said no, that this testimony isn't relevant. >> this has been my whole life with this man, just seems like he's getting away with something. again. >> reporter: prosecutors spent yesterday trying to prove that lindner suffered significant injuries in the attack, a paramedic testified that he injuries to his face but was aware and able to answer questions. lynch, the defendant, took this to trial rather than plea bargaining with the hope that
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a trial would expose lindner and the sexual abuse allegations against him. the catholic church has spent millions settling with people who say they were his victims. he was never prosecuted because the allegations were made after the window of statute of limitations closed this is going to be about whether william lynch assaulted him if lip. is convicted he could face up -- him, if lynch is convicted he could face up to four years in prison. this morning orinda police investigating that city's first homicide in 10 years. the call from a neighbor shortly before 12:30 yesterday afternoon to report a murder. when police arrived they found a 51-year-old woman dead on the kitchen floor investigators state housemate confessed. the result of a domestic dispute. stockton can officially file for bankruptcy as early as today becoming the largest
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city in the nation to do so the council voted 6-1 last night to declare chapter 9 bankruptcy. the meeting was held in stockton's old city council because the new city hall and three garages have been repo saysed. the manager says more -- repossessed. the manager says more cuts will have to be made. >> what happened is this liability has grown and green and grown. we set aside -- we seed aside nothing. >> you guys created this problem from 2002 to now it got bad. did you guys ever assume that you had to look into this? did you not know that it wasn't funded? if you didn't know, shame on you. there will be cuts in pay for city workers also the promise of lifetime medical benefits for retirees will be taken away next year. in a few hours from now the state senate is scheduled to vote on a tuition freeze
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plan for uc and csu systems as part of new budget. thepuv plan gives 125 million dollars each to the university of california and cal-state university systems if they freeze tuition costs. it hinges on voters approving the governor's november tax bill which includes increasing the state sales tax and a tax on the wealthy. if the tax initiative fails the two systems would lose the money and see deficits increase by 250 million dollars. that would likely lead to more tuition increases next spring. san jose state officials say there is no evidence to support a hacker's claim he was able to steal personal data from a non-profit server. officials say there was an intrusion, on the associated students of sjsu's server. the university is continuing to look into the breach but say much of the data a hacker claimed to steal is not typically collected by the
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associated students. monday a hacker announced on twitter he infiltrated the server and gained access to social security numbers, driver's license numbers and e-mail addresses. parents protesting the closure of lakeview elementary in oakland are planning their own meeting this afternoon. parents and supporters have been staging protests by camping outside the school more than a week they held their version of a summer school program part of their effort to voice opposition to the district's plan to close five elementary schools, including lakeview. starting next monday, ac transit will begin expanding service across the dumbarton bridge adding more runs between the east bay and peninsula. additional runs will be added in the morning and evening. all express buses will be equipped with new wifi technology and real-time departure information will be made . we know the likely cause
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of that messy 19 car pile-up on a southern california freeway. we brought you these images yesterday at 11 a.m.. 19 cars crashed on the 14 freeway during the height of the morning commute. seven team were hurt, none with life-threatening injuries. investigators believe the crash started when a big rig came around a corner and couldn't stop in time. >> awful feeling if you saw that in your rear view mirror. 6:08. weather looks better tan that. here's mike. -- welcome to hump day. look at how dry it is on live doppler this morning. winds not an issue the fastest fairfield 10 miles per hour just a breath in concord out of the south at five, east five hayward sfo west six, calm everywhere else that's why if we see clouds at the coast they are not going to go anywhere they won't last long
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low to mid 50s everywhere as we get to noon maybe warm inland sitting outside especially in the sun with upper 70s there, low 70s around the bay, near 60 at the coast mid 60s at 4:00, 75 around the bay low 80s inland if your kids have been starting camps or outside a lot make sure they get plenty of fluid. 7:00, 74 inland around the bay 67 coast 59°. you have to worry about asthma, high amounts of tree pollen possibly ragweed very high and grass. next three days, close to today, we may dip down a couple of degrees friday and saturday temperatures close to average with morning clouds giving way to afternoon sun. here's frances with a new accident. injuries reported on this one as well, also in the east bay westbound 4 at bailey an injury crash on the shoulder might have been caused by debris reported in the lanes.
