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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 29, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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in the headlines, suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi will resume his testimony in front of the ethics committee. >> >> pastor facing child molestation allegations after being arrested last night. good morning friday 6 a.m., sun coming up back there i think that's what it is behind the low clouds and fog. i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze, the sun responsible for the yellow, clouds responsible for the grey. deeper marine layer in morning, more moisture laden that's why we have the drizzle. temperatures when you step out mid to upper 50s, 54 santa rosa, napa, 56 vallejo, san francisco, san carlos 57
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walnut creek, pleasanton and san jose by the afternoon clouds back to the coast upper 50s to low 60s. mostly sunny around the bay low to mid 70s sunny inland mid 70s to low 80s. cooler weather on the way for the afternoon hours. let's find out about your traffic this morning. how is the commute frances? >> very quiet, new accident in san jose south 101 near 13th, didn't look major. here's what it looks like on 280 san jose, traffic light, southbound 101 direction reverse commute i don't think it will slow anyone down. bay bridge toll quiet start looking good this. just -- good there. fog across the golden gate bridge here, no major problems out of marin, looking great on the peninsula and also smooth ride across the san mateo bridge. 6:01. in about three hours suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi will face more hostile questioning
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from the city's ethics commission. he's fighting to keep his job after a domestic violence incident. amy hollyfield is live at city hall with more on the story. >> reporter: good morning. he did admit to the panel that he grabbed his arm and bruised it he admitted that is an act of violence. ross mirkarimi says he believes in redemption. he had a lot of support last night, check out the room when he walked in, there were cheers, lots of applause. that was for his arrival. one person who was not there, his wife eliana lopez. she is in venezuela visiting family. she did send a letter to the commission defending her husband. this ethics commission will make a recommendation on whether mirkarimi should continue as the city sheriff this was the first time the panel heard from him. >> every deputy should expect the sheriff not to comet a crime? >> yes, i think the sheriff is the leader of the department
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and and should lead by example. and if that also means that the sheriff can demonstrate redeeming behavior, then the sheriff i think or some of the employees may have that possibility too. >> reporter: mirkarimi left last night's hearing to more cheers he had a look of relief on his face. he said he was looking forward tolding his version of events. he's scheduled to be back on the stand this morning. then mayor ed lee is scheduled to testify. he doesn't think that mirkarimi should keep his job since the suspended sheriff did plead guilty to a misdemeanor domestic violence-related charge. unknown, whether his wife will be testifying. her attorney says she would like to, only if the city will pay for her round-trip ticket from venezuela. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. a new clergy sex abuse scandal rocking the bay area.
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fairfield police trying to identify potential victims after they arrested a long time pastor for molesting children going back allegedly nearly 20 years. katie marzullo is live in our center with details. >> reporter: this investigation is moving fast the allegations were made yesterday by last night the pastor was in jail, his home searched and alleged victims interviewed. 65-year-old robert ruark goes by the name father cyrus. clergy in fairfield where ruark is a pastor are the ones who contacted police yesterday to report the molestation accusation. this morning investigators have identified and interviewed five alleged victims, all adults now 20 to 24. they claim ruark molested them when were children some as young as 13 dating back to 1994. investigators say the molestation happened at the church and in some cases ruark took naked pictures of the
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children. the diocese has planned full cooperation. right now fairfield police are asking people to come forward, if you know anything about these cases, if you know of any other alleged victims or if you believe you are a victim. 6:05. the man accused of beating a former los gatos priest may begin testifying in his own defense. will lynch has pleaded not guilty to assaulting father jerry lindner in 2010. lynch claims he and his brother were raped by the former priest when they were children. earlier the brothers settled a lawsuit for $635,000. alameda county judge accused of elder theft and perjury will not return to the bench while he faces criminal charges. judge paul seeman is accused of stealing 1.6 million dollars from his berkeley neighbors. he was asked to manage the couple's collection of art, jewelry and other valuables worth at least three million dollars. prosecutors say he swindled
