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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 28, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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jose state. we are there live. >> fighting for his job. suspended san francisco sheriff mirkarimi testifies tonight mirkarimi testifies tonight before the ethic commission. 7
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he. >> fire in san jose tonight not far from the state campus. >> crew on the scene and so are we. good evening. >> the 2 story victorian caught fire tonight. flames could be seen for miles. it was so intense surrounding streets had to be blocked off. lisa is there live tonight with the very latest on this breaking news. >> this is the closest we cap get to the fire even though it was just contained moments ago. still a lot of hoses on the street. fire itself happened just halfway down the block on the left side of the row. happened just steps from san jose state university. south side of campus near the campus
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police department and event center. it started at 8:30 tonight in a vacant 2 story victorian. by the time fire crew arrived the oh, us was burning on the first and second floor and through the roof. that men it was burning for some time before anyone called for help. there was a lot of smoke as you mention that spread throughout a 4 block radius. one firefighters arrived they had to attack the fire from the outside and from up top. in the mean time 50 people from neighboring apartments and homes were forced to evacuate. >> multiple structure threatened on beth side because of the amount of flame and fire when we first got hear. crew were able to protect the exposure that is very high priority for us and make sure no other injuries and there was no other damage to any other exposure. >> i was just taking the garden hose spraying on the side of the building as i could and then the fair department got here. they came around and said you got he have. >> again the fir department insist no other homes or
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apartments were damaged in the fire. and that the damage is only to the 2 story vacant victorian. the owner of the house was off camera and said she was doing a lot of renovation on the house and had just installed brand new electrical wiring. she planned to start renting it next week. she believes someone broke in and intentionally started this fire. fire officials mean time have called in arson investigators. they say it is way too early to tell what happened since no one that they know of was inside of the house. mean time seventh street between william and san salvador virginia door will be closed the rest of the evening and that's how long it will be before any evacuee can go home. live in san jose tonight, abc 7 news. thanks so much lisa. >> suspended sheriff mishing raem wept before an ethic commission tonight. he testified under oath in an effort to save his career. much lillian kim joins us live
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from city hall with the latest. >> amma testified for more than an hour it was a packed room. mostly filled with his suppor supporters. suspended san francisco sheriff mishing raem headed to the ethic commission as crowd of supporters cheered him on. he's trying to save his job and he says testifying under oath was the moment he had been waiting for. deputy city attorney peter keith began his line of questioning going over the sheriff department standard of conduct. >> every deputy should expect the sheriff to not commit a crime. >> yes. i think that the sheriff is the leader of the department and should lead by example. if that also means that the sheriff can demonstrate redeeming behavior, then the sheriff i think or some of the employees may have that possibility, too. >>reporter: mirkarimi pleaded guilty to false imprisonment as part of plea deal relateed to
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domestic violence dispute with his wife miss row pez. argument took place on new years eve and left her with a pwraws on her right arm. >> i grabbed my wife's arm and bruised it. that is an act of violence, yes. something i will regret terribly. >> falsely imprisoned your wichlt i pled to 2 36 of the penal code. >> i'm not asking what you pled to. i'm asking you what you did. did you restrain your wife's liberty. >> yes. >>reporter: his testimony resumes tomorrow but supporters say they are happy with the way he's conducted himself so far. but domestic violence activist black says it only confirmed her belief that mirkarimi should go. >> by his own admission many that he should lead by example and that would be very hard to do upped his circumstances. >>reporter: the hearing resumes tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. when america ream is finished answering questions mayor lee is then expected to testify. live in san francisco, abc 7
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news. thank you. tonight the family of los angeles donor fan prawmd drowned off at&t park plan to rent kayak and conduct own search tomorrow. on monday after the donor giants game 27-year-old victor was walking with a friend back to the car in parking lot on pier 30 and 32. friend looked down to write a text message when he looked up, he was gochbility he's believed to have fallen in the water. search monday night and tuesday turned up no sign of him. is ichltd we are just sure his body is missing. no evidence that he went over into the bay the reason why we are still searching for him. >>reporter: a prison guard in vacaville can not swim. >> police investigating a fatal s.w.a.t. team shoot daing late today in antioch. we were overhead soon after it happened at about 4 this afternoon in a home on fever way. please
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aren't releasing details but witnesses say it started as a domestic dispute. in word yet on how or why it escalated. family members identify the dead man as denny gonzalez. they say avenues local barber. police say early reports of a hostage situation turned out to be wrong. >> golden state warrior coach jack signs apologizing tonight for an extra marital affair that turned that blackmail. court documents indicate that 6 years ago jackson had an affair with alexis isabel adams a club dancer and sent her nude photo of himself. this april he was approached by marcus shaw who demanded money in exchange for the photos. before that encounter court papers show that adams e mailed shaw saying concentrate and expletive him up. he's a fake man of god. jackson gave shaw 5000 dollars. when more demand were made he contacted the fbi whether arrested both suspect. now dean johnson says if the case goes to trial the accused extortionist win in a way. >> the irony of a blackmail
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scheme is that by the very act of reporting the crime and going to trial, what the blackmailer threatened in the first place comes true. that all of this becomes a public affair. >> in a statement jackson apologized saying he made some egregious errors. adams free on bail. shaw remains on jail because of previous conviction. lake to read the court documents in this case we posted them on our web site, see it on tv. >> fire destroyed acres of brush and tlaentd nearby homes brought under control this evening by san ramone fire and cal fire. nick smith is live in that neighborhood where it all started. nick? >>reporter: good evening. just to give you an idea of where we are. we are south of mount diablo but east of 66 80. resident saw the flames they grabbed everything they co-hos co-hoses. bucket anything to fight back the flames.