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traffic slow there also heavy out of antioch. of course, we've been talking this big rig fire in oakland northbound 880 on the market street off-ramp, blocking the third lane of the off-ramp, look out for that, we did see smoke visible when it happened from about a mile or two away, traffic still fine on 880 and 980 right now. i want to take you back to berkeley westbound 80 university we had this motorcycle crash reported, turns out no injuries, it is on the shoulder, traffic still slow as you approach the scene. not too bad of a back-up, without injuries, hopefully cleared soon, no lanes blocked. here is the bay bridge toll plaza, still light, minor back up for some of the cash-paying lanes. sun still in the way there, golden gate bridge, beautiful ride across the span. 6:10 now. new this morning, next, the american tech giant that was attacked overseas overnight. her work spanned from
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paperbacks to the big screen. a look back at the life of novelist, director, screenwriter nora he have
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microsoft office in greece secure after several machine launched a sudden attack a few
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hours ago greek officials say the men drove a van through the front doors and set off an incendiary device you can see the result, nobody was hurt not clear who is responsible. several small anarchists and terrorist groups have attacked greek targets in the past. nora ephron writer turned oscar nominated screenwriter and director has died after a battle with leukemia the 71-year-old is survived by her husband and two sons. the hollywood icon was best known for hugely successful romantic comedies, including "when harry met sally." >> this is not about you. >> yes it is you are a human an front to all women and i am a woman. >> other film credits include you've got mail, her parents were playwright and screenwriter she was once married to carl bernstein of watergate fame. new york state mother
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accused of running a prostitution ring is out on bail this morning. she walked out of a manhattan courthouse last night into a crowd of photographers and reporters. she spent the last four months in jail as her lawyers fought to lower her bail from two million dollars to $250,000. prosecutors accused her of running an upscale prostitution ring for more than 15 years making millions in the process. she claims she was only running a matchmaking service. how high is this warm-up going to get? can we hit 90s? >> i think possibly today and tomorrow that will be the extreme that's about as warm as it is going to get, temperatures back to average good morning. beautiful pictures northbound from sutro tower this morning. not a cloud in the sky, live doppler 7 hd looking for any adversity in your weather, right now it is showing just how clear and quiet it is outside. let's talk about temperatures.
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upper 40s around half moon bay and napa, low to mid 50s everywhere else except mountain view 57, antioch 59. by the afternoon hours, sunshine and seasonal temperatures cloudy at the coast tonight clear around the bay and inland and slightly cooler high temperatures during the weekend. as far as today, compared to average, within two degrees just about everywhere doesn't get more normal than this around the bay area. livermore two degrees warmer 86, napa, two degrees warmer, oakland and san francisco where we should be. sunrise 5:50 all of us could see it, it is beautiful now sunset 8:36, send those pictures in. 79 milpitas low to me 80s most
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of the south bay, 84 in saratoga, 80 redwood city and palo alto mainly low to upper 70s peninsula, low to mid 60s coast today sunset 63, downtown 68 in san francisco, 72 sausalito, 80 san rafael. with sunshine 20° cooler at your beaches. berkeley 71, hercules 80 the range on the east bay shore mid to upper 70s elsewhere. mid to upper 80s east bay valleys. antioch, brentwood, discovery bay, oakley may get close. mid to upper 70s. -- get the brooms out and sunscreen going for a sweep trying to match what the a's did giants are and will be in first place or tied with dodgers if we win today.
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68° warm sunshine up to 70 by the end of the game. a few upper 40s possible in deepest valleys. not much of a change tomorrow, the sea breeze does return friday that's why you see more clouds there. temperatures drop a couple degrees friday into sunday nothing too extreme. it could get hot monday, tuesday first sign of real 90s tuesday of next week have a great day. frances has a new car fire. yeah this one westbound 24 causing delays and with the waze traffic app, we can show you how slow it is and what it look like in the area. traffic spotter sent in a picture so you see the smoke there on westbound 24, as you approach that car fire that's why traffic is slow. as we go back to the maps moving at 31 miles an hour, oh, see that just updated 13 miles an hour now heavy through
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lafayette, it has been reported in the last few minutes by several traffic spotters in the area keep that in mind. we've had quite a few car fires reported this morning. i think three or four. also new one just reported southbound 280 at hickey another car fire supposed to be on the shoulder. westbound 80 berkeley at university traffic slow apparently there was a motorcycle crash they thought i was an injury, turns out to be noninjury on the shoulder there are two accidents at the scene may have been caused by debris in the lanes, westbound 80 traffic from the golden gate feels towards university not a huge back-up at this -- fields towards university not a huge back-up at this point. metering lights on, no wait at the toll slow from the tolls to the metering lights. westbound 4 bailey injury crash there traffic heavy out of antioch, also following this big rig fire in oakland north 88 omar street off-ramp. -- 880 market street
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off-ramp. mat -- matt cain's new honor. clothing drive without the clothing in san francisco today.