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his neighbors instead. his lawyer tells the times his client won't return to the bench until an outcome from the trial. in less than 30 minutes the suspect in the trayvon martin shooting returns to court for another bail hearing. florida judge will weigh several factors in deciding whether to set a second bond for george zimmerman. the judge will consider if zimmerman is a flight risk or threat to the community. most importantly zimmerman will have to persuade the judge he won't be deceptive again. his bond was revoked earlier this month. court battle against next week over 30 million dollars in disputed tax funds that were originally earmarked for the new 49er stadium. a judge has set a hearing for next tuesday attorneys for the 9ers will argue the money should be frozen for the time being until it is determined where it should go. the team filed a restraining order this week to try to
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prevent the county from ing redevelopment funds on other items, such as education. this morning quick-thinking residents are credited with keeping a 50 acre brushfire from destroying homes in the east bay. the view shows neighbors in this upscale san ramon subdivision using buckets of water to calm flames. firefighters say the three-alarm fire came precariously close to homes. the fire was brought under control at 10:00 last night. they are still trying to determine a cause. fire danger low this morning especially when you consider the drizzle out there right? >> wipers came on for you? >> a little bit, yeah because of that little drizzle, damp. let's check in with mike. drizzle probably another hour or two then it will start lifting. flight arrival delays more
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than an hour. oakland and san jose on time. drizzle spotty over the last three hours, here's the way the day breaks down, drizzle through 7:00, temperatures holding homogenized under this cloud mass with mid 50s breaks in the clouds noon everywhere except for the coast still cloudy and 58, 74 noontime temperature inland, nice, mild to upper 70s by 4:00, not too ing to be out today, inland mid to upper 60s around the bay, barely 59 at the coast. by 7:00, increase in clouds and temperatures drop into the 50s and 60s you may need a light coat for the evening. high amounts of tree, mold and ragweed high amounts of grass, just like yesterday. saturday two to three degrees cooler than today, warming trend sunday and monday good morning. we have this crash reported in san jose south 101 past 880
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you can see traffic heading southbound on the right side not going to be a problem. northbound still looking good out of morgan hill fine up the peninsula. it is getting crowded in some areas mainly east bay. westbound 80 berkeley a little congestion near university. overall, traffic flowing well to the bay bridge toll which is delay-free. the slowing we are seeing is in the typical spots, westbound 4 through antioch, heavy right now lone tree out towards loveridge. then you will find delays westbound 580 out of tracy as you head into the altamont pass. traffic is moving around 35 miles an hour. dramatic pause. now 6:09. next, full house? voters in the south bay may decide in november whether two card clubs will be able to add more tables why this could provide the city with additional tax revenue.
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more lifeguards are wanted and needed. why businesses are having trouble find
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good morning. in oakland an advocacy group for low income residents issued a report saying investors buying up foreclosed homes a disservice to the community. 62% of the more than thoeupb completed foreclosures since 2007 are either still owned by banks or acquired by an investor. a pap nell will hold a hearing july 10th, to consider
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proposals that will target companies that leave properties blighted. it will require home buyers not living in newly purchased home bring them up to code or face fines. san jose city officials say they -- [ unintelligible ] the city's card room act would increase the number of tables at each of the card rooms from 49 to 79 by 2014. it would allow did decision al forms of game -- allow additional forms of gambling if approved by the state. [ unintelligible ] growing lifeguard shortage this summer. lifeguards positions are often filled by teens, teens aren't lining up for lifeguard gigs