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>> my neighbor was out front saying that there was a fire back there. >>reporter: afternoon blaze between lawrence road in san ramone sent resident that a pap ick and pushed them into action. >> came in here yelling for my husband to find him out here with the gate and all the boy from his the neighborhood with the hose and taking buckets out of the pool. we start add bucket brigade. >>reporter: this view from sky 7 hd helps to illustrate how the quick thinking homeowners were determined to keep the flames at bay and gain the upper hand. neighbor helping neighbor. everybody grabbing bucket or hose. anything to fight the fire. >> fires like this start small. >>reporter: and mav quickly. from our chopper we saw frightened confused livestock running from the blaze as who wanters were used and fixed wing aircraft to ballots the wind aided flames. giant curtain of thick gray smoke seen for from miles away. >> this is our fourth fire in a week of this type. neighbors are creating sfis give us chance on the fire so it doesn't spread to the rest
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dents. >>reporter: this hit 3 alarms and destroyed more than 50 acres of dry grass hillside that sits only inches from homes in the up scale subdivision. what could have ended in tragedy took a different the turn. this time rest kent point out fate was on their side. >> washington saved our house is the wind just changed. >>reporter: and mother nature continues to be a factor. temperatures right and dry brush is a factor l, instrument for fuel, firefighters warn that people need to be extra vigilant about open flames and things like barbecue. they remind everyone even though the holiday is creeping up fireworks are not only illegal to have but illegal to use particularly in contra costa county. in san ramone, 7 news. >> all right nick thank you soil. big fire in oakland this month that shut down transbay bart service has been determined to be arson. federal investigators release fire destroyed a senior housing complex under construction he and closed down the west
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oakland bart station for half the day. security guard told investigators he saw 3 men running from the site just before flames spotted. investigators are not releasing specific information because the case is still upped investigation. >> coming up next. historic supreme court ruling was very big day for the president on health care. we have mitt romney response. plus the impact on california. and stolen valor. how lying about something sacred is not necessarily against the la law. >> house of representatives takes unprecedented action against the attorney general of against the attorney general of the united states. stay with
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>> in a 5-4 decision the u.s. supreme court today upheld president obama affordable health care act. the justice who was the swing vote was a surprise to a lot of observers. conservative chief justice john roberts voted with the liberal justices. president obama says the ruling is a victory for people all over the country. >> they have reaffirmed a fundamental principle that here in america the wealthiest
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nation on earth no illness or accident should lead to any family financial ruin. >>reporter: g.o.p. presidential candidate mitt romney says he will rae peel the affordable health care act if elected. >> what the court did today was say that obama care doesn't violate the constitution. what they did not do was say that obama care is good law. or good policy. >>reporter: here in california about 20 percent of the population is uninsured, roughly 70 million people. now with the affordable health care act as much as 15 about billion dollars a year in new federal funding slated to ariff to help implement it. bridge insurance program that cover low income people and with pre-existing condition is intact. health benefit exchanged 2014 can present to set up a marketplace for consume investigators buy affordable insurance. maybe even get subsidy. lacking at the big picture the nation as a whole, the congressional budget
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office estimates it will cost 9 40 billion dollars over 10 years to provide this expanded health care coverage. >> veterans are outraged by supreme court ruling tonight. different one. justices struck down the stolen valor act that made ate crime to lie about receiving military honors. they decided 6-3 in favor of southern california official xavier alvarez, he was convicted of falsely claiming to be a wounded war veteran who received the medal of honor. court said his behavior was contempt i believe, yes, but it was prosecute texted by the first amendment right 0free speech. >> there was one significant bump in president obama day. hours after the supreme court ruling the house of representatives voted pretty much along party lines to hold attorney general holder in contempt. public accuse him of withholding information about the fast and furious operation that the failed effort to not smuggle and holder the first
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attorney general ever held in contempt by congress. keep in mine the justice department is in the expected to pursue the case. democrat say it was politically motivated. >> first check of the weather. >> yes. sandy is here with that. had the hot hot. >>reporter: yes. hi there. we don't have rain in the bay area. we look at live doppler 7 hd but we have rain up to the north of us around crescent city. they picked up about a tenth inch of rain so far and you can see it on the live doppler 7 hd. heading newspaper that direction for listening weekend starting tomorrow still slight chance for showers friday afternoon. bay area front that brings them the rain is bringing us deepening marine layer. high definition east bay hills camera. you see the marker there sutro tower. that's around 1400 people. marine layer deepen to the and that means many of you will wake up to gray skies tomorrow morning. visibility is poor where fog