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. >> good morning. san francisco honored its king of the hill at at&t park. mayor lee presented matt cain with the key to the city in
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tribute to his recent game. [ inaudible ] the 22nd perfect game in major league history. june 13th matt cain day from now on. expect to see several shirtless men around san francisco this morning. male models dressed only in boxers dress shoes, socks and ties will be standing on street corners around the financial district this is video from 2010. they will be encouraging the public to donate suits to the men's ware house in turn minutes warehouse will turnover suits who can't afford to buy them. frances wants me to slow down the read, i will do that. this is the fifth year for the annual suit drive. still ahead, growing wildfires in the mountain west turn deadly. victim just found by firefighters triple digit
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temperatures and high winds keep containment out of reach. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco, what exactly is the big announcement gonna be from google? is it a new pad, maybe the g-pad go up against ipad or glasses that the same as a sport phone that you can wear? we don't know but we are -- smartphone that you can wear? we didn't know but we are having a blast speculating. 60s at the coast, 80s inland. if you are traveling around the country steamy hot in the central sections nice seattle and portland mid to upper 70s there. 1 -- flight arrival delays into newark all other airports across the lower 48
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wednesday what a way to start it with this live picture of sunny blue skies, very clear over san francisco the financial district the view from our rooftop, just gorgeous nice way to start your day gives you a reason to roll out of bed this morning. >> iler rick thomas. and i'm kristen sze -- it is great. looking great already
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doppler showing lack of clouds and rain even at the coast a few clouds starting to develop will have a short shelf life shorter than yesterday many 51 santa rosa to 59 in walnut creek it is a cool morning if you are taking the jacket you won't need it this afternoon, mid to upper 60s along the coast san francisco mid to upper 70s richmond, oakland, fremont, san mateo else in 80s if you are heading to the monterey bay great time to be at the beach there 78 santa cruz, 66 monterey, 88 in gilroy. here's frances. westbound 24 slow car fire on the shoulder traffic has been heavy for a lot of the spotters, slow as you head from 680 towards the scene improving at 29 miles per hour right at the scene. also, westbound 80 as you approach university, two accidents on the shoulder, traffic is heavy from the golden gate fields and at the bay bridge toll, metering
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lights are on, there's just a minor back-up for the fastrak lanes. 6:32. tech world's attention turns to google today as the company gets ready to unveil what could be several ground breaking new products. terry mcsweeney joins us live in san francisco with the preview. >> reporter: google developers conference keynote address in three hours we'll know what the big announcement or announcements is or are until then nothing but speculation you know you are at a google conference when you see from google maps that tells you, you are where you want to be that's what google is hoping this conference is paul about today where a lot of people want to be. look at people beginning to line-up for this conference. i've covered apple coverages down here many times, huge difference between this and the apple announcements. one of the people in line says apple conferences were for everyone, more consumer
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oriented. this conference he said was nor nerds and geeks. i asked him to compare the ipad and the rumored google tablet, g-pad as some are calling it. >> it is tough to say, android tablets had a tough time getting traction with the exception of amazon. i think it is going to be the price point $200 puts this in the hands of a lot of families who can't afford $500 for an ipad. >> reporter: another possible topic, augmented reality glasses showing off on the gavin newsom show on current-tv by google co-founder like a smartphone in front of your eyes like eyeglasses you can make calls, near a microphone on there check weather, look at your calendar, that may be if in fact that's going to be coming out soon, it is going to be coming out next year the tablet will be available immediately the gentleman i spoke to first in line flew