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like they used to be. figures show 25% of teens are looking for a job and can't find one. those lifeguard slots may remain open because many teens can't afford certification needed. many trained lifeguards are spending their summer taking classes or doing other activities. we've had some days in which is it sunny and clear at the beach. this morning, may not be one of those. >> no, trying to find out if there are delays anywhere else besides sfo right now san jose and oakland still on time. sorry about walking into the shot trying to get the latest information trying to tweet it out there also that's where we stand now, sfo has flight arrival delays nearly an hour and may have. marine layer thicker, more moisture we could drizzle over the next hour and a half or two. what going on as far as live doppler showing the spreading nature of the drizzle, a few greens showing up even light
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blues on live doppler. otherwise, pretty clear this morning for the commute. as far as visibility, three miles in santa rosa, 3/4 in half moon bay where we fan the thickest fog this morning. -- where we find the thickest fog this morning. low to mid 50s, fremont, san jose, monterey bay inland temperatures in the 50s. here's what i think is going to happen today and the next seven days, slow reveal of sun, cooler as the sea breeze is stronger today more clouds even more drizzle tonight through tomorrow morning the warmer weekend, warmer afternoons you have to wait until after the weekend start july we start to see a warming trend for the holiday week if you are off next week, a little warmer than average. today compared to average, three degrees cooler in oakland, san francisco four, livermore, napa, san jose six. sunrise didn't see it, better chance at 8:36 if you are way
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from the coast. south bay sunshine this afternoon, mid to upper 70s in most neighborhoods increase in clouds northbound. upper 50s to low 60s along the coast mostly cloudy more sun around the bay mid 60s downtown and south san francisco and sausalito 69 low to mid 70s north bay valleys. coolest around richmond and berkeley upper 60s low to mid 70s the rest of the east bay shore. mid to upper 70s san ramon valley out 580 livermore highway 4 low to mid 80s. 74 santa cruz, 65 in monterey. at&t park 62°, lots of clouds, depositing to 56, cooler today, first pitch 7:15. let's shuttout the reds. cooler weather tomorrow, -- warm -- warming trend sunday and monday above average for
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the holiday wednesday into thursday. good morning. we head to the peninsula north 101 palo alto, a traffic spotter reported an object on the road apparently it is a stalled vehicle blocking a lane this is just reported four minutes ago traffic is starting to slow in the area you can see it is around 38 miles an hour. we have another traffic spotter there moving at less than 10 miles an hour, there are certain areas where heavy north 101 just supposedly a stall hopefully it doesn't turn into a crash and hoping that will cheer soon keep that in mind it is out there now. heavy traffic westbound 4 antioch lone tree out towards loveridge. accident has been recorded eastbound hillcrest also similar sounding accident southbound 160 antioch bridge to highway 4 could be the same one eastbound no slowing at 66 miles an hour. bay bridge today friday light
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still, great there. just look out for some fog on part of your commute especially across the golden gate bridge. sorry. >> it is okay. this is my favorite story coming up, super excited about it, straight ahead, more history at a. and. park bumgarner adds to the giants' historic shuttout streak.
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good morning. we made it to friday. live look from the embarcadero rooftop camera. you can see we do have some clouds more than you have seen the past few mornings also low clouds and drizzle all of which causing big delays at sfo this morning. meteorologist mike nicco will talk about that and take a look at your weekend forecast, coming up. memorial service will be held at san francisco's glide memorial church at 11 this morning for 49er legend rc owens who passed away last week at the age of 78 he was known as alley-oop. owens played in the nfl from 1957 to 1964 with the 9ers, colts and giants. after that he worked for the 9ers. he is in the bay area sports hall of fame and 49ers hall of fame. tonight mr. perfect, matt
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cain will try to give the giants their fourth shut out in a row or their fifth, last night bumgarner kept the string of stkroers going blanketing the reds pitching a complete game one hitter, giants beat the reds 5-0. 36 straight scoreless innings. last night's win was great combined with the loss put the giants in sole possession of first place in the west for the first time this season the a's came up short in texas losing 7-6 to the rangers they meet again today. this morning american airlines an poll skwaoeuzing after a flight attendant -- is apologizing after a flight attendant loss his cool. >> american eagle flight 4607 was supposed to leave new york's laguardia for raleigh, north carolina but