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dropped it couns to half mile tomorrow morning. want to give yourself little time for the commute because of the fog and low clouds. might run in some pockets of poor visibility. temperatures in the 50's. 60's right now and we take a look at the highlights and you will see what is coming. inland tonight slightly cooler for your friday and your saturday as a result of that deepening marine layer. it's warming up again next week just in time for fourth of july. >> there's the front producing the showers. this cold front has already set a stronger sea breeze into motion and this is going to be with us tomorrow. so with the wind flow becoming more on shore that's going to push the low cloud and fog into the bay and into our inland community. already hayward oakland gray skating tonight so the window wake up to the gray tomorrow morning. >> temperatures quite comfortable with the low cloud. low to upper 50's. so you will not need to worry about a
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sweater or jacket. but if the little ones heading off to summer camp afternoon it's cool ago the coast where you clear the way for the inland area so doesn't quite work with the coast land. >> 64 degrees in san francisco. half man bay 62 degrees. pretty mild. around santa ros rose, napa, vallejo, 70 in oakland. 82 in fairfield pretty mild sunny day 82 degrees. 74 in fremont if you are in san jose 77 degrees. for the monteray bay hook for a little cooler weather as well. 65 in monterey. 79 for morgan hill. here's -- before we get to the forecast. you are going to the giants game. they are hosting the sins natural reds tomorrow night breezy temperature in the low decision want sweatshirt or jacket and a
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little cooler for friday warm-up sunday monday. then warm barbecue weather. upper 80's inland. mike will be here first thing tomorrow morning update us on if i weather changes. >> you tuck us every night. wake us up coaxally with with the new feature. >> royce and shine with me isn't that nice. brand new application. we are really excited to announce 7 news has launched the only alarm clock where you can wake up to the news weather and traffic on the free app is designed to wake you one your tone weather tone like l all of us here morning news anchor kristen she is us how it all works. >> more and more people the alarm clock replaced with your i-phone. and now we can get you out of bed and on your way.
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>> good morning sunshine. here's how it works no. need for the news that happened while you were sleeping. with the 7 news, local you can customize to start the day with special wake up call from the weather team. he. >> wake up to the abc 7 news theme. >> or choose from a classic ring tone the freeway app led to wake up to music to your own library. check local news happened overnight. get the hour by hour weather forecast to plan your day and the 7 day forecast to plan your week. we have the commute covered with up to the minute traffic before you head out the door. thanks to the new 7 news alarm clock app. >> news weather traffic to count on, on air, is there with
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count on, on air, is there with you when you wake up. nice way to wake up. get your 7 news alarm clock app for free from apple story. search san francisco alarm. easy as that on there. >> it's free. >> it is. nice feature. >> thank you sandia. >> coming up san francisco >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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>> closed captioning brought to you. >> mysterious flash mob action late today south of market in san francisco. >> kind of odd. we started picking up tweet about a long line forming on the 500 block of harrison street. one tweet said it was outside the gallery and. >> and then came the pictures and jaws few details. as far as we can tell people were waiting in line for free sony google tv. but there's no word on who was actually sponsoring that give away. >> a bit of a mystery. nice night out for flash mob. >> yes. i orchestrated it. the just to see if i could. >>reporter: then you didn't show up. >> i'm so big on twitter.
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fichlt i'll tell you about power. the giants they may never ever give up another run. astounding. another game. would you believe another shut would you believe another shut snout scoreless
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fv. >> good evening. this is amazing after 3 straight shut out donors, baumgarner took the bound and kept the string of zero going blanking the red tlibingts straight scoreless frames. giants pitchers are knocking everybody out. you want a piece of me. come bottom of the first. angel base hit. beat the throw him then the catcher if he captain hold so it buster scores from first. 2ing in giants. baumgarner no hitter through 5. smoke for todd frazier. strange inning. in the bottom of the fourth johnny picks off the milk man and later in the same frame picks
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off posey too. believe that? doesn't matter because baumgarner was great. miguel just looking. bottom 9 ground out to end it and first career complete game 1 hitter. giants win. fourth straight shut out. 36 scoreless frames and in for a spot in the celts because dodgers lost. top of the firs first. josh here it comes and there it goes. that's like a dan ashley golf swing magical right there. 18th homer of the here but couldn't hold. walked in a run then gave it this base hit to murphy that scored. top line last chance forth a's 2 on down 7-6. brandon grounds out toned it. fall 7-6. warrior feel very good about this draft today. 5 stild starting with several over all pick. barns fell into their lap. small forward from north carolina. 17 points per game with tar
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heel. top poyrs. >> i was shocked. i had some peeking running through me so i was just trying to keep it all together. >> when the tick tick was made and even saw that barns was available any phone almost blew up with people calling wanting our pick. want thanksgiving we are thrilled. he has great value and we are excited. it's what we need. you will love him. >>reporter: with the 30th pick over all at the chose vanderbilt center 6 11 grew up in shot blocker and then rugged forward out of michigan state golden state green. 7 ncaa sports brought to you by rick rock casino. >> "nightline"up next. >> everyone here for
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