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out from philadelphia to be first in line. he remembers kristen sze, he says she was an anchor of note right there with the anchor who used to anchor the newscast without pants on that's the comparison he was we'll know all about google in three hours. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> quite a distinction, thank you terry. >> welcome to san francisco, glad to have you here. livermore teenager is recovering this morning after being bitten by a shark while vacationing in hawaii. shark warnings are being posted where paramedics treated the 16-year-old girl for a three to five inch bite wound on her left calf. the attack happened while she was sitting in two feet of was sitting in two feet of another teen says she saw a shark off the beach the night before. >> i turned around and i saw just the fin and then my mom yelled shark and i ed up the
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beach. like -- and sprinted up the beach, like fast. >> hawaii officials think it was a reef shark that attacked they are usually five to six feet long and staying in the same shallow waters. search for a missing dodgers baseball fan who may have fallen into the san francisco bay has been called off. the search has switched to recovery. search for helicopters, police and fire boats came up empty-handed yesterday. the 27-year-old had just left the giants game monday night when he vanished. a friend was in the car the man stepped out of car and walked towards pier 30 when he looked up his friend was gone. 6:30 . lawyer for the wife of suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi says her client is ready to fly from venezuela to testify in person at his miss -- misconduct hearing if the city will pay for her ticket. the commission resumes hearing
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tomorrow evening. mirkarimi is fighting to keep his job after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor domestic violence charge involving an incident with his wife. dan know yes, sir -- dan noyes traveled to venezuela for an interview. the chronicle reports lopez's attorney says if city officials want her to testify, it is only fair they pay to bring her here. round trip ticket from venezuela could cost up to $1500, maybe more. arson investigators looking into what caused three fires an within 30 minutes of and you another yesterday. this is video movements after firefighters arrived. it was 12:30 a.m., already they were fighting the third fire in a half hour, 75 of the department's 200 firefighters answered the calls, one of the fires starred in a recycling bin and spread. another minutes later a few
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yards away, neighbors are worried. >> i heard a big explosion or gunshot. >> area is not safe any more looks like to me. and it is disturbing. 22 people, including eight children have been displaced because of the fires. they are getting help from the red cross. one woman is dead and authorities have issued thousands of new evacuation orders in response to the out of control wildfires burning in and around colorado. katie marzullo is live in our breaking news center with the latest. not just colorado, lots of western states. >> reporter: yes, several stays and several fires, evacuation orders are being issued in bulk as fires are nowhere near contained. waldo fire in colorado has jumped containment lines and moved into the colorado springs city limits. no estimate has to how many homes have been destroyed. we know the air force academy grounds have been partially closed, 700 cadets and
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personnel were told to leave, 32,000 have left their homes, 900 in the colorado springs area. >> i -- i'm really scared i've lived there all my life, it is scary to see something -- >> i'm petrified now yesterday was more confidence the way the winds were blowing now it is right there >> reporter: no reports of injuries in colorado springs. in northern colorado the high park fire has does stkroeud -- has destroyed 250 homes and killed within woman. the fire started june 23rd, west of the city covers more than 10 square miles there are 29 large fires burning. in those areas they continue to have triple digit temperatures we are climbing back up still talking nothing too uncomfortable. >> high 80s mike? >> i think so. some areas may reach 90, brentwood, oakley possibly
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discovery bay and antioch. close mid to upper 80s in the next couple of days. good morning. live dopplerkzyx showing what an easy commute it is going to be weather-wise frances may have another story as far as traffic outside. here's a look at our jet stream, farther north high pressure starting to push the track a little farther north that's why the warming trend that started yesterday continues today getting temperatures back to where they should be. 40s and 50s a few clouds along the coast 8:00, 9:00, gone. sunshine at the coast near 60 lunch hour, low to mid 60s san francisco, oakland san rafael everybody else in the 70s. 4:00hoço mid 80s fairfield, antioch, low 80s napa, santa rosa, morgan hill everybody else in the 70s except half moon bay and san francisco mid to upper 60s near 60 a few clouds by 7:00.