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sat idle for five hours due to weather delays. the flight attendant challenged fuss straighted passengers to leave the plane, if they -- frustrated passengers to leave the plane, if they dared. police were called and he was the one removed from the plane. you can see more on "good morning america" coming up at 7:00. not quite the jetblue tie ride when he decide to quit his job. >> smaller tirade and plane but the idea cje.j the same. >> gentleman going door-to-door this morning firefighters searching for leads in a couple of recent arson fires. search continues for a missing dodgers fan trouble presumed drowned following a game. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in antioch, 14 hours after main was shot to death by police, investigators still on the scene out here, eight left activity, i'll tell you about it coming up. here's a look at high
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temperatures cooler today everywhere thank to the thicker clouds this morning, slower sunshine, 60s along the coast, 70s around the bay, 70s and 80s inland. rest of the country except seattle and portland, 69 and 73 pwaeublging in the 80s, 90s and trip -- baking in the 80s, 90s and triple digits. jfk flight depart delays possibility of severe weather around chicago and indianapolis. flight arrival delays here in san francisco none in oakland and san jose. new injury crash just reported southbound 87 highway 85 chp en route, injury accident highway 4 south of antioch bridge we'll coop you posted on that. metering lights -- just turned
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good morning. 6:30 on this friday. live look downtown san francisco we have low cloud in the bay area. you see a good amount of blue skies as well. mark my words your windshield wipers may be needed and big delays at sfo. i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. still mist out there mike? >> absolutely even though you
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saw a pocket of blue we still have drizzle out of this thicker marine layer in morning. you can see it st. health loon that, marin county and in san francisco -- drizzle still out there probably will be for the next hour and a half. mid to upper 50s when you step out right now on our way to one of the cooler afternoons we'll have in this forecast only tomorrow will be cooler clouds back to the coast by noon or 1:00. 70s around the bay mid 70s to low 80s in the extreme inland valleys. here's frances first look at traffic. following this injury crash southbound as you come off the antioch bridge approaching highway 4. it is supposed to be blogging lanes and it was reported as a major crash about nine minutes ago by one of the traffic spotters. it is moving at 25 miles an hour around that curve and then it is heavier westbound 4 through antioch gave the man 82 moving less than 10 miles an hour westbound 4 through
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antioch. our other injury crash southbound 87 approaching highway 85 southbound direction but might be in the left lane if it is, it causes extra northbound slowing, 44 miles an hour, bay bridge toll still not much a delay. right now police and district attorney investigators in an antioch neighborhood trying to determine if a man set out to comet suicide by police. business czar story that ended with the man's -- it is a bizarre story that ended with the man's death. >> reporter: we have been able to determine through very reliable sources this is a -- police considering this suicide by cop where someone cannot take their own life for whatever reason so they bring out police, lure police to a scene and put police in a situation where they have to shoot and kill the individual, that's what we are hearing what happened out here.
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the crime scene cleanup truck is here the last step of the process that has been going on for 14 hours in antioch. ever since the man first called police take a look at the scene shortly after this wrapped up with the man being shot and killed in front of his house on the 4800 block -- about 4:00 yesterday shortly before the man called police saying he wanted to kill himself either wanted to or already had killed a police officer. police only knew the man's first name. finally they got around to figure out who he was, where he lived, they came out he was in the driveway they say with a gun they asked him to drop it, he fired at police. witnesses describe what happened next. >> they were hiding the s.w.a.t. team was hiding about by our house. and i guess he came out i didn't see him come out, because they tell us stay in the house. >> i just heard two shots and
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then i heard a hail of shots probably 15, 20 shots. >> reporter: that first picture you saw in the video was the medical examiner taking the body an only happened about 90 minutes ago. this is truly an ongoing investigation 14 hours into it pictures from sky 7 hd yesterday showing the screen. -- showing the scene. neighbors telling us the man had been acting in an agitated state there was a domestic dispute we are confirming the man is 35-year-old denny gonzalez he was a local barber from all accounts a very popular man. and the district attorney's office investigators out here, antioch pd wrapping up the investigation. you can see the cleanup crew
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behind me that brown suv the result of all this is a man who apparently wanted to die, got his wish but hit to happen at the hands of the antioch police officers. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 6:35. 10-year-old boy in critical condition this morning after he was shot while walking with his mother in richmond. police say a teen riding a bike shot at the driver of a passing car near south 15th and main yesterday afternoon. a gunshot hit the boy, nobody else was hurt. police say they only have a vague description of the suspect. fire investigators will do something unusual trying to determine what set off a fire inside a house near the san jose state campus last night destroying vacant two story victorian on 7th. reported after 8:30 last night by neighbors who saw flames and smoke. >> my daughter and were laying in the room i was smelling
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smoke, i thought it was paper burning so i got up. i looked in the kitchen and didn't see anything. i happened to look out window and i seen the fire downstairs. >> those neighbors would temporarily ordered out of their homes until firefighters brought the blaze under control two hours later no one was hurt. investigators do not believe the fire was suspicious. noon today friends and family members of a dodger fan presumed drowned will rent kayaks to conduct their own bay search. 27-year-old victor merrill low was walking with a friend -- monday after the dodgers-giants game the friend looked down to write a text message when he looked up merillo was again believed to have fallen into the water. >> we are sure he's not -- he still hasn't had evidence that he over the bay. this is the reason why we are
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still searching for him. >> police and the coast guard searched the bay several hours monday morning but did not find him. he works as prison guard in vacaville and cannot swim. san jose firefighters going door-to-door this morning asking residents to come forward with information on recent arsons. they are offering a $500 reward. this is cell phone video of one of the fires on. the -- it happened early tuesday morning. investigators believe someone deliberately set the two fires. 20 people were displaced. both fires started in recycling bins cause extensive electrical damage. a $5,000 reward offered in the fatal shooting of a pleasant hill teen michael jones was walking to his car on the night of february 10th, when he was shot and kill. several people were seen leave
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-- shot and killed. several people were seen leaving the area if you have information contact the police. 6:38. clouds out there also blue sky. >> mike is looking at the weather. >> hour and a half sfo delays. as we have those pockets of drizzle and mist rolling through our neighborhoods, showing up as light green even blue here just enough maybe to run the windshield wiper once, i didn't need to several hours ago conditions are changing as deeper marine layer is bringing in more moisture. tomorrow low going to reinforce the cooler than average sea breeze temperatures that we are dealing with today and tomorrow. then we'll start to see a slight warming trend sun tkaeufrplt 7:00 this morning just about everybody cloudy even green some of the drizzle temperatures handling in the 50s by noon, clouds pull out
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of the south bay and east bay valleys, ing around the bay in parts of the north bay, that's you are in the 50s and 60s, 70s in the east bay valleys. 4:00 everybody has sunshine coast upper 50s to low 60s, 64 oakland, 65 san rafael. temperatures pull back into the 60s just about everywhere by 7:00, clouds make a return to the east drizzle possible around the bay and coast for your evening activities. high amounts of tree, mold, ragweed very high grass once again. tomorrow coolest afternoon then slight warming trend, temperatures about four to eight degrees warmer by monday two injury crashes, two hot spots this morning. at least one. one is coming off the antioch bridge southbound as you approach highway 4, injury crash blocking lanes traffic slow on abc7's waze traffic app, 25 miles an hour, heavier westbound 4 through antioch
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then picks up past loveridge. our other possible hot spot, i say possible because it is on southbound 87 to southbound 85, chp arrived at the scene of this injury crash. possible because, reverse commute direction so i don't think it will cause too much slowing northbound sluggish traffic on highway 87 past the capital expressway. we'll keep you posted on that. we'll check out the bay bridge toll because metering lights turned on but it is friday light. look out for some of the fog on your commute thick now across the golden gate bridge, chp has issued a fog advisory for skyline and highway 1, pacifica and daly city. 6:40. new censorship battle between china and an american media and web giant over attention-getting details on the soon to be president of china. trading underway on wall street. live report from the