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what may be uncomfortable is the grass very high amounts of that pollen in the air. we'll do it again tomorrow, slightly cooler friday and saturday no real big swings in temperature the next three to four days. traffic is jammed now approaching this earlier car fire westbound 24, back-up has extended southbound 680 in walnut creek, slow here from north main all wait to the connection ramp westbound 24. once you are on westbound 24, waze traffic app shows heavy traffic, 18, 13 miles per hour through lafayette where er car fire blocked a couple lanes. -- i'm wondering if a lane is blocked again. quite a few accidents even 30 reports westbound 80 university in berkeley, a third new one reporting, drive
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time on east shore freeway is 30 minutes now carquinez to the maze, bay bridge toll, not much of a delay metering lights on. 6:41. trading underway on wall street. investors wait for a new report on the housing market. live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. the dow up 36 points. new show of support for "good morning america's"
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>> closed captioning brought to
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you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. check out these warm temperatures a lot of 80s until you get around the bay shore 70s, 60s along the coast in san francisco also lack of clouds today it is quiet everywhere on live doppler 7 hd. if you are traveling 60 eureka, no threat of rain low to mid 70s big sur, san diego, tahoe to 81 today in l.a., upper 80s to mid 90s through the central valley and the warm spot palm springs at 109. we've got developing news now live picture from port newark, in new jersey. you see a massive response there by police, coast guard, what is happening there is the
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federal authorities are getting ready to board that ship after crewmembers heard knocking in a container on that ship. the coast guard says the container came from india, had been through pakistan and egypt. they believe there's stowaways inside. the manifest shows machine parts are supposed to be inside. ice an agents at the scene. they are telling us officials believe as many as 25 people may be inside the container of stowaways. they will continue to watch that getting ready to board now. let's check in with amy for a look what the is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. good morning. latest on that race against time to contain the fast moving wildfires out west we are live on the frontlines. plus, heartwarming exclusive with that bullied bus monitor. her emotional meeting with the man who started a fund to send her on vacation, next on gma. that comes up in about 14
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minutes after hour newscast. abc news gave robin roberts a strong show of support in new york. hundreds of employees registered to become bone marrow donors prompted by her revelation she will have to undergo a bone marrow transplant. the doctor reports on how simple it is to sign up. >> here at the abc news headquarters new york city people are signing up to save a life the first company-wide bone marrow drive encouraging employees to become a donor inspired by robin roberts. >> i believe the response i'm touched that people want to help. >> reporter: on june 11th, robin surprised the nation announcing she has a blood disorder that was caused by treatment for her breast cancer -- [ inaudible ] >> i've always been a fighter, you, your love, support,
6:48 am
prayers helped me -- >> she now needs a bone marrow transplant her doctors say will help cure her condition. her sister is a perfect match for her that only happens 30% of the time. most people rely on the kindness of strangers. >> i want to see that everyone who is in need of a bone marrow transplant that they receive the perfect match like i'm receiving from my sister. >> reporter: since her announcement, over 11,000 people have registered to become donors. >> i wanted to donate, i would love to help somebody out. >> we want to help thousands of families across the country looking for that lifesaving marrow >> reporter: one reason people tell me they are not registered to be a donor is because they think it is going be painful to register or donate. that is not true. to register is just a simple swab collecting cells from the inside of your cheek. if you are a match for someone, the donation process nowadays
6:49 am
is similar to a blood transfusion. >> they see us here at abc, communities across the country with a simple swab test knowing it can save lives. >> reporter: save lives and inspire others to do the same. abc news, narcotic -- abc news, new york. is easy. we wanted to talk about free hiv testing at walgreens today. >> jane king is live at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning. a little strength, government report showing demand for big ticket goods like commercial aircraft gained in may. orders way below their peak in 2007. we did get a report on pending home sales at the top of the hour. here's the markets dow, s&p and nasdaq slightly in the green.