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new york stock exchange straight ahead. the dow opening way up this morning, 175 points in the black. first, coming up, the latest on an extortion attempt on warriors' coach mark jackson which forced him to admit to an affair. sleepyhead, do you have trouble waking up in the morning? there's an app nor that it will tell you what makes it
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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welcome back. 6:45. the big story thicker marine layer clouds cooler afternoon temperatures. 70s and 80s inland. look at live doppler, last three hours picking up showers to our north and that's where they are going to stay up to our north. we are going to see a lot of sunshine everywhere else around with 80s and 90s through the central valley. 111 palm springs, 72 big sur. sunshine in the afternoon see rather low to mid 70s tahoe mid to upper 80s yosemite. southern california morning clouds afternoon sun upper 70s near 80 l.a. upper 60s to mid 70s in san diego. 6:45 now. happening right now the florida>f neighborhood watch
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volunteer charged with shooting and killing unarmed teenager trayvon martin is in court on a hearing. katie marzullo is in the breaking news center with more on george zimmerman's request. >> reporter: right now george zimmerman is back in front of a judge the same judge asking to be released on bail for a second time. i believe we have a live look inside the courtroom right now you can see attorneys arguing that's george zimmerman seated to the right. he was granted permission by the judge to appear in civilian clothes and unshackled. you remember it was earlier this month the judge revoked his original bail of $150,000, after the judge learned that zimmerman and his wife lied about being broke that they had $135,000 worth of donations in an account. the information came out of recorded jailhouse conversations between zimmerman and his wife. right now court one of the arguments they are debating is how that information came to be. zimmerman's attorneys arguing
6:47 am
that those conversations should have been kept private. this morning the judge might still agree to grant zimmerman new bail, depending on whether he thinks he's a flight risk, threat to the community or if he would lie again. this time, some legal analysts are saying bail could be set as high as two million dollars. arguments ongoing in court this morning. zimmerman facing second degree murder charge in the killing of trayvon martin. martin was not armed and shot as he was walking to his dad's house from the store. we are watching this hearing live. we'll let you know what the stkupblg decides on bail as soon as he -- what the judge decides on bail, as soon as he decides. >> the younger brother of bernie madoff is in federal custody right now waiting to plead guilty to a charge stemming from the case. peter madoff will plead guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit securities fraud. bernie madoff is serving 150 years for bilking investors
6:48 am
out of -- peter madoff will be the 8th person to plead guilty in connection with a fraud scheme which cost many their lifesavings. he will be fingerprinted and have a dna sample taken before he appears in federal court in manhattan later this morning. china is responding rapidly to a story about the rich relatives of the country's probable next leader. >> ellen is live at the new york stock exchange with that and also investors seem to be liking what they are hearing from european leaders. good morning ellen. a broad-based rally this morning after leaders meeting in brussels reached agreement, easing concerns about european banks failing. look at response. again gains across the board well over a percent for the benchmark averages. bloomberg index also getting a
6:49 am
boost. that's the u.s. response to what is happening in europe. some events in asia captivating attention this morning. my colleagues put out this story over night about how wealthy the relatives of china's likely next leaders are. the associated press reporting china has blocked access to bloomberg's website the move underscoring a sensitivity on the part of chinese officials to the gap between wealthy and poor there. as you have been reporting producing or selling foie gras will be prohibited understate law. likely going to be able to get it in california if you want in spite of the ban. a spokesperson for the police department says he's not aware of plans to enforce the law. deputy director of the san francisco department of animal care and control says her agency not going to issue citations to chef who serve the treat for free and charge a lot for the toast.
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live at the new york stock exchange, bloomberg news. 6:50. wakeup call, always tough getting up in the morning. >> friendly voice or frantic voice. if you ever wish someone would give you a wake-up call everyday. coffee, coffee, coffee! that's me and the coffee grinds in the background that you hear on our new abc7 news alarm clock app. you can set it and get a wake-up call from me everyday. wake up to news, weather and traffic updates before you get out of bed. if you set it for 4 a.m. you will be up in plenty time to watch the abc7 news. the app is available now on the app store search abc7 news san francisco alarm.
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. >> you have to leave it on for alarm? >> sluti that -- that way it will work and will be there when you roll over, you got all you need then you can turn on the tv and we'll be there for more updates on what is going on around the bay, our nation and the world. thanks for trying it out, i think you will like it. a lot of good feedback on it. check out clouds even a little sun breaking through as we look towards the financial district. we have a lot of cloud cover, flight arrival delays up around two hours at sfo. oakland and san jose on time. clouds and radar returns from the little bit of drizzle that is still hanging out there, will do so through the 8:00 most of us in the 50s here and around the -- monterey bay mild start to the morning slower sunshine during the afternoon hours that going to retard the sun's warmth, cooler today, more clouds tonight just a thick and more
6:52 am
drizzle than we dealt with this morning. once that passes, i think we'll have warmer afternoons but we have to wait until sunday especially the holiday week, next week. we are one degree warmer in san francisco, the same in hayward and san jose, one degree cooler in oakland to three in concord to five in santa rosa. 14 hours, 44 minutes and 44 seconds of sun. 76 dublin and it isy three brentwood, cool spot richmond and berkeley last areas to be touched by the sea breeze upper 60s for you. mid to upper 70s most of the south bay campbell 78°. increasing sun and temperatures drop from the mid 70s to 70 millbrae more cloud cover excuse me upper 50s to low 60s coast mostly cloudy today pockets of sun south san francisco mid 60s. 66 sauce lee low to mid 70s north bay valleys, monterey 65,
6:53 am
74 santa cruz, 81 gilroy. 100 years of the alameda county fair heading out to pleasanton today, cool, 9:00 this morning, 66, sunny, a little breeze, 82° at 4:00. giants game fifth shutout in a row? we hope so. 7:15 first pitch, dropping to 56, cooler as they take on the reds. tomorrow coolest in the forecast to be -- could be six to eight degrees warmer next week. i-80 berkeley a crash reported at university and within the last couple of minutes they cleared it off to the shoulder it was blocking lanes that's why you see westbound 80 traffic heavy as you approach university. i think it is going to recover quickly it has been fairly friday light. bay bridge toll no delays metering lights on. we are checking out the ride southbound 880 near north fremont boulevard, new crash just reported we'll keep you posted on the slowing.
6:54 am
also slow westbound 4 antioch with another injury crash on highway 160 approaching highway 4. golden state warriors' coach mark jackson apologizing for an extramarital affair that turned into blackmail. an affidavit details jackson had an affair with a club dancer and sent her nude photos of himself in april he was approached by marcus shaw who demanded money in exchange for the photos. jackson gave shaw $5,000. shaw made more demands, jackson went to the fbi. agents arrested shaw and adams. dean johnson says if the case goes to trial the accused extortionist wins, in a way. >> irony of a blackmail scheme by the act of reporting the crime and going to trial, what the blackmailer threatened in the first place, comes true. that all of this becomes a
6:55 am
public affair. >> in a statement jackson apologized saying he made egregious errors. shaw remains in jail because of a previous conviction. as we get ready to hand things off to "good morning america" here are five things to know before you go. number one, suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi returns to the stand in an ethics panel hearing to determine whether he can keep his job. the mayor wants him removed. the mayor is expected to testify. >> number two, right now police on the san of a list shooting in antioch that has left one man dead. that shooting happened yesterday afternoon when a 35-year-old man called 911 saying he was going to shoot himself. when officers go there he fired on them and officers fired back, killing him. >> number three, fairfield pastor under arrest accused of a string of child molestations dating back to the 90s. police arrested 65-year-old
6:56 am
robert ruark. police received disturbing information from clergy members at st. timothy's in fairfield that ruark molested at least few children in the mid 90s. legal battle beginning over 30 million dollars over funds earmarked for the new 49er stadium. a judge has set a court date for next tuesday voters approved the money in 2010. last week a board approved the plan to spend funds on ed -- education instead. >> number five, giants will try to make it five shut outs in a row. last night bumgarner pitched a -- giants have strung together 36 straight scoreless innings, 20 more and they will have the record. >> let's hope after tonight it will be 45. live doppler picking up drizzle for the next hour or so, flight arrival delays into
6:57 am
sfo, sun and cooler this afternoon. bay bridge toll, friday light. a crash reported southbound 880 north fremont boulevard just cleared to the shoulder. a traffic spotter said it was moderate through the area. thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news. >> keep track of the latest news on twitter and talk about it at have a great day and great
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