6:50 am
bloomberg silicon valley index trading higher. wall tkpwraopbs offering free hiv testing -- walgreens offering free hiv testing for three days starting today from 3 to 7 p.m. part of a program by the cdc the plan to expand the rapid mouth swab test across the nation. cdc says more than a million americans are infected with hiv, 20% don't know it. in the age of games like farmville, zynga, time to remember our video game roots. remember pong? today marks the 40th anniversary of the video. it was the world's first video game smash hit. live at the new york stock exchange i'm jane king. mike is teasing me a little on twitter about my wardrobe color. nice eye. >> i thought for sure you
6:51 am
would have original or black on today the official giants fan this morning. we just need one to represent. >> one to sweep also. >> what do you think? >> i think you need brooms and sunscreen. gorgeous day at at&t park light breeze, upper 60s to 70, total sunshine, picture perfect. one finger of fog, like pointing his finger at you saying, you said it could be sunny today, it will be sunny this afternoon you are going to last another hour or two then you're gone then total sunshine. lack of clouds and rain on the radar this morning. we are going to be bright everywhere today even at the coast where 49 at half moon bay now, 49 napa, everybody else in the 50s, heading outside gilroy 47, rest of the monterey bay and inland neighborhoods low to mid 50s. sunshine, seasonal temperatures everywhere today, a few clouds at the coast
6:52 am
tonight clear and the bay and inland slightly cooler weekend highs, very slightly this is about the biggest jump in temperatures over the next couple of days, as we are going to get locked into a real summer pattern. concord six degrees warmer today so is san jose santa rosa five fremont four san francisco one oakland the same as yesterday 73. east bay shore mid to upper 70s. berkeley 71. hercules 80. 79 milpitas. low to mid 80s south bay. 80 palo alto and redwood city everybody else in the 70s. low to mid 60s along the coast today, upper 60s downtown south san francisco, sausalito 72. low to mid 60s at beaches. 66 monterey 12° warmer in santa cruz 10° warmer in gilroy at 88. giants forecast gorgeous 12:45 warm sunshine 68 up to 70.
6:53 am
if you can't make it there today the alameda county fair continues in pleasanton starts at 9:00, 64, warm today not too hot cool breeze 85 at 4:00. tomorrow a lot like today then we shave off maybe two to four degrees by sunday and the warmth will return we could see bona fide 90s tuesday of next week. have a great day. look at you where find that? >> i'm following your advice we are going to bring sweepers and brooms to the giants game. i borrowed this from joey smith our stage manager. i wish we could sweep way this traffic southbound 680 walnut creek heavy all the way to westbound 24. with abc7's waze traffic app, it is still jammed where we had this earlier car fire. it did lanes for sometime, but it has been cleared unfortunately still slow and
6:54 am
it is backed up on to southbound 242 westbound 4 heavy out of antioch, earlier injury crash at bailey for folks heading out of antioch getting to the caldecott tunnel, that's an hour and 20 minutes. northbound 880 oakland market street off-ramp following this big rig fire still blocking one of the lanes of the off-ramp, traffic 880 fine, never blocked any freeway traffic 580 and 980 delay-free. what is slow is westbound 80 in berkeley, right at university, we've had possibly up to three separate accidents they've all been on the shoulder there was debris there the drive time on the east shore freeway still 30 minutes as you head towards the maze. 6:54. >> here are five things to know before you go. number one, google's developer conference begins in a couple of hours in san francisco
6:55 am
speculation the search engine giant will release a new tablet and provide new details about the augmented reality glasses. number two, you are looking at a live picture from new jersey, right now federal authorities are getting set to board a ship after crewmembers heard knocking in a container they suspect 25 stowaways may be in there. a spokesman says the container came from india. machine parts are supposed to be inside. ice agents on the scene. reports say an officials believe the stowaways, 25 may be if inside. number three, ethics commission resumes hearing on misconduct charges involving ross mirkarimi tomorrow evening. the lawyer for his wife eliana lopez says she is willing to fly from venezuela to testify if the city pays the air fare. stockton could officially file for bankruptcy today becoming the largest city in the nation to do so. the city council voted 6-1
6:56 am
last night to declare chapter 9. do you want me to read in? >> i do. >> okay. number five, right now male models dressed only in ties, boxers, socks and dress shoes are standing at two san francisco bart stations and in the financial district. they are encouraging people to donate suits to the minutes warehouse drive turning them over to people in need. >> bring an extra suit don't give them the one are wearing now. it is a shame you and i had to turn that down. [ laughing ] >> yeah. >> all right, good morning. having too much fun this morning, the weather is going to be gorgeous today, very quiet doppler showing lack of clouds and rain, 51 santa rosa, 60 walnut creek. 55 san francisco. let's roll out your day planner cool start with a few clouds along the coast, sunny, 60s at the coast, 80s inland.
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final check, bay bridge toll, it hadn't been too bad this morning, metering lights are on. there isn't much of a back-up westbound 80 is slow getting there as well as westbound 24 because of an earlier car fire. thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news. this is yours, right? >> the giants will use it to sweep up the series. keep track of the latest news on twitter and talk about it
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